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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 8, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. today on our independence day. >> love trumps hate. let's get out and vote! >> this is it. tonight the presidential nominees made their very final pitches to voters. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. by this time tomorrow we could know who will be our next president of the united states. tonight according to a new cbs news new york times poll, hillary clinton has a four point lead nationwide. let's get over to cbs reporter weigia jiang on the campaign trail in new york city tonight. the first returns of this election are really official.
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they're already in. >> reporter: ken, right now donald trump is leading in this election after three tiny communities in new hampshire voted. he has 32 votes to hillary clinton's 25 votes. it has been such a bitter fight to the very end and both candidates have so many campaign events in one day before heading here to new york city where they will wait to see who will be the next commander in chief. hillary clinton and donald trump held dueling midnight rallies in a last ditch efforts to sway undecided voters in key states. lady gaga and jon bon jovi joined clinton at a rally in north carolina, a state where polls show her tied with trump. >> i really believe it's the most important election of our life times because we've never had a clearer choice. >> reporter: earlier clinton appeared with president obama and the first lady in philadelphia. trump joined running mate mike
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pence in michigan, a traditionally blue state he thinks he can turn red. >> we don't need lady gaga. all we need is great ideas to make america great again. >> reporter: trump also campaigned in raleigh monday. he needs the state's electoral votes to help him win the white house. both presidential candidates will watch the election night returns in new york city. clinton headquarters are here at the convention center and trump's at a hotel just a mile away. clinton has an advantage in the electoral college thanks to reliably democratic states, something trump needs to overcome. >> he's got to flip places like florida and ohio for himself and then also not just north carolina, but maybe one of those reliably blue states. >> reporter: at midnight three new hampshire communities voted including dixville notch where clinton won with four votes, trump coming in second with two. of course, it is all about the
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turnout tomorrow and the latest cbs news poll shows chin on has a slight edge when it -- clinton has a slight edge when it comes to enthusiasm. 503 of% of support earnings are very -- 53% of supporters are very enthusiastic compared to 51% of trump. >> she was a senator there. donald trump made his fortune in manhattan. what's the atmosphere like in new york city tonight? >> reporter: we've talked to so many voters who say this is such an emotional roller coaster, so they're anxious for wednesday for the election to be over. it is extraordinary. they realize to have two presidential candidates waiting for returns about a mile apart, it doesn't get much more dramatic than that. so it is all sorts of emotions here in new york city, but i think the top one is anxiety just waiting to see what happens on this tremendous night tomorrow. >> a lot of people molding
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their breath, weigia jiang -- holding their breath, weigia jiang in new york. bay area voters are also deciding on pot, the death penalty, soda tax and tonight a lot of counties are reporting record high early voting. in san jose betty yu shows us the santa clara county registrar has been sorting ballots all night long. >> reporter: this year santa clara has seen the highest registration in its history at more than 875,000 people. that's why behind me you're looking at an around the clock operation. workers are opening and sorting ballots and will do so over the next couple days. these machines will run all night ahead of election day to help sort, open and capture significant tours on a record number of early vote by mail ballots. 49% of the counties vote by mail voters have turned in their ballots already. >> people are very interested
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in them to around and people are standing in lines and you of expect them to be upset. they're not. they're smiling. they want their i voted sticker. we're excited for the party tomorrow. >> reporter: linda deleskaw sat in a steady line to drop off her ballot. >> i think more people are more concerned. >> i wanted to get my vote in. i read yesterday through the ballot and our 17 propositions making sure i voted my conscience with things. >> i've never missed an election. it's my responsibility as a citizen to do our part for everybody. >> reporter: they expect a big turnout tomorrow. polls open at 7 a.m. there are more than 800 polling places across santa clara county. in san jose betty yu, kpix5. melissa caen joins us now and a lot of people will watch election returns here on kpix5 all evening long through the afternoon and one of the questions i've gotten and i know you've gotten is when will
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we know? when will those returns come in? >> you've got to think about it in three different buckets when you're looking at returns. the first buckets are the votes that came in before election day, early voting, vote by mail ballots. those are released around 8:00 like boom, data dumped. the ballots cast at polling places are counted after this day. you'll see that night into the evening the sort of voting come in. you'll probably get to what we see as 100% of precincts reporting, but that's not it. the third bucket, that's the votes that people fill out at home and drop off at ballot stations. those will not be counted election night. those are going to be counted in the days and weeks following the election. >> so these drop-off ballots, how many are we have talking about, a couple hundred, a couple thousand or a lot? >> there are a lot.
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it depends where you are. places like napa where they have very few polling places actually have a number of dropoff ballots. in san francisco the director of elections tells me those dropoff ballots are the biggest chunk they get. it could be 1/3 or even 40%. >> a couple hundred votes one way or the other could determine a winner. >> exactly. those election parties can't go forward too vigorously until we get the final numbers. >> thank you. let's take a live look at san francisco city hall tonight lit up in red, white and blue. tomorrow kpix5 will have extensive campaign 2016 election night coverage beginning at 3 p.m. there is a turf war in silicon valley tonight. san jose and santa clara are suing each other. santa clara just filed suit against san jose to block a
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project named santana west. it calls for construction of nearly 1 million square feet of office and retail space along winchester boulevard. the lawsuit alleges san jose did not do enough study of the environmental impact near the santa clara border. san jose city attorney says that's just not true. 's stadium >> we had a full blown environmental review. we did a major study on traffic impacts. we imposed the fee. we're trying to do everything, dot our is, cross our ts when it comes to addressing those impacts and getting them paid for. >> form months ago san jose file -- four months ago san jose filed its own lawsuit to stop a big development near levi stadium in santa clara. to the east bay and a wild hit and run crash outside family court in the east bay. tonight be -- kpix5's cate
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cauguiran reports the plot thickens up. >> reporter: at first it look -- thickens. >> reporter: at first it looked like an accident, but tonight police say everything that happened at court and main street in martinez was intentional. >> something hit me from behind. >> reporter: this morning will montague was stopped near the family law center when a woman driving a car hit him. he said he thought the driver would stop, but will said instead she sped up straight into three people. the woman drove directly into her estranged husband and two other women walking in this crosswalk. then police say the woman put her car in reverse and then ran over one of the women again. martinez police say the woman's husband just left a hearing at the courthouse with two other women. >> there were two people i saw on the street. both to were bleeding, one lady and one gentleman. >> reporter: police showed up,
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blocked the intersection. all three people went to the hospital with moderate injuries, but the driver of the car -- >> i saw the car speeding away. >> reporter: -- a short time after the accident police found the driver dead at the bottom of the benicia bridge. she jumped. the east bay times identified her as 60-year-old kimberly goldman from concord. in martinez cate cauguiran, kpix5. >> the paper also reports that kimberly goldman filed for divorce from her husband october 11th. they were supposed to be in court today for another hearing. the body of this bay area sheriff's volunteer is found stabbed, beaten and burned. tonight why prosecutors say her friend planned her murder for days. found out. >> anti-trump signs posted at bay area bus stops, who put them up? tonight we find out. stoned drivers >> if pot becomes legal, will our streets become more dangerous? only on 5
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the alameda county sheriff's volunteer who was stabbed to death and burned.. met her alleged killer.. her best friend.. while working at kentucky fried chicken. is the alameda -- the alameda county sheriff's volunteer met measure best friend working at kentucky fried chicken. >> reporter: family members of the suspects emerged from court today wordlessly moments after laura rodgers and her boyfriend curtys taylor faced the judge in court after the murder of her friend karla ramirez found beaten and stabbed to death here in oakland's arroyo viejo park, her body burned beyond recognition, what rodgers told police about the murder that she had planned several days killing ramirez and discussed it with her boyfriend taylor and went so far as to rehearse the murder. on november 3rd rodgers told police she lured ramirez to drive to the park where sources
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say she stabbed her repeatedly. once the assault was taking place taylor assisted with pouring gasoline over ramirez and sources say setting her on fire. court records show rodgers told authorities she threw out the knife, gas can and clothing she wore at the days inn in hayward. this is where officers found the evidence. authorities say laura rodgers, a former counselor at youth uprising, is on suicide watch. >> we have nothing to say. >> reporter: friends and family of karla ramirez mourned her at a candlelight vigil saturday. she was an alameda county sheriff's deputy explorer for four years and letters from explorers all over the country are pouring in along with offers to cover her funeral expenses. cristen ayers, kpix5. tonight investigators are looking for the bike of a man whose body was found at sonoma state university. a landscaper discovered the body of 18-year-old kirk kimberly near a campus parking lot wednesday in a shallow grave under a pile of brush.
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police say he suffered multiple stab wounds. he was last seen riding a mountain bike similar to this one near his home in katadi. the sheriff believed kirk maven countered someone who he got into -- may have encountered someone who he got into an argument with leading to his death. maybe you've seen trump signs popping up at bus stops around san francisco. when put them there? >> reporter: -- who put them there? >> reporter: for many of us this election has been charged. for artist mark harris it's been no different. in 2008 he created political pieces to show support for president obama. this year he joined a group of local artists trying to stop donald trump. van gogh art has been gathering artists in the bay area to create what they are calling trump stop, pop-up galleries of anti-trump work at local bus stops. >> this is called you've come a
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long way baby. >> reporter: harris created a piece impairing donald trump to adolf hitler. >> when i just look at the mouths of these men, to me it was venom. i saw venom coming out of both of their mouths. >> i thought it was a great creative idea. >> reporter: dr. singh is on the golden state leadership team for the gop. she's not offended by the anti- trump art. she wishes it was a more inclusive exhibit. >> i deally i think it would have been -- idly i think it would have been -- ideally i think it would have been nice to allow artists to express another point of view. >> reporter: it's hoped to make art more accessible to the general public. a green rush is underway tonight to grab old greenhouses in monterey county and use them to grow marijuana. investors are willing to pay sky high prices for abandoned nurseries in the salinas valley.
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they anticipate tomorrow county voters will approve measure y, a commercial cannabis tax. it will make cannabis crops as legitimate as berries and vegetables. the new tax revenue could be in the tens of millions. tomorrow voter will decide whether to legalize -- voters will decide whether to legalize marijuana in california. joe vazquez goes on a ride- along to try to find out what this would mean for state of on our streets. >> reporter: the last time you injested or smoked weed? >> earlier today. >> reporter: arrested for driving twice the speed limit, alameda county sheriff's deputies are suspicious. >> did you smoke a joint or blunt? >> go up to the door, an extreme smell of marijuana. >> reporter: there's a public perception especially in the bay area that driving under the influence of marijuana is just not that big of deal.
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the belief is that people slow down and thus are just not that dangerous. >> that is not true at all. what are you on probation for? >> i have yet to see somebody that drives under the speed limit, you know, 10 or 15 miles under the speed limit while being under the influence of marijuana. >> so i stopped you, you're driving without your lights on right now. >> reporter: what does the science say? not much so far. there is no device to measure breath for marijuana and bloomed tests are unreliable -- blood tests are unreliable. in colorado which already has legalized pot, they do have a blood test, but there's a problem. >> somebody could have a 5- nanogram level and not be impaired. somebody could have a 1 or 2- nanogram level and be impaired. >> reporter: it can tell when someone has ingested weed but it can't tell when.
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thc can stay in the human body for weeks. at uc san diego researchers are working on ways to detect whether somebody is driving while high. >> start drifting to the right. >> reporter: participants either smoke a weak joint, strong joint or placebo, then drive in a simulator. >> you cannot simply take blood or saliva right now and say whether or not a person is compared to be on the road. >> reporter: until the science comes along police are left to conduct field sobriety tests which can look quite different for alcohol than marijuana. >> put it one foot in front of the other. >> reporter: compare the relatively steady walk to the driver who admits to smoking pot to the wobbly stumbling for the man transported for drunk driving. deputies cusp and arrest the first man. on the surface -- cuff and arrest the first man. on the surface he appears to have passed all the tests, but
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-- >> his pulse was very elevated. >> the research is clear that driving drunk is much worse than driving stoned, but driving stoned is much worse than driving sober. >> reporter: if it's realized, people could choose only to smoke and drive instead of drink and drive in which case the streets would wind up being safer, but people could mix the two and make things worse. >> we should be worried about traffic safety if we see an increase in alcohol and marijuana. >> if proposition 64 passes tomorrow, some of the money will fund research to help answer the question who exactly is driving while high. the sunset this evening one hour earlier but equally at gorgeous. look at the colors behind the skyline and the san francisco bay bridge tonight. tomorrow will be calm and warm, but the ocean a whole different ballgame. we have a high surf advisory in
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effect through tomorrow evening, increased risk of rip currents and sneaker waves. if you're heading to the beach, use extreme caution. it's going to be pretty rough. a mild night, oakland still 66, san francisco 63, santa rosa the cool spot 55, livermore 59 degrees. overnight tonight looking at overnight lows in the 50s, redwood city 55, san francisco upper 50s. lots of activity too our north and west. there's the cause of the swells way up to the north sending that wave energy toward us, but the rain energy will be blocked by this ridge of high pressure. it's an active pattern, but it won't get close by here. tomorrow filtered sunshine, low 70s in san francisco. that ridge will get closer keeping most of that rainfall well to the north with one exception, the north bay. you may get a few showers friday afternoon.
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aside from that, seven straight dry and warm november days. livermore close to 80 in the tri-valley, vallejo and san jose and redwood city 75. santa rosa 74 and san francisco around 70 degrees. we'll do it again wednesday, do it again thursday, slight chance of a rain shower in the north bay by. then we set up for a -- friday. then we set up for a dry weekend and through veterans day and beyond mainly dry, nice november weather to get outside. ,,,,,,,,
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they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes,
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smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. i have four words for you, snake on a plane and no, we're not talking about the movie. it's real. >> things got a little too real for passengers on a flight to mexico city. there he is, that little guy came out of the light while horrified passengers jumped out of their seat after this guy slithered from an overhead bin on an aeromexico flight.
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actually a poisonous green viper, no word how it got there. in his last game steph curry's streak of 157 straight games with a three-pointer came to an end, but you will never guess what the warriors guard ,,
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warriors..but as the saying goes..can't ke the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> steph curry couldn't sink a bucket friday night, but as the saying goes can't keep a good
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man down. curry played up for 0-10 three- point shooting performance friday against new orleans tonight. 2nd quarter dribbles between two defenders, buries the run and three, warriors led 53-40. seth had six three's in the 1st half. they led by as many as 21, but in the 3rd anthony davis gives them the lead 73-72. next golden state possession curry picked up the bad pass, knocked down his 10th of the night. warriors retake the lead. under they've minutes golden state up nine. seth occur -- three minutes golden state up nine. seth curry hits his 13th three- pointer of the night. he brock the record he and two other players -- broke the record he and two other players held. warriors win 116-106. >> reporter: was it nine or 10 you started thinking a record was possible, too? >> that's the first time i've thought about it. i've been in that situation two other times where i've had a shot at it down the stretch of the game, but this was a
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special night. from curry to a kicker, king was more than ready to celebrate oakland's win last night over denver. king celebrated by making von miller's dance from his madden video game commercial and king's moves even impressed his coach. >> he's entertaining. he's good. he's got a knack for it. i don't know about that pony ride he went on last night, but that's not in my repertoire right now i can tell you. pete carroll and the seahawks hosting monday night football against the bills. late 1st half seattle leading 41-17. russell wilson, jimmy graham one handed catch. seahawks take the lead. graham's second touchdown. ,,,,tle won 31-25.
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join michelle and kenny tomorrow morning beginning at 4-30.. for start yo late show with stephen colbert is next. join us tomorrow morning at
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4:30 for all the news you need to start your day. >> yeah. of course, tomorrow is election day. join us back here tomorrow night for complete election results. we actually start at 3 p.m. >> that's right. our first show is 3 p.m. we'll have cut-ins every 25 minutes starting at about 5:00. >> who you voting for, ken? >> i'm voting for the next president of the united states. >> good answer. >> and a lot of other things, too. we'll talk about all those propositions and other elected officials that will be looking for a job tomorrow. >> i could have run a couple more soundbites. >> could have. >> get out there and vote! ,,
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