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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together. thank you all very much. ma live election day coverage from kpix 5 news. now at noon, today is finally the day the presidential nominees have made their final pitches and now it's up to you, the voters to make the final decision. it is tuesday, november 8. i am kenny choi. >> and i am michelle griego. kpix 5 has team coverage on this election day. jackie ward is following the bay area races and how election officials are working to make sure everything goes smoothly. let's get to jackie with a little bit of drama at the santa clara county registrar's office.
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drug no kidding. the timing really couldn't have been worse. a fire alarm went off just before 11 am, nursing hundreds to evacuate the building. fortunately, they were all allowed back in after only about 15 minutes. the registrar told me all she knows is there was some kind of issue within another department but the ballots were secure the entire time. three people stayed in the building with the ballots to make sure that they were not touched. there are a lot of ballots because nearly half of the 700,000 vote by mail ballots that were sent out have already been returned. volunteers have been working nonstop. sorting and tallying votes is a 24 hour operation of the santa clara county registrar's office. this machine has been cranking nearly every hour of the day for the past week. only taking a break to get cleaned. dust and debris from the hundreds of thousands of ballots that go through here can build up, forcing the machine to jam and shutdown. >> it has been processing a lot
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of ballots. processed over 20,000 tonight. i want to make sure it's clean for the next round. >> reporter: this is where voters can take verification. next, ballots take a second trip through to cut the envelope them sort the ballots by precinct. after that, they get taken out of the envelopes and flattened before the actual vote gets processed. that's when the volunteers come in and without them, it's a task that would be next to impossible to complete in a timely manner. >> i got here at 7:00 at night and i'm going to work until 7 am or 10 am. >> reporter: garrett jack is just one of the topal finishing a 24 hour shift but say the work matters to them. >> sometimes you have to do what you have to do. some people appreciate it. a lot of people have pullis through and told us thank you for volunteering so we just do our best to stay up. >> this is a really great opportunity for me, participating in the event. i am really proud.
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>> reporter: shannon in -- shannon is the registrar of voters and she wants santa clara county voters to feel confident in the safety of their boat. >> our system is not connected to the internet. it is a standalone system. our voters have nothing to worry about here. >> reporter: santa clara county is expecting an 80% to 85% voter turnout and the polls are open until 7 pm tonight. if there is a long line by 8:00, by law you have to be allowed to submit your vote. keep that in mind even if you are running late and there is a long line. jackie ward kpix 5 . >> many bay area counties are trying to make it easier for voters to cast their ballots. and contra costa valley, a drop off for completed ballots was set up. a lot of people taking advantage of it. the process was quick and painless. >> it was very convenient. i was worried how long it would
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take but this is great. >> i'm so happy. i'm freaking out. i thought i would have to do this after work. >> reporter: the drive-through is outside the contra costa elections office between marina vista and escobar street. volunteers are making sure patients at local hospitals are not missing out on their chance to vote. phase signed absentee ballots for patients in oakland and berkeley and delivered them to a polling place. on the ballot today, you will find 17 statewide measures. >> there are also numerous local measures. kpix 5 and and mackovic is breaking it all down. >> reporter: we have a lot of measures but let's start off with the big statewide ballot measures. california is one of five states voting on legalize recreational marijuana. it's prop 64. you would have to be at least 21 to smoke pot. the law would go into effect january 1, 2018.
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it would establish labeling standards and charge a 15% sales tax making an estimated $1 billion of revenue each year. cities and counties would still have the power to ban pot shops within their borders. the last time california voters weighed in on this, 2010 when prop 19 lost but it was close by almost 47% of voters. two measures dealing with the death penalty. prop 62 would repeal it amber pace -- replace it with life in prison. 66 would speed up the process, speeding up procedures in court. if they both pass, the strongest majority wins. 63, california's 'shot at tighter gun control would require a backup check and prohibit the ownership of large capacity magazines. it would further regulate who is not allowed to own a gun including some people convicted of violent crimes. we have a couple big local issues as well involving taxes. measure rr lead charge property
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owned news to fix bart. that money could only be used for infrastructure like replacing rails, modernizing the train control systems and improving stations. in san jose, voters are deciding on a measure that would restore pensions and benefits for city workers including the san jose police. measure f would reverse a voter approved 2012 measure limiting benefits. that measure has been blamed for the current staffing crisis. polls are really close on that one. and then there is a soda tax on the ballot in san francisco, oakland, and albany. some call it a grocery tax. it would charge the distributors of sugary drinks one penny per ounce. for a can of soda, that is $.12. be sure to head to for a breakdown of all these local races and
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ballot measures, and for polling locations. let's get you updated on the presidential race. one of the nastiest and longest election seasons we have seen is almost over. craig boswell joins us at a voting location in sterling, virginia. poll watchers are reporting long lines. >> reporter: they certainly are. we have seen aerial shots of those long lines in pennsylvania, florida. i want to get to some breaking news off the top. donald trump had filed a lawsuit in clark county, nevada alleging that people were improperly allowed to vote after the polls had closed as he said happened during early voting last friday night. a judge has weighed in and denied the petition suggesting he pursue other administrative remedies first. as we move that through this afternoon, here in virginia, voters are expressing relief after casting their ballots and the candidates are also getting in their votes as well.
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supporters mobbed hillary clinton and her husband, former president bill clinton as a filled out their ballots in their hometown of chappaqua, new york. she greeted voters waiting outside and said she feels humbled. >> i know how much responsibility goes with this and so many people are counting on the outcome of this election. >> reporter: running mate tim kaine cast his ballot at 6 am in richmond, virginia. donald trump loaded a few hours later in new york city. >> it's looking very good. okay, here we go. >> reporter: running mate mike pence voted in indianapolis, indiana. according to cbs analysis, hillary clinton leads an electoral votes but a number of states remain up for grabs and the outcome will likely determine -- be determined by voter outcome. trump was off to an early lead when voters cast ballots just
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after midnight in new hampshire. a number early morning hours, there were long lines from new york to california, from maine to miami. >> i definitely think it's important to exercise my right to vote. >> while there were no perfect choices in this one, i think one candidate was clearly above and beyond the other. >> reporter: both clinton and comp plan to hold election night parties in new york city to watch the results. and donald trump did make one last stop here in northern virginia sunday night into monday thinking the camp would eat into hillary clinton's lead in virginia. that remains to be seen. here, the candidates have also cast their ballots and they are staying put for the rest of the night. live in sterling, virginia, craig boswell kpix 5. and take a look at the people visiting the gravesite of susan b. anthony on this election day. they are using this historic election to play -- pay respect to the leader of the women's
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suffrage unit. many people are thing i voted stickers on her tombstone. the senate race is slipping away from loretta sanchez. according to recent polls,, let harris is a front-runner in california has '--, let harris --, allah -- kamala harris has a solid lead in california. our most recent poll shows congressman homophone behind. honda cast his ballot early in the south bay. among those casting ballots today, jerry brown. he dropped his ballot off this morning at a polling site at a boys and girls club in downtown sacramento. his dog sutter went along for the election day adventure. brown is not on the ballot
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himself this election but did express strong opinions on a statewide proposition. >> here in california, we have a very important measure to vote no on and that's 53. >> 53 would require a statewide public vote on revenue bonds of more than $2 billion. it could threaten to of brown's pet projects, high-speed rail and the delta water tunnel. a familiar sight for people in san francisco will become an election result displayed tonight. cnn has formed a partnership with coit tower. the building is 'lights will turn blue for hillary clinton or red for donald trump depending on who wins. be sure to tune in again at 3 pm today for extension election coverage. that's right here on kpix 5 and stay tuned at 3:30 pm for a special edition of the cbs evening news with scott pelley followed at 4:00 by cbs news election coverage all evening long. still ahead, tesla is looking to expand its production in the bay area.
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the major deal the company just announced today. plus, a new nba record set by steph curry on the court. highlights from the game between the warriors and the pelicans. the sky is blue but there is an advisory you need to know about. the details as the news continues on this election day 2016 right after this. cbs news as original reporting like no other. morning, evening, and through the night until america has a new president. election day 2016 on cbs. cbs wednesday. >> anytime there are lines drawn in the sand, the question is, will the tides wash them away? >> the generation gap is wiped out. >> this is when things start to get really serious. >> now we start destroying hopes and dreams. >> i can't trust any of these
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baby... found abandoned near highland hospital. two people reportedly heard the baby's cries just before ten this morning, closed captioning is sponsored by living spaces furniture. oakland police are looking into the case of a newborn baby found abandoned near highland hospital. two people reportedly heard the baby's cries just before 10 am off 19th avenue and found the child after a quick search. they took the baby to a hospital and called police. the baby was wrapped in cloth and seems in good health. police have arrested two men in connection with a stabbing death of jeffrey cooper, a homeless man. his body was found in the parking lot of a lowe's home improvement store on better drive. it marks san jose's ninth homicide involving a homeless victim. a motive for the killing has not been released. more bay area headlines. officials in marin county will
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consider updating the living wage. it could go up to $15 an hour for employees at the in-home services program. this would take effect before the new state law that raises the minimum wage by 2022. right now, the national weather service is warning people about potentially rough conditions up north. large waves are expected from this afternoon through tonight. also rip -- watch out for rip currents, ocean swells and sneaker waves. time for a check of our weather with roberta. >> that is so amazing. all that surface called by this potent area of low pressure put a high surf advisory for the yellow area. again, 20 feet sneaker waves, very dangerous. be very mindful for your afternoon stroll along the seashore. blue skies but i hear we're going to have a red sunset. currently, temperatures in the 60s and 70s.
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already 71 degrees in san francisco and we will see a westerly winds to 15 miles per hour later today. that will keep the temperatures around 73 degrees. those high thin clouds are sharing off from a plume of moisture over the very active pacific ocean. the active weather pattern, high pressure here, diverting all the storms to the north of us. that's a very vigorous jet stream. we remain dry until about friday night despite a slight chance of precipitation. ebony five degrees at the state capital, 68 degrees in monterey. it was 79 degrees yesterday. low 60s. that's in the lake tahoe area. temperatures in the 70s through the seashore into the bay, into the san jose area. by the time the sun sets at 5:03 pm, we will be flirting with nearly 80 degrees. same tomorrow. duplicate on thursday and partly cloudy skies on veterans day with a chance of showers in the evening hours. no rain on the veterans day parade. >> pretty good. what a night --
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what a night for golden warriors star steph curry. he said an nba record by hitting 13 three-pointers in front of a home crowd and eight oakland. he finished with 46 points. he was a bright spot for the warriors who didn't look to sharpen a 116-100 win over the winless new orleans pelicans. samsung is saying sorry. the old-school way be company is apologizing to customers for the discontinuation of its samsung note 7. the sunset sunrise report is brought to you -- is sponsored by el camino hospital, the hospital of silicon valley. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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b-h." that company mated palo alto-based tesla motors has agreed to buy roman engineering. that company manufactures better systems and fuel cells. this comes as tesla tries to expand its production sixfold by 2018. samsung is apologizing with full-page ads in newspapers. here is a look at the ad in the new york times apologizing to customers for the discontinuation of its note 7 smart phone. samsung promises to carry out a careful investigation into the causes of the note 7 battery issues and to share its findings with the public.
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in several documented cases, the samsung note 7 phones overheated and burst into flames. initially, samsung pointed the problem to the battery itself offering a model with a slightly different battery as replacement. but they started bursting into flames as well. a look at the financial markets after an incredible day yesterday. the dow went up 370 points on monday and it's up another 88 points at this hour. the time is 12:23 pm. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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voting underway in the east bay. as you prepare to cast your vote: it's important to remember -- if you're in line before 8pm, you cannot be turned away. the law says that your vote must be counted even if the line is long. uber and g back to campaign 2016 and a final look at voting underway in east bay. as you prepare to -- prepare to cast your vote, if you're in line before 8 pm tonight, you cannot be turned away. the law says you're not -- your vote must be counted even if the line is long. uber and google are teaming up to help people vote today. you tap on find your polling place in the uber app and you will be directed to the google webpage where you enter your address to find out where to vote and if you want, you can set up a ride as well. the car wants to make sure it's customers have easy transportation. the car sharing network is offering 7000 vehicles across the u.s. for free from 6 pm to 10 pm tonight. arte vann 900 cars will be available for reserve in the bay area alone.
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join us at 3 pm for extensive election coverage with all of us right here on kpix 5. join us right here at 3:30 pm for a special edition of the cbs evening news with scott pelley followed at 4:00 by cbs news election coverage all evening long. >> that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. remember to vote . you have about 7 1/2 hours to go. >> i think we should have a watch party together. >> it could be a long night. >> have a good one. ,,
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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