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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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now over, donald trump is our next commander-in-chief following a historic election good morning you is wednesday, november 9, a live look over the white house whermany shocks people have been protesting overnight near 1600 pennsylvania avenue. demonstrators took to the streets of berkeley and oakland protesting the win of donald trump dozens chanting not my president, part shut down some stations as a precaution. good morning i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. trump has 289 of the electoral votes. quentin has 218, trump blazed ahead with huge victories in three key battleground, ohio, north carolina and florida. exit polls show four in 10 voters want a candidate who can
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bring change. >> clinton called to congratulate trump before midnight she has not yet given a concession speech by president obama had a message for america in a bus feed video posted on twitter he said no matter what happens the sun will rise in the morning and america will still be the greatest nation on earth donald trump supporters reacting in the bay area happy to see him come out on top and some had a message for hillary supporters. >> we love them, we respect them they are americans. >> most of the trump supporters we spoke with said that they are shocked at the end result of the election.>> as donald trump defeated clinton in the battleground states, large crowds waited nervously by the white house. craig boswell joins us live from washington with the latest.>> good morning to you.
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president obama has invited president elect donald trump to the white house tomorrow november 10 for a meeting about the transition. we will hear from president obama later today about the meeting and the transition. donald trump called for national unity after being elected the 45th president of the united states. president elect donald trump emerged onstage at his headquarters in new york cheered by crowds of supporters. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> the nominee defied expectations tuesday racking up crucial victories in the battleground states of florida, north carolina, and ohio. earlier hillary clinton called trump to concede the race. >> she congratulated us on our victory.
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and i congratulated her and her family on a very very hard- fought campaign.>> clinton's campaign chairman john podesta addressed cloud -- crowds at her headquarters here >> i want every person across the country to know your voices and your enthusiasm mean so much to her. >> despite wins in virginia colorado and nevada the nominee failed to carry many battleground states that president obama won in 2012, many gathered to see the clinton victory rally left in tears. as results trickled in demonstrators remained outside of the white house into the morning as they anxiously await the end of the bitter presidential contest. >> i am extremely disappointed we anticipated a different result. >> i am celebrated because the candidate i voted for won number two, we are seeing democracy inaction.
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>> paul ryan called to congratulate him on a big night. president obama has spoken to president elect donald trump and secretary hillary clinton congratulating donald trump on the win congratulating clinton on the strong campaign, trump concluding his speech saying the work is just beginning as the white house and his campaign now begin the transition to a new administration. >> what is the mood like at the white house? >> a mood shift indeed it is quiet, the crowds have gone, they have moved out there was a mood swing as the numbers were coming in from the chanting and protesting it has cleared out, the rain has come in nothing but silence. on pennsylvania avenue. >> craig boswell live from washington dc. here is a look at how
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california voted more than 4 million people voting for content giving her 61% of the vote, 2.5 million voting for trump giving them 34%. >> dozens of people took to the streets in oakland and berkeley protesting president elect trump. 50 protesters marched from downtown to highway 24 one of the protesters was hit by a car and is being treated for serious injuries, several fires were set between 10th and 27th street, firefighters and police in riot gear spent the night patrolling the streets. overseas market tanked after trump was declared the winner. down triple digits. we will be keeping an eye on the future throughout the morning. of course, much more results and announcements throughout the broadcast with live interviews throughout the next
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two hours. the time for deck 35. a live look outside at the tower right to their. -- there and we look at our traffic and weather. >> you can't see that particular shot well because it is dark outside and usually there is a huge crane next to the tower because one house has slipped four feet so they had to demolish that home that residency, the reason i am bringing this up they finished the construction two months ahead of time. what it views the workers had, good morning, as you're getting ready to head out the door on this wednesday. currently we have temperatures very mild in the 50s and 60s except santa rosa at 49 degrees, 56 in san jose, we
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left yesterday with a high surf advisory in place, same today through 6:00 tonight this is due to a storm off the coast so powerful generating these high waves sneaker waves a possibility. high temperatures in the low 60s, pacifica, 74 from emeryville through richmond, 70s, and around the peninsula and high 70s in government -- inland areas. chances of rain when it will return but for now let's send it over to iraqi. -- rocky . as proposition 6 ecreational -- roqui. >> all right, thanks so much we will get the microphone fixed and then we will get back to
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you shortly. a historic vote proposition 64 passes making recreational marijuana legally california. here is a look at how the vote went, look at the darker colors on this map, san francisco heavily in favor of legalizing recreational pot much less support in santa clara and sonoma county. anne makovec is tracking the yes on 64 campaign. >> the golden state becomes the most populous state in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana. the measure passing with 56% support the measure comes six years after the state narrowly rejected a similar measure. you will have to be 21 years old to smoke pot and the law will establish labeling standards and charge 15% sales tax making an estimated $1 billion of revenue each year.
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cities and counties will have the power to ban pot shops within borders, the lieutenant governor pushed for the passage and they're arguing the national war on drugs has failed. >> 1 million folks that have records associated with marijuana to have the ability to have their records cleared. to have a second chance. >> much of the financial support that came for proposition 64 was from the facebook president sean parker and hedge fund billionaire george soros, nevada also voted to legalize, arizona rejected it and maine is too close to call. in silicon valley voters in the 17th congressional district have ended the career of veteran mike honda , he beat
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ro khanna in 2014, but last night a different story, the latest counter showing ro khanna with more than 59% of the vote in the runoff between the democrats. the districts saddled client -- santa clara and alameda counties. we go to the registrar's office in santa clara. >> look how exciting this is, they are counting the votes they say they will be here for the next week counting the votes, so far ro khanna has 59% of the votes while mike honda has nearly 40% it is difficult to unseat incumbent. last night it was done, all guys have been on this race with a honda filing a lawsuit thing that his campaign files were hacked and then there were attack ads ro khanna calling
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mike honda old and out of touch but ro khanna won in the primary and our polls showed last weekend ro khanna with a razor thin lead. ro khanna came out before 10:00 and this is what he had to say. >> when you lose, it humbles you, you know what it is like to be knocked down. and, it makes the honor of being able to represent this area all the more special. am so grateful to the voters of this district. >> so, honda is saying hold on, they are still counting the votes and they will be counting the votes for the next week. more on what he has to say coming up, maria medina kpix 5 our election coverage is just
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getting started, we will hear from kamala harris next. voters in multiple bay area communities passing the soda tax.
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of protesters near the white house all night. we'll keep you ny developments a live look over the capital reports of protesters near the white house all night we will keep you updated on developments. the race for senator barbara boxer seat. kamala harris claiming victory to become our new us senator replacing barbara boxer, she spoke before a packed audience. >> i intend to fight for our ideal's, i intend to fight for a space that has the largest number of immigrants of any state in the country and to do everything we can to bring them justice and dignity and fairness under the law and pass
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comprehensive immigration reform. >> a hotly contested race two san francisco supervisors huddling for a state in the senate. scott wiener beat out jean kim. california voted in favor of more gun regulations, proposition 63 forces ammunition purchasers to undergo background checks and outlaws possession of high- capacity ammunition magazines, 63% voted in favor while 37% voted against it. lieutenant governor gavin newsom proposed the proposition. >> we have passed prop 64 and are on the way to passing prop 63. >> the other big issue, the death penalty there were two
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competing propositions, 62 which would ban it and replace it with life in prison without parole, that did not pass, 54% voted to keep the death penalty, prop 66 which would have sped up the process got more yes vote, 51% in favor and 49% against. >> measure f the big race ending years of legal battles over employee pensions by replacing the measure t -- b. 62% said yes and 37% said no. >> measure r r was passed, money will go to upgrade the aging system of bart fixing tracks tunnels and stations, 61% said yes only 29% voted
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against it. let's get back to anne makovec. >> the soda tax a high-stakes issue. >> three bay area cities passed ballot measures charging one cent on distributors of sugary drinks. billionaires and the soda industry helped make this happen pouring big money into the issue critics calling it a grocery tax that will hurt small businesses, the san francisco soda tax, 62% voted for the measure. oakland, 61% voted yes and 39% voted no. it was a widespread for albany measure 01 that was 71% voting yes, 29% against. berkeley was the first city in the us to implement a soda tax last year so the bay area is
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forging ahead with this idea the measure will charge the distributor. for a can of soda that is $0.12 and if they pass -- charge gets passed on to the store it is up to the store to pass it onto the disk -- customers. another stellar day, yesterday i had my eye voted stamp on facebook. everyone said they went to the voting booth and it felt like spring. today, another one. unseasonably mild in addition to that we have a high surf advisory in place through the afternoon, i want to jump up and down about that the weather is so delightful you might want go to the seashore where the temperatures are in the 70s but in that whole area we have the
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surf advisory in place for swells up to 20 feet certainly some sneaker waves keep your eyes on your pets if you take your dog to the beach. temperatures in the 50s and 60 degrees in san francisco, santa rosa 49 degrees, a combination of sun and clouds, large swells and the possibility of a shower friday evening. satellite radar, this right here, this is all clouds, these clouds are associated with the bigger system off the coast but we see light rain showers trek to enter the northwest section of the state, these clouds have sheared off from this area of low pressure so potent off the coast it is generating the high swell so we are not seeing any ring from the system they're going into the pacific northwest and british columbia, we're just seeing the thin clouds.
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70s at the state capital, 62 in the sierra mountains, they are making the snow in heavenly valley, many of the resorts opening up one week from tomorrow. 68 degrees monterey bay where yesterday was in the 70s in carmel. official sunrise 6:43. san jose let's focus on you, futurecast says by the lunch hour you will have temperatures in the low 70s going to forecast the high temperatures in the mid-70s all the way up to 76 degrees at the airport which is the official reporting station. 77 in the rose garden district. willow glen all the way to campbell, 74 degrees in mountain view, 70s around the rim of the bay, flirting with 80 degrees in brentwood, tracy oakley and discovery bay. 81 degrees in gilroy today,
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there you have veterans day friday, a few clouds saturday but a dry weather pattern through the day tuesday i don't think it will rain again until inauguration. i'm okay with that forecast. let's look at the bay area roads, starting in san rafael coming across the golden gate bridge into san francisco that will take 14 minutes to get to the toll plaza, 280, roadwork on iied in both directions westbound and eastbound but that should be clearing up in about 10 minutes or so at 5:00 am. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, on the east shore freeway about 20 minutes, metering lights should turn on around 5:30. a look at the peninsula to hayward 13 minutes, free mount southbound 680 before auto mall parkway we have a car fire out blocking the right lane, crews are on the way trying to clear
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this out but no delays in the area. that is your traffic. a few other prop results the cigarette tax prop 56 raising the estate tax up to two dollars per -- pack passed by 67%. prop 55 extending income tax increases to benefit schools this one passed with 62% voting yes. >> the time 4:52, more trouble for a company facing a lawsuit. email your school to us, ,,,,
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it is 4:54 on this wednesday on this wednesday, november 9 let's take a ride across the bay area scattered conditions along the coast from the 60s to the 70s on the peninsula low 70s , 73 degrees in the sunnyvale area, slide winds at 10 to 15, san jose in the mid-70s today east bay numbers up to the 80s. good morning to you in vallejo in the mid-70s, antioch with a pair of 70s, a slight breeze and a good-looking coastal day, approaching 80 degrees in sonoma, hello to clearlake expecting a shiny day with a temperature of 74. a look at your bay area roads look at the bay bridge toll plaza along the east shore
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freeway 20 minutes, no delays through downtown metering lights turn on at 5:30 hayward into the peninsula a quick 12 minutes. a public hearing for plans regarding a suicide deterrent net for the golden gate bridge looking to amend the bridge toll investment program setting aside $40 million for the project. the hearing is scheduled to begin at 9:30 in san francisco. walgreens has filed a $140 million lawsuit. the pharmacy giant is pushing to recover its investment in the troubled blood testing startup walgreens has already closed all 40 wellness centers in its arizona stores, the company aims to provide efficient alternatives to standard blood tests but methods have been called into question. they face a to make your ban on owning or operating labs.
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millions of job openings in the us, 5.5 million jobs were open in september close to the record high of 5.8 million openings set in april. that could mean more employers want to hire companies are struggling to find workers with the right skills. our election day wrapup continues this morning, donald trump with the surprise victory. the death penalty, gun control and pot the latest numbers. ,,
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presidential election. we'll have a full wrap up and anaylsis throughout the morning. good morning. it's wednesday, novemb i m michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. good morning everyone, it is wednesday, november 9, i'm michelle griego.
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>> and i'm kenny choi, a mess left behind in oakland within 100 people took to the streets to protest the results of the presidential election setting trash cans on fire throwing bricks are local businesses, police have made a rest, protesters march from downtown to highway 24 where someone was hit by a car near the claremont offramp. similar protests at uc davis hundreds of students marching behind the mexican flag and a rainbow flag on campus, all of the protest started after donald trump took to the stage for his victory speech. >> for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, i am reaching out to you for your guidance and your help, so that we can work together and unified our great country. >>


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