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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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voice their anger over trumps victory, demonstrators blocked traffic and vandalized to some businesses after the announcement. good morning it is wednesday good morning it is wednesday, november 9 i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi welcome to kpix 5 news. after the breakdown and analysis of all the major races. >> bay area trump supporters erupting with joey when it was announced the billionaire businessman is the nation's next commander in chief. >> a lot of people waking up happy to know that their candidate donald trump is the president-elect, other people waking up very shocked. >> to give you a sense of how confident the clinton campaign was, tim kaine tweeted out no little girl will have to wonder whether she can be president and i was 12 hours ago. >> we will go right to craig
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boswell in washington dc with reaction from the nation's capital after the historic results. >> president obama has invited president-elect donald trump to the white house for a meeting tomorrow thursday, november 10 to talk about the transition. we will hear more from president obama about that later today, meanwhile trump called for national unity after he was elected 45th president of the united states. president-elect donald trump emerged onstage at his headquarters in new york cheered on by crowds of supporters. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> the nominee defied expectations tuesday racking up crucial victories in the battleground states of florida, north carolina and ohio among others. earlier, hillary clinton called trump to concede the race.>> she congratulated us.
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on our victory. and i congratulated her and her family on a very very hard- fought campaign. >> clinton's campaign chairman addressed crowds of supporters gathered at her election night headquarters. >> i want every person across the country who supported hillary to know that your voice and your enthusiasm means so much to her. >> despite wins in virginia colorado and nevada the nominee failed to carry many of the battleground states that president obama won in 2012, many of those gathered to see clinton victory rally leaving interiors. as the results trickled in demonstrators remained outside of the white house well into the morning as they anxiously await the end of the contest. >> i am extremely disappointed.
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i anticipated a much different result. >> i am celebrating because the candidate i voted for won number two i am celebrating american democracy in action. >> house speaker paul ryan called to congratulate him on a big night. we are expecting to hear from hillary clinton in about 1 1/2 hours when she addresses staff and supporters in new york. live from the white house craig boswell back to you. in california, hillary clinton got 61% of the vote, trump with 33%. we spoke to some trump supporters in sunnyvale as all signs were showing a victory for the billionaire.>> we are grateful it would have been real trouble if she would have won. >> a lot of people have been left behind not represented now they feel like they will get a shot with mr. trump in their. -- there. >> many people in the bay area did not hold back their anger
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and disappointment with the result. hundreds took to the streets in oakland berkeley and san francisco. in downtown oakland they set trash cans on fire vandalizing buildings, one person was seriously injured on highway 24. students also marched for hours after the election was called for trump. the outcome of the race left many experts stunned. >> melissa king joins us most polls had clinton with an edge going into election day. >> they missed many things, one of the main things as they did some assumptions about non- educated white voters breaking for hillary clinton. present obama did well upon -- among that group in 2012. they expected a comparable outcome for clinton that group almost
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broke entirely for donald trump, the other thing they did was overestimate the turnout among college-educated white voters and minority voters. those assumptions going into the polls meant they would be skewed on the way out. >> looking ahead trump has no political experience going into his presidency, how do you think he will deal with a system set up with career politicians in washington dc? >> to some degree he will have to take joy in cutting them down to size. a lot of his supporters want to see him get in there and stick it to the career politicians so you might see some overt signs of him undermining them. when he was first looking for his vice presidential nominee he wanted someone with political experience because he recognized his lack of experience would be an issue. he wants to surround himself with people who know what they are doing. >> all right, thank you so much.
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as results kept pouring in americans weren't the only one watching the tv screens. >> crowds around the world were just as nervous to learn the name of our next president. riley carlson is live in london with the response worldwide. >> in morning, markets may be stabilizing now the news of the term presidency is settling in but that is not the only thing that took a beating, one irish bookmaker lost $5.5 million in its biggest political payout ever. in the uk there calling trump's victory a brexit style shock a surprise revolved -- result. >> i saw it as a warning that something like this can happen. >> late editions of uk newspapers flew off the press
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with news of the trump surge. every step has been washed around the world and american voters in london say this is something they could not miss.>> it is big news. >> for many clinton supporters at this party in london, early excitement has lessened. markets around the globe plummeting as trump win state after state. in russia president from souvenirs being sold and president vladimir putin is ready to restore full-fledged relations with the united states. if you needed more proof as to how widespread the election was being watched, the taliban has been weighing in calling on donald trump to withdraw us troops from afghanistan.>> we know it has gotten emotional in the us, have you seen any
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surprising or over-the-top responses to the trump election? >> what we have been seeing is a lot of uncertainty as to whether or not trump would be able to win and it did echo the brains evolved from june where those polls did not give people a good indication about what would happen and come down the pipe, what is interesting, one of germany's foreign ministers said just because trump won doesn't mean the world will end but it will get crazier. >> riley carlson in london thank you. >> donald trump will work with a republican congress to start his term the gop meeting support -- control of the senate. one seat headed to a runoff but it is expected to remain under republican control. >> in california kamala harris won the u.s. senate seat being vacated by retiring senator barbara boxer.
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harris defeated loretta sanchez. in another big local race featuring two democrats challenger ro khanna has defeated mike honda in the 17th district honda has represented parts of silicon valley on capitol hill since 2001. >> for more on the significance of this race let's go to maria medina at the santa clara county registrar's headquarters in san jose. >> reporter: this race got pretty nasty and they are still counting the ballots in santa clara county, they will be counting for the next week. take a look at these boxes, these are the mail in ballots and they are still coming in, but we just got updated numbers and so far khanna has 59% while honda has a little more than 40%, as i mentioned before, it is difficult to unseat an
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incumbent representative, mike honda has had a long career but it looks like ro khanna has done it. this race was contentious mike honda saying that ro khanna hacked into his campaign. khanna won in the june primary and our own kpix survey poll showed khanna with a razor thin lead. khanna came out to give his victory speech but honda came out and he said hold on wait a minute.>> i think, when you lose and i have lost in the past, it humbles you, you know what it is like to be knocked down, what it is like to be an underdog and it makes the owner of being able to represent the area all the more special. i am so grateful to the voters of this district. >> i think that we should wait and honor the rest of the votes.
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if we don't honor those votes we want to honor the people who cast them. >> honda has a point look at these mail-in ballots behind me coming in they are expected to come in until monday. santa clara workers will be here for the next week counting the ballots, but right now a wide margin with khanna ahead 59% of the vote and honda at a little more than 40%. maria medina kpix 5. let's get you caught up on major local ballot measures.>> anne makovec joins us, the soda tax high-stakes. >> three bay area cities pass new laws charging one penny per ounce on any sugary drink soda sports dreams and energy strings, the charge on the distributor, we heard from billionaires and the soda industry pouring big money into
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the election, critics calling it a grocery tax that would hurt small businesses. san francisco voted 62% in favor of the measure, 38% against, oakland 61% voted yes, 39% voted no. and it was widespread for albany 71% of voters saying yes, 29% say no. berkeley was the first city in the us to implement the soda tax last year. statewide historic vote legalizing recreational marijuana. passing with 56% of the vote, lieutenant governor gavin newsom pushed for its passage. >> the state stepped up and stepped in and said the war on drugs has been a failure in california it is a war on poor people, on people of color and it is time for change in california. we have sent that message powerfully to the rest of the
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nation.>> the law will affect january 1 the law will affect january 1, 2018. you have to be 21 years old to smoke pot it will be regulated like alcohol there will be labeling standards and a 15% sales tax making an estimated $1 billion of revenue each year, cities and counties while the power to ban pot shops within their borders. massachusetts and nevada voted to legalize recreational marijuana arizona rejected it and maine is too close to call. >> thank you for the latest. donald trump's victory wasn't the only highlight of last night. more on that and also how this is affecting the markets around the world. we will be back with more results and analysis.
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historic run to the white house this morning... i have just received a call from secretary clinton. she congratulated us, it is about us. >> donald trump celebrating his historic run to the white house this morning. >> that was not the case for investors overseas, markets took a nosedive in response to the news. >> in california more local resorts coming in. >> in the second congressional race a democratic winner the incumbent jerry hoffman won in a landslide with 76% of the
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vote, another big win for house district 50 democrat eric swallow will keep his seat 73% of the vote over republican danny turner. >> prop 61 on prescription drug cost the voter did not pass the proposition despite bernie sanders efforts, 54% voting no. >> the time 6:18 let's get a check of your traffic, let's send it over to roqui i know you're sitting there glued to the tv but we have to go to work so let's look at the conditions for your commute, a look at the bay area mass transit we do have one delay on train three stopped doing to a mechanical problem. between stockton it is 20 minutes late, all the rest on time, highway 4 westbound before bailey road this crash
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is still blocking the left lane, reported with clearing but it is still blocking and the traffic between a street and bailey road will take up to one hour to drive through as you can see cars inching their way that 429 miles per hour, let's go to the altamont pass coming off 205 at nine miles per hour moving up to 29 miles per hour at north lane road. tracy to the altamont pass 43 minutes, a lie look at the freeway pretty good in both directions from san leandro 38 taking 16 minutes. rise and shine, a live look out the door, the sun is beginning to make an appearance and we have some high thin clouds in addition to some patchy fog but we have a stellar look at the avenues making track to the golden gate bridge dropping you off in sausalito and tiburon. we have temperatures so mild
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today except santa rosa at 49, dense fog in napa otherwise 50s and 60s lining the rim of the bay, san jose 56 degrees, high surf advisory in effect until the early evening hours. this is the immediate coast line we have not seen swells greater than 20 feet but we will see sneaker waves, we will have the bonus of sun and clouds today unseasonably mild temperatures, more sunshine slated for thursday and then we introduce clouds on friday, i don't think it will rain it does not look good right now, we do have these clouds in this area of low pressure off the coast let me blow this up so you can see this area of low pressure a potent strong system. it is just taking all of the energy along the course of this very vigorous jetstream thinking up against the northwest leaving us with high
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thin cirrus clouds. some clouds will be drifting in and out and rain chances get very close look at this overnight friday night, until saturday morning some light precipitation as the tell end of the system with across the northern half of the state until then, 75 in the state capital, 72 in the high sierra's. san jose relocating on you today, high-temperature topping off in the low 70s toward the lunch hour and then when we get to the midafternoon a high temperature between 75 and 77 degrees. 78 vallejo, 80 degrees in gilroy, 81 in brentwood. performance thursday clouding up on veterans day mild over the weekend but no rain on the veterans day parade. 6:21,
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bay area voters have their say on a number of important issues. more results and reaction straightahead. ,,
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a live look at the new yorker hotel in manhattan where hillary clinton is expected to arrive expected to give her concession speech around 6:30 this morning, 9:30 am eastern standard time. last night john podesta her campaign manager address the crowd but clinton did not. she spent the night at the peninsula hotel with family and friends. our campaign coverage continues with results from three statewide ballot measures. >> the cigarette tax raising
6:26 am
the estate tax up to two dollars per pack passing with 63% despite the fact the tobacco industry has spent big money fighting it.>> prop 55 extending income taxes to benefit schools passing with 62%. voters passed proposition 67 to overturn the plastic tag ban which was approved by legislature two years ago 52% voting in favor while 48% voted against it. 6:26, hillary clinton called donald trump to congratulate him on winning the white house, more reaction to the upset victory. the bay area decides to pay to fix bart what it means for property owners.
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this is a cbs news special report. i'm charlie rose are norah o'orah trading is about to open on wall street, we expect dramatic losses at the opening bell as investors react to the election of donald trump as the next president. >> markets expect uncertainty, we go to the floor of the new york stock exchange, good morning. >> dealing with anxiety and uncertainty all night long. the us markets leveled off a bit overnight after a big drop at one point the futures were pointing down 800 points, when the results became clear trading was halted briefly but then resumed and the numbers
6:30 am
stabilized. here we are on the open, as we wait to see where the numbers go, talking to the traders it has been very interesting, they are aware of what donald trump has said about ripping up some trade deals we vaping the tax code they say they don't have specifics. so, there is concern they are expecting a very active day, i have not heard anyone call it a panic day at this point, as the dow opens down 30 and maybe in positive territory. >> all right, from the floor. the future was down on the flipside one party in control. >> the markets have been nervous for a couple of weeks before the rally at the beginning of the week we had nine consecutive days where the
6:31 am
s&p was down the worst losing streak since 1980 a lot of that because the polls were on tightening it will be interesting to see what happens as jeff mentioned overnight the futures were down 800 at one point but they dialed back when they saw trump's conciliatory speech acceptance speech and that seems to have changed the mood. we are watching this because there is concern there might be a brexit reaction, if you recall after the vote markets lost 900 points in two days so that is what everybody has been watching for. >> there are several factors of uncertainty but at the same time, trump has promised to lower the tax rate for corporations things that businesses like. >> he is a businessman you would think the markets would have been excited at the prospect but the fact is,
6:32 am
hillary clinton represented what they thought was the status quo and donald trump represented who knows what. there is a lot of question about what will be coming in a trump administration that is where the anxiety came from. last night as it started to look like trump might win use other futures. one thing that might happen is a lot of people were expecting a federal rate hike in december barring confusion in the markets if there is confusion in the markets, you might not see that now.>> all right, thank you. our coverage will continue throughout the day on our 24 hour streaming network and there will be a complete wrapup tonight on a special hour-long cbs evening news. >> this has been a cbs news
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special report. special report.l charlie rose with gayle king and into his campaign's election live, this is campaign 2016 after the vote. >> an outpouring of emotion as donald trump is announced as the next president of the united states. trump voters are riding hide after the hard-fought victory. pure misery for clinton supporters. >> major changes coming for the bay area with a number of divisive issues on the ballot. it is wednesday, november 9 hillary clinton expected to give her concession speech in one hour. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego welcome back to kpix 5 news
6:34 am
after the election, after months of campaigning the voters had their say. here's how the race broke down in california, clinton with 61% of the vote, trump with 33%. protests erected across the bay area immediately after the results of the presidential election were announced. hundreds of people taking to the streets in oakland berkeley and san francisco. >> sandra osborne is live at san francisco state university where students protested into the early morning. >> good morning, things have quieted down a lot but there is some graffiti left behind in fact the san francisco state sign behind me the main one you see on 19th avenue had some graffiti on it we cannot show it because of profane language that it is anti-trump written in orange spray paint, i want to show you some damage left behind in oakland, 250 protesters took to the streets marching through the downtown
6:35 am
area, this is video of the cleanup, oakland police are getting reports of several businesses vandalized last night, we found broken windows and graffiti on a building, one protester had serious injuries after being hit by a car when the protests continued on highway 24, also protesters attacked the car breaking out the back window several fires reported in garbage cans and dumpsters. here at the college doesn't protesters gathered at the student union things are more peaceful with protester saying they will not be divided. they took to the streets marching on 19th avenue. things quieted down around 4:00 this morning, protesters went home, things are looking peaceful and quiet to start the day however we see some graffiti left behind so there is some cleanup left to do. sandra osborne kpix 5 from the
6:36 am
election to measures, bart will be rebuilt, anne makovec is tracking the results. >> the politician push across the bay ended up paying off, voters passing measure r r requiring a 2/3 vote. 81% voting yes only 19% voting no. in alameda county 71% yes, 29% voted no. this measure had the toughest time in contra costa county. still, 60% of voters said yes. 40% against. a $3.5 billion bond measure paid for by property owners so houses worth $500,000 would pay $45 per year every year until 2064, money will go to upgrade
6:37 am
the aging system fixing tracks tunnels and stations. statewide california voted in favor of more gun regulations, 62% voted in favor of stricter laws while 37% voted against these laws they would require a background check to purchase ammunition and prohibit looming large capacity magazines. making it a crime to not report lost or stolen guns and provide the process for taking guns away from people when they are convicted of a felony. lieutenant governor gavin newsom created the proposal he calls the vote historic progress to reduce gun violence. >> an unprecedented amount of money pouring into california races. >> almost $500 million spent on stage props this election the number one contributor the hedge fund manager spending $13 million most on prop 56. sean
6:38 am
parker donated almost $9 million to support the effort to legalize marijuana. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg his big cause was the soda tax $20 million. all of those measures passed and another big-money item on the ballot. >> melissa cane joins us. >> it was not clear how this would play out, there was serious opposition and of course some folks in the contra costa county area in particular very much against the ballot measure but it appears to be passing although when we talk about measures we are not talking about the results from ballots that were dropped off at polling stations yesterday. those ballots still have to be counted, there could be some movement in a couple of these closer measures although r r is not one of them, i want to point out there will be new
6:39 am
blood on the bart board. the incumbents will be unseated out in district 1 in contra costa. while folks out there were voting for the measure, they were also trying to maybe put some more fiscally conservative folks on the board itself. so we will see how that plays out. >> melissa a big surprise in the presidential race what stood out to you among the california propositions? >> so much of what we saw happen was what the polls predicted, the one thing i have to believe folks in other states might not believe is californians seem to be rejected repealing the death penalty. we seem to be pro-death penalty, right now the repeal is failing by 54% that is something other folks might find to be a surprise especially because nebraska voted on something
6:40 am
similar and they voted to repeal the death penalty by 61%. folks in nebraska more anti- death penalty than folks in california. the polls eluded to this that seems to be a surprise for the liberal lefties in california thinking you will legalize marijuana but the death penalty is something that will continue. >> data certainly is shocking. all right, thank you so much. this election saw high turnout in the golden state. >> a total of more than 19 million people registered to vote of those more than 9.8 million cast their ballot turnout around 50%. alameda county had a record high turnout, 890,000 registered voters in the county this election and 75% actually cast a ballot. california
6:41 am
will soon send a new senator to the nation's capital. more on the race to replace senator barbara boxer. ,, ,,
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introducing my new brunchfast menu. with 10 delicious items like my bacon and egg chicken sandwich, southwest scrambler plate, a sparkling blood orange cooler, and homestyle potatoes. served all day, every day. only at jack in the box. nosedive in reaction to the election o stock markets are leveling off after an initial nosedive in reaction to the election of donald trump, markets have been open for over 10 minutes you can see the dow is down 22 points. taking another look at statewide results, california attorney general kamala harris defeated loretta sanchez 63% to 37% to replace retiring senator barbara boxer, harris spoke about her plan to fight on behalf of all immigrants. >> i intended to fight for a
6:45 am
state that has the largest number of immigrants documented and undocumented of any state and do everything we can to bring them justice and dignity and fairness under the law and pass immigration reform. >> her mother was born in india, her father was born in jamaica, only the second black woman ever elected to the senate. let's go to anne makovec tracking another hot button race. >> this one got a lot of play from social media ads battling for a state senate seat and was a close race but it looks like scott weiner is winning. winning with 52% of the vote, kim had 47% as for state senate district 15 which was between two democrats, incumbent
6:46 am
beating the challenger was 64% finally governor jerry brown's push to listen parole rules was approved 64% voting yes, 36% said no, the most controversial part involves the possibility of parole for felons not convicted of one of california's designated by the crimes. it is not clear how many prisoners will be eligible to request perl. -- parole. city employee pensions have been a source of controversy in san jose for years, now voters have decided to restore some benefits for city workers, measure f has 62% support. maria medina joins us live from san jose at the santa clara registrar's office where the tallying of ballots continues. >> reporter: good morning, they
6:47 am
are working hard in santa clara county they will be working 24/7 for the next week, as you mentioned measure f has a 62% yes so a huge sigh of relief in san jose basically this will undo years of tension between city workers as it restores pension and benefits for city workers over limited during a voter approved measure four years ago leading to a mass exodus of officers at the police department, because of a shortage of those officers there was mandatory overtime and we discovered some of the officers actually were sleeping in rvs to get some sleep between the overtime shifts. the san jose police chief spoke out after hearing it was passing. >> it is fantastic for us, a team effort the entire time it means everything to us. we are very excited it is a
6:48 am
great team effort. >> reporter: so you can imagine, a sense of relief as they found out it was passing, also i want to mention measure f restores pension and benefits for city workers who have left and want to come back. maria medina kpix 5 let's get another check of the roads with roqui let's go to the mass transit we do have one train delayed, 43 minutes due to mechanical problems, they then connected train three to train five so it can run through so if you're headed out keep that in mind, on time but kpix 5 has been canceled. also, highway 4 backed up with the crash is now cleared before bailey road on westbound side cars are still moving between three miles per hour as you
6:49 am
into your way closer to the incident you are running back up to 40 miles per hour from a street to bailey road up to one hour long for highway 4 moving to the altamont pass coming off of 205 in tracy nine miles per hour gets better with speech moving up to 30 miles per hour through northwind road let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. downtown 25 minutes. >> i saw the san mateo fog and we do have areas of patchy fog around the bay area at this time, napa and stockton but look at this, looking toward the glorious span of the golden gate bridge past the avenues all the way to sausalito and two were on this morning. air temperature of 56 degrees, san jose in the mid-50s high 50s and low 60s in santa rosa in the upper 40s high surf advisory
6:50 am
, we have an clocking swells greater than 20 feet, obviously there is some sneaker waves no fishing from the jetties today. simon close today the same thursday possible showers far north bay overnight friday these clouds are shearing a part all associated with the greater area of low pressure right there. the core thousands of miles off the coast frontal boundary moving closer and closer, what it is doing to button up the ridge of high pressure is this blocking bridge keeping the system over the open waters so you get all of this energy and beneficial rain to the pacific northwest, here is your thursday morning clouds are stacks off the coast streaming across the bay area gathering friday rain gets close to santa rosa overnight through saturday morning that is about it. statewide currently 28 degrees
6:51 am
in truckee with areas of dense fog, 32 going to 62 on the south shore it is cold enough to make the snow many resorts opening up next thursday, 70 degrees, today carmel 68. san jose by lunchtime in the low 70s, going to a daytime high at the airport of 75. 77 at the rose garden district, 70s across the bay, 81 in the inland areas same thursday, no rain on the veterans day parade friday. the balance of power in washington has shifted after yesterday's votes, your election headlines straightahead. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:54 am
time for a look at your
6:55 am
post election headlines, donald trump has been elected president of the united states. the billionaire businessman beat out hillary clinton in several battleground states including florida pennsylvania and ohio. president obama has invited trump to the white house tomorrow. a different story in california, clinton winning with 60% of the vote. almost 4.5 million people cast ballots for the former secretary of state. >> angry crowds taking to the streets after trump's victory was announced, businesses in oakland were vandalized and disturbances reported at college campuses. silicon valley sending a new lawmaker to capitol hill. ro khanna defeating mike honda. garnering more than 59% of the vote, honda defeated ro khanna in 2014. scott weiner is
6:56 am
headed to sacramento, edging out supervisor jane kim and a high-profile contest for the california senate, 53% went for weiner. some big state and local measures on the ballot, california has decided to legalize recreational marijuana prop 64 passing with 56% of the vote. the law will go into effect january 1, 2018, you will have to be at least 21 years old. the law will establish labeling standards and charging 15% sales tax making an estimated $1 billion in revenue each year. locally the plan to rebuild bart is moving forward. voters in alameda contra costa and san francisco counties voted to pass measure r r. 81% voting yes, 19% said no.
6:57 am
in alameda county, 71% voting yes, 29% saying no and contra costa county 60% voting in favor, 40% against. the soda tax a high-stakes election issue three bay area cities passed ballot measures charging one penny per ounce tax on sugary drinks soda sports teams and energy drinks 62% voted in favor. 38% against, the oakland soda tax 61% voted yes, 39% voted no. a huge spread for albany 71% saying yes, 29% saying no. the measure will charge distributors one penny per ounce, for a can of soda your dollars $.12 if they pass the cost on to the store the store will decide whether or not to pass it to the consumer. we have this crash officially cleared on bailey road, the bad news a lot of
6:58 am
residual backup that will take about 45 minutes if you're headed out the door, let's move to the altamont pass where you are moving at six miles per hour out of tracy to northland road and look at this, the san mateo bridge i thought my camera was malfunctioning but it is actually fog. >> areas of fog and around the napa area a lot of you are waking up saying oh, my god look at this, look how glorious this view is looking toward sausalito clear skies you to full visibility, sonnen costed a terrific sunset in the forecast, your high temperatures in the 70s even to the low 80s to the south in gilroy to the east toward discovery bay, 70s around the rim at the bay, 76 santa rosa. 81 today and tomorrow, no rain on the parade.
6:59 am
in colorado a pregnant woman was very excited to cast her ballot for president but then she went into labor just days before the election. >> she made a tough call to vote on her way to the hospital making a quick pitstop at the county clerk's office because even though she had a few days until november 8 she cannot bear the thought of missing out on her civic duty. >> we ran over there and made it to just-in-time. shortly after that it was time. >> in the end, she gave birth to a healthy little girl very cute. the new mother says voting was important so she could set a good example for her baby. maybe she will name the baby after donald trump. or melania trump. there you go. of course, we will have your election results keeping
7:00 am
you updated throughout the morning and you can always go to good morning. it is wednesday, november 9th. 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump wins the presidency in one of the greatest upsets in election history. voters demanding a change caused a political earthquake. trump campaign manager kellyanne conway will join us with how they pulled it off. hillary clinton concedes in private but says nothing to her devastated supporters. she's expected to speak this morning. we look at where she lost the race. >> the world's reaction to the stunning result. we're in moscow where vladimir putin and the russian parliament are applauding donald trump's victory. >> we begin this morning with a look at


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