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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue an achieve your own dreams. >> hillary clinton delivered her concession speech before supporters and campaign workers. while the former secretary of state appears to have won more votes she lost in the electoral college to donald trump. >> but i still believe in america, and i always will. and if you do, then we must accept this result and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >>reporter: trump thanked supporters early this morning and called for cooperation. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is
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time for us to come together as one united people. >>reporter: president obama will host trump at the white house tomorrow to discuss the peaceful transfer of power. >> it is no secret that the president-elect and i have some pretty significant differences. we are now all rooting for success in uniting and leading the country. >>reporter: trump is meeting with his transition team today to talk about potential cabinet appointments. he will take office in january with republican majority in both houses of congress. house speaker paul ryan said with his party in control political log jams are a thing of the past. >> think about the laid off workers who see relief coming. think about the farmsers in wisconsin harassed by the epa this is good for our country. >>reporter: trump will take the oath of office 10 weeks from friday. congressional republicans are vowing to take swift action on
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a trump agenda likely start first with obamacare. trump has vowed to repeal it although we haven't heard anything about what he plans to do with the 20 million americans who are already enrolled. >> just wondering if you've heard any of the names the key names floating about for a trump administration who is he going to put in the cabinet? >>reporter: we can make some pretty good educated guesses and these are republicans who stood by donald trump even when it was wildly unpopular. so the names we're hearing include former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. former house speaker newt gingrich and sources tell us as for his chief of staff at the top of the list right now is currents r nc chairman reince priebus. >> pretty top ten list there for sure. weijia jiang in new york thank you. >> here are the final election numbers for california. more than 19 million people registered to vote here in
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california. that means just over 78% of eligible citizens. almost 10 million people cast their ballots. turnout was a little over 51%. hillary clinton won almost 62% of the votes this california while the newly elected president scored about 33%. you can see which areas of the state voted for donald trump there in red. closest counties to the bay area stanislas placer and am a door. after a big win local trump party in sunny dale couldn't contain their excitement. kit d sat with trump supporters to talk about the next four years. >> you guys are a giggly smiley bench today. >> we have reason to be. >>reporter: it was quite the celebration at the south bay trump headquarters last night in sunnyvale. campaign officials say they have about a thousand volunteers in the bay area. we gathered three of them to talk about supporting mr. trump in a blue state. curran rank ina black business owner finally feels more confident sheing speak her
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mind. >> do you feel a little freer to express your opinion. >> absolutely i do because i feel that you know i have support now. >>reporter: juan hernandez is an openly gay fourth generation mexican i am gran. you may recall juan was attacked at the trump rally in san jose back in june where his nose was broken. juan defended trump's comments saying next mexicans are rapists. >> he's not against mexicans he's not against plus limbs he's against the immigration that's coming in here against the illegal immigration. >>reporter: kim womack campaign captain had a message for female democrats offended by trump's comments about grabbing women's genitals. >> he apologized. he took ownership and apologized and it was 11 years ago. >>reporter: to african americans who fear trump's call for law and order she says only the bad guys need to worry. >> you get them out of the way so that the good hard-working people can feel safe in their community. i think it's going to do nothing but build their
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community. >>reporter: juan says he's lost a lot of friends after coming out as a trump supporter in the bay area. >> there has been a backlash. there has been. but there's a lot of hope of water coming around. >>reporter: in sunnyvale. >> not everyone is ready to accept the election results. jessica flores is live in oakland where a protest is growing. jessica. >>reporter: that's right. there's a couple hundred folks here and i want to give you a live look right now here at franco gala plaza. take a look there's definitely people who are very frustrated, very angry all over social media there's posts urging people to express those frustrations here tonight and it's peaceful it's rather small considering the number we expect later on tonight. it will go till 8:00 p.m. and the oakland unified school district has enough concern they canceled their ford meeting but this protest
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follows several school walk outs and demonstrations earlier today. a wave of anger spilling on to streets about 1,000 students walked off campus protesting donald trump's victory. >> right now it's about making people see that we're upset and i think every day from now on is a protest. >>reporter: several hundred albany high school students took their march against the election to uc berkeley. here on uc berkeley's campus an outpouring of emotion. thousands gathered here to protest the next president. >> i feel like trump incites violence and that violence is like i don't know how far that violence is going to get. i'm worried for their lives. i know some of my friends are afraid to go outside. >>reporter: unadopted students at cal state say they worry about deportation. >> i don't think anyone is really like safe right now. >>reporter: where there was a
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sense of despair in the crowd there was also hope. these three high school seniors on the verge of voting age see a silver lining. >> everyone starts to bonds in a time of hardship i feel like it's almost -- it can be a good thing it's going to bring everyone closer together. >> do you guys field like you can accept them as the next president? >> no. >> no. >> yeah i don't think we can accept him. we'll be able to deal with it and we'll work around it finds solutions to try to feel empowered but i don't think there will be an acceptance. >>reporter: janet nap roll ton acid she will support undocumented touts students at urging residents feel frustrated turn anger boo positive action. oakland chooses community not
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cass chaos on where we go from here. we'll stay on this story and bring you the very latest. jessica flores. other trump protests popped up in san francisco. chopper 5 caught these crowds marching along market street. this is the scene at lincoln high school in san jose. students peacefully protest flood the courtyard. at bishop o'dowd high school in oakland same thing. students staging a walk out in the middle of the school day. >> people the the bay area woke up to a new donald trump reality and many did not see it coming. emily turner today giving people a chance to sound off on the surprising election results. emily. >>reporter: yeah liz. california went to clinton. especially northern california went to clinton. in urban areas like the bay area most of them went to clinton. her voters here live in a very insulated very democratic situation a bubble so to permit
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a bubble that last night burst for many. last night's election may be on everyone's minds but few people wanted to talk about the results on camera. >> can i talk to you about the presidential election? >> please don't talk to me. >> that says it all. >> presidential heck. >> sorry. >>reporter: as a dark blue spot in annular blue state, the bay area voted overwhelmingly in favor of hillary clinton. so for many this morning a trump presidency was a wake up call they didn't expect. >> this thing shocked me the most i was just like you know i thought we had it in the bag and i thought that you know as americans we are all on the same page and we're rational and i woke up and realized that's not the case. >> i'm not honestly happy about the decision and i think it's kind of a sad divide. >> a lot of people here i'm pretty disappointed. i'm a little nervous. >>reporter: but for some that disappointment runs deeper as fear for the future and issues they hold dear. >> i think it's frightening as
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a gay person in this country i think we have a lot to lose and then beyond that there's a lot that can change and i'm just fearful that without you know the check of having a different party in one of the other houses i'm really fearful of how bad it could be. >>reporter: which is a question no one can answer. for the sake of moving forward many though by no means all say they are willing to take clinton's concession speech to heart. and at the very least give trump a chance. >> it's not the apocalypse i think some people are disappointed i think some people are also probably really excited and happy. i haven't been on facebook for a year and at this point in time very happy that i'm not but i think we're going to be fine. america's strong and we'll be fine. we really will. >>reporter: so i think blue or red most everyone in the
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situation is looking for that silver lining. >> thank you. >> banner day for the dow. just hours after it tanked over election jitters coming up why investors had a change of heart overnight. plus we break down the winners and the losers in the bay area business world. >> plus recreational pot now legal in the golden state. what you need to know about lighting up. >> and one bay area man was so upset about the election, he did this. his nazi flag has gotten his neighbors fired up. ,,,,,,
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day after the election.. thw closed *up 256-points. the nasdaq added 57. and the s&0 closed up 23. financial market surged today after the election.
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the dow closed up 256 points the nasdaq 57. and s & p 500 closed 23. that's a big recovery overnight. jason brooks tells us what this all means. >>reporter: wall street pulled a big surprise today after stock futures plunged in overnight trading stocks surged higher today. the dow closed in on a record high as investors got past their initial uncertainty over a trump white house. they found several different winners the business world. banks did very well as it's believed republican controlled congress could roll back some of the financial regulations that were created after the financial crisis. pharmaceutical companies did well as hillary clinton had campaigned against high drug prices and defense contractors also surged higher as donald trump has promised to build up the u.s. military. clean energy firms were the big loser. trump is known as being pro fossil fuel and that meant bad news for companies like tesla and solar panel makers like solar city and sun power. >> experts say trump's calm
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remarks in his victory speech gave global markets some reassurance. one man in san francisco took he extreme measures against president-elect donald trump. >>reporter: that man dredged you a symbol of hate to may make his point he actually news flue the nazi flag above his home and it's an aim can you don't expect to see in the bay area after getting a tip we sent chop era 5 to check it out. there it was. nazi flag flying over the two story home. it belongs to frederick recovery an if he was trying to get a reaction it didn't take long. san francisco chronicle reporter captured this confrontation between the homeowner and a concerned neighbor. >> it was a comment on our new president-elect. >> that's okay, but i do think that that actually gives a dbs i can see where you're coming from but that actually
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is the wrong impression. it makes it seem like you're supportive of nazis. >> i understand. >> and as your neighbor i don't think it's funny. it's not a cool thing do. i don't get it. >> okay. i'll take it down. >> thank you very much. i really appreciate it. >> that neighbor francine miller later told us this form of political protest just rubbed her the wrong way. >> i had a very visceral reaction that's why i went across the street as soon as i saw it. i think that there is just general unease rights now with trump being the president-elect and i think if you woke up this morning and you're a woman you're a jewish person you're gay, you're a latino you're a little on edge. so, i felt really uncomfortable. >> true to his word the homeowner removed that nazi flag and replaced with it a california rainbow flag. again it's not illegal to own or fly a nazi flag but if you do be prepared for the
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consequences. back to you. >> thank you. one race was not decided until this afternoon. voters rejected prop 61. 54% of voters did not want the state to curb prescription drug prices the measure would have required certain state health plans to pay the same prices for prescription medications as the department of veterans affairs. bars plan to rebuild its system is moving forward. voters in 3 bay area counties voted to pass american you are. it required a two-thirds vote. here are the final results in san francisco 81% gave the thumbs up. al palestinian a county 71% voted yes. in contra costa county 60% said yes. property owners will end up paying the $3.5 billion bond measure so if your house is worth 500,000 you'll pay $45 a year for the next 48 years. funds will go to upgrade bart's aging system by fixing tracks tunnels and stayings. california voters also decided on two measures dealing
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with the death penalty. prop 62 did not pass. 54% of the voters were against it. this would have abolished the state's death penalty and replaced it with life in prison without parole. meanwhile 51% of voters approved proposition 66. initiative to speed up the court appeals offered to condemned inmates. the golden state also voted in favor of more gun regulations 63% of you voted in favor of stricter laws while only 37% voted against it. prop 63 forces californians to undergo a background check before buying ammunition owning large capacity magazines is now against the law and now it will be a crime not the report lost or stolen weapons there is also a process for taking guns from people once they are convicted of a felony. another historic vote here
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in california the proposition to legalize recreational marijuana. it passed with 56% of the vote. lt. governor gavin newsom helped champion prop 64. >> california is a game changer. what happened last night i think is something we're going to look back 10, 15 years from now as one of the most significant milestones which will i think transcend this state and the borders not only outside of the state but outside of this country. >> so what does this mean for all of us as wilson walker explains, pot is now in some legal limbo. >>reporter: if you're 21 years old and among 9% of californians who regularly smoke marijuana well congratulations because as of this morning it is absolutely 100% legal under california law to get stoned. only problem you won't have any legal way to get that weed because the state doesn't have
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to have a system for licensing recreational sales until january 1st of 2018. now state lawmakers could speed that up perhaps allowing for sales by next summer but no guarantees they will truly be making this up as they go along. as for the 6 plants prop 64 allows you to grow. you could technically put those in the dirt right now but one who legally has the seeds would theoretically have to give them to you and finally our current medical marijuana system effectively remains in place for now along with current limitations on where you can smoke i.e. not in public, a restaurant or on school property. remember, this is uncharted territory and prop 64 is in many respects pretty vague about what really happens next. so the discussion and the debate over what legality should look like will simply blaze on. in san francisco wilson walker, kpix5. >> to view the full list of final election results you can just head to our web site there are other numbers to
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discuss this evening. temperatures. >> it got up to 80 degrees in parts of the bay area and may get even warmer tomorrow. but i'm tracking two different chances of some showers moving in. find out which days may get a little wet around here. that's next. ,,
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still getting used to daylight savings time getting targetter earlier but it was warm today. >> close to 80 degrees with the sundown before 5:00. usually don't go hand in hand. but we've got it right now. near record high we set a record high in redding california 80 degrees. 94 in parts of san bernardino county southern california. for us warm but not hot. 70s outside right now livermore tri-valley 70. san francisco san jose 71. santa rosa 7 #. concord 72. oakland 74. maybe it made you want to go to the beach today. here's the reason why you play not have wanted to venture into the water surf was rough. high surf advisory expiring in one half hour.
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they are just beginning to calm down. but the high surf was certainly prevalent at ocean beach and expires at 6:00. the westerly swells will still be 10 to 15 feet tomorrow. they were 15 to 20 feet today. just be smart near the water this time of year. especially if you're out there this evening. tonight oakland 57. livermore 52. napa 53. partly cloudy mountain view 56. cooler spots include sans take rosa drop down to the mid to upper 40s. big storm storm source of all the waiver energy an angry ocean. hurricane force winds at the center of that storm. a piece of the energy wrapping around that low will eventually shove this ridge out of its place. right now it's already beginning to retreat but ironically as it begins to leave we may be a few guess warmer tomorrow with more widespread low '80s especially out toward vacaville fairfield and also out toward vallejo. temperatures in san francisco with partly sunny skies upper 60s to low 70s should be very
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pleasant. let's talk about the first of two chances of rain with that front getting close friday evening and saturday morning. future cast says friday morning we're looking quite dry. by friday evening we go mostly cloudy and friday night early saturday morning the north bay primarily getting some very light rain showers. may see a few drips and drops south of the golden gate but plainly for you in the north bay. we'll see a few showers friday night and saturday morning. tomorrow thursday warm, 80 fairfield. 80 vallejo. 82 napa. 780 san jose, 75 sunny degrees in san francisco. cooler cloudier friday couple north bay showers friday evening. stay on the cool side on saturday. sunnier and warmer on sunday more widespread rain chance moving this next tuesday. that's your forecast we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're watching people gather an anti-trump rally... the d growing now to a few hundred people. take another lave look at downtown oakland tonight. we are watching people gather for an anti-trump rally. the crowd growing now to a few hundred people. this rally is expected to go till 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> coming up at 6:30 tonight how now former presidential candidate hillary clinton is reaching out to young girls who were inspired by her campaign. that story and more coming up on a special edition of the kpix5 news. >> that's it for kpix news at 5:00. bee have a special edition of cbs evening news scott pelley is next. >> we're keeping an eye on the situation in oakland and around
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the bay area. a lot of demonstrations planned for the next several day days we'll stay on top of that chopper 5 on top. capt nsored by cbs >> pelley: america's new reality. >> donald j. trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states on january 20. >> i think we're kind of in unchartered territory. >> i promise you that i will not let you down. >> we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> we are now all rooting for his success. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the outsider is in. donald john trump rode a wave of anti-washington anger on an improbable 17-month journey from realty and reality tv to


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