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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 10, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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and flat-out fury. tonight thousands of protest breaking news. fireworks and fury. thousands of protesters pack bay area streets to unleash their anger over the presidential election. >> the biggest protest of the night was in oakland. we have seen fires this one burning in the streets all night long. protesters fueling the flames with signs or whatever they can find on the street. earlier they burned a trump effigy. we are told it was a super mario piƱata with trumps face on it. we have been following the protest all night.
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>> reporter: the started as a peaceful protest but things was we escalated. this is a building where firefighters say someone through a molotov cocktail through the window. you can see all of the broken glass. there was vandalism on the windows. you can see were some winds are burned from where that was thrown. fire crews on scene. 7000 protesters were here. now it is spread out all over downtown oakland. a crowd of thousands gathered near oakland city hall tonight frustration anger and grief over a donald trump presidency boiling over. >> he is a blatant racist. he has aligned himself with white supremacy here >> reporter: the sign that said it all. >> that is how i feel. i don't feel this person is fit to be president. i don't want to see him on tv. >> reporter: for some protesters just being here was part of the grieving process.
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>> i spent the day crying and then i got angry. i am at that stage of the grief process. i hope we are angry enough with things will start moving forward. >> reporter: this crowd mid- forward. the size willing severely outnumbering police. even with all hands on deck. >> we brought in all of our staffing. canceled days off. there is a concern that a small portion of the crowd will go in a direction that is negative where we do see them vandalizing or assaulting officers. >> reporter: oakland police are saying the crowd has grown to 7000 people. they are saying there were a few instant is of vandalism earlier tonight. the main priority tonight is to keep protesters off the freeway. tonight spray paint and broken windows at a drugstore in a bank. most of these marchers came here strictly to make a statement. and send a message. they will not take this lying down.
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>> i will keep fighting this as much as i can. with words. with actions. >> was taken alive look from over oakland at this hour. this is near 19th and telegraph. clouds not as big as it was earlier tonight when they were about 7000 people. police residents is still very heavy tonight. >> the situation has been tense for hours. we saw trashbags going off in the middle of a crowd a couple of hours ago. people ran for cover as in riot gear from the barrier. down the road car got caught in the people. whoever was in it tried to drive to the protesters but the route refused to move. protesters also to the streets tonight in san francisco. >> reporter: hope street in front of city hall is closed. you can see a handful of protesters but there were well
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over 1000 earlier in the night. they started in the financial district and went into the mission and ended at city hall. all the while chanting anti- trump rhetoric. more than 1000 if i trump protesters shut down market street as they marched from the financial district through the castro and into the mission district tonight. >> we need to organize and get ready and five the fight that we will have to go against the republican congress. republican senate and potentially a republicans of report. >> reporter: emissions ran wild. some could only keep from crying and some are angry and all are terrified of what a donald trump presidency will look like. >> trump has tapped into something dark and evil in our country. now we will all pay. >> reporter: he hopes the decision energizes people rather than dividing them further. >> it does not matter how old you are or what color or gender
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you are. all of us are threatened by the so many to come together and respect each other. >> reporter: the me -- march begin with candles and singing. despite what feels like a massive loss to this community they bow to band together and spread love not hate. as of right now there are actually more police on hand than protesters. police have been successful in san francisco and keeping things peaceful. there have been no arrests or injuries reported. that is in the bay area but we have breaking news out of los angeles. protesters are shutting down the freeway. here is a live look downtown on one no one.
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-- 101. total gridlock. there have been protests across california in the country. >> this was also the state capital. routes were chanting in english and spanish. in new york city thousands took to the street and 15 people have been arrested outside trump tower. >> this is a look outside of trump tower in chicago. the protesters designed to show solidarity. tomorrow morning donald trump will travel to the white house to meet with the man he will succeed. resident obama said today we must all work together for the benefit of our country. >> we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leaving the country. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. and over the next few months we are going to show that to the
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world. >> according to the white house the current and future president will be meeting in the oval office while first lady michelle obama and trumps wife melania will meet in the private residence. tonight we are shown numbers of the party are wanting to work together. >> reporter: clinton's message for her supporters tonight is give donald trump a chance. >> this painful and it will be for a long time. but i want you to remember this , our campaign was never about one person or even one election. it was about the country we love. and about dealing in america that is helpful, inclusive and bighearted. >> agent supporters openly cried as hillary clinton uttered the words that would have been unthinkable to them a day ago. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the
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chance to lead. >> reporter: clinton and her husband were purple as symbolic unity between democratic lou and republican red even as she acknowledged her party's agony. >> i know how disappointed you feel because i feel it to. >> reporter: trump and mike pence met with senior transition staff that trump tower to discuss cabinet posts. agency by agency battle plans for regulation and legislation. >> i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. it is time. >> reporter: in california trump one about 33% of the vote. the area shaded in red leaning toward trump. today at berkley high school about 1000 students walk off- campus to protest trumps victory. >> right now it is about making people see that where upset and i think every day from now on is a protest.
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>> reporter: this was the scene at lincoln high school in san jose. >> this loss hurts. but please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. >> reporter: donald trump will be only the fifth resident in american history to win the white house while losing the popular vote. the last time that happened in 2000 when george w. bush the al gore. as president-elect donald trump will receive a detailed daily intelligence briefing and he will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united eight on january 20. republicans will have a lot of power. the white house the senate and house. our political reporter says the trump transition will not all happen right away. >> reporter: if you're in the bay area and you are a supporter and freaking out remember a transition from one administration to the other actually is a lot of work and takes a lot of time.
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there are thousands of federal employees and many have to resign their positions and either resubmit themselves to be rehired or be replaced by somebody pick by the incoming administration. this process can take months. >> donations for the american civil liberties union have skyrocketed. after they published this message on the website last night. the organization has promised to protect americans constitutional rights and so far they have received almost $1 million a record for just one day. so far the donald trump residency is good or your 401(k). asian markets are soaring now. japan's index of more than 1000 points about 7%. dow futures up after closing at a record high today. at the end of the day up 256 . the nasdaq added 87 s&p added 500. the banks were the big
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winners and investors are expecting trump to roll back some of the financial regulations that were put in place after the financial crisis. california is a blue state that 20% of voters in santa clara county one for donald trump. almost 94,000 votes. so who are trump supporters? we spoke with a few tonight. >> he said santa clara has worked as a semiconductor engineer for years but he is currently unemployed. >> reporter: how did you win your vote? >> he did not have to do this. he did it because he is a patriot. >> reporter: he is among several bay area supporters at last night south bay trump party. a lot of people today are feeling very hopeless. dejected. outraged. >> i am very happy. because if she got elected i was very worried about the direction of the country.
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i thought she would take us further into corruption. >> reporter: unlike most politicians he said trump is direct. >> our country is on the wrong track. >> reporter: that is why a silicon valley engineer and immigrant from china supports trump. he believes he will be tough on illegal immigrants and -- >> i think trump. >> reporter: he is not old enough to vote but he volunteered with the campaign. he said trump is not known by big donors. >> just seeing him when maybe cheer. >> reporter: the student as it is not easy being a supporter. >> today i wore my trumps her to school and kids actually through hamburgers at me. they through keratotomy. >> reporter: the country is divided now. how do you think we can unify? >> i think everyone has to be open-minded. trump is the next president and that's for sure.
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tonight once emphasis the man said he was just trying to send a message about the election. he flew this not the flag over his home. he lives in dolores heights in san francisco. he said he flew the flag in response to trump winning. he did not think people would take it seriously until one of his neighbors confronted him this afternoon. >> it was a comment on our new president. >> that is okay but i think that actually -- i can see where you're coming from but that actually is really the wrong impression. it makes it seem like you are supportive of nazis. >> i understand. >> it as your neighbor i don't think it's funny. it is not cool to do. >> okay i will take it down. >> the neighbor later told us she was upset over this form of little protest. >> i had a very different reaction so i ran across the street as soon as i solid.
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i think that there is just general unease right now. with trump being the president- elect. and i think if you woke up this morning and you are a woman, you are a jewish christian you are gay, you are a latino, you are on edge. i felt uncomfortable. >> the homeowner has taken down the flag and replaced it with a california rainbow flag. he tells us he is not a not see supporter here the reality of trump residency is weighing heavily on the people in the latino community. we spoke with sisters who are here illegally with american- born brothers. have a fear the family will be torn apart. >> this morning reality hit. i wish i could've done something. if we have to go back we would not want them to go back with us they are the ones that made it and are able to stay.
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and we would not take that from them. even if they tried to insist to go back. i think that hit me now. i would not let them live with us. >> here are some of the from pages from papers around the country this morning. the new york daily news with the quote, house of horrors. take a look at bakersfield. the question, your hired? in the desert sun in palm springs headline their paper, trump towers. tonight a lot of americans are threatening to take tougher candidate nova trump has been elected. really likes how easy or hard would that be. we have some answers. >> reporter: the facebook post reads, was only to a commune in canada offering to take friends across the northern border. is this serious? >> it is pulling around. it is beautiful here.
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>> it is nice to know there is a beautiful place like canada that is waiting for us with open arms if things get a little too ugly. >> reporter: they own more than 100 acres on cape breton island on the atlantic coast which for months has been inviting people to move in if trump wins. >> why would anyone in want to move to canada? >> there is a river and we can fish and we can farm. i was saving it for the zombie apocalypse. >> reporter: the canadian believes americans should try to work things out here first. >> with the canadians have us? >> no. i heard the immigration website in canada has crashed. >> reporter: it is crew -- true . it had a error message for hours people investigating what it would take to move there. it would take thousands of dollars between application fees and lawyers and it would take time. skilled laborers would have to wait six months to a year for the papers to be processed. it could take self-employed workers 95 months about the
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length of a two-term president. the post is getting some positive reviews. >> a lot of them are minorities or immigrants or part of the lgbt community. they were excited to go and i said sun is up we are coming with you and we will see what happens. >> reporter: so far no mass exodus even though all these celebrities and more said they were going to canada. you have miley cyrus and whoopi goldberg. snoop dogg said he would take off. last night he also applauded the passing of prop 64 legalizing of recreational marijuana your maybe he will hang around. how exactly did donald trump the soft? let's take a look tonight. he one man 53% to 41%. he also one white women by a similar margin. and in fact his greatest strength came from whites without a college degree your
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he had a nearly 40 . edge among those voters. i asked about the most important quality voters look for number one was a candidate who can bring about change. donald trump 183% of those voters. how did trump connect with those bought -- voters that drove such a strong turnout at the polls your we found two experts that think the president-elect might have perfected twitter era politics. >> it is ironic that someone who is practically 70 years old with the first viral president or the first viral candidate. >> reporter: he knows a lot of people watched last night's election in disbelief. after all trump campaign was certainly unconventional but he thinks the president elect may have actually reinvented politics for the age of social media. >> he knows a way to cause action.
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that is to activate emotions that make them want to take action. >> reporter: it all starts with language. >> we are going to build a wall. >> you understand that and five seconds. >> reporter: short sweet and to the point. >> always summarize a complex set of issues in a short amount of time. >> reporter: it lines up perfectly with trumps use of twitter. no clutter and for his supporters to provoke an emotional response. >> the emotional package is not dumbed down. it is sophisticated and tapping into something intrinsic in people. >> our decisions are made before we know them. >> reporter: this is one of the foremost experts on how and what affects our brains. and there is plenty of evidence suggesting that the conservative brain and the liberal brain are quite different. >> because there are different more circuitry in the brains.
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>> reporter: the >> reporter: approach spoke perfectly to the conservative mind. for every problem there is a straightforward moral solution. all trump had to do with him or that home. >> he has and unconscious instinct for this. >> reporter: but maybe the election was as simple as a trump technique. throughout the short on july and then sit back and let 21st century media spent the world free of charge. >> the new viral politics formula is simple and surprising . a few weeks before the election clinton told the new yorker that trump came up with a fairly simple easily understood and to some extent satisfying story. the weather could not be better on the west coast. it was fantastic today. mid-to upper 70s. check out san francisco 67 degrees at 11:00.
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the average high is 64. san jose is 62. concord is 59. we are looking at a ridge of high pressure that is given us a very warm weather. 95 in portions of southern california. 70s in western washington. it is being moved by the significant storm. hurricane force winds at the center of the storm. we will not see the wind but we will begin to see a change in the weather beginning on friday. tonight partly cloudy. we will see frog -- fog. mid-50s for you tonight in fremont. santa rosa 48 degrees. we will be warm tomorrow and some warmer. widespread 80s away from the water. santa clara valley 80 degrees. 82 in livermore. 82 in napa. 75 in san rafael. a change is coming on veterans day.
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increasing cloud cover and eventually a slight chance of a couple showers. friday morning it starts with sunshine and we go cloudy by the afternoon. here comes some rain showers for north sonoma county. by saturday morning. but some of the showers will cross the golden gate early on saturday. otherwise we are dry from now until next tuesday your warmest day will be tomorrow your we are cool and cloudy on friday but nice. friday being veterans day. next week we are dry until next tuesday when some widespread light rain is possible. just a few showers friday night mainly in the north bay. donald trump may have won the election but his youngest son stole this spotlight on the stage. here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you thought the little kid standing next to the president- elect. his son is blowing up on social media. >> baron trump could barely keep his eyes open. he was swaying and rolling his eyes while he was standing next to his dad last night. that may have been because it was way past his bedtime. the election was not called until about midnight hour time that is 3:00 am eastern time. could jerry springer run for president? why he may think so. the future looks bright for
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the warriors. how about the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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who wa reunion night at oracle for barnes who signed with the mavericks. and he added motivation tonight? >> i want to win the game.
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it is another game. >> a nice warm reception. he may have found his shot. he had 20 points. kevin durant made 10 of 16 from the field. warriors led by 31 in the first half and they would have barnes making 25. the top tonight was not about the mavericks. guest to? >> then all of a sudden you're faced with the reality that the man who will lead you has routinely used racist and misogynist insulting words. that's a tough one. i thought we were better than us. i thought the jerry springer show was the jerry springer show. monday night in new hampshire trump wrote a letter by the patriots head coach.
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he clarified the letter was not politically motivated. after addressing the topic for about 90 seconds he refused to follow up. keep in mind patriots play the seahawks this weekend. >> they are playing seattle. it is known that tom brady is also a donald trump supporter. he is only talking about -- >> his wife did not vote for him. >> is that right? not everybody is on the same political terms. >> james carville who is he married to? >> sounds like mary -- help,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. late show with stephen colbert is next. >> i guess they will talk about the election. i am not sure.
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