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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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people took to the bay area streets last night and several people were arrested. kpix5 's and effect is there -- ann mackovic is there. >> today you will see a lot of graffiti like you see here behind me at city hall and a lot of it excludes expletives -- includes expletives toward donald trump. officers were there last night when it got out of control. >> police ended up arrested 30 people for assault on an officer, vandalism, failure to push -- disperse and possession of a firearm. the protest started peacefully with them protesting of march -- marching in the downtown area but eventually the crowd grew to about 7000 people the splinter groups became violent
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throwing robs -- rocks and bottles at protesters. while some were obviously primed for violence, some just wanted their voices heard >> i don't want to be president. i don't even want to see him on tv. >> the protest -- in the 16 buildings were vandalized and there were about 40 fires from trash on the streets. police were able to successfully for the most part key protesters off the freeways which is really good news because there was the warriors game going on last night and that would've really caused a traffic tie up but again more protests expected tonight and peel -- police say they are ready for the possibility of
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more flooding. as hena daniels reports these protests come as president-elect donald trump heads to washington to meet with president obama. >> not my president! >> reporter: anger over donald trump's stunning election continued to boil over into the early hours. >> he's a racist homophobic xenophobic nightmare. >> reporter: moments after burning an effigy of the president-elect, protesters marched along the 101 freeway in la shutting down traffic for hours. >> they are protesting democracy. democracy was at work. democracy is what played out. >> reporter: businesses in new orleans were damaged, fireworks set off in oakland and in new york police arrested several protesters blocking traffic along various properties. hundreds of protesters lined the streets of fifth avenue across the street from trump tower as president-elect trump
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prepares for his meeting with president obama at the white house later today. >> we move in some ways -- in ways some people think is forward and others think is moving back and that's okay. >> clinton urged her supporters to give trump a chance. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> trump stayed out of the public eye yesterday privately meeting with his staff to go over potential cabinet appointments. in a tweet his transition team pledged to quote begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream. hena daniels cbs news new york. >> opponents of proposition 66 are asking the state supreme court to block it. they filed a lawsuit in hopes of state -- stopping it from taking effect.
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the initiative would speed up the death penalty process for inmates on death row. supporters of the lawsuit say the proposition would cause confusion -- opponents of the lawsuit say it would cause confusion. so far it has 51% of the votes but some late ballots still need to be counted. let's get another check of traffic with rocky -- with roqui. yes thank you. on the san mateo bridge a lot going on on 880 . from 880 to 101, that will take you about 15 minutes now to the 880 -- southbound before whipple road, this is in -- this is a to crash -- two-car crash. this back up his all the way to 238 in san leandro and then if you move down to freeway -- fremont -- it's a multivehicle crash and it is blocking the left lane here and that backup is to thornton and also on the dumbarton bridge eastbound on 84 before the toll plaza, two-
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car crash blocking the middle lane so a lot going on but we will definitely let you know when it's all cleared up. i will send it to you refer to for the weather. >> i've been waiting for it to brighten up so i could share with you the clear skies over the area. we do have one little wisp -- okay maybe four little wispy clouds. they are all associated with an area of low pressure offshore. meanwhile temperatures spend anywhere from 50 in santa rosa with patchy fog. it's now 50 in sacramento -- san francisco. 47 degrees at the estuary. what i was just referring to in the weather -- right here gesturing off from this area of low pressure so-clouds over the north bay as well. average high 65, 74 degrees today. near our record warmth. san jose's at 80 when you should be in the 60s. it's a beach day and by the way
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that advisory has been allowed to advisory in the seas are generally no less than 20 feet. rockaway beach low 70s, 70s and 80s around the peninsula, 70 degrees in concord, clayton, walnut creek. when you have 70 on stinson beach you know it's a good-looking day. we will talk about the near record warmth and chances for rain coming up at the next time around -- coming up the next time around at 18 after the hour. a man was found dead inside a burning antioch home. the body of 33-year-old terrance hornbeck was found tuesday night in a home on manzanita way. the cause of the fire has not been determined but police are labeling it suspicious. a man is facing charges for reportedly stabbing his mother and grandmother. tyler haskell was arrested near his home on health lower drive last night. when officers arrived they found both women had been
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stabbed several times. the suspect's grandmother did not survive. officers are investigating a possible motive but they say the suspect does suffer from mental illness. right now the department of transportation is hearing what the pop -- with they have to say about the policy for self- driving cars. they want to hear about the automaker policy they released back in september. among other issues the 15 point checklist touches on how drivers should be licensed. plus federal and state agencies 's role in enforcing state standards. a new study shows our sleep suffers the consequences when we spend too much time on our smartphones. tepic -- kpix 5 s maria medina is live. with the information about the change for the better. >> if you have a hard time going to sleep it may be because you work morning shift or because of your smart phone. researchers here at ucsf
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tracked more than 600 people and their smartphone use for 30 days and they found those who picked up there phones -- their phones right before they went to sleep actually had poorer sleep quality and less time asleep. there may be a few reasons why according to sleep doctors. >> maybe if you don't sleep well you look at your phone more often, but the alternative is, looking at your phone exposes you to blue light which is alerting and can inhibit your sleep and fragment your sleep throughout the rest of the night. >> reporter: are so we are also told patients who are part of the study also had an app installed on their from the tracked windscreens were on so of course the big question is, what does this all mean for us? of course it's actually read to an increased risk of obesity, -- poor sleep is actually linked to an increased risk of obesity see -- obesity and depression. the camera is rolling when
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a woman confronts her neighbor over a nazi flag flying over his home . and the decision to legalize marijuana could pave the way for big changes in the nfl. rise and shine everybody. we have some of the warmest temperatures ever before this date today but i will also talk about the chances for rain. and here's a look at the altamont pass, traffic pretty slow per usual but we do have an issue in castro valley. when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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high everybody, good morning . rise and shine. the time now is 6:12 and isn't this gorgeous. looking east to mount diablo --
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when you can see mount diablo that means visibility is at least 45 miles. clear skies right now, rain and when you should expect it. i have details with the traffic and weather in less than four minutes. some people in san francisco say one man's response to the election went a little too far. they are upset over a nazi flag. a man who lives in dolores heights hung it above his house. he said he didn't think people would take it seriously until one of his neighbors confronted him. >> it was a comment on our new president-elect. >> that's okay but i do think -- i can see where you're coming from but that actually is really the wrong impression. because it makes it seem like you are supportive ofe4sw naz as your neighbor i don't the gets funny . it's not a cool thing to do i don't get it. >> okay i will take it down. >> thank you very much. i really appreciate it.
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>> we talked to the neighborhood was upset over his form of protest. the neighbor has taken the flag down and replaced it with a california rainbow flag and tells us he's not a nazi supporter . as donald trump prepares to take office -- a lawsuit against him and his now defunct university was forward today. it delivered -- failed to deliver on the promise to teach success in real estate. they will have a request to exclude any statements made by or about the president-elect during the president joe campaign -- president-elect campaign. votes in favor of marijuana legalization on election day could pave the way for the nfl to allow its use as a painkiller. according to the washington post the nfl players association will form a committee to actively study potential --
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pot's potential as a pain management tool. many are pushing the league to allow marijuana use as an alternative to potential date -- potentially dangerous opioid painkillers like oxycontin. virtual-reality is now bringing special places right to veterans homes. 19th -- 92-year-old joseph cook, a world war ii veteran who lives in texas wasn't well enough to visit the memorial in dc but an organization called honor everywhere gave him a special headset and through virtual-reality, cook got to feel like he was just inches away from it. the veteran says he wishes his fallen friends could have experienced the site as well. he got very emotional with that. it's a great gift for a veteran who can't travel to see the memorials. >> i would love to do that for my father. he can't travel right now and he's a veteran. >> that's a great idea. >> i'm going to go look that up
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. i have things to do over here. >> go ahead. [ laughter ] let's go ahead and take a look at traffic right now. starting with the altamont pass 205 just nine miles an hour you are reaching your way through to where speeds pick up to 30 miles an hour and then let's go over to the castro valley area where we have valley crash westbound 580 before redwood road. this is blocking the two left lanes and that backup is to in canyon road. now we will move -- even canyon road. and toward whistle road this two-car crashes off to the shoulder but the backup is all the way best to 38. this multivehicle crash is to thornton so a lot going on here and then you have the dumbarton bridge eastbound 84 before the toll plaza headed from the peninsula into the east bay. this two-car crash blocking the
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middle lane as well. i will send it to you roberta if you are ready. >> i am ready. i was born ready. [ laughter ] hey, i am just loving the earlier sunrises. i'm just hating the sun setting so early. we do have crystal-clear skies right now from our kpix5 studios looking east toward the estuary of oakland in the port of oakland and you can see it. the visibility is not restricted. we have areas of dense fog know in half moon bay and also novato and let's see, there was another spot. i will think about that. temperature 52 degrees in livermore, but around the bay we have temperatures in the high 50s and low 60s. satellite radar cloud stacked up off the coast but look at this. this is a huge shield of clouds, high thin clouds that have pretty much -- own napa, that's also where -- oh, napa, that's also where visibility is lower. the hill coastline looking otay -- okay today.
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otherwise clear skies and visibility is down to say over a mile and a half in the petaluma area. napa, you have improved. you were quarter of a mile but look at that, the fog is are lifted and it's out of there. sunday near or record warmth. veterans day the afternoon turns a little breezy with the approaching area of low pressure from the north and tonight we have the possibility of a light rain shower, very minimal rain in the north bay only. this is the area of low pressure system spinning its wheels for four days off the coast. this is where we've been seeing the high thin clouds sheering off from that frontal boundary. you'll start to notice increasing clouds and we will call it partly sunny tomorrow and then you will notice with that approaching friend we had lice were -- light rain across the north bay and now watch as this front steps to the south. watch what happens. it falls apart -- north of the
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golden gate bridge, 70 in the state capitol right -- rain now totally socked in with fog in the valley. also in the turkey area at 28 degrees. it's 32 on the south shore -- in the truckee area at 28 degrees. it's 32 on the south shore. ski resorts open up one week from today. beaches nearly 70 in monterey bay. the sunsets at 502 and then it out -- meta-international airport is the official reporting spot. average high 67, well above that norm at 80 degrees. also going with 80 at the garden district. campbell, 70s. all the way up to atherton, pescadero and that path. 71 at rockaway beach. here's
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the extended forecast, slightly cooler for veterans day and once that chance of rain is out of the picture we have the dry weather saturday, sunday and monday with a minimal risk of rain showers on thursday. here's a look at sports -- a look at sports with dennis pagano is coming up. could jerry springer run for president? why the warriors' coach thinks he has a chance. and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at and we may come feature your school on the show. thank you.
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good morning, everybody. reunion night at oracle for harrison barnes who signed with the mac -- with the mavericks and andrew bogut who was traded to make room for kevin durant contract so any added motivation? >> no it's just another game. >> another game? >> i do not buy that for a second. boga did not play by the way. but klay thompson may have found his shot. eight of 13. kevin durant makes 10 of 60 scoring a game-high 28. barnes 25 points in his homecoming. steve kerr holds a press conference and the talk last night wasn't about the mavericks but about guess who. >> then all of a sudden you are faced with the reality that the man who is going to lead you has routinely used racist,
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misogynist insulting words. that's a tough one. i thought we were better than this. >> trump wrote a letter -- read a letter written by bill belichick who says it was not politically motivated so after -- politically so after about 90 seconds of talking about it though a check stopped talking about it. >> given the nature of this presidential race -- >> seattle -- >> did you find it -- >> seattle -- >> did any of your players talk to you about this concern? >> he's only taking questions about the seattle seahawks. [ laughter ] it's all politics right now. i'm dennis paulson. i will see you tonight.
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donald trump's elected victory could have a big effect on new policies approved by california voters. details on the potential impact. on win is,,
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california's latino community. we'll hear about the anxiety it's creating. weather ad libs traffi live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. >> donald trump's election win is causing particular concern in don -- in the latino community, we will talk about the anxiety his election is creating. could your smartphone be the reason you are gaining right -- gaining weight? a new
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study says yes. rise and shine, good morning everybody. near or record warmth. i will show you where it's cut out to be the warmest. and we are busy at the traffic center dealing with crashes in the east bay but we do have anyone popped up in the south bay. we will tell you where it is. time now is 6:30. i michelle griego. >> and i am can each way. >> huge protests from coast-to- coast from freeways in los angeles to more than a dozen arrests outside new york's trump tower. demonstrators took to the streets to voice their anger. here at home protests turned violent in oakland where at one point nearly 6000 people were marching in the street. ann mackovic is live in oakland where a lot of damages left behind . -- damage is left behind. >> you can see the graffiti behind me. this is all over, block after block here in downtown oakland. a lot of it includes profanity.
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three officers were also injured last night when things got out of control. >> [ loud crowd noise ] >> police ended up arrested -- arresting 30 people with crimes ranging from assault on an officer, vandalism, unlawful assembly, failure to disperse and possession of a firearm. police had to release tear gas last night. depreta started peacefully just before 5 pm. at city hall police facilitated a march through the downtown area . eventually the crowd grew to about 7000 people and at about 8 pm some splinter groups became violent, throwing rocks, bottles and even molotov cocktails at officers. that is when police declared an unlawful assembly and called in help from neighboring police department. while some of the people gathered were obviously primed for violence, and will just wanted their voice heard.
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>> i spent a crying and then i got angry so i'm in that stage of the grieving process but now i feel like hopefully we are angry enough where things will start moving forward. >> at least 16 buildings were vandalized and there were about 40 fires set, mainly people just lighting up trash in the streets. police say they are prepared for more trouble tonight. the business owners here in downtown oakland return to cleanup their mess. there's a lot of frustration because a lot of them feel the same as the protesters do, upset about the results of the presidential election and the damage to their business is just adding insult to injury. ann mackovic kpix 5 . they also hit the streets in san francisco where more than 1000 people shut down market street last night marching from the financial district through the castro and into the mission. they started and ended with a candlelight vigil. the group says they bowed -- bow to band together and spread love instead of hate.
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president elect donald trump travels to washington today to meet with president obama. despite the disagreements on elia show -- every issue, the current president is promising to help make this a smooth transition. >> one thing you realize quickly in this job is that the presidency and the vice president the is bigger than any of us. so i have instructed my team to follow the example that president bush's team set eight years ago and work as hard as we can to make sure that this is a successful transition for the president-elect. >> trump stayed out of the public eye yesterday privately meeting with his staff to go over potential cabinet appointments. trump and vice president-elect mike pence will also speak with house speaker paul ryan today in dc. a trump presidency has created a lot of anxiety in the latino community where we spoke with two sisters who are here illegally with american-born brothers. they are afraid their family will be torn apart.
6:34 am
>> this morning reality hit and i said wow i wish i could've done something. if we had to go back we wouldn't want them to go back with us because they made it here. they are able to stay. we wouldn't want to take that from then even if they tried to fix this to go back. and i think that barely hit me now because i would let them leave with us. >> the legal results could put in -- into question maryland -- legalization marijuana. prop 64 will make marijuana legal under california law but it will remain illegal and it federal law. the obama administration -- even under obama's administration they haven't been strict about enforcing pot laws but the trump administration could take a much different approach. >> you can bet rudy giuliani will come into office if he's the attorney general and there
6:35 am
are no how many states that legalized marijuana -- this is a big issue. >> also under trump according to some analysts there's a good chance of a crackdown against local governments the call cities and counties sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants. it's 630 now and -- 6:35 now, and let's get another check on the weather. >> first i want to preview something that's going to be happening this next monday, the supermoon. have you heard of the supermoon before? it will look drying or miss in the sky -- it will look humongous in the sky. it will be the first time in many many years that we will be able to see this supermoon -- it will look 14% bigger and 30% brighter . it's happening again this monday, and it's going to be the closest that the earth -- actually the moon has passed earth since 1948. if you miss it -- next monday, next up, 2034
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. -- 20,034. temperatures are very mild out the door. mid-50s at the port of oakland. here comes the high shield of clouds pushing into the bay area sharing some of the -- the precipitation out there but it will stay well over the oakland waters. we have some areas of fog in half moon bay and novato. napa, your fog has lifted but other places still stock -- still socked in. going over to rockaway beach, the large swells have now eased. rockaway beach at 70 degrees. today we jump up to 82 in morgan hill and gilroy. brentwood -- discovery bay and then try valley down to black hawk. when you see 70 instance and bit you know it will be a good-
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looking day. this is near record warmth. we have detailed information on that and chances of rain returning. this all coming up at 48 after the hour. roqui? are you ready for the drive to the bay area? we have a lot going on. let's start in san jose here, southbound 11 before highway 87 . it's a solo car crash and there's only the left lane open right now. it is in that direction but we do see some slowdowns on 101 northbound as well. let's move over now to castro valley, westbound 580 four redwood road. -- before redwood road. a cal chance crew is on the way to that one but we have backups on the 680 interchange. in heyward we still see slowing from that crash as well. a new study by ucsf shows why are sleep suffers when we stay up way too long looking in our smart -- smartphones.
6:38 am
maria medina is live in san francisco with the findings that may finally inspire us to put away our phones before bed. good luck. [ laughter ] area? >> reporter: yes good morning michelle. here's another reason for us to put down our phones. a maybe dad to our health. researchers here at ucsf tracked more than 650 people and their smart phone use habits over a period of 30 days , and they found those who pick up their smart phones right before bed actually had poor quality of sleep and less sleep as well as a harder time going to bed and sleep doctors say that maybe if you are a few reasons. -- maybe for a few reasons. >> if you fight took an intentional cell phone fast i don't think would last long because i think it's now a habit. i go to bed later because i'm staring at stuff on my phone. >> reporter: right, so not only do sleep doctors say that are smartphones are distracting,
6:39 am
but they also say that blue light that emits from our smart phones actually suppresses melatonin, which is what helps us go to bed. all right so what is the big deal here? why does this all matter? for sleep is linked to an increased risk of obesity, depression and diabetes so the lesson here is that smartphones are bad for your health. live in san francisco maria medina kpix5. donald trump's election victory has reignited the push for california to secede from the u.s. . and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. getting a quick look at the big board. you can see the dow is up about 134 points. coming up we will get a neck -- an update from the financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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- [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center. good morning, time check now 6:42. let's take you on a free ride through the bay area.
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we've got sunshine and up to 70 degrees in pacifica and in rockaway beach, half awake -- half-moon beach nearly 70. while palo alto jumps up to 80 degrees. same around la junta, pescadero also in the 70s. santa clara in the 70s and same through the tri-valley with the sunshine. devlin and livermore at 82 degrees. rockaway creek topping out at 77. the beach is at 70, low 80s at the beach and snow eight -- sonoma. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning". gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning, gail. >> can i just say low 80s of the beach sounds good. hey michelle, good to see you. the overnight developments, thousands took to the streets in protest coast to coast and president-elect donald trump heads to the white house today to meet with president obama .
6:44 am
democrats and republicans are for their help and only on "cbs this morning" and you know we love it when we can say that, inside that tiny data firm that accurately predicted donald trump's win. what they saw that everything else missed. and a look at the seem to be first family and their roles in the white house. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00 on the dot. >> we like when you say that too, gail. thanks so much. big news this morning on the postelection stock markets and u.s. jobless claims. >> joining us now is jason brooks. good morning. >> a lot of people work -- were surprised the stock market had such a big day yesterday and investigators -- investors were quick to seize on what they thought would be the big winners in a -- in a trump white house and republican controlled congress, big banks, pharmaceutical firms, defense contractors and any company
6:45 am
that would be tied to infrastructure improvements. trump has said he wants to do a lot of building and that will come with a lot of high spending in the process. those particular industries saw huge stock gains yesterday and continued to benefit this morning. once again the stock market off on another terror, setting a new record for the dow jones cruising well past its prior record add 18636 setback in august. we are at a shot of 19,000 if the stock market continues surging today. right now it's up by more than 160 points. nasdaq up as well as snp up 17. tech firms not really taking share in this. apple and google and facebook down slightly. a lot of uncertainty as to what the silicon valley faces at least in the next four years with trump as -- and the republican-controlled congress. >> thank you. the chance of flooding along the coast is returning with the tides.
6:46 am
this is what looked like last year in mill valley. usually when the king tide comes in its underwater. cal trans is closing it today through next friday. i'm sorry, i'm sneezing right now. [ laughter ] allergies. i'm okay. let's check in with roqui right now. >> bless you in advance, michelle. now let's take a look in the bay area. we have a lot going on first in the south bay, southbound 11 before highway 87. -- 101 before highway 87. this will take 30 minutes or more to clear up an overturned car here causing major delays in the counter commute direction. you're driving in that area at just 18 miles an hour and only two lanes are open currently. now let's move over to castro valley westbound 580 the four redwood road. this is blocking two lanes and classes in the roadway. crews are on their way to clear it out but as you can see here you are just itching your way through. avoid that if you can.
6:47 am
moving down now to hayward where we have slowed traffic and the commute direction here, southbound 880 before whipple road, a two-car crash is off the roadway but residual backups are going past 238 and into san leandro. also in fremont this multivehicle crash also off the roadway but a lot of residual backup as well. traffic moving at just 25 miles an hour but how is the bay bridge toll plaza looking? the mesa downtown will take you 20 minutes. to that back of traffic into the maze. >> roqui, thank you very much. in morning everybody. i want to illustrate something with you and to you this morning. 's is our satellite radar and it shows the chills of clouds that have been gathering off the immediate coast. you see them right here and now watch as they advance more toward the north bay. it looks like we have a whole lot of high thin clouds over this particular area and now what i would like to do is show you how that may be affecting the visibility. with those you've been picking up areas of fog so if you are at half-moon me, check this out
6:48 am
. you have limited visibility at this hour but things look pretty good along here that -- here along the san mateo coast. compared yesterday, totally socked in. petaluma, your visibility has dropped to less than a mile. napa, you were at a quarter- mile but now it's improved so the fog has lifted, it is moving out and with those clouds i would point out on this satellite radar, they were all sharing off from an area of low pressure. from the water that's been sitting here for full -- four full days. 60 degrees in san francisco, san jose also in the 50s. here's what you need to know on this thursday. sunny with really temperatures near or record highs. veterans day will turn breezy during the afternoon hours with an approaching area of low pressure from the north and then we have the possibility of light north bay showers overnight into saturday morning. hey linda, in fairfield. she called me and says she has clear skies so pour -- some portions of there -- still a
6:49 am
little muggy out there but we will pick up a northeast wind during the afternoon. maybe 5 to 10 at best with drier conditions. high thin clouds also along that frontal boundary that just continues to approach. very slick -- sluggish approach to the bay area and futurecast illustrates the clouds gathering over night. again a repeat performance with the-cloudiness over the north bay. there it is, light rain showers possible overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. watch what happens now. the front dates to the south and as it does so it falls apart at the scene. we will be drying out over the weekend. it's currently 28 degrees in truckee, dense fog and 30 now on the south shore. mentioning those numbers because it is cold enough to make snow now and many resorts open up one week from today. nearly 70 at the beaches today. 62 in ukiah. sun up at 6:45. by the time
6:50 am
it's not -- it sets tonight at the airport, the official reporting station, topping off at 74 degrees at lunchtime. afternoon high right around oh let's say 70 degrees but i'm going to go with 80 at the rose garden district. willow glen 70s around the room of the bay. 70s peninsula. 82 degrees in livermore and pleasanton. devlin and san ramon, black hawk alamo, there's your veterans day calling for no rain on your parade. donald trump's victory have some people considering a new chapter in canada but a growing number of californians plan to leave american -- america without leaving an inch. moving an inch. the group yes california is calling for california to seed. their agenda even has a trending #calexit. still california says they want to save money, not stand out .
6:51 am
>> we don't think it's the greatest coincidence in the world that california pays more into the system than it gets, loses money, $15 billion-$35 million and at the same time has the highest taxes but can't afford to fund schools properly and has all infrastructure failing. >> they are set for a -- trying to set up a #calexit vote in 2019. coming up, thousands of protesters upset about donald trump's presidency took to the streets last night. we will survey the damage next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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airstrikes in iraq and syria is more than double the previous estimate. the new estimate brings the total to 119, since the campaign against islamic state mili you a central command says the number of civilians killed by american airstrikes in iraq and syria is more than double the previous estimate. the new
6:55 am
estimate brings the total to 119 since the campaign against islamic state militants began back in 2014. central command re-examined the count after getting input from activist groups. president elect donald trump will travel to washington today to meet with president obama. the visit comes as trump and his transition team prepare to take over the white house. yesterday the president called for national unity to ensure the process goes smoothly. global stock markets have made a strong recovery after taking a nosedive when the stocks first turned. right now up 154 points. a class-action lawsuit against trump and his now to fund trump university accuses trump university of failing to deliver on its promise to teach success in real estate. a lawsuit has been filed challenging the california ballot initiative aimed at speeding up executions. except his opponents argue that
6:56 am
prop 66 will force courts and lawyers into making rash decisions in desperate -- in death penalty cases. the presidential race has triggered protests across the country. in san francisco more than 1000 demonstrators shut down the street from mission district down to the financial district. >> we cannot say the same for oakland, that there were no damages there. in oakland, damages were left behind and three officers were injured when officers -- when things got out of control. >> [ loud crowd noise ] >> reporter: they arrested 30 people for crimes ranging from assault on an officer to vandalism to unlawful assembly and possession of a firearm. the fire started just before 5 pm but facilitating you march through downtown eventually the crowd grew to about 7000 people and had about 8 pm splinter
6:57 am
groups became violent, throwing rocks, bottles and police officers and even small explosives. that's when they declared an unlawful assembly and called in help from neighboring police departments. while some of the people gathered were obviously bent on violence, most of the people just wanted their voices heard. >> he's a place in -- blatant racist. he's affiliated himself with white power, white supremacists. it's wrong. >> reporter: today the cleanup begins. at least 16 buildings were vandalized. there were about 40 fires set in the street as well and back out here live in the city you can see one of these city cleaning crews out here trying to blast this graffiti off of some of the buildings. block after block you can see the same thing, a lot of things written are profane -- a lot of
6:58 am
the things written are profane. let's take a look at the roads here in the south bay, first in san jose southbound 101 before highway 87. it's an overturned car and it's blocking lanes. just two lanes open for traffic to move through. this is the counter commute but as you can see we've got traffic on the northbound side as well. people driving in the area at just 30 miles an hour. let's move over now to half moon valley, west on 85. this solo car crash out of the lane but a lot of backups to even canyon road. good morning everybody. this is spectacular. look at the golden gate bridge and look at the carroll -- clarity. lots of clear skies, fantastic day near a record warm. right now 50s, 60s. otherwise cool in santa rosa. as well as novato and all the way into monterey. apple sunshine today, 70s and 80s and yes 82 in livermore,
6:59 am
pleasanton all the way through danville. we have cooler conditions and a breeze in the afternoon hours on veterans day. a slight chance of rain showers friday night, in the north bay through saturday morning. tourists in canada went for a very unexpected ride. they were riding in the carriage when the horses got spooked. take a look. >> [ laughter ] ouch. this happened earlier in the week in vancouver. officials say it -- the horses got spooked by a car horn and then took off. they ran over a curb. went to a park. some people were thrown from the carriage. luckily nobody was hurt. >> wow. >> ouch. take a look at the video closely. there are a couple people in the middle just staying on there. [ laughter ] >> that's in stanley park. always just clamoring with tourists. >> is it amazing how everybody has video now of these things
7:00 am
that of gone awry. [ laughter ] >> have a great day everyone. good morning to our viewers in the west, it is thursday, november 10th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president-elect donald trump heads to the white house in about an hour to meet with president obama. republicans in congress are already plotting how to repeal obamacare. anti-trump protests erupt in dozens of cities overnight. demonstrators set fires, blocked freeways, and faced off with police. >> and only on "cbs this morning," inside the small data firm that accurately predicted donald trump's win. what they saw that everyone else missed. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> ny


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