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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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new this morning. three people were found dead inside a partially burned home in oakland. investigators are on the scene.. trying to piece it together. good morning. it's friday, november 11. three people found dead inside a burned home in oakland. investigators are on the scene trying to piece it together. kpix 5's anne makovec is live near dunbar and hawkins with the details. >> reporter: this is a triple homicide investigation. police aren't confirming many details. here's what we have pieced together at the scene, near the coliseum here in oakland. police got a call of shots being fired at about 12:30 a.m. when they got here they found a person who had been shot in the street. then they noticed a nearby house was on fire. once the fire department put it out, minimal damage to the house, they found two people inside who had also been shot. so we have three people dead here on the scene and police are keeping us pretty far back from the house where this hall happened this morning. we know that they have one
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person in custody. they are questioning that person. as for the gender of the three dead people, we know that at least one of these people was a woman, possibly two. again, we are scraping for details here live at the scene. we'll keep you posted as we learn more. live in oakland, anne makevoc, kpix 5. violent anti-trump protests continued for a third night last night. take a look at this video from oakland. some protestors made it on to interstate 580. traffic was at a standstill and the freeway was shut down for 30 minutes. authorities say nearly 1,000 people were protesting across the city. we are told at least 7 businesses were vandalized and crews had to put out fires. police used tear gas to get the crowd under control. we talked to one man who says he had no choice but to march. [ pause ] >> i am undocumented. and i am very afraid. very
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afraid. if trump does come through with his word of deporting illegal immigrants, this may be my last fight. >> 11 people were arrested mainly for vandalism and assaulting officers. protests across the country stretched into the early- morning hours. as reed binion reports, the mass demonstrations come as the transition of power is under way in washington. >> reporter: protests continuing for a second day thursday. demonstrators angry over donald trump's election victory hitting the streets on both coasts and in the country's midsection. from new york -- >> "not my president." >> -- to los angeles to portland where police said it was a riot. >> you're all acting like donald trump! >> reporter: trump himself taking to twitter saying, professional protestors incited by the media are protesting, very unfair! that tweet coming just after
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trump's pleasant message about his day in washington. trump meeting with president obama at the white house. >> very good man. >> thank you, guys. >> very good man. >> appreciate it. >> reporter: the president- elect stopped at capitol hill meeting with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan. trump's day in washington marked the start of the transition process as his team looks at filling top white house and cabinet positions. some of the names being mentioned, republican national committee chairman reince priebus for chavis, former house speaker newt gingrich for secretary of state, and former new york mayor rudy giuliani for secretary of homeland security or attorney general. also trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway, tight-lipped when asked what position she might fill. >> can you say what white house job you have been offered? >> no, i can't. that's between president-elect trump and me at the moment. >> reporter: i'm reed binion reporting. >> donald trump is sitting down with 60 minutes for his first extensive post-election interview. you can see it right here this sunday at 7 p.m. on "60 minutes" on kpix 5.
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a bay area principal is getting cursing the president trump. his audience was students. a bay area principal is getting getting punished for cursing president-elect trump [ censored ] trump! >> he has been gathered at the football field and at the end of the talk, he said "f" word. students cheered but some parents were outraged. >> i'm furious! i have three kids that go here. my two nephews and my daughter. and, um, for them to inject their views and their opinions against the kids and to have them rally like this? they are here to get an education. that's why we send them here. >> about three hours after cursed president-elect trump, he was put on administrative leave by the district. time now 6:04. let's check traffic with rocky.
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>> thank you, kenny. let's start in the south bay where we have some nicely moving traffic along with the east bay traffic. 101 northbound between 280/680 split to highway 237 will just take you 12 minutes. 280 into downtown san jose between 101, 680 split to 85, 11 minutes, guadalupe parkway 8 minutes. altamont pass coming off 205, good until north flynn road where you're at 46 miles per hour but this is a great commute along the altamont pass for your friday morning. and the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, you're moving well there, too. 880 to 101 a quick 13 minutes. now let's check the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are not on. carquinez bridge to the maze westbound 19 minutes. about 15 minutes into downtown san francisco. and on the other side here's a look at the golden gate bridge. we have traffic moving into san francisco right now but otherwise looking good in both
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directions, 580 to the golden gate toll plaza will take 14 minutes. how's the weather? >> the weather is pretty great out there for our veterans day forecast. it's going to be a nice mild day. we are starting out with patchy fog, partly cloudy skies for some. temperatures near 50 for the cooler spots, close to 60 for warmer spots this morning. and visibility-wise, we have been fluctuating throughout the morning so right now we are up to 5-mile visibility at half moon bay. we were down to zero for a while there. dense fog today. low visibility in petaluma, santa rosa. so dense patchy fog for those areas that saw clear skies overnight. folks who saw the clouds overnight less possibility of that fog. today partly cloudy with morning fog, then sun and clouds for your veterans day. we'll see increasing clouds ahead of the approaching front that will bring a chance of showers overnight tonight and into saturday morning mainly
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for the north bay not a total rainout but certainly going to see some shower chances overnight. your veterans day forecast partly cloudy again with that evening chance of rain temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the mid- to upper 70s. throughout the morning we see increasing clouds today and then we see the front approaching overnight a very weak front not bringing with it significant rainfall. light showers friday night into saturday morning. drying and warming saturday and sunday. back to you guys. >> thank you. a man is in custody in connection with a deadly stabbing in san francisco. police arrested 28-year-old marcus price of san francisco on wednesday. that was just a few hours after 55-year-old bruce sawyer was fatally stabbed near a residential hotel on polk street. no word on motive. police have finally tracked down the woman accused of hitting two bay area teens in an intoxicated driving crash
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killing one of them. the accident happened on east cypress road in june. police say 51-year-old christina salvicci was on drugs including meth at the time. she was released after her initial arrest. police found her in san bernardino this week. [ non-english name ] died in the crash. she was 15. authorities say another 16-year- old girl was hurt but survived. today in sajose, servicemen and -women are being honored in a massive parade. but ahead of the event, mayor sam liccardo will talk about the city's steps to house homeless veterans. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose with more on the mayor's message and the parade. >> reporter: pretty sad to think about 700 homeless veterans in san jose alone in 2015. so last year san jose mayor sam liccardo and county supervisor dave cortese pledged to change all of that. the city of san jose promised six million dollars and the
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county $1.5 million to basically renovate rundown houses and apartments for homeless veterans. here's what was said last year during the veterans parade. >> we're here to make a collective commitment together that by the 100th anniversary of veterans day in 2018, we'll end veterans homelessness in this valley. >> it would help a whole lot to, um, wake that person up, you know, from being, like, um, unwanted or alone in life. >> reporter: and the program also gave permanent housing to veterans who had housing vouchers but couldn't find any housing because there were no vacancies. so a big promise by the mayor. later this morning, the mayor is expected to update us on the program at 11:00 this morning right before the veterans day parade. big question, whether this program works? we can assume it has because the mayor and contest have been invited to the white house next week for a homeless veterans
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event. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. 6:09. two students are taken into custody after a failed bomb plot at a northern california high school. >> and yahoo is under fire for a huge delay before launching an investigation into the hack compromising half billion user accounts. >> and we are looking at a pleasant veterans day but some rain is on the way. details coming up. >> a pleasant veterans day on the road, as well. the roads are good but we have holiday schedules for mass transit. we'll tell you how it's affecting it coming up. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces furniture" ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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isn't this a gorgeous shot of the bay bridge? this is sunrise this morning. this is a glimpse of what you
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have in store for this fantastic veterans day. a mild forecast today but we have some changes on the way. i'll detail those coming up. two northern california high school students were arrested after being found with explosive tears at school yesterday at -- materials at school yesterday at a high school south of eureka. two 15-year-old boys were discovered discussing an attack at a pep rally that afternoon. officers then found one of the students with parts for making an explosive device. students say the principal announced the incident over the loud speaker. >> started to freak out. >> after that we were hearing noises. after the door was shut we would look automatically -- >> police are not releasing the motive of the two students right now. new developments in the lawsuit over trump university yesterday. trump's attorneys agreed to enter settlement talks three weeks before jury selection is scheduled to begin. the judge denied a request to ban the plaintiffs from using any statements made by or about trump during the campaign if
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the case goes to trial. that would have included trump's tweets and revelations about his past history in charitable [ indiscernible ] former students at the school have sued saying that the real estate sales program was worthless. new questions are being raised about how sunnyvale- based yahoo handled a major security breach. according to a regulatory filing, yahoo detected evidence of a hack attack at least 18- month before launching an investigation. that probe determined personal information had been stolen from about a half billion user accounts. this could have an effect on verizon's deal buy yahoo's online services. one warriors fan is getting attention long after the buzzer rang out at a recent game. >> this woman danced in the stands like it was prom night all over again. sweater. the fan wanted a win so much - she ke
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throwing up >> i like in! [ laughter ] >> this time around she wore a warriors themed christmas sweater. fans loved it and it's going viral. >> of course it's going viral. yeah. >> i predict as your consumer reporter that that sweater will be a hot item this season and may already be sold out. i have to check it. >> breaking news at noon! >> love it! >> let's take a look at the roads right now. ace train number 7 and train 10 are canceled because of the holiday. but trains 3, bart, ace, muni and caltrain on time. parking meters and seven-day street sweeping are in force so keep that in mind.
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altamont pass no problems. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will take you 17 minutes. over to the nimitz freeway, looking good in both directions. 238 in san leandro to the maze a quick 16 minutes. and the peninsula commute from hayward to foster city will take 16 minutes between 880 and 101. and also a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, those metering lights are officially on. maze to downtown 13 minutes into the city. also keep in mind, sunday veterans day parade and sunday streets at the embarcadero for sunday streets, northbound embarcadero will be closed between at&t park and broadway. it's a two-mile stretch but the southbound side will be open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. a lot going on.
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>> weather will be great. the american flag flying high this morning on this beautiful veterans day. it really is going to be a pretty nice day for you. mild temperatures we'll see increasing clouds but overall pleasant. out the door patchy fog and we are seeing temperatures in the 50s for most locations near 60 though in san francisco. we have a light breeze. in fact, winds may take up a bit ahead of the front approaching overnight tonight. overall the boundary between this area of low pressure to our north and high pressure which is diminishing that boundary is getting closer. high pressure weakens and we'll see that weak front a very weak front passing through overnight tonight. so increasing clouds for much of the day today. we pause futurecast here at 7:00 tomorrow morning. so early-morning hours you could see some showers for portions of the north bay not a lot of widespread rain but just be mindful of that definitely sprinkles a possibility most of us though won't see much and notice we clear out early on saturday, sunday continuing into monday temperatures continuing to build. we warm and we see plenty of
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sunshine. so here's what to expect, increasing clouds, rain overnight and early tomorrow morning for the north bay. then high pressure builds in, warm and dry through the weekend. then we see another chance of showers tuesday evening. right now, though, a look at the high temperatures for your veterans day: >> now, checking the extended forecast, you'll notice as i mentioned again increasing clouds today and then that chance of showers overnight for the north bay but sunday really clearing out warming things up even more so on monday highs in the upper 70s for the warmest spots inland. tuesday the next chance of showers though right now it looks to be late in the day maybe overnight tuesday into wednesday. we'll keep the clouds around and we'll cool things down wednesday into thursday. finishing off our workweek. back to you guys.
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and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, could the warriors waltz into denver and get a win? did the thin air affect the team? find out coming up. us at: cool schools at kpix- dot-com. may come and fe >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and featu re your school on the show. good morning. ,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. the warriors were forced to play in denver one night after beating dallas at home but golden state was a breath of fresh air at a mile high of altitude. the only negative, kevin durant's streak of 20-point games was finally stopped at 72. it's going to happen when you have a team with this much fire power. steph shoved to the ground, four point play. warriors walking away with this one.
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later dribble the ball off his leg lets it fly. curry tweaked his ankle last night about obviously not a concern. he scores 33 and warriors 125- 101. the ageless one, 44-year- jaromir yager. the florida panthers, the sharks winners. tommy wingels the back of the net. sharks win 4-2. week ten started last night the race for the nfl top pick is in full swing and the 49ers are in the thick of it. hue jackson's browns are bad. they had a 7-6 against the ravens midway through the 3rd quarter but then joe flacco tied for the go ahead score. baltimore scored 20 unanswered points win 28-7. the browns are 0-10 for the first time in franchise history. if they win a game they would be tied with the 49ers for the top pick in the nfl draft
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strength of schedule would be the tie-breaker but we are in the sports department last night going over the remainder of cleveland games. there is not a lot on that schedule. you could be looking at 0-16. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. the play of the day from the nba chicago at miami. here's the bulls dwayne wade playing against his former team. >> the reverse and the it counts! >> look at the baseline spin by dwayne wade and the reverse as marv albert called it. chicago beats the heat 98-95. bigger mess for years to come. reporter ad li it is 6:25. work begins tonight on a project that will turn one of the busiest streets in the bay area into a bigger mess for years to come. >> reporter: three people are
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dead and an investigation is under way. triple homicide and a house fire. we'll tell you what we know live at the scene next. ,, (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care.
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zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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stretch into another night. weather ad libs blocked freeways, smashed windows and chaos in the streets as protestors stretch into another night. >> reporter: on this veterans day, a look back at mayor sam liccardo's pledge to veterans, the help he promised was on the way. >> and we have a very pleasant veterans day forecast for you
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with a chance of showers coming up. >> slowing on the altamont pass but we have a serious crash on highway 4. more coming up. good morning, it's friday, november 11. time now 6:30. new this morning, a triple homicide in oakland. investigators have been on the scene all night. kpix 5's anne makovec is live near where it started. anne. >> reporter: here's what we know. three people are dead, at least one has been shot, and there was a house fire at this scene. this is in oakland near the coliseum. and we're being kept about a block away now. it was on dunbar drive. and right now, police are not confirming a lot of the information we have but we know that they were called to the scene at about 12:30 a.m. because of shots fired. when they got here, they found a person who had been shot dead in the street, tried to revive
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this person unsuccessfully. nearby there was a house on fire. after they got it under control, they found two dead bodies inside. police have one person in custody for questioning this morning. they are also not revealing at this point the genders of the people but we know at least one of them is a woman. we are waiting for more information and we'll certainly bring it to you as soon as it comes in. man macanne makovec, kpix 5. violent protests overnight in oakland last night. protestors made their way to interstate 580 causing gridlock. police tried to get through the traffic but couldn't. >> they found a hole in the fence. >> you can hear in the dispatch today's protestors got on the interstate through a hole in the fence. 580 was shut down for about 30 minutes. 11 people are under arrest.
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at least 26 people are under arrest in portland, oregon. rioters damaged car, vandalized businesses and assaulted officers. officers used pepper spray and batons to control the rioters. and in minneapolis protestors blocked an interstate for an hour. some sat on the highway or stood with arms locked facing law enforcement. donald trump mentioned sanctuary policies on the campaign trail. he will pull federal funding for cities where illegal immigrants are not prosecuted solely for being illegal. ed lee says: >> san francisco will always be a sanctuary city. >> we have challenges. we are going to get everybody ready for those challenges and it will cause us to work even closer together to make sure we
6:33 am
are the best beacon in the world for illegal immigrants. >> last year, an illegal immigrant shot and killed a young girl, state steinle, on -- kate steinle on san francisco waterfront. kansas secretary of state kris kobach is working with the president elects on his immigration policy. according to mother jones, kobach was a featured speaker at a social contract press event last october. the group has been designated as an anti-immigrant "hate group" by the splc. a climate change skeptic is going to be on the trump transition team. climate change is false. he leads a group formed to question global warming alarmism. let's check weather. >> we are going to see a beautiful veterans day. it's really -- you're not too
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hot, not too cold. we'll see increasing clouds today but overall pleasant for any outdoor activities you have planned. look outing side now shows that we are seeing some partly cloudy skies out there and certainly some dense patchy fog but patchy being the keyword there. you may see fog at the coast. temperatures are in the low 50s in santa rosa, mid-50s san jose. 57 oakland. far right-hand side of your screen, we have the american flag flying high on this veterans day. a look at the veterans day forecast out the door. we mentioned fog. there is visibility improvement in half moon bay and many locations but we have reduced visibility near petaluma, visibility improved in santa rosa, as well. you may see patchy dense fog and then likely partly cloudy
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for most. sun and clouds with increasing clouds ahead of a front moving through tonight with a chance of showers overnight and early tomorrow morning for portions of the north bay. not a lot of rainfall. but certainly a chance of showers there especially early tomorrow. for today, partly cloudy again that evening chance of showers and your veterans day forecast temperatures ranging anywhere from the mid-60s to the mid- to upper 70s for the warmest locations. we'll have the full forecast coming up. we'll time out the rain. in the meantime, roqui, how are the roads? >> unfortunately, we have a fatal crash to report. from martinez to hercules on 4, it's right there before mcewan road a fatal two-car crash, one overturn resulting in a fatality blocking the right lane. it's not causing delays. light traffic right now. let's head to the altamont pass traffic now out of tracy on the pass 16 minutes. pockets of slowing here in each
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direction. north tracy boulevard at 50 miles per hour. slow commute on the san mateo bridge from hayward into the peninsula will take about 17 to 20 minutes just starting to slow down so we'll keep an eye on that for you and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, those metering lights are on. and that traffic is backed up to the 880 overcrossing. the maze to downtown will take you 20 minutes. major changes will start taking effect tonight on one of the busiest roads in san francisco. a stretch of van ness avenue will be renovated between lombard and mission streets. the changes include fewer lanes for regular traffic and the addition of bus-only lanes. van ness is one of the most hazardous roads in san francisco. the changes are meant to improve safety. anyone who has to drive there should be prepared. >> they should come up with some other plans, whether looking at the gps or making free right turns to get them back on route instead of the left-hand turn. >> construction is expected to last through 2019.
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today in san jose a parade will honor servicemen and -women. ahead of the event mayor sam liccardo will talk about homeless veterans. kpix 5's maria medina reports. >> reporter: good morning, kenny. get this. last year, there were 700 homeless veterans in san jose alone. so it was here last year that san jose mayor sam liccardo and county supervisor dave cortese promised to change that. the city of san jose promised $6 million and the county promised $1.5 million to essentially renovate older houses and apartments for homeless veterans. and during the last year's veterans day parade here's what was said. >> i'm up and down, you know, out in the streets and, you know, in cardboard boxes and, you know, blanket or something or just laying on the concrete.
6:38 am
>> reporter: it was during that parade that the mayor promised last year to end veteran homelessness by 2018 which is the 100th anniversary of veterans day. so later this morning, at 11:00, before this year's veterans day parade, he is expected to update us on that program and whether it worked and we can assume it has because the mayor and cortese will be going to the white house for an event on homeless vets. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> isn't there more help on the way for veterans in santa clara county after the recent election? >> reporter: that's right. voters passed measure a here in santa clara county which basically brings $950 million in bonds to housing for veterans, the disabled, seniors and the poor. basically it would create 5,000 affordable housing units here in santa clara county. back to you. >> thank you. veterans are also getting recognized in petaluma today. a parade will bring thousands of people to the city's
6:39 am
downtown. it kicks off at 1:00 p.m. at walnut park and sparking multiple road closures. it's the largest parade for service members in northern california. that's why the city hopes people will arrive early and carpool if possible. time now 6:39. donald trump's presidency is creating angst in silicon valley. the challenges tech companies may face under a trump administration. >> and why the start of crab season is bad news for whales off the california coast. >> and the financial markets just opened up about 10 minutes ago. ,,
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norah o'donnell joins us now from good morning. welcome back. time now 6:42. here's a treat this morning. a view from our vaca cam.
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you can see the sun just about to rise above the horizon there. when you have just a couple of clouds in the upper levels overall, though, a little bit of fog on the ground this morning, a beautiful veterans day in store and i have your veterans day forecast coming up. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. what to expect from donald trump's first 100 days as we learn more about people he is considering for top white house positions? plus, my conversation with defense secretary ash carter on this veterans day. the strategy against isis, russian and his advice to the next administration. only on "cbs this morning" the man behind the controversial dakota access oil pipeline. and business tycoon sir richard branson on the new movie about his attempts to cross oceans in a hot air balloon. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks is off for veterans day but u.s.
6:44 am
markets are open. the dow and nasdaq just slightly down in the first few minutes of trading today. here's jill wagner of reporter: the post-election rally continues on wall street. the dow jumped 218 points on thursday closing at a new record high. but the nasdaq fell 42 points. banking stocks are surging to levels not seen since the financial crisis. investors think a trump administration will ease regulations on the financial industry and repeal the 2010 dodd franks financial reform act. but tech stocks like amazon, google and facebook are falling. silicon valley overwhelmingly supported hillary clinton. there is concern about online privacy under a trump administration and worries about global trade. and important recall, millions of smoke and carbon carbon monoxide detectors are being pulled. the alarm can stop chirping when it reaches its 7-year end of life if the batteries are
6:45 am
replaced leaving consumers to believe it's still working. and alibaba is on pace for a record-setting singles day with over $14 billion in sales already. it is the biggest online shopping holiday in the world with more sales than cyber monday and black friday. it's also viewed as a barometer of the chinese economy. >> and that's your cbsmoneywatch report. for more follow me on twitter at #jillwagnercbs. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jill wagner. there's a lot of anxiety in silicon valley over donald trump's victory prompting major tech companies ceos including tim cook and mark zuckerberg to make statements reassuring employees. facebook's coo sheryl sandberg vowed to work harder after hillary clinton's stunning defeat. tech companies face uncertain immigration policies that could affect recruitment of talent. and president-elect trump insisted he would force apple to manufacture its iphones in
6:46 am
the u.s. instead of china. >> as a candidate, donald trump said he wanted to return manufacturing back to american shores. and that explains a lot of his populist appeal. that cuts across the grain in silicon valley. >> another potential issue, there is a lot of money overseas so companies avoid paying u.s. taxes. trump proposed to end the tax deferral. this isn't included in his official tax plan. it's a holiday where some people are driving so let's check traffic with roqui. >> unfortunately, we do have a fatal crash to report here on highway 4. heading for martinez into hercules that's before mcewan road a fatal two-car crash that involved an overturn blocking the right lane and crews are out there trying to clear it and investigate. this means it will take 30 minutes or more to clear out of the road. we'll keep you posted on the
6:47 am
traffic alert. altamont pass out of tracy, no delays until you reached north flynn road but that's just a very small pocket of 52 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass, 16 minutes. and a look at the san mateo bridge from hayward into foster city, 17 minutes between 880 and 101. and then the bay bridge toll plaza, wow, that's a big difference from the last report. the maze to downtown will take you about 25 minutes. that traffic is backed up right past the 880 overcrossing. let's take a look now at mass transit throughout the area. bart, ace, muni, caltrain on time. but we do have a holiday schedule for ace train 7 and 10. those are canceled. last trains out in the morning and the evening. we are taking another look at that beautiful shot from our mount vaca. and it just disappeared so we're not taking a look at that shot. [ laughter ] >> let's take a look at our current temperatures. outside right now, temperatures are in the 50s to 60 degrees in
6:48 am
the warmest spots. got to love live tv. the second they took that camera that shot went away. [ laughter ] >> satellite perspective, i can count on my weather graphics, it shows that we'll see high pressure weakening and we'll see this boundary area of low pressure getting closer. it's a weak front passing through tonight. that's going to bring with it showers and chances for showers for the north bay overnight tonight early tomorrow. today increasing cloud cover. tomorrow we pause for tomorrow morning and notice again just scattered showers for portions of the north bay early in the morning. but then high pressure builds in and we see clearing skies for saturday, sunday and monday. temperatures beginning to rebound and even upper 70s by the time we see monday. now, what to expect over the next couple of days as i mentioned increasing clouds today ahead of the front. a chance of light showers overnight tonight in the north bay and early tomorrow morning but then that high pressure builds in. we are dry for most of the day on saturday. certainly all of the day on
6:49 am
sunday. and then continuing on into monday. next chance of showers will be tuesday. today for your veterans day, temperatures near mid-60s for some of the warmer spots at the coast, 56 pacifica. 67 in san francisco. warmer spots inland in the mid- 70s. sunrise and sunset: veterans day parade this sunday at fisherman's wharf, sunshine, 67 degrees a beautiful day in the city. a tour of our holiday ice rinks:
6:50 am
>> a look at the extended forecast shows a couple of chances of rain in the extended forecast increasing clouds today, showers overnight on saturday. friday night into saturday. and then really nice on saturday. increasing temperatures sunday, monday. next chance of showers tuesday into wednesday. and then we bring temperatures down a notch and we increase the cloud cover. back to you guys. >> thank you. the commercial crab season off the northern california is around around but safe crabbing areas are limited. the first crab fishing grounds are from the russian river to morro bay but this season that area is reduced to below point reyes because some crabs north of point reyes have higher domoic acid content. >> whatever boat wanted to fish in that 60-mile area will be
6:51 am
now forced to fish below point reyes, which puts about 12,000 extra pots down in the area. >> crab fishermen are concerned about whales. they say that with so much equipment in the water, whales are more likely to get entangled. a bay area principal punished for cursing donald trump during a student walkout. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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berkeley.. are on the run. new this morning, police say that several suspects who attacked and robbed people in berkeley are on the run. they all happened within 15 minutes. about 15 minutes on wednesday night. police say that two women punched one of the victims in the face while a third suspect grabbed the person's cell phone. about 10 minutes later, three suspects approached another victim and stole a backpack.
6:55 am
police say that they are looking for three or four suspects who are either teenagers or in their early 20s. ive things to know at the :55. president-elect donald trump's transition to the white house is officially under way. donald trump had a 90 minutes meeting with president obama yesterday focusing on policy. the president-elect also met with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan. protests continue in cities across the country following donald trump's stunning election. police say that in portland, oregon, they say that the rally turned into riots. officers used pepper spray and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. police say they made 26 arrests. and this was the scene in oakland where protestors hit the streets again last night. at one point, protestors made it on to interstate 580 shutting it down. multiple businesses were vandalized. officers arrested 11. the principal of milpitas
6:56 am
high school is on administrative leave after cursing donald trump. phil morales was speaking to students to walked out of class. morales apologized after using the "f" word. starting this weekend a major overhaul of van ness avenue in san francisco will cause even bigger traffic headaches. new bus-only lanes are being installed along van ness and the city is eliminating all left turns between lombard and mission street. the work is expected to last through 2019. in oakland there is a triple homicide investigation now under way on dunbar drive. this is near the coliseum. police say that around 12:30 a.m., they got a call of shots fired. when they got here, they found a man who had been shot or a person, i should say, who had been shot in the street. that person then died. then they saw a house nearby was on fire. they called the fire department put that fire out. and then when they got inside
6:57 am
that house, they found two other people who had also died. we believe that those two people also had been shot. police have not confirmed the gender of these three dead people but we know at least one is a woman and police have one person in custody for questioning. live in oakland, anne makevoc, kpix 5. highway 4 from martinez to hercules, there is a fatal crash out there before mcewan road and it's involving an overturned vehicle. an investigation is under way. right lane is blocked. closed for another 30 minutes or more. it's a chp traffic alert. bay bridge toll plaza, from the maze to downtown, 15 to 20 minutes, backing up past the 880 overcrossing. ace trains 7 and 10 are canceled due to the veterans day schedule. trains 3 and 5 are on time. all other mass transit is on
6:58 am
time. we got our mount vaca skycam back and take a look at this. a beautiful shot of sunrise over the valley fog this morning. we'll see plenty of sunshine later today temperatures right now in the 50s and 60 in san francisco. throughout the day, increasing cloud cover ahead of an approaching front. then a chance of rain overnight and early saturday morning mostly for the north bay. mild temperatures today, mid- 60s to the mid-70s. 75 in san jose and livermore. 66 pacifica. extended forecast shows showers overnight tonight, another overnight tuesday into wednesday. but overall we are going to see some beautiful weather in between. and then cooling towards the end of next week. the sky above orlando, florida two bald eagles go beak to beak in a fight over territory. but their battle is so fierce they both drop to the ground. that's where one bird got stuck
6:59 am
in a storm drain. so dramatic! at first the larger eagle seemed to play protector spreading its weaken over the female for an hour but suddenly the eagle took off pushing the bird into the drain. that's when law enforcement pulled her to safety. locals were glad to see the bird get saved. a 108-year-old man is breaking bread this morning with president obama. bill mohr got an invite to the annual veterans day breakfast. the former army sergeant got a warm welcome when he visited the world war ii memorial and doesn't plan to talk about his service in europe and north africa over the meal. instead, he says he will wish the president luck in solving america's problems through january. [ indiscernible ] >> i would wish him all the physical and political strength
7:00 am
to handle all the problems our country faces. >> happy veterans day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, november 11th 2016. violent protests against president-elect trump escalate overnight. a demonstration in portland, oregon, turns into a riot. anarchists break windows and police respond with rubber bullets. the president and president-elect meet for the very first time setting into motion a peaceful transfer of power and only on "cbs this morning" defense secretary ash carter tells norah what the trump administration should know about fighting isis. and a final hallelujah for leonard cohen. you remember the poet, folk singer and


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