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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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strongest live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. 'm elizabeth in an exclusive interview with 60 minutes tonight donald trump appeared to backtrack on one of his strongest campaign promises. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. the president elect made it clear during his campaign he intended to get rid of obamacare, but tonight veronica de la cruz shows us now he seems to be open to compromise. >> donald trump said he is reconsidering his stance after yesterday's meeting with president obama. tonight the trump family sat down with lesley stahl of 60 minutes. >> reporter: let me ask you about obamacare which you say you're going to repeal and replace. when you replace it, are you going to make sure the people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes. because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> reporter: you're going to keep that. >> also with the children living with their period for an extended period, we're going to
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very much try and keep that. >> ulcer a tonight trump shaking up his -- also tonight trump shaking up his transition team. vice president elect mike pence is the new chairman. new jersey governor chris christie had been leading the team and will remain always vice chair. the president elect added his three children and son-in-law jared cushner to the committee team along with reince priebus making a strong play for white house chief of staff. silicon valley billionaire peter teal is also joining trump's transition team. the paypal co--founder donated more than $1 million to trump's campaign. the markets have been on a terror since trump was elected. the dow had its best week in five years of trump takes the oath of office in about 10 weeks. by the way, you can catch the entire 60 minutes interview with the new first family sunday night at 7:00 here on kpix5. >> thanks.
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hillary clinton made her first public appearance since conceding to donald trump. she was spotted walking into a staff party to help close out her presidential campaign. those in attendance say she told them to keep fighting for what they believe in. a fourth straight night trump protesters took to the streets in oakland. tonight chp officers held a line on broadway and sixth to prevent demonstrators from dashing onto 880. the protesters didn't do much damage tonight in oakland unlike earlier there week. tonight business owners told cbs5's christin ayers they are fed up. >> reporter: tonight cleanup is under way, graffiti power wash, plywood place over broken windows. alvarado rodriguez says calls have been coming in from businesses targeted by protesters all day. >> it's been hectic. last night we worked here till 10:00 at night when the police left and the writers started
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going everywhere. the demand has been pretty great and, you know, it's pretty intense. >> reporter: all while the fourth anti-trump protest in four days geared up tonight near city hall. >> america was never great. >> reporter: last night protesters set fires to trash cans, shattered storefront windows and scrawled anti- police graffiti. some marched on interstate 580 before vandalizing businesses on auto row, a scene reminiscent of this one in may, 2015 when a sign was posted on this auto repair shop claiming opd had failed oakland. >> all they do is have a press conference and say i'm sorry about it. >> reporter: tonight eric did not talk to us but showed us this letter from mayor libby schaaf telling business owners, i know it's little comfort, but i want to explain the challenges our police department faces in stopping protesters. the police are often the target themselves. schaaf offered limited
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resources to help businesses rebuild, but eric told us 18 months later the step has not given him a dime -- the city has not given him a dime to pay for damage. tonight's protest smaller but enough to block major intersections and now business owners find themselves bracing for a new round of protests tonight and through the weekend. gas and smoke grenades on prot in oakland christin ayers, kpix5. in portland, oregon, tonight police used tear gas and smoke grenades on protesters. the night started out peacefully. then small groups started vandalizing property. police asked them to leave. they refused. that's when police released tear gas and smoke grenades. hundreds of protesters were in miami tonight, demonstrators took over a freeway blocking traffic for about half an hour. tonight donald trump is changing his tone on the recent protests. he tweeted love the fact that
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the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. now before that he had tweeted just had a very op and successful presidential election. now professional protesters incited by the media are protesting, very unfair. an ugly confrontation on b.a.r.t. goes viral tonight and a syrian american woman said she was riding home from work when a fellow passenger accused her of being a terrorist. take a listen. >> trump i support you. you are breaking the law right now? >> really? do you know i'm recording you? it's going to go on facebook. i'm showing everybody. >> this woman is a stalker from the middle east. she's got middle eastern parents terrorizing citizens like me and she'll probably get deported. >> reporter: -- >> oh, you shut the [ bleep ]
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up. this is going on facebook. >> tonight tweeted with civil discourse deteriorating we want to make clear threats to riders or employees will not be tolerated. be decent to each other. a history teacher at mountain view high school is on paid leaf tonight after comparing the president' -- leave tonight after comparing the president elect to adolf hitler. frank navarro is a holocaust expert who worked at the school 40 years. he was sent home yesterday after a parent complained. since then nearly 2,000 people have signed a petition to bring him back. the superintend. told the mercury news navar -- the superintendent told the mercury news navarro could return as soon as monday. da lin on the conflict in the plane cabin that prompted an unusual announcement from the pilot. >> reporter: a scuffle happened this morning on board a united airlines flight here at sfo headed to pore a
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vallarta. -- puerto vallarta. apparently a man argued with a hillary clinton supporter and said something racist to the woman making her cry. other passengers stepped in and that was when the pilot stepped in to speak his mind. >> i understand you guys have your opinions, that's fine. you support him, great. if you don't, i understand. however we're trying to go to puerto vallarta to supposedly have a good time and what i do ask is as people we have the common decency to respect each other's decisions and to get along on this three hour and 13 minute flight so we can have a good time when we get down there. nobody wants to argue. nobody will change their minds by arguing. let's keep our opinions to ourselves on this particular matter at this particular time. when cooler heads prevail and we can talk and realize that we're all human beings and we all can stick together, we can all pull through this country in our own way, then that's what we should do.
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if there's anybody that has a problem with this that needs to vent or rant or rave, there's another flight tomorrow. you're not going to be on this one. i hope that's clear. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: united airlines released a statement saying the pilot was made aware of an incident on board and used the intercom to defuse the situation. the flight continued without further reports of disturbance. we don't have the pilot's name, but a lot of people appreciated his voice of reasoning. the plane landed in puerto vallarta at 3:06 this afternoon. at sfo i'm da lin, kpix5. in the north bay one congressman said he was shocked by what he saw on display at a veterans day parade. check this out. congressman jared huffman tweeted this photo. it showed three young white man watching the parade in petaluma. each of them is holding a confederate flag. he held up an american flag and
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shouldn'ted hey, this is our -- and shouted hey, this is our flag, but those men did not respond. the election is not just charging people up politically. others are in a downward spiral of depression cate cauguiran shows us. >> i've been close to despondent. >> over the last two days it's been kind of hard. i've been having a difficult time every time i think about it. >> reporter: thousands of people are expressing their feelings in protests like these. others are talking about their feelings in therapy. >> i have clients that are very upset, really grieving. >> reporter: dr. sullivan is a psychotherapist in san francisco. he says since tuesday his clients are coming in more frequently. >> they're trying to come in to see me sooner so that they can talk through and process how they're feeling. they're actually experiencing tremendous sadness and tears of loss. >> reporter: it's not just here in the bay area. the national suicide prevention
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lifeline saw a spike in calls after donald trump's win. the life lynn reported getting 660 calls between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. -- lifeline reported getting 660 calls between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. that's two to three times normal and more so than in the last two presidential elections. >> it feels like the end of the world. i work on climate change issues and it's the worst most devastating blow to that. >> reporter: with thanksgiving coming up therapists say family gatherings could be stressful depending on your family's political beliefs. the advice? don't get into an argument at the dinner table. try listening to what they have to say. cate cauguiran, kpix5. tonight a driver was shot on a bay area freeway right during rush hour and now the gunman is still on the loose. it happened on interstate 80 near american canyon road. we pick up the story from there. >> reporter: this accident happened just before 5:00
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tonight on i-80 eastbound in the 7:00 hour. this section of the highway was completely closed down for at least an hour so police could search for evidence. >> the victim actually called 911 to report he'd been shot. >> reporter: a 26-year-old vallejo man told police he was driving his white mercedes near american canyon road when someone opened fire on him all of a sudden. >> we don't know if it was road rage, targeted or random. it's still too early to know. >> reporter: it appears the shooter's vehicle slammed into the victim's car causing him to hit a fence along the shoulder before landing here. multiple shots were fired. the victim was only hit once and is expected to fully recover. he's current listen talking with police trying to help them find the shooter. >> the sooner we can get a suspect vehicle identified, the sooner we can identify a suspect and take somebody into custody. >> reporter: meanwhile drivers in vallejo slowed to a halt more than three hours while police searched the scene.
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something unique to this crime police can't always say is that they can guarantee someone saw it because it happened in such a busy area. so if you have any information, police hope to hear from you. the most recent was in late one wounded >> there have been nearly 40 shootings on east bay freeways in the past year, the most recent in late october when someone wounded a man on 580 in richmond. police believe many of these are gang related. tonight the fbi is investigating a gruesome triple homicide in oakland. it happened shortly after midnight on dunbar drive in east oakland. police say someone stabbed and killed a man and also stabbed and shot two women who were a couple. then the killer set their house on fire. >> i'm concerned because there's three bureaus involved, fire, police and the fbi. what is going on right here in my neighborhood that seems so peaceful and quiet? >> police detained a san jose woman in connection with the
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killings. federal agents are helping with the investigation and were on the scene throughout the day. a neighbor tells us the two women killed had at least three children. a toddler from southern california is out of the hospital after being mauled by two large dogs. the attack was caught on surveillance camera. the 2-year-old was playing outside his anaheim home when he was viciously attacked by the dogs. his mother raced to help, but they started going after her, too. finally neighbors were able to fight the dogs off. the family believes the dogs escaped from a neighbor's yard. >> he has a big laceration in his face, in his leg. he's had multiple stitches, plastic surgery on his face. there's no words to explain how you feel unless you have a child and see your child or your wife go through something like that. >> the family hired an attorney. he's looking into the dogs' history to determine whether to press criminal charges. the city of fremont has had
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it with drivers using the ways traffic app to take short-cuts through town. so it's joining other bay area steps in making traffic changes. in-- cities in making traffic changes. instead of sitting in bumper to bump earn traffic, drivers are -- bumper traffic, drivers are taking mission boulevard. when mission boulevard backs up, drivers start snagging up city streets. >> once they saw some solutions from our transportation people, they're willing to form a partnership. >> the mayor says ways has been tweaking the road. engineers recently installed a no left turn sign on star street to make it harder to get back onto the busy mission boulevard short-cut and soon caltrans will install metering lights on the freeway on ramps.
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tonight a killer novel opioid nicknamed pink is back in the headlines. the dea has now issued its final order on the synthetic drug. it spells out why pink formerly known as uf7700 is such a public health threat and why it should be temporarily banned. one lab links pink to more than 120 deaths. whether it's pink or a prescription painkiller, california leads the nation in opioid related overdoses and we learned doctors are even prescribing opioids to children. only on 5 one bay area man opens up about how he became addicted when he was just 11 years old. allen martin reports. >> reporter: inside a beautiful home in affluent san ramon debra kill lien and her 25 -- killeen and her 25-year- old son kent remember a time before powerful painkillers took over.
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>> never in a mull onyears did i ever -- million years did i e think i would have -- did i ever think i would have a child that was subject to addiction. >> reporter: when he was 11 years old he was hit by a car on a bike. >> that's whip first experienced any kind of open -- when i first experienced any kind of opioids and i fell in love immediately. >> reporter: the feeling was irresistible. >> just a harm hug. it was indescribable. >> at first i thought you could just take away the pills and everything would be okay, but soon found out that was not the case. >> reporter: from vicodin to norco, by 10th grade oxycontin and eventually heroin. >> it was cheaper and achieved the same high. >> sometimes if they can't get prediscriminations, they will buy pills on the street -- prescriptions, they will buy pills on the street or turn to heroin. >> this is bigger than any drug
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epidemic we've see to date. >> the worst drug epidemic in united states history. >> reporter: millions of americans are now addicted to painkillers. >> it's been caused by overexposing the u population to prescription -- the u.s. population to prescription opioids. >> they are prescribed by a doctor and deemed to be less harmful. >> i frod the professionals. >> reporter: -- i trusted the professionals. his mother vacuumed holding her purse. >> they'll buy them on the street, try to buy them online. >> reporter: with a click and a credit card. >> you can google it and buy it literally. >> reporter: more californians today die from an opioid related overdose than from being in a car crash, nearly 50% more. who would have thought it's more dangerous to stand in front of ad me cabinet than -- of a medicine cabinet than behind a wheel of a car. kent's former girl friend overdosed. he gave herniary canal.
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>> my -- her narcan. >> my low is pretty much bringing her back to life watch her from turning blue, purple to green and white, pale and coming back to life literally from not breathing and no heartbeat. it was really scary. >> reporter: his best friend overdosed and died. >> i've spent hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands of days just playing russian roulette over and over again. i don't know why i've been so lucky, but i just have. >> reporter: in the past decade the bay area has seen a breathtaking surge in opioid fatalities, e.r. admissions. kent was lucky. he was thrown in jail. >> it's horrible to be excitemented about your child going -- excited about your child going to jail, but for me it saved his life. >> reporter: he recovered and is working full time. he participated at a memorial in walnut creek to remember
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those lost to a drug overdose, hundreds of names and faces all deceased. >> it's literally killing people and their families. >> reporter: his mother says the problem is so great in san ramon and danville she started a support group. >> it doesn't matter what color you are, how much money you have, what house you live in, it is here. >> reporter: allen martin, kpix5. >> tomorrow night at 11 p.m. the opioid painkillers that are not what they seem to be even fooling the experts these days, the powerful drug our kids are now buying online. this month's super-moon is er.. super- switching gears, make sure you look to the sky this weekend for a rare celestial event. this month's supermoon is being called a supercalifragilisticexpialidoci moon. it will be the closest the moon has come to earth in almost 69 years when truman beat dewey to become president. >> even though the paper said the opposite. >> i think dennis o'donnell had a hand in that reporting.
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>> a little dennis extra there. we'll give you a weather forecast to help you plan your weekend in case you want to get outside. marin on ice at the mall in san rafael, nice this weekend. sunday street block party along the embarcardero, mainly sunny, beautiful, 67 degrees. the supermoon will look 16% brighter, the closest it's been in seven decades. if you miss it, you have to wait until 2034. the moon does not orbit earth in a circle. it's an ellipse. sometimes it's farther away. sometimes it's closer, this one very close. get out sunday evening at 4:52 right when the moonrises. you'll see a 16% larger than normal moon. some showers in the north bay now, mendocino county, garverville, ft. bragg, will let, ukiah. that's where most of the --
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willett, ukiah. pgh that's where most of the will stay. we'll get cloud cover and a couple sprinkles in the north bay, that's about it. the sprinkles continue in sonoma, napa and marin county. we get cloud cover tomorrow but no widespread rain. a little drizzle and some afternoon sunshine tomorrow, still pleasant, fremont 69 degrees, redwood city 69, san rafael 70 and 70 for the tri- valley, santa clara valley and napa 72 degrees tomorrow. want it warmer and sunnier, sunday? warmer still monday. tuesday we cloud up and showers return more widespread and cooler with highs in the 60s by next wednesday, very pleasant weekend. mind you it's a couple weeks from thanksgiving. we're still talking about mid- 70s. still very nice. >> go out and enjoy the nice
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weather. thank you. these bay area actors are auditioning to be on primetime cbs shows and tonight the network is making a commitment for more diversity. ))) >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. some fresh faces from the bay area may become the newest stars on cbs dramas. >> a group of actors auditioned in san francisco today as part of the network's drama diversity casting initiative. cbs started the program to find untapped talent across the country who live in areas with limited access to tv executives and casting directors. auditions were held also in atlanta, chicago, austin and miami. cbs plans to invite 14 to 16 actors to l.a. for a network screen test as part of the next step in the audition. >> wow. cool. >> if you had a chance, would you try out? >> i'm not really an actor. >> but he wants to be. you played one on tv.
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>> yes, we do. curtain raised on college basketball, got some local flavor for you. come on back because one team had to go halfway around the world to get it started. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> college basketball up top, the 2016/'17 campaign start of a lot of local schools, wins for cal, usf stanford women. stanford men got all the way to shanghai, china to get ignited. the new coach doing an s.a.t. equal couldn't defend the white class stanford inside. cardinal up by 7. harvard made them work for it, but in the end too much reed travis inside, big fellow career high 24 points, 17 rebounds. stanford final 80-70. cal had to get it done without all american ivan ram, toe injury. bears didn't need him. cal went up 15 early.
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poured on a 30-3 run. 2nd half grant mullens got them on the outside, 19 straight twins at home, cal big 82-53. i just love coach cal smith already, the new boss at usf, animated, colorful, nail biter against illinois chicago, heart pounding win. the dogs needed every bit of it. quick hit soccer, u.s. men hosted mexico in columbus, ohio, world cup qualifier, had to have it. game tied 1 1-1 and marquez headed this one in, 2-1, rare win on u.s. soil. u.s. plays on against costa rica next tuesday. that's your international soccer highlights. >> we got everything. we got college, international stuff. >> and we won't stop as i go rampaging right through the weekend.
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>> can't wait. >> we'll keep the seatbelts on. thanks, vern. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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weekend. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a great weekend! enjoy your families, love your families. don't talk about politics. watch football. what else do we do? have a picnic. >> take a breath. >> enjoy.
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