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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, we have a live look outside. this is the golden gate bridge, it's a little hard to tell. it's so foggy out there. >> yeah, a foggy start, too foggy to see it now but the supermoon brightened skies overnight in many local areas. the closest the moon has been to earth in the 21st century. feel free to send us your supermoon pictures on our facebook page and we'll try to show a few later in the broadcast. >> i was hoping to wake up early this morning -- one of the best parts of doing the morning show is waking up at 3:00 a.m. to see the moon. >> we love that part. >> not so much this morning. it's been hidden by the fog. dense patchy fog out there and definitely making it difficult to see. give yourself extra time on the road. relatively mild in the upper 40s in santa rosa. 55 in oakland.
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visibility is down to just a few feet in some locations. we do have at the reporting station about three tenths of a mile at half moon bay. as we move further north, three tenths of a mile in napa. a little bit higher in santa rosa so looking better at the reporting stations. overall anticipate that dense patchy fog and reduce visibility to a few feet out there this morning. that's your first weather head line. the fog will burn off and we'll see a sun cloud mix later today and a slight chance of showers moving in tuesday, maybe a couple showers lingering wednesday and more sunshine later this week. i'll talk about the extended forecast coming up in a bit and we'll time out any showers you may see. we're timing out your commute in the meantime. >> give yourself extra time. cal trance trains on time if you want to avoid the foggy conditions. from cartinez to the maze it
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will take you 19 minutes. expect no delays if you're heading into the city. the metering lights will turn on in 30 minutes. you can see some back ups to worry about. a lot of fog covering up the nimitz freeway to the maze. that's going to take 16 minutes. you're driving extra slow due to the fog. moving over to the altamont pass, traffic coming off 205 at 19 miles per hour. you're inching your way through into north glenn road where speeds pick up to 33. north tracy boulevard around 580 to the altamont pass will take you 36 minutes. from hayward in the foster city, that's 880 and 101 that will take you 13 minutes. again, it's foggy so drive slowly and carefully. ly donald trump gai his first tv interview since he was elected president on 60 minutes last night. he will deport nearly 3 million
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immigrants with criminal records but he had a message for those taking racist rhetoric. >> i'm going to bring this country together. i say stop it. if it helps, i will say this, stop it. . >> trump appeared to soften his stance to build a wall during the interview. he says a wall would be appropriate in some areas and a fence would be appropriate in other spots. the interview came when trump named his staff picks including reince priebus has his chief of staff and stephen bannon was named chief strategist and senior counselor. house speaker paul ryan responded to the picks last night. >> i don't know stephen bannon so i have no concerns. i trust donald trump's judgment and he will pick who he thinks will best serve him. >> both the anti defamiliar mags lead and the largest
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muslim group denounced stephen bannon's appointment ooshgs more anti-donald trump protests planned today. . >> reporter: it's been an emotional week regardless of the political side you fall on. one group today is offering people a way to heal. it's called the wall of empathy. it happened in new york city a day after the election. it's drawing inspiration from that and today at the montgomery 16th street mission and 24th street mission bar stations people are encouraged to write messages of hope and peace. starting at 10:00 there's a rally at city hall to reaffirm san francisco's status as a sanctuary city. he's threatened to pull funding for immigration. >> being a swang ware city for
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me is the dna of san francisco. -- -- sancuary. >> more than 7,000 people joined hands around lake merit in oakland. at 7:00 this morning we will see people come around to this partition to leave the messages on post-it notes. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. coast to coast people taking to the streets and chanting not my president. thousands marched through downtown la yesterday and into the night. in portland protestors chanted this is what democracy looks like. several hundred protests marched around philadelphia's city hall last night. in oakland people wanted a way to turn their sadness into something positive.
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thousands of them gathered together around the water and decided to hold hands. men and women, little kids and sen yoir citizen stood around the lake linking arms yesterday and many of them told us they were still feeling disoriented after the election and just wanted to express themselves peacefully. >> people are really sad and upset so they want to be with where there's good energy. >> we got here and there were more than enough people. it just warms my heart and when we all held hands i prayed please, we need a better world. >> it wrapped all the way around the lake. that line of hand holders stretched more than three miles. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg admits his company has work to do to prevent hoaxes on the social networking site. fake news reports may have helped sway the election towards donald trump, has some
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people saying. mark zuckerberg posted a response. al of the menlo park-based company is to give every person a voice, and it's complicated to i y wh he added the goal of the company is to give every person a voice and it's complicated to identify what is true and not. san jose police are investigating a homicide on the city's east side. a man's body found after 1:00 yesterday afternoon off of peppermint drive near lake cunningham. investigators are trying to determine where the crime took place. no suspects have been identified. a search is underway for a gunmen who fired shots at two spd officers. investigators say the officers approached a group of men who ran off and one of the men turned and fired several rounds. the officers were not hit and
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they did not return fire. . >> today council members in oakland will decide how much money the city will make from marijuana dispensaries. fter the election, and now that *recreational marijuana is legal in california, the rules will be under "even more scrutiny." a big point of contention is a proposal that would make dispensaries give a quarter of their revenue to the city, some of which would be used for jobs programs. this is "on top" o there's a proposals that would make dispensaries give a quarter of their revenue to the city. this is on top of rules the council passed in may including one that sets aside half the city's pot permits for people who were jailed on marijuana convictions or who live in a specific east oakland neighborhood that saw a high number of marijuana arrests in 2013. state law requires that every pot business have a license from the state by 2018. >> so what do we expect from
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today's council meeting? >> they have been conducting an analysis. several council members have tried to amend the rules passed in may. it will likely be a long discussion. time now is 5:09. it's become ag problem along the coastlines. sales washing up sick, the record amount ending up stranded along the bay. organ donations don't often come from babies meet a mom that made the tough decision to give the gift of life to others. sunshine expected later today but rain is on the way. i'll time it out for you coming up. a live look at the foggy golden gate bridge. your bay area commute and tips on driving in the fog safely. stay tuned.
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new this morning. scientists in marin county say.. they are seeing a record-number of stranded seals.
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"the m says its respond scientists in ma ren county are seeing a record number of stranded sales. they have responded to 32 strandings this year, the same number as last year which was the highest in the center's history. officials say there are only 15,000 of sales left. they're studying why this is happening and what can be done to help. boating is back to normal on folsom lake. three months ago the california department of parks and recreation imposed the five miles per hour speed limit for boaters because the water was so low. folsom lake's water level rose to 400 feet. now boaters can go faster. >> they come frequently and used to be a wide river and now it's slowly filling the beaches and it's becoming a beach again. >> folsom lake is still at 39 percent of capacity. for anyone riding cal train the odds are better than ever
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you could score a seat during rush hour. the agency is adding an extra car during peak commute times. 200 passengers won't have to stand. they're coming to three san francisco area trains. they made the decision after seeing a spike in ridership that says the average weekday counts has risen to 60,000 passengers this year. let's get another check of traffic with rocky this morning. we have a special look in an fran right now. traffic is moving nicely on so you shall 101 south of sfo. looking good and not too much fog in the road. that's another story once we get to bridges. let's go on to northbound 101, this off ramp has two big rigs stalled because of the fog so keep that in mind if that's your area. moving to the bay bridge toll
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plaza, to the maze it will take you 19 minutes and then expect no delays into the city now because the metering lights will turn on around 5:30 or so and moving to the nimitz freeway, looking good in both directions. 238 to the maze will take you 16 minutes and a look at the altamont pass here coming up at 205 at 30 miles per hour. you're inching your way through the red arrows there into north land road where speeds pick up to 30 miles per hour as well so two miles extra. north tracy to the altamont pass will take 41 minutes and moving to a very, very foggy san mateo bridge from hayward to the peninsula, between 880 and 101. you will want to slow down and use low beam lights and fog lights, the right side pavement line as your guide and don't stop on the roads for anything.
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temperatures nice and mild today. we should see the fog dissipate by midday. sunshine for most later today and changes are coming. we have an area of low pressure to the north and we are going to see a weak weather system moving through tuesday into wednesday. we could see a couple stray showers behind that front on wednesday as well. so we're timing it out for you starting out with future cast. we see the fog although i think it will likely start to lift just a little bit by late
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morning and we'll see visibility improve throughout the day. plenty of sunshine this afternoon but here we are by lunchtime tomorrow. notice the clouds move in ahead of the front associated with a weak weather system bringing showers to the north bay. not a lot of rain but we'll likely see drizzles up north. most of us dry looking at clouds and clearing out wednesday. take a look at this, future cast painting post frontal showers. a possibility of stray showers further south throughout the peninsula and san jose. a couple drops on wednesday, not a big rain event. what to expect for the next few days, we'll be warm and another fair today. cooler tuesday with a chance lingering into wednesday but clearing out on wednesday. next weekend, this is a really
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soggy system moving in. i think we will see a better chance of full blown rain saturday and even sunday. in the meantime, low 60s along the coast. 66 in san francisco and upper 60s for redwood city and mountain view. 59 today in oakland and 71234 santa rosa and 72 in fairfield -- -- 71 in santa rosa. shiens sunshine after the fog lifts. a chance of showers in the north bay. wednesday we will see more sunshine and it might seem count counter intuitive but we could see stray showers on wednesday post frontal rain. thursday and friday look very pleasant. plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s for some of the warmer spots and we are going to see some big changes saturday into sunday and still pretty far out. i don't like to predict anything with real certainty more than three days out but
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right now a weather model showing a system moving in saturday into sunday so we'll see if it holds steady. >> juicy? >> that's a technical term. >> thanks so much. in washington d.c. a woman was really excited to learn she was carrying twins but soon sarah was told only one baby would make it. >> slowly she decided this tragedy could spell major break throughs in scientific research. after thomas lived to be six days old in 2010 she ensured he would have a legacy by donating his liver and eyes. sarah says she wanted to find a positive end for devastating news. >> there was nothing we could do to save his life. once we were able to accept that and think this is inevitable but doesn't have the
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be unproductive. >> the surviving twin is six years old and has a healthy baby sister. the research has been published in nearly two dozen academic articles. more parents are using time outs to help discipline children. it also shows they're using fewer spanking. doctors in washington found the rates of physical punishment fell since the late 80s while time outs nearly doubled. excessive cell phone use may contribute to a rise in depression among adolescents, especially teenager girls. authors of a new journal of studies saying the group groeing number of adolescents highlights the need to manage the disease. coming up, the shooting at oracle last night -- -- the shoot out. will the cardinals rally back? the answers straight ahead. what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at
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colin kaepernick is a keeper. four yard touchdown run and tied the game at 20 with under two minutes of play. it was too much time for the cardinals and carson palmer meets chandler, 34 yard field goal as time ran out. 24-20 the 489ers lose their 8th in a row. game winning field goal as time expires. a final 17 points winning 20-17 and the chiefs tie the raiders for first place in the afc west with winner over carolina. warriors and sons, durant had a block and steph curry under five points. clay thompson continues his shooting knocking down the goal. thompson also at 30 points. golden state warriors 133. that's their fourth straight
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win. you probably wonder what about the raiders? they had the day off. monday night football next week in mexico city against the houston texans. . here's your play of the day from the nfl. denver at new orleans, here's the set up. the saints tie the score at 23 with more than a minute left in the game with a conversion would have given them the lead. . . >> denver takes the lead at 25. >> simmons with the block and the run for the end zone with the unusual two point conversion. some people say he stepped out of bounds. you be the judge. denver wins 25-23. . the budding business of pot
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regulation -- in the next half hour more on a big vote in oakland deciding where the money should go. there's been a lot of animosity following the elections so today a group of people in san francisco are instead spreading messages of hope. continue...
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as trump's transition team moves forward key staff picks. and thousands gather to remember a deputy killed in the line of duty. weather ad libs traffic ad libs good morning. it's monday, november 14th. i m michelle grieg oovrjts patchy fog this morning. rain is on the way. we're timing it out coming up. a live look at the bay bridge
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toll plaza. the meter lights are on. the rest of your bay area commute when we come back. it's monday november 14th. protests against donald trump's election are showing no signs of slowing down. people marched in the streets across the nation in the bay area and more are planned today. kpix5's jackie ward is live in the vincente inthe station today. >> reporter: hopefully the protests will be more joyful. haven't seen too much of those over the past week. this is something that started in new york city the day after the election last wednesday and now san francisco is bringing it to our city. it's called the wall of empathy and it encouraged people to post messages of pope and highways. the opposite of how we have seen people react following the election. starding around 7:00 people will be asked to leave notes at
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the vincente montano bart stations. should be nice to see. at 10:00 san francisco officials will join the mayor for a rally at city hall where he's expected to talk about our sanctuary city status.
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officially put his new staff together. he named republican party chairman "reince priebus" as his chief of staff. he also named former head of brietbart news, steve bannon, his chief strategist and senior counselor. the announcements came on the same day trump appeared on 60 minutes. he seemed to soften his campaign pledge to build a wall. ".(sot stahl) they're talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence: (sot trump) for certain areas i would but for certain areas a wall is more appropriate..." trump says he will only take one-dollar per year.. as a salary during his presidency. let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's roberta gonzales a slow drive into work if you're driving along the coast this morning. let's take a look outside at the golden gate bridge or where it should be anyway. temperatures in the 40s.
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livermore and santa rosa at 48. reduced visibility pretty much bay area wise. we're starting off down south past half moon bay, three tenths of a mile there. really just a few feet of visibility in some locations. we have a little bit more visibility for oakland and hayward. you could be driving along and run into a wall of dense patchy fog. so something to be concerned about on the road this morning. very low visibility in petaluma as well in napa. santa rosa improving but it's patchy, hit or miss as you're driving along the morning. so your weather headlines for today, starting off with dense fog and low clouds but we will see sun later today. a mix of sun and clouds for your monday and then a slight chance of showers returns on tuesday. we'll time it out for you here with future cast showing that the fog does linger through the morning hours and begins to pull back to the coast and dissipate later this afternoon so plenty of sunshine for your
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monday. now, as we move on though into tuesday we see a weak weather system approaching from the north. it's likely bringing stray showers to the north bay. not everyone is seeing rain but light rain possible for portions of the north bay tomorrow. lingering showers for the rest of us on wednesday and definitely more rain heading our way this weekend. i'll time that out for you coming up. time now is 5:34. we do have a traffic alert out there right now for a fatal crash on eastbound 80 to westbound 580 volcanoing two cars and the ramp is completely closed now in the area. cars are driving at 49 miles per hour and again this is taking 30 minutes or more to get this ramp open for you. ooel keep you posted. let's move to the antioch pittsburgh area across highway four. you're driving at 20 miles per hour and as you inch your way
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through ins pittsburgh, speeds up to 41 miles per hour. hill crest avenue to highway 242 westbound will take you 22 minutes. let's move to the altamont pass traffic, on to north land road at 33 miles per hour. westbound 580 to the altamont pass will take you up to 50 minutes if you're headed out the door. definitely something to keep in mind as you're headed out. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. expect a 15-minute drive through the toll plaza into downtown san francisco. thank you today council members in oakland make-up their mind on how much money marijuana dispensaries should give up for the good of the city. live in the newsroom with more on the controversial vote. >> it's the wild, wild west of marijuana regulation. in most cities the rules are a blank slate and now that recreational marijuana is legal
5:36 am
in california there's more money to be made. a big point of contention in oakland is a proposal that would make dispensaries give a quarter of revenue to the city and some would be used for jobs programs and that's on top of rules that council passed in may that sets aside half of the pot permits for people who live in a specific east oakland neighborhood that has seen a high number of high number of arrests. today's meeting could be contentious. the department of race and equity has been analyzing the proposal and several members have tried to analyze it. a lot of cities are wrestling this right now. >> berkeley has banned pot shops until they have time to figure out their own rules. every pot business needs a city permit and license from the state by 2018.
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nis wallace died the man suspected of killing a sheriff's deputy near modesto is behind bars. walls approached a van that had been reported stolen when the suspect inside shot him in the head twice. thousands of people mourn the 53-year old deputy at a vigil last night. he said the 20-year veteran gave everything he had to help the community. he coached sports, worked with schools and volunteered in youth programs meant to keep kids away from drugs and gangs. >> it wasn't just a drop for him. he lived and invested his time and life there and everybody knew that. >> he realized that we can have an impact on one person then how many more people will they touch? >> wallace was the fifth california law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty in the last five weeks. investigators in mendocino county are looking for five people who they believe
5:38 am
murdered a marijuana grower. take a look at these pictures. deputies are looking for these men and women along with two other suspects who worked for the victim at a marijuana operation. authorities found jeffrey said lers body on a remote property in lay tenville. they believe they beat him to death and stole 100 pounds of pot. they could be driving a blue volkswagon golf and maybe headed to southern california or out of state. a bay area woman is heading to court tomorrow in connection with the triple homicide that happened early friday morning in oakland. two women and a man were found dead. the man was stabbed and the women were stabbed and shot before someone lit their garage on fire. over the next few months dozens of kenneth coal stores are closing their doors. jill wagner has that story and more. >> reporter: good morning, the
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trump rally continues on wall street. investigators are betting trump and the republican congress will cut corporate taxes and ease regulations in the industry. the dow opens today after its best week in five years on friday. the dow gained 39 points and the nasdaq added 28. the auto show in los angeles kicks off today and new suvs are the main event. sub row and volkswagon are the brands showing off new updated models and lower gas prices of americans looking for bigger cars. the uk's plan to exit the eu is forcing a second referendum. they are ruled that parliament will vote on the brexit and some members say they will vote against leaving the eu unless the referendum fails on the final term. kenneth coal is closing 63 stores in the next three months only leave two full price stores open in virginia and new york city. they want to focus on international stores and online sales.
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. a lot of people saying the hottest holiday gift this year could be a blast from the past. what is this? >> nintendo's console on sale that comes with old school games like super mario brothers and donkey congress. they're already sold out on amazon and reselling for five times the amount on ebay. . capitalism at its best. everyone reselling. i think my favorite game was mike tyson's punch out i'm a super mario brothers. i spent way too much time playing that game and i'm too old to say. >> don't want to reveal your age. thank you, jill. i'm with jill on that one. 5:40. a flash mob with a purpose. why this gathering at at&t park is giving so many people hope.
5:41 am
a live look at 880, a traffic report with rocky when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new video this morning -- of a violent crash near los angeles. officials say a b-m-w sheared a good morning, here's a look at our supermoon. it's definitely foggy out but we found a clear shot of the moon this morning. you're welcome. another g new video this morning of a violent crash near los angeles. officials say a bmw sheered a fire hydrant after colliding with another vehicle. the crash toppled a traffic signal and downed electric wires and because of the electricity, crews couldn't get to the car and save the people inside. powerful aftershocks continue in new zealand in the wake of a destructive 7.8
5:44 am
manage attitude earthquake. the most damage is on the south island. two people confirmed dead. there's quite a bit of damage to roads and homes but not as bad as it was after the 2017 high land quake. . >> quakes have caused land slides and this predicament, these cows and other livestocks were stranded on grass. one year since the terror attacks in paris and in memory of the victims people lined both sides of a canal last night to float paper lanterns. also yesterday the president visited the seven sites where islamic strait extremists went on a bombing rampage. one of the places that was hit,
5:45 am
and also talked with survivors and relatives of those who died. the attacks last november were the deadliest in france's history and 130 people were killed. san francisco fires are trying to figure out how a man and his dog were stuck at the beach. the fire department tweeted these photos shortly after the rescue. officials say the man and his dog are okay and it's not clear how they fell. signs of hope and unity have been everywhere since the election. groups from over 40 countries and 100 cities came together at at&t park for a flash mob. 0. >> participants stopped dancing and picked it right back up again. organizers say this event is all about peace. >> because what we need is more unity and regardless of your race, religion and ethnicity
5:46 am
and background and sexual orientation, we need to come together and be people and this is promoting something like kindness and dance which are both universal. >> justin coal core graphed this year's dance. he says this is the first time for the event in san francisco but not the last. >> so i have a question for you. your wife says she wants a diamond. what's your limit? >> i choose not to answer that question. >> i'm putting you on the spot, come on. >> how much would you demand of your husband? >> 25 $25 million. >> wow. >> that's how much this diamond is going for. >> what? >> i can only dream. $25 million though for this sky blue diamond on the auction block this week in swiz. land. it's beautiful. more than eight carats and it's one of the largest kind to be
5:47 am
sold. i'm going to text your wife today and tell her. >> yeah, okay. . >> just dye some glass and get it for like $20. >> it's not the same. >> but if you don't know. [ laughter ] >> i don't understand this obsession with diamonds. >> personally, i prefer a previntage type of ring. don't have to be bring. >> right. >> one with a history, right? >> yeah. >> okay, i like the bring. >> i like blining. . a traffic alert issued this morning, eastbound 80 connector to westbound 580 is closed due to a fatal two car crash. from oakland or berkeley into the richmond san rafael bridge, it's causing major problems so we suggest you find an alternate route or wait until it's cleared out.
5:48 am
this is a traffic alert and it's going to take 30 minutes or more so we'll keep you posted. in the area you're moving at 14 miles per hour so pretty slow conditions over there on eastbound 80 in albany here. let's move to highway four from antioch to pittsburgh. 30 miles per hour through here. hill crest avenue to highway 242 will take you a slow 25 minutes and moving down to the altamont pass traffic which is bad of course, 205, you're inching your way through at 12 miles per hour. speeds do get better once we hit north land road, coming up to 31 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will take you up to 50 minutes and moving to' lot of fog across the san mateo bridge, 80 to 801 that will take you 20 minutes. what's up with this fog? >> well, it's that time of year. i think we will continue to see fog really through the season frankly. here's a look at the golden
5:49 am
gate bridge. you can see certainly reduced visibility crossing the bridge this morning. temperatures in the 40s and 40s. 48 in santa rosa as well as livermore and 51 in concord. >> high pressure is holding steady for one more day. yes, the fog will mix out later today and we'll get sunshine but an area of low pressure off to our north. weak weather system moving through tomorrow and it's bringing a chance of showers primarily for the north bay at first and rest of us later. here we are this afternoon, late morning at 11:00 and still seeing the fog lingering. it will start to lift a bit so really more in the form of low clouds and gray skies. we will see sunshine later today falling back to the coast and mixing out. here we are tuesday afternoon around lunchtime where you see clouds for most folks so increasing clouds for most of us and chance of showers on tuesday for the north bay. not a big rain out and not a
5:50 am
huge soaker but watch this. moving on through wednesday, the skies clear but future cast hitting the possibility of stray showers post frontal showers for wednesday into thursday. so late afternoon evening wednesday and thursday. however, we will see clear skies overnight and that could mean some frost by thursday morning. in the meantime, here's what to expect. one more fair day today with plenty of sunshine. cooler tuesday increasing clouds for most of us and chance of rain in the north bay. next week if you're looking for rain, that is this weekend and we will see a pretty impressive weather system moving in. high temperatures today really from the low 60s to the mid 70s depending on where you are in the extended forecast. sunshine for most later today and chance of showers tuesday and possibly some lingering wednesday and sunshine thursday and friday and a better chance of rain this weekend. you can now try out a bed after ordering online, or even buy fr 's delivered
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your door. forget the show room, you can now order online or fruit, a look at how people are using e commerce in a whole new way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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because more and more companies are betting we'll buy these goods - on the web. it's why "amazon fresh" is expanding to more than a dozen big cities in the u-s. and "warby parker" can offer glasses at under a hundred dollars a pair - minus the middle man. a company called "casper" is . amazon fresh is expanding across the country and casper, a company proving you can buy a mattress on the internet. they had $100 million in sales chlts one customer explains why she bought into the bold idea i hated the feeling of walking around and testing out beds on the show room floor. it wasn't for me. >> casper is also hoping to give pets a good night sleep. the company now sells dog mattresses. a pilot program making home deliveries in redwood. some tests are underway but the
5:55 am
company premiers next month. this robot delivered cookies from a local bakery to a customer's door. they are equipped with nine cameras and a u man operator watches remotely. the operator can also call police if someone tries to steal one of the robots. gas prices are heading down once again. the aaa auto group says it's about low demand and plenty of supply. the national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $2 and 16. looking at our local me troer areas 272 in oakland and $2 and 75 in san francisco. cars much much smaller than any we have seen on the bay bridge, the chemical car powered competition is underway at the hilton square. these were created by college students around the world and one is powered by the combo of
5:56 am
beef liver and peroxide. how do they get that idea? whoever can get their cars closest on the line to the floor wins $2,000. british swimmers trying to break a world record. >> he dove into the atlantic yesterday and doesn't plan to step on dry land for the next five months. he plans to swim nearly 2,000 miles to brazil. he's been training for the last three years to be the first person to swim from continent to continent and he's expecting to step ashore in brazil by march. today angry south bay residents get the chance to sound off over huge increases to their water bills. foming the election, it's been hostile in a lot of places. some people are trying to bring a more peaceful tone to the city of san francisco. we'll tell you how. . ,,,,,,,,,,
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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and i'm kenny choi. donald trump is addressing some of the big concerns about his impending presidency --- as protests against the president- elect continue across the country. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward is live in san francisco -- where a couple of very different kinds of demonstrations are planned for this morning. it's been an emotional week, regardless of what side you're on. and we ve seen it go through many phases. today, one group is offering a way to heal. it's called the "wall of empathy" and it's drawing inspiration from an art installation that was set up in new york the day after the election. today in sf at the montgomery, 16th street mission, and 24th street misson bart stations, people will be encouraged to write messages of hope and peace. then starting at 10, mayor ed lee wil be holding a rally at city hall to reaffirm san francisco's status as a y city. president-el rump has threatened it's been an emotional week. a group in san francisco is offering a way to heal with the wall of empathy. it's inspired by an art installation set up a day of the election. this is the at the 16th street montgomery mission. starting at 10:00 the mayor is holding a rally at city hall to reaffirm san francisco's status


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