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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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street. it's a four to five-car pile-up right now and that traffic is backed up all the way beyond marina boulevard in san leandro. and as you can see, in the area, traffic moving at just 12 miles per hour. as you saw in the live feed there, traffic was very stop and go, slow on 238 coming on to 880, as well. crews are on scene and traffic is moving pretty well on the side of the accident there. but otherwise, traffic is again backed up into san leandro past marina boulevard. we'll keep you posted on how this accident is clearing out of the roadways here. we don't have reports yet of tow trucks obscene. but we will let you know when this is fully cleared and how your east bay commute is looking on southbound 880. kenny, i'll send it back to you. all over the country college students are taking a stand against donald trump's promise to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. from stanford to cal state los angeles, to yale university, young people are making their voices heard. and now there's a push to
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create sanctuary campuses. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at ucsf to tell us what's happening today. anne. >> reporter: we have been hearing from students and now we are hearing from more state officials. lieutenant governor gavin newsom is going to be here today to basically reiterate what we just heard from the chancellor of the cal state system. campuses will not be cooperating with federal immigration law unless forced to. basically making them sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants. this week, students across the nation staged walkouts. we saw several here in the bay area. many of the students with their own personal stories of living in fear of deportation! >> for us, a sanctuary campus, um, means to become a campus where we embrace and support and fight for our undocumented community. >> reporter: she is one of thousands of students calling for all colleges to limit cooperation with federal law.
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of course, contact how that works is a gray area. we'll get specifics from the lieutenant governor. today's event at 12:30 and there are going to be students from uca cal state system. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a woman in fremont says she was the target of a hate crime because of her head scarf. nickie says someone shattered her windshield and left a note when she was hiking. the person who left the note thought she was wearing a hijab worn by muslim women. it said she should get out of our country. nickie is currently in the middle of a 65-day hike for peace because of the election. meanwhile in danville, many are wondering who would scribble this in a boy's bathroom. student at monte vista high were startled to see the word white and colored. the school is working to figure
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out who did it. president-elect donald trump meets with japan's prime minister today as he continues to push back against reports that his transition team is in chaos. today trump's camp is expected to unveil the first wave of landing teams which will set up staff in key agencies like the state and justice departments. the president-elect also has been meeting with several people considered for key cabinet posts. today he will meet with south carolina governor nikki haley and florida governor rick scott. last night hillary clinton made her first public appearance since her concession speech. the former secretary of state urged americans disheartened by trump's victory not to lose hope. >> i ask you to stay engaged. stay engaged on every level. we need you. america needs you. your energy, your ambition, your talent. that's how we get through this. that's how we help to make our contributions to bend the ark
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of the moral universe toward justice. >> she made the remarks last night while being honored by the children defense fund the nonprofit where she started her career. the holiday travel season begins tomorrow and the san francisco airport expects this season to be busier than last. the airport predicts 6.5 million passengers through january 2. that would be a 5.7% increase over a year ago. the busiest day is expected to be the sunday after thanksgiving. big crowds are also expected at oakland and mineta san jose international airport. time now 6:04. let's check in with julie. >> yeah. we are off to a chilly start this weekend. and actually, you know, looking ahead to thanksgiving weekend it looks like we might have another storm system on the way. so i'm just going to throw that out there. you can start thinking about that now. we'll talk about what's going to happen in the meantime. outside now temperatures are in the 30s and 40s throughout the bay area. 35 in santa rosa. 49 in oakland. [ clearing throat ] >> 40 in concord. 38 in livermore, 49 in san
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francisco. [ scratchy voice ] >> we have a frost advisory in effect through 8:00 this morning. this of course for the north bay valleys. likely those wind sheltered areas. temperatures down into the low to mid-30s. certainly bring your pets indoors this morning folks. give yourself extra time to warm up the car as well before heading to work and certainly grab a jacket. it is chilly out there. that's of course our first weather headline. sunshine though and mild both today and tomorrow. temperatures today similar to yesterday. and then the rain returns this weekend. and we'll have heavy rain. a couple of dry days, plenty of sunshine, 58 in pacifica, low 60s at the bay. then low to mid-60s for the warmer spots inland today. futurecast showing when that rain arrives. and as we pause it here at 4 a.m. on saturday morning, notice that's when the rain begins in the north bay. and it will continue to spread south and east throughout the day saturday lingering on into sunday. i will time it out for you
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coming up in your full forecast. but first, a look ahead to the big game this weekend. berkeley mid-60s rain likely for that big game if you want to grab a poncho or umbrella. back to you guys. >> thank you. here's a live look at san francisco's ocean beach. quite dark out there right now. but when the sun comes up in about an hour, crews will begin moving thousands of tons of sand. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san francisco on why this type of erosion work is now a pressing need across the bay area. maria. >> reporter: kenny, you can easily see the erosion here on the 3.5-mile stretch of ocean beach. this is what crews are dealing with and in less than an hour they are going to be trucking tons and tons of sand from the north side of the beach to the south side of the beach where they are really seeing a lot of erosion. now, just last month the coastal commission reported that the sea level here in california will rise as much as 66 inches by the year 2100 and they say if we don't do something right now, that it
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will be too late. meanwhile, over at fort funston scientists are measuring the erosion. >> it's always been difficult to measure cliffs especially, think about trying to get out there with, you know, a survey rod or something. of course we wouldn't do that, it's too dangerous. >> reporter: and we have literally seen erosion happen right in front of our eyes over in pacifica. it was just earlier this year that they had to demolish an apartment building before it went over the cliff over there. back here at ocean beach, crews are trying to protect a treatment plant as well as piping from erosion. they say this work will continue until december. so expect delays. live at ocean beach, maria medina, kpix 5. new this morning, police in kosovo say they stopped several potential terror attacks. they arrested 24 people with ties to isis. investigators say the suspects had planned several attacks including one on the israeli
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national soccer team. time now 6:07. police say that they have tracked down a couple of vandals who trashed the bay area school auditorium. and they have snapchat to thank. >> and one bay area principal has discovered that all it takes is a few dance moves to get her students excited about the schoolday. >> and we are off to a chilly start this morning. but we are tracking rain on the way. details coming up. >> and we have two traffic alerts issued by chp affecting your morning commute. we'll tell you exactly where it is and all the details when we come back. don't go anywhere. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces furniture" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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forecast in just a few minutes. a news conference is scheduled less than an hour from now... to provide new details on a good morning. clear skies ahead. it is a chilly start this
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morning with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. we'll warm up couple of mild days ahead and then rain this weekend. we are detailing your full forecast coming up. police say that they have tracked down two teenagers responsible for trashing a north bay auditorium just days before a school play. this was the mess at santa rosa high school two weeks ago. the students set and prop has trashed four days before the show. police say that this snapchat video led them to the suspects. one is shown throwing a spear prop from the stage. police arrested two 18-year-old suspects. today university of california regents are expected to wrap up discussions of a proposed tuition increase. the plan would raise undergrad tuition by about $280 a year starting next fall. a final decision is not expected until january. a uc spokesman says financial aid will cover the increase for about 3/4 of the students. a tuition increase is also being considered for students
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in the california state university system. sometimes it's hard to get up in the morning especially of in you're on the morning show or if you're in middle school. >> but a principal in san ramon is making sure her students start off on the right foot. gale ranch middle school is this week's "cool school." >> reporter: the sun is barely up and all is quiet at the school in san ramon. but it all changes as soon as principal sue goldman walks out on the sidewalk. ♪[ music ] she rolls out her disco box every morning. she just starts grooving. ♪[ music ] >> it's selfish. it's a great way to start the day. >> reporter: she started it last year to get her students energized about going as to class. >> it worked. >> say for example you have a test during school and it's nice to just let loose and,
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like, let go of your worries. >> when i see her happy it kind of makes me happy at the same time too because i would love to have a happy teacher every day. >> reporter: her playlist is as diverse as the school's student body. a little earth wind and fire, some justin timberlake and throw in the cue bid shuffle, her dance moves get everyone going. ♪[ music ] >> is she a good dancer? >> yes, she is a very good dancer, she has some moves. >> i'm not a great dancer. i am not. and when they see me, i don't care what it looks like. i don't care what i look like. i don't care how foolish it looks. i'm going to do it any way because it makes me feel good so i want them to feel good. >> reporter: as long as everyone is feeling good, she will continue the dance party. >> i just did not anticipate the amount of attention that it's gotten, the amount of positive emails, phone calls,
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it's -- people like to be positive and happy. our kids need it, doesn't matter the race or religion. we all have the human connection. and the kids get it. ♪[ music ] >> good morning. >> yeah. >> the kids absolutely love her and i love it. she always takes the party box or what's it called? the disco box into the building so sometimes during meetingser she will just start dancing. >> it's club gale ranch! >> good way to start the day positive to get the students going. >> we want to see the team in the morning dancing. >> okay. i'll do it. >> you will probably play hamilton, right?
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>> it's stuck in my head. what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and featu re your school on the show. >> by need to talk about traffic. we have two major traffic alerts in the east bay and south bay. hayward southbound 880 before "a" street a five-car crash and backup is all the way to davis street right now. also, slow on to 880 from 238 in san leandro. now, as your alternate because you will want to avoid this area right now, if you are heading out the door, take east 14th street that turns into mission boulevard. this is if you are trying to get from hayward -- from san leandro into hayward. this runs parallel to 880 and it will be definitely a better drive. better san leandro into hayward. let's move to the other traffic
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alert issued this morning by chp. northbound 880 at highway 237 in milpitas. it's a multi-vehicle crash and get this reports are saying it's involving 10 cars right now. so let's head to a live look at it. we have live footage crews on scene here and as you can see, traffic is actually stopped right before the scene so you're not even moving right now and that's again a major accident on 880 in milpitas. a multi-vehicle car crash involving 10 cars backed up beyond montague parkway. thank you for the live look. look at that. wow! that's incredible. this is a terrible, terrible commute. if you can avoid this area, please do. thank you, roqui. i'll take it over here. we are take a look at the bay bridge this morning. clear skies, you know, this just looks like a cold shot to me. we have clear to skies a cool air mass in place and we are off to a chilly start this morning with light winds
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temperatures in the 30s and 40s. pretty much throughout the bay area. 35 in santa rosa right now. 38 in livermore. we are at had 4 in san jose. a chilly start, it will feel warmer. the chilly start is our biggest weather headlines this morning. this is our biggest weather headline as we look to the weekend. an impressive weekend storm taps into the subtropical moisture and that means it's going to be a wet one for us. we can time it out with futurecast starting off early friday morning, saturday morning, overnight friday into saturday. we see the rain widespread rain beginning in the north bay. and then spreading south and east throughout the day on saturday. lingering into sunday with those post frontal showers likely on sunday. maybe even a few stray showers continuing on into monday. so the storm totals for the entire weekend take a look at this. we're looking at maybe 1.5" possible up north in ukiah.
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over an inch for many spots around the bay area. just under that for many spots, as well. so pretty impressive when you consider our rainfall totals average for the entire month are between 3, 3.5". this is going to be a good soak they are weekend. and we can sure use it. high temperatures today though in the meantime will be mild. and we will see sunshine for the next couple of days. so if you would like to clean out your gutters, get ready for the rain and now's the time to do it. we are in the upper 50s along the coast. low 60s around the bay. and then low to mid-60s for the warmer spots inland today. tomorrow, slightly warmer still. sunrise today 6:53. sunset tonight is 4:57. let's take a look at some weekend events. expect rain saturday and likely sunday, as well. this weekend at the embarcadero center ice rink it will be in the low 60s with definitely a chance, rain this weekend. downtown ice rink is open. cloudy and wet this weekend in the upper 60s for you there in
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san jose. and cloudy with rain as well in walnut creek this weekend 65 degrees. at least they have a little overhang there. marin on ice this weekend san rafael 62 degrees there. so here's what to expect. as we make our way through the next couple of days, dry thursday, friday, temperatures actually warmer on friday than today. but then the rain begins saturday continues sunday. may see a couple of lingering showers into monday. dry midweek. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, what happens when a pack of deer runs right through a cross-country team? we are going to show you and why one warriors won't be inviting the singer drake over for dinner anytime soon. those stories coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. when the warriors go on the road it's like a circus. last night in toronto singer drake had his own special night to fire up raptor fans. drake wearing a shirt with espn it's doris burt front and center right there. toronto raced out to a lead in the first but the warriors never out of it. curry hangs in the air get the foul part of a 23-6 run with a halftime lean. in the 3rd quarter curry to kevin durant for a dunk. they combined for 65 points. warriors win 127-121. some of the warriors are friends with drake but kevin durant is not one of them. >> he put the team on the sideline. [ indiscernible ] >> and this was drake night here and he is the one -- give me a taste of what the trash talk was like, what the interaction is like with your buddy there. >> [ indiscernible
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drake night. cal's star ivan rabb watching from the bench as the bears host the uc-irvine team. cal trailed most of the game but charlie moore out of chicago scored 38 points the most ever by a bear freshman. cal forced over time to beat the anteaters 75-65. a college cross-country race in pennsylvania herd of deer runs through the race nailing one of the runners. we'll show you again. the kid got back up and finished his race. i'm not sure about the deer. even though he got hit by bambi on steroids. i always thought about taking cross-country, but i was worried about the deer. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. it is 6:25. a new effort is under way to save wild pelicans being killed at popular fishing spots around the bay area. >> reporter: being a sanctuary campus is not just a theory
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anymore. government is getting behind it. we'll tell you what we are expecting from the lieutenant governor today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,
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the election of donald trump has some bay area teachers pushing to add a controversial new lesson plan to the curriculum. >> it's us against mother nature. how much the sea level is expected to rise in california and what we're doing to fight it. >> and we're off to a chilly start today but we're also tracking rain on the way. what to expect this weekend coming up. and here's a live look right behind me of the traffic alert in milpitas causing major slowdowns. how to avoid it. we'll tell you when we come
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back. good morning, it's thursday, november 17. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. later today, lieutenant governor gavin newsom is meeting with college students. he is going to talk about donald trump's threat to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in ucsf to tell us what changes students want to see. anne. >> reporter: newson is trying to ease student fears by this appearance to reiterate what we just heard from the chancellor of the cal state system. campuses will not be enforcing federal immigration law unless forced to. the law is murky but there's consider with the new administration this will change. making these universities sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants. this week students across the nation staged walkouts at yale university, cal state l.a. and stanford. many of them with their own
6:31 am
personal stories of living in fear. >> i want future undocumented students to feel like this is their home that someone is there for them. i'm not fighting for me because i only have one year left. this is for the freshmen that's gonna come in. >> reporter: she is an illegal immigrant from el salvador at santa clara university calling for all colleges to limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities. so the event here at uc-mission bay starts at 12:30 this afternoon including students from the cal state and uc system. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. fremont police are investigating a hate crime at the cainan taiwanese christian church. these swastikas were put into an entrance before the elections. the vandals wrote the word die on the window. protestors taking to the streets after donald trump's election night victory have shifted their focus to a crowd of demonstrators gathering in los angeles last night to call
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for the removal of steve bannon as the president-elect's chief adviser. bannon ran the "alt right" website breitbart news and has alleged ties to white supremacist groups. protestors say that "alt right" is just a euphemism for white supremacy and someone like that has no business in the white house. about 500 people of all ages gathered at l.a. city hall last night for the march. the demonstration did remain peaceful. house democrats are joining protestors in their call for donald trump to rescind his appointment of bannon. in a letter to the president- elect, democrats called bannon a supporter of anti-semitism, misogyny and racism. they cited stories from his website that are derogatory towards jews and muslims. a radio interview also surfaced from last year where he said there are too many asian tech execs in silicon valley. meanwhile, a san francisco teacher is facing criticism for a lesson plan she is pushing in
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the district to give students reflecting on the recent election. one passage reads, quote, let's not sidestep the fact that a racist and sexist man has become the president. >> we should all take this stance. you know? and we should create spaces in our schools and in our communities where students can have their voices heard. >> it's boiling down to the results of a national election where 60 million people voted for this gentleman to become the next president. two words, racist and sexist. >> in response to our calls, the school district issued a statement that promised this is just one of many optional lesson plans following the election. this morning a san francisco ocean beach crews will start moving thousands of tons of sand. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san francisco on why this erosion work is such a pressing need throughout the bay area. i'm going to go ahead and show you, kenny. look at the erosion going on behind me here. this is what crews are dealing with starting at 7:00 here in about half-hour.
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crews will start loading up tons and tons of sand and moving it from the north side of the beach to the south side of the beach. now, it was just last month that the coastal commission reported that the sea level here in california is expected to rise as much as 66 inches by the year 2100 and they have a dire warning! they say if we don't do something now, it will be too late! meanwhile, over at fort funston, scientists over there are measuring the erosion. >> you can see how soft the cliff is. that material is just falling apart in my hands. >> reporter: how much of the cliff eroded here at fort funston? you see those concrete structures in the sand? they used to be on cliff top. >> reporter: and that was andria borba's package from, um, last month over at fort funston. you know, we have actually seen a rowings happening right before our eyes over in pacifica they have had to demolish an apartment building before it could go over the eroding cliffs over there.
6:35 am
back here at ocean beach, crews say that work out here will take up until december so expect some delays. live in ocean beach, maria medina, kpix 5. it is 6:35 right now. let's check the weather with julie. >> it is chilly this morning. that's our primary weather headline today but, of course, i think the overall most important weather headline is the rain that's coming this weekend. you definitely want to get prepared for that. it's cold. santa rosa 35. livermore 38. 40 concord. 49 oakland and san francisco. 44 in san jose. we do have a frost advisory in effect for the north bay counties. this will expire at 8:00 this morning. overnight lows are dipping down into the low to mid-30s this morning. so definitely a chilly start. we will warm up later today. we'll see plenty of sunshine both today and tomorrow. temperatures today similar to yesterday. rain though does return this weekend and that's really going to be the big weather event for us. in the meantime, another
6:36 am
relatively mild day on the cool side of average topping out in the upper 50s along the coast and low 60s around the bay. low to mid-60s for the warmer spots inland. it might feel a little warmer today than yesterday due to the lack of wind. but temperature-wise we are right around the same warming up a little more tomorrow before we see this. rain approaching from the north beginning in the north bay overnight friday into saturday. spreading south saturday and through the rest of the weekend. i will time it out for you coming up in our full forecast in just a bit. in the meantime, roqui is timing out what looks like a rough morning commute. >> yeah, absolutely rough in milpitas and also in hayward. but let's start in milpitas here where we do have this traffic alert. northbound 880 at highway 237, it's a multi-vehicle crash and reports are saying it's involving 10 cars here. now, it was blocking all lanes. but now it's the two left lanes are open. and that backup is all the way to brokaw road. chopper is out there to give you a visual here.
6:37 am
look at that! that's major, major backups. traffic is stopped. it's not even moving. and it's all the way again to brokaw road. now as an alternate, definitely suggest you consider this. take northbound 680 instead. wow, that's an extreme amount of backup. again, to brokaw road northbound 880 at highway 237 northbound. hayward another traffic alert to tell you about here. this is northbound 880 -- excuse me, let's move over now -- here we are, southbound 880 before "a" street. this is a five-car crash and now all lanes are cleared. but that traffic is still backed up all the way to davis street in san leandro. 238 is also backed up on to 880 and that backup is all the way to 580. as an alternate route here, if you want to avoid this, east 14th street from san leandro into hayward, probably will be your best bet. that's a look at your traffic. i'll send it to you guys. new information on the murder of a marijuana farmer in
6:38 am
laytonville. investigators say they are now looking for eight suspects. then that all of them worked for the victim on his property near highway 101. they think that the suspects beat him to death then stole nearly $100,000 worth of marijuana. investigators did arrest one man 24-year-old zachary wilshire. they say the other suspects are likely out of state. the city of san francisco is working to make sure fishermen and pelicans are no longer at odds. after a filmmaker noticed the birds were getting tangled in fishing line and hooks. this week crews installed special receptacles in areas. a tenth one will be put in by pier 30. a california prison worker is crying foul after he says he was sent home for supporting donald trump. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the big board now. you can see the dow is up about 13 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial
6:39 am
reporter jason brooks. ,, ,, (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco,
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and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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good morning, welcome back. we are taking a look at your highs today around the bay topping out in the mid-60s. upper 50s in pacifica, half moon bay inland temperatures, mid-60s for brentwood. antioch, 53 in pittsburg. 63 in pleasant hill. around the bay cooler. 60 daly city today. 58 bodega bay. stinson beach 62.
6:43 am
up north 57 ukiah. 59 clearlake. 63 rohnert park. we are off to a chilly starts. we have rain on the way. a california prison worker was sent home from work for wear a pro trump t-shirt. leo sanchez works for the california medical facility in vacaville. his right to free speech was violated when he was told to change. the department of corrections says that state employees can wear shirts and buttons with political messages if they don't have contact with the public or inmates. >> you know, i just expressed an opinion, you know? trump is my president. he won fair and square. and people it's time to get everyone to get back to you together you know kumbaya. >> sanchez claims that people he works with have worn shirts that support hillary clinton. the department of correction says it is investigating the claim. shareholders are voting on whether to approve the merger of two silicon valley companies. more on that from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ferris wheel go to the traffic reportfirst to roqui?
6:44 am
instead of traffic now to kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. [ pause ] let's go to traffic. are you sure? [ laughter ] >> okay. let's head over now to milpitas. we have a major traffic alert here backing traffic up very, very far. northbound 880 at highway 237. it's a multi-vehicle car crash here. and reports are saying it's involving 10 cars. now, this backup again is to highway 101 now. it was to brokaw just in our last report. but now it's all the way to 101 in san jose. now, we have chopper live for you to give you -- to further illustrate here what that accident is looking like. you see chp there investigating but we have major backups and it's extended all the way to 101. now, as your alternate, because you will want to avoid this area, we are suggesting you take northbound 680. look at that. it extends further and further to highway 101 in san jose. again, this is in milpitas. it happened about an hour ago
6:45 am
and it's been out there since the northbound 880 at highway 237 was blocking all lanes and now those two left lanes are open for traffic to move through but as you can see, traffic is not moving all the way to highway 101 in san jose. now let's move over to hayward here. southbound 880, this was another traffic alert earlier that has now been canceled because all cars are moved off the road. this is before "a" street. it was a five-car crash but still, a lot of residual backup here into davis street in san leandro. 238 also backed up to 580. as your alternate because although this is cleared out there is still backup so you might want to take east 14th street from san leandro into hayward if you are headed out the door. julie, i'll send it to you. >> thanks, roqui. we are tracking chilly temperatures out the door this morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s pretty much areawide. we have clear skies over the bay bridge. we really have a beautiful shot to start off your day. take a look at the current temperatures around the bay this morning. 38 in livermore. 35 in santa rosa.
6:46 am
44 right now in san jose. we have warmed up to 50 degrees a balmy 50 in oakland this morning [chuckling] and 40 right now in concord. satellite perspective shows really what is the bigger weather story. it's moving in this weekend. area of low pressure our weekend storm will actually sink south a bit and tap into the subtropical moisture helping to really enhance our rain chances or really rainfall totals because i would say much more than a chance, we are going to see rain this weekend. here's a look at futurecast. it kind of paints a picture for you. starting off at 2 a.m. saturday morning, and that's when we start to see the widespread rain beginning in the north bay. it spreads south throughout the day saturday. looks like it will stall on saturday. so we will likely see plenty of rain saturday and then continuing on into sunday with lingering showers kind of post frontal rain showers lingering into monday. two-day total saturday and sunday combined we could see up to an inch for many locations. an inch and a third for places
6:47 am
like santa rosa over 1.5" possible for the northern portions of the state. certainly going to add to our rain bucket for this season. this month our average rainfall totals are three to 3 1/2 inches. so this will be a really nice addition to our rain totals for this month. high temperatures in the meantime will be mild today on the cool side of average. similar to yesterday we are going to get rid of that wind so it might feel watcher. upper 50s at the coast, low 60s around the bay and low to mid- 60s form the warmer spots inland. warmer still tomorrow as we make our way towards the weekend and then of course rain for this weekend. sunrise today 6:53 and sunset tonight 4:57. and a tour of some outdoor events this weekend, definitely grab your poncho or your umbrella. this weekend at the embarcadero center will see rain saturday. sunday might be the better day to hit the ice rink in downtown san jose. cloudy with a chance of rain
6:48 am
but likely more rain on saturday. upper 60s for you there. walnut creek mid-60s and cloudy with rain again more rain saturday than sunday. similar story for marin where temperatures will be topping out in the low 60s. extended forecast shows though before we get to the rain temperatures are nice and mild mid-60s today. near 70 for the warmest spots tomorrow. and then rain begins saturday. pretty much a rainout saturday. lingering showers sunday. possibly into monday. and then we do dry tuesday into wednesday. back to you guys. >> today university of california regents are expected to close a loophole in the system's sexual harassment policy. it was prompted by the case of a uc professor accused of sexual harassment at a business he runs. the uc was unable to discipline him because he was off duty at the time of the incident. shareholders are voting today on whether to approve a merger of two big silicon valley companies. for that we have kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
6:49 am
>> reporter: good morning. a big day for tesla and solarcity shareholders. they will vote after the closing bell on tesla's proposed $2.3 billion merger. elon musk says this merger makes sense and it's the next logical step in clean energy and turning away from fossil fuels. investors in a number of wall street critics think that this could be a problem for tesla down the road as solarcity burns through cash and tesla needs all resources to begin the massive production of its next generation model 3 in late 2017. a couple of key economic reports out today. home construction surged higher in october. it was the biggest one month gain in 25 years. also the highest level of activity since 2007. unemployment claims fell by 19,000 down to the lowest level since 1973. stock market fairly flat this morning. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing so far. hoping to get the dow back into the winning side after its
6:50 am
winning streak was snapped yesterday and so far the blue chips up 17 points. nasdaq gaining 7 and the s&p is up 4 points in the early going. back to you. >> thank you. , jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." charlie rose joins us now from new york. good morning, charlie. >> good morning. we will get the latest on the trump transition from adviser kellyanne conway. and we have the first interview with jon stewart since the election. how the former "daily show" host series host sees the state of the union. all of that and more, the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> jon stewart will make it funny. all right, charlie, thanks so much. see you at 7:00. ♪[ music ] time now 6:50. out of control wildfires burning in six states have now sent hundreds of people to the hospital. >> and finding sanctuary on college campuses, there is a new push to ignore federal policy. we'll tell you about it next. ,,,,,,
6:51 am
♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all.
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not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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the position suddenly opened up in june, when chief sean whent resigned. mayor libby schaaf says the city will start conducting interv oakland is not taking candidates for police chief. mayor libby schaaf says the city will start conducting interviews next month with the current applications. there should be a new police chief by january if all goes as scheduled. president-elect donald trump may be looking at nikki haley to be his secretary of state. despite their rocky past trump is set to meet with the south carolina governor today. he will also meet with former secretary of state henry kissinger and florida governor rick scott. democrats have tapped new york senator charles schumer to replace outgoing senate minority leader harry reid. he had a long and contentious history with president-elect
6:55 am
trump. republicans re-elected mitch mcconnell as senate majority leader. fire crews are battling major wildfires in six states across the southeast. upwards of 30 large fires have scorched more than 80,000 acres and filled skies across the region with a smoky haze. the air quality is so bad in tennessee that more than 200 people have gone to the hospital with breathing difficulties. in just a few minutes, crews in san francisco will begin trucking sand from the north end of ocean beach to the southern end. it's an effort to prevent beach erosion. expect lane closures and detours in the area through next month. the uc board of regents wraps up their annual budget discussion today. a big issue on the table is a proposal to raise undergrad tuition by about $280 per year starting next fall. a final decision will come in january. i'm anne makovec live at ucsf where lieutenant governor gavin newsom will be speaking today reiterating what we just heard from the chancellor of
6:56 am
the cal state system. that campuses will not enforce federal immigration policy unless forced to by law. basically, making them sanctuaries for unundocumented immigrants. this week, students across the nation staged walkouts many of them with their own personal stories of living in fear of deportation. >> i'm terrified! every day, what's going to happen now that he is open and isn't shy about saying that he will deport us? >> reporter: it is one of thousands of students calling for all colleges to limit cooperation with the federal immigration authorities. the details of those sorts of sanctuary policies are murky. may hear more details this afternoon at 12:30 from the lieutenant governor. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. 6:56. let's take a look here at a chp- issued traffic alert. it is now canceled and traffic is moving in milpitas. this is due to a major accident on 880 northbound right at highway 237 there. it was blocking all lanes and
6:57 am
now again lanes are open and traffic is moving smoothly. it was a ten car pile-up and it's backed up traffic beyond highway 101 in san jose as an alternate route though if you want to avoid the lanes, take northbound 680. let's move to the hayward traffic alert that was issued earlier this morning, as well. that's been canceled. southbound 880 before "a" street, this five-car pile-up is now cleared from lanes. but that backup is still into davis street in san leandro. also 238 is backed up on to 880, as well. an alternate route if you would like to avoid these lanes, east 14th if you are traveling from hayward -- from san leandro into hayward. that's your traffic. i'll send it to you, julie, for some better news, i hope. >> thanks, roqui. yeah, our temperatures in the 30s this morning, mid-40s in san jose. and 50 right now in oakland. balmy compared to everywhere else. we will keep this frost advisory in effect for just a little while longer. it expires at 8 a.m. through the north bay valleys
6:58 am
lows right now still in the mid- 30s. later today mild, temperatures similar to yesterday but less wind will likely make them feel warmer. 58 in pacifica. low 60s around the bay. low to mid-60s for the warmer spots inland. we warm up more so tomorrow with plenty of sunshine topping out in the upper 60s ahead of this. approaching rain that moves in early saturday morning first for the north bay, spreading south for the rest of us by saturday afternoon. and then lingering sunday on into monday. in fact your extended forecast shows just that. a couple of days of sunshine, temperatures warming gradually for friday. and then saturday, wet, sunday lingering showers. maybe even on into monday. tuesday though wednesday, do look dry and a little another shadowing for you looks like we have another weather system for thanksgiving weekend. a true legend in broadcasting will be among this year's recipients of the presidential medal of freedom. vince scully announced for the brooklyn dodgers 67 years ago and remained with the team after it its move to los angeles and stayed on the job
6:59 am
until he retired at the end of this past season. other recipients at tuesday's white house ceremony include bruce springsteen, robert deniro and cicely tyson. this will be the final medal of freedom ceremony for president obama. in japan, dozens of people decided sipping a new wine from a standard glass was too square. so they flocked to a resort south of tokyo where as you drink this new flavor you bathe in it, as well. and you may be shocked to hear [chuckling] that sipping this flavor as they soak it in only costs $26. it's the 11th year in a row when 30 bottles of wine flow right into the hot tub and the resort even hires someone each year to pour wine on people if they want. children can dip as well in grape juice. vino therapy. >> i wonder if the wine is good for your pores. >> i was going to say it's good for your heart so maybe -- >> i have heard about spas that have wine baths like that. >> basketball players have also
7:00 am
done that. amari stoudemire in new york. >> vino therapy. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west, it is thursday, november 17th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump meets japan's prime minister today in his first face-to-face talk with a foreign leader as president-elect. and cbs news has learned who the front-runners are for several key cabinet positions. campaign manager kellyanne conway is with us in studio 57. deadly natural gas explosion rocked some illinois cities causing widespread damage. the shock waves were felt miles away. we're at the scene. >> and jon stewart's very first interview since the election. he talks with charlie about the power of government and the question he says no one asked donald trump. >> but we begin this morning


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