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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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focused on expanding medium scale manufacturing. >> we already have 600 manufacturing companies in the city. so we're manufacturing beer, wine, chocolates, ceramics, already. >> reporter: city leaders from the four largest bay area cities, san francisco, stay, oakland and fremont, came together at the manufacturing summit discussing their goal to bring more manufacturing jobs to the region. those four cities combined already have about 100,000 jobs at manufacturing companies. >> one out of every four jobs in fremont is connected to manufacturing. we are very proud to be the home of tesla which those numbers make it the largest manufacturer in the state of california. >> reporter: the ceo of the nonprofit sf made put on the event. she says even in this pricy region, manufacturing can thrive. >> it really is about growing what's already here. and i think people are always surprised that this is the second largest manufacturing region in the state and this is
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the biggest manufacturing state in the country. >> reporter: the mayors on stage said their goal to create a pipeline to fill middle class manufacturing jobs. >> we have talent and that talent us is just engineering or design -- isn't just engineering or design. it's the talent of an amazing population that comes with skills that can be added into the sector. >> reporter: bun business owner told us if it weren't for a -- one business owner told us if it weren't for a grant, her company wouldn't be open. so city support is critical in this expensive region. in san francisco, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> the bay area's four largest city have more than 3,000 manufacturing companies. home loans are getting more expensive since the election. interest rates are up a .5%. the average rates for a 30-year
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fixed-rate mortgage is about 4%. for a 15-year loan it's 3.14%. investors expect higher inflation if the trump administration spends more and cuts taxes. airbnb and other short-term rental companies are off the hook for now. today a judge blocked enforcement of a new san francisco ordnance. the new law would impose fines on people who rent rooms without registering. the city says only a fraction of the hosts are following the rules. but airbnb and home away are appealing saying they shouldn't have to police their clients. the district court judge hearing the case today scolded both sides and told them to negotiate a solution. they have until mid-december. until then, the enforcement is on hold. bay area students taking a stand walking out of class and asking universities to create a sanctuary campus. today at santa clara university, students and staff stood outside with signs and chanted, i am somebody. and i deserve full equality.
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lieutenant governor gavin newsom was at ucsf today. he pointed out donald trump's right-hand man used to push for sanctuary cities. >> rudy giuliani was an advocate, pro-active advocate, for sanctuary policy when he was mayor of new york. rudy giuliani his right hand was one of arguably the most eloquent spokesmen for sanctuary policy in the united states of america as a leading mayor making the case that keeps people safe, healthy and educated. >> just yesterday the chancellor of cal state announced that cal campus will not enforce federal immigration policy unless forced to by law. new at 6:00 an unusual election victory. an east bay man put his name on the ballot for his local school board. but then he had second thoughts. kpix 5's john ramos on the reluctant candidate who won. >> and victory is in sight! >> reporter: there were times
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in this election when it seemed candidates would say or do anything to win. and then there's brian lawrence who did absolutely nothing. >> i filled out the paperwork but had a long conversation with my wife and family and decided i wasn't going to run again but i was still on the ballot. >> reporter: brian works at a tech startup in san francisco but he also sits on the mount diablo school district board in concord. he decided to quit his re- election bit because his kids were sick of it and he really can't stand campaigning anyway. >> kind of feels like you're a teenager. you keep strange hours. you're going -- you eat really poorly and you're always asking people for money. >> reporter: so when others put up signs, brian didn't. and his campaign website still says, coming soon. so when the votes were counted, guess who was one of the winners? >> i didn't have any doubt that if i campaigned i would win. i didn't think that if i didn't campaign i would win. so that part surprised me. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it surprised his wife, too, in the kitchen the next morning. >> and she looks at me and she
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says, wow. and i say, wow. and then my son goes, today's my birthday. and we both look at him and we go, happy birthday! >> reporter: like i said, kids have a way of putting things in pur respective. now that brian's been elected, the question is, will he serve? listen up because we're breaking news here. >> and so we decided that, um, i will go ahead and serve for the next four years. >> reporter: maybe it's the power of incumbency or he is a nice guy. the voters decided that the best man for the job is a guy who doesn't want it. wonder where he would be now if he decided not to run for a different office. john ramos, kpix 5. >> brian says he actually lost the first time he ran to a retired teacher who also didn't campaign and spent most of the election season in hawaii. california prosecutors are putting bp on the hook for $14
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million accusing the company of storage violations at hundreds of gas stations around the state. attorney general kamala harris and alameda county's district attorney announced the settlement with bt today. prosecutors say the company improperly operated and maintained underground gas storage tanks and also bp tampered with leak detection devices over the course of 10 years. the settlement still needs final approval by alameda county superior court. bay area-based tesla and solarcity are on the way to becoming one company. today shareholders overwhelmingly approved a proposed merger. the combined companies would create a one-stop shop for solar panels and electric cars. tesla's ceo elon musk proposed the multi-billion-dollar deal in june. the terms will be announced later. shares of both companies were up in afternoon trading. alameda wants to build a new bridge to oakland just for bicyclists and pedestrians. the island's population is projected to increase roughly 5% by the year 2020 mostly on
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the west side. and already, traffic often clogs up the posey tube, the only way to drive in and out of west alameda. now neighbors in the city are talking about building a drawbridge over the estuary into jack london square 600 feet long. da lin asked about it. >> tens of millions of dollars to build this brink, what do you think when people say it's not worth it? >> the estimates are that over 6,000 biking and walking trips would be made across a bridge. that's 6,000 trips that wouldn't be taken through the posey tube. >> the u.s. coast guard has control over the estuary including restrictions on horizontal and vertical clearance. alameda is asking senator barbara boxer to talk to the coast guard about it. new at 6:00 a major housing project rejected not because of complaints about traffic or noise. but the type of people it could bring to the neighborhood. kpix 5's melissa caen is in san francisco's mission district with how gentrification could
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be the new weapon in the fight against development. >> reporter: parking spaces, air quality, and now culture. >> people are starting to look at gentrification and its impacts on neighborhoods both in terms of the human cost as well as the environmental cost. >> reporter: on tuesday, the san francisco board of supervisors voted to delay the construction of 157 new apartment units right here behind me at 1515 south van ness avenue. 1515 south van ness is in a latino cultural district. weaver is a lawyer for the district. he says that when wealthy people move in latino culture suffers. >> we're talking about keeping people who don't make a lot of money from being overtaken by people who do. and where does the latino culture fit into that? >> well -- [ sigh ] -- it's a question -- i mean, the way i look at it, it's a question who is living in the neighborhood? and we all know that latinos
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don't earn as much money as nonlatinos. so in a way just -- there's not really a difference between culture and economics in this respect. >> reporter: but sonya trout who heads up a pro development group says not so fast! >> it's not only in the middle of the country that there are people who are anxious about people different than them living near them. also here in san francisco, obviously. >> reporter: supervisor david campos represents the mission. what do you say to people who say this smells like discrimination? >> to the contrary i think it's the opposite of discrimination. we are talking about is trying to protect the diversity of this neighborhood and i think that being poor diversity doesn't mean you're for discrimination. >> reporter: weaver says physical impacts could include traffic from people who have to move out of the mission and then have to drive back in for work. and if there are impacts, what happens then? >> i'm not sure. >> no one seems to know what exactly is going to happen. >> reporter: still even weaver believes that the project will go forward eventually. >> i think we all have a very common understanding that, you
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know, there's going to be development. there's going to be some impacts and i think all of our goal is to minimize those impacts. >> reporter: the city is also considering labeling other neighborhoods as cultural districts. so we'll continue to debate how much change can a neighborhood take. melissa caen, kpix 5. a rolling gun battle on a bay area street. an elderly couple caught in the middle of it all. the wild ending to this neighborhood shootout. >> apartments gutted and witnesses say this was no accident. the sign this fire may have been a targeted attack. >> and the rise of robots in retail. the new kind of customer service debuting at bay area hardware stores. >> real live human beings continuing to bring you the weather for now on kpix 5. we are going to talk about a big pattern change that's coming. don't let the clear skies fool you. we have a lot of rain to talk about. i'll have it for you next. ,,,,
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in other words, no surprises. morning. hey, abby. like i said. the mayor. in a shooting. chopper five above the scene just an hour ago ... this is a cul de sac on maud a developing story in hayward. a u.s. marshal is involved in a shooting. chopper 5 above the scene just an hour ago. this is a cul-de-sac near kelly street.
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the marshal was shot while serving a warrants. this is the aftermath of a shootout and a head-on collision now two innocent people in the hospital. kpix 5 reporter devin fehely live in san leandro with details. >> reporter: even hours after this crash investigators are still here on the scene collecting evidence of the head- on collision that injured an elderly couple as well as the rolling gun battle that apparently triggered it all. two noises like a bang, bang. >> at first i thought they were shotgun blasts. >> reporter: it was in fact the sound of these two cars crashing inside this crumpled gray prius police say an elderly couple innocent bystanders caught in the aftermath of a shootout. >> the dark gray nissan was involved in a rolling gun battle with another vehicle that he would don't have a description yet that escaped -- that we didn't have a description yet that escaped. >> reporter: before police had a chance to respond they were flooded with new 911 calls this time about the crash. >> within a minute officers
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received additional 911 calls of the injury collision that happened on dowling boulevard. >> reporter: investigators say the nissan was riddled with bullets and one of its passengers was shot and bleeding his injuries non-life- threatening. the same however could not be said for the couple inside the prius. >> when the firefighters got here, they had to use the "jaws of life" to extract the driver of the vehicle who was transported to a trauma center. and some other special tools were used to get the passenger out of the vehicle. >> reporter: now, right now, as you heard, police say they do not have a description of the second car that was involved in the rolling gun battle. but with several witnesses to the shootout, you can believe that they are interviewing those witnesses in an effort to figure out who that second car was being driven by. in san leandro, devin fehely, kpix 5. at least one person is facing charges for shooting at two san jose police officers. it happened sunday near inpence high school. the officers on foot approached a group of men as part of a
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gang patrol. the men scattered. shots were fired. the police were not hurt. one person was arrested. other bay area news, a san jose fire department is investigating an early apartment fire. one firefighter got hurt and two people had to be rescued from a balcony. neighbors reported seeing someone throw something into the apartment which may have started that fire. two downstairs units completely gutted. ten people are displaced. a third arrest in a deadly beating that was captured on individual glow san francisco. a 67-year-old -- video in san francisco. a 67-year-old homeless man died after the attack two years ago. police have arrested the third and final suspect. two others were arrested late last month including this man, joseph stull, all charged with murder, robbery and elder abuse. san leandro police say that a child sex predator is behind bars now. 40-year-old ian teager is accused of befriending a 13- year-old girl on social media. he is said to have driven from
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patterson to san leandro to pick her up. he took her to a motel and she was victimized. >> she left home, skipped school, and went with a 40-year- old man to an east oakland motel room. >> investigators found evidence of more young victims. they could be in both the bay area and the central valley. power is restored to 30,000 customers in the east bay. a blown transformer is to blame. it tied up morning traffic with streetlights out including crow canyon road. san francisco's ocean beach looked like a construction site today. crews using heavy equipment moved sand around. kpix 5's maria medina shows us it is all in an effort to keep that beach from giving way. >> in the last year we lost 30 feet on the dunes. >> reporter: he has seen the earth give way feet by feet over the last 30 years.
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>> this went out another to 20, 30 feet a gradual slope with a beach all the way along here. we used to hang out on here. >> reporter: the coastal commission warned that if cities didn't act now we would pay the price here in california later. they predict the sea level to rise at the most 66 inches by the year 2100. >> it's been going on for years. >> reporter: starting today at ocean beach, crews began moving sand from the north side of the beach to the south side. >> short term solution is to move sand that's accumulating here at the north end of the beach where we are getting too much sand, moving it down to the south end of the beach where we are having chronic erosion and not enough sand. >> reporter: just one quick look and you can see where there once was a cliff. now they are trying to keep erosion from getting too close to a treatment plant and piping. while they say it's helping, everyone knows it's only a matter of time before the water takes over. and it's going to take crews up
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to six weeks to move 70,000 cubic yards of sand. this is this isn't first time they have done it and it won't be the last. they are looking at other solutions including building a seawall. at ocean beach, maria medina, kpix 5. well, a couple of sierra ski resorts are getting ready to open for the season. the snowmaking machines running at boreal mountain resort and they are going to open a limited number of runs starting tomorrow along with mount rose ski area. heavenly, squaw valley, appear pine meadows, north star open next wednesday. wow. >> ski season is here. >> and it's cold enough now that you can get the snow guns out. mother nature is not giving it, you know, you can get the snow guns to make some fake stuff until next week when the pattern changes. we are looking at a significant pattern change tomorrow. the last day that will be warmer than average and mainly dry for a while. we are going to see a decent amount of rainfall moving in. that's good. no rain in november for some of
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you. highs mild today. it felt warmer without the wind. traffic is bad if you want to get into san francisco on the bay bridge. lots of cars there. and i can see the brake lights lots of cars leaving the city, as well. napa today 62. fremont 62 degrees. so it was not that warm out there today. kpix 5 hi-def doppler showing mainly dry conditions throughout the bay area. we'll stay that way until saturday morning when the pattern will begin to change. now, san francisco this will be officially your first rainfall of the month. we are more than halfway through november. it has not rained in downtown san francisco yet and just a few drips in the south bay and santa rosa at 1/10 of one inch of rainfall. so your weather headlines, for the next couple of days another night tonight with valley frost. we had it in the north bay this morning. we'll have it once again tomorrow morning. we are talking lows in the 30s. santa rosa 36. napa 36. vallejo 39. and also chilly in the tri- valley livermore down to 36 degrees. proximity to water will keep
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you in the 40s. tomorrow mainly sunny skies and milder. fremont 68. livermore 68 degrees. concord 66. san jose 67. san rafael 64. midafternoon tomorrow when it's approaching 70 degrees with sunshine, you will really have no idea the changes that are coming. friday night the clouds move in. by saturday morning, the rain arrives. and we're going to have a decent amount of rainfall. saturday morning steady rainfall, showers saturday afternoon. sunday on-and-off showers throughout the day. we'll get a couple days break monday and tuesday but more rain in for wednesday the travel day. now thanksgiving which is actually in the seven-day forecast, crazy, that looks dry. but as we head toward two weekends from now we may have several rounds of rainfall after that. so after very dry weather for the first half of november, looks like the second half of november will be a whole different story. frankly we need it. >> we do. >> enjoy the rain. >> here comes the rain. a fancier side to fast food. mcdonald's bold plan to shake up how it serves your burger
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robots.. asking if you need help. nats (robot) "i'm lowes robot new at 6:00 there's a new type of employee rolling around several bay area hardware stores. don ford on the bilingual robots asking if you need help. >> i'm lowe's robot helper. i can tell you where things are in the store. can i help you find something? >> reporter: here it is. the lowe's hardware store latest piece of hardware a helpful robot they are call lowe-bot. it helps people find stuff. >> will it replace workers? >> no. it's an assistant to the store representative.
6:25 pm
>> i'm looking for hammers. >> reporter: it communicates with the store's central computer for a location using lidar, radars and cameras to navigate it takes you there. for a moment it was stumped by a busy aisle. eventually it found the hammers and the robot rep was relieved but what about real people? this guy wants a soft drink. >> i'm looking for soda. >> reporter: drain cleaner, nope. you have to be specific. >> do you have pepsi? >> reporter: sure, that worked but you have to be careful what you ask for. >> i followed it and it took me right to it. >> i'm the lowe's storrow boat helper. >> reporter: most folks didn't seem to know what it was. >> hello. can i help you find something? >> reporter: 22 of these robots will work in 11 lowe's stores in the bay area but sometimes
6:26 pm
you just need a real person? >> we just need a human being to help us. >> reporter: it seems to be doing a good job for the most part. now it will take time for people to get used to talking to a robot. in san jose, don ford, kpix 5. the world's biggest burger chain is changing things up a bit. actually a lot. mcdonald's employees are going to serve you at your table. the company says it's been testing the new service in about 500 locations and so far, it's a hit. the chain expects to expand next year including right here in the bay area. customers order either there at the counter or kiosk and then the employee delivers the food to you. the company says it wants to offer a more traditional dining experience. >> except for the part where you order your food from the robot. >> that's coming too! [ laughter ] coming up in the next half- hour, you are hired. president-elect donald trump is building his team. how he is turning to one of his fiercest critics possibly for a top cabinet post and first face-to-face meeting with a foreign leader as president. >> why buy when you can rent? the trailblazing company that lets you borrow designer clothes is trying a new strategy with a physical bay area store. ,,
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we'd do anything for kids. yet 1 in 6 children in the us struggle with hunger. help end childhood hunger near you. learn how at gentrification. city planners being told to study a proposed development our top stories at 6:30 a new strategy to save san francisco's mission district from gentrification. city planners told to study a
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proposed development based on its impact to local residents. how that will be determined is unclear. the mayors of the bay area's largest cities are joining forces to create new opportunities for factory workers. the leaders of san francisco, san jose, oakland and fremont held a summit today and talked about bringing in more manufacturing jobs for people with lower and middle incomes. and we just learned president-elect trump has offered retired lieutenant general michael flynn the job of national security adviser. new names being flowed as possible secretary of state, former cia director general david petraeus and former republican presidential nominee mitt romney who slammed trump as a phony and fraud during the campaign! romney is scheduled to meet this weekend with the president- elect. but today, mr. trump met in new york with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. his first visit with a foreign leader in his new role as president-elect. kenneth craig on the trump's busy day of meetings. >> reporter: they are meeting with lawmakers and politicians
6:31 pm
as the team works to fill the ranks of president-elect donald trump's new administration. former mayor rudy giuliani was there as was congressman who is on the house financial services committee. >> we were talk all different things. it was a wonderful conversation. >> reporter: published reports say mr. trump's son-in-law is being considered for a top level white house role. >> he is obviously a brilliant young man who donald trump trusts. >> reporter: mr. trump's campaign manager says appointments will likely be announced either right before or after thanksgiving. that falls in line with previous transitions. vice president-elect mike pence visited capitol hill today and took a selfie with house republicans. >> he encouraged anyone who was interested in serving in the cabinet to be submitting their names. >> reporter: mr. pence assured lawmakers the transition is going smoothly. >> very humbling to be back among my former colleagues. we are excited about moving the trump agenda forward. >> reporter: democrats on the
6:32 pm
hill are searching for their own way to work with the president-elect. >> infrastructure, innovation, and inclusion. all three of which strengthen each other. >> reporter: democrats say it's mr. trump's responsibility to bring people together. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. ohio congressman tim ryan says he will run for nancy pelosi's job as house minority leader sending a letter to house democrats saying, vote for me and i will dedicate all my efforts to lead us back into the majority. ryan pointed out democrats now have their smallest congressional minority since1929 but washington insiders say it would take a miracle to unseat nancy pelosi. president obama's making his sixth and final visit to germany while in office. he is stressing a message of solidarity amid concerns over the intentions of president- elect donald trump.
6:33 pm
>> my hope is that the president-elect coming intakes a similarly constructive approach finding areas where we can cooperate with russia where our values and interests align. >> german chancellor merkel and president obama hope to extend european sanctions on russia for its military intervention in ukraine. a push to permanently stop taking back the bonuses to military members is getting the backing of barbara boxer and dianne feinstein among a long list of democrats supporting a bill to stop so-called clawbacks. it comes after 10,000 army national guard members were told they had to pay back reinlistment bonuses because of a pentagon mistake. you may have questions about your health insurance with president-elect trump vowing to repeal and replace obamacare. a reporter sought answers today
6:34 pm
at a "covered california" meeting and spoke with people. >> reporter: some californians panicking about their healthcare coverage. officials with "covered california" say change takes time and for one woman, time is everything. >> i don't have any opportunities. i just am on disability and i lost my job. >> reporter: jones is one of many californians whose health care plans are up in the plan battling two different conditions relying on family to foot her medical bills. >> i don't know what's going to happen if they cut it off. it will be chaos. >> reporter: jones believes donald trump is going to get rid of the affordable care act months as he vowed to repeal and replace obamacare. trump's announcement is a concern for one woman who is against the thought of being told what to do with her body. >> as a woman i'm sure some women are concerned about that just because it's couldn't sentive like i get my birth control for free i can -- i don't have to worry about, um, things of that nature. so i really hope that they
6:35 pm
remain free and respectful. >> because of the election we have now a lot of market uncertainty. >> reporter: officials with "covered california" held a board meeting thursday discussing the future of health insurance coverage. so wanted to know how will "covered california" members be affected when trump takes office in january? >> replace is a complicated thing. this is a big law that's been in place for six years. unwinding it or taking pieces of it is not going to happen overnight. it's going to take time. >> reporter: he says californians can breathe because healthcare plans are already set for 2017 and any changes will take years to go into effect. now she is resuming the job hunt to qualify for healthcare coverage under "covered california." she is worried about the future. >> i'm going to have figure out how i can pay this $400 a month just for my mental meds. >> reporter: it's a waiting game for everyone. in the meantime healthcare officials advise californians to enroll by december 15th to get coverage by the first of
6:36 pm
the year. >> well, wells fargo is seeing an impact from its phony account scandal. the bank says in october customers opened 44% fewer bank accounts compared to the same month a year ago. credit card applications fell 50%. and transactions with bank tellers down 10% at branches. october was the first full month since wells admitted that employees opened as many as 2 million fake accounts to meet sales goals. rent the runway from your bay area department store. an experiment to change how you shop. >> this brings a whole new meaning to business casual. the menswear that lets you get away with wearing sweatpants to work. ,,,, ♪
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tomorrow you can expand your closet by renting parts of your wardrobe. it will be in union square. their online business has stormed the fashion world. for seven years women have been renting from rent the runway rather than buying them. >> we believe the future is 50% of your closet will be owned and 50% rented and everything has gone in the cloud and our clothes should be the same. >> shockers will have access to rent the runway stylists and other items for sale in nieman marcus. check this out. is this for you? it's fruit of the loom's professional collection. basically they are sweatsuits. they look like real suits sort of. come in a variety of colors and patterns. pinstripe, seersucker. there are professional sweats for any taste. >> what do you think?
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>> a little too casual. >> we'll try it friday. >> as gas prices drop, drivers think bigger -- how carmakers are raising the bar to lure people into suvs. >> allen martin, i'll take four of all colors. clear skies tonight, frost, we are talking rain, we are talking holiday travel. how will all three of those converge? we'll talk about it next. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, a major shake-up at a's headquarters could mean a new stadium. >> you know, we want to have a stadium that has an ambience around it. >> i'll bet you can't guess who controls the ambience in the raiders locker room. >> he doesn't curse. doesn't like it when we do. >> and guess who just might curse if tom brady wins a fifth super bowl? >> i'm the first. >> he says he won't be the last. coming up. >> you most likely read fake news during the election. buzzfeed is saying of the top 20 fake election articles all
6:41 pm
except three were anti-clinton or pro trump and they were liked and shared almost 9 million times. tonight we are asking you should social media platforms be responsible for censoring fake news content? you can send me a tweet at #veronicadlcruz. that's the place. your comments and poll results on nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12.
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runner... and knocking him off his feet.. he was running a 5-mile race in rural pennsylvania when a small herd of deer darted through the group of runners.. the runner was a bit bruised.. that's a deer slamming into a cross-country runner knocking him off his feet in pennsylvania. the deer darted through the cross-country runners? >> the runner finished the race. lower gas prices are leading many new car buyers to splurge on larger vehicles. chris martinez shows us how automakers are luring customers with new and updated suvs. >> reporter: at this year's los angeles auto shove show suvs are stars thanks to tumbling gas prices. >> good things come in small packages.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: take for example the highly anticipated ford ecosport. it's st. pauler with baby boomers in mind. >> they love the functionality. they don't need that much space. so they are downsizing here just like other parts of their lives. >> reporter: automakers are flooding the market with new suvs seizing on the renewed popularity of roomier rides. road show editor-in-chief tim stevens says many companies are hoping to entice first time millennial customers introducing vehicles loaded with technology. >> they can charge a little bit more for premium and higher profit to help the bottom lines. >> reporter: it's not just the familiar names making the next generation of suvs. some luxury and sports car brands are rolling out new models including the first suv by alpha romeo. >> all these companies know they need to be broadening portfolios and being more broad in terms of their appeal and suvs are a big way to do that. >> reporter: while there's no certainty on where gas prices will go, for now, the suv trend is putting buyers in the
6:46 pm
driver's seat. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> the ford ecosports start at $20,000 but no pricing yet for the alpha romeo. bow cars are about a year a-- both cars about a year away from hitting the sales floor in the united states. >> wow, paul, an alpha romeo and sweatsuit. >> you could save money on the sweatsuit. if you do that about 10,000 times you make crack the alpha romeo territory. we have it all solved for you. we do more than just weather and news around here and spots. the temperatures outside we have clear skies over the beautiful city of san francisco where it already has cooled down to 54 degrees. san jose and oakland the warm spots the upper 50s. santa rosa 53. livermore by 7:00 you will already be in the 40s so it was chilly in morning frosty in some parts of the north bay. that will happen again tonight. the same areas, sonoma county, napa marin county away from the water a frost advisory again tonight. lows low to mid-30s. if it was just a few degrees colder it would be our first
6:47 pm
freeze warning. we're not there yet. we'll be cooler and wetter than average for a while. a significant pattern change will be with us for a while. overnight lows tonight concord livermore 36. san francisco 50. lots going on this weekend. we have some football. cal, stanford, they have played 119 consecutive years. the big game is saturday at 2:30. tailgating is going to be wet. talking about rainfall. by the time we hit the game, rain will taper off to showers but plan on a wet day there. heading out to do some ice skating in san jose, downtown ice is open, it's beautiful there but it will be raining even in the santa clara valley. temperatures only in the mid- 60s. so we have a low pressure area a strong one. it's going to be getting to a better location than the past several to give us some much- needed rainfall. when low pressure areas end up centers themselves to our south and southwest just a counterclockwise flow around it will feed in more moist air a
6:48 pm
better chance of widespread soaking rainfall. the ones that come direct from canada at arctic don't give us that much juice. this one will. we'll have a decent amount of rainfall. the hour at 11:00 tomorrow night with this model we have rainfall entering sonoma county steady rainfall. steady rainfall throughout the bay area by the time you wage up saturday morning, still rain around saturday afternoon through sunday morning. scattered showers through sunday. the wettest part of the weekend is saturday morning, showers through sunday night. up to a half inch rain for the south bay. an inch for the east bay. 2 1/2 inches for the north bay. highs tomorrow dry weather and mild should be very nice. oakland three degrees above average high of 67. morgan hill upper 60s. pacifica 63 dublin 67. antioch 67 tomorrow. daly city 64. petaluma 64. sunshine in cloverdale 62 degrees.
6:49 pm
but rain moves in early saturday morning. we'll have rain around at times sunday. we dry out monday and tuesday but more rain moves in for that big travel day. lots of folks on the road on wednesday. and it will be wet at times. the day before thanksgiving. that's your forecast. we have dennis and sports next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
6:52 pm
more than a decade of trying and failing to build a new ballpark for the athletics. ear-old wolf is ha lew wolff is selling his shares in the a's team after more than a decade of trying and failing to build a new ballpark for the athletics. the 81-year-old lew wolff is handing over the reins to john fisher a majority owner since 2005. fisher is described as the franchise silent partner. but now he will take a very prominent role in trying to build a stadium. in addition, dave cavill was named president replacing michael crowley. cavill led the effort to get the earthquakes' new stadium in san jose. and he is hoping to repeat the process in oakland. >> you know, we wanted to have a stadium that has an ambience around it. you go around to the great ballparks of america, they have a great ballpark feel or villages around them, bars, stadiums, those are stadiums
6:53 pm
that transform cities and we wantto do that in oakland. >> he didn't name specific sites but he check out the howard terminal area, the college site near lake merritt is also an option . i don't see the coliseum as a possibility because by the as' leaving that site it finally opens the coliseum for a raiders stadium. mike trout mvp awork beating out the red sox. cubs third baseman kris bryant won the national league award nearly won it unanimously getting 29 of 30 first place votes. football, the new england patriots come to town with the super bowl in mind. the 49ers just a stepping stone to houston in february. tom brady has a shot to make history this season if he wins another super bowl. he currently has 4 rings. a fifth would tie him with charles haley the only player in nfl history with five.
6:54 pm
i asked charles about that recently on game day. >> you know, when you on top of that mountain you get light- headed sometime being the king, you know? >> you might have company with tom brady. >> i ain't afraid but you know what? i'm the first. that will be the asterisk right there. the first one to get there, now. this is like tom schuler never wanting a team to go undefeated so he pops a bottle of champagne. do you do the same when brady loses? no, i believe records are played to be broken. >> or tied. a few days before raiders kick off monday night against the texans in mexico city. 7,000 feet above sea level that's probably going to affect the big offensive linemen the most a line that paved the way for over 1,000 yards of offense in the last two games. and they play nasty. so quarterback derek carr doesn't have to. >> derek carr is the saint in the back.
6:55 pm
[ laughter ] >> he keeps us in line. you know? he doesn't -- he doesn't curse. doesn't like it when we do. but, you know, he sits back and lets us play. he gets in our face if we are getting out of hand. >> and it's the one year to the day that linebacker aldon smith was suspended for violating the league's substance abuse policy. it's up to commissioner goodell to let him rejoin the raiders. he posted a video on youtube of his private workouts. he is in shape and more importantly, he wants everyone to know his troubles are behind him. >> i won't take no for an answer. i won't be defeated. you got to understand it's your life. can't let nobody else [ indiscernible ] no matter what they try to do to you. be a blessing to somebody else. show the world what you're worth. >> the commish could decide next week. klay thompson has been the subject of trade rumors recently so was it a stressful
6:56 pm
week for him? you be the judge [ [ indiscernible ] >> it was good except the fouls. >> those rumors were about the celtics. maybe we should start a new one about the denver nuggets. >> i'm really, really worried about it. >> he looked stressed. [ laughter ] >> anyway, when you're making his kind of money. >> i need to follow his line a little bit. >> cool. >> thanks. for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather, always on oi n us for nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. and join us back here tonight at 11:00. enjoy your night. beautiful out there. >> good night. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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