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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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before the fremont street exit. chopper 5 also caught images of police arresting the driver. the fallout from all of this, a nightmare friday evening commute in the area. traffic into the city is backed up across the bridge. at one point, three lanes were blocked. we are just getting word the chp has cleared the scene on the upper deck but even so, the bay bridge commute right now a real mess. i'm live in the newsroom, elizabeth cook, kpix 5. you have dragged me through hell with you! get me back into that night again and again. >> actress sharon stone fighting back tears as she reads the stanford rape survivor's letter to her attacker. the actress lending her celebrity to the fight for victims of campus sexual assault. maria medina was there.
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>> that i am not just a drunk victim at a frat party found behind a dumpster. >> reporter: actress sharon stone read the letter written by the victim in brock turner's case. >> the isolation at times was unbearable. [ crying ] >> you cannot give me back the life i had before that night. >> reporter: a letter she says touched her emotionally. >> i felt that emily doe was very courageous. >> reporter: as well as cnn's ashley banfield. >> i thought, you know what? other people need to see this. a lot of other people need to see this because she is going to shed a light on this issue that no one has been able to shed before. >> reporter: both women wanted to be part of santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen's event today about sexual assault on college campuses. >> we have known for a long time that campus sexual assault is rampant and not being reported to law enforcement. >> reporter: rosen's office and several college campus leaders in his county as well as law enforcement signed an agreement to work together on sexual assault education and cases.
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he says he doesn't want to see a repeat of the turner case. >> we believe that brock turner should have spent more than a semester in jail for what he did. >> reporter: the message today, they are not alone. >> if beam can see this many in the infrastructure of our society care, yeah, i think it's going to give them the push they need for justice. >> there are many emily does, many women who have not been heard and we need to change the culture and the law. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. >> district attorney rosen credited the letter from brock turner's victim with changing the law. the governor signed a bill in september increasing the minimum penalty for sexually assaulting a conscious or unconscious person. racist graffiti found inside a bay area high school bathroom. it's the fourth time it's happened since the election! kpix 5's da lin on what the school plans to do. >> reporter: these are the
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hateful messages written on a bathroom stall divider at california high in san ramon. we blurred out the bad words and the "n" word. one message even refers to bsu which stands stands for the black student union. junior jada rose is with bsu. >> it's really sad because school is supposed to be a safe place and if some people don't feel safe, what's the point of coming to school. >> do you feel safe? >> um, i feel safe but not as safe as i used to before. >> reporter: out of the 2600 students here, only 4% are black. students tell me someone wrote the racist graffiti this morning in a boys bathroom in the fine arts building. >> alarming to me as a person of color and a student in the school. i don't feel safe sometimes. >> reporter: administrators shut down all campus bathrooms for half-hour to try to investigate who did it. >> they had additional adults out in front of the bathrooms today monitoring kids coming to and from.
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we do have security cameras near our restrooms which is part of our investigation going true the footage. >> reporter: it's the -- true the footage. >> reporter: it's the fourth time in the week that someone wrote this at cal high and the fifth time in the san ramon valley unified school district. someone wrote this at monte vista high school on wednesday. >> we moved here from nashville, where racism there runs rampant. we moved here thinking this would be like a safe bubble. you know? and it hurts knowing that you can't escape racism. >> reporter: the district has invited all cal high parents to attend a meeting here tonight at 6:30. they want to answer all their questions and ask them to talk to their kids. in san ramon, i'm da lin, kpix 5. the school officials say whoever is responsible for the graffiti will be expelled. they are also considering filing other charges against the suspect. a central valley man accused of sexual assaulting a san leandro teenager appeared in court today. 40-year-old ian teager stood in front of the judge in alameda
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county. police arrested him two weeks ago. they say he tricked a 14-year- old girl on social media by pretending to be a teen. they arranged to meet and he drove her to a motel and sexually assaultedded her. today the judge advised teeinger to get a lawyer. [ inaudible ] november 30th. police are asking parents in the bay area.. and central valley where teager is from.. to talk to their children about predators. they believe there >> police are asking parents in the bay area as well as the central valley where teager is from to talk about predators. bart agreed to pay more than $3 million to the family of a bart police detective killed by a fellow officer. sergeant smith was accidentally shot as he and a partner searched a dublin apartment for stolen property nearly three years ago. officer michael maes told investigators he encountered smith in a back room and mistook him for an armed
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suspect. the settlement includes revised bart policies on training. smith's wife a former bart officer says she hopes the settlement will prevent future tragedies. a federal judge is upholding felony convictions against pg&e for violating pipeline safety laws. this comes after a six-week trial in san francisco regarding the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. today the judge agreed that the utility misled investigators. the maximum fine for the convictions is $3 million. some high school students in the east bay got a rare chance to talk with their congressmen about last week's election. as kpix 5's jackie ward shows us, they had a bit of advice for him about working with president-elect donald trump. >> reporter: the teachers here at dublin high school aren't trying to push some political agenda now that we have president-elect donald trump. they want to continue an open discussion and forum. >> reporter: following the election these dublin high school students expressed a
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wide range of emotions. >> i like to stay optimistic and hope for the best. >> it's really scary seeing how scared some of my friends are? um, so, first, i was initially very afraid. >> and mobilize as best we can in 2020. >> reporter: and today they got to hear from a dublin high alum who will work beside president- elect trump in congress. >> i want to make sure that every person in this country knows that, you know, what they are seeing right now is from -- donald trump does not reflect i think what we are as americans. >> protest is a american value. >> reporter: representative swalwell couldn't keep his opinions to himself. >> work with donald trump where you can find consensus or should it just be never, ever normalize what he has tried to put forward? >> i feel like there are ways you can work with him but
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there's also ways like you need to stand on, like, your beliefs and everything. >> reporter: the students we heard from want to give president-elect donald trump a chance. >> he is our president and he is know the going to -- he is not going to do anything bad because he has advisers and everything and i hope everyone gets along and is happy at the end of the day. >> they're all good people who just disagree but it doesn't make you morally or intellectually superior what side you're on. you just disagree. >> reporter: swalwell encourage them to get involved in local nonprofits. jackie ward, kpix 5. president obama is preventing new drilling in the arctic. the plan announced today blocks any federal sale of oil and gas rights north of alaska until 2022. backers of the ban say new drilling in that area would threaten wildlife. at the same time, the "mercury
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news" reports today's action also includes waters off california-oregon and washington. president-elect trump will rewrite those rules. these are the pictures [chuckling] of the day. check this out. a surging sea of mysterious foam flowing down a south bay street. it had onlookers puzzled and one guy on a bicycle having the time of his life. [ laughter ] >> susie steimle is in santa clara where the tidal way of suds is finally receding. >> reporter: what a difference a couple of hours can make. this foam was designed to dissipate on its own. and that's what it's done. it's completely gone now. but as you were just showing our audience, it made a spectacle this morning. >> it look likes snow, a blob, a bubble bath. >> reporter: no matter how it's
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described, onlookers couldn't tear themselves away from the foam blob that took over martin avenue. >> this is very uncommon. i teach these foam systems. and i have never seen a foam system like this go off. >> reporter: mitch works for the san jose fire department. he says something tripped the fire alarm system causing foam to fill the entire building. >> the foam is 10 feet deep in the building. >> reporter: the system functioned properly. but there was no fire so the foam kept spreading burying cars and captivating onlookers for hours. >> this is definitely surreal. >> reporter: despite warnings to stay out from the fire department, some people ran and biked right through it. >> what made you decide to bike through? >> it looked inviting and fun. >> reporter: the only real risk we have heard to people is eye irritation. matt says his overnight concern is an environmental one. blocking the storm drains. >> right now the drains are blocked. the storm drains are blocked. and hopefully we'll get this
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all cleaned up before we have the rains come in tonight and tomorrow morning. so that we don't have it being carried by the water. >> reporter: and i did talk with an airport spokesman, as well. they say this did not impact travel whatsoever today. the street here martin avenue should be reopened in the next couple of hours but environmental crews will continue to monitor the situation overnight into tomorrow morning. live in santa clara, susie steimle, kpix 5. in a much more serious situation, a plane falls from the sky smashing into a bay area house. the frantic efforts to free the pilot and the search for what went wrong. >> a northern california first lady, could she join donald trump to reform education? the choice that could be a huge boost for charter schools. >> and left high and dry after years of drought? now it's a new season gnorski resorts. how they'll pug out all the stops to get you on the slopes. >> mobile weather is live tonight at the embarcadero center ice rink where we are getting ready to light the buildings for the 30th year.
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the weather is holding off but i'll tell you what, it's going to pour for some of us this weekend. we'll have your seven-day forecast coming up. morning.. when a small plane ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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crashed into a home.. on the san mateo county coast. debris scattered all over the yard.. it happe one person was killed this morning, when a small plane hit
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a home on the county coast with debris all over the yard near the half moon bay airport near moss beach. kpix 5's len ramirez on the first steps in this investigation. >> reporter: the faa confirmed this afternoon that the plane involved in this crash was from sacramento. it had taken off from the sacramento executive airport this morning on its way to half moon bay when it crashed in this moss beach neighborhood. the single-engine cessna 172 airplane smashed into a house on parkway just one block short of the half moon bay airport. a man apparently the pilot was pulled from the wreckage alive and airlifted to a trauma center. his passenger, the wife, dead in the airplane. no one on the ground was hurt. ntsb and faa investigators will take over the scene to try and find out exactly what happened. one local pilot said the position of the airplane shows that it was probably on final approach when it went down. the half moon bay airport is a non- towered airport.
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there is no air traffic control tower here. pilots simply use a common frequency to announce their arrival and departure plans. the faa will be asking other pilots in the area if they heard any distress calls before the crash. in moss beach, len ramirez, kpix 5. well, the summer hibernation is over for snow lovers. ski season is officially under way. kpix 5's emily turner volunteered to check out conditions -- [ laughter ] -- live tonight at mount rose. tough assignment, emily. >> reporter: you know, it's hard. it's hard. someone has to do it. although i'm braving some cold temperatures right now. they open here at mount rose this morning at 9:00 and there were plenty of people here to enjoy it and for all the work that the lake tahoe resorts have been doing, they are hoping they will be giving them plenty of reason to continue coming. ♪[ music ] >> our jobs are much easier when the snow comes naturally. >> reporter: which is one of
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the things that made last year such a boon says the chairman of the board for ski lake tahoe. while most of opening day's snow is manmade he is hopeful they will see another white season this year. so are skiers. >> i'm hoping for a long season and a ton of snow of course. [ laughter ] >> it's opening day on mount rose. they are usually the first ones opened. it's a little later than years past but it's an important precedent to set for the rest of ther. >> we are already going to get thanksgiving business because we announced we are opening, there are enough people in tahoe and reno looking to make the first turn so just getting that thanksgiving business is kind of a bonus. but what this also does is it provides a lot of confidence for that christmas holiday business. >> reporter: there are plenty of ways for them to get here. the reno airport has expanded its flights into the markets in l.a., dallas, even atlanta. mount rose's season ticket sales are already way up this year. so mike pierce says they are hoping the momentum and that
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snowy weather will continue into this season. but even if it doesn't, he says most resorts have completed major improvement projects over the last five-year will give winter weather lovers a reason to show up even if the natural snow doesn't. >> um, tahoe keeps advancing and growing. so it bodes well for not only this year but years to come. >> reporter: and so mount rose and boreal will be open this weekend. come november 23rd, most of the other resorts up here at lake tahoe will be opening up, unless, that is, the snowstorm they have predicted for this weekend bumps that up. which everybody here has their fingers crossed for. reporting live on mount rose, emily turner, kpix 5 [ indiscernible ] macy's union square unveiling the 30th annual holiday windows. live look for you featuring the adorable kittens but there's also adoptable dogs, as well.
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they all need loving homes. last year alone, 261 animals were adopted and more than $88,000 raised. you have until january 1 to see all the pets in the windows. another holiday tradition is kicking off tonight in san francisco. >> chief meteorologist paul deanno is live tonight counting down the lighting of the embarcadero center buildings. he is out on the ice. we just had emily on the slopes. >> everybody is in a winter theme. >> tough day at the who was. >> it's not the holidays here in the bay area. the lighting is in 30 minutes live on kpix 5. we are here at the ice rink where a show has been going on and lots of people are waiting for the fireworks and lighting ceremony which will be here in a matter of minutes. kenny choi and michelle griego our morning anchors are emceeing the event and we are seeing christmas carols now. it's kind of nice. clear skies currently but you're talking about cats and dogs in macy's. it's going to be raining cats and dogs coming up this
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weekend. we are going to see steady rainfall especially early tomorrow. as a matter of fact on kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar some light rain is already moving into sonoma county and will quickly work its way to the south as the evening progresses. now, highs today ahead of that front that's moving in pretty warm oakland 72. san jose 73. fremont 70. livermore 69 degrees. 66 a high in san francisco today. there is a winter weather advisory in the sierra. the ski resorts opening up today or next wednesday. above 7,000 feet of elevation up to 16" of snow. so travel delays but good stuff when it comes to snowfall coming up this weekend in the sierra. the forecast for your holiday ice rink this weekend, i have seen better wednesday. it will be raining with highs in the 60s. it will rain on sunday as the 49ers play the patriots at 1:25. you can see that game here on
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kpix 5. here's the deal. pretty potent fall storm. it's slamming into the pacific northwest. that rain is work its way south. it will also be windy tomorrow morning, as well. the wettest part of your weekend as we look at tomorrow's high temperatures, that will be tomorrow morning. then the rain tapers to showers by tomorrow afternoon. highs will be in the low to mid- 60s on saturday. we'll keep the showers around coming up on sunday. and then as we head toward next week, another round of rainfall for the busy travel day coming up on wednesday. hawaiian airlines is a sponsor of the event. tell us about the partnership. >> aloha, paul. thank you so much. we at hawaiian airlines are so proud and honored to provide this great community skating rink here at the holiday ice rink at the embarcadero center. >> it's challenging the past couple of weeks and holiday cheer has been few and far between. are we going to change that tonight? >> we are going to change that tonight. the theme here this year is the new walt disney movie me lana
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which is about discovery and traditions and journeys and hawaiian airlines can take you on several journeys, fly you to some pretty exciting destinations. >> thank you from hawaiian airlines one of the sponsors here. coming up in a half-hour fireworks and the actual lighting of the embarcadero center. the 30th annual lighting coming up in about 30 minutes right here on kpix 5. getting chilly out, but at least the rain is holding off for a couple of hours. we'll sneak in the event before it rains. back to you. >> sounds good, paul. thank you. >> mahalo, paul. kanye west talked about donald trump. his fans threw shoes at him. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more importantly, family. but for many s- r-a studen we are quickly approaching thanksgiving. the day for feasts and more importantly, family. but for many sra students,
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family ties are often damaged. as sherry hu shares with us tonight, alejandra mended her bond with her mother with a college dream. ♪[ music ] >> i'm kind of nervous. i hope i get a good score. >> reporter: it's the typical kind of pre-college talk for high school seniors. >> going to show you all the ones that have that. >> reporter: s.a.t., applications, yet only a few years ago this kennedy high student didn't even give college a thought. >> now i actually want to do something and it's, like, wow, like, a lot has changed. >> reporter: it's not an understatement when she says a lot has changed. >> the closest one first. >> reporter: to begin with, alejandra grew up with an absent father. >> until this day, like, i don't have a bond with him. and it's just i think that's been -- that was one of the hardest things when i was growing up because i wanted that support from my dad and i wanted to have both my parents. >> reporter: but it was up to her mother alone to care for
6:26 pm
the five children including one with cerebral palsy. and alejandra had to learn new responsibilities. >> i was pretty young when i learned how to cook and i started to clean and help out around the house and, you know, i would come back from school and i would still help her and i would try to take care of my siblings. i couldn't focus on school. it was just a lot at home. >> what do you need help on? >> reporter: school went downhill and alejandra says she slipped from being the good student with straight "a"s. and then she followed the crowd. the wrong crowd. some landed in jail, got pregnant or worse. she fell into drugs. >> like i'm letting my mom down. i'm letting myself down. because i know i could do so much better. >> do the social work premajor and then sociology. >> reporter: alejandra believed it was her acceptance into
6:27 pm
mills college upward bound that saved her. >> she didn't know her full potential and i wanted to help her to see that. >> i didn't meet the friends that i made here, you know, who actually wanted to get somewhere in life and who were determined to go to college -- i would have never done the same. >> i don't think she will go back. i think she will use that lesson and she will learn the path to teach, motivate and continue going for what she wants. >> i think i might go bowling. >> reporter: and for now what alejandra wants is college and a career in social work to help those who have been where she once was. >> me and my mom are pretty close right now because she sees that i have bettered myself. she sees that i'm trying to get somewhere. i'm really focused on getting that right now. i really don't see myself anywhere else but my career. college is the only way. >> you can share her story or support sra by simply going to
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our website, for students rising above, i'm sherry hu. coming up in our next half- hour, donald trump names his first picks for top jobs and a northern california first lady may be on the short list to shake up education in america. how the trump presidency could be a huge win for charter schools. >> kanye west booed in the bay area. the political rant about trump that had fans tossing their shoes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a rush hour mess on the bay bridge. a driver fled fr our top stories at 6:30 a police chase from solano county to the bay area has left a rush hour mess on the bay bridge. a driver fled from a traffic stop down interstate 80, spike strips at ashby avenue flattened tires but the driver kept going. she spun out just before the fremont street exit. she is under arrest but traffic coming into san francisco is still backed up. president-elect donald trump has made his choice for attorney general. it is senator jeff sessions of alabama. he helped craft trump's positions on immigration, counter-terrorism and trade. reporter kenneth craig has more on trump's first cabinet level
6:32 pm
appointment and other key positions. >> reporter: vice president- elect mike pence says he is thrilled with the team president-elect trump donald trump is building. >> we have a great number of men and women with great qualifications come forward to serve this new administration. >> reporter: friday president- elect trump announced alabama senator jeff sessions to be attorney general and michael flynn as national security adviser. and congressman mike pompeo of kansas will be the cia director. >> in trump is dog a terrific job -- mr. trump is doing a terrific job doing the best job he can to find his cabinet. >> reporter: the president- elect will spend the weekend in new jersey where he will continue his high level meetings. mr. trump's first choices are controversial. general flynn referred to islam as a cancer and tweeted in february that fear of muslims is rational. and in 1986, the senate blocked
6:33 pm
senator sessions from becoming a federal judge after he allegedly made racist remarks, which he denies. a conference will be easier this time with mitch mcconnell announcing he strongly supporting sessions as the next attorney general. kenneth craig, cbs news. >> a woman is an advocate for charter schools. donald trump has said he wants to make serious changes to public education. kpix 5 political reporter melissa caen joins us with a look at one area of reform that could have a big impact here in the bay area. >> reporter: yeah. veronica, you know, as the president-elect picks his top appointees not just who they are but what they are telling about a trump presidency for oakland where there are 43
6:34 pm
charter schools the local teachers union is preparing. >> reporter: charter schools are getting super charged. >> we are going to give students choice!! and allow charter schools to thrive! >> reporter: it's no surprise that trump is meeting with michelle ree about a potential education appointment. she said this in 2010. >> it was thrilling for me to hear a politician say, i'm here because i love charter schools. and if you were to ask me why i'm here i would say the same thing because i love charter schools. >> reporter: james harris is the president of the school board in oakland. 25% of schools are charter schools. that's the highest in the nation. he explained that the boom in oakland charter schools started about 10 years ago. >> oakland is -- was in state receivership. the school board lost control because of a raise that couldn't be afforded and the state came in and took over. the state solution in a lot of cases what to create charter schools or open the door for more charter schools to come n. >> reporter: charter schools
6:35 pm
are funded with public money but they are privately run. and many are nonunion. supporters say they are free to be more innovative. teachers unions say they undermine public schools. >> we are concerned. >> reporter: the president of the oakland teachers union. >> it's been very disturbing that the president-elect and that's very hard to say, um, and his attitude about privatization, um, that schools are just another, um, entity that's at the will of the market forces. >> reporter: she says the union is working to make the best of a trump presidency. >> what we're trying to do in oakland is to find a way that we can insulate ourselves from what we're afraid might be coming ahead. >> reporter: now, charter school advocates don't want to eliminate public schools. they just want to provide more options to parents. and they are also standing by
6:36 pm
to see how far the trump administration is willing to go to change our education system. >> certainly nea will have a lot to say about that, too,. >> reporter: this is one of these things that's been a tension for a long time but this could set it up for an explosive confrontation between, um, some charter school backers and some, um, some people who are advocates for more traditional public schools. donald trump just settled a lawsuit. it involved trump university which offered courses on real estate investment the lawsuits claimed the school misled people. it had no accreditation. and it said trump hand-picked the instructors. trump will pay $25 million to settle two class action lawsuits in california and another lawsuit in new york. tonight we're scug, [ indiscernible ] n no microphone ] [ no microphone ] area nightbeat.. at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw. 44 cable 12. rapper kanye west surprise
6:37 pm
fans in san jose ... saying if join us on nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. [ no microphone ] >> can waykanye west said he didn't vote but if he did he would have voted for donald trump. [ inaudible statements in favor of donald trump by kanye west ] >> west telling the crowd at s.a.p. center in san jose fans booed even threw hats, t-shirts and shoes on to the stage. some were entertained and annoyed. >> i love and hated it at the same time. >> show sucks. never coming back. >> it was weird. >> i love him. he talks a lot. >> five songs from can uranium we didn't get nothing about a speech! >> this isn't the first political statement from canie . in 2005, he told the nation
6:38 pm
george bush didn't care about black people. during a telethon for hurricane katrina victims, kanye has said he plans to run for president in 2020. a growing "tent city" under the freeway now a success story how a bay area city is seeing real problem getting the homeless off the streets. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:40 pm
are teaming up to fight homelessness. together the two are putting 132-thousand dollars into a new encampment pilot program in west oakland. oakland and alameda county are putting $132,000 into a new encampment pilot program in west oakland for the homeless. the focus is helping those living under a freeway bridge near 35th. they are providing trash cans, porta-potties and wash stations. they are one month into the six- month pilot program and already have been able to find permanent housing solutions. >> so far over the last month, we have 12 people into interim
6:41 pm
housing and one in permanent housing. so the idea is we shrink that encampment over time and at the end of the six months we close it. >> if the program is successful, there are plans to repeat it elsewhere in the city. we are just minutes away from lighting up the embarcadero center for the holidays. the show is on! we're live at the ice rink. we are going to have some fireworks for you on kpix 5 and your seven-day forecast coming up in a minute. >> straight ahead this friday, we have tom brady! not that tom brady. >> a lot of my friends call me the original. >> a fashionista. good look? or bad? and the raiders! they have made it. >> the raider race in the -- [ [ unintelligible rap lyrics ] ] >> all coming up in sports after paul deanno live from the embarcadero. ,,
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(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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sign then drive event. ♪[ music ] g... >> character us right out of scaring us out of our seats! the band in the newsroom means one thing, tomorrow is the big game. the bears of course hoping to beat stanford keep their bowl hopes alive. stanford has won the axe the last six years.
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>> we are less than three minutes away from the lighting of the embarcadero center for the 30th year. that's the sign that the holiday season is going. singing god bless america right now as we get the ceremony going. the embarcadero center ice rink open past new year through the first week of january. stay tuned after the forecast, we are going to have fireworks and the official lighting of the embarcadero center. over to the weather computer, we're in the 50s right now. [ god bless america being sung in the background ] >> santa rosa 53 degrees. kpix 5 hi-def doppler showing rain building to the north already getting a couple returns on our radar in sonoma county steadier rainfall in the north bay later on this evening and all of us get a steady soaking rainfall as soon as sunrise tomorrow morning. overnight lows tonight with mostly cloudy skies we'll be milder. it won't be as chilly. vallejo 51. napa 50.
6:46 pm
san francisco 57. san jose 53. satellite-radar review shows the storm pushed rainfall already into western washington western oregon, far northern california, with rain quickly moving south. i'll tell you what, we're going to have a decent slug of rainfall the most for the month although that's not saying much. that's coming up tomorrow morning. let's look at futurecast. we'll go hour by hour. we can see the steady rainfall for the majority of the bay area tomorrow morning. that's the heaviest rain for the weekend in tomorrow morning. rain will taper to showers by late tomorrow. and then we'll still be showery. we'll still be wet at times throughout the day on sunday but it will not be as wet sunday compared to saturday. so what to expect? increasing cloud cover tonight. mix of rain and gusty winds with a wind advisory for tomorrow morning so wind gusts especially in the hills up to 50 miles per hour. and we'll be unsettled and rain through the weekend before we dry out early next week. high temperatures tomorrow,
6:47 pm
vallejo 63. napa 63. livermore 65. santa rosa 62. oakland 65. san francisco 65 showers tomorrow through sunday. rainfall on wednesday. thursday thanksgiving we dry out and we'll stay mostly cloudy coming up on friday with highs in the mid-60s. we are showing you a shot right now before the lights are turned on. and it looks nice. it will look so much nicer in 9 seconds. [ countdown ] [ music and fireworks ]
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>> the rain has held off. we have clear skies over san francisco. and what a beautiful display as we say hello to the holiday season and just in time some wintry weather moving into the sierra tomorrow. that is the 30th annual lighting ceremony at the embarcadero center. we are back with sports next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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team...the 49ers...[sunday, 1:25 on ch.5] i know its a business trip. but nfl up top. he flies in tonight, heavily favored to beat a childhood team the 49ers sunday 1:25 on channel 5. now, i know it's a business trip. but still, it's a homecoming for san mateo's own tom brady and the patriots. >> it's still great to go back there and play in the bay area. i have a lot of family and friends and i'm sure there will be a lot of support from a lot of people. i know i got a lot of people coming to the game. >> it will be a brady bunch,
6:53 pm
all right. here's number 12 of the patriots. the practice this morning in foxboro before the cross- country flight. this game has been a long time coming for the original brady's dad, tom brady, senior. >> we had so many wonderful times at the stick. i get a little melancholy thinking about it. where did those years go? >> reporter: this sunday the brady family been lack together at a 9er -- will be back together at a 9er game but they will be cheering for the patriots. as brady june senator, or tommy, will be playing his first and possibly last road game against the 49ers, jr. >> i said he could play until he was 50 if he wanted. he will be a little too long in the tooth then, i think. >> reporter: brady may be 39 but it remains one of the top quarterbacks in the league and comes home feeling good after what his dad calls a september
6:54 pm
vacation for the "deflate-gate" suspension. >> it was a setup and sting operation. but we let that go. that's in the rear view mirror. >> reporter: earlier this month brady was under scrutiny again in some parts for his support of president-elect donald trump. tommy now is put on -- on -- on political shutdown, is that right? [ laughter ] >> i think so except yesterday i saw the odds of him being president of the united states are 100:1 in 2020. >> i talk to my wife. she said i can't talk about politics anymore. that's a good decision. >> i don't think there's a chance that you will see tommy in the political arena in the next 35 years. >> reporter: for now, the focus is on winning a record tying fifth super bowl but when he returns home to san mateo, he is the same old tommy brady. just a hypothetical. tom's in the room. garbage has to be taken out. can you look at him and like, tommy, take out the garbage? you. >> bet your life!
6:55 pm
>> i love it! >> you bet your life! >> super bowl ring be darned, you're taking out the trash. >> there's no pedestals in our house. >> mr. brady, boy, great guy, terrific -- and boy, he should be proud. hey, the 49ers they may be two touchdown underdogs but coach chip kelly did beat bill belichick and the patriots last season. >> have you talked to him about beating him last year? >> no. [ laughter ] >> didn't really come up in any of our conversations. [ laughter ] >> not on facebook chat or anything? >> no. snap face we were on together. [ laughter ] >> that's what coach calls it. >> my face, your fireworks instant face. certainly we have a good quarterback, my face, your face, instant face. >> i'm no fashion diva or expert but do you like the belichick semi sleeve look? >> i am not liking that. >> it might be cute on a woman.
6:56 pm
>> we are just asking. just saying. hey, because of this bug on a windshield hit, rob gronkowski not available as tight end for tom brady sunday. he ruled out a chest injury thanks to earl thomas last week. he finished the game but said it was the hardest he has ever been hit. meantime, what is up with the raiders?! before the game on monday, against the texans in mexico city, bleacher report had some fun with them in cartoon fashion. >> back in black! [ unintelligible rap lyrics ] ♪[ music ] >> it was hilarious. i never seen derek rap. it was all right. >> that's not me. >> ha. >> i tell you what, though, i'm hearing whispers of mvp. ♪[ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you, everybody. thank y'all. appreciate that. [indistinct]. thank you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their fourth day with a total of $21,580 bucks, from westfield, new jersey, it's the champs, it's the federgreen family. [cheering and applause] and from right up the road, peach city, georgia, its the vaughan family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and
7:00 pm
somebody could drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] let's go meet the vaughan family. man: mr. harvey. steve: scott. how you doing, man? scott: good, good. steve: good. where y'all from again? scott: we are from peachtree city, georgia. steve: well, that's pretty good. well, introduce everybody. scott: ok. this is my beautiful wife sabrina of 25 years and the--and the mother of my 5 children. steve: wait a minute. [woman laughs] steve: you've been married 25 years? sabrina: yes, sir. 25 years. steve: god, you look young. sabrina: high school sweetheart. thank you! thank you so much. so do you! steve: thank you! [laughter] oh, my god. [laughter] but you really look young. sabrina: thank you, steve. thank you. steve: wow. 25 years. that's cool. what's the secret? steve: uh, happy wife, happy life. you know the old saying. ...keep her happy. steve: i got you. i got you. who else we got, s?


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