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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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's already live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. tonight we got a little weekend storm right around the corner. it's raining in some parts of the bay area right now. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. let's get right kpix5 chief meteorologist paul deanno. >> raining steadily now in marin county, mendocino county, lake county, show you what's happening on the doppler radar, some rain coming down the corridor raining in petaluma, clearlake, middletown, ukiah. we'll show you the rain up north and there is a lot. all this has to work its way south over the next several hours and likely will be raining by sunrise in your backyard anywhere in the bay area. a wind advisory is in effect tomorrow morning. everybody with 25 to 35 mile- per-hour winds, but some gusts in the higher elevations to 50
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miles an hour and there's snow in the sierra. above 7,000 feet we could get up to 16 inches of snow by sunday morning, so fresh powder in the sierra. we'll talk hour by hour the storm and which chunk of the weekend will be the wettest. since the election there have been a rash of racist graffiti at an east bay high school, the most recent incident just this morning. administrators shut down all the bathrooms on campus of cal high in san ramon to investigate. christin ayers is at cal high tonight where parents and students are saying this has got to stop. >> reporter: yeah, ken, there was a lot of tension in an emergency meeting held here at the school tonight. this meeting happened just hours after school officials discovered yet another case of racist graffiti on campus. horror story. >> i used to feel safe at this school, but then last year this kid called me an n-er multiple
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times and had no problem saying racist stuff. >> reporter: after horror story. >> she brought a picture of kids dressed in klan to the admin and the admin told her it wasn't on our campus. i can't help you with that. >> reporter: of racist incidents at a california high school in san ramon ignored parents say by school administrators. >> when are you going to actually do something? >> reporter: in the last month there have been five instances of racist graffiti written on bathroom walls in this district. four mapped here at cal high, the n word scrawled on bathroom scrawls, urinals designated whites or coloreds only. only one vandal has been identified. >> i can't even explain to you what it feels like in a campus i loved for four years to come here and not feel safe. >> everybody needs to know what happens if you do this and
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you're caught. >> zero tolerance. >> i know what happens if i come to school with a shirt that shows my bra strap. i know what happens if i hit somebody, but i don't know what happens if i'm writing hateful things on the wall. >> reporter: but the principal sarah cranford bound by district policy could offer only limited information about punishment. >> i just ask that you trust that we handled it very seriously. it was not something that we did tolerate or we ever will tolerate here. >> reporter: a school spokesperson says a district committee will discuss the incidents after thanksgiving break. >> i think from all of this we can have good come from it if we can work together and tail action and listen to our kids. >> reporter: the principal said there are cameras outside most of the bathrooms here on campus, but she could not give specifics about any of the cases. she said that they are all
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still under investigation. reporting live in san ramon, christin ayers, kpix5. "mike pence" got booed on broadway. [ cheering and applause ] [ booing ] tonight vice president- elect mike pence was booed on broadway. he made a surprise visit to hamilton. after the show the cast had this message for him. half of all of us all of us (cheers) "mike pence" and incoming w hous ce >> we are a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, but we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us, all of us. [ cheering and applause ] s on this sunday's "face the nation". you ca >> mike pence and incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus will be guests
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on sunday's face the nation and you can watch it right here on kpix5. tonight as donald trump's team is taking shape, he's taking a hard right turn on national security. veronica de la cruz shows us trump picked three conservative loyalists for key posts. >> that's right, liz. all three men have been fierce critics of how president obama has handled terrorism and international relations. president-elect donald trump got a warm welcome tonight at the luxury golf club in new jersey that bears his name. he tweeted we'll be working all weekend and choosing the great men and women who will be helping to make america great again. vice president-elect mike pence is leading the transition team. >> we've got a great number of men and women, great qualifications, come forward, serve this new administration. >> some of the people expected to meet with mr. trump include possible education secretary candidates and mitt romney despite being a vocal critic. the 2012 gop nominee is expected to offer counsel.
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today the president-elect picked alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general and congressman mike pompeo of kansas, a member of the intelligence come team, to head the cia. both must be confirmed by the incoming republican senate. democrats say they likely won't have the votes to block the nominees about. >> if the republicans stick together, the president will be able to essentially put whoever he wants in these positions. >> michael flynn tweeted today accepted the job of national security advisor. donald trump agreed to pay $25 million to settle the lawsuit against trump university today. former students claim the real estate school was nothing but a scam. people have been sharing how they feel on post- it notest rt station. verizon veer -- veronica de la cruz, kpix5. since the election people have been sharing how they people with post-it notes on the 16th street b.a.r.t. station. tonight the wall of empathy will be taken down. >> we have to take it down because it's supposed to rain
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tomorrow. we don't want all these thoughts to be destroyed. we're holding onto them. we'll use them for a future art installation. >> organizers say the wall is a counter point to president- elect trump's wall at the mexican border. the wall they say will unite people, not divide them. ist well, take a look at that. it's not snow. it's foam, a sea of it flooding a bay area street. this bicyclist couldn't resist riding right through the massive blob. kpix5's betty yu is in santa clara tonight. betty, what was that? >> reporter: ken, it's foam, but it really looked like a winter wonderland here earlier. i'm standing in what was just an avalanche of foam, but tonight there is a clean-up before the rain threatens to wash the substance into the san francisco bay. >> it looks like an enormous bubble bath. >> it really is like a blob. >> reporter: the mysterious
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pillowy white stuff is foam, a flame retardant that oozed out of a hangar and went wild after something set off the fire prevention system at the san jose airport. >> it's amazing to see what happened today, pretty drastic. >> reporter: one man couldn't resist biking right through it. >> would be fun to do, can't see anything in the middle. i ran into a sign because i couldn't see where i was going, but it feels like soap pretty much. >> reporter: it moves a bit like snow in the wind nearly swallowing up cars. the foam is designed to put out fires. >> in its concentrated form the foam can be hazardous. however, i've been told by the hazardous terms captain on scene here that the documentation that came with this foam says it's an environmental hazard right now. it is not hazardous to people. >> reporter: officials warn getting it in your eyes could cause irritation. so they encourage people to stay out. it didn't stop tons of
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onlookers from stopping by for hours. >> just saw the foam on the news and we wondered what it looked like in person because you see it on the tv and you're like what is this? >> reporter: what did you think? >> it looked pretty crazy. >> reporter: crews will be using a defoaming agent and blocking off storm drains and suction up the leftover substance to be properly thrown out. live in clair betty yu, kpix5. -- santa clara, betty yu, cbs5. this is how a wild police chase ended tonight with a spinout on the bay bridge. it started with a traffic stop in solano county. deputies say the woman took off, spike strips not stopping her. she drove on the rims eventually spinning out on the upper deck and this is what it did to that evening commute, ouch. three westbound lanes blocked when rush hour was at peak.
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the woman was arrested near the fremont street exit. a small plane crashes into a house along the san mateo county coast and tonight ntsb investigators have been called in. that plane went down in moss beach near half moon bay. kpix5's andria borba is there. >> reporter: the house where the plane crash landed remains taped off tonight guarded by the california highway patrol and san mateo county sheriff's office as the ntsb tries to figure out what went wrong. the single engine cessna 172 fell from the sky before 11:30 a.m. clipping one house and a truck before plowing into another home. >> it was just one crash like metal, you know, just like boom! >> reporter: a man believed to be the pilot was pulled from the twisted metal and chunks of garage alive. his passenger, reportedly his wife was killed. the plane's final deadly resting place was on parkway in moss beach's seal cove neighborhood just a block shy
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of the half moon bay airport. >> it's right there, yeah. >> reporter: the neighborhood sits just the width of the road away from the small airport. the noise from small planes is almost as prevelant as the waves crashing on the beach. >> it has crossed my mind that the planes do come over quite low. >> reporter: one experienced pilot from half moon bay believes the plane was on final approach onto the runway when it went down. >> it could have been anything. it could have been fuel exhaustion, pilot error, pilot incapacitation, but it's extremely rare. i've lived here 35 years and this is the only crash i've ever seen. >> reporter: in moss beach andria borba, kpix5. at santa clara university a hollywood celebrity joined the crusade against sex crimes on college campuses. tonight kpix5's maria medina shows us an actress fought back tears as she read a victim's letter to her attacker. >> that i am not just a drunk
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victim at a frat party found behind a dumpster. >> reporter: actress sharon stone read the now famous letter written by the victim in brock turner's case. >> the isolation was unbearable. you cannot give me back the life i had before that night. >> reporter: a letter that they said touched her emotionally. >> i felt that emily was very courageous. >> i felt like you know what? a lot of other people need to see this because she'll shed a light on this issue that no one has been able to shed before. >> reporter: both women wanted to be part of the event today about sexual assault on college campuses. >> we have known for take long time that campus sexual assault is ramp ant and not reported to law enforcement. >> reporter: rosen's office and campus law enforcement signed an agreement to work together on sexual assault education and cases. >> there are many women who have not been heard and we need
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to change the culture and the law. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix5. fewer people are taking b.a.r.t. these days. ridership has actually dropped for the first time in six years. from july to september overall ridership was down 1.3%, not a lot, but that's compared to last year. the drop was larger on the weekends, more than 4% on saturdays. with less fare money coming in b.a.r.t. will have to cut its operating budget even though voters just approved a $3.5 million bond. why are fewer people riding? the gm says the system has essentially reached its capacity. the biggest auto show in northern california kicks off this weekend in san francisco. the next big thing, think back to the future. cbs5's cate cauguiran got a sneak peek tonight. >> reporter: 800 cars shined and buffed and spread
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throughout mosconi's 2 million square feet for san francisco's international auto slow. >> new model vehicles, classics, hotrods, you name it, it's probably going to be in the show. >> reporter: we got a sneak peek tonight at some of the latest and greatest 10 to hit the industry. >> there's no place like san francisco to talk about fuel cell and low emissions. we've heard of hybrids and battery operated cars, but now toyota is making a hydrogen fuel car. >> it takes hydrogen from our fuel stack and combines it with oxygen from the environment to create its own energy that keeps the car living. >> reporter: keeps the car moving for about 310 miles per hydrogen tank. refueling a hydrogen tar takes about five to seven minutes. the one thing you will notice about the nozzle is there is a lock to make sure the hydrogen does not leak into the
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atmosphere. the only commission it's emitted out of this vehicle is wore the out of the tail pipes. >> toy did have -- without the tail pipes. >> beautiful car. >> reporter: in san francisco cate cauguiran, kpix5. trump. rapper kanye west nearly got booed off the stage in san jose after saying if he voted -- he didn't vote -- but if he voted, he would have voted for donald trump. >> i just don't believe what they stay because that is the guy i would have voted for. >> some fans at the sap center in san jose were so mad they threw hats, t-shirts and shoes
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on stage. others said it's just kanye being kanye. emotions have run so high after the election it's been tough to bridge that bitter divide. >> in our exclusive kpix5 survey usa polls 62% of californians say it's important to find common ground. tonight see what happens when we sat down with a trump supporter and a trump protester and got them to start talking. >> reporter: if it weren't for this interview the anti-trump organizer and the trump delegate may never have met each other. with so many obvious differences, it's not surprising one of their strongest similarities is the hatred being hurled their way. >> i get death threats, called horrible names, threatened with rape and all sorts of things. >> i get hate mail and called horrible names i wouldn't repeat. >> reporter: how many time
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other than this conversation honestly have you said i want to speak to somebody who completely disagrees with me about what's going on with the election? >> what i run into most is when i try to have these conversations, people have a lot of feelings or a lot of anger that as soon as they start talking about it, you know, their voice goes from here to here, but there are a lot of things going on in today's world and there are a lot of them we can put in the middle that we agree upon and we both want to fix. >> that would ideally be the conversation we were able to have ideally, right? people that are in the crosshairs of the trump's agenda are living in abject fear and terror, abject fear and terror. people are not leaving their homes. people are keeping their children home. gay and lesbian couples aren't holding hand in the streets. people are living in abject fear and terror. >> reporter: do you hear some of the pain and the fear?
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>> i do, i do. >> reporter: but on the threat of deportation corrine didn't soften her position. >> until the law of our land. like it or like -- this is the law of our land. like it or dislike be it, it's the law. >> reporter: things weren't always tempered. >> i'm going to tell you what i meant because it came out of my mind. >> i'm an optimist. >> it's different than being in reality. >> i'm speaking in whoever wants to listen. moving on i want to talk to both of you about president- elect trump's language toward women that i think a lot of women had a hard time with this year. what do you say to women offended by what they've heard? >> there's no excuse, no. 1, for what donald trump said. i look at it in the context it happened 11 years ago.
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he was on a hollywood set and he was being an entertainer. i personally think that a lot of men have spoken that way about women in the privacy of just men. >> reporter: is that okay, though? >> it's not okay. >> reporter: how do we feel comfortable as women with a leader that talks about us that way? >> donald trump promotes more women in his company than most companies do. he has a long history of promoting women to jobs that were traditionally belonging to men and he got flack for doing that, but did he it anyway. >> what trump has done is unmask america. what trump has done was reveal that there are still extremely racist, violent tendencies that flow through the blood of many, many americans in this country, but there are a couple of things that he said that i agree with fiscally. there are some things, but the
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other stuff is of such a great magnitude, i can't even get to this part because this part is so horrifying. >> i look forward to having more conversations. i'm sure that there will be a lot of things we don't agree upon. a lot of time we kind of got on get all that out before you can come to a place where you can say okay, we agree on this. >> it's not the system i'm attacking. it's the points and ideology. i just want to make that clear. >> it's a pleasure. >> nice to meet you. >> we thank cat and corrine for sitting down together and hope to bring more political opponents together in the future because especially now we really do need to talk. weather, we have rain moving in, those of you watching us in lake and mendocino
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county. kpix5 hi-def doppler is tracking the rain north to uso, a lot of rain up there. all this has to work its way through the bay area. we could receive 2 or 3 inches of rainfall just this weekend, the majority of the bay area receiving 1 inch or less of rainfall. lots of fireworks for the 30th annual lighting of the embarcardero season. it's chilly in livermore, 44 degrees. santa rosa 49, oakland 59. tomorrow some of you will wake up to be warmer than where you are now. mountain view and san jose in the hope to mid-50s. -- low to mid-50s. the storm is coming. it's up to our north. it is essence is here. lots of rain and mountain snowfall over the weekend. you may be curious which park of the weekend will be a -- part of the weekend will be a
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washout. the answer is tomorrow morning. by 2:00 in the afternoon just scattered showers more on and off throughout the night. it won't be an all day washout. the only part of the weekend that will be really wet is tomorrow morning. by sunday at 9:00 at night the rain is finished. northway will get the most rain, 1 to 3 inches. up to an inch of rain in the east bay and south bay. tomorrow morning the wettest part of the weekend. after that the rain become more scattered. highs tomorrow, vallejo 63, fremont 64, san francisco 65. sunday just showery. monday and tuesday dry, but more rain moving in wednesday and the latest computer model information says we may see even more rain coming up on black friday. so four days with rain over the next seven days including when you wake up tomorrow.
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we'll be right back.
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isn't enough? . >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. have you ever had one of those weeks when that friday
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night cocktail just isn't enough? you want the experience to be a little bit more. >> one of those weeks. a lot of people are having one of those week. how about this? wine lovers in japan celebrated the release of this year's nouveau by bathing in it. that's right. 30 bottles wasted -- excuse me, poured into the hot tub at a resort hotel. yes, the wine is all you can drink. price tag? about 26.50 in american dollars. what have i got? got a bunch of nba ballers playing an above the rim. you might know these guys. golden state warriors and they were running wild in boston. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. ...bring a cute baby, with r >> nba up top, no stopping your golden state warriors. hey, best way to get on tv? bring a cute baby. 4 with earmuffs. doves in boston, key moment 3rd period. klay thompson got a shooting groove back, 28 points, four warriors in double figures. later running away with it. here's a curry lob to durant.
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you like this? you like this? curry had 16. durant had 24. dove scored 18 straight points in the 3rd. curry, look at here, a three ball. doves win it by 22, 104-88. steve kerr the fastest ever to 150 wins. warriors have won six straight games. bring on the stanford tree, everybody, no. 1 stanford in trouble all about gonzaga. laura stockton broke a 61-61 tie. to the last moment she said yes and she said no. huge block. for the first time ever gonzaga upset stanford 68-63. all right. nfl, one baller the 49ers don't have to worry about is this fellow, rob gronkowski out of sunday's game at levi's with a
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chest injury, pats and 9ers. still tom brady and the pats favored by two touchdowns, game right here on channel 5 at 1:25. did you talk to him about beating him last year? >> no. he didn't really come up in any of our conversations. >> reporter: not on facebook chats or anything. >> no. snap face we were on forever. that's what coach calls it. >> my face, your face, instant face. go talk to whatever you want flay does that stuff. >> why don't we call with a -- whoever does that stuff. >> why don't we call with this. ,,,,,,,,,, thank you.
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have a great night! captioning sponsored by cbs >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes william h. macy colin quinn and musical guest drive-by truckers. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: wooo! hey!


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