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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 21, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. a lot of fun out there, a lot of people showed up. >> you just pushed the red button? >> yes. >> how is everyone doing this morning. >> good, looks a little wet this weekend. a few rain drops out there along the coast so if you're waking up in half moon bay you may see left overshowers but the rest of the bay area is dry and we're staying dry for a while. rain chances do pick up later in the week. it's 430 :30 now. this a solely car crash blocking the right lane, we'll let you know when it's cleared. all green arrows so not causing many delays in the area.
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road work on northbound 880. it should be picked up by 5:00 a.m. car out to the maze, roads are wet. investigators looking into a terrible accident in the east bay. they say a young boy hit and killed a four year old with a car. >> reporter: they were attending a child's birthday party at the senior center. as family and friends gathered a 12-year old boy who ended up getting behind the wheel but had no intention of driving. >> he was in the car charging his cell phone so he had access to the car. the car did lurch in reverse striking the 4 year old and 13 year old behind the car.
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the four year old sustained major life threatening injuries and officers on scene provided cpr. the child was transported to the hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. the 13 year old ace faced minor injury. >> it's not against the law to hand the keys to a child as happened in this case. . in san francisco people came together to honor the victims involved in crashes. the group rallied in front of city hall yesterday. they carried pictures and shared stories with loved ones. >> my son was killed two years ago by a neglectful driver so we're here today in honor of him and to get people to understand they need to change their driving habits.
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it could happen to anyone at any time. we're in honor of him and all those who have been killed in traffic violence. >> so far this year in the bay area 22 people have died as a result of what organizers call preventable traffic crashes. donald trump still seems upset with the cast of hamilton after mike pence was booed this weekend. a cast member said "we are the diverse america and we hope the show inspired you to uphold our values." mike pence said he didn't take offense to what happened. here's what trump had to say about it. . >> they were very inappropriate. thank you. . >> he tweeted about the
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incident multiple times. the cast and producers of ham l which i hear is highly overrated should apologize to mike pence for their terrible behavior. he has more transition meetings in new york city today. over the weekend he met with several republicans being considered for spots on his administration. henna daniels has the latest. >> reporter: another day of high profile meetings in new jersey with more cabinet appointments to come. former transition chair and new jersey chris christie was among the candidates. >> a very talented man and great guy. >> and former new york mayor, rudy giuliani was under consideration for secretary of state. he's also considering mitt romney for the post.
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the two spoke for over an hour saturday. >> it was not only core jalapeño cordial. >> jeff sessions is accused of making racially incentive comments in the past. >> trump's soon to be chief of staff reince priebus defended sessions. >> this is an honorable, decent human being we're talking about. . >> along with sessions a kansas representative would be confirmed by the senate. >> trump confirms his wife and 10 year old son will not be moving in with them right away. he will finish out the school
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year. and they say many of his remarks do not represent america. president obama is bac organizers put a protests together because they believe trump doesn't belong in office and many remarks do not represent america. president obama is back in washington this morning following his final overseas trip as commander in chief. he spoke with vladimir putin about conflicts in ukraine and syria. he says leaders will move forward with a trade deal opposed by donald trump. nice to see you. >> good to come in. >> today is a nice day to do weather. we're drying out so it's quiet out the door.
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a few rain drops. if you're traveling along the coast looks like highway 1 is getting hit with a few showers. we're remaining dry for most of the day. there's the lights in con ford, 50 degrees and on the cooler side. 46 in liver mor. patchy clouds and fog so you may find that in spots. a short dry break and more rain on the way so this break is not going to last for long. several chances of rain throughout the week. here's a look at high temperatures today mainly in the 60s and anywhere from average or below average. rain chances in our seven day forecast coming up. let's take a look here in the south bay. a solo car crash in los altos
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hills blocking the right lane. not causing many delays so that's good. moving to the peninsula commute across the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster taking a quick 30 minutes. but like liz said, the roads are wet now. road work on northbound 880 in oakland between oak street and broadway. a couple lanes closed down but should be opening up around 5:00 a.m. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and along the east shore freeway to the maze will take you 18 minutes. the metering lights shoultd turn on around 5:30 this morning. police are looking for suspects in a string of computer store burglaries. menlo's park tech loop had to board up their doors. police say $5,400 worth of computer gear was taken from the business.
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no arrests have been made. a coast guard crew is back in the bay area after a major drug bust near central america. we look at the homecoming. >> the coast guard cutter returned to al me da after 97 97 days at sea. sfrjts he left and the drier broke and the spring k lers became possessed. >> the toughest part is dealing with the loneliness and parenting by yourself. . >> they were looking for illegal drug smuggling when it spotted a tiny tower sticking up out of the water. it turned out to be a cargo ship that has become popular with drug cartels. >> we were able to track them and find them and then covertly get people on the decks and by the time they knew they were there, we had the hatch open
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and pulling them out. they arrested five smugglers and then a staggering find. nearly 15,000 pounds of cocaine. the crew was able to capture the record hall in tact even though the smugglers were desperately trying to sink the sub when they were caught. >> if they can get 15,000 pounds of cocaine in one hall, that's well over $250 million. so it's worth the organizations to sacrifice them. >> so even by coast guard standards these guys scored big making today's homecoming sweeter and returning heroes prouder. on coast guard island in al me meda, i'm john ramos, cbs news. the sacred heart community service hopes people will donate 2,000 turkeys and 42 00
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food boxes with fresh veggies and bread but as of this weekend they were down the 22 00 turkeys. people they hope people will donate some turkeys before wednesday. one company in california wants their employees to meditate on the job and why others should follow their lead. ,,,,
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than send her a card. kpix five's cate cauguiran shows us why "jazzy's" story inspired a benefit concert. nat: pop live music sot: cover with vo petaluma is a special place and . petaluma is a special place and if you put out the word for help, it's amazing who will show up. eight-year old jazzy sits front row to a night full of music. >> i think it's really cool to
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be here. to see it and see people in concert. >> it's all for you? >> yeah. >> three years ago she was badly injured after a drunk driver slammed into her dad's car in sonoma. the accident left her paralyzed. the setment she got wasn't enough to help pay the bills. >> we as a community thought we could do better than that. >> we met her a few months ago when the fundraiser was just an idea. tonight it became a reality. >> the thought that runs through your mind is what if it was my kid? i had a raelgs that she is my kid and we have to take care of other kids that i can they were our own -- -- realization. . >> i was really touched by her story. that hit home for me. >> people like arthur who started nonprofit group life
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goes on after he too suffered a spinal cord injury in 2007. >> jazzy is amazing and she shows that every day. >> always be strong too and also know that you can do stuff like everybody else. >> in petaluma, kpix 5. it's looking a lot like winter in the high country which is good news for skiers and snow borders. we talked to some families yesterday who hit the road at 6:00 in the morning to get to the slopes. >> the snow removal truck was in front of us that paved the way. >> got some good powder this morning. >> squall valley also saw snow this weekend and the resort hopes to open in the next few days. other parts of the u.s. got their taste of winter this
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weekend. many said they were surprised to see snow this early in november. >> different for november. >> it's absolutely crazy. i went to bed and woke up and it was a winter wonderland. >> five inches of snow fell. you're from monroe, isn't that rare? >> it's a long time since i've been on the east coast but my mom does call me and say the snow is coming. >> where do they live? >> connecticut. >> okay cool. >> bay area girl. i don't know anything about snow. >> a lot of rain this weekend. >> we're drying out today. we have been checking out our doppler since early this morning and mainly just a few drops in south moon bay. one southern california startup believes we'd all be better off at
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47 in liver mor. this area of low pressure bringing us the rain showers saturday and sunday -- it was a wet weekend but now it's moving out. the ridge of high pressure is moving in and you may have seen the other low behind it. rain chances just behind this high pressure system. so here's your future cast showing you what's going on. this is monday at 4:00 a.m. everything looks dry. monday at 2:00 p.m. everything looks clear. staying that way through most of the day tomorrow but then a few clouds rolling in by tuesday afternoon. you can see by tuesday at 2:00 things look different and ominous by the north bay. by tuesday evening looks like everyone could get hit with light rain showers. quickly moving out by wednesday morning and everything should be dry. partly cloudy to start with
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patchy dense fog out the door so be aware of that if you're heading off to work or school. on the cooler side and then rain returns by late tuesday. like i said, that's not our only rain chance this week. highs today mainly in the 60s. high 58 in pacifica but mainly low 60s everywhere else. 62 is your forecasted high in fairfield. here's a look at that seven-day forecast. you can see it's hit or miss as far as rain showers go. remaining dry today and tuesday through wednesday morning we could get hit with another chance of rain but dry for the most part on your travel day. thursday we're keeping the rain chance in there for thanksgiving day but mainly just light rain sticking to the north bay and the rest of the bay area looks dry for the holiday and another chance of rain friday drying out by at and another chance of rain for the later half of the weekend.
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it's 4:48. let's look at the south bay now where there's a couple situations to let you know about. southbound 280 after stevens creek boulevard in san jose. it's a two car crash blocking the right lane but not causing many delays. southbound 280 in los altos hills. chp has cleared the scene. new jersey devils verses the san joss sharks, expect some delays on your major south bay freeways if you're headed into the area. now let's move to the san mateo bridge here from hayward into foster city between 880 and 101. that will take you a quick 13 minutes but roads are wet so drive carefully. along the east shore freeway to the maze will take you 18 minutes. that's your traffic, michelle and kenny, back to you.
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one company in california thought we would all be better at work if we shut our eyes for a bit. >> meditating on the job is part of the job. >> reporter: tom free man takes advantage of group meditations held in his office twice a day. >> 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. a team comes together and we do a ten-minute meditation. >> he works at head space, a california company that produces meditation apps and allows employees to meditate any time during their shift. >> what we try to do as much as possible is give people the space and the tools to make it work and fit within their working day. >> they created areas designed for quiet reflection and relaxation like the swing room meant to take the stress out of meetings. employees the use these meditation pods and a tablet and head phones inside. >> many studies show meditation
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can have significant health benefits including reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. >> there's a shift in culture in most companies now where people want a happy and healthy team. . >> free man says it's working for him. >> sometimes people joke i must be very chilled out and stuff like that. >> with a growing number of businesses embracing the concept, more employees may soon find it easier to clear their heads. chris martinez, cbs news, santa monica, california. >> the company believes it can help people unleash their creative side. >> i'm going to start up a owe sga session. >> will join if i can sleep. it's one of the busiest travel weeks all year but a strike at one major airport
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could provide a problem in your holiday plans. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, dry skies and patchy fog in the bay and temperatures on the cooler side. a lot of 60s out the door. 63 your high in palo alto. 62 your high in walnut creek. again, we're seeing partly to mostly sunny skies with 61 your high in mill valley and 62 in alameda. a lot of rain chances in your 7- day forecast coming up. here's a quick update on traffic.
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cartinez bridge along the east shore freeway to the maze will take you 18 minutes across the span of the bay bridge toll plaza. acco undberg gasoline prices are down leading into thanksgiving weekend. the national average for a regular unleaded is $2 #1k3 20. $2 and 20. $2 and 66 in san francisco. 2 and 66 dollars. millions of americans travel by road and train for thanksgiving. one city is expected to see far bigger crowds than usual. nearly 500 workers are announcing a potential strike over wages and working conditions. the 90% of travellers visiting by car, gas prices are expected to be the second cheapest rate
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by 2008. amtrak could be less cozy with 750,000 people ready to pack trains. ay. . >> today really is easy. it's a lot lighter than i expected but come tuesday and wednesday it is going to be massive. >> goog's data suggests we just missed the best way to hit the road. black friday at 6:00 in the morning is the ideal time for your drive home -- -- google. more shoppers taking advantage of buying online instead of fighting crowds on black friday. one group of retailers is expected to thrive dollar stores. they say the tracking company called four square expects this week to be a big win for dollar stores because people are looking for deep discounts. if you would like to spread holiday cheer, swing by saint
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anthonies in san francisco. they are holding a curb side thanksgiving drive all week. they are collecting lightly worn clothes and cash. the donations continue through thanksgiving day. every year kpix 5 teams up with local food banks and whole foods to help those in need. you can donate at your local market. 4:57 and fans of kanye west not happy after the stunt he pulled this weekend. the backlash after he walked away from his own concert. i am live inside the warehouse of a local charity giving away turkeys for thanksgiving. the only problem is they are a few thousand turkeys short. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm michelle griego. let's get good morning, it's monday november 21st. let's take a look outside. the buildings lit up with lights. on friday we were lucky enough to take part in the ceremony. >> yeah, it was 30th annual lighting ceremony. i think there were about 2,000 people there. i was eating a lot too, it was fun. >> yeah and the rain held off too which was nice. not a great weekend for ice skating unfortunately but looks like things are drying out now. still just seeing a few drops on the doppler but looks like south of half moon bay, everything looks clear and staying that way for the rest of the day. temperatures now on the cooler side. 46 in


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