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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. good morning, it's monday november 21st. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. the oakland police department is under fire again while some people are upset how they handled the protests. the san francisco bay area chapter will hold a press conference on the steps of the oakland city hall wanting to call out the police department for their brutal treatment of protestors following the election. thousands protested in the streets after donald trump was elected. fires burning in the street and as many as 30 arrested in one night, this followed hours of peaceful protests. >> i'm undocumented and very afraid. very afraid.
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if trump does come through with his word of deploying all illegal immigrants, this may be my last fight. >> police say demonstrators vandalized several businesses and even city hall but the national lawyer's guild claims police brutally attacked and threatened and harmed protestors. they say chemical agents were used without warning and one protests's school was fractured and had broken teeth due to excessive force. >> i hope this is enough to double our commitment to equity and justice and all the things oakland has always stood for. >> they have been under federal monitoring for 14 years. the guild wants to protect the rights of protestses and hold the police accountable when they break the rules. president obama arrived back in washington overnight after his final overseas trip as commander in chief. he met with world leaders in
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peru yesterday and once again tried to reassure them about donald trump people should take a weight and see approach in how much his policy proposals once in the white house matches up with some of the rhetoric of his campaign the president-elect resumes transition meetings in new york city today as he continues to fill out his new administration. he spent the weekend hosting prominent republicans at his golf course in new jersey. rudy giuliani is on the short list for secretary of state. he also spoke about the role with former massachusetts governor mitt romney. >> the president-elect was very grateful that the governor mitt romney came in and they had a good meeting and it was a warm and substantive exchang and i know he's under active consideration to be the secretary state of the united states along with other distingished americans.
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>> president-elect trump has made a few selections. kansas representative mike pompeo as the cia director and alabama attorney jeff sessions as the attorney general. . boxes of fresh food are being handed out to families in need. >> but they have a need of their own. more on that with us, ann. they're short on cur kis again this year at california's largest food panty. 4200 families signed up for a thanksgiving meal here. you can see the fresh veggies. this takes a lot of preparation to portion this off for all those families. one of the problems here is the turkey shortage. there's some turkeys but they
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are 2200 turkeys short. while families can get the items in the box i showed you, they won't be able to get a turkey unless more members of the community step up to the plate. i'm here with eunice. >> yeah, it takes a lot of preparation to mablg this happen. we were short this time last year but we were able to make it. when the community comes together to donate and make this happen it really helps out the families. >> reporter: this is the something that's the kick off for the holiday season. >> yes, in december families will come back for food boxes for christmas and toys as well. our toys increasing by 200 kids so a greater need for toys. >> so if people want to donate come by sacred heart and donate
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a turkey or whatever you would like. if you don't have time to come down go to our website and donate and we'll do the shopping for you. >> i like the second option. you can send an e-turkey to help out the families in needs. hopefully people will step up to the plate this year. ann macovik, kron4 kpix 5. westbound 80 here, we have slow downs in the area. this is to the cartinez bridge moving in that area at 17 miles per hour. that's something to keep in mind if you're headed out the door. highway four here, you're moving through antioch at 60 miles per hour. in pittsburgh, down to 15 miles per hour.
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34 minutes across highway four here and off 205 at ten miles per hour, speeds picking up once you hit north land road at 30 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard will tack you 48 minutes if you're on westbound 580 in that area and over to the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on and traffic is moving slowly here. the maze to downtown will take up to 25 minutes and keep in mind there's a stalled car blocking the number two lane. >> back to work monday but at least it's a short work week. a few pop up showers and a passing shower or two but for the most part, we're mostly drying out. we'll zoom into where there's shower activity in the south bay. you may need your windshield wiper for a minute but not very long. the dry weather continuing throughout the morning and afternoon. you will need a jacket. temperatures on the cooler side. santa rosa, only 42 degrees now.
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50 in concord and oakland and livermore, 48 degrees so the temperatures drop by a few degrees as we get closer to sunrise. you also have to watch out for areas of patchy fog. visibility looks okay in the east and south bays. visibility there ten miles and 8 miles and parts of the north bay, pretty bad right now. low clouds and fog, petaluma making it difficult to see along parts of 101. visibility less than half a mile. after this morning, low clouds and fog and we'll get a nice, short dry break. several rain chances throughout the work week considering thanksgiving for the back half. more rain on the way so we'll show you that seven-day forecast. coming up, but first back to you guys. separate shootings across the u.s. left one police officer dead and three others wounded in a 24-hour period. there's a manhunt underway for a gunmen who fatally shot a san
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antonio detective. investigators released a photo of a person of interest. . especially coming up to the holidays, it makes it more difficult and i think like the chief had said, when post people celebrate thanksgiving unfortunately we're going to be burying one of our brothers. >> he was a father of two children and two officers were wounded in the shootings in missouri including this one in st. louis. a sergeant was ambushed when an officer pulled up to the car. the officer was shot twice in the head but expected to survive. in florida another police officer hospitalized after a traffic stop. the suspect in that case was taken to custody after an exchange of combun fire with police. today a texas man accused of attacking a bay area chic is
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headed to court -- -- sheik. he attacked him back in late september. they allegedly got out of a truck and hurt him through his car window. they knocked off his tur bin and cut off a piece of his hair. the community pushed successfully to have the incident investigated as a hate crime. a tragic accident in bonetia. a young boy accidentally ran over a four-year old boy with a car. it happened just yesterday at the senior center. a 12-year old boy left the party and got in a car to charge his phone. it's unclear if the car was running or if he turned it off. it ended up going in reverse and hitting two boys and the four year old did not survive. kanye west is leaving a trail of angry fans all over california as his by sard tour
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of the golden state continues. pope francis makes a major announcement about the catholic church's stance on abortion. mostly dry for now but more chances as the rest of the week continues. we'll show them to you coming up. here's a live look at the nimitz freeway. we'll tell you more when we come back. (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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good morning, lovely and dry this morning. several rain chances this week. we'll show you what days we're talking about. your 7 day forecast is just minutes away. looks like winter in the high country. snow fell in the sierras all
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weekend which is good news for skiers and snowboarders out there. mount rose is open for the season and we talked to some families yesterday who hit the road at 6:00 in the morning to get to the slopes. >> got some good powder in this morning. >> squall valley also saw snow this weekend and the resort hopes to hope in the next few days. . a man and a woman escaped with injuries not considered life threatening after a large tree crashed down on top of their passing suv. the tree crushed the top of the vehicle yesterday in the town of if he fall washington. >> i talked to them both. the wife was in shock. it's unbelievable it hit the carr when it did. >> the woman passenger was able to lower her seat and crawl
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throughout car's back door. a train derailment in northern india is blamed for killing 146 people. the passenger train was midway through a 27 hour trip yesterday when suddenly 14 carriages derailed. the impact was so strong one of the coaches landed on top of another. the cause of the crash is under investigation but train experts are blaming it on old equipment and human error. pope francis announced abortions remain a "grave sin" but he ads there's no sin god's mercy cannot reach and wipe away. previously this power of forgiveness was only given to bishops. giants fan look awhat he had to spring. starting at 10:00 this morning you can buy single game
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tickets. they are looking to bounce back after a loss to the cubs. part of california... in entertainment news, it seems kanye west is determined to alienate his fan base. >> the rapper cancelled his show hours before he was supposed to take the stage. fans were fuming about it. this is the most recent stop in california. fans paid top dollar to sew him perform at the new golden one center and he araved more than an hour late to his own show and left after three songs walking off the stage with no explanation. fans weren't very happy as you can imagine. >> i almost paid 250 dollars for these tickets literally three songs and booing and we had to leave. i got ready for nothing.
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i'm totally outraged. >> yeah, the disappointed fans in sacramento will get a refund for the show. a strange behavior started last week in the bay area. fans in san jose booed kanye west off the stage when he went on a lengthy rant saying he would have voted for donald trump if he voted. rocky, you were at the show over the weekend. >> i was. despite how you felt about him after san jose, we got there and were like okay this is interesting but once the music started you forget everything and it was going to be awesome and then he started talking. we were like, okay get back to the music. >> that's what he does. >> i looked at my friend and thought, this is not going well. >> he actually said, "the show is over" and dropped the mic. >> whatever is going on with him hopefully he figures it out. >> i hope so. >> and we got a firsthand account. >> i know. i was there. she was very upset about
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wasting her outfit but now owe what? once you got there it started and the music was great and then -- yeah. >> he has to be thankful this week. >> yeah, needs to give some thanks for sure. how are the roads looking? >> let's start in vallejo here. if you head to highway 4 it's slow coming out of the pittsburgh moving at 17 miles per hour. hill crest will take you up to 34 minutes. trafficking coming off 205 at 10 mip. ten miles per hour. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will take up to 46 minutes. that's a long commute there. over to the san mateo bridge, traffic is slowing down hef ri. it will take you up to 25 minutes from hayward to foster
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city and then a look at your mass transit throughout the area. bart is on time. caltrain on time as well. thank you, we are drying out all around the bay area, still seeing patchy fog and low clouds. the area of low pressure that brought us all the wet weather over the weekend is clearing out and looks look a nice morning out the door. lots of blue skies and partly cloudy skies later this afternoon. temperatures still a little chilly out there in santa rosa. 42 degrees and 52 in san francisco. 48 in livermore and 50 in concord and oakland. low pressure is finally moving out that brought us the wet weather ob saturday and sunday. we're watching the ridge of high pressure but there's an area of low pressure behind it. we'll show you what's going on with future cast. for this afternoon we're staying dry and into this afternoon it looks like overnight into tuesday for much of the day we're still going to stay dry. but as tuesday afternoon rolls in you can see a few more
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clouds moving in and then by tuesday late, looks like tuesday evening we're getting hit with our second chance of rain for the week. so looks like this should happen after the commute. early to time it out but right now it's showing about 7:00 when the rain activity will begin. partly cloudy to start and pay patchy fog. the rain returns for the wednesday morning commute. 6:57 this morning. sunset at 4:54. getting earlier and earlier. highs in the 60s around the bay area and low 60s. these temperatures are seasonal or slightly below average for a couple degrees this time of year. 61 in vallejo and 62 is your high in livermore and 58 degrees along the coast in pacifica. so we'll show you what's going on with your seven-day forecast. for today partly cloudy skies.
6:21 am
wednesday remains dry and for thanksgiving, just a slight chance of rain mainly in the north baby later on thursday evening but the bulk of the day should be dry skies. chance of rain saturday and drying up saturday and another chance on sunday. so a mixed bag all across the week. more news and weather and traffic after this break. ,,
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bulls and lakers in los angeles. leaving town for thanksgiving this year -- and problems at one of tom brady playing his first road game against the 49ers and chip kelly was hoping to not be
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the first coach to lose the 9th game in a row. colin kaepernick to mcdonald, 18-yard touchdown that cut the patriots lead 13-10. brady scrambles and finds danny for the score and a ten point patriots lead. brady his fourth touchdown of the game, to malcomb mitchell and patriots win 304617. the 49ers are 1-9 with their ninth straight loss. andy reid stu kiing the afc standings. tampa beats kc in kc, 19-17 and the raiders lead the afc west. jimmie johnson takes the lead on the restart and would hold on for the win to capture a 7th career cup title tying him with richard petty and dale
6:26 am
earnhardt for most championships in nascar history. the raiders could open up a full game lead if they win tonight in mexico city against the texans of houston. we will have post game highlights on the late show. . it's 6:26. more californians are leaving town for thanksgiving and that means travel headaches. this morning the national lawyer's guild is calling out the oakland police department for their brutal treatment of protestors. that story, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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dollar plan to help undocumented immigrants facing deportation threats from the president-elect. one bay area county is considering a multi million dollar plan to help immigrants facing deportation threats from the president-elect. thanksgiving a few days away. live inside northern california's largest food pantry where they have celery but missing thousands of turkeys. the rain for the most part is out of here for now but our rain chances aren't over yet this week. we'll tell you more about that coming up. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. cartinez bridge to the toll plaza will take you about 20 minutes. monday november 21st i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. the time now is 630 tum tum. the oakland police department is in the spotlight for using excessive force -- -- 6:30. this morning the national
6:31 am
lawyer's guild san francisco bay area chapter plans to call out the oakland police department for the brutal treatment of protestors. following the presidential election, thousands of people protested in the streets of oakland which started peacefully. many protestors said they were marching because they were afraid and not there to start trouble. >> even though donald trump is our president and i know we can't take him out of office but we want to come out here and change his mind set that our voice needs to be heard and even though we're teenager, we still vi a voice. >> however, hours of peaceful protestors was soon followed by vandalism and fires. the oakland police department has been under federal monitoring for almost 14 years and some want that monitoring to be expanded to include recruiting and hires of officers. >> i would be completely open
6:32 am
to a federal oversight of the oakland police department. that means from the recruitment down to every level to regain public trust. that's an action i may have to take. i'm willing to support the complete oversight. >> the national lawyer's guild will hold a news can forensic at 10:00 this morning on the steps of oakland city hall. live in the newsroom, lisa chan, kpix 5. with thanksgiving approaching sacred heart community services is down 2,000 turkeys. ann is live at sacred heart on what we can do to help the local families. >> reporter: it's a lot of turkeys that they still don't have here at sacred heart. each family gets one of these boxes filled with fresh pro deuce. there's beans and car are the and let us but as far as the actual turkey, you can see there's plenty of curs.
6:33 am
about 2,000 now but they need 2200 more to feed the 4200 families that have signed up to get help this thanksgiving holiday. so this is something that we actually talk about almost every year here at sacred heart. i'm here with dave thompson. >> you know, in spite of the unemployment rate going down and people feeling like the economy is booming, hidden behind that is a lot of the jobs that have been built up in the bay area are low income and low wage service jobs so folks are struggling to pay rent. average rent is $2,400 in the south bay and that's hard to make on low wage, right? so when the holidays come, we have heard over and over again from families that they're feeling a lot of stress. you can imagine a parent wanting to celebrate a tradition like thanksgiving with their family and putting the turkey dinner on their table with their kid so it's
6:34 am
stressful. we're able to families bridge that and bring it together. >> sacred heart is run on donation from private individuals and religious organizations and various businesses so you're hoping they will step up to the plate again this year. >> that's right. last year we were still short even the day of our distribution and we were able to make it. the community came together and rallies and brought in turkeys and cash donations that helped us buy some and we're hoping that will happen again. >> gives give us your website so they can donate. >> sacred heart community >> thank you for joining us today. hopefully people will bring in more turkeys to feed the families coming to the pantry between now and wednesday.
6:35 am
turkeys, non- perishable food items, lightly- worn clothes, and cash. the drive- through donations continue through thanksgiving day. you can stop by starting at nine a- m. , kpix 5 teams up drive through donations are continuing through thanksgiving day, you can stop by at 9:00 in the morning. >> every year kpix teams up with local food banks and those in need for the holidays. you can donate online at slash give. let's get another check on the weather. rainy weekend but a little bit of a break, right? >> yeah, we are. it's a short work week starting off dry. hopefully it shouldn't be too bad. except for a little bit of patchy fog out the door, that's the only thing that could slow you down weather wise. we'll zoom in towards the south bay where this is the only spot where we're seeing a pop up shower or two. hard to tell if it's hitting the ground. if you need windshield wipers
6:36 am
you may need them for a minute or two. we're seeing dry skies for the remainder of the day. we do have a brief dry break but rain chances throughout the week. here's a look at the temperatures still chilly in santa rosa. 42 there in san francisco and 50 degrees still in concord and oakland. i mentioned the patchy fog. visibility is okay in parts of the east and south bay but checking into the north bay, visibility is bad obvious live in petaluma if you're heading along 101 watch out ffr that. we'll take a look at rain chances as we progress through the week. first we have to get you out the door this morning. >> we do have an update for the saf ferry right now. that vallejo ferry and 5:30 p.m. san francisco departure will both be replaced by buses due to mechanical problems. this is happening today, tuesday, and wednesday this
6:37 am
week so definitely keep that in mind. otherwise bart and muni are on time. looking good in both directions, 238 to the maze will take you up to 28 minutes. a new crash to tell you about southbound 880 in san lorenzo. it's blocking the two middle lanes now. you can see traffic moving slowly in the area on to the san mateo bridge here. as millions of americans visit friends and family for thanksgiving, one city is expected to see much longer lines than usual. nearly 500 workers at chicago's o'hare airport are expected to announce a strike today over wages and working conditions. before the 90% of travellers driving this holiday, gas prices are set to be the secondest cheapest rates since 2008. amtrak might be less than
6:38 am
relaxing with 750,000 people ready to fill the train. google data suggests black friday at 6:00 a.m. is your best bet to hit the road. later today the lieutenant governor is meeting with students to talk about post- election bullying. meanwhile undocumented immigrants are at risk of getting deported could get legal help in santa clara county. the sheriff wants to par ner with immigration attorneys and city of san jose to provide free legal services. >> any immigrant in our community who needs legal aid will have an opportunity to get that and that could be because their paperwork is hung or maybe they have a visa that needs to be renewed. >> his plan was could taxpayers several million dollars a year. tensions on the rise again in north dakota.
6:39 am
the site of the ongoing protests project, about 400 protestors clashing with law enforcement near a reservation for the standing rock sioux tribe. demonstrators are trying to cross a bridge on a highway while officers formed a line and used water cannons to stop them. time now is 6:39. donald trump's election victory has provided new momentum for californias wanting ns wants to leave the united states. ,,
6:40 am
- announcer: here at airbnb, we want to work with the city on new common-sense home sharing rules. to help protect affordable housing, we've launched a one host, one home policy. so hosts may now only rent space at one address in san francisco. and we want to work together to improve the city's permit system so that it's simple, fair and effective.
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together, we can make the new rules work
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joining us now... k-c-b-s radio financial reporter jason brooks. big news for companies based in san jose and san francisco. . good morning, everybody concerned about their privacy and security online and we get a big deal in that space this morning.
6:43 am
the mountain view based semantec is buying life lock based in attempt pee arizona with 4.4 4.4 million subscribers who use the fraud and identity protection services. they want to integrate the service into the norton anti virus protection software creating the large e consumer internet protection company in the world. an jose based adoe do be holiday says say people won't be shopping online as much. online sales rising three ht 6% this season and that's still stronger than what we expect to see at brick and manaforter mortar. the election is cited for the
6:44 am
main reason. stock market is choppy this week. thanksgiving holiday coming up. off to a positive start this morning. surging owl prices are boosting the energy sector. chevron and exxon are deal well. the dow is up by 46 points and nasdaq gaining 30. time check 6:44 now. a check on our morning commute this morning with rocky. good morning, let's head to the maren commute. here's a beautiful look at the golden gate bridge. 580 to golden gate plaza, taking you 14 minutes. on to the bay bridge, metering lights are on and the maze to downtown will take you up to 28 minutes on westbound 80 if you're headed into the city and also a look at in san lorenzo,
6:45 am
this two vehicle crash is off to the shoulder but as you can see slow in the area where traffic is moving at 29 miles per hour. if you're taking southbound 880 to the san mateo bridge, here's a live look at that slow commute. that will take you up to 25 minutes. on to the altamont pass, coming off 205 at nine miles per hour, you're driving slowly into north land road where speeds pick up to 26 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass, 48 minutes along west 580. tsa your traffic, now to you for the weather. >> at least it's a short work week. >> here's a live lookout the door at our high-def doppler. it's quiet outside except for fog making it difficult. pop up showers continuing to move southeast so maybe in parts of san jose you may get hit with a rain shower or two and you may need your wipers
6:46 am
for a few seconds. we're going to continue to dry out throughout the morning and tomorrow as well. this is a brief dry break. temperatures on the cooler side, still santa rosa only 42 degrees. 50 in concord and oakland. so your satellite and radar show showing what's going on weather wise. the area of low pressure bringing rain showers saturday and sunday slowly moving out finally and this area of high pressure is moving in and that's going to give us this dry weather. over the next couple of days we do have an area of low pressure behind it so we have several rain chances throughout the course of the week. we'll time things out with future cast. much of the day today dry and continuing into the afternoon and for much of the day on tuesday. by tuesday afternoon a few more clouds rolling in and as you can see by 1:00 and then tuesday evening our next chance of rain into wednesday morning, right now by the timing of it, looks like it should be after the evening commute.
6:47 am
a little too early to tell for sure but looks like it should start around 7:00. so what to expect? partly cloudy sto start and patchy dense fog and more sunshine today but on the cooler side and then the rain returns by late tuesday. this is our first rain chance this week. several more as the week continues. high temperatures today relatively seasonal and maybe a degree or two below average in some parts of the bay area. 63 your high in oakland and 63 in concord and cooler along the coast, pacifica only reaching a high of 58 degrees. here's a wrap up of the seven- day forecast. chance of rain tuesday night into wednesday and wednesday remains dry and then for your thanksgiving holiday, a chance of rain mainly in the north bay but not until much later into thursday evening and then rain again on friday and dry saturday and rain even on sunday. that's a lot. that's your latest kpix weather.
6:48 am
in the wake of election of donald trump, some californians have considered drastic measures, even the ultimate act of leaving the united states. >> here to break it down is our political reporter melissa kaine. >> good morning, they're calling it cal-exit or cal- leave-fornia. in 1997 a group called free the bear started arguing for succession and in 2018 a proindependence group called yes-california registered as a nonprofit but not until two weeks ago when the election results started coming in that people started pay attention. >> we don't think it's the greatest coincidence in the world that california pays more into the system and loses more money and at the same time has the highest taxes and can't afford to fund schools properly and has all its infrastructure failing.
6:49 am
>> he says the week after the election their website got 2 million visits and now he has 10,000 volunteers. seems like the group has hit a nerve. she say forget trump's america and we're going to take our silicon valley and all the food we grow for the nation and go at it alone. >> it's hard to imagine a state could succeed from the united states. how would that work? >> it would be really hard. when you're talking about succession you have to look at the poster child of texas -- that's the one state that's tried to leave the u.s. more times than anyone can count. but one in particular, right before the civil war broke out in 1961 the citizen of texas voted to leave the united states. there was a lawsuit that involved this issue -- can texas vote to leave and it went all the way up to the supreme court where the justices said no. the constitution is a one way street and you can get into the united states but you can't get out. we don't care about your state
6:50 am
vote -- they said it was null. so what this means for california or any other state is the only peaceful way to leave the united states is by constitutional amendment it's hard to mend the constitution and that's a dramatic understatement -- it's nearly impossible. >> how does this group plan to move forward? >> they want to gather enough signatures to put smth on the ballot where californians can vote to succeed and they would take the mandate to other states and lobby for support to amend the constitution. they believe it's possible. i should point out there are succession movements in just about state in the union, even vermont. the little state of ver vert would like to be a nation according to some people. that's just an example. but opening the door to leaving the union in the u.s. constitution may have consequences well beyond california. >> yeah, it's been an ongoing theme since the start of our
6:51 am
country where there's division and the power between state verses federal government. >> it's fair to say california is setting itself up to be the counter weight to the trump administration. it's still sort of a vote to stick it to dc by californians. >> very hard to do. all right melissa, thanks so much. a day of celebration turns tragic after a young boy is killed at a bay area birthday party. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
taking part in a major drug bust. the cutter waesche a coast guard crew returned after taking part in a major drug bust. >> crew members were looking for signs of drug smuggling off central america when they spotted something sticking up out of the water. it turned out o be a cargo ship used by drug cartels.
6:55 am
they confiscated 15,000 pounds of cocaine. president obama is back at the white house after wrapping up his final overseas trip adds commander in chief. he met with world leaders in peru and spoke briefly with vladimir putin about the conflicts in ukraine and syria. the president-elect will hold tron situation meetings in new york city. donald trump is meeting with prominent republicans as he fills out his administration. a manhunt continues in texas for the person who killed a police officer near san antonio police headquarters. he was writing a traffic ticket as someone reached in the passenger side of the car and shot him. police say a child in yesterday's party in benicia
6:56 am
was killed after a 12-year old boy got in the car and hit the four-year old boy and a 13 year -year old. in sack act on saturday kanye west arrived more than an hour late to his concert and performed on a few songs. last week fans booed him off the stage. i'm live in san jose at sacred heart community services where they will start distributing this food they see here to thousands of families that otherwise wouldn't have had a traditional thanksgiving meal. we have to tell you, they are at a loss for turkeys right now. they still need 22 00 turkeys to feed the 4200 families that have signed up for thanksgiving meals. they are hoping people are come
6:57 am
through with donations today. they're hoping people will go to their website at sacred heart again, they're hoping the bay area will come through with thanksgiving just a few days away. i hope we can all give back this season. time now is 6:57. let's look at highway four. moving nicely through on the yok but pittsburgh it's 12 miles per hour. -- -- antioch. in concord there's a stalled car that's now off to the shoulder that was blocking the lane. however, speeds are only at 12 miles per hour in and that back up is on to 242 currently. moving down to the altamont pass, 11 miles per hour on 205 and speeds picking up at 38
6:58 am
once you get to livermore. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass taking you up to 844 minutes. -- -- 44 minutes. any kind of pop up showers we're seeing is in the south bay so if you're able to travel on 82 or 280 through downtown certainly won't last long. we're drying out. by this afternoon there should be nothing out there. here's a look at highs later today mainly in the 60s. rain chances continue as the week continues as well. our next chance of rain is tuesday evening and wednesday morning. dry for much of the day wednesday. chance of rain in the north bay on thanksgiving and wet again friday and another chance sunday so keeps ongoing. >> it was quite a weekend in petaluma where hundreds attended a benefit concert for an eight-year old girl dealing
6:59 am
with paralysis. >> jazzy was paralyzed three years ago when a drunk driver slammed into her car. the legal settlement was not enough to may per medical bills. 0. >> know you can do stuff like everybody else. >> she still does a lot of things she loves including drawing and reading. at a zoo in sidney australia these pug ls are getting getting introduced to the public. they needed to spend a couple months resting up in their mother's pouch. the smallest ones weigh nine ounces. >> i did not know what a puggle was. >> it's not so cute. sounds cute but -- it gives me
7:00 am
rodent vibes. >> i'm with you on that. have a great day everyone. at least that's true. good morning to our viewers in the west, it is monday, november 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." more than a foot of snow buried parts of the country. and more is on the way. we're tracking your thanksgiving week forecast. a huge manhunt in san antonio for a man who ambushed and killed a police detective. it's one of four police shootings in 24 hours around the country. president-elect trump appears close to making several major appointments to his cabinet and he demands an apology for a "hamilton" cast member's sharp message to the vice president-elect. actor brandon victor dixon is here today. >> we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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