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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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leading to more scrutiny of the t... and now at noon, protests over the presidential election are leading to more scrutiny of the oakland police department and how it handles crowd control. good afternoon it is monday, november 21st. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. the national lawyers' guild bay area chapter is calling out the
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department for what it says was brutal treatment. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in oakland where a news conference just wrapped up. anne? >> reporter: and the national lawyers' guild says that there was unwarranted violence against not only protestors by the opd but they say their own legal observers who were there to document the protest. for five nights, oakland was the scene of protests against the election of donald trump. they started peacefully with thousands of people marching downtown then bursts of vandalism, fires burning in the street. assaults on police officers. and as many as 30 people arrested in one night. but the bay area chapter of the national lawyers' guild says it was the police who were out of control. >> i had not seen levels of that kind of brew it willty and refringes since occupy which folks know cost millions of millions of dollars in lawsuits. >> reporter: police declared an unlawful assembly but many protestors say they missed that message.
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>> police brutalized and violated the people throughout the night by making violent arrests. by deploying tear gas without any kind of warning whatsoever. >> reporter: the guild is defending several protestors against their criminal charges and says they'll keep their eye on the opd. >> we're hoping to actually talk with them. work with them, and move into a place where people's rights are honored. >> reporter: now the lawyers' guild says that they have video of some of this alleged brutallyization but they're not willing to release it yet. i spoke with the mayor's office and the mayor is not available for comment. and i also spoke with the opd. they say they are working on their response. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. president-elect donald trump is in new york city today to meet with more potential members of his cabinet. as cbs news kenneth craig reports trump posted several contenders over the weekend in new jersey including 2012 republican no, ma'am nominee norm. >> reporter: former
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massachusetts senate -- mitt romney. >> reporter: former massachusetts senator scott brown was the latest to meet with trump today. former texas governor and one- time gop rival rick perry is also expected to meet with mr. trump. over the weekend, mr. trump hosted other high-profile republicans at his golf course in new jersey. among them, new jersey governor chris christie and 2012 gop nominee mitt romney who is also being considered for sec tate of state. >> a great deal to discuss and a mutual respect and i had al productive conversation. >> reporter: among the top contenders, billionaire investor wilbur ross for secretary of commerce and former goldman sacs executive steve mnuchin for secretary of the treasury. it proves the president-elect is trying to be transparent during this process. but some critics say transparency isn't the problem with mr. trump's announcements. diversity is.
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>> from the goat go in terms of the way the campaign was prosecuted and so on and looking at the current array of choices, it is a very monochromatic group. >> reporter: trump's spokeswoman conway says trump's administration will be filled with people of all backgrounds including women. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> it will trump transition team is expected to release a video later today outlining the president-elect's priorities for his first 100 days in office. and as we await that announcement, president-elect trump's latest war of words is with the cast of the hit musical "hamilton." he's calling the show cease statement to vice president- elect mike pence harassment. as pence was leaving friday's performance the actor who plays aaron burr says in part that many are quote alarmed and anxious about the trump administration. that actor is rejecting trump's call for an apology. a lieutenant governor gavin newsom joining students and school leaders today in san francisco to talk about ways to fight racism, hail and
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bullying. this, in the wick obviously the bitterly -- wake of the bitterly contentious presidential election. >> forget the stats, we can dismiss the stats. you can't dismiss the emotions or feelings of the time and they're real and people need an outheat for that. they need to know people until a better stewards and leaders in their community that they've got they're back and they're going to protect them and promote their interest and that's the pert which brought us here todayful -- spirit which brought us here today. >> he was at burton high school. the there have been hundreds of allegations of election related intimidation and harassment nationwide in the days following the election. on thursday racist graffiti was reported at a high school in danville. meanwhile, undocumented immigrants who are at risk of getting deported under trump's administration could soon be getting some legal help in santa clara county. supervisor wants to partner with immigration attorneys and the city of san jose to provide free legal services. the supervisor's plan would cost taxpayers several million
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dollars a year. another big change in policy for the roman rat lick church -- catholic church. pope francis just announced any priest can grant fortiveness to a woman that's had an abortion. the announcement extends that indefinitely. right now? sonoma county they are looking into the death of a 4-year-old girl. investigators say that last night a man brought his unresponsive daughter to the police department. officers began cpr but the girl later died at a hospital. police determined that the man was previously with his daughter and another child at st. john's church. investigators believe that the girl drowned but are awaiting results of an autopsy. they later arrested the father geraldo mendez on suspicion of homicide. authorities are investigating a tragic accident in benicia. a 4-year-old boydied after he was hit by -- die boyed after he was hit by a car. he has been identified as
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mahati coo deer. the accident happened during a birthday party at the benicia senior center yesterday afternoon. police say a 12-year-old boy got into the car to charge his phone when somehow, the vehicle suddenly went into reverse. a 13-year-old boy was also hurt. next, targeting law enforcement, four officers shot across the country. now departments are on high alert. the safety measures now being taken. and digging out. how much snow stayed to the -- states in the northeast got slammed with during a weekend storm. all the wet weather we had this weekend is finally cleared out and we're actually seeing lots of sunshine today. but we have rain chances several days this week. your seven day forecast coming up. . plus, the taste of baseball in november? how you can get a head start on the giants' 2017 season. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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texas. the city is in mourning this afternoon, a memorial is growing outside police headquarters in san antonio, texas. this t city is in mourn -- the city is in mourning after a detective with 20 years on the force was shot and killed in the line of duty. that officer is one of four shot in a wave of unrelated attacks around the country targeting law enforcement. in st. louis and outside kansas city, both suspects were killed. and the officers are expected to survive. as omar villafranca reports right now police are on high alert. >> i've got an officer down in front of headquarters, id need ems right now. >> reporter: that urgent call for help came moments after san antonio detective benjamin marconi was shot. police have released a photo of this man entering a building who they believe may have more information about the shooting. >> we consider this suspect to be extremely dangerous.
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and a clear threat to law enforcement averages and the public. >> reporter: police chief william mcmanus says detective marconi pulled over a driver just before noon. that's when the suspect parked his vehicle behind marconi's patrol car and approached the driver's side window where marconi was sitting. the suspect allegedly shot marconi twice in the head before running back to his vehicle and driving off through the headquarters' south parking lot. >> the fact that he did what he did to a police officer, a police officer sitting in his car, tells me that he's the ultimate coward. >> reporter: marconi was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> nobody that has a bad word to say about ben marconi. >> reporter: police say surveillance footage captured this black sedan speeding away from the scene. >> all officers be on the lookout. use extreme caution. >> reporter: police don't believe the suspect had any relationship to the original driver who was pulled over and so far, no motive has been
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identified. omar villafranca, cbs news, san antonio. >> following the violence, san antonio police officers will order not to attend any traffic stops unless they were accompanied by another officer. 58 officers in the u.s. have been killed by gunfire while serving in the line of duty this year. that's compared to last year when there were a total of 39 officers killed in the line of duty. wollen los angeles . a dramatic scene early this morning as firefighters rescued four people from the rain swollen los angeles river. the rushing water left two men and two women stranded on a tiny island in the city's atwater village. one rescue crew in an inflatable boat manage today reach the -- mangled to reach the island and return to store safely. more than 100 firefighters took part in that rescue. an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 2.9 shook the sacramento area early this morning. it was centered nine miles northwest of davis and 20 miles
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west of sacramento. the usgs says the quake hit at a depth of 14-kilometerser there were no reports of -- kilometers, there were no reports of any damage. what a difference a few hours makes right now people across parts of the northwest are digging out after the first major storm of the season. watertown, new york is under a half a foot of snow. a chilly contrast from the day before when the town basked in a record high of 72 degrees. the massive shift in weather was caused by the first significant lake effects of the storm of the season. that dropped more than a foot in the region. >> not ready for it. it's too soon. not ready for it at all and i heard we're going get more. >> the storms slammed michigan across the midsection of the u.s. and by early this morning binghamton, new york received about 15 inches of snow. parts of massachusetts and connecticut also got about a foot snow. -- of snow. closer to home. ski season has officially begun. this is a live look from the sierra at tahoe ski area.
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skiered and boarders are digging out the boots and jackets and elizabeth is timing out when is the best time to hit the slopes. >> yeah, all the wet weather here obviously causing snowstorm there out in sierra. it's beautiful. but you know we are drying out now if you've seen if you stepped outside. actually seeing sunshine which we haven't seen in a couple of days. it was a pretty wet weekend but hi-def doppler radar taking a brief break as you can see everything is pretty much dry in and out. we saw a few -- now. we saw a few drops this morning but things are now clearing out and here's a live look over the bay bridge. gorgeous day a little on the chilly side but gorgeous nonetheless. astros right now -- santa rosa 57 degrees and 57 as well in oakland and 59 right now in san francisco. so here's your satellite and radar. that area of low pressure that brought us the wet weekend, that's continuing to move farther east. that's right there. but now we're watching this ridge of high pressure and it's going to stick with us today and most of tomorrow. but then we are watching another low just to the east and that's going to move to the bay area bringing us another shot of rain by tuesday
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evening. so we'll time some of this out and you can see monday, throughout the afternoon, into the evening, looks pretty clear. tuesday, for the bulk of the day remains pretty much the same even though by the afternoon we have increasing clouds. then by tuesday evening stop it here at 9:00 and you can see wet weather is forecasted for pretty much all of the bay area. not going to be a huge washout but it should be pretty wet and right now, it looks like it's timing it after the evening commute. so a little early to tell for sure. but again it looks like it starts after 7:00. so afternoon sun on the cool side. mainly clear tonight with some areas of dense valley fog once again and then that rain returns by late tuesday. one of several rain chances we have this week. sunset tonight is at 4:54. definitely getting earlier and earlier and sunrise is just before 7:00. tomorrow. high temperatures today going to see a lot of 60s across the board and mainly low 60s and 63 is the high in oakland. 63 is your forecasted high in concord. 61 in san francisco and only a high of 58 degrees in pacifica. overnight lows going to get
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pretty chilly this in santa rosa with an overnight low of 39 and otherwise a lot of 40s. so here's a look at the seven day forecast around the bay. so dry, cool today. but loathes of sunshine which then that next chance of rain comes tuesday into wednesday. another chance of rain for the thanksgiving holiday but we're going to keep that mainly in the evening. and pretty much in the north bay. so it looks like most of us should be pretty dry holiday. another chance of rain for much of the bay area by friday. dry saturday and another chance of rain for sunday. so i think all of us will pretty much get wet at some point in the next seven days. >> look at the roller coaster though on that. >> sit. it's a little bit of everything. >> what a change compared to just a couple of months ago when we just had dry dry, dry sunny skies. >> it was so hot i know and i live in the far toast bay where it gets really hot. this is a nice break. >> a good break. all right thanks so much. well it's been an eventful football season for the raiders. winning a lot of games ahmed speculation about where they'll play in the future and tonight they'll be playing in mexico. the raidest posted the photos of the players arriving in
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mexico city for the game against the houston texans. it will be played in an international soccer stadium. the altitude there is more than 7300 feet. that's even higher than the stadiums for the denver broncos and university of wyoming. from football to baseball, giants' fabs can already start looking ahead to spring. you can now buy single game tickets for the 2017 season. on the giants' website. and the team is looking to bounce back after a heart- breaking loss to the cubs in the division series last month. the first spring training game is friday, february 24th. a major problem, next, what is apple scrambling to fix one of its most popular devices. and what's cool about your school? you can e-mail your nominations to us. we may come and feature your school on the show. ,, (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco.
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we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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what's in their packages. online retailer amazon has a new app featured design to help holiday shoppers keep tabs on the packages. the feature is called package x- ray. it uses customers' iphone cameras to help them detect what's inside packages. without opening them. apple says it will replace batteries in some of its iphone 6s models because the phones can shut down unexpectedly. the cupertino based company says the problem only affects a
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small number of phones made between september and october 2015. apple also says iphone batteries do not pose any safety risks. taking a look at financial markets and seeing stocks. the dow is up right now. 65 points. all right, time now shop and eat. today fresh grocer tony tantillo shows us. >> reporter: these oranges primarily are for juice. the orange juice. they're coming out of the texas and florida. and they're in the market and let me tell you, the juices coming out of the oranges, you can get a glass of orange juice they're that good. i'm not i woulding you and of course loaded with -- kidding you and of course loaded with nutritional value. look how beautiful they are on the inside. the aroma? oh. that's sunshine. now best way to select it. simple. make sure like all citrus, heavy for their size and nice and smooth around the outside. a little bit of greening is
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okay on valencia oranges. not naval but valencia and again stir them on the counter and never in the fridge. store them in the refrigerator, all it will wonderful juice is what you don't want. juice oranges, they're in the market, fine for that orange juice, i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer and always eat fresh and stay healthy and arrow that? out of this world. working to help those in need. still ahead, the acts of criedness being seen around the bay area as -- kindness being seen around the bay area as many families prepare to gather around the table for thanksgiving dinner this week. a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, e- mail our hotline, or you can call the hotline that's 888-5-helps-u. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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who says i shouldn't have a soda every day? my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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as millions of americans visit friends and family for thanksgiving, one city is expected to see much longer lines than usual. nearly 500 workers at chicago's o'hare airport just announced a strike today. look for the 90% of travelers driving this holiday, gas prices are set to be the second cheapest rate since 2008. and amtrak might be less relaxing however with 750,000 people ready to fill the trains. and as for getting back home? from thanksgiving, google data suggests that black friday around 6:00 in the morning is your best bet to hit the road.
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all right, new at noon a busy day at st. anthony's in san francisco. >> kpix 5 was there this morning as volunteers collected drive-by donations. things like turkeys and lightly worn clothes and some cash. >> and we're doing great. we're over 500 turkeys already. and people's generosity of san francisco is amazing. people just know st. anthony's. it's going to go to the people they want it to go to and we don't do what we do without that generosity. so we rely on folks at this time of year especially to come by and help us out. >> the drive-by donations continue through thanksgiving day. and right now, a san jose charity that's been providing thanksgiving meals for more than half a century running short on turkeys. sacred heart community service is counting on donor to give 2200 turkeys. so it can provide 4200 families with complete thanksgiving food boxes. and anyone can drop off the turkeys from 9:00 in the
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morning until 5:00 through wednesday at sacred heart's donation center. and every year, kpix 5 teams up with local food banks and whole foods to help those in need during the holiday season. you can donate at your local whole foods or online at cbs sf/gifts. that's going to do it for eyewitness news at noon. the "bold and the beautiful" is next. >> all right hey thank you for joining us today. >> it was fun. >> just hanging out. >> have a good afternoon everyone. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,
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♪ >> ridge: i will always love you and cherish you. i treasure us, our connection. and this is our chance to recapture the magic that we used to have, and that's what mom wants. she wanted us to be together and to run this company, to run this family. this is our shot, logan. >> bill: i hope you enjoyed our day together. >> r.j.: it was...okay. >> bill: "okay"? maybe i need to take you on the tour again so you have a full appreciation of exactly what i've built here. how about we start in the safe room? you can take another big whiff ofco


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