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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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cameras were purchased and take this into the 21st century. he released several minutes of raw video. just a warning what you are about to see could be disturbing. >> reporter: it was a dark chaotic scene and luke smith can be seen wearing an orange top. at this point kepties have been trying to get him to drop the knife. he made a stabbing motion and that's when the deputy fired the shot from an assault rifle. investigators say luke had taken a bad batch of lsd and stabbed his father and uncle repeatedly. when he fled the house, they called 911. >> yeah, just been stabbed near the heart. i'm going to bleed to death if you don't hurry up. >> they arrived finding luke hopping fences. at one point he even climbed on
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top of a firetruck. a deputy in special training in negotiations tried to get him to drop the weapon. that is the sound of deputies firing a foam bullet. >> other than a baton and oc spray, we exhausted every tool on our tool bait. >> just before the fatal shot when smith was swinging the knife around and deputies felt their lives were in danger they shot in the center of mass. >> to pick a finger, elbow in that circumstances is not going to happen. >> they tracked down the alleged drug dealers. the suspect overi dosed and is -- dozed and is in the hospital in a coma. >> something like lsd, they really don't know what they are taking. don't do it, or be careful. >> the father and uncle will
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survive their injuries, but are told they are in serious or critical condition in the hospital. it is unclear just how much bad lsd is floating out there in the county. we are live in santa cruz. >> right now santa clara sheriff deputies are getting feedback on the use of body cameras. a community meeting, officials say they expect to start using those new devices sometime next year. >> police want you to get a good look of a car linked to a gun battle that left a couple seriously injured. this dodge caravan is one of two cars engaged in a shootout last thursday. they say it may have been rented. it left the scene after one car slam intoed a prius. the person inside that car was critically injured. they have been identified by their daughter as paul and susan
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duran. they were only a block from their home. and a father accused of killing his daughter in a church. he arrived naked at the police station. they believe he took his daughter and 9-year-old son to the catholic church just behind the police station and intentionally drowned the little girl in a ban ban advertise mall pool. the boy was not hurt. the trump administrations threat to sanctuary city. one on one interview with gavin newsom. >> the governor waisted no time in drawing the line at the california border and saying he was going to be leading the defense on this. as for the president elect trump and his policies here is what knew smo some says. >> you can't just sit back and
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take it. >> reporter: in his first sit down interview, he waisted to time in drawing the line on the election of donald trump and his call for intersanctuary cities. >> going after felons, i completely understand and concur. >> reporter: but when it comes to splitting up families or teenagers. >> what kind of world are we living in. you can't have all this be allowed to run free and rush through the state of california. we have to step up and step in and push back. >> reporter: can you tell the state officials that say no. >> absolutely. >> reporter: but some say newsom and other democrats are jumping the gun. >> the attorney general doesn't make the law. the attorney general enforce it is law. >> for people to deny how chilling this election has been to real human beings is to deny
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reality. >> reporter: another question, what would gam say for pick for attorney general? >> i would say you have a lot of things to focus on. california don't need him coming in and scaring our young folks, going after our dreamers. >> reporter: and president elect donald trumu got a president of the united states or president elect who is going on a twitter storm complaining about a play, but he is talking about schools across the country. >> what he is referring to is the rise in bullying since the election. it's interesting to know gavin newsome is for sanctuaries but only to a point. ? san francisco where he was mayor as a result of the death of cate who was shot after entering the country illegally.
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gavin newsom says he would not allow that. filed a new petition asking voters to is that right the process, the yes california independence campaign hopes to put a question on the november 2018 ballot authorizing an independence vote the following spring. the cal exit movement has been picking up steam since donald trump won the election. according to our u.s.a poll, majority of the americans oppose california from succeeding the u.s. . facing eviction after the city found an illegal dumping operation on the property. could leave 100 animals without a home. they discovered an illegal dumping station was on the same property of the horse boarding facility. the stables have been there for the past 17 years. an animal services spokesperson
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says the property is run down, but the horses have been properly cared for. they have until next month to move out. new at 6:00, san francisco has been face ago accreditation crisis after questions about its financial health. if the situation does not improve, this is voters approved an idea to make the free for all students. how can the school offer free tuition when it's in such bad financial shape? melissa. >> reporter: we have heard so much about free college during this political season and san francisco voters elected to make tuition free for residents, but has the trustees learned even with that additional money, there will probably still need to be cuts. >> reporter: you heard bernie say it. >> repe public colleges and universities should be free. >> reporter: but can it be done? voters passed measure w, it increases a real estate tax and
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says it will make city college free for san francisco residents. still the college may be headed for layoffs. tim kelly is the president of the teachers college union. >> has to do with finances, has to do with the uncertainty that is happening around enrollment. >> reporter: since 2013 the city college has lost a third of its enrollment and money that the state gave to stabilize the school, about $144 million over the last four years is about to end. ron gerd heart is a vice chancellor who had to deliver the bad news to a recent meeting of trustees. >> we have a $35 million drop in funding beginning july 1. >> while the ballot measure promised free college for striksens, it can be spent for any purpose. >> at this point in time we are
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not completely settled or sure in terms of what the -- tangibly what it is going to look like when it's implemented. assuming it does budget money for the college, paying tuition for current students won't be enough. the college needs new students and they hope the prospect of free college credits will get them in the door. >> we think with people understanding they can go to college for free now will help boost the college's enrollment. >> reporter: but if it doesn't, there may be cuts in everything from staff to supplies. so for san franciscoens -- >> we have classes for you, please enroll. >> reporter: the dramatic decrease in enrolls related to the accreditation issues the college is going through. they do tell me today the credits earned are fully legitimate and transferable and they plan to complete the
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reaccreditation process in january. live in san francisco, melissa cane. >> and a traffic stop. >> use discretion you could have used to write her a ticket. how a stranger's minor infraction sent him on a tirade. >> new information on the bowling alley shooting that killed a popular high school football player. and glasses at a fraction of what you pay in the store. we put the eye ware options to the test. and 3 inches of rainfall came down in two days. right now mainly clear, a chilly night on tap, but three new chances of rain, find out which looks to be the wettest next.
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a heated confrontation.. afa routine traffic stop. . >> you should be ashamed of yourself, terrorizing our community. >> reporter: a heated confrontation after a routine traffic stop, new video going viral of a community activist calling out police in richmond for a pulling over a woman with expired tags. more of the video and how police
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are responding this evening. jewel? >> reporter: the police department have reviewed that tape. they want to see what happened that night. they still stand behind that routine traffic stop. they also understand where he was coming from. this man walked up and really stirred things up. >> you have demonstrated yourself to want to not be a caring human being. >> reporter: this man is clearly upset. he goes on for at least four minutes defending a woman he doesn't even though. >> poor black woman, a poor black mother. >> reporter: she was pulled over for expired tags, expired for almost a year. >> but you should be ashamed. >> reporter: he ranted for at least three to four minutes. justified? >> well, sure, it's his freedom of speech. and, you know, we are all for that. >> reporter: lieutenant said the traffic stop was justified and he said the bystander's freedom of speech also justified. he says it's part of training. his officers didn't engage in
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order to des collate the situation. >> this video certain brings it up. is the climate out there to where you go out in the field and don't know who may approach you with anger. >> sure, there is that climate. there is a breakdown in the relationship with police and community. >> this might be the example of a breakdown, but also might just be an example of how the situation was managed. no violence, no arrests. >> reporter: and from his point of view thiss freedom of speech, so he really didn't do anything out of the bounds of the law; correct? >> absolutely. you know, anybody can -- has the right to say what they want about their opinions. >> reporter: the woman's car was impounded, t that night richmond pd said they had an internal conversation about the incident and what to do moving forward. >> reporter: and police also offered to give her a ride home and help her sort things out to
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get her car back. as for the man in the video, we did searching. that video was posted on his facebook and twitter. he has been a pastor and youth leader. he was not available to talk today. well, the search is on for a person who shot and killed a football player. antwan williams was a senior at oakland high school. he was shot outside of the amf bowling lanes in alamita. tonight classmates played a game in his honor and wrote messages to remember him. >> it hurt to know that somebody who was always there for you was like gone, can't do nothing about it. >> great man he has grown up to be, how passionate he was about football, about his family,
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especially his baby brother. >> he was on baseball, track, and looking forward to playing football in college. and headlines now, we now know the game of the boy who died after being run over at a birthday party. he was killed yesterday outside a senior center. a 12-year-old boy was inside the car trying to chafrj his cellphone when it suddenly went into reverse. a deadly forklift accident, a building owned by lumber supply in the dog patch neighborhood. the man behind the wheel got pinned underneath and died. thieves who devastated cycling enthusiasts. 9 expensive bikes were taken from a shed belonging to the eagle cycling. they will be tough to replace. sky drone 5 is back in action covering news from above. today we took off and flew over
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kent lake in ma ring county. and beautiful footage -- marin county. it supplies drinking water, but from this level you see not up to the spillway. that is because the levels have been lowered to get ready for more rain to come. july last year it launched over the presidio parkway. presidio on one side and connects san francisco to the golden gate bridge. you want to see more footage from sky drone 5, look for the extended cut, just search kpix. a lot of rain to contend with. the ground covered now. now we have the sky covered too. >> you bet. >> there you go. >> kind of low the next couple days, you can't launch the drone when you have fog or cloud
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cover. not sure if you could do it over the rain. we have more rain coming, but the rain chances will be fewer and farther between. and most of the rain is going to stay to the north. today kind of felt chilly, despite the fact we got warm back in the area. gill roy, you hit 61 is, san francisco officially 60 degrees downtown. so we got a break today, a little bit of a foggy start, sunny finish. foggy start once again tomorrow. and wednesday, ear comes the next low pressure area. look at this ridge of high pressure, thousands of miles from here, but distinctly impact our forecast because it's strong enough and close enough to take the next three weather systems and send them toward portland and seattle and far northwestern california. not direct hits. san rafael, you had three inches, we will not see a repeat of that because the rain will
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get pushed and glancing to the north. futurecast, tenth of an inch maybe for san jose and maybe more for san francisco. but quadruple that for endici mendocino county. and getting a lot of rainfall. our numbers around here, napa and hayward and santa cruz not moved much at all. rain mainly to the north of us, but carry showers wednesday and thursday and friday, but all three near misses. if anything couple days cooler than today. sunshine to start, but clouds in the afternoon and rain for the north bay. santa rosa 58, livermore 63, low 60s for highs. so be dry by wednesday afternoon. if you are traveling wednesday, travel later in the day if you can because that's when the rain
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will be finished. nurz thanksgiving dry. and another light rain on monday. the quantity is good for the rain chances, the quality of any one of them, not so much. just some scattered showers. >> get caught up a little. >> it's better than nothing. look on the bright side. >> thank you. a way of showing thanks to your uber driver, not tips, but stickers to boost driver moral. >> and prescription eyeglasses online. seeing is believing. we put some popular websites to the test. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's part of a new feedback system.. meant to boost mor starting today, you can give your uber driver a compliment in the app, anyway. part of a feedback system to boost moral. users rate their ride using the
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five star system. now riders can praise drivers with stickers such as great conversation or expert navigation or cool car. you can also write a thank you note. drivers will see the stickers and notes in the feedback section of their app. prescription glasses can cost hundreds of dollars a pair. >> now online companies are selling them for a small fraction of what they cost at brick and mortar stars. a closer look at what you get. >> reporter: the ad eye catching, the prices eye popping, custom made prescription glasses advertised for the price of coffee and pastry. we decided to look into it, testing the big names. trevin tried these. >> and she wears bifocals and our producer whitney tested out i buy direct and also wears
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bifocals. for all three it was easy, entering the prescription it was challenging. >> negative or positive, that's not. >> my head is so big. >> and then decisions about lenses and coatings and measuring the pup lair distance, something not included in the prescriptions. when the glasses arrived about a week and a half later we brought them to optometrist david red monday. trevin made a mistake entering the sphere location. >> this is better. >> shelly's needed adjusting, she says they still give her a bit of a headache. but whitney says these bifocals work fine, although the bifocal line is a little low the doctor says. >> there is no quality of care and there is no service. you are doing it all yourself. >> a 2014 study found almost 45% of glasses purchased online
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had incorrect prescriptions or safety issues. not surprisingly the eyeglass industry sees it differently. since glasses are a large revenue driver for optometrist it's in their best interest to discourage online. they will replace problems for free and while the eyeglass establishment and start-ups never see eye to eye, they recommend if you do order online, keep it simple. >> single vision for far or close. >> it could save you money and time. >> optometrists note an in-person eye exam every one to two years is crucial to examine eye health and other issues like glaucoma. julie watts. >> reporter: they ended up ranging from 25 to $50. expensive they may be, but if you need them, you need them. and coming up. donald trump's plan for the white house, just unveiled goals
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for first 100 days. the key campaign promise is missing.. and a school bus crashing with children on board. a crash that killed six people in tennessee. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new body cam video shows the moments leading up to you are watching kpix 5 news. our top stories at 6:30, new body cam video shows moments leading up to a fatal shooting of a teenager. 15-year-old luke smith had taken a bad batch of lsd and stabbed his father and uncle. it happened saturday morning in watsonville. when deputies arrived they tried to get luke to drop the knife. he made a stabbing motion toward the canine and that's when they opened fire. under arrest are the people that sold smith the drugs. and one on one interview with political insider phil ma tier, took issue with trump's threats against cities with undocumented immigrants. one man who wants to be california's next governor, said criminals is fine, but splitting
6:31 pm
up families is not. >> executive actions we can on day one to bring back our jobs. it's about time. >> reporter: announcing today his policy plar first 100 days in office. also today trump met with more potential candidates for his cabinet. craig with new names coming out of the tower. >> reporter: president elect donald trump took to youtube to play out plans on his first 100 days in office. >> a simple core principal, putting america first. >> reporter: lists executive actions he plans to take including withdrawing from the transpacific partnership and cutting government regulations. on immigration no mention of a border wall, but instead plans to direct the labor department to investigate visa programs. on national security he says he will ask defensive leaderings to
6:32 pm
protect the u.s. from all attacks. >> reporter: the video release comes after a full day of transition meetings with visitors including long time allies and even former rivals. rick perry met with trump as did governor mar mary fallon. >> we have a wide range of issues and his plan for agenda and how i might be able to help. >> senator scott brown is a potential for veterans affairs. >> i think i'm the right person, but tremendous amount of people out there. >> reporter: take the office in 60 days . six people died when a school bus crashed in tennessee. the bus wound up on its side and that tree you see cuts right through it. 35 children railroad on board from an elementary school in chattanooga. five people died at the scene,
6:33 pm
one at the hospital. more than two dozen children hurt. the bus driver survived and is talking to police. a powerful 6.9 earthquake struck just off of tokyo, thursday morning and followed by two powerful after shocks that reng stered 5.4 and 4.8. captured on surveillance videos, waves as high as 4 feet. felt further south in tokyo, decorative lights swaying from the ceiling of a store. a huge tsunami years ago where 16,000 people were killed in that disaster. a killing of a police officer, writing a routine traffic ticket when a gunman approached his window and shot him twice. that suspect was captured this afternoon.
6:34 pm
following the violence, police officers were ordered not to attempt any traffic stops unless they were accompanied by another officer. that shooting is one of four around the country targeting law enforcement. in st. louis and kansas city the officers are expected to survive and in santa bell la florida, a traffic stop, and he is recovering. all priests can absolve what the church calls grave sin of abortion. the pope granted for the duration of the just ended holy year of mercy. in his apostolic letter made public by the vatican the pope says quote there is no sin that god's mercy cannot reach and wipe away when it finds a repent tan heart seeking god. indexes closing at record highs. dow jones rose 88 points to
6:35 pm
close near 9,000. the nasdaq up 47. s&p 16. energy company's gain sharply in the spike of crude oil. and big purchase in the cybersecurity field. agreed to buy life lock for 2.3 billion. they already make norman anti-virus software and now want to expand into identity protection for consumers and businesses. kanye west's week is getting worse. the rapper has been hospitalized after canceling his tour. and colin capper innic is putting his -- kaepernick is putting his money where his mouth is. a cause getting thousands of dollars from the player. ,,,,,,,,
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so i feel secure. wait, he won? that's an average tango... at best. angeles. according to t- m-z: he was tak nter this aftern new reports that kanye west has been hospitalized in los angeles, he was taken to medical center after a welfare check, comes after he pulled the plug on st. pablo tour.
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>> get ready because the show is over. >> reporter: saturday night in sacramento kanye abruptly ended his concert, but not before he gave a tirade of jz and facebook. it started in san jose last thursday declaring his support for donald trump. live nation is agreeing to refund tickets for the sacramento, but not san jose. >> a toy truck after a couple in washington said it suddenly burst into flames. cellphone video shows it shooting in the air from the back of his pickup. the tonka ride on truck was sitting on the back of their car when it caught fire. there have been no other reports, but they say they are pulling the item from stores pending further investigation. well, earlier we told you about the movement, the group calling for california to secede
6:39 pm
from the united states. today they filed a new petition asking voters to start the process. so we are asking you whether you support cal exit. yes or no. why or why not. you can send me a tweet right there. your results plus poll results, come join us at bay area night beat over on our sister station. sometimes it's the smallest gifts that get the biggest smiles. how firefighters brightnd a girl's day with a mini act of kindness. more than seven times the rainfall that san mateo has had. will we see that cop with the next rain chance? the answer coming up on a beautiful monday night on north beach and telegraph hill. your forecast next.
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f a promise by mobile weather lab powered by toyota. let's go places. silicon valley group you may have never heard of has become the beneficiary of a promise by colin kaepernick. after being criticized for refusing to stand during the national anthem the 49er quarterback pledged to donate 25,000 to the group silicon valley debug. >> i couldn't have any more profound respect for the courage it took. >> reporter: the organization helps families who have lost loved ones in police shootings. it was the first group to receive money from kaepernick's pledge. firefighters made the best of a bad situation in a story that has gone viral. they posted this video on twitter and explained how crews were called to an apartment fire. there was minimal damage, but
6:44 pm
one girl lost splg important to her, her mini mouse desk, that she used to do her homework. that i rebuilt the desk and surprised her with it. >> she was filled with joy. mom was shocked and surprised. wet didn't say we were going to do it. i don't think she expected us to be back. the whole family was happy. it was great to see. the video has racked up dozens of likes on twitter. it's that time again at st. anthonies, volunteers were collecting drive by donations things like turkeys and lightly worn clothes and cash. >> we were doing great, over 500 turkeys already and the generosity of san francisco is amazing. they know if they give something here, it's going to the people they want it to. and we don't do what we do without that generosity, so we rely on folks to come by and
6:45 pm
help us out. >> that's right, cash. the drive by donations go through thanksgiving day. and team up with whole foods to help those during the holiday season. you can donate at whole foods or online. digging out from more than 8 foot and a half of snow upstate new york, western massachusetts and connecticut all buried. the same one dumped more than 2 feet in minnesota and upper midwest over the weekend. another system is expected to move in on its heels bringing travel delays to the rockies, midwest and south. >> oh, what timing. >> tough travel day for thanksgiving. >> we all said thank you for living in the bay area. it also doesn't snow. but not too far. we can drive to the sfoe. in the north bay, not everywhere, saratoga into san francisco you are right in
6:46 pm
the middle. about one inch of rainfall. triple that for san raft yea. one town a very efficient weather data collection site and we get information from vaneto, hayward, only 6/100, the next round of rainfall is way up north of eureka, but here in the north bay coming up as far as tomorrow night. concord 30, livermore 49. napa valley fog also upper 30s for you. fremont 43 degrees, san jose 44. several weather systems will be heading our direction. that is a given. we know that. the question is will they make a direct hit on the bay area and the answer is likely not because of this ridge of high pressure. usually blocking ridges of high pressure to south or west or
6:47 pm
directly over the bay area. in this case more than a thousand miles away, but close enough that the next storms will be significant for the pacific northwest, but not for us, glancing blows, if you add them all together you will get less rainfall than you got yesterday. we are sunny to lunchtime tomorrow. and showers light to moderate rainfall, for lake and mendocino county. and light rains and scattered showers through wednesday morning. the fist half of the day on wednesday, some travel delays because of light rain. but by wednesday afternoon not when you is the rain gone, but clouds are gone. most of the rain well to the north. this is another weather system coming in friday, the day after thanksgiving, that yellow up in the reservoirs, but well to the north of us, scoot by and we get
6:48 pm
showers and that is it. valley fog is likely tonight. showers return late tuesday into wednesday but not be as wet as it was last weekend. one thing, every day, not that rm what. i don't see hitting 70 degrees for the next week. 62 is where we will be for hayward and fremont. morning sunshine, afternoon, walnut 63, daily city, 60, petaluma 60, oakland 6 f 3 degrees and evening showers in lake port with highs in the low 50s. extended forecast calls for rain early wednesday. we are dry for thanksgiving, another glancing blow with showers friday and another chance of a couple showers coming up on monday. no washouts, but three chances of rain. dennis has sports next. ,,,,
6:49 pm
(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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game..facing a pacers team tonight minus their "a" plar in paul george.. well, winners seven in a row the warriors found their a game facing the pacers team minus their a player, george was out with an agenda l injury,
6:52 pm
golden state was at full strength, raymond cutting clay, thompson led with 25 points end of the half seth curry from 75 feet double pump, still makes it, but the shot would not count. came just a hair after the buzzer. golden state, though, led by 19 at the break. second half, fans remember this. monte out of control and send it for curry. 22 points for curry and blow out the pacers 117-83, that is their eighth straight win. can it get any worse for the 49ers? yes. missing the remainder of the season after tearing biceps. san francisco may have lost again, but they did have the patriot florida on the ropes. >> 49ers present a lot of problems. >> reporter: yeah, patriots put the game away to hand the 49ers nooiptd straight loss,
6:53 pm
matching the longest losing streak in history which has led some, including the chronical's eric branch to wonder about the future of the team. >> assurances that you are going to be here next year. >> we haven't had any conversations about that, about anybody's job security. >> do you expect to be here next year? >> [indiscernible] . >> do i expect to be in my job next year? i hope so. i have a performance review coming up in december. >> reporter: unflap bl. the 19ers kept going after tom brady even after the game ended. >> good play, man. keep it up. doing great. >> reporter: yeah, a little consolation, the 49ers ended the day with a high note by keeping new england out of the end zone. three straight plays inside the yard line. >> what does it say about the
6:54 pm
defense, late second half you are putting up a goal line stand. >> it's a pride thing and we were out there. and we were just we can't let them combet in the end voen. -- zone. it's all about respect. >> reporter: and tom brady, san mateo native four touchdowns, but for brady that pealed in comparison -- paled in comparison. >> i loved the way he play and spiked the ball when he scored. he was one of my favorite players. he autographed my shoe at a store opening when i was probably 12 or 13, he and roger craig, so it was a pretty great memory. >> reporter: u.s. men's national team has fired head coach after five seasons,
6:55 pm
dropped its first two matches in qualifying for the next world cup. coach bruce brina expected to replace him in that position. if you missed maria's birthday, you missed. forgot the snap count. >> false start, everyone but the center. >> reporter: doug letting the sideline know what he thinks of that play call. the former receiver [indiscernible] wilson first career touchdown pass open up a three grape lead in the nfc west. keep your eye on the shoe here. tossed it into the crowd, hits a fan right in the face, leading to the age old question -- >> who throws a shoe, honestly? >> reporter: you take the audio guy in minnesota would have heard the vikings, he will be okay, but in the market for new
6:56 pm
comblasdzs, obviously. out of his mind, but that was nothing compared to his quarterback [indiscernible] the game. >> how do you like me now? how do you like me now? >> reporter: liking him pretty good now. playoff contenders, update golden state winning 120-83 the final. >> wait, winning. okay. good. >> walked away with the pacers. and 100 points only the second time in the season they have done that. >> 80 and 2. >> mark it. >> all right. the latest always >> see us back here tonight at 11:00. >> good night.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: how's everybody? how y'all doing here? thank y'all. heh heh. thank you very much. thank you. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering] uh, we got a good one you for today, folks. returning for their second day from peachtree city, georgia, it's the vaughn family! [cheering and applause] and from atlanta, georgia, it's the green family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody could drive out of here in a brand-new car.
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hey! let's go meet the green family. johnny, how you feeling, man? johnny: i'm feeling great, steve. i'm feeling great. steve: good, good, good. y'all from right here in atlanta, huh? johnny: right here in atlanta. steve: introduce everybody, man. johnny: all right, steve. let me tell you i am part of a large family. my dad had 17 kids. 17. i'm number 9 out of this crowd. now let me introduce you to my brothers. this is my brother julius, and he is child number... julius: 10! johnny: this is my brother jonathan. he is child number... jonathan: 12! johnny: this is my brother joseph. he is child number... joseph: 15! johnny: this is my brother joshua, and he is child number... joshua: 17! johnny: yeah! that's it, steve. steve: man. well, that's good, man. would you like to win some money? well, let's get it on. let's play. give me johnny, give me scott.


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