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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. enjoy your day. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our vursz in the west it is wednesday, november 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." tense of millions of people are on the move for thanksgiving weekend. many will find snow, ice, or thunderstorms on the way. we'll take you inside the operation center of one of the nation's largest airlines. president-elect trump will nominate governor nikki haley to be the next u.n. am goors. mr. trump is also reversing his campaign positions on climate change, and investigating hillary clinton. and many americans are worried that politics will ruin their thanksgiving. mo rocca coaches one divided family at the holiday dinner table. >> we begin with a look at
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today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> sitting right next to him. he said that it is a vicious primary. vicious campaign. he thinks that she and the clintons have suffered enough. >> donald trump relents on his promise to prosecute hillary clinton. >> political capital on hillary, you can't move forward with securing the border or -- >> but you guys were the ones saying lock her up and now tonight it's a 180. >> one of the busiest travel days of the year is already under way. >> leave early. the traffic is no joke. >> snow, rain and ice will impact nearly 50 million ple traveling by road or air. >> looks like we could see wet turkey in places like chicago, minnesota could have some travel problems. >> police say driver johnthony walker was speeding when he lost control and crashed into a tree in chattanooga, tennessee. >> an officer at wayne state university in detroit shot twice in the head and is in critical condition. police have no motive. >> we just hoping and praying
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that people -- >> dow closed above 19,000 for the first time ever. >> where does the rally cap? make america great again. >> video shows an officer rescue a man in a car just minutes before it went up in flames. >> get out of the car. >> all that. >> for the final time, president obama awarded the medal of freedom to a distinguished group of american icons. >> everybody on this stage has touched me in a very powerful, personal way. >> and all that matters. >> stephen colbert manning the butterball help line talking turkey. >> meat thermometer is saying it's at 188. >> 188? >> yes. >> get out of there, it's going to blow. >> on "cbs this morning." >> this week a shocking mall santa was removed from his job in florida after telling a child that hillary clinton is the only person on the naughty list. the child's mother was like, listen, i am fine taking my 10-year-old to the mall and sitting her on the lap of a disguised stranger but i will
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not stand for partisan politics. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off. josh elliott of our streaming network cbsn is with us. more than 48 million americans are expected to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. many could run into weather trouble. two major storm systems will deliver everything from snow and ice to thunderstorms. one stretches across the middle of the country. the other in the pacific northwest. >> today, as you know, will be one of the busiest of the year for the airlines. we're tracking conditions at airports across the country. amtrak will carry about 750,000 people. and, people are crowding into stations like washington's union station right now. but most of the travelers will be on the road again. more than 43 million americans
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will drive this holiday. david begnaud is out with them in miami. he's on interstate 95. one of the nation's busiest highways. okay, david, let's hear it. >> gayle, good morning. we're moving at about 20 miles per hour right now. and i-95 headed south toward miami. and, look, it's gridlock any day of the week but you factor in the busiest travel day of the year and that's why it settled in with a hot cup of tea. you were mentioning this being the busiest travel day. gas prices are some of the lowest they've been in a decade. that is why more than 40 million people are expected to drive this thanksgiving. more than 1 million, a million more than last year. according to the navigation app wave, which you may be very familiar with, if you're going to leave this morning, do so before 10:00 a.m., and try not to get on the road after 4:00 p.m. those are their travel tips. consider this if you're in miami, let's sigh, and you were to get on the road at 5:00. if you had a three-hour drive to grandmother's house, you could tack on an additional hour
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because of the traffic jam that is expected. and on the drive home, you want to leave before sunday. here are some interesting stats for you. if you were to leave on sunday, actually, which is not the best day, let's say you left on sunday, traffic jams jump 240% sunday, and accidents go up 100%. so the best day to leave according to experts is friday. but if you still like your family on friday and you want a little extra love you haven't had the politics discussion that wore you out yet, leave on saturday. whatever you do, josh, don't leave sunday. >> wow. >> monday. >> it's always good. >> favor that. >> love is great. >> david, thank you. millions of americans meanwhile will also be crowding the nation's airports today. here's a look at laguardia airport here in new york city. kris van cleave got inside the command center for one major airline. he's at reagan national airport in arlington, virginia.
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kris, good morning to you. >> good morning. security lines are growing here in washington, and at airports across the country. the west coast is off to a pretty good start but there is some concern about weather in the pacific northwest. we know that l.a.x. will be among the busiest airports in the country, atlanta, and chicago also very busy. the airlines are watching the weather closely, and expect big crowds at airports across the country. new automated security lines opened at newark's liberty airport on tuesday. additional conveyor belts and larger bins make them up to 30% more efficient. it comes as the tsa braced for the nearly 3.7 million expected to fly for thanksgiving. are you ready for the challenge? >> it's going to be a big weekend. it's predicted to be one of the largest thanksgiving travel weekends in history. >> the tsa administrator. >> if you're leaving in midmorning or afternoon, those are likely the largest peak periods of the day. and you're likely to encounter a lot of people in the airports. our goal is to keep you moving efficiently through the lines.
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>> washington, d.c. passenger bianca hopes to beat the crowds entirely by beating yesterday. >> i'm here two hours before for a domestic flight, and i usually get here an hour before. >> for southwest, it will be the first time the airline happens operated more than 4,000 flights in a day. >> it is our super bowl. we're very on high alert for everything going on. >> steve west runs southwest's operations center. representatives from every aspect of the airline, meteorologists to maintenance are in one room to troubleshoot. >> we could get up to a great start on wednesday. to just transfers, into thursday, friday and saturday. so if the network stays ahead and stays on schedule, each day is set up for success. >> the airports, and the tsa are asking people to be at the airports at least two hours before their flight. you may run into traffic coming into the airport. that can be a problem at l.a.x. and other west coast airports. the other issue, of course, the security line so give yourself the extra time. sunday and monday are expected to be even busier than today. >> kris, thanks. several inches of snow fell
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overnight in tell know, minnesota. the storm hitting the country is moving east and could disrupt holiday travel. chief weather forecaster lonnie quinn of our new york station wcbs is tracking the forecast. lonnie, good morning. >> good morning to you, charlie. good morning out west. so weatherwise two big stories. one of which is a big front in the midsection of the country from the great lakes all the way down to the gulf of mexico. the other story, it's a pesky low pressure system up around the pacific northwest. it's going to sit there and spin with a rain or snow chance throughout the entire holiday weekend. so let's zoom in tight on that area and show you what is going on. i mean as long as it's out there it's going to continue to spit in this moisture. and it's rain for the lower elevations, could be some snow showers, higher elevations. thursday, friday, you're going to find that rain or snow chance is out there for the entire holiday weekend. so if you take a look at how the travel cast is going to work, chicago, 5:00 this afternoon, you're dealing with some wet weather out there. for new york city by the time you get to parade time there's going to be a rain chance if not
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a washout but the rain chance is out there. again the pacific northwest, that rain chance is really going to be there throughout the entire time period. sunday the big travel day, here's what you're looking at, portland about 48. san francisco about 60 degrees with the rain showers, as well. so, that's a quick look at what's going on weatherwise around here. i hope all of you have a very nice holiday. gayle, let's go back to you. >> lonnie, thank you. president-elect donald trump filled another high level post this morning. in a statement he says south carolina governor nikki haley will be nominated as u.s. ambassador to the united nations. now, haley is the first woman chosen for cabinet-level job in this new administration. in the republican primaries, you may recall, she endorsed marco rubio and criticized donald trump. the president-elect tweeted months ago the people of south carolina are embarrassed by nikki haley. mr. trump flew to florida last night for thanksgiving after an on-the-record interview with reporters from "the new york times." chip reid shows us why some of his loudest supporters are unhappy with what he said. chip, good morning.
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>> well, good morning. mr. trump left new york after sitting down with the newspaper he has repeatedly called dishonest. but on his way out he called "the new york times" an american jewel. and that wasn't the only about-face he made yesterday. le. >> the failing "new york times," and it is failing -- >> reporter: despite what he calls the newspaper. mr. trump was all smiles after a closed-door meeting with "the new york times," where reporters live tweeted every every minute exposing significant shifts in policy. >> if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> reporter: including his long-standing promise to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton's use of private e-mail servers as secretary of state. >> that would be a very good first step. that's a good first step. >> reporter: one reporter tweeted that mr. trump said, i don't want to hurt the clintons, i really don't. she went through a lot and
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suffered greatly in many different ways. later he added, i think it would be very, very divisive for the country. >> a lot of it is a hoax. it's a hoax. >> reporter: he also seemed to change his tune on climate change from a hoax, perpetrated by the chinese, to a phenomenon linked to human activity. trump's chief strategist steve bannon is the former head of the conservative website breitbart. who, in an interslew with "mother jones" magazine last summer said we're the platform for the alt-right, a conservative movement popular with white nationalists. asked about the alt-right tuesday mr. trump told the "times" are i don't want to energize the group. and i disavow the group. >> i would bring back waterboarding. and i'd bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding. >> reporter: that was trump on torture. but yesterday he told the "times" he was surprised that general james mattis, the candidate he is seriously considering for defense secretary, didn't favor it, leaving the door open for a change. maltous is one of a number of leading cabinet contenders. the list includes former
7:12 am
campaign foe mitt romney who is up for secretary of state, and ben carson as being considered for secretary of housing and urban development. even telling fox he's been offered the job. >> that was one of the office that's on the table. >> trump also revealed he may get his son-in-law jared kushner involved in the middle east peace process. kushner has been a close adviser to the president-elect throughout the campaign and key in his outreach to the jewish community. yesterday trump told "times" reporters he'd love to be the one to solve the israel/palestine conflict and kushner could help. charlie? >> thanks, chip. it is an historic morning on wall street. for the first time ever the dow jones industrial average began at more than 19,000. it is up even more right now in early trading. the blue chip index gained more than 67 points yesterday. the nasdaq and s&p also set new records. the dow has picked up nearly 700 points, since election day. investors are bullish on the
7:13 am
president's elect policies, oil prices and corporate earnings. the investigation into the deadly tennessee school bus crash is focused on speed, and the actions of the driver. dazed members of the chattanooga community are mourning the deaths of five children. they were a kindergartner, a first grader and three fourth graders. the bus driver now faces multiple charges. manuel bojorquez is outside the children's hospital in chattanooga where 12 students are still receiving treatment. manuel, good morning to you. >> good morning. six of those 12 students remain at this hospital in critical condition. doctors say that after monday's violent wreck many of the children treated here were either too scared or dazed to spell their names or remember their own birthdays. all of this among reports that parents had previously complained about the bus driver. >> a text asked me what my child had on.
7:14 am
and said your baby's deceased. >> reporter: jasmine recalls the agony when she learned her 6-year-old daughter was among the five children killed on board this woodmore elementary school bus. >> she wanted to be a doctor. and now my baby can't be the doctor that she wanted to be. >> reporter: the investigation into the deadly wreck has now turned to the bus driver, 24-year-old johnthony walker. charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, police say walker was driving well over the 30-mile-per-hour speed limit. he received his commercial driver's license in april. and was involved in a minor bus crash just two months ago. walker's mother says she spoke with him after the crash. >> he said, i love you mom. i've been in a accident on the bus. and he said, mom, there are kids dead. i hope it's not my fault. >> reporter: the ntsb will examine the bus' black box to
7:15 am
determine the driver's actions leading up to the crash. they'll also look into whether seat belts could have prevented death. >> the bus was not equipped with passenger seat belts. our mission is to understand not just what happened, but why it happened. >> reporter: only six states require seat belts on school buses. tennessee is not one of them. nationwide, an estimated 4 children die every year in large school bus crashes. parents in this stunned community are struggling with how to explain this tragic news to their children. >> it's just so sad. you know. there's no words. >> walker does not have a criminal history, and tests for drugs or alcohol in his system are still pending. the company that hired him, durham school services, said it is investigating with cooperators but it did not address our questions about reports that parents had complained about walker. >> manuel, thanks. the french foreign minister this morning accuses syria's
7:16 am
government of waging total war on rebel-held areas. rescue crews pulled a 5-year-old girl out of the rubble yesterday after another round of airstrikes in the hard-hit city of aleppo. activists say this week's attacks in eastern aleppo have killed nearly 150 civilians. monitors inside syria say rebels are stopping families from fleeing aleppo. some of america's best and brightest citizens have been awarded the presidential medal of freedom. president obama gave america's highest civilian honor to 21 people yesterday at the white house. they include big names from movies, sports, tv, music and business. jan crawford shows us how the president paid tribute to all the honorees. john, good morning. what a ceremony it was yesterday. >> it really was. and i mean, this ceremony, gayle, really is always just a truly joyful day for the president. you know, a chance for the commander in chief to honor the people who've inspired him, and us, for decades. >> this is a particularly
7:17 am
impressive class. >> reporter: from a redford, to a ross, to the boss, the 21 recipients of this year's medal of freedom painted a portrait of america's talent and diversity. >> everybody on this stage has touched me in a very powerful personal way. >> this was president obama's final opportunity to honor americans for their contributions to the u.s. and the world. actor tom hanks was acknowledged for more than his oscar-winning roles. >> america owes you a debt of gratitude, son. >> you've been an accidental witness to history, he's championed our veterans, supported space exploration, and the truth is tom has always saved his best roles for real life. >> reporter: the president honored michael jordan and kareem abdul-jabbar. he says abdul-jabbar wasn't just an mvp on the basketball court. >> whae a sport changes its rules to make it harder just for you, you are really good.
7:18 am
>> what does that mean to you? >> to me it means i must have done something good in my life to have inspired a few people. >> reporter: an emotional ellen degeneres was acknowledged for her courage in coming out almost two decades ago. >> what an incredible burden that was to bear. to risk your career like that. people don't do that very often. >> reporter: her challenge tuesday wasn't coming out, but getting in. she tweeted, they haven't let me in to the white house yet because i forgot my i.d. ♪ >> as for bruce springsteen, obama add to admit -- >> i am the president, he is the boss. >> reporter: also actress cicely tyson, architect ge ehry, maya lynn, and vin scully. none of these honorees could ever be accused of standing still except for a brief time tuesday when they paused to pose for a once in a lifetime
7:19 am
mannequin challenge. probably the easiest challenge of their long and innovative careers. also was robert de niro, bill and melinda gates, and lorne michaels among others. according to a tally by "the washington post," president obama has given out more medals of freedom than any other president. >> what a class they had. >> what a great class. >> made me so proud. didn't it make you proud? >> that's what the president said if you look behind me it's an example of why we are the greatest nation on earth. >> all touched his life.,,
7:20 am
cbs news investigation uncovered a hidden hazard in many vehicles. >> ahead, how congress is demanding action to upgrade a 50-year-old safety standard that could put children inning danger. >> on "cbs this morning." the news is back in the
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4 billion dollar navy warship that just broke down far from home port. >> yikes. tomorrow, holly williams spends the holiday in a war zone. >> here at camp swift in northern iraq, american service
7:26 am
members are engaged in the fight against isis are preparing already forming at major airports, as travelers try to get to their thanksgiving destinations. a look at mineta good morning. i'm michelle griego. big crowds are already forming at major airports and travelers are trying to get to their thanksgiving destinations. this is mineta international airport in san jose a short time ago. it will be the busiest thanksgiving travel period in several years. there is a good amount of snow in the tahoe/truckee area. this is what it look like at cisco grove this morning. alpine meadows and north star are among the ski areas opening up for the season today. and in the next half-hour of "cbs this morning," will president-elect trump's business interests create a conflict with his foreign policy? stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,
7:27 am
7:28 am
good morning. it is: 28. we have an update on that traffic alert in hayward here at 7:28. northbound 880 at industrial parkway, it was a car versus a pedestrian that chp a fatal crash here blocking all lanes backed up to decoto road. chp diverting traffic off at whipple. your alternate is mission boulevard or hesperian. avoid the area. >> good morning, everybody. our live hi-def doppler radar picking up some pretty moderate to heavy rain showers right now on the eastern span of the bay bridge. you can see the cell moving into the san leandro area, as well. but when you head west, the coast is relatively clear. we'll have ample sunshine today right now we are in the 40s and 50s. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ a butterball turkey top flyin', this is steve. how can i help you? >> oh, i hope you can. this is really a question about stuffing. if i -- >> okay. do you call it stuffing or dressing? >> i call it stuffing. >> okay. wrong answer. bye-bye! delta 359er, this is chicago o'hare tower. i need you to go to 300 feet and level off. stay in a holding pattern. >> hello? >> this is carol. welcome to the turkey top line. >> how long should i cook it? >> a long time. >> they call you an expert. >> well, that is just marketing.
7:31 am
>> i could listen to more of that. go, stephen, colbert. >> mostly marketing. cook it a long time. >> is it well done? >> hold at 2,000. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, could the businesses of president-elect donald trump affect the way he runs the country? some of his actions since the election are raising questions about that. one expert explains why turning over management of donald trump's businesses to his children may not ease concerns. plus, lawmakers are now addressing a potentially deadly problem. the auto industry has, in fact, known about for years. ahead, the proposed actions fired by a cbs news investigation to fix seat back collapses in car accidents. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "usa today" says a texas judge blocked a rule that on would expand overtime pay and affects 4 million workers nationwide. the rule would require time and a half pay if lockers logged
7:32 am
more than 40 hours a week. it was due to start next month. 21 states are fighting to overturn the obama administration's rule. "the new york times" says that facebook has created a censorship tool to gain access to china's lucrative market. workers at facebook say the company has designed software to block posts from news appearing in people's newsfeed in geographic areas but so far not used. there is no indication that facebook has offered this software to authorities in china. t"the kansas city star" reports on the perm nantz losing of a waterslide for a boy who was killed this past summer at schlitterbahn water park. the slide will be torn down when the investigation is complete. the son that died was a the son of a kansas lawmaker. a plane with mike pence was carrying him last month when it
7:33 am
skidded off the runway at new york's laguardia. federal investigators say the plane floated nearly halfway down the runway before landing. no one was hurt. >> i remember he came here first that morning. he was right here. "the washington post" says that donald trump's charity admits to violating a ban on so-called self-dealing. th from mr. trump did not respond to questions for comments about this. president-elect trump tells "the new york times" that government conflict of interest laws will not apply to him as president. he said under the law, he has no obligation to cut ties with his businesses. he also said the trump name, quote, is certainly a hotter brand than it was before. anna werner is outside of trump tower in new york city where the president-elect's outlook on his
7:34 am
business ventures. good morning, anna. >> reporter: good morning. well, mr. trump, as we know, has business interests around the world. now the question is what will he do to separate his businesses from government? "the new york times" reporters quoted mr. trump as saying when it comes to conflicts of interest, the law favors him and that the president can't have a conflict of interest. but this law professor says that's not true. >> well, he is wrong because the president has an obligation to act in all things for america first in his words. >> reporter: brian quinn is from boston college. >> when there is the prospect, even the likelihood that his private business interests can affect his decision making, then it's hard for citizens to really believe in all things he is acting for america first and not for his own personal interests. >> reporter: donald trump's interests and businesses span 59 properties in at least 12 other
7:35 am
countries from residential towers to golf courses to hotels. the organization has said management of his businesses will transfer to his children when he becomes president and on "60 minutes" he said his company is his priority. >> i don't think about hotel occupisy. >> reporter: but his transition activities have raised question. the president-elect was photographed at trump tower last week with three of his indian business partners while the trump camp later claimed it wasn't a meeting, only a brief exchange of hellos, it drew attention in india. >> it wasn't received much like the way it was here. >> reporter: an indian foreign policy expert with the brookings institution. >> it increased the visibility of the trump projects and eased indian partners within the india media. >> reporter: and ivanka trump's presence at the meeting with xi
7:36 am
jinping. they said that ivanka said hello to this man at the end of a call between the argentina leader and mr. trump last week. the trump team didn't return our request for a comment. "the new york times" reporters said mr. trump told them on tuesday if it were up to some people, i would never, ever see my daughter yvonivanka again. quinn says removing conflicts from mr. trump means separating himself from his businesses. >> merely turning over management of the businesses while he maintains a financial interest in all of them is not going to be sufficient to allay any sort of conflict. every dollar that gets invested or spent or raised by the business through sales is a dollar that goes into his pocket or some portion of it goes into his pocket even if his children are managing the business. >> reporter: now as we have said before, conflict of interest laws that affect other government employees do not apply to the president or vice president. that law professor says the constitution does set limits on
7:37 am
a president's ability to gain other compensation above his usual pay but the only people who can take action on that are members of congress through impeachment processes and in this case the members of congress as they control the congress. >> the most expensive destroyer ever built for the u.s. navy has broken down. the brand-new "uss zumwalt" reportedly lost propulsion yesterday in the panama canal and will undergo testing in panama. our david martin was on board that warship last month in maryland before it was put into service. the ship was headed to its home port in san diego when it broke down. the crew reportedly saw water intrusion in a mechanical system and some minor cosmetic damage.
7:38 am
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♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. americans prepare for thanksgiving road trips, the federal lawmakers are demanding changes to vehicles safety regulations and calling for an investigation into carmakers. it's all of the result of an ongoing cbs news investigation into the strength of car seats. transportation correspondent kris van cleave has been exploring the concerns more than a year now. he found that seats can fail in rear-end crashes and lead to serious injuries, or death. >> we got hit and almost lost my
7:43 am
baby. >> reporter: three years later, hanna hastings still struggles to talk about the day she and her on eli were rear-ended in their 2002 escort. as this crash simulation shows the force of the collision caused hastings seat to collapse and launching her head-for the first time into her 15-month-old son. eli spent more than a month in the hospital suffering hearing loss and brain damage and feeling on one side of his face. >> it's hard for a mom not knowing if you'll see your child ever again. >> reporter: our ongoing investigation has identified over 100 cases where seatback collapses resulted in serious injury or death, mostly to children in the back seat. the industry has long known their seats do not hold up in many rear-end collisions. so has the national highway traffic safety industry.
7:44 am
this crash test was deducted. test was designed to check for fuel safety but watch what happens to the seats in a high-speed crash. they fail. ford and other automakers say all seats meet or exceed the federal standard for strength, a standard written in 1967. that even this banquet chair passes. today, senators ed markie and two others are sending this letter to nhtsa demanding the agency take immediate action to correct this. >> because of cbs and because of this investigation, the jig is up. they are going to be forced now to take an action which they should have taken decades ago. >> reporter: his office found that some of the investigators we found were not properly reported to automakers. >> the law requires the auto industry to report any incident
7:45 am
where a seat back has collapsed that caused a death or an injury. >> reporter: nhtsa tells "cbs this morning," it does not have the data to support changing the standard, while acknowledging the number of deaths caused by seat back collapse have likely been underestimated. it makes it a lot harder to say there is a problem if the carmakers are not reporting there is a problem. >> there is a huge regulatory black hole within the automotive industry is able to escape responsibility because they do not report these accidents. >> reporter: other accidents are not reported to nhtsa because automakers are not required to if the car involved is more than 10 years old. the ford eli was injured in was 11. >> if the seat did not collapse, he would not have suffered so much. he has to live with this for rest of his life. >> reporter: automakers can face stiff fines for not properly reporting accidents. the safest place for kids they say is the back seat. auto industry engineers have
7:46 am
admitted the cost to fix seat backs could be on the order of a dollar or so. for "cbs this morning," kris van cleave, washington. >> our thanks to advikris van ce for doing this series and hopefully lead to changes. >> such important reporting. >> i didn't know it was possible the way the seats jerk back that way. >> the stunning thing, the carmakers did. astronauts in orbit will even celebrate thanksgiving. ahead the commander of the international space station pr,,
7:47 am
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7:50 am
the first place to stop and the best place to shop is kohl's black friday. don't miss it! happy thanksgiving from the international space station. i hope everyone is going to have a wonderful thanksgiving this year with family and friends. it's going to be a little bit different for us up here in space, but i'm going to try to make it as much like home as we can. >> that is nasa astronaut shane
7:51 am
kimbrough delivering what is on their thanksgiving membershnu. >> here is our turkey. in a pouch and heat it up and it will taste really good like you're having at home. we got cherry blueberry cobbler for dessert. that is going to be awesome. >> funny how it awe looks the same. the six-person crew more than 260 miles above the earth will be able to watch football thanks to a live feed from mission control. >> he has a great attitude. i said with a straight face, "it's going to taste real good." >> turkey in a packet. >> not a lot of cleaning to do. >> that is always good. after the thanksgiving turkey it may be time to focus on holiday shopping! ahead, target's ceo will share the retailer's strategy for one of the biggest shopping day of the year! brian cornell is back. he'll also talk about his plans to compete online with amazon.
7:52 am
he's in our green room with who is that? dr. david agus. hello to you too! we will talk about the lasting impact of tomorrow's big dinner could have on your tummy! you're watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
in san francisco will be serving the homeless thanksgiving meals with all the fixings. co mayor ed lee, it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. in a couple of hours st. anthony's's church in san francisco will be service thanksgiving meals to the homeless. nancy pelosi, mayor lee and acting police chief toney chaplin will be guest servers. santa rosa police are looking for this man. they say he attacked a woman last month near ridgeway avenue. a $2,500 reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest. and next on "cbs this morning," a typical holiday meal can surpass 4500 calories. coming up whether holiday binging is harmful or nothing to worry about. raffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning, 7:57. let's take a look in hayward where we have that chp issued traffic alert as of 5:46 this morning. it's now 7:57, again, so this has been out there for hours. this is northbound 880 at industrial parkway. it's a car versus pedestrian and has been deemed a fatal incident here blocking all lanes on northbound 880 at industrial parkway and that traffic is being diverted off at whipple before you get to industrial. that backup is also now to thornton avenue and as an alternate route because you will want to avoid this area, it's mission boulevard or hesperion boulevard. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. 7:58. good morning, everybody. our live hi-def doppler picking up moderate to heavy rainfall right there over san francisco also the bay bridge over the sunset district and also 238 leading into hayward. this is the scene towards coit tower. we have a little faint rainbow. can you see it there? look carefully. right now our temperatures are in the 40s and 50 degrees later
7:59 am
today. sunny skies and everyone is in the 60s. ,,,,,,,,
8:00 am
♪,,,,,,, good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, november 23rd, 2016. the day before thanksgiving. are you ready in welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including a big box retailer counting on smaller stores for profits. target's ceo is back in studio 57 today with his strategy for black friday and cybermonday. but, first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. more than 40 million people are expected to drive this thanksgiving. a million more than last year. lines are growing at airports across the kun fridaco. the west coast is off to a good start. but there is a concern about weather. a pesky low pressure system will spin with rain and snow chances throughout the entire holiday weekend.
8:01 am
sitting down with the newspaper he has repeatedly called dishonest. on his way out, he called the new york times an american jewel, and that wasn't the only about face he made yesterday. trump has business interests around the world, the question is, what will he do to separate his businesses from government? six of those 12 students remain at this hospital in critical condition. all of this among reports that parents had previously complained about the bus driver. the commander in chief honors the people who inspired him and us for decades. an untitled biopick about dick cheney. we have a clip of it right here. looks good! looks good! i'm charlie rose with gayle king and josh elliott of our streaming network. norah is off.
8:02 am
weather could be a problem for americans traveling for the thanksgiving holiday. two major storm systems will deliver everything from snow and ice to thunderstorms. one strechl stretches across th of the country and the other hitting the pacific northwest. >> 48 million people are expected to travel 50 miles or more this holiday weekend. of those, more than 3.5 million are likely to fly. >> many more people, nearly 90%, are driving to their thanksgiving destinations. the country's highways and interstates will be busy today, and sunday. aaa says 43.5 million people will be on the roads. david begnaud is braving the traffic in miami. and in south florida, more than 2 million people are expected to be driving for this holiday. david, good morning to you once again. >> good morning to you. it is a little brighter, a little slower. we're moving at 8 miles per hour. we're about five miles from miami, and the estimated arrival time is 20 minutes. pretty backed up. according to the travel app wayz
8:03 am
this is the worst time to travel. worst day of the year. and they cite increase in accidents, road hazards and traffic jams. more than 43 million americans are going to drive for this holiday. now, aaa expects to assist more than 370,000 motorists this thanksgiving. so this the extent an get a quick check of your car before heading out, it will help. improvements in the economy and gas prices being some of the lowest they have been in nearly a decade are partly why aaa says around 43 million people are going to be road tripping it this weekend. here is a little bit of trivia for you, the state paying the most for gas right now, as of today, which one is it? hawaii. nice to be there, wouldn't it? and the state paying the cheapest, oklahoma. gayle? >> happy thanksgiving to you, david. are you in a self-driving car or do you have someone driving you around? how does that work? >> oh, no, i have the terrific
8:04 am
producer jack renaud who is driving for thanksgiving. if i'm lucky, he might cook too. >> tell the camera person to pan over so we can see. tell him to pan over. >> they want to see jack. there we go. jack renaud. eyes on the road. >> thank you, guys. thank you very much, safe travels to you. >> you bet. >> president-elect trump said this morning he will name south carolina governor nikki haley to be u.s. ambassador to the united nations. in a statement, he said, haley will be a great leader. she met with the president-elect last week and seemed to overcome their differences during the primary campaign. haley endorsed marco rubio and was critical of some of donald trump's proposals. in march, he tweeted this, the people in south carolina are embarrassed by nikki haley. the president-elect met with new york times reporters. he said he would instruct his attorney general to get a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton. well, yesterday he said he wants
8:05 am
to move forward and doesn't want to hurt the clintons. and after promising to cancel the paris climate accords, mr. trump said he's going to, and i quote, take a look at it. many of the nation's largest retailer are gearing up for black friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. but dozens of stores are taking a stand against opening on thanksgiving day. costco, home depot, nordstrom and t.j. maxx are among the retailers that will be closed. target will be open on thanksgiving at 6:00 p.m. and for the first time ever, the retailer will offer 15% off nearly everything online and in stores from sunday through cybermonday. brian cornell is target ceo. welcome back to the table. >> good to be back. >> just illuminate this idea of why some choose not to and some choose to stay open? >> we spend a lot of time talking to our guests, the shoppers who come to target and we listen to them really carefully and they told us they enjoy the experience. so we'll open up at 6:00 p.m. last year we had millions of
8:06 am
shoppers in our stores. and we expect the same experience this year. >> from 6:00 p.m. to when? >> all night long. it is a big event. we see families turn out, we see brothers and sisters kind of reuniting in our stores. we try to meet their needs. >> other than high volume shopping and what that does to your bottom line, is it a time at thanksgiving in a sense to test out new ideas, to be able to see if you can penetrate the online market that amazon does so well at? >> well, the online component is really important to us. and we have been investing for years to build out our capabilities. it is a combination of a great store experience, and a great digital experience and bringing those together during the holidays is critically important to us. >> how important has cybermonday become? i know this new initiative is -- is in part tied to what it has meant. >> it is a big event. we have taken a different approach this year. we have combined both a store experience and a digital experience, both on sunday and
8:07 am
monday. 15% off on basically our entire stock to drive even more attention to both our digital experience, but also to get people into our stores. >> here is the thing they say about target, is it still okay to call it target? >> it sure is. >> you go into your store, i'll spend $25, you walk out $200, $300, you spend more than you intended. don't you hate when that happens? >> i love when that happens. >> it happens a lot. you're expanding your stores to downtown areas, to college campuses because -- >> we're following the consumer. what we're seeing across the country is consumers moving back to city centers, whether here in new york, or in philadelphia, boston, chicago, so we're just simply following the consumer. as we talked to them, they said, one of the things they love to see is a target in their neighborhood. and these are really neighborhood stores. we opened up here in tribeca in manhattan, just early in october, the store has been an incredible success for us. and it is people in the local
8:08 am
neighborhood that are there sometimes multiple times in a week. i was there two weeks ago, and i talked to one of our guests and she said, since we opened, she had been there three times. well, only open for a couple of days. coming back again and again. >> is it a long uphill battle to compete online with amazon? >> charlie, we don't think it is. we think physical stores still matter. so as we sit here today, we think about retailing in the u.s., 90% of the business is still done in a physical store. now, most consumers, they're starting with a smartphone in their hand. it is how they decide where to shop, where shopping lists are held, they still like the physical experience. we need to do both. we need to make sure we have a very compelling reason to come to our stores and when you're there, make it really easy, make it inspiring. and also make sure you can shop online and pick up in one of our stores. so that's where the smaller urban stores are really important. you can order online, and conveniently pick up your
8:09 am
package same day, when you want to do it. >> is there an advantage to shopping on thanksgiving as opposed to coming on friday? i'm talking about your employees, you're going to be working too. >> i'll be out there in stores. >> is there an advantage to coming if you come thanksgiving day? a better deal or just the experience of you're there thanksgiving day? >> we have some great deals for this big thanksgiving and black friday weekend. for first time ever, we'll offer a 50 inch 4k tv for under $250. there is really compelling offers. >> 50 inchs? >> 50 inches. 5-0. >> made by whom? >> yes, good question. made by whom? >> great quality, 4k. we want to add excitement, we want to make sure it is an exciting experience and people love to shop. they turn out. so i'll be out there, our leadership team will be out in stores. i appreciate the fact that our team members want to work on thanksgiving. >> what allowances are made for them? >> they get time and a half for those days, but, josh, they're excited to come out.
8:10 am
it is a fun experience. we do a great job. really when target is at its best. holiday periods is when we really shine. it is why i'm so proud of the brand and the team. they get fired up. they want to make sure they offer a great experience. and we go get great feedback from the shopper. we love coming to target. they keep shopping. >> i know. >> some consumer reporters make the argument that the bargains on black friday are not as big as they expect. >> charlie they get better and better. i look at the kind of offers we're bringing on apple products, on different products, but we bring great value. we know this is a -- >> what you're seeing on black friday, they're really significant bargains you cannot find the week before or the week after? >> they're sensational deals. >> on everything in the store. 15% you're going to offer -- >> on sunday and monday, it is. both in store and online. as opposed to seeing cybermonday, we made it both store and -- >> what should i be looking for?
8:11 am
>> one of everything, charlie. >> anything. i wear a size 10, 10 1/2 shoe. brian, always good to see you. >> have a great holiday. >> thank you. >> he will be working at the store. good to see. many families this thanksgiving will serve up all the holiday staples with, you can say a side of anxiety. >> it is almost time to carve the turkey. dig into those mashed potatoes, maybe you tried that pumpkin pie. but are you ready for a heaping of election talk this thanksgiving? i'm mo rocca. coming up on "cbs this morning," find out how you can make it through the holiday if you're sitting at a politically divided dinner table. >> oh, no. i think that is . >> i think that's going to happen tomorrow in a l,,
8:12 am
charlie go charlie has a good idea. listen up. my idea was that you have a contest and you say to somebody, if you can find the ceo, find
8:13 am
brian, you get an extra 10% off of whatever you're purchasing, so they go to the target store, if they find you, then they get an extra 10% off and you'll have some identification that you're the guy and you're the ceo. you agree to this, yes or no? >> it is a great idea. >> find brian cornell. >> and it is free. >> get a tight shot of brian's face so people know, this is what he looks like. that's great. >> he'll be at a number of stores. >> i will be. absolutely. >> thanks to you and your employees. is your thanksgiving meal a recipe for health problems? dr. david agus will explain how turkey with all the trimmings and desserts can all affect your body. and liza donley also here in studio 57 with her particular take on this holiday. she recently drew some shoppers buying turkeys, cranberry sauce and other groceries all ahead of the big day tomorrow. follow "cbs this morning" on instagram to see her work and
8:14 am
tap on the photos to listen to the stories behind these shots. >> i like that idea. >> great stuff. >> we'll be right back. mastering irresistibly smooth. the lindor truffle ... from the lindt master chocolatiers. hard outer shell... smooth, luscious center. unwrap. unwind. with the lindor truffle. from the lindt master chocolatiers. the uncertainties of hep c. i don't want to live with or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's...
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,,,,,, ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. ♪ as we prepare to chow down this thanksgiving, we are taking
8:18 am
a look at the science of overeating from the appetizer and drinks and the trimmings. a typical holiday meal could top 4,500 calories! that is more than twice the average daily recommended total. the dinner could contain nearly 3 1/2 times the suggested fat and equals to three sticks of butter. our dr. david agus joins us to tell us about this downer. i think this is a thing of beauty. you're saying think about this before you indulge. >> gayle? >> david? >> so the science of overeating is pretty wild. something that makes u.s. hungry and leptin saying we are full. we eat more because of that. but that science is important because what happens is as your stomach gets sxanexpanded assit the stomach and it could push up and you can get acid reflux and indigestion and that is what you feel.
8:19 am
the key is moderation. >> a quarter of all that would be okay? >> yeah. i'm not here to say how much you should eat, charlie. >> how big is your stomach? >> your stomach is four cups. when you eat more and more your stomach gets expanded and the key is at some point to stop. within two hours of a meal, thanksgiving, 400% increase of heart attacks. you shunt blood elsewhere to the body and that shunting of blood restricts blood to the heart. >> you can't pick it up early which is to say fasting. laying off -- >> or saving room. >> yeah. no saving room. >> no. >> don't eat on wednesday so you can eat on thursday. >> a myth that doesn't work. eat breakfast. drink water before you eat and plan activity and running around at thanksgiving. don't do within an hour or two after the meal.
8:20 am
the average meal takes an hour or two to be degraded in your stomach. when you're eating a large meal you're talking five, six hours. when you exercise after that it shunts blood from your stomach and why you get nauseous. >> if you eat half of that, is that okay? what is so wrong with one day indulging? when you think about it. >> listen. the big scheme of things nothing is wrong as long as it's not too much. if you look at the data, our lowest weight in the country is in october. starting in november, literally at thanksgiving, there is a rise in weight until around january 1. then it takes five months on average for the country to get back to where they started! so if you practice a little bit of moderation these five weeks it will pay off significantly in the long run. >> what about if you eat half of that? >> we are looking for half! >> you have this half and you have this half. the other interesting myth is
8:21 am
you get sleepy after eating so much turkey. there is more of it in cheese -- >> david agus, thank you. >> thank you. >> you want to get diverted this holiday weekend? who doesn't? the overnight plane trouble that left passengers stuck on this snowy tarmac. you're watching "cbs this morning." listerine® kills 99%
8:22 am
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♪ timing is everything when it comes to saving money.
8:25 am
arthur david pogue is in feet away from serra high school. neighbors say this house along 20th avenue in san mateo was bustli good morning, it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. a brothel bust feet away from serra high school. neighbors say this house along 20th avenue in san mateo was bustling with activity. police got a tip and arrested the owner. police in south lake tahoe are looking for a man who was caught on camera tampering with a salad bar sending a 12-year- old boy to the hospital. it's the second time in two weeks the suspect did this. in the next half-hour of "cbs this morning," we reveal tips to save you money. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. it's 8:27. we have some good news and bad news. the good news is that the crash in hayward is in its final clearing stages and it is still a traffic alert issued by chp earlier this morning at 5:46. now, this is northbound 880 at industrial parkway. a car versus a pedestrian fatal accident blocking all lanes on northbound 880. now traffic is still being diverted off at whipple. but that backup is all the way to thornton avenue. your alternate is mission boulevard or hesperian boulevard. let's move now to the bay bridge toll plaza looking good heading into downtown san
8:28 am
francisco. maze to downtown is 14 minutes. how long will it take to get across the span of the san mateo bridge? 14 minutes as well, roberta. >> are you wearing fuzzy slippers? [ laughter ] >> don't wear fuzzy slippers out the door! we have rain according to our live hi-def doppler radar. you see it right there at that 238-680 corridor in fremont. also the portola valley and redwood city, it's wet around the bay bridge toll plaza. nothing but sunshine there at the golden gate bridge. temperatures in the 40s to 50. later today with the northwest wind 10 to 20, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. rain dries up the sun will shine, ample sunshine today all the way through your thanksgiving. then increasing clouds for friday leading to some rain showers overnight friday through saturday. a spotty hit and miss stray shower possible on raiders sunday with intervals of sunshine. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
pasz jers got a surprise when the jet made an unexpected landing in siberia. more than 230 beam aboard have been stuck for hours. the pilot of the flight were concerned about a possible fire but the plane landed safely and no fire was found. it was flying from london to hong kong. replacement plane is on the way. one passenger on board is trying to focus on his ultimate destination rather than the fact that he's been stuck in siberia for several hours now. that's a good attitude to take. >> lot of time to focus. >> you never know where you end
8:31 am
up. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the holidays are a good time to keep an eye on your finances. >> there's david pogue in our toyota green room. he'll share advice on money. hi there. >> he'll share advice on money, saving money at starbucks to getting cash for gift cards that you will not use. how to mango owe brings a mediator to help one family overcome differences. >> headlines from around the globe. usa today reports that electoral members are being pressured to change votes. 28 states do not require electorals to back the winner of the state's popular vote. hillary clinton supporters want donald trump electoral toss change sides but there are apparently no takers. they will meet on december 19th to make the election result official. >> the "washington post" says a
8:32 am
muslim girl was surprised when -- she was disqualified because she wanted to wear a shirt and hijab in the ring. she hugged her and said they should share the title calling her the true winner. the clothing rules are a safety issue. >> ring. >> "variety" reports that "the late late show with james corden" will host the grammy awards. he takes over from j. cool jay who had a five-year run. >> i feel honored to go in his steps. the producers said we need another james who is cool. that the ladies love. >> applause, applause! >> corden has ridden some of the biggest names in his "carpool
8:33 am
karaoke." you can catch the grammy awards on cbs in january. >> very good choice. "the sacramento bee" reports on the rescue of a cat that spent 90 days on top of an electric pole. the cat needed food and water. the cat is named fat boy. i'm wondering why it took them nine days saying we better get fat boy. >> not so fat now! britain's "guardian" reports on a solid gold surprise. a man in france covered gold bar and coins in a house he inherited from a deceased relative. about 5,000 pieces of gold hidden from furniture to piles of linen. he recently sold the gold for $3.5 million! a lot of gold! >> sure is.
8:34 am
yahoo! finance columnist david pogue has to get our lives in line and not a day too soon. it's essential tips and shortcuts that no one bothers to tell you about beating the system. this is his third book and "the new york times" best selling series. he offers some 200 tips that could help all of us. david pogue, welcome. i want to get to the gift card tips. oftentimes a gift card and lovely gift but i may not want to use it but things to do with it? >> world's biggest scam. i give you a 50 dollar gift card and maybe it's a store you don't use so according to to consumer reports twenty of us never use it. websites are gift card exchanges called card and card where they will buy your unused gift card for ka cash so for maybe 70% of the face value. that is a.
8:35 am
b, consumers who might use those cards can then go buy the cards that other people have turned in. so get hundred dollar itunes gift card for 85 bucks. >> you had gap, incumbent republic and old navy never pay full price. if you do, you're a sucker! you said a sucker! we do that all the time! >> they are openwned by the sam mothership company. usually tied to the holidays they mark the entire store off 40%! 40% is a lot! also if you sign up for the credit card you get 20% off and you get $5 off for every hundred dollars you spend. if you look into the very basics of these things, especially look for the 40% sales every couple of months you'll find you'll never pay the markup price. >> you're not a fan of extended warranties either? >> no. consumer reports have been shown it's a waste of your money unless it's a mobile thing like a phone. but refrigerators and stuff, no. >> this time of year we think
8:36 am
black friday everything is great to buy. there are things right now perhaps we should avoid? >> there are big deals coming up on black friday. my tip there is black a round site that rounds up all of the story's offers for friday. >> it tells you where you can find them or evaluate them? >> just list them to help you prepare. which stores are going to stand in line for and which ones have deals. >> you said most americans have huge credit card debt but that is also something that we can take care of by getting a spenk kind -- specific kind of credit card? >> if you have credit card debt. >> 9,600 you said? >> the average american is 9,600 in debt on your credit card. the main thing to know you can call the credit card company and ask them to lower on the rate. if you explain to them that you have a plan to pay it off, i'm getting a new job, i'm working harder. by september i'll have it taken care of, can you help me out? they will help you out. >> just asking?
8:37 am
>> just ask. call them. >> what is great you said don't spend money on things, spend money on experiences. i think that is such a good note on this holiday weekend. >> that is what science says. the best use of your money is not on object which gives you a terry spike on happiness but on experiences you remember. >> like travel? >> travel, cooking class, things like that that you'll always remember and it's a part of you. >> is it fear as much as anything when we sit down to talk about finances? do you find that fear grips us and so we make bad decisions? >> i guess it depends on how afraid of you are of current situation. my point in the book is that we leave money on the table everywhere we go. people say time is money. mine is inspiration is money. if you know starbucks goes unlimited coffee and refills for 50 cents each all day long, you can ask for it. >> do not fall for the 99 cent
8:38 am
trick? everybody does. >> another psychology thing. everything is priced at $49.99. that is $50. let's not kid ourselves. >> david poguee another winner. it's "basics money." thanksgiving can stress the strongest family bonds. >> what we don't want at this table is anyone building a wall of mashed potatoes to divide this family. >> absolutely. but we can agree to disagree on certain things. >> ahead, mo rocca's guide
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
there a lot of tension out there right now. if you're planning a family get together a new service i think you should know about. >> using your phone you can use a professional moderator to manage your meals like wolf blitzer and megyn kelly. >> he should build a wall. they are coming across by the millions. >> hillary should be -- >> she won the popular vote. >> no one can get away with this! >> if we could just please get back to the original question. could someone please pass the salt?
8:43 am
>> mrs. douglas, uncle. that is funny. ellen degeneres with help from wolf blitzer. a record high 77% of america thinks the united states is divided on the most important values. some families are sure to find themselves split on different ends of the political spectrum. mo rocca found one of those famlies and talked with them about the election results in a dry run of a thanksgiving dinner. this should be good, mo. >> good to see you. 42-year-old victor is from philadelphia and voted for hillary clinton. his mother, 66-year-old fran bauer, lives in ocean county, new jersey, and voted for donald trump. this family ordinarily does not talk about politics but this campaign and election were different and that is add ago whole other thick layer of stress to this thanksgiving. how are holiday meetinals for y family? >> particularly pretty calm
8:44 am
because we avoid any conversations that would get too stressful. we are in an unusual situation which my wife and i tend to vote democrat and everybody that comes to my house votes republican. >> reporter: you're outnumbered. will you gloat a little bit? >> i won't do that. a verse in the bible says work at piece and edification and that is me. >> reporter: you're taking a very new testament approach? >> yes. >> reporter: but if you're pushed, you can go old testament on that? >> i can! listen. my husband and i have researched a lot about the clintons and hillary and no way were we going to invite -- vote for her. >> reporter: alex carter, columbia law professor and professional mediator joined us at the thanksgiving table to mediate. >> are you recommending that people eliminate politics from the conversation? >> mo, this is a very unusual thanksgiving. i wouldn't recommend that
8:45 am
anybody set a blanket rule if it doesn't work for their family. >> victor, you have two children. >> we have two children. the other side of this is i worry about teaching them a bad lesson which is that, you know, we, as a family, can't get together and have a level-headed conversation about important topics without it going off the rails. >> reporter: so why don't we venture gingerly into a discussion about the election? >> sure. >> reporter: so i'll start. boy. that was kind of a surprise when trump took wisconsin! >> when trump took pennsylvania, i knew it was all over. >> my daughter, she is pro-trump. you know? she was very happy and i talked with her and i didn't talk to victor about it because i knew who he veted for and i didn't want to say, yea, trump won! >> well, that was very kind of you. >> fran, what is one thing you would like victor to know? >> well, that trump wasn't my
8:46 am
first choice. we didn't even look at the news much before the election because we were so tired of hearing it. and, you know, the way he talks, trump, he comes across sometimes in a very arrogant way! but i knew i couldn't vote for hillary clinton so that is why i voted for trump. >> reporter: what do you want to say right now? >> she doesn't like listening to donald trump but now she has four years of listening to donald trump. >> i know. it's true. >> i would also say that i understand how she feels because my vote was a vote against donald trump. >> reporter: they share that then that they hate the other candidate? >> yes. the only thing i would say is i, as a christian, i'm praying that he surrounds himself with good advisers. >> she just brought religion into this now! we started with politics and she brought religion in. >> we are ready for the trifecta. i feel if somebody insults the food, we will have completed the mission. >> reporter: your response?
8:47 am
>> well, i think as far as religion goes, my mom and i are on the same page, actually. i just have a hard time connecting donald trump to anything referabling christianity. >> both of you have a strong christian faith in common. it's just where that faith leads you politically that is different. >> j>> reporter: back to politics. we asked fran and victor to try a conversation about an issue that dominate the campaign trail. >> mom, do you think it's a good idea to build a wall between mexico and the united states? >> there needs to be better control in keeping illegal immigrants out. i'm not saying that the wall is the best way. but there does need to be something. >> it should come in legally as our ancestors did. >> i agree. >> and as your wife's parents did. >> my wife's parents were born in india.
8:48 am
>> reporter: the immigration issue is one that is personal for you also? >> we don't want at this table is anyone building a wall of mashed potatoes to divide this family. >> right, absolutely. but we can agree to disagree on certain things. >> reporter: seems like always an effort and comes naturally to find common ground. >> it does. it makes me wonder, mo, whether you all will be the mediators on thanksgiving. >> i think the real solution here is ban your sister from the dinner. we have established some ground rules so i think it's probably time to invite the rest of the family in. who is everyone voting for in 2020? according to our mediator, if you're in a house divided, make a game plan ahead of time and if things get heated, remember, we are family. blood is thicker than water. and it stains! you don't want to get it all over the table cloth! >> it does. they were pretty civil, considering what i expect will
8:49 am
be -- will not be the case at many dinners. >> right. i know. fireworks. i think they were way too civilized but it's good for their live. >> i think it's good to set ground rules and really a smart thing to do. >> family dysfunction will be specific. ahead, the four-legged friends providing travelers with much-needed stress relief. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ joy to the world ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:52 am
♪ under pressure >> syracuse international airport in new york is giving holiday travelers some canine comfort. they teamed up with a nonprofit organization this week to bring therapy pooches to stressed out passengers. the dogs are going to actually be back next month to help the rest of the holiday travel season. terrific stuff there. >> good idea. >> that is it it for us. tune into the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley tonight and we will see you tomorrow on "cbs this morning." >> take it easy.
8:53 am
happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving eve. take it easy.
8:54 am
8:55 am
already forming at major get to their good morning, it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego. big crowds are already forming in major airports as travelers try to get to their thanksgiving destinations. here's a look at mineta international airport in san jose just a short time ago. analysts expect it to be the busiest thanksgiving travel period in several years. police in south lake tahoe are looking for a man who was caught on camera tampering with a salad bar. it sent a 12-year-old boy to the hospital. it's the second time in two weeks the suspect altered food. >> time to lace up the skates as downtown ice is open in san jose. olympic gold medalist kristi yamaguchi will be on hand for the opening ceremony at 5:30. the 21st season for the
8:56 am
tradition has a long-term home at the circle of palms along market street. here's roberta with the forecast. >> that's always so much fun. hi, everybody! good morning. let's go ahead and take a look outside. we have had some spotty scattered showers at sfo, no reports of airport delays there as of yet. only airport delays i'm seeing right now are o'hare in chicago. and also in new york as well as new jersey. now, we do have those scattered showers primarily offshore also in the fremont area. over the bay bridge, but dry skies over the golden gate bridge. right now our temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. later today pretty much in the 60s everywhere except immediate seashore at 57 degrees in pacifica. we have dry skies later today. sunshine for thanksgiving. increasing clouds friday, rain on saturday. a look at the wet roads with roqui up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. let's check the traffic alert that's been now canceled in hayward. northbound 880 at industrial parkway was a car versus a pedestrian fatal crash. as you can see, traffic is moving at the incident scene but the backup is still long, 3 miles per hour from thornton into industrial park.
8:59 am
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