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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  November 27, 2016 7:30am-8:31am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now on kpix 5, a presidential vote recount? why hillary clinton is following the lead of the green party's jill stein calling for reviews in swing states. this as president-elect donald trump is firing back. and mixed emotions, how the world is reacting to the death of revolutionary leader fidel castro. >> we feel peace now. plus, standing with pipeline protestors, the bay area lawmaker who is in north dakota pushing back against the project. it is 7:30, sun day,
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november 27. this morning we're on storm watch. >> rain is making for a wet commute including in the mountains where the sierra is seeing more snow. the forecast this morning is for clouds around, residual showers, but in general things will clear up. we'll get a peak at sun as the low pressure kicks in and the rain gives up the sun will come out but there is still rain ahead and this afternoon we'll see increasing sunshine, fog in the early-going along the shoreline and temperatures manage only 60 degrees. there is more rain on the way and we'll have details with the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. now to our top stories overnight. a mess on bay area highways on northbound 880 at least a dozen cars, trucks and suvs were damaged because of road debris, an axle was left in the road
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from a separate crash. it was slow-going as many had to be towed away. on southbound 680, six chp officers were injured after being rear ended. the officers had just gotten into their vehicle when the pickup lost control and crashed into them. investigators believe speed may have been a factor. the injured officers were treated at the hospital and released. muni riders are boarding trains for free after a computer hack. the hack actually happened last week when this message popped up on employees' computer convenience. as a result yesterday the sign saying free rides were taped on to ticket kiosks that were out of order. >> i noticed everything was opened. i figured it is free day. >> is it part of black friday deal or something? >> it is unclear what the hackers are and what they want
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in return. the mta is staying tight lipped but they are working quickly to get it fixed. today marks day five for the search of two escaped inmates. a $20,000 reward is being offered for tips leading for the capture of the two. they escaped through window bars and fashioned a rope out of bed sheets. a tip led detectives to the guadeloupe river trail. many in the area are on high alert. >> big marsh behind there. it is dense. you can't see them. it would be a perfect hiding spot. but that's definitely making me more cautious now. >> detectives are working to gather surveillance video from nearby businesses to help with the man hunt.
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the men are dangerous. that's right the people of cuba observing nine days of mourning for the former president revolutionary leader fidel castro. castro died friday at the age of 90. his body was cremated and his ashes will tour cuba in a route that retraces when the revolution triumphed in 1959. a funeral is set for next sunday. concerts and activities were cancelled as flags fly at half staff. giant rallies are planned in revolution square to honor castro. the mood, however, was different in parts of miami. cuban-americans took to the streets to celebrate castro's passing banging pots and spoons and setting off fireworks. president obama is extending a hand of friendship to the cuban people in a diplomatic statement he offered condolences and said
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history will record the impact of the singular impact on the people and world around him. president-elect trump said he was a brutal dictator and pledging to help the cuban people to move forward to finally live in freedom. >> as mr. trump works upon -- he is working on filling two more spots in his administration. mcfarland is advisor. donald mcgahn will be mr. trump's assistant and white house counsel. no word on when the president-elect will reveal his choice for secretary of state, however. the front runners include former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, and 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney. they aggressively attacked each other during the campaign. trump will be back in new york
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later today with plans to meet potential hires. the president-elect's popularity seems to be rising. a recent political pole show 46% of voters have favorable or somewhat favorable opinion of him. 34% have a very unfavorable opinion of him. now that is a bit of a shift from right before the election when his favor ability rating grew a total of nine points since thevenlt those new numbers come as trump calls for deportation and crux of a wall and it is raising concerns for san diego's republican mayor. the city's largest american one next to the border told the la times said the relationship with the neighboring country is one of the city's greatest strengths. >> the president-elect threatened to cut off funding to city's that refused to turn over undocumented immigrants. the mayor in berkeley says it will remain a sanctuary city and
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he is not the only one. san francisco mayor ed lee and mayors in chicago, new york and seattle vowed to uphold the city's policies when it comes to undocumented immigrants. >> in his first interview the man who wants to be our next governor wasted no time in drawing the line on trump as well and his call to end to sanctuary cities. >> i was sitting with 13 dreamers the other day at the uc system. these are exceptionally talented and gifted kids who voluntarily gave up all of their information about their parents and their families in expectation that that information would never be shared. now those families are in real threat and those kids are in real threat of deportation under the previous bush administration but the trump administration. they should be protected. >> how far should sanctuary cities go? in san francisco we're not turning them over to the feds
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unless you're convicted of a violent crime within the past 6 years. >> little different i left the policy i left the city with. they amended it. it shouldn't be a shield for criminal behavior. it goes back to 1980s in san francisco. cities of refuge. and ultimately it is a policy existing in hundreds of cities, republican governed cities as well as democratic governed cities. >> is it a simple infraction, misdemeanor? felony? we had status for felonies some in other states having non-violent possession of marijuana. should that be a deportable crime? that is where it gets into the gray area. >> what about drug dealers? what about human traffickers, should they be covered by sanctuary. >> if someone is convicted of violent crime they should be
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deported. >> what about human trafficking. >> all of these things are within categories. my policy when i left was very clear that it is not a shield for criminal behavior. other policies in other cities are nuanced and different. one thing i'm certain of is that the trump administration has no clue what they're talking about when it comes to this issue because sanctuary is a loaded term. some have those words enshrined in actual language and some are sanctuary policy without the word sanctuary. it is a complicated issue, a difficult issue, but federal law enforcement should not be the responsibility of local police. >> how about cutting off funding for cities. what would you say to sessions if he were here right now. >> back off, like california, and let california be california. >> take advice from rudy giuliani. giuliani was one of the principal promoters of sanctuary poll sism he said it keeps people safe, healthy and
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educated. >> it seems like there is hysteria across the country but obama was doing the same thing as well. >> deporting the ones convicted of crimes. different ones have different standards here in california, as to what constitutes a violent crime. is it repeated possession of drugs? . and that's where i think we'll see the first push on the trump administration. >> sometimes you can be charged with violent felony and it is reduced. >> demonstrators against the dakota access pipeline are vowing to stay put despite order from the feds. army corps of engineers say they should shut down their camps by december 5 or face jail time. but they say the government can't make them leave. rebecca kaplan is spending a week in standing rock in support
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of the pipeline. she said it could pollute drinking water on the land which is considered to be sacred tribal burial grounds. developing this week on capitol hill as lawmakers return house minority leader nancy pelosi will be tested. ohio congressman tim ryan is chal clenching her for the leader -- challenging her for the leadership role. ryan snagged an endorsement from marsha fudge, however pelosi is expected to prevail. looming vote comes as pelosi broadens her leadership team. she named two congressmen from the east bay to co-chair a panel. and this weekend one says he's ready for the fight. >> people are anxious about are we going to be a country that goes back to interning certain
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people of the population? are we going to be a country that, you know, takes away a woman's right to choose? are we going to be a country that builds a wall on the southern border or a welcoming country for immigrants that lets any person to have the freedom of dream. i want to make sure it is the latter. >> he says he'll also make a push for the democratic party to focus on student loan debt. it is more than two weeks since the election but across california 1.5 bill million bal -- 1.5 billion ballots have yet to be totalled. the count could be static for days because of the holiday break. in the bay area ballot counting continues in santa clara county. >> that's right. in fact, several races are still too close to call. so an automatic manual recount is set to start for tomorrow for
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10 election contests in the county. >> it will proceed for 7 to 8 days, after that we'll perform a final manual audit. >> we have automatic and manual. by law counties have 30 days to certify the final results and get those i election results to state election officials. coming up next, joining in on a recount request, why hillary clinton team says it will participate. insiders weigh in. we're finally going to clear it out a little bit today, but don't be lulled into a false sense of security. more rain on the way. the forecast is just ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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transition team: hillary clinton's team is now saying it will participate in a recount of the presidential as president-elect donald trump works to put together his team hillary clinton's team say it will participate in a recount of the presidential election results in wisconsin. >> the public came out strongly around this, saying it has to be done. >> this comes after the green party's candidate jill stein raised enough money through donations to fund it's audit.
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stein also wants recounts in pennsylvania and michigan as well. >> it is a safeguard so we're not asking the question after the fact. >> she is questioning, that says -- if jill stein follows through as she promised and pursues recounts in pennsylvania and michigan, we will take the same approach in those states as well. the president-elect called the recount ridiculous saying in a statement, quote, this is a scam by the green party for an election that has been conceded and the results of this election should be respected rather than abused which is what jill stein is doing. >> with all of this going, we asked the former mayor of san francisco millie brown and melissa cane, what are the chances a recount to change the
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election. >> even the lawyers who are orchestrating the process are being very careful to say we're not doing this because there are examples. we're simply saying we need to eliminate the possibility that trump might have been right about rigged. >> well, you know, there is at least some glimmer of hope i think for people who would hope that this would be overturned. the real problem is getting it done before december 19th. that is the day the electors have to vote. if it takes too long to do the recount it doesn't matter what it uncovers. >> and keep in mind that every place does its own determination as to how best to conduct the elections. >> what does jill stein get out of this? she ran for president on the green party and she is raising millions of dollars for this? >> you wouldn't mention her name otherwise. we in the world of politics need to stay relevant.
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just think of how many people you know who has lost elections or who has been ousted and constantly trying to find a way to be interviewed by you. >> do you know anybody like that? >> these razor-thin margins in wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan must be garland to the dem drat tick party; democratic party. >> they're not the ones doing the recount. >> it is galling to them to be this close and be quiet about it. >> you would think they would be the one with the kick-starter asking for recount. >> in the alternative their own method of counting may verify what the results really are and intellectually they can't be dishonest and suggest that somehow the 70,000 votes, let's say plurality, that mr. trump has received, or she has received is going to go to 85. they can't do it with their
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numbers. you understand, all these young people on the democratic side of the aisle are addicted to analysis and data and it shows that trump won. >> a live look outside at the bay bridge. it is beautiful and clearing up now but hold on, brian hackney is tracking when the rain returns. we're starting out with slick streets. thing are wet as we begin sunday morning. a few showers linger, nothing is a surprise. as the day goes on we have clearing skies. this is this afternoon. increasing sunshine. watch what happens. here is monday at 3:00 in the morning. so less than 24 hours from now we're going to see more widely scattered showers around the bay area. so enjoy the sun while it comes out. this is not a big rain-maker either. it will just get wet again. low pressure is spinning over
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the pacific northwest it will pinwheel arms of moisture. in the mountains will be 6 to 14 inches. temperatures manage only upper 50s, low 60s and yet it is still going to be a pretty nice sunday. to sum it up, morning showers, mix of sun and clouds and more rain before sunrise on monday. we're carrying the game this afternoon. expect sun and 59 degrees. lots of things happening on the ice. ice rinks in san francisco at union square in embark ka der row and -- embarcadero. and forecast highs for the bay area we'll see temperatures near 60 degrees today and in the extended forecast expect more rain before sunrise tomorrow. tuesday through the weekend looks nice and sunny.
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so have a great sunday. in other bay area headlines. east bay mud is making a big purchase in order to try to protect the quality of tap water. you just -- it just paid $4.5 million for a square-mile land. they bought the ranch and mud will own the land and maintain the land and protect against pollution and filtering into the reservoir. after meetings and works to curb airplane noise in the bay area the committee's final report includes several recommendations to the faa, and one is to eliminate a current flight path and move it west by four miles. committee members hoping to restoring it to a historical route over santa cruz it will bring relieve to palo alto. but it is not clear if the faa
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will make any changes. what inspired a non-profit to help young authors to bring their story to life. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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castle. >> these come from authors. this week's jefferson awards winner. >> i'm excited to hear what you guys come up with. >> a creative writing lab for underserved kids 6 to 18. for this fourth-grader she discovers the power of words. >> i want to write about the homeless. >> reporter: the tutoring program, a non-profit was founded 14 years ago founded by a teacher and an author whose works included best selling memoir, and a hologram for the king which became a movie. the pair designed 8-2-6 to help the kids to write and support their teachers. >> i was so excited to work at teachers' behest and he was so excited to bring his publishing and writing skills.
7:56 am
>> reporter: volunteers help individual tutoring. students write their own books, magazines and newspapers that get published and showcased. >> we book at places like city hall, mason center and all of these places so the kids really feel that we think their voices and work is important. >> reporter: the name 8-2-6, it is the address in san francisco. it is where a pirate store was opened because the area is zoned retail. in the back of the store is where you find the writing lab. >> reporter: it is sponsored by sponsorships and donations. students like jayden, reap the benefits. >> writing was difficult for me and i still have a little bit of trouble but i'm getting over it thanks to this. >> reporter: the non-profit opened a new center in the tenderloin and it went national
7:57 am
with several chapters serving 30,000 children last year. the executive director of 8-2-6 credits dave. >> she is thoughtful and passionate about what needs to be made right in the world and dave, what inspires me about dave is really his ability to think outside of the box. >> awesome. great job. >> reporter: so for helping teachers to inspire students to love writing, this award goes to ninive calegari and dave eggers. >> and you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award on-line. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. welcome back to kpix 5. this morning it is 8:00. i'm phil matier. >> this morning... as reaction pours in, darius anderson joins us to tell us what relations between the cuba and the u.s. will change since castro's
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death. and one on one with city council member with the plan to convince the raiders to stay in oakland. it is clearing up. the roads are slikt as you head out. brian will tell us when the storms return. >> some clouds will be around, residual showers but in general things will clear up. we get a peek at sun as the low pressure kicks in. rain will ease up, the sun will come out , but there is still rain ahead and still this afternoon we'll see increasing sunshine, little bit of fog in the early-going along the shoreline and temperatures manage only 60 degrees. there is more rain on the way and we'll have details with the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. california people who faced felony marijuana charges are getting off the hook. california courts are changing felony charges to work with new
8:02 am
marijuana laws after voters passed proposition 64 which legalizes marijuana and makes possessing less than a ounce or growing less than half a dozen plants no longer a crime. this person had a clean record but faced a felony when the police accused him of growing marijuana plants. >> law enforcement was there and accused me of cultivation which i had nothing to do with. we do nothing but provide medicine for medicinal purposes. >> under the new law cultivation is a misdeem with a fine up to $500 and maximum of six months in jail. bad news for drivers and it's coming from the state capitol. the last minute push on transportation funding is dead. it ended when governor jerry brown declared there would be no final negotiations this month. and with the current session
8:03 am
ending wednesday, the proposal which lawmakers left in limbo since returning in august, is not going to happen. this summer you may recall jerry brown put forth a $3.6 billion proposal aimed at fixing the state's roads and making bridge repairs. so lawmakers are vowing to work on the issue in the new year when the new legislature returns. and as they return the golden state is expected to have a $2.8 billion budget surplus next year. the cash will tee off negotiations which starts in january which governor brown releases his spending plans. that projection accounts for ballot measures approved by voters and the election but it doesn't reflect changes in federal spending which could come from president-elect trump and congress. and on that national front president-elect trump is firing back this morning #r5rding the election -- regarding the election recount push. hillary clinton's team say lit participate in a recount of the
8:04 am
presidential results election in wisconsin. jill stein raised enough money to fund the audit and she wants recounts in pennsylvania and michigan as well. trump is sending out tweets. one he said, hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. nothing will change. the man who wants to be california governor is pushing back at the next president and his use of twitter. >> we went one on one with gavin newsom and this is what he had to say. >> we'll do our best not to coordinate and collaborate. you can't sit back and take it from these guys. >> in his first interview since the election, gavin newsom wasted no time in drawing the line on the election of donald trump and his call for an end to sanctuary cities. >> going after violent criminals and felons i understand and conkur. >> reporter: but it when -- when
8:05 am
he comes to splitting up families, what kind of world do we live in yes. >> you can't have this all to allow run free and run huff shod over the people in california. >> can you protect the city and state officials. >> we do that locally and can do it on a state-wide basis. >> reporter: it is said that news some and other california democrats are jumping the gun. >> the attorney general doesn't make the law, the attorney general enforces the law. >> for people to deny how chilling this election has been to real human beings is to deny reality. >> reporter: another question, what would gavin newsom say to his pick for general election. >> i would tell jeff sessions you have to lot to focus on we don't need him coming in scaring our folks. >> reporter: and president-elect donald trump. >> you call out the fact you have the president of the united
8:06 am
states who is literally going on a twitter storm complaining about a play that he's not -- about pa play in the -- about a play in schools. >> and he wants to incorporate hate crimes and overall assessment in how a state is doing. a union is threatening to go on strike. a walk-out is set for december 5 that includes thousands of teachers and nurses. just last year santa clara county barely acrieded is a -- avoided a strike. and the state-wide dispute now involves disagreements over salary and healthcare coverage. from walking off the job by state workers to a new job starting up in salinas. this week the next top cop begins her new role. she will become the first woman
8:07 am
ever to serve as police chief in the gang claimed city. she spent the first two years serving as green fields police chief. the new chief has a tough job ahead of her. violent crime in salinas is out of control and they are on pace to break a new record for the number of homicides for the new year. the freemont police department is spending a lot of money on software that can help monitor social media for criminal activity. the department spent $23,000 on a contract with two owes that offer social media money toring and tracking tools. they are not the only department. a recent report shows out of 63 agencies in northern california, 20 have social media monitoring in place. and still still to come, fidel castro as controversial in death as he is in life. darius anderson led 67 trade
8:08 am
missions to cuba will talk about what his passing means for the relations between cuba and the u.s. we'll clear it out a little bit today but don't be lulled into a false sense of security. more rain is on the way. we'll have it in the forecast just ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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and revolutionary leader, fidel castro. he die the people of cuba are observing nine days of mourning for former leader fidel castro. castro's body was cremated and his ashes will retrace the route he took when the revolution triumphed in 1959. a state funeral is planned for next sunday. his death ahead of a donald trump presidency is raising questions about future relations between the u.s. and cuba. president obama began normalizing relations with cuba in 2014 but trump indicated he would reverse president obama's policy of restoring diplomatic relations. >> joining us is darius anderson. he led 67 missions to cuba on trade with california. now we in the media tend to tune
8:12 am
in on both crossings and funerals in cuba and things like that. question, what is going on, on the ground for the last couple of years as far as the society self? >> two things, phil. on the government side there have been a lot of reforms that are giving the average cuban more opportunity for entrepreneurship, more opportunity for communications, so cell phones are now available, computers are now available, you can operate your own business. everything from a restaurant to a hair salon to any number of things and so that's changing which i think is good for the average cuban. also what is changing is the fact that there have been an influx of 2.5 million people. they set a new record on tourism. they hope to get that in the next five years to 5 million people. however, to go ahead and do that they need a lot of money for funding of infrastructure. >> yeah, but that is sort of a
8:13 am
limited future. if you are going to be a little tourist place where americans and other europeans can go back in time to when people are driving around in tricked out fords and people playing music in the streets, that is not necessarily happiness for the cuban people, who young people are continuing to leave the country in droves. >> yeah and a lot of that because of underemployment. if you're an engineer or chemist, you will basically choose to work in the tourism business versus be in the, you know, your trade where you were educated. however, i believe the future for cuba is not in tourism at all. i believe the future in cuba is things like call centers, computer programming. if you look at outsourcing that has occurred to the philippines, to india, and so forth, cuba has the highest educated population in all of north america.
8:14 am
literacy rate of 95%. so i think there are a lot of opportunities for people to be employed by u.s. companies that will go ahead and give them a fair and living wage. >> okay. we only have a minute left. what do you see or as far as a trump relationship with cuba, with raul castro, and as fidel's successor versus an obama one? >> i hope the president-elect will respect what is done and see opportunity for all entrepreneurs here in the united states to go ahelp and help in that transition. >> okay. and what does california get out of the deal? >> california, there is lots of opportunities. we're the number one rice trader. i led a number of vintners down there. from a telecom, communications, internet standpoint, there is going to be a lot of opportunity in the future. >> it will be very interesting because a society and politics we come to know for decades is
8:15 am
undergoing a fantastic change. >> yes. and it's happening very rapidly. >> all right. now we'll take something that is happening rapidly as well. the weather here in the bay area. brian? things are wet as we begin sunday morning. few showers linger. that is not a surprise. as the day goes on futurecast shows we have cleefrg skies. this is -- clearing skies. this is 2:00. watch what happens. here is monday at 3:00 in the morning. so less than 24 hours from now we're going to see more widely scattered showers around the bay area. so enjoy the sun while it comes out. this is not a big rain maker either. it just will get wet again. low pressure is spinning off the pacific northwest. it will continue to pinwheel arms of moisture in the bay area to midnight. still winter storm warnings posted through the afternoon in the mountains total accumulation between last night and tonight
8:16 am
will be from six to 14 inches. not going to be warm today. temperatures manage only upper 50s, low 60s, and yet it will be a nice sunday. to sum it up, morning showers, mix of sun and clouds and more rain before sunrise on monday. hayward carrying the open game this afternoon. expect sun and 59 degrees. lots of things happening on the ice. ice rink in san francisco at union square in embarcadero and wall man creek. we'll see temperatures near 60 degrees today and in the extended forecast expect more rain before sunrise tomorrow. tuesday through the weekend looks nice and sunny. so have a great sunday. president-elect donald trump's victory has some people considering a new chapter in canada. but a growing number of californians are plan ago different exit strategy.
8:17 am
the group yes california is calling for our state to secede. california wants to save money not stand out. >> so this isn't the first time we heard about this. i asked former san francisco mayor willie ground and melissa kain, how many politicians can fit on the california is not part of the republican bandwagon. >> looks like a clown car. everyone is falling over themselves to declare war on the trump administration, on trump's policies. he's not paying much attention to us at all and yet there is a long line of people stepping up to the megaphone trying to stick it to the trump administration. >> he has not mentioned california in all of his considerations, in all of his reviews, for people being deported to the various cabinet positions. you have seen one person from california and that was michelle
8:18 am
who was married to the guy to the mayor of sacramento and that spot is gone. there is nobody else. >> michelle was reached for -- >> she didn't match the trump idea of what you needed in the world of education. that's gone. otherwise they have not even mentioned it. all of these people who said we need to declare ourselves an independent nation may get their wish when it finally sos this is what it is going -- this is what it is going to cost california to be so independent. >> i interviewed assemblyman who represented san francisco he said as a member of the legislature their concern and thinking ahead when they think about budgeting about how much if any federal dollars will be withheld because of sanctuary city issues because the state has with the federal government. they're looking at this issue of losing federal funds. >> it will be worse when you think in terms of the feds
8:19 am
pulling their money back for high-speed rail, the feds pulling their money back for water. the feds pulling their money back for emergencies and roads and highways and infrastructure. it could be incredibly costly to the state of california and i'm glad trump hasn't focussed yet on us. a new plan to keep the raiders in the area but we're working to learn all of the details. we sit down with oakland city council to see if we can get some answers. we've launched a one host, one home policy. so hosts may now only rent space at one address in san francisco. and we want to work together to improve the city's permit system so that it's simple, fair and effective. together, we can make the new rules work
8:20 am
8:21 am
the raiders from leaving for las vegas. this tuesday, city and county leaders are scheduled to meet in a closed session to discuss the proposal. we've learned the deal includes a new stadium... and the group led by former n-f-l hall of famer ronnie lott will pay for it. there's still the issue of who will own the land. a new stadium and the group led
8:22 am
by former nfl hall-of-famer ronnie lott will pay for it. there is the issue of who will own the land. >> and all of this comes as the raiders' owner mark davis has his sights on moving to las vegas. joining us now more on the proposal is oakland council member noel gallo. >> go oakland raiders. it was a long frustrating process for all of us. personality's political egos get in the way but i can say for the first time we have a competitive proposal we can present to mr. davis and the raider organizations, the nfl, the residents of oakland in alameda county, because we stand to benefit. >> give us the outlines. you have seen the earlier proposals. give us a broad outlook. >> i think that now we have an agreement with the group that have the financial capability of the millions of dollars that they can invest not only to build the stadium, but i think this is a master development
8:23 am
site from housing to retail to sport franchises that will be on that -- >> who puts up the money. >> the investors who committed to doing that, the city of oakland and the county will join together for the infrastructure. the nfl committed millions of dollars as well as mr. davis. >> what happens to the debt already outstanding. >> the way it will be handled it will be does it call for mark ds
8:24 am
to sell part of the team. >> right now we have the capacity to provide a stadium as well as the retail and the housing. >> do you think you have the votes with this plan to block the raiders' move to las vegas. >> i think so. my communication from all of those involved, not only do we have the capacity to build the stadium and the site but to block the move. >> how much will it cost taxpayers? >> that is what will be presented on tuesday but i believe the city council is ready to vote and move on. >> you think they will vote for this. >> i'm ready to do it. >> thanks for joining us this morning. thank you for that piece of news. the raiders take on the carolina panthers at home. it is a game you can watch on
8:25 am
kpix 5. good morning, everybody. we'll get to the sunday nfl stuff in just a second. i got to show you what happened from last night. kevin, warriors gets minnesota, seconds first half. kevin durant. excuse me. a buzzer beat him in. third quarter. look at the dribble drive. steph curry. warriors won. mccaffrey a gem. carter wins final 41-17. raiders season ends 9-3. look at the big fellow. pretty up and over but 310 pounds. cal beats ucla. number three michigan at ohio state. second overtime. here is the walk-off.
8:26 am
touchdown run. curtis samuel, ohio wins 20-37. on the ice, sharks and ducks, tied. ryan gets lost. 3-2 over the sharks. 49ers touchdown underdog against the dolphins later on this morning. 7.5 point favorites to beat carolina panthers in front of the black hole. we'll have have a wrap up of that later in the day. back in a moment. ,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
fast and futuristic vehicles. today is the final car enthusiasts have a final chance to see an even test drive some futuristic vehicles. >> it is the final day for the san francisco auto show. vehicles from hundreds of dealers, clubs and collectors are on display. the original james bond car is even there. all right. thanks for joining us. have a great day.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on face the nation, death of a dictator and we give thanks to some americans who help others. >> the americans celebrated in the streets of miami after commicommunist leader fidel caso died friday. his rule spanned 10 u.s. presidents. what impact will his death have? we'll devote time to people we're grateful for on this holiday weekend. and our reporters panel in weigh-in how the trump transition is going. it's all ahead on face the nation. good morning and welcome i'm john dickerson. for the last 60 years, dictator fidel castro was america's most


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