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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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see fog. >> there's a fickle finger of foggy think. >> december! >> december. >> what happened? >> it just went by overnight. >> it happened overnight. >> kenny choi is off today. >> he is? >> but the rest of the gang is here. what do you guys do first? >> say hi. [ laughter ] weather. that fickle fick of fog in the tri-valley. i looked outside my door this morning in pleasanton. i couldn't even see across the street. >> it was pockets. then you go half mile down the road and it was clear as a bell. so that would be the case today out the door. we have clear skies over san francisco now. it's another chilly start. we are in the 30s and 40s. we'll top off at 50s and 60s. we have a long way to go. livermore 39 degrees. 37 in santa rosa. later 50s, 60s. we havele full forecast
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including the first weekend of this december weather. let's start in milpitas. we have roadwork on northbound 880 between highway 237 and dixon landing road. three lanes are closed it should open at 5 a.m. hayward/fremont roadwork between highway 92 the san mateo bridge and stevenson boulevard. that too should be picked up around 5 a.m. but also in san francisco, we have roadwork on southbound 101 and that's from cesar chavez to 280. only two lanes are open. that will open around 5 a.m. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. two inmates on the run in santa clara county are officially back behind bars. cameras were rolling when the second suspect rogelio chavez was taken into custody last night. deputies say he was hiding in a house in san jose. he was found with crack cocaine and marijuana. deputies also took this woman in custody, she is 34-year-old karla fernandez. deputies say she helped chavez
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hide out in her home. these arrests come less than 24 hours after officials tracked down the other inmate laron campbell. kpix 5's betty yu has the latest. >> reporter: it started with a daring hollywood style escape cutting through metal bars, tying bedsheets together to rappel to freedom and eluding authorities for a week. it ended for laron campbell. he fell into the hands of u.s. marshals, a tip leading them to the antioch apartment where he was holed up. >> they determined that campbell was hiding in the attic. and campbell then crashed through the ceiling on to the floor where the marshals service and antioch police took him into custody without incident. >> reporter: they also arrested campbell's sister and charged her with harboring a fugitive. another in the scheme faced a judge. emily vaca was arraigned for being an accessory to a crime for helping the other escapee,
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rogelio chavez. the prosecutors say she drove him at least once around town in gilroy. >> when you aid and abet somebody who is particularly a felon to broke out of jail, that's a dangerous situation. betty yu, kpix 5. >> deputies are looking for more suspects who might have helped them escape. there could be more arrests. the search is on for a gunman who opened fire on a freeway in oakland. this is what it looked like along 580 last night. the -- good heavens! look at that. the highway was shut down for nearly two hours during rush hour. police say shots were fired at the fruitvale off-ramp. a man and woman were shot. officers searched the white car at the bottom of the ramp. no word on what they found. the victims in the hospital in stable condition. cirque du soleil says the employee killed in a san francisco accident was also a son of one of the entertainment group's he could founders. olivier rochette of quebec was setting up for the "luzia" show tuesday night when he was
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struck by an aerial lift. because of rochette's death, the show was canceled tuesday and last night. so far it's unclear whether the show will continue. "luzia" is scheduled to be in san francisco through january. it will be in san jose for several weeks in february. cirque du soleil's ceo daniela mar said: i'm heartbroken. olivier has always been a member of our tight family and a beloved colleague. in the south, people are waking up to find downed trees and severe property damage after deadly stores tore through multiple states. we have the areas hardest hit by that powerful storm. >> reporter: devastating scenes across the southeast after a round of deadly storms. at least three tornadoes ripped through northern alabama according to the national weather service. jackson county saw some of the worst damage. strong winds knocked down trees and power lines and turned buildings into rubble. a large tree collapsed on a house of given the destruction around the owner, it could have
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been a lot worse. >> i'm one of the lucky ones i still got a roof. >> reporter: in georgia three suspected tornadoes touched down in the metro atlanta area. no injuries but residents describe a terrifying afternoon. >> it was so much wind. it was -- everything was just flying everywhere. it was bad. >> really dark. scary. >> like the wind was just like -- everything was just flying. >> the whole door just shook. >> reporter: two people were killed in tennessee where weather officials say a tornado touched down in polk county. that state is already reeling from deadly wildfires and have killed 7 people so far. wednesday's rain provided some relief but not enough to put out the worst drought in nearly a decade. it is 4:35. let's check the weather with roberta. >> now, if this whole month is anything like the past four hours, that we kick-started december, then i'm in a lot of trouble. >> what? >> now, once in a while the
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computers are finicky so you do a hard boot and kick it. >> oh, yeah. >> you got a blank screen. >> we'll see what happens. you start off with this. bruce is the best director in the whole wide world. calling on the live weather camera outdoors right now currently we have temperatures into the 40s for the most part but we are seeing temperatures topping off later today into the 50s and the 60s. check out santa rosa, 37 degrees. it is 39 in livermore. 24 hours ago, we were at 35 degrees. so temperatures pretty similar to yesterday at this hour. it's very cool. hasn't been this cool since really last january into february. so unseasonably cool out the door. later today 50s and 60s. we'll regather our weather information for you. we will have the full forecast coming up. it is 4:36. let's take a look at our bay area roads starting with the golden gate bridge. a beautiful shot from marin, san rafael into the golden gate toll plaza will take you about 14 minutes.
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so a quick drive across the span there. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will take you 18 minutes and then expect no delays through the tolls. those metering lights will turn on around 5:30 this morning. let's take a look now in hayward/fremont area at roadwork on 880 in both directions. this is between highway 92 and stevenson boulevard and caltrans says it will be picked up around 5 a.m. or so. and then in san mateo we have the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, that will take you 14 minutes between 880 and 101. now let's move over to milpitas. roadwork on northbound 880 between 237 and dixon landing road we have three lanes closed due to this roadwork. we'll let you know when it's picked up but caltrans said it will be around 5 a.m. a high school football player is facing charges for allegedly sexual assaulting a classmate. only on "5," we're hearing the victim's side of the story. the alleged victim. we want you to know that we are
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shielding her identity. kpix 5's andria borba reports. >> reporter: i spoke exclusively to the girl. she has a message to her alleged attacker. >> no means no. >> reporter: it was the night of november 18 when this 15- year-old carondelet high school student alleges she was sexually assaulted on the campus of de la salle high school during a varsity football game. after the attack, allegedly at the hands of a 15-year-old freshman football player at de la salle, this teen girl didn't say anything for three days until friends pushed her to report the incident to school administrators. >> it was very hard. it was really, really hard. but i thank god that i have friends who actually care about me and wanted to make sure i was okay. and so they, like, -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: she still hadn't told her parents. >> it was hard. it was hard. it was harder than i thought it would be. but we got through it. still getting through it. >> reporter: she says concord detectives also collected
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surveillance video from the de la salle campus that showed parts of the alleged attack. the teenaged boy accused of attacking her was arrested. she refuses to let this one incident stop her from living her life. >> to be completely honest, my school counselors have helped me a lot and my friends and just knowing, like, that in the long run i'll be okay. i can't just let this stop me just because it's happened. i need to show him, no, i'm not going to stop. >> reporter: there's only a crosswalk that separates the de la salle campus from the carondelet campus. and she says the gossip has been persistent between the two tight-knit schools. >> i was walking out because i was there and i know what actually happened so i don't let it get to me. >> reporter: she has a message she wants the world to hear about sexual assault. >> it's not okay for this to happen to anyone. and it's not okay for, like, people around, like, society to make the person that's been hurt feel like they done
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something wrong or feel ashamed about the situation. >> reporter: the case will be handed from concord pd to the contra costa county district attorney's office. they will make the final determination on any charges. in the newsroom, andria borba, kpix 5. the number of people who got sick after eating a thanksgiving meal at the american legion hall in antioch is now at 19. that number includes three people who died. all were among more than 800 people who ate at a thanksgiving charity event thursday at the american legion hall. contra costa county health experts are still trying to find out what caused the intestinal illness and so far, tests have ruled out more than 20 food-borne diseases including e. coli, norovirus and salmonella. operation second chance kicks off in santa clara don't today. people with nonviolent misdemeanors or traffic warrants can receive a citation instead of going to jail. it runs through the month of december. ♪[ music ] now 20 minutes before 5 a.m. a battle in the sky! some people just fed up with
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the noisy planes at sfo. but there could be a solution coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it officially looks like christmas in new york city! the tree at the rockefeller center lit up last night. it's full of nearly 50- thousand n five miles of wi the tree at the rockefeller center lit up last night. it's full of nearly 50000 lights on five miles of wires. it's topped with a beautiful star. who measures these things? it will be up until january 2. >> it's swarovski crystals. while many of us can hum the 12 days of christmas, the gifts involved are harder to afford. some americans would have to give up a year of salary to buy all these presents. the cost of three french hens is already considerable at $182. then come the turtle doves
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buying two of them costs $375 up from 290 last year. and the price tag for the whole bundle of presents, more than $34,000. pnc welch management produces this list every christmas. >> those five golden rings, that's expensive. >> right there. >> yeah. and how much is the maid amilking cost? >> i had a sweet thing happen yesterday. it reminded me what christmas is all about. i came home after a very long workday and i drove up and there are these men on my house. i thought they're fixing the gutters because i have had a broken gutter and no, they were putting lights on. >> very sweet. >> i had decided i wasn't celebrating christmas this year and that kind of put me back in the spirit. >> what did you do after? >> i went out and got a christmas tree. >> got you in the spirit. >> got me rolling, yeah. i'm in the spirit now. that's what it's all about, right? just that gift of kindness and love.
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rise and shine out the door this morning. we do have clear skies in san francisco as we take a bird's- eye view of the transamerica pyramid. we do at this particular time have some areas of fog, as well. temperatures are into the 30s and 40s. it is now 37 degrees in santa rosa. that's cooler than just 24 hours ago. but livermore yesterday at this hour you were at 35. it is now 39 degrees. fairfield 42. our weather watchers checking in with temperatures in the 40s. today lots of sunshine dry conditions. tomorrow repeat performance and then ahead, clear and cold nights. in fact, we could even see some temperatures right around that freezing point. and that could occur by sunday night into your monday and tuesday. meanwhile, here's the deal. our satellite and radar does suggest at this particular time we are picking up the clouds stacking up next to the coast. we have the skies clearing out locally and we have a little bit of light precipitation across the southland of southern california. all associated with our weak
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disturbance that did push through our area yesterday producing up to about .51" of rain in the wettest locations. it was light to heavy drizzle. there you go, livermore, hey, yesterday, you had a high temperature of 58 degrees. it hasn't hit 60 in the past six days. that is the coolest since january 31st through february 5th. so it feels unseasonably cool for you, it is! all right. the computer still having problems this morning. temperatures into the 50s across the board in the central valley. 30s in the greater lake tahoe area. you know, sometimes i have nightmares about this. that the computers just act up. and now what do you? you just roll with it. this afternoon, san jose will be topping off in the 50s with an afternoon daytime high slated near 56, 57 degrees at mineta international airport. i'm going with more like 60 degrees. that will be around the rose garden district.
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campbell, cupertino, santa clara, as well. temperatures pretty much in the 50s and in the low 60s across the board. 58 degrees in redwood city, back through brisbane into belmont, atherton, also in la honda. 60 degrees vallejo, benicia, martinez and american canyon. and we have 60 degrees slated at fairfield. the winds will turn northwest 10 to 20. so it has been cold. tonight overnight, 30s and 40s. very similar to today. coldest locations away from the bay in the tri-valley. your extended forecast does call for, we have a string of sunshine each day from friday through wednesday. that's a look at your local weather forecast. here's roqui. >> thank you, roberta. we know what you mean by that technical difficulty over there in the traffic center [ sic ]. let's check traffic now. it is 4:47. starting with the altamont pass, coming out of tracy, you're moving at 26 miles per hour and speeds pick up to 38 miles per hour when you hit livermore where you have the cool temperatures was just talking about. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass, on 580 westbound, will take you 23
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minutes. you free up through livermore into the dublin interchange where you have some slow commute direction traffic and a lot of fog. look at that. altamont pass and 680 will take you 15 minutes. let's head now to the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, that will take you 13 minutes between 880 and 101. and expect a clear drive across the nimitz freeway here 238 in san leandro to the maze will take you 16 minutes. and then expect a 19-minute drive from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze and no delays through the toll plaza because those metering lights are off. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. along the peninsula a feud is growing over who gets stuck with the sound from a new flight path. kpix 5's devin fehely shows us why a proposed solution may only cause more bickering. >> it's almost like a slow torture. >> reporter: the report was supposed to cut through the noise through the complaints and competing agendas in order to cut down on the nonstop noise from airplanes affecting
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communities from santa cruz to san mateo. >> personally, i feel it's flawed. >> reporter: santa cruz city councilman don lane was on the committee that drafted the report for the faa but says the process got hijacked by people willing to solve their community's noise problems by simply shifting the planes and noise somewhere else. >> the folk under the current past who are suffering the most just were so insistent on getting complete relief. >> reporter: here's what he means. the committee recommended shifting the controversial flight path into sfo from the south from its current track which takes planes over the city of capitola to the west, directly over santa cruz. lane has written a scathing letter to his own committee expressing his profound disappointment and bitterness over the decision. it's a bitterness felt by people under the flight path as planes land at sfo. for them the report offers little relief, little to quiet their concerns about noise. >> the noise coming by the way because you hear the plane
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coming and then you get the real pain and then you it dissipates and then you think you're done with it boom, someone else. >> reporter: in santa cruz, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> the report is now in the hands of local congressional representatives. they will decide whether to support or discard the proposed changes. the california hall of fame just got an impressive list of new members. >> yes. they include harrison ford, "star trek's" george takei, and former first lady of california maria shriver. the ceremony to honor those who embody california's innovative spirit and have made a mark on history was held last night at the california museum in sacramento. 4:50 on this thursday morning. still ahead, how one california college helping students relieve stress. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and featu re your school on the show. ,,
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wow! how did that happen? it's the first day of december 2016. good morning, everybody! rise and shine! 4:53. these are the temperatures we will be expecting today. you know what? pretty spot on. it is going to be a seasonal december day with the full sunshine 50s at the seashore, 57 degrees in los altos backing through the palo alto area into east palo alto. good morning to you, across the santa clara valley in the high 50s swinging across the eastern portion of our bay area. highs today into the 50s and low 60s on this brisk autumn day. 57 degrees in sausalito bested by san rafael in the high 50s. good morning to you in sonoma with the full sunshine and 61 degrees and hey, we didn't forget about you in clearlake at 56 degrees. and let's take a look at
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your roads right now. looking at the altamont pass off 205 moving 35 miles an hour into livermore where it frees up to the dublin interchange where there's slow-moving traffic and fog. officials say hackers have targeted more than a million android phones. they are getting in through apps but not ones downloaded through google play. google says it has blocked 150,000 versions of the cyber attack. it is warning users to stay away from uncertified apps. sheryl sandberg is donating $100 million worth of facebook stock to charity. the facebook coo transferred 880,000 shares to the sheryl sandberg and dave goldberg family fund. the fund was created after sandberg's husband died last year. last year, sandberg gave $31 million worth of stock to charity. the record shattering "hamilton" musical is coming to a bay area stage and we learned tickets will be up for grabs
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very soon. american express card members get first dibs starting at 10:00 on monday. that's according to tweets from shn san francisco, the company presenting "hamilton." a week later tickets go on sale to the general public available through a special shn website or the orpheum box office. tickets are up to $200. to help calm student nerves during this stressful time california state university in sacramento is using therapy puppies. the university says research shows spending just a few minutes with a puppy has proven relaxation. >> finals is a very stressful time. all you're thinking about is your next test and how you're going to prepare for it and dogs are a great diversion. they give them a hug. they just let them stop thinking about finals for a few minutes. >> i believe it! the puppies will be on campus
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for the next couple of days. you've heard that from puppies 30 bulls, you know, ladies and gentlemen, you have heard of the running of the bulls. >> yes. >> but for a group of reporters and animal control officers in sacramento, the running of the cows. >> oh, my god! we need to get out of here! >> oh, my god! >> just stay down. just stay down. >> we never have that problem in the city. this was tuesday in sacramento a group of renegade cows managed to escape while traveling from oregon to central california. somebody unlatched the trailer when the driver pulled over for a nap. and the bovine bandits got stuck in between two homes and had to be wrangled by animal control. >> it was a good location to get 'em caught. they could a got hit on the road. it turned out good. >> all 11 escapees were safely captured and they are back with a much more secure trailer lock. ♪[ music ] it is december 1st, which is world aids day. coming up in the next half-
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hour, we'll tell you about some of the big events in san francisco today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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together in the bay area today.. for world aids day. good morning. it is thursday, december first. i'm michelle griego. ian hackney. thousands of people are coming together for world aids day. good morning, it is thursday, december 1. i'm michelle griego. >> kenny is off today. it's good to see you again. >> as you good to see you. >> a long time. >> we want to check in with kpix 5 reporter anne makovec who is live in san francisco to tell us more about today's events. hey, anne. >> reporter: yeah. good morning, it is world aids day december 1. if you want to observe you can wear red today. i'm here in san francisco castro district along castro street and you can see this is part of the rainbow honor walk one of the golden tracks here along the street. and this is where they are going to be focusing a program this morning.
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students from harvey milk civil rights academy will honor people who have died of aids writing their names in chalk here along castro street. yesterday world leaders gathered to openworld aids day to show how far we have come and the work yet to be done. >> we are motivated to fight aids because we know that every child deserves the care, every person deserves the treatment, and all vulnerable groups deserve protection. from stigma and abuse. we know that hatred and bigotry spread disease and as the founders of this movement taught, silence equals death. >> now, later on this morning, there will be a huge gathering at the national aids memorial in golden gate park. this is the gathering there


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