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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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for. ken, back to you. >>reporter: all right. betty reporting live for us. as you can imagine, we're corn on gonna be hearing stories like that, story of survival and stories of family who lost people and friends and who is missing and accounted for and who may be in the how many they don't know act. trying to round people up. maria has been in contact with the alameda county sheriff's department and has more on that. maria. >>reporter: yeah, we spoke to dan vegas vega a few hours ago. his brother is missing and happen today go on facebook earlier this morning and lots of posts about fires and had a feeling his brother was at that warehouse event and came down here for answers. >> i don't understand what we're doing down here. i want to go over there. if my brother's in there, i want to find him.
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>>reporter: dan vega like so many others would wait with hope and fear but hour by hour, they go without answers. >> i want to go over there and find my brother. i want to find his girlfriend. >>reporter: alex vega and his girlfriend mckayla told family they'll be at the rave and haven't heard from them since. it's unlike alex to not pick up the phone. her phone also goes straight to voice mail and found her car at a bart station. no sign of the couple anywhere. >> i want to find him. if he's dead and in the ruble, fine. i'll get over that but i just want to find him. >>reporter: dan and other family and friends of the sheriff's office because investigators asked them to. no one is getting anxiousings as investigators sift through the rubble a few feet away.
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deadly fire after the break including a look inside the warehouse before this devastating fire... and why this building was already on the city's radar. but first as we take a livek from chopper 5 at the scene: alameda county and the red s have set up a shelter at 245 east 12-th street. if you're looking to find a loved one, you can go theren person... or call 510-382-3 and when we come back, we'll tell you how you can team up with the oakland a's to hel
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back live at the scene of ts deadly fire. e the roof of the >> we'll tell you how you can team one the oakland as to help out this terrible disaster.
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deadly fire. you can see the roof of the building collapsed, leavingy support beams. the building was so full of debris.. it took firefighters several hours just to get in the door. the collapsed roof & floor >> leaving only support beams left of this build. the building was so full of debris, by the time they got the fire out, that it took firefighters several hours just to get in the door. they couldn't get in the front door. the collapsed roof and and
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floor made it very unstable situation. it blocked everything, you can imagine. furniture, floor, roofing all coming down, blocking any of the entrances. firefighters could even make nit 5 feet, they told us. now we are learning no one should have actually been living inside that building at all it turns out. we have more from aubrey moore. >> reporter: ken, this building -- kennel, this building was permitted as a wear house. it was not permitted for -- being used for. there were many modifications inside, which made it hard for firefighters to get in. this burned shell is one left of the -- that held the artist collective. these photos from the go ship web site showed what it looked like before friday night's fire. bob ulea is is a member of the collective. >> it's like a living piece of art issues always in flux as far as the space goes.
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there's always something being rebuilt, changed, rearranged. >> reporter: pictures confirm that request a hodgepodge of decorations, windows, tapestries hanging inside a. photo shows, at one time, there was an airstream trailer inside. all of that bohemian wonder made it difficult for firefighters to get inside to put out the flames and save lives. >> wasn't a straight path. there was a lot of, you know, cubicles. cubicles, a hard fire fight. >> reporter: noel guya represents it district, lives two block away, says the building wasn't permitted properly, didn't have enough exits for the second floor. >> they had a spiral that only one person can walk at a time down it. when the fire was -- it got so smoky, so bad that you couldn't see to get down there. >> reporter: that was
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confirmed by oakland's planning and building the president, which had opened an investigation on november 13th. >> we had an inspector attempt to enter the building; and at that time, was not able to secure access to the building, and so that investigation hadn't concluded. >> reporter: but weren't able to complete it. >> now, condition, we've learned there were no sprinklers inside this building, which, of course, one of the many things that added to problems for firefighters. coming up new tonight on kpix 5 news at 6, we'll hear from the battalion chief in charge of all these modifications and how difficult it made things for his cry trying to get inside to put out those flames. >> reporter: audray, thank you for that. really the pictures tell the story. you can see all the material, how people made sort of living arrangements in there. they had little workplace spaces, but there were obviously living spaces. at one point, you can see a trailer inside there, a little mobile home trailer,
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beds, furniture. imagine all of that material burning. the fumes coming off that would have been toxic. it would have been a deadly situation for anyone trapped inside from the looks of it. there are a number of bodies still inside. at least nine people we can confirmed died in that fire last night, but officials expect that death toll to go up because there are people still missing. officials say, as many as a couple dozen people are still unaccounted for. they say some may have been attending the party from out of state, out of the country. they were visiting. investigators say it will take several days at least to figure out how the fire got started. now, governor brown is no stranger to oakland. will was the mayor here for several years, and he is expressing his deep sympathy for the victims of the wear house fire. in fact, he issued a statement today, saying, quote "ann" -- that would be his
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wife. ''ann and i were saddened to learn of last night's tragic fire in oakland. our thoughts are with the entire city in this difficult time, and we extend our condolences to the family and friends of those lost." and the oakland a's organization is rallying help from the community from the entire bay area. they have set up a you caring page to collect money for the victims. the team will match donations up to $20,000, and that is significant. you can found the link at the top of our web site,, and on our facebook page. the warriors organization also helping out. proceeds from the warriors foundation, 50/50 raffle will support services for the victims of the fire as well. monday night, the tam plans to have a moment of silence for the victims at tonight's warriors game. the situation here has picked
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up. that are moving some equipment in, we are told, to try to make several other entrances into the building. they may breakthrough some walls to make access a little bit easier. we are told some heavy equipment a crane will be brought in tonight, and there will be a lot of activity. again, this could go on for the next 48 hours or even longer. want to send it back to the studio now. welfare some more local headlines. guys? . >> thank you. coming up, we'll have a look at your headlines, plus a look at your forecast. first, take a live look at chopper 5 at the scene. alameda county and the red cross have set up a shelter east 12th street. if you're looking to find a loved one, you can go there in person or call 510-382- 30000. ,,,, ♪
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it broke out in the back of house just before ten this morning... smoke could be sn pouring out of the house as away as twin peaks.. crews were able to knock
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down the fire in about an h. investigators are still tryg d the >> smoke could be seen pouring out of the home as far away as twin peaks. crews were able to knock out the fire in an hour. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire. no one was injured. new details on a contract for california's largest public employee union. this comes after long stall negotiations and threat of a strike. the union announced today a tentative agreement has been reached, but it didn't release the exact terms. the union president said that it contains improvements in pay, conditions held in safety for about 95,000 workers. employees still need to sign off on. a graduate student in usc is under arrest, accused of stabbing and killing the professor who was his mentor. so far police are not sure of the motive. the homicide happened yesterday afternoon in the building where professor bosco john ran a lab. the accused killer worked at that lab for several years. and the man who is now dead
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oversaw his work. president-elect donald trump is making no joys about a meeting with taiwan's leader. it breaks a u.s. tradition since the country broke dmacc ties with taiwan back in 1979. china's foreign minister calls the phone conversation a, quote, small trick by taiwan, and says he doesn't think the call will change u.s. policy toward china. trump tweeted that the taiwanese leader had called him to congratulate him. tomorrow fidel castro will be laid to rest. tens of thousands of people lined the streets as his remains arrived in santiago. the 90-year-old castro is being remembered in a service tonight. his ashes will be buried tomorrow in a private ceremony. all right. we're going to pause and take a moment just to catch you up on what's happen being weekend in weather. a striking sunset tonight as high clouds are coloring the western sky; and as the sun sinks and sinks, we enter the west with numbers falling down
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to the mid-and upper 50s around the bay area. in concord, 58 degrees. san francisco now, it's 59. and in santa rosa, 58 degrees. it will be a chilly night tonight in the bay area with fair skies, at least, and high pressure in firm command of the west coast. that high is sending a lot of moisture and rain and snow into the pacific northwest and far northern california, but it's blocking any moisture from us. it will be a little rainy in mendocina in the bay area, well we'll pick up a few clouds. that's at it. future cast shows by midday sunday, we get a few high clouds. but by 7:00 a.m. you can see just a few clouds sneaking into the north bay. sun until tomorrow evening when the north bay begins to cloud up. for most of us, sunday will live up to its name. here's what we're expecting: tomorrow will be nice with a clear and cool night tonight. a dry front comes through on tuesday that will really begin to cool things
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down. temperatures fall down, highs into the upper 50s by tuesday. our raiders are playing tomorrow on channel 5, sunday, 1:05 p.m. partly cloudy and cool at game time, a temperature of about 61 degrees. not bad weather at all. just a few clouds and a little bit of sun. if you feel there's some chill in the air, you can live out your ice-skating dreams at the holiday ice rink in san francisco. in fact, there's ice all over the bay area. not only at the embarcadero, but also union square. the temperatures there, 62. walnut creek on ice as well this weekend. mainly sunny with mild temperatures, temperatures about 64 degrees. so nice mild day as well up in san rafeel with a few clouds, mostly cloudy, and temperatures in the 60s. so ice skating, tis the season. that includes san jose with temperatures in the low 60s. those are forecast highs. heading out to the bay area, beginning to form in the night, early morning hours in the great valley.
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temperatures will be mostly to near 60 agrees for reading, sacramento, fresno. eureka, mendocino get a chance for a few light showers. partly cloudy skies for lake tahoe and yosemite. overnight lows, we'll see them dive down to the mid-40s. 49 for san jose. sun up tomorrow morning at 7:10:00 a.m. forecast highs for tomorrow will be in the low 60s baywide with 62napa, 62 degrees for santa rosa, 64 degrees in san jose. rain in sight, probably not. it certainly will cool down as we get to tuesday and wednesday, with highs only in the low 0s. there's a hint we might pick up some rain beginning next weekend. right now, it's only a hint. the closer we get, the better idea we have. for now, the week ahead looks high, dry, and cool. liz? coming up, a live update on the deadly wear house fire in oakland. at least nine people confirmed dead and two dozen in the city's worst building fire in decades. scene setter
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for those of you just joini us; we're following last night s >> just in the past 10 minutes or so, i've seen a couple of open firefighters come right around here to where the tented off area,
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that's actually the entrance of the building there. and it goes in this way. they walked in with a couple special gas-powered saws. these are saws that you can cut through steel. you can cut through concrete with. they're hand-held, and there's a big ceramic disk on the front. they carried two of those in. just a minute ago, a third one in. they're working to get into the building. that has been the biggest probable now. for those of you just joining us, we're continuing to follow this devastating fire here in oakland. let's get a shot from chopper 5. you can see up overhead, at least nine people confirmed. dozens of others are still missing. firefighters fear the death toll could reach as high as 45. that fire broke out during a party at a converted wear house. we know that building was under investigation for illegal construction. there's the shot from chopper 5. you can see the emergency crews are still here, and will be for the next several days. witnesses are telling us the only exit was a wooden
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staircase that went up in flames, trapping people up on the sexed floor. it's a two-story concrete wear house. it had two exits, we are told. alameda county and the red cross have set up a shelter at 2425 east 12th street. if you are looking to find a loved one, you can go there in person, or you can call the bern. it will be on our screen. 510-382-30000, and that is to try to hook up with somebody you suspect may be missing, somebody you haven't been able to locate, somebody you think was in that wear house. entrance to the wear house, as we say, is blocked. that's what we can see from the air, looking down. the recovery teams are now in the process of bringing in heavy equipment, tractors, bulldozers, craniales to try to punch through as i said earlier. a new point of entry on the west side of the building or some other side.
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they're also thinking about remote technologies to find all the victims. from that shot from the air, it's a little deceiving, because it looks like you can see right to the floor. but what you're seeing is probably 10 to 12 feet high, and it's debris stacked on top of itself. that is not the floor of the building where you saw those yellow tarps. that is an area on top of a great deal of debris that came down. imagine living spaces, floors, staircases, artists' work, carpeting, whatever to get, try to get through all that is just a mess. here's sergeant kelly. >> this is very bad wreckage, very twisted debris in there. it's very, very -- it's actually hard to describe. it's like a maze. there's wires and beams and metal and wood. it's all -- it's all fallen on top of each other. there's places and crevices we
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can't get into. we're talking about bringing in cadaver dogs to help us out, using remote technologies, robots, what not to get in the spots that are really tight. so there's a lot of work going on. we're going to use technology to our advantage here to make sure we get to every spot in that building. >> reporter: now, the building that burned actually served many functions here in the community. kpix 5 jackie ward joins us with some details on what exactly was going on in there. jackie? >> reporter: well, kennel, it was a lot. i mean, we know there was a concert last night. we know that artists use that space to collaborate. they call it an artists collective area. let's show you some video we have of what the building looks like inside before the fire. this was an area that a lot of young people -- we're talking late teens and early 20s could hang out in. sergeant kelly of alameda sheriff's office said he's reminded of the balcony collapse today, because
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there are a lot of similarities between the two incidents. in both, young people just wanted to hang out and celebrate life. we spoke to a man who lives nearby. he said he was proud of the fact this building was in their community. >> you know, they have venues for all this and stuff that's in the community. and it gets somebody that's homeless, somewhere to lay their head. and they feed people that's in the community. >> so this was only permitted to be a wear house. that means that all of the other functions it serves, like serving the homeless meals and allowing them the building was not permitted for that. so kennel, this was called the ghost ship building. a lot of people on twitter are using ghost ship fire or oakland fire as the hash tag to follow along. back to you. >> reporter: all right, jackie. thank you for that. liz and brian, i want to send it back to you. just in the past few second, we heard the motorized sauce start up, also jack
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hamers. they're trying to get through that concrete presumably to get through a wall to try to -- more of those victims. back to you. >> all right, ken. thank you. our live team coverage will continue at 6:00 right here on kpix 5 news. we'll also have the very latest information on our web site, >> the cbs weekend news is next. danielle notingham will have live coverage from the scene in oakland. again, we'll be back with the latest as well at 6:00 tonight.
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captioning sponsored b >> ninan: a deadly fire erupts at a crowded party. it happened at a renovated warehouse in oakland, california. now comes the grim task of identifying victims and searching for answers. we're at the scene. also tonight, we're in china as the fallout begins from president-elect trump's phone call with the leader of taiwan. a bus carrying high school cheerleaders gets into a deadly crash with a truck. and. >> ho, ho, ho. >> ninan: the nation's largest mall hires its very first black santa. >> one child said, "santa, you're brown." and i said, "yes, i am." it's no big deal. i'm still santa. this is the "cbs weekend news."


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