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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  December 4, 2016 7:30am-8:31am PST

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through an oakland warehouse during a party.. dozens trapped inside ftp_etpkg 5p_oakland fire take sot "it all happened quickly, like the fire went up really quickly." at least ten people are dead.. and the fates of more than two dozen people are still unknown.. 11p_vigil and families_pkg 12-3 i just want to find my brother (wipes eye) i don't know where he is. eng_oakland fire 6pm presser 12_3 7:29 we know there are bodies that are in there that we can't get to. that have been seen but not recovered. after a full day of investigations.. authorities are still searching for answers this morning.. it's 7-30 a-m on this sunday, december 4th. a devistating mornig for so many, hello, i'm december 4th. a devistating mornig for so many, hello, i'm julie watts. and i'm phil matier. it could become the deadliest single fire in oakland history... it happened during a warehouse dance party in the fruitvale neighborhood - near 31st avenue and international
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-just after 11:30 friday night. . our maria medina joins us live from the scene to lead our coverage. here's what we know now: the warehouse was used as an art collective. but it was not licenced as a living or entertainment space. the fire broke out before midnight friday... as an electronic music concert was underway. the flames quickly shot up the only staircase... trapping people on the second floor. we know nine people are dead - and dozens more, still missing. maria, thank you. that wearhouse has been on the > firefighters are calling this recovery process tough. they call what's inside the warehouse a maze. at one point, saying the warehouse was too difficult to go inside because of the debris. there are now two dozen confirmed missing including dan vega's little brother. we spoke to dan yesterday. he said he was at work when he happened to see a facebook post about a fire here in oakland.
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he had a feeling his brother was at that warehouse event, went to the sheriff's office like so many people. he says alex vega and his girlfriend, mckayla gregory are missing. his phone keeps going to the voicemail. they came down to the sheriff's office but they grew frustrated when no one gave them any information. here's what he said yesterday >> i think i'm more unifier rated that i'm not -- infuriated that i'm not able to help. give me some gloves. i've got work shoes, let me help. i want to find my brother. if my brother's in there, i want to find reporter: now, vega, only 22 years old. he had been dating mckayla for the last several years and they would go to raves together. i want to paint the picture of what this warehouse was like before the fire struck.
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now, it was known as the oakland ghost ship. eighteen artists lived and worked there. it was an eccentric place but it looks like a place where a lot of people had fun. dozens of people had shown up to a live concert. we're hearing a lot of people were young that there were in their 20s and 30s. we're learning that three of the missing are cal berkeley students so, again, they were out there having fun when tragedy suddenly struck. here's what we know about the warehouse; it was used as an art collective but it was not licensed as an art or living space. the fire broke out friday as an electronic music concert was under way. the flames quickly shot up the only staircase that was inside that warehouse. that staircase made out of wooden pallets and that trapped people on to the second floor.
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we now know again ten people are dead, dozens more still missing and we're also learning that no sprinklers were inside. we are awaiting a press conference at about 8:00 to get more updated information. for now, we're live in oakland. >> thank you. and we're going be carrying that press conference live. by the way, the warehouse has been on the city's radar for a number of months about those code violationsment we're going to talk with the counsel member who's district the warehouse is in to talk about what the city did and didn't do before this. first, people are desperate to find loved ones. the sheriff's department is working hard to notify families. >> i want to go over there. i want to, if my brother's in there, i want to find him. >> i have four friends that are still unaccounted for. >> they're working to get us information as soon as possible. its a little disorganized
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right now. >> law enforcement officials are warning however that the number of dead will likely increase as this investigation continues. the red cross has set up a shelter. people looking for a loved one can go there in person. as families wait for news of loved ones the chapel of the chimes is keeping its doors open. the meditation chapel will be open until 8:00 tonight furnish who wants to pray or -- for anyone who wants to pray or mourn. the lieutenant governor tweeted thinking of the oakland community during this tragic time. thankful for our first responders risking their lives to save others. >> and congresswoman barbara lee tweeted thinking of those we lost in
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this unimaginable tragedy. >> the 49ers also sent out a tweet. at today's raiders game, the team plans to hold a moment of silence for the victims. that came will be broadcast on kpix. it was a somber start to the warriors game. the crowd there also observed a moment of silence before the game. the warriors are raising money to support the families of fire victims donating proceeds from a raffle held last night and again at tomorrow night's game. at 8:00 a.m., the president of the team will be live in studio to talk about that donation. >> and the a's and raiders have teamed up to announce they will match up
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to [inaudible] in donations. you can find a link to those donation opportunities at our coverage of the fire will continue after the break with the investigation under way into the building. >> it's been a year since the deadly shooting of mario woods by police. a lot has changed in the department since then. we're going to sit down one-on-one with the acting police chief to find out why some reforms are going ahead while others are stalled. ,,
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on video and it has led to a number of changes and call for change. soon after, the city of san francisco pushed for reform but some of the efforts have stalled. for instance, the new use of force policy is tied up in negotiations with the police union. joining us is acting chief tony chaplin. first of all, in the year since mario woods, what changes have been made that would have prevented it from happening again? >> first, we've changed our range qualifications where we do reassessments. the target's turned individually so that you're not firing in unison. i think that's probably the major changesment it allows the officer to make a judgment based individually on what they see. >> that video, what captured a lot of people's attention it was aspect of it appearing to be a firing squad. you're saying they're now being trained not
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to do that? >> i'm saying our training is being modified. since that case is still being litigated, i can't discuss it in detail but when i know we have an incident, we reverse engineer it to see if there's a better way to handle it. >> in the wake of columbine, there is [inaudible] now, i understand that we're doing something called time and distance where you go in and you stand back initially, can you explain? >> a good example, a few days ago, there was a, there was a patron in a movie and he had a replica gun or a toy gun, but the people in the crowd believed he was armed with a real gun and it was eerily similar to another controversial shooting in san francisco. obviously people fled screaming gun. police arrived on scene but instead of rushing in, they waited, they summoned the suspect out. the replica weapon was recovered and everyone
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went home. >> instead of having a front page story, we had a small brief inside the paper about annoys accident exactly. >> you're not -- an incident. >> exactly 14. >> you're not going be lucky all the time and that is why the change in the use of force policy. two sticking points have captured the news . one is the policy of whether to shoot or not at a moving car. a number on the commission say we should not move at cars virtually under any circumstance, what's the feeling? >> well, and let me clear up a mystery about this. all sides agree that the policies as they have been in the past are not effective. everyone agrees that we should not be shooting at cars. where the sticking point is is in those rare instances like in ohio state where the officers have to shoot at the cars, that's an exceptional circumstance and this goes down to two language.
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we have a preamble saying that no policy can dictate every situation the belief of the police commission is that covers any exceptional circumstances. the poa wants specific language protecting the officers in the unlikely event that they have to do this, that they have to shoot a suspect actively mowing people down. >> and the other one is tasers. this has repeatedly come up and been sidetracked and it appears that it's going to the side. >> you decided to hit me with the two easiest things you could find, huh. >> well, no. >> and both of these are things that under the department of justice collaborative reform initiative, they address. the shooting in moving vehicle, they said we should ban it immediately. the tasers, they strongly recommend we consider deploying tasers. >> let's look at the video they're putting out. it is emotional, it is meant to
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get people involved. some people would say it is inflammatory. what we have is appears to be a reenactment of an event that never happened so this is a very emotional thing. are you comfortable with the policy as it's being proposed? >> i think there's a little tweaking to give both sides a little of what they want. no one is going to be 100% happy. i'm going have to act in the interim and put something in place to make sure that the police officers and the public are both protected. >> final question, the morale in the department, how is it? >> fantastic? >> really, in light of all this? >> let me give you two examples. yesterday, we go the make a wish foundation plunge in the bay and cable car pull. very successful. at the very beginning, a gentleman came out with a large knife
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threatening the car ever crowd. officer ray pat moore took him into custody without a shot being fired. we had a great day yesterday. morale was high and you had a great example of a deescalation of a suspect with a knife. >> thank you for sharing. >> definitely. >> now we're going to turn to the rest of the day and the forecast out there. julie, you've been taking a look at that. what can we expect? >> we are off to a chilly start this morning. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s area wide. 38 in concord, wouldn't be prized to see wind out there. grab a jacket if you're headed out in morning. we do have a little patchy fog out there especially along the san mateo county coast and in the valleys, a little fog as well. be mindful of that on the roadways. and then plenty of sunshine. a mild day, high pressure still in place.
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we do have an approaching cold front. beginning tomorrow, temperatures begin to drop even more so by tuesday. temperatures are going to get chilly so one more day with mild temperatures before the temperatures begin to drop. what to expect, a chilly start with patchy fog this morningment sunny and mild for sunday. much cooler by monday and we have a little rain in the forecast by wednesday into thursday. in the meantime, your high temperatures today topping out in the upper 50s to low 60s. now, your travel forecast around northern california, in the central valley, 58 in fresno, 55 redding and 54 in the high country. later today, we've got raiders game, partly cloudy and cool, temperatures 61 degrees for that game. we will
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be carrying the game live here on kpix and a refindser there will be a moment of silence at the -- reminder there will be a moment of silence at the beginning of the game for the victims in the fire in oakland. temperatures begin to drop over the next few days. looks like tuesday may be the chilliest day and then we've got rain in the forecast, about a 50 to 60% chance on thursday. we'll keep a lingering chance of showers closer to 20% friday and saturday for now. >> transitioning on to the white house. the key announcements expected this week from president-elect donald trump. >> plus, our political insiders weigh in on his thank you tour. ,,,,
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president-elect donald trump continues his effort to fill key cabinet posts. tomorrow he will announce that he wants retired marine corps >>turning back to presidential politics. president-elect donald trump continues his effort to fill key cabinet posts. tomorrow, he's expected to announce he wants retired marine corp. general james mattis to be secretary of defense but his choice for secretary of state is up in the air. the ap is saying that he's leaning against either rudy giuliani or mitt romney. this week, trump will also continue his thank you tour with stops in north carolina and iowa. now, critics have been quick to slam trump for his tour. take a look at the headline from the salt lake tribune, trump victory rally more like a we
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told you so tour. we sat down with melissa cane and willy brown, no shy man to taking a victory lap for their take on trump getting slammed for doing his victory dance. >> as you have often said, if you've got two speeches prepared, one for losing and one for winning, he didn't give his winning speech because he thought he was going to lose and literally, this is a delayed reaction and that's what that was. that was a victory speech. >> and it was clear he was actually having fun. not all politicians like to campaign, they don't all like to give speeches. they don't all enjoy it. he clearly was up there having a good time. i think we can look forward to more speeches like this in the future. >> and it was probably the first time since the last time he was before his crowd that he was with his crowd and believe me, when you're with your crowd, you can hear me do any day of the week ebonnics but
7:52 am
not with the -- ebonics but not with the two of you. >> and if we look at his crowd the crowd outside of trump tower, its two different groups. what do you think of his transition? >> he's doing what he needs to do. he knows he's not like the people in washington although i love the line when he said i'm going to drain the swamp. that's not true. it appears as if somebody else said he's seeding the swamp with alligators and he's having a good time doing that. his transition is much faster than predecessors. he's making choices without checking with the senate to see the if he has the vote to get them approved. ordinarily, you would suggest a name, shop it around for two or three weeks. >> melissa, is he still sort of a hit with the damned if you do, damned if you don't phenomenon? >> so far, it seems like
7:53 am
everyone on either side is willing to give him a pass even when he's appointing wall street insiders to certain jobs. his supporters showed up, cheered their heads off and were excited. i will point out, because of a recents change in senate rules, you only need a majority to confirm anyone who's not escorts justice. >> so he doesn't -- supreme court justy. >> so he doesn't need to shop the world around. >> he only needs 51 votes. >> not only that, his voters are basically the antiestablishment. so far, he has not recommended anybody that's heavily identified with the establishment. everybody he has recommended has been an outsider so to speak. >> turning to cuba, right now, a somber morning as funeral services for cuban president fidel castro get under way.
7:54 am
the 90 year old's ashers will be buried in a private ceremony. a mix of world leader, hollywood actors and athletes are expected to be in attendance. no representative from the united states government is expected. turning back to the deadly fire in oakland. this is what first responders saw when they initially arrived at the scene just before midnight on friday night. on the left and on your right, a scene today. the fire caused the buildings roof to collapse bringing most of the second floor down with it. one witness says the inside of the building was a tinderbox and a place cluttered with furniture, musical instruments and the like. the building has been on the city's radar for quite some time. just weeks ago, an inspector came knocking but couldn't get in. >> before fire ripped through 4,000 feet of warehouse late friday night, the oakland ghost ship, home to the
7:55 am
collective was a bohemian wonder landfilled with tapestries, pianos and windows with a view toward more art. >> like a living piece of art. always in flux as far as the space goes, there's always something being built and changed and rearranged. reporter: this proved to be a nightmare for firefighters. >> i don't know how it was configured but the grounds floor when we did our interior attack, we went in about 20 yards with hand lines. we knew people were in there and we were threing to get them out and it was -- trying to get them out and it was [inaudible] >> the fire happened on the second floor of the warehouse. while the building was used for a hodgepodge of activities, it was only permitted as one, a warehouse. >> we know the last designated use of the property was a warehouse. we had received
7:56 am
complaints about lights and unpermitted construction at the property. reporter: an investigation was opened own november 19th but an inspection of the inside never happened. >> we had an inspector attempt to enter the building and at that time was not able to secure access to the building so that investigation had not con included. reporter: what -- concluded. reporter: what that inspector might have noticed was this. >> i saw no evidence of sprinklers. reporter: the man who claims to be the head of the art collective wrote this on facebook, confirmed, everything i worked so hard for is gone, blessed that my children and mikah were at a hotel safe and sound. its as if i have awoken from a dream filled with opulence and hope to be standing now in poverty of self-worth. ials are getting set to hold their first media br day. we will . >> our live coverage continues after the break. any minute now, officials are setting up to hold their first media
7:57 am
briefing of the day and we will bring you those updates live on the air so stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. 6p_fatal fire hre_pkg 1_kpix57fk take sot witness "i was aboout to start painting and we tried to figure out where the smoke was coming from..yelling and trying to get everyone out." a massive fire tears through an oakland dance party....sending dozens inside running for their . we tried to like figure out where the smoke was coming from and then we saw where the fire was, it was on the back left corner of the space and started yelling and
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trying to get everyone out. >> a massive fire tears through an oakland dance party sending dozens inside running for their lives. it could become the deadliest single fire in the city's history. first responders prepare for the worst but app but right now, -- but right now, ten people are confirmed dead. welcome back. >> oakland and alameda county officials are preparing for their first briefing of the day. here's what we know so far, seven bodies were recovered as of last night. about a dozen people who were believed to be missing were found alivement we did get some update this is morning though not through a media briefing but we do know now ten people are confirmed dead. that number is expected to grow dramatically. there are anticipated, they are anticipating finding more people inside this
8:01 am
building and we will get back to that press conference in just a moment. >> as we continue to wait for the presser to start, here's what we know as of now. recapping, this fire broke out friday night during an electronic music concert in this warehouse. ten people are confirmed dead. many are still missing. officials have said they are counting for many others. >> we do know the building was under investigation in response to complaints about illegal building and debris. witnesses say the only exit from the party upstairs was a wooden staircase made of pallets that collapsed trapping people on the second floor. the building was known as the oakland ghost ship. it had been on the city's radar and under investigation for code violation. >> there was an inspection of the property and we were able to confirm blight at the property. >> inspectors say they attempted to enter the building last month in
8:02 am
response to complaints about illegal building and blight. inspectors noted they could not get inside but noted the trash outside. the building was permitted as a single story and not having a second floor where we now know the concert took place. the building owner would have needed additional per mits for the building. >> some people were -- permits for the building. >> some people were able to escape and threed to help others. one artist said he smelled smoke and ran outside but then he realized he forgot his camera and computer and ran back in. >> i was helping him out. he was a larger gentleman and there was a lot of stuff in the way and the flames were too much. i haven't seen him and there's been flames shooting out of the building for the past 30
8:03 am
minutes so, i hope he, i hope he's okay. reporter: this man suffered burns on his arms. he said the vest he is wearing protected his back from the flames. >> such difficult stories to hear. one of the performers was a dj who goes by the name golden donna. at least wisconsin but is from -- he's from wisconsin but is part of the scene in los angeles. his label threw the party. he did make it out alive and friends in his home state say they are relieved to hear that he is safe. >> it's very sad. very devastating. i lost a lot of good friends. you have 800 people inside there and people are playing music or djing, what are you going to do, you've got to get people organized and in the same time, get the problem solved quick. >> on his artist page, he posted that like many people he is heartbroken
8:04 am
and has several friends among the missing. for those still looking for loved ones, the red cross in alameda county set up a shelter. you can also call them. and as families wait for news of their loved ones, the chapel of the chimes is keeping their doors open to the meditation center until 8:00 tonight. >> still to come, we are waiting for that live briefing to start any moment. as soon as it starts, we will bring it to you live. >> plus, fears of being deported. we go one-on-one with an immigration attorney with president-elect donald trump's immigration plans. . >> and finding a solution for pain. why warriors head coach says he's used marijuana for his back. plus the president of the team will join us live in studio. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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president-elect donald trump continues his . welcome back. we're taking a press conference live in oakland the scene of the fire. >> i'll turn it over to the fire chief battalion to discuss with you some of the logistics that have occurred during last night. >> good morning everyone. i'm melinda drayton, battalion chief for oakland fire. i took over from our deputy chief last night at approximately 9:00 to start our night operational period which lasted 12 hours ending at 9:00 this morning. our goal was to work
8:08 am
collaboratively with public works to breach the b side, would be the left side of the warehouse building, the fire building in order to gain access for our firefighters and alameda county sheriff to be able to remove debris systematically from the building, the vacant lot next to the building literally bucket by bucket in a methodical, thoughtful, mindful, and compassionate way. we had firefighters with basically cover alls and buckets and shovels taking bits of debris out into the vacant lot to then be loaded into dump trucks and removed to an off site location. in order to do this, we had to gain access by breaching the wall with heavy rescue equipment, specialized tools that turned
8:09 am
out to be a very successful operation. we have gone from one end to the other end of the building encompassing approximately 20% of the building searching for victims and doing debris removal. at this point, we have approximately 80% left to search. so within 12 hours of our operational briefing, we made it through one fifth of the building. this will be a long and arduous process, but we want to make sure we're respecting the victims, their families and our firefighter's safety to work slowly and carefully through the building. public works brought in an unbelievable amount of equipment that worked in concert with the firefighters and is very team work approached to make sure that everything was removed, that we took care of everything that may cause
8:10 am
any hazard to our firefighters, and i can tell you when i was in there throughout the evening, the somber approach that our firefighters and alameda county sheriff's department members took to this search. it was quiet. it was heart breaking. to get through what we were able to accomplish in 12 hours was a phenomenal fete. we have a lot more to go. we will be here a few more days getting through the building and we'll be taking the same approach. . >> thank you. >> good morning, sergeant ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff's
8:11 am
office. i'll be talking about our coroner's bureau operations, our work at the family assistance center and where we are and what we've gone through last night. i think as the chief described, you can feel that emotion in her voice. we all feel that. when i came back this morning and i saw our people, our firefighters, our first responders, our deputy sheriff's in there, they're tired, they're exhausted. this is very emotional. i want to update people on where we are as far as how many victims we have, how many more we possibly anticipate, and where we're headed right now. we have located thus far with about 20% of the building searched, we've located 24 deceased victims of this fire. we've only been able to do three official notifications to families so this is going very slow for us because we have to go back to our
8:12 am
coroner's bureau and try to identify these people. this is very hard work and it's very slow, and it's definitely, it has taken a toll on the first responders here and we're working in a 12 on, 12 off capacity. we have people around the clock and we will be here for days and days to come. i have a few requests that i ask of the public and the press. if people would no longer call the number that we had originally put out. we have been completely overwhelmed by phone calls so we're asking at this point that you not call that number unless you have a legitimate concern that you know someone missing. we have contacted every family member. we have sat down with them. we have cried with them.
8:13 am
we have spent hours and hours with them. we couldn't do this without the assistance of the red cross, the city workers, the chaplins, the amount of people that have come forth to help. i mean, the offers of assistance have just been amazing. we couldn't do it without all of those people. as we move forward later on today, we will begin to release names of the victims, and that's going be very hard. we want to do that in a respectful manner. we want to make sure that the families are prepared for the names of their loved ones to be public so in the coming hours, we will be releasing victim's names. i'm going to refer back to officer watson. >> thank you. last night, oakland police officers did what we call an area wide search. what they did was, they went through and they looked at all of the parked
8:14 am
vehicles, gathered license plate numbers for any of the victims that may have driven to this location and we're trying to match vehicles with registered owners, with cars that have been driven. we're working with scene from many different angles, many different resources, many different agencies involved. i will certainly open it up for question. we're going to be brief on the questions and let me explain the reason why; we would like our city officials such as the mayor to be able to have her opportunity with the media as well as provide additional information as the sergeant and the battalion chief indicating, we are still finding more victims and as the information is made known to us, we
8:15 am
would like to share it to you. we will have media availability at 11:00. we will certainly send out an advisory. i'll ask again, if you have not provided us with your contact information, we have a lot of media that is from out of town, please, i'll be available, my partner, officer marco marquez will be available. we'll collect that information. yes, sir. reporter: [ question inaudible ] give us any idea, were they all found together? there were reports that bodies had been huddled up [inaudible] >we anticipate that the number of victims will rise and it will increase. in regards to how we're finding the victims, i think the battalion chief would be best served to answer that question as she's been in the scene a lot more than i have. >> in terms of last night's
8:16 am
operational period, we found one victim within feet of the breached wall. by the time we had made our 15-foot swath across the building across the center line, we found three victims to the very far end which would be the east side of the building. when we circled back to the center of the building, we had some large timber rafters that were coming down to the center from the mesanine and the roof. extremely dangerous working condition for our firefighters so we removed those rafters. within the center of the building, we almost immediately found four victims and within
8:17 am
10 feet of those victims, we found six more so we can see to the middle of the billing, ten victims. >> [ question inaudible ] >> we believe there were two staircases in the building and it was not in an effected area of a staircase. >> [ question inaudible ] . >> this is the most deadly fire in oakland fire's history that i'm aware of. i've been in for 19 years. i would consider myself kind of a veteran. we have members from our latest recruit class that have two months on the job, and we've had members over the course of the night that have 30 years on the job and every one of them has been emotionally impacted by this. it is tragic to watch so many people perish from a fire fatality in
8:18 am
front of your eyes and have to be stoic in your job, be professional in your actions and make sure that we're honoring the victims and their families to bring them safely out of the building. >> do you know what the cause of the fire was yet? >> no. it's still under investigation. we don't believe that we have even gotten close to the point of origin of the fire. >> [ question inaudible ] . >> in regards to the amount of people that are still missing, yes, it's a significant number. we've given you a number of 24. that number will go up. but we've only searched
8:19 am
about 20% of the building. in regards to the second part of your question, i'll let officer watson answer that. >> we understand that there are lots of questions surrounding the building, permitting, we will certainly have those conversations later. right now, we are very much focused on the 24 victims and the 24 families that have grieving right know, the 24 families that have lost their loved ones so we're going to at this time just leave you once again with 11:00 we'll have another media availability. but this will conclude our, our press update. . >> we'll get back to you. . >> you've just been watching a live presser on the latest news from the deadly fire in oakland. >> so recapping; the fire broke out friday night during a concert at this warehouse. we're learning 24 people are
8:20 am
now confirmed dead but that number is expected to rise. interestingly, yesterday was the number of missing people that they were giving out. now they're saying 24 official victims. again, they do anticipate that number to rise. officials say they plan to release the names of those victims quote in the coming hours. >> they also stress that they have done about one fifth of the building so far that they've been able to get in and get access to and they do expect the number of fatalities to rise. >> we do know the building was under investigation. witnesses say the only exit from the party upstairs friday was a wooden staircase made of pallets that collapsed trapping people on the second floor. >> it's part of the reason that this investigation is so difficult. they say over the past 12 hours they've only made it through 20% of the building. they still have 80% of this building to get through.
8:21 am
the roof collapsed on to the second floor, parts of the second floor on to the first so it's a dangerous situation. >> it is and one of the things they had to do last night and yesterday was just reenforce the building to the point where firefighters and the sheriff's department could get in there safely so we didn't have another disaster on top of this tragediment they're taking pieces out piece by piece because they're not sure what they're finding. we're going to take a break right now. when we come back, we have news updates on this plus immigrations [inaudible] from the warriors to talk about. ,,,,,,,,
8:22 am
in a "c-s-n bay area podcast" kerr said: he u pain he's . warriors coach steve kerr says he's used medical marijuana. in a pod cost, he said
8:23 am
he -- podcast, he said he used the medical marijuana for his back pain but it didn't help. he says he's been searching for answers to his back pain after two back surgeries. joining us to talk act it is the president of the team. you guys are never at a shortage of making news. this is a rather unusual one. what's your feeling on the coach admitting to or saying that he's used marijuana. >> i think his intent is exactly what's happening, create a conversation around what the appropriate use of marijuana is in treating pain and professional athletes deal with a tremendous amount of pain. i think he referenced the nfl. trying to find the right spot where this is something that can really be safer and deal better with pain than some of the prescription medicines that players are taking now is the conversation he wanted to start. i think it's going to continue. >> and he did mention that that it didn't work, but it was better than
8:24 am
the other painkillers. what would be the policy if a player tested for this? >> you know, we have a very collectively bargained drug policy with our players. there would be, at first offense is not punishable, first offense is a first offense. if there was a series of offenses, a player would be suspended. steve's in if same category. coaches are subject to the same rules as players are in terms of testing so he was tested this year, and i don't, we don't ever know the results so we'll see how this effects our policy and the nfl's policy going forward. >> it's interesting because, like i said, this is medical and then we're also legalizing recreational marijuana and drugs and sports and the image of mayers and -- players and sports has been a key point. >> obviously and that is what the leagues are looking to protect is protect the integrity and just what you said abilities how people
8:25 am
feel -- about how people feel about the athletes that are playing but overtime, things change and how people feel about the medical use of marijuana might be different than how they feel about the recreational use. >> now, we're going move on to another area and that is your new arena that's, you've cleared the last legal, probably the last legal obstacle so where do we go? >> now, we actually get to build this. what you're going be hearing from sis a date to circle for the ground breaking. we're going to begin construction first quarter of 2017 and open in the summer of 2019. >> okay. now, got two [ question inaudible ]s. back to med -- questions. back to medical marijuana, do the warriors take action, do you look the other way? >> no, listen, steve has had to deal with a lot of pain over the last year. obviously it's kept him off the sidelines since last season. we're all in this together.
8:26 am
we work with the nba when this happens. >> do you see a change in the nba policy especially now that it's legal. >> i think it will be up for discussion. >> sometimes it's odd for sports teams to be leading the way. >> it happens so often when there are issues like this. >> speaking of other issues, i understand you had a moment of silence last night for the fire victims, you're also setting up a fund. >> we committed $50,000 last night without knowing exactly how that will be directed. we're working with the mayor's office in oakland until late last night, encouraging everybody to follow their lead and do something to help the victims and families of this horrible tragedy. >> thank you. that's one of the things that makes the warriors an integral part of our community. now we go to julie. >> we're recapping what we know. the fire broke out last night during
8:27 am
electronic music concert at this warehouse. we've now learned 24 people are confirmed dead though that number is expected to rise. officials said they plan to release the names of the victims in the coming hours. about a dozen people believed to be missing yesterday have been found safe. we know the building was under investigation in response to complaints about illegal building and blight and debris. witnesses say the exit from the party, there was only one, a wooden staircase made of pallets that collapsed trapping people on the second floor. we will have the very latest [technical difficulties] on our website, we do anticipate we will be learning more as investigators say they've only made it through about 20% of the building so far. as we leave you today, our thoughts are with the families of those victims and the rescue crews who are working around the clock. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation," the trump transition train rolls on. president-elect donald trump puts the brakes on hiring to kick off thank you tour in his favorite battleground state. >> i love this stuff. can i go on with this just a little bit longer? i love it. >> dickerson: but is his time better spent getting prepared for his new job? we'll ask the new white house chief of staff reince priebus and trump adviser and former speaker newt gingrich. we'll get a preview of scott pelley's interview with speaker paul ryan for tonight's "60 minutes," and we'll talk to another former speaker, democratic leader nancy pelosi. she'll be along to tell us how democrats are preparing for the new administration. plus former defense secretary and c.i.a. director leon panetta will also weigh in on what it takes to succeed in the oval office.


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