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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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sent a criminal investigation team in order to provide evidence. dave victims range from teenagers to people in their 30s. >> investigators expect tromain on the scene of 31st and national for several days. we have a team of reporters of their tonight starting with jessica florez. >> reporter: the devastation here is unbearable. 33 confirmed dead and right now, fire officials say they have two priorities: reaching all of the victims, and preserving the evidence. bucket by bucket, fire crews dug through a maze of debris, recalling dozens of bodies. >> we do have children around 17 years old, possibly younger. >> we have delivered to the unacceptable and horrific news of losing a loved one to seven our families. >> reporter: among those notified, a first responder. >> this has very -- hit very close to home for our agency.
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one of our deputies that we work with, he lost his son in this fire. >> reporter: at least 33 bodies left behind. crews and covering bodies in every section of the warehouse. when they reached the middle, they found a group of 10 bodies within feet of each other. the weight of the devastation, overwhelming. >> it was quiet. it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: the focus now, recovering bodies but investigators say attention will shift to how and why the building wasn't permitted for events like the dance party on friday night when the fire ripped through the warehouse and it wasn't permitted for living but many called at home. >> everybody is being forced to live in situations that are unsafe to have a roof over their head at this point. >> reporter: melissa says her friends are among the victims. >> i am just feeling that loss
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for the community, for the artists. just for oakland in general. >> reporter: fire officials are saying to be prepared for more loss. somebodies are unidentifiable. >> we would like the loved ones of the missing to preserve sources of dna. that could be hairbrushes, comes, toothbrushes. >> reporter: fire investigators along with the atf are coming through the devastation, working to determine a cause. this is a 24/7 operation out here. crews say it could take days to reach all the bodies. it could take weeks to get to the bottom of what happened. in oakland, jessica florez kpix 5. >> we are able to put a name on the face of this tragedy as the names emerge. brian have posted this photo on facebook thing "a foot of my son travis and me. he died last night in the warehouse fire in oakland." family members confirmed to sf gate that cash askew was also
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killed. >> we continue coverage with stories of loss and survival. >> reporter: take a look behind me. this is the makeshift memorial that continues to build on this blog. folks continue to come through and pay their respects. as we broadcast on live tv, we do want to tell you that folks are putting garin flowers. people are talking to us. karen crum's are says she knows a victim -- karen krebzer says she knows one of the victims, travis half. >> i woke up to smoke. and an entire wall on fire. >> reporter: carmen lived at the warehouse. she escaped only with the clothes on her back. >> i was dreaming when i put on my coat in all of that smoke.
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i feel like i woke up on the sidewalk. seeing like everything, like this orange wall of fire, it felt like seeing a monster. >> 15 feet of flames in my loft. just being hit in the face with black smoke that i was immediately like blinded by. >> reporter: nikki also lived inside and also escaped the flames. she says she and other residents immediately began giving instructions to help people who were trapped. >> get down, get down. had below the smoke. and then trying to get people out and then getting out and realizing there one of firetrucks. there is nobody here. >> reporter: nikki says she sprinted to the firehouse a block away. carmen says overwhelmed residents did their best to tame the flames. >> there were people trying to put it out with fire extinguishers. we had smoke alerts.
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we tried and at one time we were just trying to get people out. >> reporter: a lot is being said about how difficult it was to get off the second floor. do you think that is the case? >> it was pitch black. it kind of doesn't matter. if you can't see where the exit is, how the staircase was built is kind of irrelevant at that point. >> i think it's awful. i think it's awful any time there is a tragedy like this. we should honor those lives that are lost. i don't think it's about placing blame on anybody who was there. >> reporter: we are back live here in oakland. folks are honoring the lies that are lost and people are still asking a lot of questions.
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you heard some of the answers from those survivors but a lot of people want to know a lot more about the living space. what could have been done to prevent this disaster. at 6:30 pm, we talked to a woman who was intimately familiar with the space. we will tell you about the warnings that she provided to the people who were allowed to live there.>> three uc berkeley students are among the missing tonight. the daily cal reports griffin madden, and vanessa plotkin haven't been heard from. the paper also reports a graduate student named david klein is unaccounted for. chancellor nicholas dirks issued a statement today saying we are diligently working with fire and police officials to get updated information but for now our hearts, condolences, it appears go out to the families of the deceased in postwar dealing with unbearable uncertainty waiting to hear from all who are accounted for -- unaccounted for. tonight, a lot of focus is shifting to this man, derick ion.
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he is the leader of the art collective that operated out of the so-called ghost ship warehouse. julie watts gives us a better picture of who he is. >> reporter: understandably, the emphasis is on the victims right now. authorities are focused on recovery to bring closure to loved ones but soon, the investigation will ask who is responsible for this horrific tragedy? certainly, investigators will want to speak with the master tenant. he goes by the name derick ion. reportedly the head of the ghost ship warehouse collective. and the scene of what is now the deadliest fire in history. in some youtube video, his behavior seems erratic. in others, he talks about festival culture and offers a rambling description of a desire for a simplistic life. >> houses, billing from the ground, involving.
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that is a life. >> reporter: this video from 2012 depicts an elaborate concert called living dead, complete with flames. derick ion sparked backlash on facebook when this post appeared early saturday morning. "confirmed. everything i worked so hard for is gone. blessed that my children and my go were at a hotel safe and sound. it's as if i was woken to be standing in poverty." the most quickly drew thousands of comments chastising him for insensitivity and blaming him for the tragedy. derick ion and his partner were reportedly warned the building was unsafe, especially for his three children. the two rented a several spaces -- rented several spaces, which were not permitted for work or living. these photos show the ground floor filled with beds, tapestries, artwork, wood structures.
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rescue workers referred to the building as a tinderbox. there were no sprinklers in the building and they describe the first four as a labyrinth of that was difficult to escape. the party was held on an unpermitted second-floor. the only exit, a rickety staircase that was made from pallets and collapsed, preventing escape. the oakland planning and building department says derick ion did not request the necessary permit for the party. we were unable to reach him for comment. >> derick ion has been in trouble with the law before. according to tmz, he is currently on probation for stolen property and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in january. the ghost ship was just one of many problem buildings in oakland. the city leader who says it may only be a matter of time before tragedy strikes again. how do you cope with a disaster like this? it's not easy, but therapy dogs are trying to help. and the bay area's biggest sports bars are teaming up to
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help the victims. the staggering amount of money they have raised in just one day. changes from the weather department as we look live over the city. we will have the forecast as well after the break. it's the side of the golden gate you haven't seen. >> there is a lot of corrosion. >> we found the main cable hasn't been repainted since the bridge opened in 1937 and engineers issued a warning decades ago. >> you ask me if i'm concerned, yes, i am concerned. >> after our story, wheatland critical work could now begin in 2018. expect our original -- our original reporting from kpix 5. expect more. ,,,,,,,,,,
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for some time. a few weeks ago, an inspector came to make sure it was up to code -- but couldn't get in. kpix 5's devin fehely has that part of the story. [nats] neighbors says this warehouse has long been unsightly eyesore... a source of frustration and now sadness. we now know the oakland warehouse had been on the city's radar for a while. a few weeks ago, an inspector mage -- came to make sure it was up to code but couldn't get in. >> reporter: neighbors say this warehouse has long been an unsightly eyesore. a source of frustration, and now deepening sadness. >> the neighbors were calling constantly about the trash. if they would stay on top of this stuff, this could have been prevented i think. >> reporter: neighbors had complained angrily and often about the conditions of the warehouse in the months and years before the fire became an
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inferno, trapping dozens inside the burning building. >> it's too late now. it's a tragedy. i should have complained more. >> reporter: this neighbor who asked not to be identified says the trash strewn outside the building offered a small hint of what was likely going on inside. >> every day you would see junk. you would see used pianos and pieces of equipment and furniture. >> reporter: in fact, complaints about trash brought city inspectors to the site as recently as november 17 but the investigation into the makeshift artist studios and living spaces in the building hit a roadblock when inspectors couldn't get inside. neighbors say that was a missed opportunity. >> we have had multiple complaints. i don't understand why they didn't have the doors shut. >> reporter: neighbors say they are mourning the deaths of the people inside but wonder why it took tragedy to shine a spotlight on living conditions. >> they should have had that place boarded up in my opinion. >> reporter: devin fehely, kpix 5.
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>> the death toll in that warehouse fire stands at 43 -- 33 and is expected to rise. for family of the missing, it is an agonizing waiting game. >> reporter: at this sheriff substation in oakland, yesterday's mission was family support. today, it was about organization. >> we were talking to our own red cross people about what was going on and how we need to staff. >> reporter: a slow but steady stream of red cross workers, county managers and first responders came and went. they are here to coordinate efforts to deal with the trauma of those still living. >> there has been assistance to those who were living in the building. that was yesterday. we will provide condolence services for the families as that all plays out. >> reporter: as the slow recovery effort continues, families and friends must endure the agony of having to wait for the news no one wants to hurt -- one -- no one wants
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to hear. >> i think perhaps families want closure to what is going on but it's just difficult being able to access that site. >> reporter: while many came to lend a hand, the softest touch came from those with pause. the humane society arrived to offer the service of therapy box to -- dogs to those who have seen or heard more than they can handle. >> they seem to know who needs comfort and who doesn't and they will just walk up to somebody and lean against them. it absolutely provides care, comfort, calming and vitamin know they needed a lot of the time which is why the dogs are so valuable. trau for those who are searching and those who must wait, the need for care, comfort, and calming has never been greater. john ramm us, kpix 5 . >> for those who do need help, the red cross has set up a shelter on 12th street. if you're looking for a loved one, you can go there in person or call the number on your
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screen. >> oakland's three major sports organizations are teaming up to help the victims. a youcaring page set up by the readers and the a's has raised $60,000 in donations so far. each team has promised to match $30,000 of that total. this was the scene at oracle arena last night. the golden state warriors and the phoenix suns stood in silence to honor the victims. the team has announced it is donating $50,000 to the unity council to help those affected by the fire. the group serves low income neighbors at the fruitvale neighborhood where the fire occurred. let's take a breath and we're going to cover the forecast which does have changes from last week talked yesterday. it looks like it was going to be a dry week, but no more. the models are saying thursday looks wet, scotus friday and the satellite shows they've got snow in the pacific northwest. the cold air that is coming over the top of the high is
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going to cuba's nice and chilly for the next couple of days. we will do no better than a mid- fifties with dense fog around the bay area tomorrow morning and today as well. there is the golden gate bridge, traffic flowing nicely at this hour. mostly cloudy to cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid-50s. we will all be in the low to mid 50s. total cooldown. temperatures nice and mild in the 60s. today, transition day, tomorrow, back in the 50s and looks like we're going to get wet. that will linger into friday. futurecast shows we still have got a fairly nice day for monday with patches of low clouds and dense fog. but then we get a mostly sunny day with just kind of a gauze of high clouds toward the end of the day. and then mostly cloudy by tuesday and wednesday. a patchy night and morning fog. temperatures chill through midweek and the rain returns
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late on thursday and friday. not a big rainmaker but we could get an inch to an inch and a half. travel weather forecast, raining in eureka, reading mostly cloudy, yosemite and lake tahoe numbers ranging from freezing to 44 degrees. overnight lows tonight, we will be seeing them as low as 37 238 degrees. the sun up tomorrow morning on your monday. numbers are below average for this time of year, about six degrees cooler than normal. in the 50s in the south bay with perhaps a 60 degrees at cupertino, 58 degrees at campbell and 37 degrees for fremont. east bay tomorrow, a few patches of dense fog. the new sink down low and the temperatures will be in the mid- 50s. the they tomorrow, a few clouds to start and then hazy sunshine with temperatures in the mid- 50s. bone chilling 52 degrees at lakeport. 53 degrees at clearlake. in the extended forecast, we
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are looking for partly cloudy skies for monday with temperatures in the mid-50s. same for tuesday and wednesday for the most part and then by thursday we will cloud it up so that by the end of the day we will be hit with a warm front that will being rain into the bay area. about an inch lingering into friday and right now the weekend is a question mark. as for sports, mr. o'donnell. >> it could be worse. you could be in chicago where the 49ers might have another quarterback controversy with what happened at soldier field. the raiders were down 24-9 and then the real fun began. incredible happenings at the coliseum. kickoff is next. ,, over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that
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i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure. wait, he won? that's an average tango... at best. two weeks... today against buffalo, completing their biggest comeback in 16 years.. don't cash out has been the raiders message to the lead. today against buffalo, completing their biggest come back and 16 years. derek carr's finger injury last week against carolina. today, straight to the third- quarter.
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mike gillislee goes into give bills a 24-9 lead. game over, right? but then derek carr to michael crabtree made it 24-15. buffalo still has the lead but by later in the third quarter, latavius murray scores the first of two touchdowns and now the raiders are within just a point. derek carr to amari cooper. 37 yard touchdown. cooper gets the ball across the plane before he is pulled down. the raiders take the lead 30-24 and then the defense dominated the second half of less than four minutes ago. khalil mack saxe tyrod taylor, forcing the fumble. the raiders win 38-24, their sixth straight win. >> we want to give great effort you know. go out there and play the full game and we believe as long as we stay together and give that kind of effort, we can have happy endings.>> try not to
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smile when i say double-digit wins. >> meanwhile, andy reid and the chiefs in atlanta today. they will host the raiders on thursday. third quarter, casey up. albert wilson takes a direct snap on the pump. he got atlanta by surprise. touchdown chiefs, less than five minutes to play. falkins within 5, matt ryan to aldrich robinson to give atlanta a 28-27 lead. they would go for a two point tried to make it a three-point lead but watch what happens. eric berry pics it off and he is going back the other way. earlier, he had an interception return. this'll mccance as two points but that was the difference maker. they had run out the clock, beat atlanta 29-28 to improve to 9 -3. paxton lynch starting for the broncos in jacksonville. didn't have to do much thanks to denver defense. bradley roby pics of blake bortles.
6:24 pm
bortles third pick six and lost four games. the broncos win 20-10 to improve to a good to 4. here's what it all means tonight. the wind keeps the raiders in first in the afc west. one game ahead of the chiefs and again oakland at arrowhead on thursday night. to the 49ers have the toilet ball -- toilet bowl, the loser likely will score the second pick in the nfl draft. who home trees at soldier field. the snow come down in chicago and the 49ers simply had no answer for it. second quarter, shaun draughn gets his hand on the punt, to flex to shantay johnson. once johnson tight ropes the sideline, he steps out of the 4 before he goes into the incident but nobody in a white uniform realizes that so they celebrate like they just won the super bowl and that's a 15 yard penalty. chicago, on the board.
6:25 pm
third quarter, now 14-6. through the entire san francisco defense, and for the third of again. and the bears defense kept coming after colin kaepernick. he was sacked more times than he completed passes. five sacks and one complete pass. he was benched in the fourth quarter in favor of blaine gabbert who didn't pair much better. 49ers lose 26-6 thanks to 6 yards passing. >> it's just my decision to make a move to see where we were. at that point in time we were down a couple of scores and obviously we've got to throw to 10 so we wanted to get a spark for our team but there was no permanent decisions. >> i was surprised. it wasn't something i was expecting. i am always prepared and ready to do everything i can to help this team win.
6:26 pm
>> and kelly would not commit to kaepernick starting next week. stanford will play in the sun bowl against north carolina on december 30. speaking of the please go will do good thing is the fourth and final team. they will face top-ranked alabama in the semi finals. clemson will meet ohio state. tiger woods sunday for the first time in 15 months. in the final round of this tournament, woods had his worst round of the week. he flies a chip shot over the green leading to a double bogey, and he finished 15th in the 18 fairfield. nearly holes out on 18. of his third career pga tour win. i think tiger his back. that he lacks the consistency given the fact that he had six double bogeys and 24 birdies.
6:27 pm
give him time but the fact it just went up for the pga tour. >> did you say bahamas? >> look like a rough week. >> thank you. coming up in our next half- hour, a lot of people are wondering will criminal charges be filed in the deadly oakland warehouse fire? what the district attorney just told us. >> plus, how parked cars near the scene could lead investigators to moravec comes.
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it was quiet. it was heartbreaking. >> our top story tonight, at least 33 confirmed dead in the oakland warehouse fire.
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the district attorney has sent in a criminal investigation team to make sure any and all evidence is protected. a lot of people are wondering will criminal charges be filed. here is with da just told us. >> people want answers quickly. people want to know what happened now. it is a natural instinct. but from our perspective, we have to take every step one step at a time to make sure that we are not missing anything or that what we are seeing and what we think we are seeing is there.>> and adjust the last 20 minutes we learned of three mark emmert -- victims , david klein, sarasota, and nick gomez whole -- holt. we have an update on the investigation. >> reporter: right now it's just a nonstop operation trying to get to the bodies that are
6:31 pm
still inside the warehouse. we do know that those confirmed have died and they are starting to put out their names but we have some information that one is a minor, just 17. we also know one of the victims is the son of a sheriff's deputies. crews have the difficult task of delicately taking the bodies out. the atf is also investigating the cause of the fire. investigators are having a hard time identifying some of the bodies. they say they will need dna or dental records. victim families are being asked to preserve dna like homes or toothbrushes and there are questions about why so many artists and others were living and partying in this warehouse. the mayor earlier addressed the press and we talked about our community and oakland.>> since i became the mayor of oakland, i have been passionate about preserving and lifting up the incredible, creative community that makes this the incredible
6:32 pm
city that it is. and the issue of creating safe, vibrant spaces for oakland's artist community is a priority not just for me as mayor butt of this community. >> reporter: fire officials out here say it will take several days to reach all of the bodies. it could take weeks to determine what started the fire. jessica florez, kpix 5 we heard from a woman who knows the master tenant tap the warehouse. the man who is behind the so- called ghost ship warehouse. joe, what did you find out? >> reporter: as a matter of fact, we're talking about derick ion, the man who leases from the landlord, who in fact according to the people who live there had transformed this warehouse into a living space and a party venue. he was once a close friend with the woman who >> to who is now a former
6:33 pm
friend and she says as she broke down in tears that she warned them -- won him the space was dangerous. >> i on several occasions stood right in front of the building and said this is not safe, your kids are in danger. his attitude was that i was being hysterical and he spread lies amongst our community of artists that i just wanted to be the center of attention and to me it was all about the children. >> what is going through your mind? you warned him. >> i feel a tremendous sense of guilt. but i didn't scream louder you know? unfortunately, i feel that the mothers take care of the children first and that's what my goal was. derek was completely and denial. it couldn't have a rational
6:34 pm
conversation with him at that point when we severed our ties. that was a year and a half ago. since then, he has done everything he can to make my life a living hell. >> reporter: she describes derick ion as a charismatic figure. if you are on his good side, she said he gives off positive vibes. if you get on his bad side, that can be a lot to pay as she described it. in fact, we talked to law enforcement about derick ion. they say they have spoken with him but you heard the da say it is just too early to talk about criminal charges. joe vazquez, kpix 5 thank you. as for those who are still an identified or unaccounted for, oakland police have been scouring nearby streets to try to track them down. >> what they did was they went through and they looked at all of the parked vehicles, gathered license plate numbers
6:35 pm
for any of the victims that may have driven to this location. >> we told investigators are now comparing registration information from those vehicles to the list of the missing. facebook was quick to activate its safety check in feature to allow friends to know that they are safe. one of the artists performing last night was a dj who goes by golden donna. his real name is joel shanahan. he used facebook to let fans know he made it out and later posted on his artist page that joe is heartbroken with several friends among the missing, sending love to everyone affected by this horrific event. some who escaped the burning building didn't make it out with much else. one was josi avalos who was living in the collective. he was able to save his two dogs but last everything he owns including cell phone,
6:36 pm
clothing, and art supplies. he also lost many friends. his family has set up a gofundme account to try to help him get back on his feet. the warehouse to complaints from neighbors stretching back a decade. not only -- even a month ago, inspectors visited the sites after complaints about garbage. they even launched a second investigation on construction going on inside but instructors -- investigators couldn't get access to the building. neighbors think inspectors should have been more persistent. >> if the neighbors are calling constantly about the trash if they would stay on top of this stuff, this could have been prevented i think. >> neighbors say the warehouse should have been boarded up. >> that is just one of many problem properties scattered across oakland park the city council member who represents fruitvale hold our maria medina today that if the city doesn't step up, it's only a matter of time before there is another tragedy. >> reporter: every weekend, oakland city council member noel gaudio and an army of
6:37 pm
volunteers pick up garbage off the street. including the area near the warehouse that burned down friday. >> the illegal dumping, dead dogs, whatever is on the street. >> reporter: he says he has spoken to the owner of the warehouse before. >> we certainly know each other and certainly know about his property. he knows the issues. >> reporter: but says the warehouse is far from the only one without the proper permits.>> there is complaints about these facilities. that is city property. if i go win, there is people living in their and i have had the city lock it up several times but it is still a challenge. >> reporter: besides the garbage, he says he is also cleaning of the crime in it numerous buildings operating without proper permits. neighbors complained about the warehouse that people continue to live and work there. he says they need to do me a should do more before tragedy strikes. >> we are being paid a salary
6:38 pm
through their taxes to respond and take immediate action. and we respond or react after the scene and i think this is where we need to do a better job. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5 the councilman, who represents the district could not say how many buildings or businesses in oakland are operating without proper permits. still to come, thieves ram a stolen suv through the front of the bay area apple store but they left a lot of their loot behind. ,,,,
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over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today.
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police in palo alto say: a team of thieves drove a rented s-u-v through the front window of this store on university avenue. another smash-and-grab pies that a bay area apple store. police say a team of thieves drove a rented suv through the window of this store. 8 to 10 people then rushed through a hole in the glass and grabbed as much merchandise as they could. the suspects then scattered in
6:41 pm
all directions, abandoning the suv in a nearby alley and leaving a number of stolen computers and phones strewn on the ground. police have made four arrests so far. but as many as half a dozen suspects are still on the run. this is at least the ninth robbery at a bay area apple store -- store in the past few weeks. some locations have been hit multiple times. the mo is always the same. a group of thieves russian, grab as much as they can and then go. locations in berkeley, burlingame, and cordero have been hit. a uc berkeley student is recovering after a violent sex assault. the victim told police she was walking from the bart station when a man attacked her. she fought back and managed to get away. the suspect also ran off. he is described in his 30s, 6'2", 230 pounds with light brown hair and stubble wearing a black sf baseball hat.
6:42 pm
less than a week after a deadly accident, cirque du soleil is back under the big top. tragedy hit when a show technician was killed by a mechanical lift. the victim was the son of the cirque du soleil kreider. the show resumed last night. its first performance since the accident. a lot of talk about how to replace oaklands stadium. it's been the butt of a lot of jokes but it hasn't always been that way. why you might have some sympathy for the coliseum. a major victory for them thousands protesting the dakota access pipeline. rain for the bay area. when and how much coming up in the forecast after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:44 pm
6:45 pm
dakota access pipeline .. has paid off: the current construction route has been rejected. after months of protesting the tjte-@-tjte -- dakota access pipeline, the plan has been rejected. after topping taste talking to tribal leaders about how the pipeline would affect drinking water, the army corps of engineers announced it has decided to deny the construction permit. they say there is more work to be done and they are working on alternative routes. president-elect trump is casting a wider net for secretary of state. trump advisor kellyanne conway said today the president-elect is expanding his search beyond the finalists announced last
6:46 pm
week. and while, the trump team is doing some diplomacy to downplay the president-elect's ties to taiwan last week. >> we just say to our counterparts in china that this was a moment of courtesy. the president-elect >> two weeks ago in the same manner that was not a discussion about policy. >> mr. trump has a full slate of meetings tomorrow at trump tower . that will be one distraction. a rally and press conference right across the street held by green party nominee jill stein who has issued a multistate recount effort. and in cuba, fidel castro was laid to rest in a city where he launched his revolution. people lined the streets of santiago. a jeep pulling his [null] -- hashes pulled by. some cubans held a pictures of the longtime dictator and his surviving brother fidel -- raul
6:47 pm
castro. it's right next to a memorial to rebels who died in the attack that castro led in 1953. fidel castro was 90 years old. we have a cool change and the bay area numbers will be coming into the low 50s by tuesday and wednesday. tomorrow will be a step in that direction. clubs will still manage highs in the mid-50s tomorrow. no rain for tomorrow or for tuesday or wednesday but it looks like thursday with "what about an inch, inch and a half by the time all is said and done. that system will come into the central bay area so we will all get rain from that. as we look high above the pacific northwest, rain and snow in seattle tomorrow. for us, we just have cold air spilling south over high pressure out on the eastern pacific. we will pick up a mix of a few clouds and cold air into the bay area. numbers will come down a couple
6:48 pm
of degrees. just a baby step at a time. not many people on their way to san francisco tonight on this sunday evening. we have 58 degrees in concord, oakland 55 degrees, livermore 52 degrees. and san francisco it is 56 degrees. a thin layer of high clouds up top. futurecast, this is a good way of saying what is going to happen. by 9 am, a few high clouds in a mix of sun. dense fog tomorrow will dissipate by midday. high clouds overspread the bay area by sunset tomorrow night and in the forecast, patchy night and morning fog. temperatures will children midweek. will only manage low to mid 50s by tuesday. rain will return late on thursday and linger into friday. expect wet as the week wears on. and cold. tonight looks like the numbers will be in the upper 30s around santa rosa, 38 degrees for
6:49 pm
napa. 31 degrees in fremont, below average for daytime highs tomorrow and then in the south bay, we are going to be looking for 57 degrees in palo alto, redwood city 56 degrees, san jose 58 degrees, 57 degrees at morgan hill. and east bay, we will be looking for mostly sunny day, high clouds from time to time with temps in the mid-to upper 50s. some patchy fog around and eight bit of a bite in the year for ukiah. standard forecast, go with the usual. a little chillier until thursday and friday when it looks like we will begin to get wet. stay tuned on that and also for dennis o'donnell. he is up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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(ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore, yet another innovation, that was oakland city council member noel gallo: telling me about the money -- it's long overdue. we have been waiting the -- for this for 10 years. >> those councilmember noah
6:52 pm
geyer telling me about the money and optimism building behind a last-minute push to save the raiders. it's an effort led by former hall of famer ronnie lott in that raising enough private money to replace the oakland coliseum. a building that quietly turned 50 back in september. >> these days, all we hear about is how outdated the oracle and the coliseum have become but as wilson walker shows us, they were not only cutting-edge in their day, they were an absolute steal.>> this is the hallway where the players get extra time on the field. >> reporter: sewage, rainwater and likely very little time left as a major-league stadium. sometimes you just have to stop and remind yourself that 50 years ago, this place was an absolute gem. >> the newest landmark in oakland, the coliseum. >> it was built with a raw simplicity but a real elegance. >> reporter: craig hartman is a
6:53 pm
senior design partner with owings and merrill, the architectural firm that designed the complex in the early 1960s.>> a very innovative structure and the constructor was a genius at this. the use of both the land and geometry. these buildings were nestled down into the land and very california in that regard, the relationship between the architecture, the structure, the land, the climate being so beautiful. it has a real california vibe about it. >> reporter: not only cutting- edge and california vibes but an absolute bargain. >> even then it was an expensive. it was $25 million for the entire complex. >> $186 million but these days, a stadium for just the raiders would easily cost $1 billion. the complex ultimately provided a home for three professional
6:54 pm
sports teams. >> it was the entire american ethos at the time. the idea of making flexible, transformable uses. >> so multiple purpose stadiums spread of like weeds across the country at least until fans realized they were pretty loud places to watch a game. >> the intimacy that make such a wonderful sport to watch versus the enormous spectacle that football is, i just two things that no matter how transformable the facility may be, just really are kind of why these don't come together very well. >> reporter: as far as its identity as a sporting venue, this place is a dinosaur but you can also think about it as a pretty nice timepiece at the middle of the 21st century. >> this is the american dream of freedom on wheels.>> reporter: you had lights from the city's. >> on superhighways. >> reporter: to take -- to cheap suburbia him land and large
6:55 pm
public infrastructure projects. they were pretty darn cheap. all of those factors, which gave us a building like this are now in total reverse. one by one, nearly all of the coliseum's multipurpose siblings have been wiped off the map. as for the oakland coliseum, it got a rather infamous renovation in 1996. >> i don't like it. used to be able to see the oakland hills and it was beautiful. now it looks like a mess. i don't think it's going to look good when they finish it.>> reporter: the expiration date now only a matter of time, money, and politics. >> we do not think it is appropriate to repeat the mistakes of the past. >> reporter: and one might be giving up on the current property. after all, bart came rolling in after the coliseum so it is now more transit accessible and planners think it could be an ideal spot for a more urban
6:56 pm
stadium development. >> for lots of reasons, some intentional and some accidental, i think that is a very extraordinary site. >> reporter: as you here talk about this obsolete facility with no future, remember that the coliseum is a portrait of our past. as you look quickly as you drive by it it almost looks like the roman coliseum.>> now the last of its kind and despite its flaws, still standing. >> we called the strength of the bones of this design of this facility that has made it have such longevity. >> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5. >> as soon as the new proposal could be discussed publicly, the oakland city council meeting on december 13. start before we go, one last update on the oakland warehouse fire. 33 people are confirmed dead. the victims range in age from teenagers to people in their 30s.
6:57 pm
so far, seven have been positively identified. investigators are asking for dna samples from things like hairbrushes and toothbrushes to help id. the victims and the death toll could still rise. crews still have more than half of the warehouse to search. we will be following that fire and its aftermath. stay with kpix 5 for more updates. >> 60 minutes is next. we will see you back here at 11:00. ,, ,,
6:58 pm
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> he answers his cell phone. i sh-- probably shouldn't say that on tv. ( laughs ) >> don't give me the number, but... >> he just-- he just answers the phone. >> you call donald trump on his cell phone? >> all the time. >> the speaker of the house talks about his plans for getting things done on capitol hill with president-elect trump from repealing obamacare to retreating from a promise of mass deportations. tonight paul ryan makes news on the priorities of the new republican-led government. >> donald trump was a very unconventional candidate. he's going to be an unconventional president. >> after all the talk during the election, you might be surprised to hear that manufacturing jobs are coming back to america. and a good place to see


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