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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. once we activated the criminal investigation team in essence the scene became a potential crime scene. dozens >> as the criminal investigation team probe begins in the deadly oakland warehouse fire, we're learning some new information about the dozens of people killed and why nothing was done about the so-called death trap that was already on police radar. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. thanks for joining us. here is the newest information. at this hour the death toll stands at 36. the alameda county sheriff says investigators don't believe additional bodies will be found in the warehouse. friday night's fire is now the deadliest structure fire in california since the 1906 earthquake in san francisco. ruins of the city of oakland provided
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photos of investigators working carefully inside the ruins of the warehouse. many are carrying buckets that they used to collect pieces of evidence. before it burned the warehouse had a makeshift staircase made from wooden pallets. polkland's fire chief says it appears there was only -- oakland's fire chief says it appears there was only one stairwell between the two floors which made it hard for people to escape. >> we have live team coverage. we begin with kpix5 reporter cate cauguiran in oakland. >> reporter: as we said over and over again, this is a 24 hour operation as you can see behind me. take a look right now, there are crews at work on a platform held up by a crane. they're using circular saws. we saw they had masks on their face and at this point in the investigation heavy machinery is pivotal in making sure the building is structurally safe so that investigators and firefighters it continue -- can
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continue their work. from chopper 5 we see the recovery effort from above, this crane lowering workers into the warehouse tosearch for any more possible victims and to get evidence. >> we got as close as we could to the site of there's two areas of concern we still have. >> when you look at the small foot prints on the beams in the upper left, that's still heat contained in those steel beams. >> reporter: in a news conference earlier one of the officials said one of the warehouse exterior walls was at risk of collapsing, so the search was suspended until engineers could work to reinforce it. so far firefighters have been able to clear out 70% of the building. >> our priorities as a city remain no. 1 to recover the victims and to run a 24/7 recovery effort until every victim has been found. >> reporter: the number of victims now 36. 33 have been identified and as of today, 22 families have been
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notified. >> today is the day that more than two dozen families are going to learn of the loved ones lost. >> reporter: meanwhile the alameda county district attorney's office deployed an arson task force to work alongside federal and local investigators. >> once we activated the criminal investigation team, in essence the scene became a potential crime scene. >> reporter: bucket by bucket debris is painstakingly removed and searched for potential evidence to find out if this is a crime scene. >> charges could be murder all the way to involuntary manslaughter and until we know what the evidence shows us, there may be other charges if the evidence presents that. >> reporter: but district attorney nancy o'malley says it's still too early to speculate. in the most recent news conference officials said they now believe the fire may have started in the rear of the building. so federal and local investigators have been
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focusing their efforts in that area. in addition to searching for any more possible victims. reporting live in oakland cate cauguiran, kpix5. >> the victims of this fire are young. some were artists, others musicians. >> at least three were from out of the country altogether. donna kellogg was an aspiring chef from chico. >> brandon chase wittenauer was an electronic music art its from hayward. >> cash askew played in a band. >> travis huff helped students through arts therapy. >> david cline was a uc berkeley alum who loved to play volleyball. >> sara hoda was a teacher from walnut creek who friend called compassionate. >> nick hall from coronado described as a musical loving genius. >> trevor mcgill was the
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youngest victim, the son of an alameda county sheriff's deputy. >> barrett clark, a sound engineer grew up in santa rosa but lived in oakland. >> the daily cal reports uk berkeley student jenny morris has been identified as one of the victims and vanessa plotkin was morris' roommate. her status is still unknown. cal alum griffin madden has also been reported missing. the city of oakland just released nine more names. >> 20-year-old mckayla gregory, 28-year-old micah dannameyer, 29-year-old justin fritz, 31- year-old jennifer taoya, 32- year-old benjamin runnels. >> 33-year-old ann bolcom, 33- year-old chelsea dolan, 34-year- old edmund la pine and 35-year- old alex gassen.
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>> vigils are taking place all over the country, in fact. tonight in the castro candles were lit at harvey milk plaza. some of the victims were transgender. it was set up to give their friends a safe place to grieve. kpix5 reporter christin ayers is in oakland where people are still in shock at lake merritt. >> reporter: a lot of sadness at the vigil tonight as you can imagine. oakland mayor libby schaaf addressed the crowd but was bad and heckled, many people grief stricken tonight and have concerns this tragedy will hurt the arts community more than it already has. lights lifted to the sky tonight at oakland's lake merritt. at least 1,000 came here to pay tribute to those who died in the ghost ship fire. for days the local arts community has been in shock. tonight they are mourning. >> everyone in oakland and beyond has been affected by this tragedy. >> reporter: this artist calls herself ms. butterfly. she says the creative community in oakland is close.
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she also knows derick ion, the controversial master tenant who faced backlash for throwing the party in a warehouse that was not up to code. >> all i can tell you is that he's a very horrible person and old has a -- he has a long history of harming people. >> reporter: tonight amid the anger there was also love, free hugs offered. chris edwards who said he lost friends in the fire handed out free candy. >> lost a lot of friends and my friends lost some good friends. so i just came out and show love for the people were in lost. >> reporter: he like many others here still reeling. >> it's been intense. the months of life has been devastating and -- the loss of life has been devastating and beyond that i worry about the artist community and how it's going to be destroyed. >> reporter: he said he's already heard tales of officials knocking on the doors of other artist compounds due to violations. his fears he says have just begun. >> the more we learn about the
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victims, the more we realize how tight knit this community is and how many people are experiencing unbearable grief right now. this community is also afraid that what happened in this warehouse may very well happen again. kpix5's susie steimle reports. >> reporter: at bottom of the hill nightclub in san francisco, this holiday season the past few days and every day at work going forward won't be the same without him. >> barrett was an amazing person who deserves being memorialized. >> reporter: barrett clark was one of the 36 lives lost this weekend. lynn schwarze remembers him as the best sound engineer, co- worker and friend. >> always wanted to put him on the most important shows with the most important bands because not only did he run better than anyone else, his people skills were unparalleled. >> it's devastating. the conversation is people saying i've been crying the last two days. >> reporter: across the bay
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shannon titus grieves the loss of two friends. she doesn't feel ready to talk about them. she wants to get to the root of the tragedy. >> people are just trying to find a space to live where they can live affordable and where they can express themselves and do their art that's affordable for them. i think a lot of people have taken a lot of risks in order to just be together. >> reporter: both of these women worry ghost ship will happen again. they say artists in san francisco are so marginalized there's few safe places to go. they want justice and swift change. >> there's a sense of people starting to become angry and trying to figure out where does the responsibility lie? >> to make our lawmakers value the arts and value our artists and start giving back to the people that give us so much and that make san francisco, oakland and the whole bay area an amazing place. those at the time >> there are still 50 people unaccounted for or missing, but
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the sheriff's office does not believe most of those people were inside at the time of the fire. live in the newsroom susie steimle, kpix5. want to show you some grainy video that offers a look at what it was like inside the oakland warehouse the night of the deadly fire. now this was taken just one hour before the flames broke out. some people inside were standing. others were sitting as the electronic music party was getting underway. we've heard the warehouse described as dangerous, a death trap. so why didn't the property owner do anything about it or the city, for that matter? kpix5's jessica flores continues our team coverage. >> reporter: before the devastating fire the ghost ship warehouse was a labyrinth of art spaces. the upper floor contained an event and two sets of rickety stairs went to the bottom level which was used as an illegal residence.
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>> it was unfortunately a fire marshal's nightmare. >> reporter: we've been looking for the building's owner to ask about the conditions inside the warehouse, no answers. according to oakland city records, building inspectors went to the warehouse at least five times in the past three years. in 2014 there were two complaints about construction debris and a third complaint about construction without permits. the city's finding? nonactionable. most recently on november 13th, 2016, the city received complaints about garbage piped on the sidewalk and sent a notice of violation. the day after another complaint about an illegal interior building structure. according to step records, that investigation is pending and -- city records that, investigation is pending and inspectors couldn't get inside. >> all that i know is that we were not able to gain access to the interior of the building. i at this time do not know the reason for that. >> reporter: oakland's building department did not return our calls, but san
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francisco's building department tells us the warehouse is private property and without a warrant or someone letting them in inspectors' hands were tied. in rare cases a judge can issue an inspection warrant, but apparently in this case 9 sector saw what so many -- no inspector saw what so many now call a death trap. the main tenant who ran the ghost ship had previous run-ins with the law. he goes by the name derick ion and he's currently on probation. people who have known him say he is aquariuses mattic but polarizing -- a charismatic but polarizing figure, but court records paint a darker picture. he was charged with receiving stolen property in 2015, but pled guilty to a misdemeanor and was sentenced to three years probation. friends tell us ion's children were removed from the ghost ship because of concerns about the living conditions. there are many other buildings just like the so- called ghost ship here in the
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bay area where people have created illegal homes. coming up why one woman who lived in one of these buildings says she'll move back in. silicon vall >> two significant weather changes coming this week, first the cold. there's a freeze watch in effect for the central valley in lake county for tomorrow night and then rain, one day that looks like a washout. find out which day it is next. rity concerns... >> then why president obama has blocked the sale of a silicon valley company over national security concerns. ,, ♪ ♪ ♪
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all the care your family needs. all connected for you. oakland... the alameda district attorney says part of the investigation warehouse now back to the latest on the deadly warehouse fire in oakland, the alameda county d.a. says part of the investigation will focus on how the warehouse kept operating in spite of complaints. we've learned there are many others just like it, buildings where people have created
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illegal homes. (sot -joy newhart/ clip 0630/ kpix5's phil matier talked to a woman who lived in one that was shut down earlier this year. >> i've been homeless for almost a year. i've had friends that have been nice enough to let me stay in their homes. >> reporter: choreographer joy newhart was one of 100 plus artists who until this year leved in this west oakland warehouse. >> i built bedrooms for people and i had two -- lived in this west oakland warehouse. >> i built bedrooms for people and i had two roommates. >> reporter: she called the city building department in hopes the problems would be fixed. >> i was assured on many levels we would not be evicted that, it wasn't in the interest of the city to throw people out. >> reporter: instead the building was red tagged. they came in and closed it down. >> pretty much. they found things wrong with the building, targeted the building and went after it and within six months we were out. >> reporter: have you found another place to live? >> no, i haven't.
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>> i have been passionate about preserving and lifting up the incredible creative community that makes this incredible city that it is. >> reporter: while oakland mayor libby schaaf has been a big booster of the warehouse arts scene, oakland city councilman noel gallo says it's a political catch 22. >> fire codes, building codes, planning codes and one of those on the street catch me if you can. >> reporter: so actually going in and after some of these places is a challenge politically because then you've got another problem on your hands. >> that's what i'm sadly finding out, young people desperate for a place to live. >> reporter: people like newhart if given the chance would move right back in. even with the infractions and violations and leaks and open electrical? >> yeah, yes. and i know that that sounds ridiculous, but i did feel safe. i recognize what happened over the weekend could have happened here quite easily. as an artist, it's a tradeoff. >> reporter: that question remains the same tonight as
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oakland officials grapple with whether or not to deal with this as a housing or safety issue. from the looks of things, right now safety seems to be winning the hand. in oakland phil matier, kpix5. >> kpix5 will stay on top of breaking developments in the oakland warehouse fire throughout the night. we'll bring you the newest information on our website chines also in the news tonight president obama is blocking the sale of a sunnyvale semiconductor firm to chinese investors, all about preventing a potential threat to american security. >> reporter: president obama's action to stop the sale of this business in sunnyvale is a sign of how far the administration will go to keep china from buying sensitive technology. it's an unusual step and only the third time in 30 years that a u.s. president blocked a chinese deal on national
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security grounds. axtron is a german chip company with about 150 employees at its silicon valley division. the treasury department division said its technology has military applications. >> these semiconductors that are used in extremely punishing conditions such as the war zones and they're used in weapons including weapons of mass destruction. this is a security risk in the view of the u.s. government. >> reporter: a group of industry leaders that tackle regional problems. >> i foresee a chill coming down descending upon u.s./china relations. >> reporter: today the chinese government urged washington to stop getting involved and called mr. obama's decision political obstruction, a call that proposed a evan $740 million acquisition pure market
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behavior. -- a $740 million acquisition pure market behavior. a freeze possible in a few isolated spots tomorrow night, cloud cover moves in in time to prevent a widespread freeze. santa rosa, you're 38 right now. you are cold in sonoma county, concord 49, livermore 45, 50 in both san francisco and san jose, lots of 30s tonight setting the stage for the coldest night since january. concord 37, fremont 40, fairfield 35, napa 37, san rafael 39 degrees. we're cold because our source of air has changed coming direct from canada, still kind of modified arctic air because the air is traveling over the pacific before making it into northern california. with this low moving east tomorrow there will be no ocean influence. sunshine tomorrow afternoon, low to mid-50s. that is it. tomorrow night temperatures are approaching freezing.
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we'll see increasing sunshine here on futurecast, but watch what will prevent a widespread freeze tomorrow night. cloud cover, that blanket of clouds moving in just in time to prevent places like livermore and morgan hill from dropping below freezing the first time in nearly a year. speaking of those clouds, that's our next weather change wednesday afternoon, steady rainfall for the north bay, everybody with rainfall by wednesday night and thursday looks to be a very soggy day with more than an inch of rainfall just in one day in many parts of the bay area coming up thursday which will easily be the wettest day of the week. tomorrow lots of 5s on your television screen or smart phone. san francisco and napa only 53 with sunshine. wednesday evening the rain moves in. thursday looks soggy, showers continuing friday. we get a one daybreak, more showers. sunday, allful a sudden mother nature -- all of a sudden mother nature has flipped the switch and we go from no rainfall to a lot of rainfall. >> i might have missed it.
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i know it's going to be cold here, the mountains with precipitation, going to see some snow? >> i wouldn't be surprised if we're talking 5,000, 6,000 feet for snow levels, snow for the sierra, absolutely. >> great news. thank you, paul. a false news story linked to donald trump's national security at visor. >> the violent reaction coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. in the wake of the election fake news site service is a real problem and one fake report allegedly led to one man to shoot up a pizza place. the restaurant is in washington d.c. and it's been the target of several fake news stories. police say a man was investigating reports of a child sex trafficking ring operating out of the restaurant and that the clinton campaign had ties to it. police claim the suspect tomorrow them he wanted to save the children but surrendered peacefully when he didn't find any children. is facing several ch g assault with a >> the first couple of police officers had their guns drawn including automatic rifles and they were standing behind cars
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and taking aim. they seem to be talking to the suspect and after a while the suspect came out. >> the man is facing several charges including assault with a dangerous weapon and unlawful discharge of a firearm. can you name the four warrior players that have scored at least 60 points in a single game? hint, one of them did it tonight in 29 minutes! tip-off next. ,,,,,,,,,,,, thank you.
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e shot the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> no player in the history of the nba had ever scored 60 points in under 30 minutes in the shot clock era until tonight. the raider o line checking out the show at oracle and it was a 1 man show against the pacers. klay thompson this three in the 2nd gives him 30 points. steph curry headed for the tunnel. fine seconds of the half -- final seconds of the half klay buries another three. 3rd quarter offer the jump ball draymond to steph who throws it up and there's kevin durant. warriors walking away. thompson didn't cool off in the 3rd. his eighth three of the night
11:30 pm
gives him 60 points setting a new career high and he played 29 minutes setting out the 4th quarter. golden state blows out indiana 142-106. thompson joins wilt chamberlain, joe phoenix in 1949, rick beer -- joe folks in 1949, rick berry and klay's night reminded many of his 70 point quarter nearly two years ago. >> it did remind me of it because it's a zone that you cherish when you're. in i always enjoy these moments. they seem to go by the fastest. hopefully i can top them one day. last season the giants led major league baseball with 30 blown saves. today they signed a player who had 23 saves in nine years. blown that many. san francisco signed all-star closer mark milanson to a four
11:31 pm
year $62 million deal making him the highest paid closer in baseball lift for the time being. last season milanson had 47 saves with pittsburgh and washington. that's how the the giants spell relief tonight. >> how many weeks ago was it that people were sending out rumors about trading klay thompson? how dumb was that? >> you say montae there tonight. when they traded him, remember how unpopular that was? that opened the spot in the lineup for clay thompson. we'll be right back. -- for klay thompson. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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will see you 4:30 a-m. late show is next. >> we'll be back here tomorrow morning at 4:30. captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: breaking news. greenport candidate jill stein announced she will drop recount efforts in pennsylvania. for more on this story we go to, breaking news, green party candidate jill stein said she's escalating efforts in pennsylvania, not dropping them as she previously said. news appears to be breaking again. jill stein says she no longer believes pennsylvania is a stayed but a twin of ohio. breaking news! jill stein says she now believes pennsylvania is a state. in fact i


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