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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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deadly warehouse fire in oakland... and as the recovery effort wraps up -- the focus will shift to the criminal investigation. good morning. any minute now we are waiting on updates from the fire out of oakland as the focus shifts to the criminal investigation. >> while the investigation into the fire continues around the clock, the families of those killed are remembering the 36 lives that were lost. >> i feel so sorry for all the parents that felt like they were raising their kids to be wonderful, creative, independent children, young adults. and they just made the wrong choice to be in a warehouse that was not safe. >> late last night information on 10 more victims was
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released. they were all in their 20s and 30s from the oakland area. officials are now setting up for a press conference. >> reporter: they are going to be holding a press conference here momentarily. meantime, work has been going on all night long. we have some pictures from chopper 5. and we have the oakland police spokesperson with us ready to speak this morning. she has several other officials from different agencies here including the oakland fire department, which has been working tirelessly since this fire broke out at 11:30 p.m. friday. last word, 36 people have been found dead in what remains of that building. and let's go ahead and listen in to what they have to say here this morning.
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>> good morning. i want to do a sound check with everyone just to be sure everyone can hear us. we're going to go ahead and get started. thank you for joining us.
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i'm officer johnna watson, one of the public information officers for the oakland police department. we'd like to provide you with an operational update. at this time i would like to turn it over to alameda county sheriff's deputy tyamoeste. >> there's been no change overnight in the total number of victims located and recovered. the numbers have shifted within the 36. at this time we have 26 families that have been notified. we have 9 tentative ids and still have one doe remaining that needs to be identified. please allow me to introduce
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oakland fire department battalion chief to update you on operations that took place last night and early this morning. >> good morning. as you recall, yesterday we were forced to suspend recovery operations due to the instability of the structure. working throughout the day yesterday and last night, we were able to remove the wall that was presenting the greatest danger, and able to put in some shoring to stabilize some of the areas. this morning at 2:20 a.m. we went back in and resumed recovery operations. at this time we have been able to search through the building and clear approximately 85% of the building right now. we'll be continuing that throughout the day. there's one corner that remains unstable. and that's another thing we're doing throughout the day today, stabilizing that corner so we
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can search that last section. >> i would like to update our citizens and our community regarding the planned power outage. currently the power is still off in this specific area. they are anticipating that the power will be returned by maybe 8:00 a.m., but right now safety is paramount. so the power will remain off while the crane and heavy equipment is here, still processing the scene. i would like to call in public information officer marco marquez to provide some information to the community. we have a lot of citizens and community members outside the city of oakland, even outside the state and outside the country who want to donate.
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and we are logistically, it's challenging for us to take donations here. so we have a system set up and we'll share the information if you would like to donate. >> good morning, everyone. i'm marco marquez, an oakland public information police officer. there is a web page set up on if you go in the search bar, search oakland fire or victims of the oakland fire, and you'll see a link that's connected there. it's set up by the city as well as the red cross. here at the site, we are experiencing overwhelming amount of support, people coming in bringing food and asking how they can donate financially. it is overwhelming, so it's set
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up online to where you can make donations whether you're here or across the nation or international. we know the magnitude of the impact here on the families as well as our community, and we are asking those who want to give back to use this website. the funds will be appropriately distributed and if you visit that site, you can see how. but this is just an act of the community. we know you're praying and we know your thoughts are with us. if you feel like giving financially, please visit search victims of the oakland fire. thank you. >> thank you, officer marquez. at this time we'll open up for questions. we'll start on the right and work around. [ question by media unheard ]
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. >> primarily that corner, if you face the building, that left corner of the building, we can't secure that yet. we'll put in exterior bracing in today to finalize that corner. there's a small section in the back that needs to be processed with our crews. >> will the rain affect anything? >> you know, i haven't approached that with rain and tarps as of yet. the rain shouldn't adversely affect what we're doing. [ question by media unheard ] >> based on the areas that remain unsearched, i don't anticipate it going up. there's one section still in an area that has potential, but
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otherwise no. [ question by media unheard ] >> yes, there also is an oakland aid one that's set up that you'll see. those are set up for this specific incident. . [ question by media unheard ] . >> the issue with that corner, it's unsupported laterally as you move across. that load then gets shifted along the left wall, what we're calling the bravo wall. if we remove that, it could become unstable. we have to put bracing in so we
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can support that entire corner. . [ question by media unheard ] >> i'm sorry, i can't hear you. speak up, please. . >> not at this time. we are still working to reconcile the list. we still do have people reported as missing. >> how many unidentified? >> one unidentified. the question was just one
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unidentified, and that's correct. i can't provide you the number right now off the top of my head, but we are working to reconcile the missing, the list of missing versus the identified and tentative ids. >> any update on the point of origin? >> there is definitely a focus on the section of intersection and will remain under investigation for a while. the atf is the primary investigator, supported by our office. [ question by media unheard ]
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>> the 15% primarily that hasn't been searched yet is in the front left corner that we just can't get to. >> do you expect to find more victims there? >> i don't, but it hasn't been searched. we can't clear it till we go through it. >> the district attorney nancy o'malley indicated yesterday at the press conference that her office has an investigation. i want to make that perfectly clear, that the alameda county district attorney's office, nancy o'malley, leads the investigation. they are the primary investigators and they are managing and handling that portion of the investigation.
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we understand and recognize oakland is a very diverse community. and in our diverse community, we have many different groups and we are very sensitive to everyone in our community. it doesn't matter what group. we are very sensitive to everyone, to answer your question. . it is absolutely very difficult to put a timeline. the most important message we want to send, because we know families are watching. 36 families are watching and other families are watching as well, and also to our community. we are not going to put an end time. we are going to continue the search and we are going to continue the investigation. we are going to continue the
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process until absolutely every piece of debris is removed from this building and every area has been searched. so families and our community will know there's nothing left at this location. and again, the investigation and the process continues. we'll certainly keep you posted as far as we bring closure to some areas but continue in other areas. . >> i have to check but i don't believe that they are. if not, it isn't coded for residential. the building is not. so that would just depend on how that's looked at by code for commercial building.
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[ question by media unheard ] >> right now we are working with an advocate from the lgbt community so we are sensitive and that we are properly reporting. . >> again, when we have completed our search and we're limited by that corner, we have to stop until that corner is
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secure . >> i don't think until the investigation is done, i wouldn't comment on how people are found. that would be primarily something from the alameda county coroner's office. [ question by media unheard ] >> we haven't found any recently. we don't expect to. certainly we are hoping that we don't find anymore. you know, the primary thing that's really got us a little more uplifted and moving forward is the fact that we are back inside the building searching. more than anything we'd like to clear the building and say it's
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clear. >> and we are going to take one last question. go ahead, sir. [ question by media unheard ] >> there's two pockets that remain unsearched. one of them is still being looked at and processed by atf. my hope is that that would be completed today. i don't see any reason it wouldn't be. the remaining corner that's still unstable, as soon as we can stabilize that corner, we'll get in there and search it. we don't expect to find any victims in that area, but we need to search the area. as soon as it is safe to do so, we will. it will not take much time once we're able to get back in
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there. it will depend upon how long it takes to stabilize that corner. >> at this time we'd really like to conclude this portion of the press conference. we will update you with a time for our next operational briefing. we'd like to return the battalion chief back to the field along with his support team so work can continue. myself and public information officer marquez will be available for any questions we may not have been able to provide you with. again, thank you for your patience. and we'll certainly update you on our next briefing.
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. >> you have been listening live to the latest information coming out of the scene of the warehouse fire from oakland. we heard from the police department, the fire department, and the sheriff's office about exactly where the search of the building stands and where the investigation stands. right now they have 85% of the building that has been searched, 15% of the building left to search. they say they are focused on two pockets that they have not been able to get into, one because it's been blocked off by the atf. that is where the investigation into the cause is centered right now, the area that sustained the most damage. that is where they are trying to figure out exactly how this fire started. the other area they have not been able to get into because it's not safe. there are some parts of the building that are so unstable
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that rescuers cannot be near them for fear they could collapse on to the rescuers. and yesterday there was an entire wall at risk of collapsing onto people doing the recovery work. they had to stop their work for a while. that's when they pulled in a lot of the heavy machinery we have been showing you here. they have a crane there and they have been lowering rescue workers by crane into the site there of what remains at the warehouse. the number of people we know have been killed remains 36. 26 families have been notified that their loved ones are gone. there is one person they have not been able to identify. they will need dna or dental records to identify that final body. the good news if there is any in this case, they don't believe they will find any more bodies. they say there is a chance in
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those two areas they have not gotten into, but they don't believe they will find any more bodies in this search. they say they do have some reports of people who have been missing. that needs to be reconciled. they believe the number of people killed will stand at 36, so again, we have work on two fronts continuing today. the recovery work of all the evidence they might be able to find in this case, and anything they might be able to look for as far as the possibility of finding bodies on this site. that's the latest here in oakland. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. they also mentioned the page to help the families of the victims. if anyone wants to help, we'll continue to stay on top of the developments and you can find the latest at
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let's check the roads now. things aren't looking too good out there right now. give yourself extra time because you're going to run into a lot of slow traffic here. we have two crashes now, westbound 80 before 680. that's been cleared. but in the backup, we have another crash after west texas street, and this is a three-car crash blocking the left lane. so pay attention to what's happening there as you're driving in the area. this is 23 miles an hour in the area, and your alternate could be rockville road to green valley instead of getting on westbound 80. looking at hill crest avenue, highway 242, that's 25 miles an hours along highway 4 westbound because of this crash here before bay point. it's blocking a couple lanes. we have an ambulance on the way
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as well. down to the altamont pass, we have very heavy conditions. coming out of tracy, moving at just 18 miles an hour. this is due to an earlier crash before greenville road, which is now cleared. but north tracy boulevard along westbound 580 to the altamont pass will take you up to 85 minutes. that's a miserable commute there. bay bridge toll plaza, 29 minutes to the plaza then 20 minutes into downtown san francisco. tomorrow will be the coldest day of the workweek. this morning we have temperatures at the freezing point. these are just some of the numbers in and around the bay area, 32 in santa rosa now, 38 in redwood city, oakland in the
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mid-40sand 43 in san josi. bundle up this morning. we'll have ample sunshine later today but it will be on the cool side with temperatures under 60 degrees everywhere. wind kick up out of the northwest 10 to 20 by the evening commute. we have renegade clouds. they are running in advancement of the dry cold front poised and positioned, just anchored off the california coast. but the core of the low pressure is providing rain showers in the pacific northwest. with this notable feature, we are getting colder canadian air mass from the north. when you see the red wind lines here, this is telling you the direction of the wind, from the north to the south. you can play along at home. around this time tomorrow, rain starts to cue up offshore. by the evening commute, it spreads from the north and then
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overnight pockets of moderate rainfall. your thursday morning commute, it will be sloppy and during the afternoon hours we are going to be hit with a heavy rain. as far as totals are concerned, we should see over an inch and a quarter in san francisco, heavier amounts around the santa cruz mountains. we'll see in the greater lake tahoe area a few flurries by wednesday into thursday. sun is up at 7:11 and tonight we're in the 50s at sunset. we'll have the cold temperatures for the first time since january 1st and 2nd, below freezing in santa rosa. we have a freeze watch in effect for lake county. the extended forecast, rain thursday lingering friday and chances saturday through monday. back to you. thank you. with the grammys airing this
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sunday on kpix, we are getting word on what could win big. >> beyonce leads the nominations with 9. perhaps the biggest prize of all, album of the year, contenders are beyonce, adele, justin bieber and drake. it is 6:26. santa clara county is considering changes in the wake of the jailbreak that grabbed national headlines.
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centers after threats of an impending attack. weather ad libs security stepped up at
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southern california transit centers after threats of an impending attack. >> and the names o. victims in the oakland warehouse fire hang on a memorial growing just a block from the scene. >> and it is freezing in santa rosa. i'll share how cold it is where you live. >> and we have a tough commute, and problems with mass transit, coming up. >> agents from the atf are now on the scene at the warehouse in oakland to assist with the criminal investigation. and we are live after a news
6:31 am
conference that just wrapped up. >> reporter: the only good news we have here, 36 bodies have been found and investigators do not think they will find any more. that should be the end of the horrible news we have heard coming out of this scene since the fire on friday night at 11:30 p.m. 36 people have been found. one person has not been identified yet, so they will have to look at dna or dental identification in order to let that person's family know. meantime, the search for the cause continues. the atf has been on the scene all night long, looking at the area of the building that's been the most badly burned. it is in the back of this warehouse. so they are concentrating on this area. that means recovery workers have not been able to go in that area because it is a potential crime scene. and another area as well that searchers have not been able to go into because it is unsafe,
6:32 am
portions of the building too unstable right now for workers to go near it. but we did hear from the spokesperson at the oakland police department this morning about the importance of completing the search in a timely manner. >> the most important message we want to send, because we know families are watching. we know 36 families are watching and other families are watching as well. and also to our community, we are not going to put an end time. we are going to continue the search. we are going to continue the investigation. we are going to continue the process until absolutely every piece of debris is removed from this building and every area has been searched. >> reporter: 85% of the building has been searched and cleared, so they have 15% to go. the power is still out in this neighborhood here in east oakland. it will be until about 8:00 this morning. that's because they are working with a lot of heavy machinery,
6:33 am
a large crane there at the site as well. they have to be sure it is safe for rescue workers tho to complete their work. and there is a website announced for donations at you can just search oakland fire. we'll get that on under links and numbers as well. >> and we just learned 26 of the 36 victims' families have been notified. some were artists and musicians and at least three were from out of this country. last night officials released the names of 9 more victims:
6:34 am
. >> around the country people are holding vigils for the victims of the fire, and how communities are coping with all the grief. >> reporter: for the people of oakland, this is the main spot people have come to pay respects to the victims, east 12th and 31st, just about a block from the warehouse. people are stopping by to leave a message or flowers. at least a thousand people got together last night to lift lights into the sky and offer hugs to anyone who needed one. artists from the bay area are still in shock over the fire and tell us the oakland art community is very close. one local singer said the fire is a huge blow to bay area musicians. >> for the art community, it's
6:35 am
a devastating loss. it's a loss for all people, for oakland, for art. >> reporter: as people continue to deal with incredible grief, they also want answers. people we have spoken to say they want justice and swift change, and for their friends' memories to live on. although this warehouse wasn't up to code and didn't have the proper permits for what it was operating, it was a big part of this culture and for many artists a little piece of home. so we have to be respectful of their feelings. >> the main tenant had previous run-ins with the law. he is currently on probation and people who know him say he is charismatic but polarizing. some believe he created a cult of personality within the warehouse. court records show he was charged with receiving stolen property in 2015 but pled guilty to a misdemeanor and was sentenced to three years
6:36 am
probation. >> and this tweet created a fire storm as well: she later apologized saying it was an acknowledgment of the difficulty of regulation and acknowledging the underground culture. we'll stay on top of all the developments into the oakland warehouse fire and for the newest information, just head to . we are in for a wet rest of the week. to prepare, alameda is providing free sandbags to residents. today noon to 1:00 you can get sandbags at the old alameda naval air station just off west
6:37 am
tower avenue. it will be open every weekday through december 16th. it was a cold start to the day, roberta. things are getting even colder? >> things are going to get colder before we get wet. today we have freezing temperatures in many locations but tomorrow morning, many below freezing. so we'll keep up with the idea of a frost advisory. we are looking out due east here and this is the last time you'll have relatively clear skies here in the bay area all the way through the weekend. we'll have increasing clouds by this time tomorrow morning. let's go ahead and take a look
6:38 am
at the numbers around the bay area, 39 in redwood city, 45 in san josi. we are in the mid-30s throughout the trivalley, 46 in san francisco. it is freezing if santa rosa, and fairfield reporting temperatures in the low 30s. later today the abundance of sunshine will turn windy toward the evening commute, northwest winds 10 to 20, stronger gusts up to 30 miles an hour. we'll track the rain and how much we expect, coming up at 45 after the hour. we have a rough commute throughout the bay area. before we get to the roadways, we start with mass transit. h train 1 is stopped between fremont and great america parkway due to a vehicle on the tracks. we'll let you know when that's back on time. bart and cal train are all on
6:39 am
time. antioch to pittsburgh, you're driving just 12 to 16 miles an hour due to a three-car crash on westbound 4. now emergency crews and chp have the left lane blocked. we'll let you know when that commute recovers. and moving over to the core delia area, we have a two-car crash on westbound 80 after west texas street. it is blocking a lane and causing traffic to move at just 30 miles an hour. there is extra security at subway stations in l.a. today after officials say there was a terror threat. the fbi says it was made through an anonymous phone call to a public safety line. the caller indicated something was going to happen at the universal city redline station sometime today. >> you will see the increased uniform presence, especially at transit stations where we
6:40 am
deploy the k-9 explosive detection teams. we'll have undercover operations underway as well. >> and officials say they will also be doing random bag searches. authorities are looking into the credibility of the threat. >> four of the world's biggest tech companies are looking together to rid sites of terrorist content. facebook, twitter, microsoft and google will set up a shared database to track and remove violent terrorist imagery and recruitment views. it will store digital fingerprints, letting tech companies identify potential terrorists. this follows criticism by european officials over failing to remove hate speech fast enough. the pentagon is accused of burying a report that found $125 billion in potential savings. according to the washington
6:41 am
post, officials pulled the study and imposed secrecy restrictions on the results. they were hoping to avoid cutbacks to have the defense budget. a new high-tech supermarket operates with no checkout lines. >> and a troubling new study revealing how many drowsy drivers are putting themselves and others in danger. ,,
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as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees
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to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. welcome back. this is what 32 degrees looks like. we have some hints of some fog. it will be sunny today, turning breezy toward the evening commute, and temperatures still below average, into the 50s.
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low 50s at the seashore, 50s around the peninsula, 56 in santa clara, east bay mid-50s, and north bay with clear skies and temperatures in the 50s. continue we'll see temperatures below freezing in the far reaches of the north bay. . apple ceo tim cook didn't like what he was hearing from some other media members about the apple watch and its sales, which were considered disappointing. he thought the first week of holiday shopping was the best week ever for the apple watch.
6:46 am
researcher idc says the third quarter of this year, there were over a million versions so sales have been down over the past year. president-elect donald trump does have a big impact on the stock market when it comes to his tweets. he tweeted that he wants cancel a contract with boeing saying the costs are out of control. the air force awarded boeing that contract earlier this year for two new 747s to go into service in 2024. boeing shares are moving lower after that trump tweet. stock market overall taking a bit of a breather after a new record high on monday. the dow is lower by 14 points,
6:47 am
pretty much on the weakness of boeing stock. apple shares are moving higher after tim cook's comments. back to you. there is a grocery store in seattle where you don't have to wait in line to buy anything. it's amazon's new go store. inside you'll find grocery essentials and premade meals. shoppers check in using the amazon go app, grab what they want and exit the store when they're done. a.m.son uses advanced sensor technology to track purchases. the only store right now is in seattle and it's only open to amazon employees. >> sounds pretty cool. i would probably pick up too much because you think it's free. >> nothing in life is free. let's check the roads with rocky. it's not getting any better
6:48 am
along the roads here in the bay area. start with mass transit, because that situation hasn't gotten better either. h train 1 is stopped between great america parkway and crews are saying this will take a while and they are not sure how long it will take. we have a three-car crash blocking two left lanes because of emergency crews trying to help the passengers there. you're moving at just 8 miles an hour out of antioch and once you hit pittsburgh, just 20 miles an hour. 242 right now looking good. heading down to the altamont pass, traffic is not improving too much here. once you head off 205 out of tracy on to the altamont pass, you're moving at 15 miles an
6:49 am
hour. when you hit north flynn boulevard, you're moving at just 23 miles an hour. and a look at core delia here, this crash after west texas street on westbound 80 still causing trouble, just 34 miles an hour there. good morning, everyone. looking at the golden gate bridge, we have clear skies coming out of the north bay. that's where we find some of the coolest temperatures right now. it is freezing in santa rosa, but 31 degrees in windsor, 38 degrees in redwood city and 40 san josi as well as oakland and san francisco. what you need to know today, bundle up heading out the door. get the kids ready with that gear. this afternoon sunshine and cool temperatures, breezy and
6:50 am
windy toward the evening commute. it is now 31 degrees in napa, a frosty morning. thanks for that report. we have clouds trying to filter in around the bay area. these are renegade clouds, associated with this cold front anchored off the coast. they are running in advancement of this system here. tomorrow at this time we'll cloud over. clouds thicken throughout the day and by the evening commute it gets wet from the north bay, central bay and east bay. pretty rainy throughout the evening hours with pockets of heavy downpours. by thursday 8:00 a.m., pockets of heavy rain. heavy rain during the afternoon hours and your thursday is going to be a complete wash. by friday morning, easily approaching an inch and a half in san rafael, over an inch and
6:51 am
a half by friday. 58 degrees in sacramento, socked in at this hour. always carry the chains this time of year. overnight tonight frosty away from the bay, 31 in concord. we have a freeze watch in effect for lake county. our temperatures today, 53 to 57. rain wednesday all the way up into the weekend. enjoy your day. if you want to beat traffic, it's tempting to hit the road early. turns out driving drowsy could be deadly. according to aaa, sleepy drivers are to blame for one in five fatal crashes. video shows it only takes a second for a driver to nod off. drivers who miss 1 to 2 hours of sleep nearly double their risk of a crash. if you're on a long trip, stop every two hours to take a
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break. and we'll take a break and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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part of his post- election 'thank- you tour. it comes as the president elect expands his search for secretary of state. trump is expected to sit down with exxon mobil c-e-o rex tillerson today to discuss the job. the presidential recount in . donald trump is expected to sit down with ex-con mobile ceo today to discuss a possible look at secretary of state. >> and the recount expands today in michigan including detroit. jill stein requested recalls in wisconsin and pennsylvania as well. today the santa clara county board of supervisors will vote on a plan to add more surveillance cameras in the county's main jail. the supervisor says the cameras
6:56 am
are necessary to keep the staff and inmates safe. today muni will decide whether to allow stations to be named after those who make contributions to the public transportation. all over the bay area people are coming together to remember the lives lost in friday's horrific warehouse fire. a large crowd gathered at lake marin in oakland for a vigil last night. it was a similar scene in san francisco as well. we are live at the scene of the fire, chopper 5 above, where the recovery efforts have continued all night long as well as the investigation into how this fire started. the number this morning stands where it did last night, 36 bodies found. investigators do not believe they will find any more in the warehouse, so that's one piece
6:57 am
of good news. of the 36 people, 26 families have been notified and one person they have not been able to identify yet. they will need dna or dental records for that. 85% of the building has been searched so far. there are two sections they are not able to search, one because the atf is focusing its investigation into the cause of the fire there. that is in the back of the building. the other pocket they have not been able to search is because the area around it is too unstable, and it would be dangerous for recovery workers. we did hear from one of the deputy fire chiefs this morning about how glad he is that we have gotten this far so far. >> you know, the primary thing that's really got us a little more uplifted and moving forward is the fact that we're back inside the building searching, which is what we want to do. more than anything we'd like to clear the building and say that it is clear. >> reporter: and we are hearing
6:58 am
of some horrific stories coming out of what happened that night, some people getting texts from their loved ones, knowing that they were going to die and saying i love you. these are the stories we'll hear as more victims are identified in this tragic scene. we'll keep you posted as we get more information as the day progresses and the search does as well. time now 6:58. let's take a look at the morning commute, starting with mass transit. h train 1 is stopped between fremont and great america parkway. if you're waiting for someone to a arrive in the south bay, you're going to wait a little while. this is due to a big rig stuck on the track. 3 and 5 are on time, but if you're waiting for someone on 1, you'll wait a while. keep checking the website for updates. all other trains are on time. highway 4, traffic is moving
6:59 am
very slow. you're inching through antioch and pittsburgh, just 6 miles an hour. pittsburgh you're moving 19 miles an hour due to this crash. back to you. take a look at this. when it is cold, it is clear. it is a beautiful view of the skyline of the city by the bay, san francisco currently in the mid-40s. away from the bay, below freezing now, 31 in redwood city. today under 60 degrees everywhere, and a northwest breeze late day increases to 20. later tonight below freezing in santa rosa, freezing trivalley, 39 degrees san josi. extended forecast, it starts raining tomorrow evening through friday. >> get the jacket tomorrow. >> i have one. >> i have four in the car right
7:00 am
now. >> thank you for joining us. welcome to "cbs this morning." the oakland warehouse fire investigation could lead to murder charges. new details about the victims from around the world and their final moments. >> alarming new research reveals how sleep deprived drivers put themselves and others at risk. how driving tired can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. >> plus, this year's grammy winner for best new artist is ready to pass that torch only on cbs this morning. megan trainer will be here. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye


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