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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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beginning with juliette goodrich at the warehouse.>> reporter: all of this work continues this is deemed a potential crime scene, taking you overhead where you can see the top of the warehouse in the last couple of hours cadaver dogs were brought in to search through the debris and a sheriff's deputy official told me they brought a drone in to look at that video carefully to search where the source of the fire may have started that is the number one question as well. officials are reporting a refrigerator may be among possible sources of the warehouse fire, but they still have so much debris to clear out that is what they have been doing today but they can't confirm an official source or cause of the fire that may take some time that is what they are looking to the end of the warehouse, a mission of clearing and collecting evidence today. late today the next phase removing sections of the upper
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portions of the walls and removing freestanding pieces of material in areas of the warehouse investigators don't believe anyone was in the night of the fire. >> we have completely searched the area directly below where we are knocking these down, we have not only run people through there we have ran the cadaver dogs and other search dogs, at this point we have declared the area where the debris will fall searched. >> the building was not equipped with fire sprinklers or smoke detectors.>> the autopsies show everybody died from smoke inhalation. it was before any fire or collapsing. >> the origin of the fire they believe is toward the back of the warehouse near a refrigerator, officials are being mindful of family members and loved ones seeing the demolition pictures on tv and social media.
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they are informing everyone of the next critical piece of the operation. >> we are extremely sensitive and we are aware that families are watching and they are receiving this information. >> while most of the building has been searched they cannot definitively say there are no victims inside. >> i have no way of ascertaining if there are no additional victims, we will completely searched the property and recover anything we can and make a statement to the fact we have concluded the search and recovery efforts, 10% of the property hopefully that is the 10% where there are no victims.>> reporter: at this point, 90% of the warehouse has been cleared, they still have the additional 10%, we are waiting on a news conference to begin to get the latest update. we are a few feet from the warehouse and actually family members of the victims requested to take a look at the warehouse to see what it looks like,
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official set up a place for them, a viewing area so they could have their time to look. they did not go inside but they want to do see where some of their loved ones had died. that is the latest from oakland more on the news conference coming up at 6:30. we have exclusive video of the living conditions inside of the warehouse. here's the footage. >> this footage was taken by a former tenant who used to live in the building, her photos and videos do not paint a healthy picture of life inside the structure. her name is chile she shared the videos online, you can see one room was separated by a crumbling brick wall, the piles of clothing stacked on the floor made it difficult to navigate through the hallway. here is a look inside the bathroom itself. unstable stacks of wood piled along the wall, a propane tank underneath the sink, hoses and
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wires everywhere, the den and other sitting places look like a cluttered mess piles of junk stacked. this video gives a better look throughout the warehouse, the dark cramped corridors made it seem like going through a maze to get around, one area it appears there is an old mattress leaning against a pile of junk, in the bathroom there is gas and electrical hookups hanging near the sink. chile has described the living conditions as a death trap. >> they knew everything, i argued with them about it. that is why they were threatening me because i argued i said where is all of my money going? there is no heat, it is filthy. >> building inspectors had been at the warehouse at least five times in the past three years. chile paid $700 per month in
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rent while others paid as much as $1500. you can see the deplorable conditions inside. back to you. the man that many are blaming for those who died in the fire showed up at the scene of the tragedy. he blew past reporters in the darkness and then he told nbc he is incredibly sorry for what happened. >> i didn't do anything ever in my life that would lead me up to this moment. i'm a proud man, i will not answer questions. i would rather get on the floor and be trampled by the parents. i would rather let them tear at my flesh than answer these ridiculous questions. i'm so sorry i'm incredibly sorry what do you want me to say? i am not going to answer these questions. the man's father-in-law described him as an absolute menace, a plague and a danger
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in an interview he says he doesn't think derick almena is capable of feeling remorse or guilt. >> if trent telling -- derick almena is found responsible he could face legal issues and lawsuits, the district attorney would have to prove criminal negligence. if that happens derick almena could face involuntary manslaughter. >> did he have a duty of care to maintain the premises in a safe condition? and was he allowed under his contract with the owners to even sublet the warehouse. >> if he is found guilty he could face 36 counts, one for each person killed. each count carrying a maximum sentence of four years behind bars and a $10,000 fine. murder charges are also a possibility and the city of oakland could face civil lawsuit. that is because city workers are supposed to make sure conditions are safe and up to
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code and permits are followed. >> if in any way they failed in that job, and the city will be on notice and the entire city is liable. >> without a doubt multiple civil suits will be filed, as for the owner of the building she too could face criminal charges even if she didn't know people were living in the warehouse. the deadly fire is now focusing attention on other warehouses that make up the oakland's art scene, wilson walker gives us a closer look. >> this is everett and jones barbecue on broadway you will probably hear more about this place tomorrow. the owner of this restaurant has called a news conference to complain about her neighbor right around the corner on second street. she says it is a dangerous arts and entertainment venue. we have not been able to reach anyone but this is a perfect
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example of the intense scrutiny falling on oakland's underground arts scene. >> we are already a dying breed. >> danielle used to be a regular visitor to the ghost ship a place she describes as unsafe but she fears the city's response to the fire. >> this situation will bring huge backlash on artists living in the community in communal spaces trying to do their best to put safety first. >> we went by several artist collectives all of which decided not to speak with the media. off-camera resident stressed most of the communities are not at all like what we have seen or heard from the ghost ship. as for several other locations, they do not allow full-time residence at all but it does not take any library artist colony to present this danger. >> people would go in there and sleep. >> two years ago people died in a fire they blamed on an abandoned building. if the city launches an
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aggressive review it will truly be a task on an industrial scale. as we learned yesterday when the city is alerted to the dangers, there is a matter of taking action.>> we were not able to gain access to the interior of the building. i do not know the reason for that. >> in oakland, wilson walker kpix 5 chilling details about the thoughts going through the minds of fire victims. according to the alameda county sheriff's office one of the victims tested their mother did read i love you mom i'm going to die. some of the victims died with their arms around each other in an attempt to protect one another. authorities have identified 33 of the 36 people killed in the fire. family and friends remembering the lives lost, we are able to tell some of their stories, some were passionate about music and art. one attended san francisco
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state university and another cal. we go outside the growing memorial in oakland for the victims. >> reporter: as the list of those known to have died in the fire grows so does the memorial that was built for them as well as the information we are learning about who they were and what they meant to the community. michaela gregory a child development major who grew up on the peninsula. her boyfriend was also at the party and remains missing. this victim lived in oakland. alex was a 35-year-old father to twin four-year-old little girls. a music producer most recently a contributing documentary producer. jennifer morris was a 21-year- old uc berkeley student who attended uc santa cruz. jennifer was 31 described as having a vibrant personality.
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she was a music manager and she did nail art and volunteered at issues a local magazine and music shop. this victim was a trans woman who broke poetry and served up a good cup of coffee. feral pines was another victim her father told a magazine she was a gentle soul never had a bad word to say. according to facebook she studied at the evergreen pined -- pines. chelsea doland was a musician who volunteered hosting a show at berkeley-based radio station. she was teaching the night of the fire. chelsea was 33 and was studying classical piano. her true love was electronic music. this well-known musician as well condolences received from as far away as sweden.
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he was uncompromising in his search for life and trust in himself. he lived fully and well, he was brave he took better care of himself and those around him than anyone i have ever met. >> there are three victims who have not been identified whose names have not been placed on this makeshift memorial. when they are the community hopes they will begin to heal. emily turner kpix 5. city leaders are holding this news conference that have declared a local state of emergency. listen in. >> this was very labor- intensive. we recognize we were not going to make efficient progress that way, so we brought in some heavy equipment to actually try to pull the pit so it would fall and that was causing additional
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and decide which faces the vacant lot, what was critical is for us to find out that we still had 20% of the warehouse we still needed to search. but we could not continue our search operation until we were able to secure that pit because we had to make sure our firefighters were safe. finally the decision was made after bringing in cadaver dogs to search the second floor, to search the bottom floor that there were no hits made by the cadaver dogs, the decision was made to push the pit inside the structure but, that was our last resort. but we had to make sure we kept moving to assure the families were still waiting to know if there were any more bodies
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inside this structure that we had to continue our search and rescue efforts. so right now that is being done, the parapet has been secured we have companies now that are working still doing the search and recovery efforts and removing debris out of the structure. i want to thank atf for coming out again to help with the investigation. i just want you to know this is an ongoing investigation still going on with atf and there is no determination of fortune or cause in regards to this fire and if we get any further information we will keep you updated. this was a unified command, oakland fire department worked in unison with the alameda county sheriff's department and the alameda county coroner's office. we also worked with our fire partners throughout the county, we were rotating crews every three hours, oakland fire department has been out here 24
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hours continuously around-the- clock since the fire ended. we have been working 24 hours straight, rotating crews in, they have been out here for three hours at a time, this has been a heavy labor operation, plus a heavy mental operation. it got to a point where we were bringing the same crew members out at that time, we recognize it was important for us to utilize our mutual aid partners, we engaged our mutual aid system and we brought in the following companies. we incorporated them into the operation alameda county fire department, alameda city fire department, fremont, hayward, livermore, pleasanton, san ramon valley, east bay regional park and cal fire the santa clara unit. we can't do this by ourselves.
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we can't do this by ourselves, this was a huge operation and it was something we did not expect as a citizen of oakland like something like that would happen but we can together and works through we are pretty close to being able to tell the families that we have completely searched this warehouse. and to let you know the fire department will be on scene until we can look the family members in their face and tell them yes, we have completely searched this warehouse and we can tell you that there are no more victims. in this warehouse, i want to thank the supporting agencies the american red cross, i want to think the various chaplains that came out and assisted with the family care center. i want to thank the public for the donation to have made and i want to thank the press for being patient with us as we try to get information to bring you what was going on and what was occurring.
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thank you. >> thank you, chief. thank you very much. first of all to chief read and to all of our first responders, firefighters police officers to the counties city and state officials federal officials volunteers and staff, to everyone tonight let me just say, your response has been such a dignified response in many ways. i have had an opportunity to speak with many family members today they appreciate the respect and dignity you have afforded them. you have worked through this very challenging moment. we continue of course to pray for the victims, the loved ones, and the entire city during this
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very anguishing time. it is an anguishing time. our condolences, my condolences to all as we continue to grieve with you and we will do everything possible, i want to say to the family members and friends and loved ones, we will continue to do everything we can do to care and to comfort you during this very difficult time. i was part and i mentioned this to the mayor yesterday, part of the response effort to the 1989 earthquake which was devastating and the firestorm of 1991, and the resilience of the people of oakland and their concerns for their fellow neighbors, it was unparalleled then and i have to say now we have experienced another terrible terrible tragedy and, the first responders and all of our
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officials, they have risen to the occasion in a magnificent way, this has been unparalleled if you ask me after coming through those two efforts and challenges and tragedies. i was very intimately involved in both of them, so i just want to say for that, we all are deeply deeply grateful for your response. as we move forward during this grieving period, during this mourning period, during this recovery and rebuilding process, just know that the federal partnership is with the city, with the mayor, with our first responders the federal partnership is truly seamless. i have talked with the senators of course with governor brown, and i want you to know, they are committed to supporting the city and whatever efforts are necessary as we go through this healing and rebuilding process.
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i want to also say the response from mayor schaff the response has been steady, the priorities have been correct in terms of focusing on the victims of the family and loved ones, with respect and dignity so i have to say i am very proud of our city and what has taken place during this very tragic time. i have been in touch with the white house on several occasions, i want to conclude by reading you a statement from president obama who really knows and loves oakland very very deeply. he summarized our feelings when he said oakland is one of the most diverse and creative cities in our country, and the families and residents always pull together. and they pull together in the wake of this awful tragedy, just know they will have the unwavering support of the american people, may god bless
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you.>> thank you, congresswoman. jd nelson. >> i'm jd nelson with the alameda county sheriff's office, as of right now we have identified 35 of the 36 victims, we have one unknown, of those 35 we have made notifications to 30 of the families. we are in the process of notifying the other five. i hope you have the list of names to all of you later tonight. that is what we are working on, thank you. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf. >> tonight is the night that we begin wrapping up the recovery process and moving forward into the future. there are so many questions
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that you have had and will continue to have. and so, tonight we are beginning by making available to you, an initial set of public records, tonight we are making available public records from the last 30 years from the city of oakland planning and building department related to the warehouse at 1315 31st avenue, as well as to the neighboring vacant lots that is on a separate parcel at 1305 31st avenue. the alameda county va and the oakland city attorney have confirmed the release of any public document created prior to december 2 will not compromise any investigation related to this fire, any document created prior to this fire will be treated as a public record.
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in this 30 year period roughly covering the length of time of which we have electronic records. we prioritize the planning and building records because the vast majority of the questions we have gotten have been regarding the compact we had during this city agency we want to recognize there are other city agencies we are working on compiling records from. including police calls for service as well as fire inspections. it is important to note there are several ways that the city of oakland comes in contact with a property and our responsibility as a city very based on the agency which has the encounter as the nature of the circumstance. and i will just say, we are also seeking god records from other
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public agencies including alameda county which will also have records of interest. many people have asked and i once again confirm according to public records as of 2007, the warehouse owner is also the listed owner of the vacant lot. the permanent use for the warehouse is as a commercial space, it was not permitted for residential use nor public assembly use. now, prior to the deadly warehouse fire, there have been three complaints made about the address, two in 2014 and one in 2005. their complaints were december 8, 2014 constructing house and structure without permit on september 30, 2014 pallets and
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construction material blocking the sidewalk, november 16 pallets and construction material blocking the sidewalk, november 16, 2005 the vacant lot next to above address being used as a parking lot and a homeless camping ground. that is the address of the warehouse which was the subject of this horrific tragedy. we have also included the complaints that have been made on the vacant lot adjacent to the warehouse that vacant lot is a separate article and has a separate address of 1305 31st avenue. now for the past 30 years there have been 18 complaints about the vacant lot beginning in 1988 , note there are no visible street addresses for either of these properties which is why we have included records for both addresses. now, 16 of those complaints happened in the very past years
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anytime between 1988 and 2014. the following two complaints were made on the vacant lot during 2016, november 14 illegal interior building structure, november 13 there are a ton of garbage piling up on the property, a lot of items left on the sidewalk some trash was hazardous this property is storage but the owner turned it into trash recycle site. again, these records will be made available to you on our website as we continue compiling all public records relevant to this event that happened prior to the fire. we will make those available on our public records request website so that they are downloadable and accessible to everyone in the public. no one ever wants to see a
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tragedy like this, in their community, but, when one strikes it is our responsibility to take aggressive and quick action to avoid any future tragedies again. so we are committed to doing everything possible to improve the safety of our community. and to prevent similar tragedies from apple inc. in the future. today, we began this process of assembling the team that will help us do just that. we have reached out to the national fire protection association, a highly respected nonprofit organization devoted to eliminating loss from fire and other hazards. they worked extensively on fire safety for codes inspection and enforcement, they will be here this week to start building this with us. the nfpa has agreed to
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facilitate a group of top-notch experts who will be working with us on the ground to identify best practices and make the best recommendation for safety improvement in this community and, we believe in a way it will improve community throughout the country. tomorrow, at our downtown emergency operations center, we will be holding a further press conference to provide more details on this effort. our hope is that through these efforts, we will not only make oakland safer, we will make the neighborhood safer while at the same time lifting up this compassionate creative exceptional community that we are so proud to call home as oakland, california. >> thank you, mayor schaaf at
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this time we will open it for questions, i will start here on the left and we will work to the right.>> [ reporter asking question ] >> we are still in the process of searching, on the alpha side of the building which is the side of the building on 31st avenue and on the bravo side there was heavy collapse in the area so we had to secure the area and there was a lot of heavy equipment so that was the last portion of the warehouse that still needed to be searched, there is, there was a limited number of searching that had to be done where atf had identified as the possible place of origin. so they are trying not to disturb the investigation there
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were some preliminary searching gun in the area, but the search and recovery effort is still going on, we will be out here until we can definitely say we have searched the entire structure and there are no more victims within its. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> it is going to take as long as it is going to take, we are not going to rush the process, we are going to make sure that we maintain diligence and that we respect the fact that there is potentially a victim in there. however long it takes for us to secure that warehouse, we are going to take that time, when we leave this scene we will know and we will tell everyone we have searched the warehouse and there are no other victims in it. >> [ reporter asking question ]
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>> i'm not prepared to draw conclusions from the history, we are still in the process of compiling it. but, i will remind you the responsibilities and duties of different city employees varies, police officers are not trained in the zoning laws. >> [ reporter asking question ]
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>> i'm going to state again, the atf has been on scene, really since the first day of the incident, they showed up early saturday, the investigation has been going on since that time, the investigation is still ongoing, there is no determination at this time of origin or cause to this fire. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> with all due respect, sir, i believe that question has been asked and answered to the best of its ability.
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i'm going to go ahead and move on. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> good evening, i am the public information officer for the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives. at this time, there has been no determination as far as the origin and cause of the fire. the investigation is still ongoing, when that information has been determined, atf will release that information. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> as atf stated earlier, we
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are considering all items within the building and structure and looking at all items there has been a determination made at this time. thank you. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> we are providing public records and we are also tonight providing some answers to frequently asked questions such as that one, it is not my job, it is not my job to second-guess intention of an individual inspector, but we can tell you that the process for getting entry into a building, if you are not invited that you may not force entry into a building as a building inspector unless there are certain circumstances
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as well as you typically being accompanied by a police officer. there also is a process by which you could get a court order so we will be providing more information about that process. but, the routine procedure which was followed if you cannot gain entry to a building, you send a request to the owner , requesting such entry and requesting an investigation, that request was in fact made. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> this is the way i will answer that question, we have actually discuss this almost on a daily basis so i want to be perfectly clear as the mayor stated earlier, law enforcement deals and response, we are
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trained for crimes, at the same time every time we go to a call our policy is we document everything. so, those documents depending on whatever call it is, it is documented in our system. having said that the alameda county district attorney's office is the lead investigative agency, as the mayor has stated over the last five days, everything will be looked at. may i go to another question? >> [ reporter asking question ] >> i wouldn't have the details, those specific details to answer that question, all i know is right now at the night of the incident, they were
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called to the scene to secure the electrical to turn it off whether it was one panel multiple panels i do not have that information at this time.>> that is a good question that will segue into i would like to update everyone, pg&e has restored power to the area it has been very important to the community members, a lot of people were without power for some time i did want to provide an update that is a segue we will come back to you. may i move on to another question? >> [ reporter asking question ] >> oakland is a very creative and compassionate community. there are many vigils the community has planned both congresswoman lee and i were invited to a plan vigil last
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night, this is a grieving process. it is going to be happening in the city for a very long time. as elected officials it is our job to support and embrace the community led action so that we can lead to this community grieve in the way it feels appropriate. where the city will be focusing its effort is taking a proactive step to improve safety for this community but to improve safety in a way that also respects the incredible creative community and, the housing security issues in this city as well. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> the request for the number of warehouse is in this city, that information is being compiled i do not have it
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tonight. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> they were called out when the fire was reported, it is part of the protocol in regards to structure firefighting that we have the utilities secured so typically we will call out pg&e for electrical and gas to shut them off. >> i would like to take a moment and update everyone with information that is important i would like to introduce my public information partner officer marco marquez this is important information as the city heels and the families heal and move on. from this tragedy, this is important information we will like to put out to everyone. >> good evening i'm with the
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oakland police department one of the public information officers. as we have witnessed and experienced over these past couple days, this was a very tragic incident. many were impacted, not just our community, but the country and internationally. even at the scene we have experienced the overwhelming donations and love from the community and people all over the world, we want to take this time to direct you to ways you can help to support the relief of the families and those that were impacted during this incident, one way to do that is by donating. you can go online to do that. search oakland fire relief you will see a page generated and organized by the oakland
6:41 pm
athletics, they have donated a substantial amount along with the oakland raiders and the golden state warriors and many members of this community and nationwide and internationally. we want to encourage you to support this relief for the city. >> that was a public information officer from opd asking people to make donations they can do so at several developments have come out on this deadly warehouse fire, the city will release records on complaints against the property most recently two in 2015 and one in 2005. also the sheriff's department says it has identified 35 of the 36 victims. there is just one unknown victim. the city planning to declare a local state of emergency to help with funding in the aftermath of the tragedy. juliette goodrich has been listening in on the latest what
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strikes you about what city officials were saying?>> reporter: i think what is key is the mayor says that will be all public information release, they were forthcoming about the building, the investigation they are taking it extremely seriously. the latest on the victims at this point they have not determined it is 100% cleared out, they have the search and recovery they say 34 of the 35 victims have been identified they have five families to notify. they don't expect to find any more bodies inside but one official said they have 10% of the building that they need to go in and get the debris and check things out very carefully. they have drones and cadaver dogs they are going through this meticulously and methodically very mindfully as well. let's listen in to some of the latest from the officials that just talked. >> at this time, we have proclaimed a local state of emergency.
6:43 pm
this is scheduled to be ratified by the city council on december 8. >> we continue to pray for the victims, the loved ones and the entire city during this very english in time and it is an english in time. >> as of now we have identified 35 of the 36 victims, we have only one unknown. of those 35 we have made notifications to 30 families.>> no one ever wants to see a tragedy like this in their community. but, when one strikes it is our responsibility to take aggressive and quick action. to avoid any future tragedies again. >> we also heard from the atf the first time we hear from them today it is important to note earlier we said officials reported a refrigerator may be among the source of the fire or one of them, at this point they
6:44 pm
cannot confirm that they still have a long investigation that is the latest we will have more tonight at 11:00. i'm juliette goodrich, back to your. >> the fire had a deep impact on the transgender community. jessica flores joins us from oakland to tell us more.>> many people are gathered here at perch coffeehouse in oakland to remember many part of the trans community who died in the oakland fire. tonight they are remembering their lives. before going up in flames the oakland warehouse was the site of a party where many in the trans community gathered to dance the night away. >> these places are where you find yourself where you find the community that accepts your. when we don't have those safe places we are put into situations in jeopardy. >> at least three trans women are among the victims, 22-year- old, cash askew , 29-year-old feral pines and em bohlkas,
6:45 pm
as authorities began to identify the victims they brought in a liaison for the trans community to help make sure each victim is identified by their chosen name and gender. >> we have to work together. >> the identity of the victims, their names matter. >> there are procedures to follow. we want to make sure everybody is respected with dignity. >> a father posted this message recently she was transitioning to become a beautiful happy woman. she took the name em bohlkas i wish she had more time to live her life as she truly wanted. >> authorities are working on identifying several more victims. from oakland jessica flores kpix 5. the investigation into the oakland warehouse fire we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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(((weather))) (((weather))) lake county, a freeze warning for you tonight but not the entire bay area we do have
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some club cover rolling it preventing some of the cooling from making it to the bay area, we have the freeze warning in effect tonight overnight lows dropping below freezing in a few spots including santa rosa, 32 for fairfield, a very cold night the coldest since january 2 for concord, livermore san rafael and vallejo low to mid 30s that is not the only weather element, it will be very busy 24 hours, we have a cold arriving tonight, that quickly exits getting shoved out of the way by this storm bringing rainfall to the bay area by this time tomorrow, futurecast tomorrow morning showers for the north bay tomorrow afternoon the rainbow spread south a sloppy and to the evening commute to her, overnight thursday light to moderate rain thursday morning light to moderate rain, thursday evening light to moderate rainfall thursday a sloppy day the rain pushing south by friday morning we are cold tonight, chili tomorrow
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with rain likely oakland 52 tomorrow, we will not hit 50 degrees in napa and san rafael only 49 in santa rosa, wet thursday up to one inch of rainfall we will be dry over the weekend with more rain moving in monday and tuesday, getting soggy, food for bay area families time for that joining us is ben drew and larry slide. there is a big need out there. >> very much so we served 190,000 people each month they help us a lot. >> this is a big check for a big need $35,000 for the food bank from john mayer health, tell us where the money is going. >> it is going to the community produce program a great program they visit 50 sites every month fresh produce for families 20 to 30 pounds of fresh produce our mission is to help improve the health of the communities and what larry and his team are doing helps to support healthy
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communities. >> thank you for coming in. $35,000 donation, you can help go to our website, every dollar helps we are back with sports in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hello everybody, tonight we are turning back the clock, some 60 years the last time the usf played basketball on this court tonight they play san francisco state, tipoff 8:00. since we are turning back the clock all concessions hot dogs are $.50, popcorn $.50 in fact the uniforms tonight will reflect that era, now that team was the team that won the national championship and was the first team to start three african-americans.>> last week they tried on their throwbacks a close match to the jersey that they wore 60 years ago. >> college basketball the team winning as many games as usf
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was the sports story in the bay area. >> bernie schneider authored a book on college basketball a good portion dedicated to the usf two titles the 60 game win streak deciding home-court advantage here. >> a 29 game winning streak they were going for. >> they did all of this winning during a time when the bay area's only professional franchise was the 49ers. they had parades to city hall everyone wanted a piece of the big man will russell. >> there was no player in america that time that could touch russell.>> will bush was on the team which became the first national champion to start three african-american players.>> we went to the college tournament in oklahoma city, we couldn't stay in the hotels because we had black players so we stayed in a dormitory. >> six decades have passed, the
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lives of those involved remain unchanged. >> the state department sent us on a goodwill tour in south america one of the games was in columbia. and at the game a young woman who i ended up marrying. >> how time to change, usf has not won a title since minimum wage was one dollar per hour the popular tv show i love lucy, elvis was singing and don larsen threw his first perfect game in the world series, we are taking it back hot dogs are $.50 i will be reporting with post game on the late show.>> all right. the latest on the oakland warehouse fire and all of today's news always on >> we will see you back here tonight at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are y'all? how's everybody? appreciate y'all. how are y'all doing? thank you, now. appreciate you, folks. thank y'all. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] well, we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day, from nokesville, virginia, it's the holmes family. [cheering and applause] and from columbus, ohio, it's the huber family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win
7:00 pm
their self a lot of cash, and somebody wants to drive out of here in a brand-new car. let's play "feud." give me quincy. give me jim. all right, guys, here we go. top 8 answers on the board. we asked 100 married women, "name an animal that best describes your husband's love making style." jim: grizzly bear. steve: grizzly bear. quincy: tiger. steve: tiger. quincy: what you want to do? we're going to play, steve. steve: they're going to play. all right, we talked to 100 married women. i'm-a say that once. name an animal that best describes your husband's love making style. ebony: a dog. >> good answer!


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