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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  December 11, 2016 7:30am-8:31am PST

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now on kpix 5 news: searching for answers. a bombshell from the city of mass. >> live, this is kpix news. an inspector had been in the building in 30 years. now on kpix, searching for answers. a bombshell from the city of oakland following the deadly warehouse fire reveals major staffing in the fire department. we go one-on-one with noah guyer and ask what happened and what is ahead. transitioning in the white house. the oil executive that president truck is considering for secretary of state.
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the problems with drunk drivers after passing recreational marijuana. it's 7:30 a.m. on sunday, december 11th. good morning. let's get started with a live look outside in the bay area. the rain has moved out but the fog developed in the north bay and inland valleys overnight and you can see there the sierra saw rain, snow mix this weekend and plenty of powder on those slopes. you can see doppler is dry at this hour. but we did see some pretty impressive rainfall. 24 hour totals show over a quarter of an inch for san jose and 3/4 in fremont and well over an inch in oakland. san francisco got substantial rain as well as napa. over 3/4 of an inch and two inches in kentfeel and over half an inch in santa rosa. the rain did cause damage and flooding around the bay. and this east bay roadway is clear this morning after a tree
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came crashing down on a passing car. it took crews four hours to remove the tree. a good samaritan and the chp jumped into help the driver trapped in the car. he is expected to be okay. the rain also caused flooding on a section of the great highway in san francisco. the road is still shut down this morning. between lotton and judda. public works says they will wait for all of the water to drain and it could be days before this section is open again. phil, back to you. right now federal investigators continue scouring through what is left behind of this ghost ship warehouse searching for clues and the cause. this comes as the catastrophic tore through the building killing 36 people. they are trying to track down anything electrical that could have ignited the fire. there is no sprinklers or fire alarm sprinklers in the
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building. the bells at great cathedral at 12:30 with ring 36 times in honor of the victims, some artists and other musicians and a lot of the victims were young in their 20s. the youngest victim, travon mcgill has been identified as the son of an alameda county sheriff's department and a member of the boys' choir and this week they paid tribute to him. >> travon's friends at the san francisco school for the arts performed a special concert in his honor. notes to the 17-year-old covered a wall inside the memorial theater. travon was a classically trained vocalist. another benefit for fire victims is planned today. mobi and other special guests are performing at the concert. held at the mezzanine that starts at 8:00 p.m. and they will hold a silent auction and proceeds will go to the gray area foundation for
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the arts, oakland fire fund. and several other benefit concerts are planned in the bay area throughout the week for a list. head to cbs p -- city records show that fire inspectors may never have set foot in the warehouse for years. there is mandatory fire inspections every year but the city of oakland does not have enough fire inspectors. budget documents confirm that they had 8 inspectors on the budget however only 6 positions were filled. i ask former mayor and an administrator wind up not paying attention to this. >> it is not paying attention but a series of items that you
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have to administer to and you are motivated highly based on the visibility issue, when you can appear and when you can appear on channel 5 being interviewed on something, you cover it, however, there's so many items that you need to cover. you don really ... >> so in other words it doesn't have the appeal or the sex. >> forget the sex part. it is a business of trying to run the office. and when you are trying to run the office, there are just a laundry list of things that need to be done and you really do have to rely upon the personnel, making the argument and the case and believe me, i don't know anybody that makes the case or at least in my administration for inspection. that was not high on anybody's list. do you think next year it will be that there will be -- we may see a proliferation? >> of course not. it is a situation, melissa, in
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which, yes, it is critical today because 36 people have died but the civil grand jury that has zero responsibility to deliver anything except words ... >> we are talking also about a culture of culpability here in city halls around where even if you have the problem it's deferred, it's deflected. whether it's maintenance on vehicles or staffing and back office. you want cops on the street but not necessarily investigators or forensics in the lab. >> we cut back there. and the system crumbles. keep in mind that citizens don't want to pay full price and believe me, it costs to run government. it costs a lot more on an ongoing pay as you go basis that we can collect from the citizens without being dumped for overtaxing. >> isn't it going to cost the city more. now it will have to pay millions a prosecuting the
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people and payup. >> that is probably true but that mayor would have been lieutenant governor or something else by that time. >> still ahead. oakland city council noah guyer joins us and what is being done about warehouses and people living them in the future. new video to the newsroom shows a fiery crash in san jose. this happened overnight. the car burst into flames around four this morning. it all happened at capitol expressway in san jose. right now we are waiting for official confirmation of any fatalities, we do know firefighters put out the flames within 15 minutes of arrive on the scene. 25 people are dead and 35 others are injured in cairo egypt. a suspect through a bomb in st. peter's church and others say
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an explosive was planted there. turkey has had two deadly bombings. a kurdish group is claiming responsibility for those attacks. donald trump is expected to nominate exxon's ceo mr. tiller son for secretary of state. praising him for more than a businessman, however the 64 year old veteran experience has no government or diplomatic experience but he does have ties to vladimir putin. and he has served six big donors to serve. they have given $11.6 millions
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to support donald trump's bid. linda mcmann contributed over 7 million to back his campaign for president. she has been selected to run the small business administration. and here in the golden state, concerns continue about how the trump administration will handle immigration. lawmakers are stepping up with bills to try to provide protections. it is our responsibility. it is our moral responsibility as senators, as assembly members to do everything in our power to protect our constituents and alleviate the sense of anxiety, fear and panic. >> one bill under consideration would provide attorneys to immigrant in deportation proceedings. they would use to help public defenders understand complex deportation issues. another bill is looking to prevent law enforcement from having to notify custom enforcement when immigrants are being released from local jails. with the 2016 election behind us, the final numbers
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are out and california saw its highest voter turnout since 2008. according to secretary of state, seven percent 75% of people turned out to vote. governor jerry brown is now the highest paid governor in the country thanks to a four percent raise he just received. his salary went from over $182,000 to over $190,000 a year. the lieutenant governor, the secretary of state and the attorney general and the controller and treasurer are others that will be getting bigger paychecks. the legalizing of recreational marijuana is igniting concerns on the roadway. >> with the passage of prop 64 we have seen over the years an increase in people being impaired under the influence of drugs both legal and illegal. >> now in response, lawmakers are taking action and a newly proposed bill would allow law
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enforcement to use roadside testings to check for driving under the influence of marijuana. but the issue critics argue is that there is no clear impairment threshold for pot like there is with alcohol. we don't have it yet so we are dependent upon the observations of the officers and the training of the officers to try to do it without that tool. it is difficult but it can be done. >> now, the measure is being supported by chief ken corning, president of the california police chief's association. in a statement he says "the federal partners, our federal partners have demonstrated the efficacy of oral testing and we look forward to utilizing the technology at a state level." palo alto is planning to band smoking in apartments and condominiums. the new ordinance will start in 2018 and a permanent process for tobacco retailers well and that will be enforced by santa clara county. oakland workers will be
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getting a raise in the new year thanks to the measure fs that voters approved back in 2014. the minimum wage in the city will increase to 12.86 per hour. a 31-cent increase, employers that don't raise wages will face fines of one thousand dollars for violations. there will be in formal meetings about the change. the first is set for this wednesday at city hall. in the south bay, a major construction project is now getting under way. and developers of the new fields complex are looking to capitalize on nearby transit, something we say they should be doing. here is what it will look like once completed. apartments and a two hundred room hotel and restaurants. two companies behind the restaurant are hoping it will appeal to local tech workers and local families. it is being built next to the great mall and it is nearby an existing light rail stop as
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well and it is also near construction of the bart station that is going to be completed there. and it is all part of the complex on the corner of monacue expressway and east capital avenue. working to provide drought relief in california. the action president obama is taking to help with the ongoing issue.
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kpix weather sponsored by mancini sleep world. our coverage of that deadly oakland warehouse continues. city officials around the bay area and across the country on alert. 36 people died in the building which we learned hasn't been inspected by fire officials in 30 years or by building inspectors and is prompting a rash of inspections and evictions from warehouses in other cities across the country. oakland however still remains to be seen how they will handle it. joining us now to talk more
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about this is oakland city council member noah guyo. we are getting signals out of city hall. one is that safety is top priority. >> yes and there is a question about not conducting a witch- hunt looking for people living in the warehouses because it could lead to evictions. >> no, no, no, the role of government is to protect the needy and to protect residents especially for public safety. so, therefore, the city council has already demanded from administration to be able to come back to us and not only look in determine what are the current staffing levels and what do i need to enhance and grow the fire marshals and the building inspectors and what will cost me? i can do overtime like i have been with my police department to guarantee that these residential units whether they are artist communities or seniors or immigrant families living there have a safe place.
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i do not want to displace the tenant. i am willing to work with the property owner to make sure at the bring the buildings up to fire code and tame we -- at the same time we have to have annual inspections. >> this is causing tensions. and we were at the meeting and we had artists saying we want a moratorium on evictions and we don't want anyone displaced. >> there is a way to work with all of us. we are all responsible and accountable for what happened. that is a reality. >> and that's another point you made at that meeting. you said okay, this was a party, somebody paid at the door to go in. >> absolutely. >> and so it is not just residents and tenants. we make it a housing issue because that is the debate once to be but the actual thing was enforcing any illegal parties. >> it is very clear anyone that wants to have a party at your home or a fiesta down the street or an event like we just had, you have to have an
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assembly permit that the police department has to sign off on and take a look at your facility. >> we don't enforce that. you know that. >> that's the challenge that we have. we have to enforce the rules and those of us owning property have to adhere to those rules. >> you testified at that hearing, you said i can go down to fruitville and there's selling hot dog with an illegal propane tank and we drive by it. the police visited that warehouse on complaints and nothing happened. >> that's the challenge that oakland has and so, therefore, we got to get our act together. no excuses from any end of government and so we as residents, the taxpayer, demands the level of service to increase and when it comes to public safety, we have made too many excuses for a long time. >> i have got a quick question on the raiders which as we are
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talking about not having the money for building inspectors, 200 million-dollars in infrastructure. >> we are -- whether the raiders stay or not we are going to do buildings and office space based on the location where it is so, therefore, i will have to, you know, redo my power lines, my sewer lines, my roads, my parking and those will be done whether the raiders stay here or not. >> okay. in the last deal, oakland taxpayers are still paying 10 millions a year on the last deal that didn't work out. that means fewer firefighters and cops and other services. is there any guarantees. >> part of the proposal is to pay that upfront or to be able to play within the revenue generation that we will create. so that will be covered and again when it comes to the land, we have a lease, a sale option but i will say that in confidence that proposal is a good proposal for the city of oakland, the county and the
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state of california. we are going see that. this is the first outline of it and we will take a closer look as it makes its way through because you don't want to be left on the hook for 95 million- dollars plus. thanks for joining us this morning. well, let's lighten it up a bit, at least hopefully and turn to the forecast and take a look outside and what is supposed to be a bright, sunny day, right, julie? >> that's right. phil, we are seeing sunshine. the rain has moved out of here. you can see some lingering clouds certainly but we do anticipate breaks in the clouds and temperatures across the board in the 40s and a couple of chilly spots, santa rosa 30. we are seeing fog. some dense patchy fog in the inland valleys in areas where the sky has cleared. getting a break from the rain. the front has pass to the south and still bringing rain and snow to the pacific northwest and woe got a couple of days where we stay dry before the next weather system moves in. futurecast times it out and here we are at 2:00 and we do
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have high clouds and lingering clouds and more cloud cover for monday and we stay dry for one more day. it is not until tuesday overnight, monday into tuesday that we start to see showers. here we are in the morning commute seeing showers and the rain comes on tuesday and wednesday, it looks like thursday may be the heaviest rain day of the week and lingering showers into friday. a wet week setting up and clearing and dry for sunday. a dry start to the work week and rain returns monday into tuesday. your high temperatures for today in the 50s pretty much area wide and the extended forecast shows again dry today increasing clouds tomorrow. and next round of rain begins overnight monday to tuesday and continues wednesday, thursday and looks to be the heaviest rain day and then friday into saturday, we start to dry out. it looks like we will dry out friday. phil. a bill that would provide more than a half a billion dollars in drought relief in the state is headed to president obama's desk. the wide range bill authors
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hundreds of water projects across the country including one in flint, michigan. senator barbara boxer drafted the bill but urged the senate to vote no because of a provision that puts the issue of big farms over the fishing industry. senator diane feinstein is on board with that legislation and she released a statement saying that "this bill is a compromise that i believe will truly help all of california" the state with 40 million people simply can't rely on water system put in place when we were just 16 million people and this is a big step in the right direction. still ahead, helping kids stay out from behind bars. we'll introduce you to this week's jefferson award winner that is replacing probation with rehabilitation.
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well when you think of probation you think of enforcement, something punitive. but for one east bay county the theme is rehabilitation. >> and sharon chen shows us it is because of this week's jefferson award winner. >> 19-year-old sarah edermark with a special message for james rivers. >> thank you. because like without him, none of this would have happened for me. >> and michelle, you called. >> james is a probation manager at the contra costa probation department. he helped put in place in the girls residential and family therapy programs that sarah
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says transformed her life. as a teenager drug addiction kept in and out of juvenile homes but now she is clean and hasser when ged and a job. >> like i have changed everything since i got out. and like i don't recognize myself i am a totally new person. >> that could be an arrest for those charges. >> over two decades james has worked as probation officer and manager. colleagues credit him with ushering a new area of reform that rehabilitates jung young people that get in trouble with the law. >> we created our treatment programs. >> sarah went to girls in motion. the county's first treatment program that keeps young offenders in a facility so they don't runaway before they get help. >> this helped me learn discipline and respect. >> james has led the effort for evidence based practices. treatments that have been
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tested through scientific studies. james says there is no numbers but anecdotally have gone through the program are less likely to reoffend. >> they are returning to schools and not using drugs and being productive. lisa roth says thanks to james probation staff teaches young people how to problem solve to make better decisions when kids want to get in a fight. >> we teach the youth to look at the pros of getting into a fight and the cons and the long- term consequences. >> it is noughts to train your colleagues to use new methods but james' long time service in probation and his people skills have earned him respect. >> he is personable and understanding and he listens to when people are talking to him. >> we do treatment in this county and we not only do treatment, we do treatment with quality. >> so for changing the lives of
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young people in contra costa county juvenile justice system. this week's award goes to james rivers. and we are celebrating the 45th anniversary of the jefferson awards foundation this week. you can nominate your own local hero. at we'll be right back.
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this is kpix 5 news. welcome back to kpix 5 this morning.
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the time is 8:00. >> let's get started with the look outside. the rain is gone but the fog is lingering in some parts of the bay. visibility down to a quarter of a mile in some parts of the area beautiful shots here. and some of the highest tides are expected. the king tide could get as high as 7 feet. turn to go to forecast the rain is gone and fog in its place and current temperature are chilly in some spots. doppler showing dry conditions. we did see some impressive rain totals. take a look at this. after a quarter of an inch in san jose and up north, kentfield nearly 2-inches and half an inch in fairfield and over a half in santa rosa. we will get a break in the rain for the next couple of days and
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then more rain is on the way, phil. i will be tracking that coming up in a bit. now, turn to go to national political stage. sorry mitt romney and sorry rudy giuliani it appears that president-elect donald trump is one step closer to nominating ceo rex tillerson as his secretary of state. this after trump met with him for the second time this weekend. an official announcement could come as early as tomorrow. in the first interview since the election trump is praising tillerson as more than a businessman. the 64 year-old veteran businessman has no government experience. he does, however have ties to president vladimir putin. and he says that they have been friends for 15 years and calls the relationship very close. >> now this comes as the trump transition team is disputing an intelligence assessment that
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russia tried to influence the u.s. election and get mr. trump elected. it was reported after the c.i.a. shared a secret assessment with a group of u.s. senators. the transition released a statement saying, these are the same people that says saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. >> they will say this is an attempt to de legitimatize his win. >> it is not just trump's transition team responding. california representative eric swalwell is issuing a statement calling it troubling and saying if true this is a direct attack aimed at helping one preferred candidate over another and we must know exactly what happened so that we can decide how to prevent it from ever happening again. swalwell introduced a bill to create a bipartisan commission for the 2016 presidential election. >> since the election hillary
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clinton has been taking time off to recuperate. at least that ways she told senator diane feinstein they met for dipper after hillary clinton spoke an event. she has made a few speeches since the event and has been seen around her home in new york. with questions laying low, what happens to the bill and hillary operation. i asked former mayor brown and melissa kane what they think. >> hillary has emerged from her sort of seclusion and just recently gave a speech where she talked about the impact of fake news and james comey's statements on her candidacy and she gave a touching tribute to harry reed but it seems to be blameing to some degree or shifting a little bit of responsibility for what happened to her campaign to fake news and james comey which
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a lot of people have issues with. >> where does she go vee vis-a- vis the democratic party? >> no place. the democrats have moved on. the democrats did not elect hillary clinton to the presidency. she got more votes on the popular side but it did not transact into what got her there. she is incapable of this stage of her life and political career of doing anything except occupying the role madeline all bright occupied. i can see her taking on a jimmy carter role active in the international community. >> i can't see bill and hick lary with a hammer. >> but maybe participating in think tanks. >> there is a real opportunity, however, if you recall twine when the haiti quake hit and that whole nation was virtually
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destroyed, all of that money was collected and a pitch by both presidents. >> you see future in the philanthropic area. >> yes. if you would go to haiti and start to rebuild the country, the country has literally not been touched against by sean penn since twine. what happens to the clinton machine. for 30 years we have had that machine. >> it is all over. the machine is gone. you really do know that we can't get elected using that machine. we need new life and people and new results. more headlines in the golden state a new bill for law enforcement weapons left in vehicles. jerry hill introduced the legislation that would require
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police agencies to inventory all of the firearms and they would also need to take annual counts of the weapons and report to the national registry when they go missing. officers that fail to report lost weapons will be disciplined. hundreds of guns have been stolen or loss. >> some use to commit crimes like the killing of kate stillen in san francisco. a new effort to crack down on drones flying near jails. >> that is over concerns that they could have escapes or drop contraband. there have been numerous incidents where contraband has been dropped in prison yards. there is restrictions where drones can fly. there is technology to track drones and make them fall from the sky. a concern is that you drop a handgun in a prison yard or a
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knife or drugs. >> the sacramento sheriff's department has investigated two incidents where remote control aircraft have been spotted near the jails. searching for answers. a bombshell from the city of oakland following the deadly warehouse fire. a retired fire captain joins us live in the studio to talk about the problem and he will reveal why it is not just an issue in oakland but throughout the bay area. plus, considering a temporary band on pot. the county that is saying not so fast to the statewide legalization of statewide marijuana.
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closed-captioning is sponsored by living spaces furniture. this morning federal investigators are continuing to scour through what is left of the oakland warehouse. they are searching for a cause of the fire. this comes 6 days after a catastrophic blaze tore through the building killing 36 people and turned out to be an unpermitted dance party. the forensic mapping team is working to create a diagram of the warehouse and agents don't believe that the fire was
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intentionally set. it had been confirmed there is no sprinklers or firearm system within that building. it is a bombshell. and the records show that the fire inspectors never set foot in the building. state law mandates however yearly fire inspections for all commercial buildings but the fire union says that the city does not have enough inspectors. the city allowed for 8 fire inspectors on the book in this year's budget, however it appears that only six of the positions were filled. now, joining us now is john darnaman a retired captain of the san francisco arts task force that has been a critic and exposers of problems in department in the bay. were you surprised about this? >> not at all, phil. i guess maybe i was surprised that it didn't happen sooner. >> why? >> the nature of fire departments across the country is to work within the budgets
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as much as possible. sometimes budgets need to be increased in order to maintain life safety minimum standards. the fire code is just a minimum guide. you can do more. and unfortunately the budgets drive the life safety enforcement and the code enforcement and it should be the other way around. >> well, i have seen these evolutions. firefighters would be out doing prevention and suppression and part of the regular firefighting duty and they civilianized it to save money and when they did that, you took it out of the firefighter's union and set it out there on its own and they became competitors with front line firefighters so the push was not to have the inspections done. >> the civilian aspect of fire inspections in san francisco, and i could speak on that, was not a problem. they ended that practice of hiring civilians and maintained a uniform fire inspection. >> what do you think the problem was here?
8:14 am
why weren't inspections being made? >> well, i really think that the problem with any fire department and possibly oakland, because i have no direct knowledge of that is they knew that they were falling behind in inspections, one hundred percent knew that. but again, they are playing russian roulette with safety, they don't have the staffing or resources in oakland. that's a fact and the only way to get that is through an increase in the budget. unfortunately, sometimes and most often it takes a tragedy like this to draw attention to it. your councilman earlier noah gallo was speaking of it and i know he is sincere but why wasn't he screaming this at the top of his lungs before this. >> will this result in people
8:15 am
being evicted? >> coming from the fire service, we don't get involved with the political aspects of evictions, that's something for the mayor and the city attorney's office to deal with. the fire departments have to deal with life safety issues. and bring it to the attention of city government whether it would be the city attorneys or the mayor. >> final question, in hindsight, we look at these, there is a possibility of criminal charges and the civil and that's money. is the city or counties, are they culpable. >> there are laws that say you should be doing this. >> we are required to enforce fire code, building codes that relate to fire and life safety and that's what we do. unfortunately, ultimately, if something happens and we fail in that regard, state law in california allows fire chiefs in charge and responsible for that to not be held responsible. as long as they gave it a good
8:16 am
faith effort. we need to demand more fire chiefs in the fire department and need to write a law that does hold them accountable in the future. thank you for joining us this morning. as the investigation to the warehouse continues. you can also head to our website for up to the minute information on we do have plenty of cloud cover and we will see breaks in the clouds later. here is a look at the temperatures. in the 40s in the bay and seeing dense fog in north bay. area of low pressure bringing showers and snow to the pacific northwest and the system has passed onto the south and we will get a break in the rain for the next couple of days. future cast shows that. we will see cloud cover, increasing cloud cover for monday. it is monday night into tuesday and we start to see the showers move in here. we offer the tuesday morning
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commute and we do see showers, just scattered showers at first and more rain filling in light rain tuesday and wednesday and then heavier, at least at this point looking like heavier by thursday. so what to expect. clearing and dry for the sunday. a dry start to the work week and the rain returns late monday and tuesday sticking around for most of the work week. the high temperatures today topping out in the 50s pretty much area wise and 57 mountain view and 55 in san rapheal and the travel forecast similar. staying in the 50s for most, 45 lake tahoe and we are getting a break in the snow and we got nice powder, 53 in men da sino. a look at the extended forecast shows dry today and increasing clouds for monday and showers begin tuesday and wednesday and heavier on thursday and start to dry friday to the next weekend. a marijuana mega fair in santa rosa. the emerald cup is expected to
8:18 am
draw 30,000 people to the sonoma county fairgrounds. meanwhile since at californians voted to legalize, some are worried that it will cut into their bottom line. a a new report says beer sales have declined in states that have legalized glean now that it is legal, i think kids will try it. >> there are closet smokers that will come out. >> along with california, nevada and massachusetts voted last month to legalize recreational marijuana. while the state moves forward with marijuana legalization. there is a temporary band on commercial pot growing and growing is expected to be enacted this week. this comes as lawmakers consider a regional approach to determining new rules after voters passed prop 64. the board of supervisors will
8:19 am
make a decision tuesday about this potential band. all right. call it a final hail mary. the new plan to keep the raiders in oakland is moving forward but will it go all the way? next we go one-on-one with alameda board of supervisors resident scott haggerty to find out what it will take to get the plan passed and what it will cost you.
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>> the clock is ticking down on the scoreboard and as it does, oakland is working hard to try to keep the raiders from moving to las vegas. tuesday a board is set for oakland to end it. a $1.3 billion stadium. we are learning a team of investigators led by hall-of- famer ronnie lott would contribute 4 million-dollars to the effort and transit center and a mixed use development. there is room for a baseball stadium if the a's are interested in staying and another 500 million-dollars
8:22 am
would come from the nfl and the raiders if they sign on. meanwhile 200 million-dollars in infrastructure improvements would be paid for by the city friday ronnie lott says if we put this forward we have a fighting opportunity to keep the raiders here and join in the revitalization of the community and around the coliseum. joining us now is board of supervisors president scott haggerty whose group will be voting on this because you are joint owners of the land. >> that we are. >> and you were 50/50 partners in the last deal. >> we are. >> and that one didn't work out. >> i wasn't there. >> this one, it is interesting, what are we trying to do? i read the deal. there is broad strokes and details to be worked out. is this for the taxpayers or the owners for the deal to go to vegas. >> it is a term sheet and i
8:23 am
think it is something that tells the nfl that we are serious and it speaks to the taxpayers and gives them surety. i am with the county and my board of supervisors is very direct in what we want in that term sheet and it speaks to us and what we are looking for for the board of supervisors and the taxpayers. >> one of the big questions is the land. this seems like a pretty prime site. next to an airport and all around transit, could it be used for something else to make money? >> we have looked at that and we have an appraisal on that and although the appraisal is a draft and we never are sure what it is worth. it has large buildings on it that are expensive to take down. so whenever you look at the us and empowering praisal that is factored in. that is expensive. >> it has been appraised the 150 million-dollars and libby shaft says she will put 200 million-dollars of infrastructure into that. can you explain that?
8:24 am
is that coming out of taxpayer's pockets. >> that's part of the infrastructure money to be paid back out of the facilities. as the facility comes up and runs the money will come back to pay the bonds off. that's on the city side. you need to understand that. let me talk about the county side. wall we are doing and the county is putting in is our portion of the land so we are not putting money in the deal. keep in mind we have members of the board of supervisors that were there for the last deal. >> and we are still paying 10 million-dollars a year. >> and they are gun shy. >> what is to prevent that from happening where the taxpayers are stuck with a 20 million- dollars a year debt. >> the county is not putting any money in the deal. we have said we will put up the land. >> but if the deal goes south, if it doesn't survive an economic down tour or something like that, will taxpayers be put on the hook? >> not according to the way the
8:25 am
deal looks at this point, no. the lott group is backstopping the pxls and they are putting in money and the nfl is putting in money and you know so it doesn't appear to have the same flavor as the last deal where the taxpayers were putting up the money. one key ingredient missing is mark davis, owner of the raiders, he has not participated in the deal. isn't that strange? >> it has been a bit dysfunctional, let me say that. however, i do know that ronnie has been talking to mark. to the level, i don't know. the level of detail, i don't know. and i can't speak to that. but i will say this, i do know that mark threw the gauntlet down saying you won't get the city and the county to sit down and talk to you and put a deal together. but mark was wrong because ronnie got us to the table and was able to get us to make a deal. so that was the positive that came out of this. finally what happens to the
8:26 am
a's? >> the a's can stay if they want. they can bill a new facility. there is land if they want to build. we want them to be there. if they don't want to be there they can go to howard. we have facilities in the county. thank you for joining us and maybe what goes to vegas doesn't stay there. we will be back after this.
8:27 am
welcome back. here is one final check of the forecast. we are dry today. breaking the rain for today and tomorrow but the rain moves back in tuesday and wednesday. continuing thursday. right now thursday looks to be the heaviest for rain and we get a break friday and saturday and a dense fog out there in the north bay. be mindful of that. >> face the nation is next on kpix. >> and be sure to tune in tomorrow for kpix starting at
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4:30 with our fabulous cast of characters right there on the screen. have a great day. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning sponsored by cbs today on "face the nation", new reports about russia influencing the presidential election create a political firestorm. and sour relations between the president-elect and the intelligence community. president-elect donald trump took a break saturday afternoon to take in an all-american classic, the army navy game, but the news about russia took some of the attention off the field. >> >> but does he really? and will mr. trump join a bipartisan call for a larger investigation of russian efforts, we will talk to the senator leading the charge, john mccain and get his thoughts on the leading contender for secretary of state, rex tillerson, kellyanne conway will be here and vermont senator bernie sanders also joins us. then we will hear about


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