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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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resurfacing. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. erosion resurfacing. the major concerns pacific and now has after a dangerous
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sinkhole opens and what is being done to keep beachgoers safe. it is monday, december 12. i am michelle griego. pacifica is bracing for another punch of hard winds and heavy rain. the wet weather is chipping away at coastlines leaving a gaping sinkhole. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in pacifica where erosion is making some neighbors nervous. >> reporter: the city manager tells me that this is privately owned property. as of now, pacifica does not have any responsibility in getting this fixed. behind me, they are working on installing a fence. that just happened this morning. people who live nearby were coming to see how big the whole had grown. over the past couple of days, it started out small and expanded to what it is now. heavy rains and big waves continue to add to the erosion problem. arguments -- apartments that sat on top of the crumbling cliff's had to be demolished.
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others are not concerned for their safety, they are disappointed they can't get down to the beach.>> i walk here all the time. i don't think any of us are afraid of that. unless you are walking down here. i don't think any of us anticipated it. we have seen waves pretty high. this is the worst i have seen.>> reporter: between 2007 and 2010, 50 to 90 feet of the bluffs are lost due to erosion and made it unsafe for people to go here. a restoration project then of making it easy to get people down to the beach. that is not the case anymore. we put a call into the company that owns this land. they also own the ocean air apartment complex. they have not gotten back to us. we don't know when this area will be accessible to the public again. in pacifica, jackie ward, kpix 5. speckles concerns will build as more rain is expected this
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week . thursday's high tides will be rolling in, combining with wind and rain. roberta gonzales is in the weather center tracking when we can expect the rain. >> our doppler radar is not picking up any precipitation right now. a little bit of light rain due west all associated with clouds that are running in advance of an area of low pressure promises to bring us some light rain showers tomorrow. this is our futurecast. we do see the clouds thickening as the day progresses monday. to state at this time, rain offshore, flirting with the santa rosa air. here comes the wednesday. it is an in between day. it is the day to get out and clean out your gutters. we have a secondary system coming in on thursday. brief periods of heavy rainfall with gusty winds up to 35 miles per hour . it will be a complete washout on thursday and friday but right now, we are noticing the clouds are on the increase. we have some cumulus clouds in
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the distance. we have your full forecast coming up in just a matter of minutes. federal investigators have finished work at the site of the open warehouse fire -- oakland warehouse fire. they spent the weekend combing through wet ash and debris to figure out what caused the fire. here is what we know so far. the atf has ruled out the refrigerator as the cause but the agency is looking into other electrical systems that may have sparked the fire. tomorrow, agents are expected to give an update on the investigation and we will bring you those updates on air and online. the community is working to heal. a benefit concert is planned this weekend in oakland to raise money for the victims families. primus and hieroglyphics are on the lineup. it is scheduled for wednesday at the fox theater and starts at 7 pm. police are looking for the driver who slammed into this poll before running off. this is on foothill boulevard.
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officers got the call around 5:30 am. when they arrived, they found one passenger in critical condition trapped inside. president-elect donald trump is pushing back against the cia's conclusion that the russians influenced the us election to benefit mr. trump. >> it is ridiculous. it is another excuse. i don't believe it.>> mr. trump's remarks conflict with the cia's findings that russia worked to damage hillary clinton's campaign by leaking hacked emails from the democratic party's computer. the trump administration says the report is an attempt by democrats to discredit his victory.>> he believes that the cia is a political institution and he will have to learn that it is not.>> congress is promising a bipartisan investigation as a handful of members of the electoral college are demanding and intended -- intelligence briefing on the issue. russian influence is also a concern with mr. trump's top pick for secretary of state, exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson.
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kpix 5's melissa caen reports the oil executive has close ties to russian president vladimir putin. >> reporter: bloomberg reports that russia is exxon's biggest place of exploration. in 2011, rex tillerson negotiated a partnership with russia that could be worth $500 billion. after that deal, putin gave tillers in an award. a few months ago, rex tillerson gave a talk at the university of texas where he was asked about his relationship with vitamin putin. he said they are very close.>> my relationship with putin, which dates back 15 years now is very good. i don't agree with everything he is doing. i don't agree with everything a lot of leaders are doing. he understands that i am a
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businessman.>> trump told fox news that he likes the fact that he knows world leaders.>> he is more than a business executive. he is a world class layer. >> according to tillers and, he is a business executive. >> i am not here to represent the united states government's interests. i am not here to defend it, nor am i here to criticize it. that is not what i do. i am a businessman.>> reporter: tillerson is retiring soon but his retirement package includes millions and exxon stock. it may still be concerning about whether he can be less of a businessman and more of a defender of american interest. for kpix 5, melissa caen while marijuana enthusiasts are excited about the legalization of recreational pot , it looks like it will be a slow process. voters approved top 64 last month. it will allow recreational
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marijuana by 2018 but there are reports that with all the regulations looming over growers like licensing and taxes, recreational use a not clear all the legal hurdles until 2019. under construction. a new look inside apple's spaceship campus in cupertino. this as we learn when it is expected to be complete. it is the hottest show on broadway. now, coming to san francisco. we will tell you how much you could expect to pay for tickets for hamilton and how some people are getting out of it. making changes. my one south bay city is adding something different to the water starting today. ,,,,
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we don't need jobs that are unhealthy. expect original reporting from kpix 5 news. expect more. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's going in crews in san jose are adding fluoride to some of the drinking water. it is going in on the east side. parts of campbell, los gatos will also be affected. san jose was one of the biggest cities in the us to not have the mineral in the water. pg&e is sailing back an ambitious plan to install electric car chargers across northern california. instead, the company is expected to vote this week on a $130 million version of the same plan. the proposal comes amid a debate over who should fund electric car charging stations. construction is underway. we are getting a look at what apple's new spaceship campus will look like. cupertino-based company recently shared these photos with its employees which were later posted online. the photos show workers installing giant glass doors
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and tunnels and aerial shots showcasing the enormity of the campus were 13,000 apple employees are expected to work. it is scheduled to open early next year. the hottest ticket in town right now is for a show that does not come to the bay area for another three months. anne makovec is libor people are picking up tickets for hamilton.>> reporter: people are going crazy for this show. the line behind me stretches all the way down market street past the next block. it is -- it has been here for 24 hours. you can see this is the holy grail for the hamilton fans, the box office. they are paying between $100 and $500 per ticket. it is the hottest show on broadway, the hip-hop musical about the life of alexander hamilton. >> i am here to get the
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tickets.>> reporter: the line started forming at noon yesterday before the box office opened at 10 am this morning. some ticket buyers working in shifts. these two were at the front of the line at 4 am. then, we waited for 18 hours. we took their spot in line and now we are waiting to get the tickets. >> most of the people we talked with our huge hamilton fans. some admit that they have been paid by other people just to stand in line for a ticket. others, are going to sell them at a premium. stubhub! shows tickets running between $1000 and $3000 a piece.>> i might sell some of them. >> i am buying an extra set of tickets to sell them at my school auction. >> reporter: selling tickets are more than face value is against the theater companies rules but with this kind of popularity, there is no shortage of buyers.>> it is interesting to see the different people celebrating the diversity in the united states. the music is hip and fun. it is not your typical music.
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>> reporter: that is music to a new generation of broadway fans years. -- ears. er. the rams we are having some technical difficulties there but hopefully everyone gets the tickets. to sports now. the los angeles rams have fired head coach jeff fisher. the rams owner released a statement reading in part that making a decision such as this, especially during the season is one of the most difficult in sports. the team's performance has not lived up to the dance expectations. officials say fisher worked tirelessly in challenging situations during his five years as the team's head coach. here is a live look at the sierra where the snow was piling up. the sun is out. great news for skiers and
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snowboarders who are hitting the snopes -- slopes. in arctic blast is sweeping across much of the united states are now. lake effect snow has dumped 30 inches of powder in upstate new york. our models may look beautiful but for drivers, it is a crash waiting to happen.>> between a personal injury accident and a motor vehicle collision, we had 50 in two days.>> the winter weather is also causing a nightmare for airports in detroit. a delta airplane skidded off the runway. no injuries were reported. more wet weather is expected. roberta is timing it out for us.>> this is exciting stuff. i am not talking the storm of the century but we will get hefty rainfall totals over the next few days. it is a dry day for us. no need for the umbrella. this is the view looking out
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toward the golden gate bridge. we have a few high clouds in the sky with a gentle breeze. temperature-wise, we are in the 50s across the board from santa rosa through oakland. it is 54 in livermore and san francisco. this is dana jones. let's welcome her to our kpix 5 noon news. she is our weather watcher in novato. she has been a maple -- there has been a maple leaf explosion. it is a good time to get out and clean those gutters by thursday. and he leaves left on the trees will go down. we had some gusty winds coming in today. winds at 9 miles per hour in oakland. 13 miles per hour in fairfield. winds generally out of the north at 10 miles per hour . here is what you need to know. the clouds will thicken today and throughout the nighttime hours. light rain is slated tomorrow and one system is on tuesday on
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the next on thursday. satellite radar shows an area of low pressure will to the north of the bay area that will bring light rain showers tomorrow. futurecast clearly illustrates that clouds will gather in the overnight hours. hit and miss rain showers tomorrow in the north bay. this is a northbay event but we could see a few 107 inch of rain across the saint clare valley. see that? that is thursday. brief periods of heavy rain with gusty winds at 35 miles per hour . a quarter of an inch of rain expected tomorrow. 47 degrees on the south shore where we have a winter weather watch in effect. over a foot of snow is expected tomorrow.>> our numbers in the 50s and low 60s today. the sense of at 4:51 pm. here is your extended forecast. we do have nothing but rain in the forecast >> it is time for our food for bay area families check presentation. this is tom flickinger of the bankamerica. we also have susan basin.
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we have done a lot of work together at the alameda county food bank. tom, tell me about bankamerica and what was it that inspired your workers to give so generously?>> we have been an advocate of alameda food bank for over two decades. we have been supporting them but through this time of year, we have a special program called give a meal at which the bankamerica foundation will donate two dollars for every dollar that is raised to the organization. we triple the donation. alameda has done an amazing job partnering with us and their constituents to make this type of check happen.>> you have some good people at your bank. >> we do.>> how much are you donating this year to food for bay area families? drum roll please.>> this one is actually $75,000.>> applause in the studio here. this is fabulous.
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$75,000. susan basin, how many people will this be?>> thousands of people. one dollar provides six meals. we are really honored to receive this generous donation.>> have you seen any improvement as far as what your mission is? is the need greater this year?>> the need is greater this year. organizations like bank of america can really help us put a big dent in hunger this season.>> whole foods market is also helping out. you can go there and make a donation as well. that is how you can help out as you are helping -- sitting at home. that is impressive. still to come, tracking your every move. the latest change uber just me that has many privacy experts questioning why. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the app now tracks you for up five minutes afte a new uber feature is giving some writers the creeps. the app tracks you for up to five minutes after you get out of the car. the policy has renew debates over how much access these services should have and who should regulate them.>> it
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would never be necessary for a company like uber to know where you are when you are not in their care. >> the updated tracking policy also let's uber track writers even when the app is running in the background. uber says it is to improve pick up, drop off, customer service and safety. if you are planning a post holiday break, now is the time to shop for airline tickets. major carriers are discounting tickets for flights from january through march. that includes flights out of san francisco and san jose under $300. sfo to new york, flights as low as $237. from san jose to boston, you can grab a seat for $277. let's see how the market is doing. the dow jones is up about 30 points. if you have a consumer problem or a question, email our hotline. you can also call the hotline. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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golf with the president.. with a message for you: "you don't have health insurance?" "not really, no." the oval from caddy shack to the white house, bill murray shares his love of golf with the president with a message for you.>> you don't have health insurance?>> not really.>> you don't have to go without it.>>
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the pair acted in the oval office as part of a psa to remind people to sign up or healthcare. the open enrollment period to sign up her health insurance through the health insurance marketplaces december 15 but keeping it real, there was some gentle ribbing about baseball. bill murray is a fierce cubs fan but the president told murray he does not usually allow cubs fans in the oval office. he made an exception because it is bill murray.>> and because the cubs won the world series. have a great day everyone. ,,
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♪ >> brooke: why would she do that? >> rick: if she's presented with the opportunity, she's gonna take it. >> brooke: this will only cause more issues in the family. >> rick: i know, mom. don't tell me. tell dad. >> brooke: eric named steffy c.e.o. of forrester creations? >> rick: yeah. she's not gonna turn that down. >> brooke: steffy? >> rick: i know! it doesn't make any sense! does she have as much experience as i do, a better record? no. she's never run the company. i have. and if anybody deserves the right to run it again, it's me, and if dad was thinking rationally, i would already be in charge. >> brooke: he must have considered you. >> rick: no, he didn't.


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