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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 14, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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visit today. live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. we had some showers tonight. we have a much more powerful storm for the bay area coming. >> let's get to our chief meteorologist. >> the scattered showers, that is shower activity ahead of the storm that will get here and there is a. tuesday night, napa, and vallejo, some scattered showers, this will, this is the heavy rainfall in northern california and there is all flood watch and affect. future
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cast says that is where the rain will stay, looks like it's going to poor but we will just have a few scattered showers. through the lunch hour, a few sprinkles and that's as close as the rain gets. how about there is a? -- how about thursday? there will be street and urban flooding and the commute will be a mess. the heaviest rain, that we will see. we will talk about the timing and what our it will be the heaviest. that's coming up. the storm on the way, it could make fixing this sinkhole tough. it opened up at pacific beach a few days ago. tonight, kpix , here with more. >> reporter: the sinkhole, it is up to the owners to fix it. it started due to a piping issue. neighbors tell me, they just
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wanted taking care of. >> every year on here, it is amel story. >> reporter: they have a new single to fix. this time, who was responsible? >> family, it has collapsed in. it is huge. >> reporter: the city says they have no control. is on private land. the property managers, ocean air apartments, are to fix the. the irvine-based companies is not so fast, according to trinity property consultants, it the city pipe that caused the mess. a spokesperson told us tonight, a pipe separated it and it caused this and to a road and then the rain made it worse. while they're working on it, trinity says that the city, still needs to get involved. coastal access has been shut off and the walkways are close. three. -- the repair work continues. >> it sad that we are not able to bring our dogs down here. >> reporter: yesterday, cruise
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board -- the team poured concrete into the sinkhole. he's lived there for two years. >> there are rocks be in expose that have not seen for a long time. >> reporter: he says that at this point, it doesn't matter who is to blame.>> i don't want to get too political but i don't want to fall into the ocean. >> reporter: trinity says that it will take a couple weeks before the walkways open to the public. keep in mind, we have a storm on the way so that could impact repair work. in pacifica, kpix 5. 45 minutes ago, the city council voted on $1.3 billion plan to keep the raiders in oakland. kpix 5 reporter has been telling the story, melissa is in city hall right now.>> reporter: we are right outside the chambers of the oakland
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city council, they just unanimously, are going to build a raiders stadium. many investors. earlier today, alameda county's board of supervisors also endorsed the deal. the plan is basically, getting everybody on board with building the stadium and once it's in works, the raiders will stay in oakland.>> [ applause ] >> reporter: the council confessed to being a huge raiders fan, but of course, it's the only reason why they voted to endorse the deal. >> i am very comfortable supporting this project and i think it is a very good deal, nothings perfect. this is a very good deal that protect the city the best we can. it does not put ourselves at risk in the future. >> reporter: with so many needs here in oakland, not everybody agreed. they have not agreed that this
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is the best use of the city's resources. >> we have homeless people in the streets. we are moving into really uncertain times. >> reporter: one thing that no one can debate is the very deep love that people in oakland have further raiders. >> every nation has capital, and the capital of the raider nation is oakland. >> [ applause ]>> reporter: tomorrow, the nfl owners will be meeting to go over the details of this plan. is the owners they have to vote to allow the raiders to go to las vegas and that something that the partners are hoping to prevent. live in oakland.
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we are getting a better look at the warehouse. this is what is left, he could see the stairway leading up to the second floor, that is so badly burned. there is a charred bicycle. that still inside. the fire chief says that no one ever inspected the building because there were no records that anyone was actually living there or that is being used as a commercial business. they thought it was empty. >> we do not have any records stating that our firefighters had made entry or were aware of what was going on. >> 36 people were killed in the fire. the cause is still a mystery officially however, investigators say they're focusing on the buildings electrical system. the top leaders in silicon valley meeting with president like donald trump. seven people are expected to meet at trump tower. several ceos. they will attend.
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they have a message for donald trump. kpix 5, what they are refusing to do. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump pledged to create a database of muslims and report millions of illegal immigrants. now silicon valley workers, making those promises a reality. in less than 12 hours, 350 workers including google, paypal and twitter, they pledge that they will not help create that registry. and they will not participate en masse data collection -- they will not participate in en masse data collection. -- and a -- in a mass data collection. he is a former google employee. the group promises to delete
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highbred backups and make sure that the government follows legal protocols. that is when they are requesting data. >> these are confusing times right now and a lot of us are feeling overwhelmed. it's easy to forget how much power we have as individuals. >> reporter: that is the part speak out. if data is being misused, at your company, they pledge that they would quit their jobs rather than getting involved with government question of purposes. she used to be a programmer at ibm. >> it is unusual for technology workers to get together for anything. it says a lot that some of the people are voting to make such a.-- such a tough and difficult pledged. >> the exxon mobil ceo for secretary of state. he has connections throughout
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the world including russia. and rick perry is the chief of energy. the president-elect met with kanye west for the day. he called him a longtime friend. tonight, fans are remembering a famous tv dad, alan thicke had a heart attack and died while he was playing hockey with his son. he played jason seaver on growing pains. he was currently working on the net licks series, fuller house, and he said -- netflix series, fuller house. he was 69 years old. firefighters find this a burn to widow. and they say this is a murder case. there is a top secret
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project inside this bay area warehouse. tonight, we found out what is in their. the bmb is not happy. there-- in there --. the bmv is ,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight: it's a murder investigation. track firefighters found a widows -- firefighters found a widowed body and they believe
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it's a murder investigation. the fire was started to likely cover of the crime.>> reporter: fire investigators, they were at the crime scene. tonight, fire investigators are going over the scene for clues. >> it appears that the suspect in this case, either broke into the home, got into the home, murdered our victim, and then subsequently started a fire. we believe the fire was started to cover up evidence with dna and fingerprints. >> it happened just before 3 am. firefighters found the body of the 59-year-old in the garage. >> at that point, we brought the body to hear. >> they covered the crime scene to protect any evidence from the rain. >> she was a widow.
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>> investigators are trying to determine the motive for homicide. >> but we are trying to figure out how the victim got into the home into the garage, she move there? was that before or after she was killed? >> right now, investigators have no suspect information and their asking neighbors to check their surveillance video. to see if they could find any clues about this. in san francisco, it looks like a young man, killed in a police shooting will get a public memorial. they voted 9-1. four officers opened up fire on him two years ago after he allegedly pointed a taser at him. -- at them. they released a statement, we believe that we as a city should be honoring real heroes,
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the first responders are the ones who make the real sacrifice . self driving cars may be picking up passengers in san francisco much sooner than we thought. tonight, letting us in on the secret. >> reporter: inside a nondescript warehouse, a fleet of vehicles surrounded in secrecy. tonight, we watched as some of them emerged and drove around the block. these are self driving cars from uber the going to pick up customers on the streets of san francisco. >> they said they will be rolling them out soon. the lunch will happen soon. >> a lunch much like the one in pittsburgh pennsylvania. where customers who need a ride they used the app.>> the self driving cars, they will drive with the safety driver and you
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are not alone in the car. is presumed they will do that seems are the thing here in san francisco. >> reporter: most of the cars we've seen tonight our suvs. it is some computerized device that helps map out the streets. >> i think it is pretty cool. i would probably try it. >> reporter: does it make you nervous not having a driver? >> not really. i assume they tested it and they know what they're doing. there is a small risk, yes, i'm sure.>> reporter: they do not have a testing permit issued by the state. 20 manufacturers have already obtained permits to test hundreds of cars on california roads and they should do the same. a spokesperson said that she could not confirm the launch. some backlash against ipad. the school district has a one
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ipad per-pupil program. some parents worry that the device are too distracting and could negative tivoli -- negatively affect their health. districts books person claimed that the ipad has improved their ability to work. 700 people have signed the petition. some teenage grinches were caught on camera stealing christmas decoration. and they were penalizing a home in southern california. here with the video. >> reporter: is only nine seconds three men are ripping apart this christmas display. showing the faces of the suspects, this one with the stripe shirt he ripped holiday lights off of the window. >> i think the main reason, when you come down the street we are the first house.
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is easy access to get in and out of. >> reporter: the vandals were caught in the act by a camera. three of the wired angel which cost $175 each could be selvage but only the court is left on one of them. >> that angel right there. >> reporter: the hunt is on for the trio. the grinches hit the wrong place. this is one family who is determined to spread the heaviest of the season -- the happiness of the season. grow your hearts and find the real mina christmas. do not do it again. >> reporter: sheriff investigators have a copy of the reporting. information is being shared on facebook and tips about the suspect the coming in. a toy bird is flying off the shelves, it is the furry
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toy bird and it literally, hatches from its shell. it is $50. the toys are going for more on ebay. >> it makes it engaging. it requires that the user interacts with it for it to come to life. >> the company that makes them , spin master, it says that they are increasing production. a panicked parent -- >> a panicked parent would drop a lot on that. there is a flood watch already in effect for those watching, lake county, the rain will pick up tomorrow. you could get a half obliterated by there is a. and there is all flood watch out -- by thursday. and there is a flood watch out there. we could see flash flooding thursday and friday.
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we have snow heading to the sera. winter storm watch is in effect. two feet to three feet of fresh powder coming up this week. what's going on tonight? scattered showers and a few more tomorrow. this not the storm were talking about. that is ahead of the storm that will arrive thursday morning in north bay and work its way south. 51, oakland 51, napa 47. you see all the rain as far north. it has been pouring, but it will not pour here because the ridge of high pressure keeping the jet stream keeping the active weather to the north. that will get kicked out by this low-pressure area when the sky moves across and heading towards california, that is when the front and the heavy rain migrates to the south it will be raining heavily thursday. tomorrow morning, we will have scattered showers and basically cloudy skies. tomorrow evening, just some scattered showers.
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it is thursday morning when the rain builds to the northbay first, watch this, one p.m. thursday, just after the lunch hour, all the way to morgan hill, san francisco, all the way to central valley it will be a mess out there. rain is gone by there is a night. the clouds are gone by friday morning. how much rain? we have new information on the future cast, rolling through thursday, friday more than an inch of rain fall for san jose, two inches for napa. and then the numbers are increasing. oakland, tomorrow, does a few showers, the storm is not here yet, 46 degrees. mountain view 64. high 60 in san francisco. there is a, stormy, it will be wet, windy, and behind that front, sunny but it will be chilly. midshipman-50s for the highs and 30s for the lowe's. is not the biggest or we've
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ever seen but it will be the biggest one this fall. this pierret could help solve -- this pierret -- parrot,
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closed captioning for this news cast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. this was in the livermore. lot and the bird isn't talking. >> the woman who found it is getting the word out herself. she founded downtown two weeks ago. she took it home to get the bird to talk. she thought it would tell her something that would lead it to the owner. it said nothing. she was hoping that someone who knows the bird and sees him will come forward soon. >> when i brought the bird home i was very interested. >> we hope to find the owner pretty quick. >> if you think this might be
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your bird she's left her information at local vet offices and pet stores. >> we shot it in black and white because you have to know the colors of the bird. >> excellent. the warriors are on the road tonight. with ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next. over in new orleans. the only thing sweeter than the warriors right now. 3rd quarter, great passing, kevin durant, 19-5. he had 30 and the warriors take the lead. time is winding down. the trying to win the game, davis, he steals a basketball.
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113-109. the last cup came during the administration, they were trailing, there were two unanswered gold to tie the game. frederick anderson, then morton jones and the sharks come from behind. they have not lost in toronto since the raiders last made the playoffs and that would be 2002. last night, we told you about the rumors regarding jim going to the rams, tonight, he has denied, he said at a team banquet, a lot of this talk is coming from our enemies. they like to tell, the recruits, named their families to manipulate them to go to another school besides michigan. but we call them jive turkeys. >> there's a lot of gobble
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gobble turkey. >> [ laughter ] >> from giant turkeys, you know? >> there was another report that he could be in michigan for life. there goes that. congratulations to the city of oakland tonight. have a long way to go, but this is what happens when people work together. a lot of credit goes to them. and then the next thing is conceptual drawings and the big thing at this point, whether or not the nfl owners will approve the raiders moved to las vegas. if they do not, the raiders ♪ ♪ ♪
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news you need.. to start your day. good night. our next news cast is ,,,,,
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