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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. flooding is expected along the bay area coastline as the king tides combine with another significant round of rain. now, much of the area saw some showers yesterday and into the morning. but the heavy stuff hasn't arrived quite yet. that rain has made for some slick roads this morning. let's check the slick roads with roqui. >> the roads are slick. but luckily we haven't had many crashes to report so that's the good news. so let's start on highway 4 where we have some slow-moving traffic between antioch and pittsburg. you're moving at 26 to 30 miles per hour. down to the walnut creek area where we do unfortunately have a new crash to tell you about. southbound 680 before gregory lane a four-car crash is off to the shoulder. a lot of delay in the area. traffic at just 8 miles per hour. moving down to the altamont pass, traffic coming out of tracy on 205 at just 17 miles per hour. so you're inching your way through into north flynn road
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where speeds pick up to 30 miles per hour on 580 westbound between north tracy boulevard along 580 westbound to the altamont pass that will take you 34 minutes. now moving over to richmond, the three-car crash is moved to the shoulder causing backups beyond highway 4, that's westbound 80 before el portal drive in richmond moving at just 19 miles per hour. down westbound 80 to the bay bridge toll plaza here's a live look at that heavy traffic. the maze to downtown will now take 33 minutes. roberta? roqui, you know what i call today? i call it a get it done day. check your windshield wipers. make sure you're ready to go on thursday. also, batten down the hatches at home. now what i'm talking about. those snow globes out on the front yard, the santa claus inflatables, bring them down. we'll have a high wind watch tomorrow morning through thursday night. a bit of a haze over the area right now. we have some heavy drizzle. and we have a passing shower primarily to the north bay and out towards the delta. right now, we are seeing a few
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raindrops out towards vacaville also just passing through fairfield into the rio vista junction. hi-def doppler radar will have this up and going right now with some rain showers around american canyon but we have it cranked up ready to track the low pressure system that will be taking a direct aim on our area tomorrow. until then, right now mostly cloudy skies. pretty mild. temperatures in the 50s. the winds under 10 miles per hour. winds will blow today out of the south 10 to 20 miles per hour. visibility has been a little bit of a concern but i'm seeing an improvement but it has been under 10 at sfo so we'll keep an eye for the potential of flight delays. north bay light rain showers in the forecast today. tomorrow, heavy rain, gusty winds with up to about 45 miles per hour during the bulk of the day. friday clear and cool. we'll track that incoming system coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. gang? >> all right. sounds good, roberta. thank you. the raiders are one step closer to staying here in oakland. city and county leaders approved a billion-dollar plan last night but it's not a done
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deal yet. anne makovec joins us now to tell us what happens next. >> reporter: yes. next, the nfl owners are meeting. that is happening today and that's going to be a serious hurdle they are going to hear about oakland's plan and will eventually decide whether the raiders would be allowed to move to las vegas. but after yesterday's vote, there is reason for raiders fans here to hold out hope. [ applause ] >> reporter: cheers last night for $1.3 billion plan that was passed by the alameda county board of supervisors and the oakland city council. the city and county would offer 100 acres at the coliseum site and the city of oakland would committee an additional $200 million for infrastructure. that money would be covered by tax revenue, hopefully generated by the stadium project. the plan was put together by football hall of famer ronnie lott and supported by many former players including marcus allen. >> i have been coming to this
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city forever. and in talking to the people and how important it is to them, the impact that it has on the lives, impact that it has on their psyche, how they feel about themselves, what the city brings to the individuals cannot be understated. >> reporter: but those opposed to the plan say oakland has better and more dire things to spend its money on right now. and there's still the question of the existing debt on the current coliseum, $91 million, if a new stadium is built in oakland, that is going to need to be dealt with before the property can be transferred, so we can expect another round of negotiations between the city and the county. >> we have heard a lot from the fans and politicians. are we hearing anything from raiders management? >> mark davis was not at last night's meeting. he hasn't made a public comment about the deal. but he has expressed plenty of commitment and enthusiasm about moving to las vegas. but in the nfl owners don't approve it -- if the nfl owners
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don't approve the move to las vegas, davis may have to stay here. which isn't the most welcoming things for raiders fans. kind of annoying. you know, please do us a favor by staying. but you know -- >> we'll see how it goes. >> but they want them to stay. >> they do. they do. hopefully that will all be water under the bridge eventually. >> we'll have to wait for the vote. afternoon, thank you so much. this morning donald trump formally announced his selection of former governor rick perry to run the department of energy. at a rally last night the president-elect defended his controversial choice for secretary of state, exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. >> very excited about rex. and you know, rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along with and some people don't like that. they don't want him to be friendly. that's why i'm doing the deal with rex! because i like what this is all about. >> one concern about tillerson, his close ties to russia. this comes as leading
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republicans and democrat call for an investigation into the cia report that russia disrupted the election process to help trump win. trump called that ridiculous. >> it's good to challenge things every once in a while but in my experience, um, our men and women in the intelligence community, um, who gather and assess intelligence are -- are very careful and very deliberate and if they weren't, they wouldn't be in the positions that they occupy. >> senator bob corker chairman of the senate foreign relations committee says his committee will hold hearings on russia's potential influence on the election. today some of the biggest names in tech are heading to trump tower to meet with our president-elect. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose on the issues on the table as the leaders meet donald trump. >> reporter: kenny, before he was elected, it really was trump against silicon valley techs. they once called him a disaster for innovation. but now they are turning a new leaf. they are expected to meet later this morning and some of the
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big name companies that will meet with him include apple, facebook, tesla, amazon, google. now, they are concerned that president-elect trump would infringe on digital privacy but more so curb the hiring of tech savvy immigrants. they are not saying much about what they plan to talk about with trump. so say they will plead their case or really just try to keep the peace. >> all of tech issues were mostly ignored during the long campaign, immigration repatriation of foreign earnings, tax, net neutrality, all of these things now have to come to the fore. >> reporter: all right. so on the campaign trail, trump criticized apple for outsourcing to china. he sparred with amazon's ceo who owns the "washington post" blaming him of directing the paper's coverage so amazon could avoid paying state taxes. so really a lot of tech execs openly oppose his candidacy. but the meeting today is expected to start at 11:00 our time. it's expected to last about an hour long and there's a possibility that the silicon
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valley tech execs will extend their olive branch. one thing that they do agree on is lowering the corporate tax rate so we'll see what happens at 11 a.m. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] time check, 6:08. a massive firefighting effort at a bay area home turns into a homicide investigation. why it appears that the fire was intentional. >> and a northern california woman is going to great lengths to make sure hundreds of animals find a good home this christmas. >> awww, it could be raining cats and dogs! [ laughter ] >> good morning, everyone, from our kpix 5 studios we're tracking an incoming system together. >> and here's a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. we have more trouble on westbound 80 in richmond. we'll tell you what's going on and we have the rest of your bay area morning commute, as well. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪ think of your fellow man.
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a r-old boy in upstate n york has died after he was good wednesday morning. your time check now 6:11 on this wednesday, december the 14th the this is our live weather camera looking out towards lucky drive. if you are a north bay commuter you know all too well this is one of the areas that's prone to flood during high tides and king tides which happens today right before lunchtime 7.06 feet. another high tide will coincide with heavy rain tomorrow. we'll talk about that and your commute. it's traffic and weather in less than four minutes. a 12-year-old boy in upstate new york has died after he was buried in a snow bank. he was playing with a friend as the snow play was clearing the street yesterday. by the time first responders located the boy, he was already unresponsive and died later at a hospital. the second boy is also in a hospital but is responsive and
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talking. fans are remembering alan thicke. he died yesterday of a heart attack. he was playing hockey with his teenaged son when he collapsed. he is best known for playing a father on the '80s sitcom, growing pains. in the past the actor said his favorite role was being a dad in real life. >> generally, i feel that i must have done some of it right because i'm madly in love with all of them. i think all three of my boys are quite fabulous. >> he also leaves behind his wife. he was 69 years old. right now in castro valley, investigators are searching a badly burned home where police found a woman's body. the blaze tore through this groveway house around 3 a.m. yesterday. after crushing the flames, a 59- year-old woman was found in the garage, a murder victim. no suspect information yet. they hope surveillance video in the area will turn up clues. hundreds of animals in california are getting new homes this holiday season
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thanks to one woman's generosity. >> a realtor is covering the cost of all adoptions at a sacramento animal shelter and as chris martinez shows us, the response has been overwhelming. >> reporter: you'll find a surplus of smiles -- [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> for the entire month t went viral overnight. >> the next morning, there were 250 people out here. >> the lines haven't let up since. in just the first two weeks, nearly 600 animals found new homes. >> want to give him another rug? >> including this dog. >> good boy. >> we have been thinking about
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getting a dog and that pushed us over the edge to adopt. >> reporter: the response is so overwhelming other area shelters are now bringing their animals here to meet the demand. >> the beauty is they are here to save lives, not buy a tv and game system. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: kim says she never dreamed her idea would lead to so many adoptions. >> you're so lucky. >> reporter: she hopes her gift will inspire others to follow her lead. >> my heart is so full. i am -- i -- i told my husband the other day i don't think i have ever been this happy in my whole life. >> reporter: chris martinez, cbs news, sacramento. >> since she stepped up to pay for the adoptions, at least three other shelters in the area have also been sponsored by other donors. anyone looking to adopt a pet needs to be screened to make sure the animals go to a good home. >> my kids have been pressuring
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me for years to get a dog and especially this year. >> it's a huge responsibility. this woman did something that was so blessed but generous. my dog rescued way $200 that's one dog. she did the whole shelter? >> she did. >> so amazing. >> hero! all right. like? >> let's head to richmond. another crash in the same area as the crash we were reporting earlier. two-car crash blocking the left lane delays down westbound 80 to the maze. that will take you about 40 to 45 minutes right now and then you have a 33-minute drive from the maze to downtown across the span of the bay bridge. southbound 680 before gregory
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lane a four-car crash off to the shoulder causing major delays. traffic at only 7 miles per hour. if you move down to the altamont pass, not much of a change here coming off 205 moving at just about 20 miles per hour so north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will take you 40 minutes right now. moving to mass transit, bart is now on time. art, ace train, muni and caltrain all on time. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. this just in! we have delays two hours and 18 minutes on some arriving flights at sfo. you look at the live hi-def doppler radar, you go why? only light rain in the north. all this is moving out quickly out of the canyon area and vacaville. we'll see some heavy rain showers push into the bay area. that's the scene at sfo right now. and the reason for the delay, is the ceiling has lowered less than 600 feet due to a lot of the low-level moisture that's causing you to use your windshield wipers as you head on out. 50s very mild out the door this
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morning. currently visibility again an issue at sfo at 8 miles. whenever it's below 10-mile visibility, you're going to have airport delays. three-mile visibility concord, clayton and walnut creek. 7-mile visibility in petaluma. this is what you need to know on this midweek. your forecast north bay light rain showers, otherwise the heavy rain tomorrow. looks like it was going to be about this time tomorrow? we are going to "pushhhh" that back towards the later morning hours and certainly lunch hour. evening commute definitely impacted, as well. then friday will be clearing out and it's going to get cool here in the bay area. so first off, this is subtropical moisture. it's a plume that goes all the way back to the hawaiian islands. you got this area of low pressure to the north of us tapping into that subtropical moisture. so the rain event first begins on the warm side. then with the passage of the cold front that's when you get the heavier rain showers, the instability of the atmosphere also. it will trigger that potential of a thunderstorm. the more likely thing that's going to occur here you are at morning commute tomorrow, heavy
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rain to the north. it gradually slides into the central bay towards the lunch hour and early afternoon. evening commute, definitely impacted. and then for about 2 to 4 hours that window, that's when we are going to see up to four inches of rain in the wettest locations. maybe even a half foot in the coastal mountain range. up to 2" across the central bay, 2.5 in santa rosa. when you couple that up with the high tide that's going to be about lunch hour tomorrow, 6.97 feet. we'll definitely have some ponding on the roads. flash flood watch in effect for lake, mendocino and humboldt counties. meanwhile, we have a winter weather watch in effect for tomorrow through friday afternoon for the high sierra. i know a lot of you are getting away and it looks like we do see two feet of snow above 8,000 feet. sunrise at 7:18. and today's temperatures get a good look at them, 50s and 60s. tomorrow one more day into the 60s. then we won't experience those kind of temperatures at least for a week. just snuggled into the 50s.
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here's a look at your extended forecast. gusty winds tomorrow to 45 miles per hour. there will be downed trees. there will potentially be downed power lines with the possibility of power outages. we clear out on friday. it's a cool crisp weather pattern through the period. that's a look at your midweek forecast. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the warriors were on the ropes last night against one of the league's worst teams! that story and the sharks straight ahead. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and featu re your school on the show. ,,
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good morning, everyone. draymond green filled out the stat sheet last night in new orleans but it's what he did on
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the other end of the floor that won the game. only thing sweeter than the warriors now is a beignet at cafe du monde! hank plante loves great passing. kevin durant throws it down at 19-5 warrior run. 4th quarter warriors down one. what's the phrase? steph had 30 points. warriors take the lead. time winding down. pelicans can tie it. superstar anthony davis to draymond and draymond stripped him. that's your ballgame. warriors escape 113-109 a. 110 years of maple leaf hockey and their last cup came during the lbj administration. they were trailing 2-1. but joe pavelski redirects brett burns' shot and we go to a shootout where couture scores an anderson and jones slams the door. the sharks haven't lost in toronto since the raiders last made the play-offs. and that would be 2002. by the way, congratulations to the city of oakland last night and ronnie lott and libby
6:25 am
schaaf. it's amazing what you can accomplish when you all work together. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. ♪[ music ] all right. the play of the day from the nba. minnesota at chicago. check out these moves by the bulls' jimmy butler. >> jimmy butler with the english gets it to roll home! >> up and under. the butler did it! the timberwolves win, 99-94. it is 6:25. it's a race against time to shore up the cliffside crumbling away in pacifica. but a dispute between the city and property owners is putting the work in jeopardy. >> closed cap tioning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces furniture" ,,,,,,,,
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♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births.
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sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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we'll have details on the alleged illegal behavior... weather ad libs caltrans facing a lawsuit from a group of bay area homeless. details on the alleged illegal behavior. >> reporter: will they fight or keep the peace? what's expected to happen when president-elect donald trump meets withsilicon valley executive directortives today's. >> good morning for the kpix weather center where a half foot of rain is heading to the bay area. i'll show you where. >> we have a new crash in the south bay now so we'll tell you exactly where that is. good morning, it is wednesday, december 14. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. firefighters are battling
6:30 am
a fire in santa rosa at a warehouse complex and ninth and wilson just after 2a the flames spread to several large warehouses near the smart train rail there. the fire was brought under control after about an hour and a half. no reports of injuries. a big win for raiders fans. they could stay in oakland. >> city and county leaders voted on a new stadium deal last night. anne makovec has been following the story. it's not a done deal yet. >> reporter: it passed two major hurdles yesterday. the alameda county board of supervisors and the oakland city council. so today, it's going to be the focus of the nfl owners meeting. they will eventually decide whether to allow the raiders to move to las vegas or stay in oakland. under the plan for oakland, the city and county would offer 100 acres at the coliseum site and the city of oakland alone would commit an additional $200 million for infrastructure. that money would hopefully be covered by tax revenue
6:31 am
generated from the stadium project. the plan was put together by football hall of famer ronnie lott and supported by seven of the eight members of the oakland city council. the opposition though says oakland's money should be spent on more pressing matters. >> we have homeless people on the street. we're moving into really uncertain times. >> every nation has a capital and the capital of the raider nation is oakland. >> reporter: but there is still the possibility of las vegas. 24 of the 32 nfl team owners would have to approve the relocation plan. the raiders are eligible to move beginning january 1. owner mark davis has said he is committed to doing so. >> so what about the existing debt on the coliseum property? >> reporter: that is the $91 million elephant in the room right now. that exists. if the plan passes that debt will need to be dealt with before the property can be transferred. so we can expect another round of negotiations between the
6:32 am
city and county, which each have a real stake in that property and that debt. >> thank you. we'll see what happens. anne, thank you. well, a stretch of cliffside in pacifica is in desperate need of shoring up. but the city and property owners are at odds over who is responsible. started off as a hole and now it's collapsed in. it's massive now. >> the city says that the sinkhole is on private land which means it's up to the property managers at ocean air apparents to fix it. trinity property consultants say it was a broken city pipe that caused is and so the city is on the hook for the repair work. coastal access is closed and walkways are closed as the repair work continues. another concern this week is the king tides. yesterday's tides were about 7 feet high. it's more than a foot taller than usual. the large tides could be the new normal so officials are setting aside $9 million for planning upgrades. we want to give you a live look
6:33 am
at the conditions. right now this is lucky drive on the north bay. the area will feel the effects of the king tides and there are so many showers at times this morning, as well. >> roberta, you said the next one is coming in around 10:a.m. > about 10:41 this morning at 7.06 feet so that will cause water onshore. but also what i'm more concerned with is tomorrow at high noon, we'll have a high king tide at 6.96 and that's coinciding with a very potent storm. that will be barreling through the bay area at the same time. there will be some urban and small stream flooding. okay. let take a look at what's going on now. it is the calm before the storm. just some very light rain showers right now around rio vista, it just pushed through the cordelia area. discovery bay area, you had some rain showers. but! because of the deteriorating situation as far as the weather is concerned, we have delays at sfo two hours 18 minutes on some arriving flights. wow! temperatures are into the 50s.
6:34 am
the big reason because of the delays at sfo, the visibility has been deteriorating. now under 10 miles. whenever you have it under 10 miles, that ceiling is 600 feet. that's the delays. okay, three-mile visibility in concord, clayton and walnut creek. eight miles in the petaluma area. six towards napa, glen ellen and also sonoma. flood watch for the huge area there which is lake, mendocino and humboldt counties over 300,000 people. those folks will receive just about 6 inches of rain, a half a foot of rain, by thursday night. and then you see that yellow highlighted area. that is the soberanes fire burn area with the potential of landslides or mudslides because of heavy rain. in addition to that, boy this green is all lit up, isn't it? look at the blues and reds and now i'm looking at the yellows here. that's where we'll experience some gusty winds tomorrow beginning at this time all the way through the evening hours. 45 miles an hour gusty winds.
6:35 am
we'll see some downed trees potentially some downed power lines and that could lead to some power outages. so let's back it up a bit for today. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. and take a good look at these 60s. we will experience one more day tomorrow. then with the passage of that cold front, we are going to be stuck into the 50s for about seven days. okay. let's track the incoming system together. that's coming up at 48 after the hour. but right now, roqui, you're going to be so busy. you better rest up tonight. [ laughter ] >> yeah. we're already busy actually. we have a lot of slow traffic throughout the bay area. and a lot of trouble in richmond. let's head to rodeo westbound 80 before willow avenue. earlier we had a crash in richmond causing a lot of problems. but now this two-car crash is off to the shoulder but it's still causing delays at just 22 miles per hour. that traffic is backed up well into crockett. westbound 80 to the bay bridge toll plaza that drive up to 50 minutes due to the rodeo and richmond delays. and the maze to downtown look at that, will take you now up
6:36 am
to 30 minutes to get into downtown san francisco. let's move to the south bay. we haven't touched this all morning. san jose northbound 280 after winchester boulevard, it's a four-car crash blocking the number three lane and causing some slowdowns in that area. traffic is moving at just about 40 miles per hour. so if you want to avoid the wet roads and the traffic, take mass transit. art, ace train, muni and caltrain all on time. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. a group of homeless people have sued caltrans alleging that caltrans doesn't provide enough notice to clear out encampments and doesn't always give people a chance to move their property before workers destroy it. it allegedly happened at a camp on caltrans property in oakland and under a 580 overpass in berkeley. new information about a deadly shooting in bakersfield. we now know that a 73-year-old man was holding a wooden crucifix when police shot him. authorities say the object was in his pocket when he started walking towards officers on monday. the officers thought it was a
6:37 am
gun! the shooting happened early monday morning in his neighbors' driveway and the victim's family says he had early signs of dementia. last night more than 100 people gathered in the neighborhood to remember him. a spokesman for the family released a statement during the vigil. >> our dad was stolen from up as eight time that our family should be celebrating the holidays, birthdays and making happy family memories. >> the family is asking the bakersfield police department to remove themselves from the investigation. they want the state attorney general to appoint an independent investigator. today the oakland school board is expected to pass a resolution to make the city schools sanctuaries. the initiative charts out specific steps to protect the rights and safety of immigrants and muslim families. some 13% of california students have at least one parent who is documented. ahead of today's vote, members of the school board sought input from students and parents
6:38 am
on the resolution. there are some new rules in sonoma county concerning marijuana. last night supervisors rejected a proposal that would have allowed small scale growers to farm pot in rural residential zones outside city limits. the board instead voted on another option for growers. it will allow marijuana cultivation on agricultural and industrial zones across the county. governor brown is trying to preserve the california coast before donald trump takes office. he sent a letter to president obama asking him to permanently ban any new oil drilling in the waters off california. the current ban expires in 2022. the governor will speak at san francisco today at the american geophysical fall meeting the world's largest gathering of earth scientists. more than 20,000 researchers attend every year. and yesterday, many of them gathered to challenge the new trump administration on climate change. >> it's not enough just to do our science. we have to get out and explain
6:39 am
to people why the science matters, to them, to their lives, to their jobs, to their communities, to their held and well-being! >> a lot of scientists have been afraid to speak out and so i think this event is about showing the science community that the public has their back. >> olson helped organize the event. he wants people to encourage their lawmakers to block donald trump's appointment of scott pruitt to lead the epa. today some of tech's biggest names have an appointment at trump tower. they will be meeting with our president-elect. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose on the issues at stake as leaders speak their minds to donald trump. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, before donald trump was elected, dozens of silicon valley tech execs called him a disaster for innovation and now they are set to meet with him in just a few hours so it should be a pretty interesting meeting. and some of the big name companies that will meet with
6:40 am
him include amazon, apple, tesla, facebook, google, microsoft. and they are concerned that donald trump will infringe on digital privacy and curb the hiring of immigrants. they are not saying much about what they land to talk about today but some tech execs have been holding one-on-one with the president elect. bill gates met with donald trump just yesterday. >> we had a good conversation about innovation, how it can help in health, education, impact of foreign aid and energy and wide ranging conversation about the power of innovation. >> reporter: all right. so let's just rewind a little bit on the campaign trail. trump criticized apple for outsourcing to china. he sparred with amazon's ceo who owns the "washington post" blaming him of directing the paper's coverage so amazon could avoid paying state taxes. so a lot of tech execs openly opposed his candidacy. the meeting is scheduled to be held at 11:00 our time today. it is expected to be about an hour long and those tech execs
6:41 am
possibly want to extend an olive branch to trump. one thing that they do agree on is to lower corporate tax rates. so we'll see what happens later on today. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. time now 6:41. self-driving cars will start picking up passengers in the bay area today. the dmv is not happy. >> and why construction workers in the south bay's biggest city are fighting a plan aimed at creating more affordable housing. ,,
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. good wednesday morning. time check on this "hump day," 6:44 on this december the 14th. we have a flash flood alert for lake, mendocino and humboldt counties up to a half foot of rain is expected by tomorrow night. in addition to that, we are looking ahead for your thursday
6:45 am
around the bay area and just about the entire microclimate. we do expect some gusty winds up to 45 miles per hour. there will be downed trees and the potential of downed power lines. we are going to track this potent storm together in less than four minutes. a new retail report is out as christmas approaches. >> joining us now, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks brooks. >> reporter: good morning. perhaps americans not spending as much as expected for the holiday season. the commerce department says retail sales in november were up only .1%. that's weak surprising giving that's the kickoff to the holiday shopping season. there were some winners including restaurants which is good because restaurants sales have been in decline in 2016. furniture chains did well and personal and healthcare chains did well like sally beauty. so their stocks are on the rise. department stores continue to struggle and electronics and appliance chains didn't do very
6:46 am
well in november for sales. the fed wraps up its two- day meeting today and all expectations are for the first rate hike in a year. only the second since the financial crisis started in 2008. feds expected to feel good about a direction of the economy to keep more investors, what the fed says about the case of future hikes. we could see volatility in the stock market. the stock market is doing great since the election. we saw a new record high for all three averages today. today a breather for the market as we await that fed announcement later this morning. let's see how we are doing so far. tech sector is up as a lot of the big tech leaders will be at trump tower meeting with president-elect donald trump today. the dow lower by about 10. the nasdaq is up by 4. the s&p is down by 1 in the early going. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> all right, jason brooks from kcbs radio jays. thank you. starting today, uber says it will have a few self-driving
6:47 am
cars picking up passengers here in san francisco. >> the launch of the program is similar to what the ride hailing service did in september in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. the local fleet is made up of volvo suvs. >> the self-driving cars will come, i believe, with a safety driver and in pittsburg h, you're not alone in the car. i presume they will do the same sort of thing here in san francisco. >> the california dmv told kpix 5 uber does not yet have a testing permit issued by the state. you will get notified in your apps. if you are a little uneasy, you can decline and go traditional. >> i would be willing to try it. >> would you? >> yeah. absolutely. those cars are cool. >> i want them to work out the kinks first. >> yes. i'm like, eh, we can barely trust our computers in the studio. i don't know about trusting a car computer. we have a lot going on, on
6:48 am
the bay area roads with wet roads starting with the golden gate bridge if you are heading from marin county into san francisco. that will be 14 minutes between 580 and san rafael to the golden gate toll plaza and then in the rodeo area, westbound 80 before willow avenue, this two- car crash has been cleared out of the road. but we still have a lot of backup in the area. you have that backup moving all the way into crockett. down westbound 80 will take you about 50 minutes from carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze. and then you have about a 30- minute drive from the maze into downtown san francisco so pretty heavy commute for you guys at home if you are heading out the door. give yourself extra time. a live look at the nimitz freeway in both directions looking good. but on 880 northbound from 238 in san leandro to the maze that will be a quick 17 minutes. if you are traveling across the span of the san mateo bridge, we have another bridge that's slow here from hayward to foster city. that will be a 30-minute drive, as well. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. you wouldn't let one of those uber cars drive you around? >> i don't know.
6:49 am
i would like them to work out the kinks. i'll like michelle. >> i'll go for it. i'll be one of those crash dummies. no, i don't mean that. [ laughter ] >> sticking with the weather. i have to stay focused. [ laughter ] good morning, everybody. it is our live -- [ hysterical laughter ] >> we have light rain in the north bay this morning. it was a dark sky before the storm. doesn't that look ominous? but visibility is improving. we couldn't see the bay bridge earlier. we have mostly cloudy skies, temperatures are into the 50s. we do have, however, still have visibility issues of less than 10 piles at sfo. 2 hours 18-minute delays on some arriving flights. five-mile visibility in petaluma right now. a little bit of haze due to the low-level moisture. in fact, some heavy drizzle so you require that umbrella out the door. some light rain possible across the north bay today. heavy rain tomorrow. gusty winds to 45 miles per hour. we'll clear out on friday through the weekend.
6:50 am
let's get to it. subtropical moisture, this is a huge plume. it goes back to hawaii. okay. so that's why we have that southerly wind today 10 to 20 a little bit muggy but then you incorporate this area of low pressure to the north, it's going to dye down from the gulf of alaska, tap into that moisture, end result is this. today, light rain in the north bay. that's no problem. but then here comes your thursday. it is actually slowed down a little bit. the early-morning hours, the north bay has just showers. the morning commute, pretty much in the north bay sliding into the central bay, bam, there's your afternoon and your evening commute. and i got to tell you, this heavy rain is often coming in brief periods between a window of 2 to 4 hours. so that's heavy rain, will cause ponding on the roads. couple that up with the king tide at high noon tomorrow, we will have some flooding on our local roadways. and look at these totals! nearly one to two inches of rain across the central bay, over 4" in ukiah. half a foot of rain is anticipated around the coastal
6:51 am
mountains. now, because of all that, a flash flood watch has been issued through tomorrow for lake, mendocino and humboldt counties. that incorporates over 300,000 people that will encounter this kind of rain plus the soberanes burn area, as well. high wind watch for just about the entire bay area tomorrow. those wind gusts will take down some trees, also potentially some downed power lines. now, meanwhile, your tahoe forecast, 50 degrees tomorrow so it's going to start off as rain and then turn into "sierra cement" and then bona fide snow on thursday through friday. and we will have up to 2 feet of snow above 8,000 feet. heading to the south shore, now packed powder nine lifts. 13 lifts available at north star. starting off as rain tomorrow. heavy snow thursday night into friday for the commute into the high sierra. 50s, 60s for us and after tomorrow, we're not going to see any temperatures into the 60s. with the passage of the cold front cool air settles into the
6:52 am
bay area on saturday through tuesday. so get ready, batten down the hatches, you guys, tie down the snow globes in the front yard. >> what? >> all right. [ laughter ] >> i have a lot of candy canes in the front yard. >> and rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, too. the san jose city council has voted to continue tax breaks to developers of new high-rise buildings downtown. although several high-rise buildings have sprung up in the city recently, construction has slowed down. that's why mayor sam liccardo pushed for the renewal of tax waivers and fee breaks for developers. liccardo's plan is opposed by the construction workers union who say the developers getting the breaks are those who keep hiring cheap labor from outside california. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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vists say fighter je ive things to know at the :55. a brief cease-fire in syria appears to be over. activists say fighter jets resumed bombing raids over remaining rebel areas in eastern aleppo. the cease-fire brokered by russia and turkey was supposed to allow thousands of civilians to safely leave the area. an arctic chill gripping parts of the central u.s. is moving east now. the winter weather turned deadly in upstate new york where a 12-year-old boy in upstate new york was killed after he was buried in a large snow bank. president-elect donald trump meets with top tech executives at trump tower today including some of silicon valley's well known ceos. this morning he officially announced his pick a former texas governor rick perry to head the energy department. firefighters in santa rosa say that there were no injuries when a warehouse went up in flames. crews were called to a warehouse complex on ninth and wilson just after 2 a.m.
6:57 am
it took about an hour and a half before they finally got things under control. investigators in castro valley are trying to figure out who killed a woman and then set her house on fire. the 59-year-old victim's body was found inside the burning home around 3 p.m. yesterday. authorities believe the fire was set to destroy any dna evidence left behind during the murder. i'm anne makovec with the latest on what's going on for the oakland raiders. later today nfl owners will meet. they will eventually decide whether the raiders will stay here or move to las vegas. yesterday, a plan to keep the raiders in oakland passed two major hurdles, the alameda county board of supervisors and the city of oakland. under the plan, the city and county would offer 100 acres at the coliseum site and the city of oakland would commit an additional $200 million for infrastructure. that money would be covered by tax revenue from the stadium project. hopefully. now, the plan was put together by football hall of famer ronnie lott and supported by a lot of former raiders players
6:58 am
including marcus allen. >> it is so important that i think the raiders remain here. and i'm so proud of the team that i'm with that is trying to make that happen. >> some critics of the deal say money should be put toward other needs in the city instead. if the plan moves forward for oakland there's still $91 million in debt to deal with before the coliseum property can be transferred. it's 6:58. we have a lot of traffic in the bay area. starting on the 30-minute commute across the span of the san mateo bridge between 880 and 101 and also expect the same amount of time to get across the span of the bay bridge. moving over now to the fremont area, northbound 880 before decoto row is a three-car crash blocking two left lanes and that backup is now beyond thornton. moving over to the south bay and san jose northbound 280 before lawrence expressway this four-car crash is out there still blocking lanes and
6:59 am
causing some backups all the way beyond highway 87 and you're driving in the area at just 40 miles per hour. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. live hi-def doppler radar picking up a little light shower here or there basically what it is is some heavy drizzle, as well. grab the umbrella. mostly cloudy. temperatures are pretty mild into the 50s. later today, take a good look at all the temperatures in the 60s. we are not going to see them for a while. visibility is improving a bit. but the damage is done, 2-hour 18-minute delays on some arriving flights at sfo. flood watch lake, mendocino and humboldt counties. gusty winds tomorrow with a high wind watch in effect for just about the entire bay area. 50s, 60s today. tomorrow nearly a half foot of rain in the wettest locations. generally an inch to two inches around the bay area. >> boy. get ready, right? >> you know, it's going to be like -- it's nothing. it's going to be something! [ laughter ] >> get your rain jackets and upon close and gets your mind
7:00 am
right. >> and ponchos. >> we'll do that. [ laughter ] >> i'll check my mind right now! good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, december 14th 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. the fragile cease-fire in aleppo collapses. thousands of civilians are at risk. the u.n. calls it a complete meltdown of humanity. president-elect trump meets silicon valley's tech titans today after clashing with them during the campaign. plus he defends choosing an oil man for secretary of state. former secretary of state james baker tells us why he likes the choice. and we remember alan thicke. the beloved tv dad from "growing pains" who died suddenly of a heart attack. he was just 69. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye


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