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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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unexpected visitors. >> i'm not sure when but sometime in the middle of the show i think pretty early on, the firefighters showed up, um, inside the building, um, walking around at least downstairs i believe they are upstairs but i forget. >> reporter: he says those firefighters were friendly, didn't appear alarmed by anything and seemed to just be checking things out, something he was grateful for, given the nature of the space. >> i really appreciated the first being there. >> reporter: yesterday they said there are no records for firefighters stepping inside the warehouse. >> we don't have any record stating that our firefighters had made entry or were aware of what was going on. >> i'm not sure of what led up to it, but there is multiple firemen there, um, and i expect there would be some sort of record of that. >> reporter: off camera i spoke with two more people who were at the event in 2014 and they
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both corroborate the story saying that firefighters were in fact inside this building. i'm also told that those firefighters spoke derick ion almena the man renting out the warehouse. so far no explanation as to why a visit like the one they are describing does not show up on fire department records. >> it might just be some sort of communication issue. >> reporter: this wouldn't be the first such communication issue. we know building inspectors were responding to complaints about the warehouse right around the time of that event in 2014. we have video of police poking around inside the building in october of this year. but none of that was enough to produce action by the city something the mayor identified as a problem just days after the fire. >> we're developing ways to immediately clarify the responsibility of city employees to properly report any observations of dangerous living conditions or illegal events along with a clear
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process for doing so. >> reporter: in oakland, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> and we of course reached out to the oakland fire department for comment but have not heard back. right now crowds are lining up at the fox theatre in oakland. it's a night every music and dancing to help those left by the deadly warehouse fire. primus with openers like the tune yards, rogue wave and hip- hop artists. kpix 5's emily turner is live outside the show. >> reporter: they are running late but you can see everybody lined up looking forward to going inside. it starts shortly and benefits the victims of the ghost ship fire and ticket sales money is
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going to the gray area foundation a san francisco arts organization and will send the money to families of the victims, victims and those displaced by the fire. we are waiting for the red cross to figure out who that goes to. they have raised $672,000. tonight they will get about $30,000 more. >> it's going to be somber and that's important. we want it to be celebratory and we have encouraged the artists to keep it light. because we are here, we are here to celebrate the lives of the victims. >> reporter: and this show has been sold out. we are told that there's not a ticket to be found. although the crowds haven't quite made it here yet. we know that along with all the musical performer, some of the loved ones of the folks who died in the fire will be speaking tonight. we be able to go inside at least for a portion of the show and bring that to you tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. live in oakland, emily turner, kpix 5. governor brown is vowing to do whatever it takes to protect the environment even if that
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means taking on the future president. kpix 5's phil matier is here now and phil, the governor is fired up about this! >> reporter: that's right. he was talking to a collection of climate change scientists today said steady the course and he said if there's a fight on, he is willing to take it even if it means going into outer space. let's listen to what the governor had to say. >> some people say that they are going to turn off the satellites that are monitoring the, um, climate. and if trump turns off the satellites, california will launch its own damn satellites! we're gonna collect that data! >> reporter: california governor jerry brown called out the incoming donald trump administration and pledged to do whatever it takes to block any rollback on california environmental regulations. >> this is not about twitter and 140-characters and the instant proliferation of meaningless news bits. this is about real life. >> reporter: brown's san francisco speech comes amid reports that scientists are moving their data off
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government servers out of fear it may be erased by incoming trump skeptics. claims national resource defense council says run standable. >> they want to make sure they protect their life's work and the rich data that we have. >> by the way, if they start delete had gone databases, look, we have a lot of databases in california we can take a few more. >> reporter: the trump transition team however says brown and his kind are jumping the gun. >> the president-elect is a very commonsense oriented guy and basically what he said is, if we reduce carbon emissions the air is going to get cleaner, that's a positive thing. whether you believe in climate change or not, we want clean air. >> reporter: we asked uc hayings law prove dave owens who has the upper hand in a fight like this is feds or state? who calls the shots? >> there are lots of lines and a lot of them are blurry. >> one of the things that we have to guard against is that the feds could stop funding a lot of programs. >> reporter: how much money?
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>> we're talking billions. >> in california, we got plenty of lawyers. [ laughter ] >> so we got the scientists. we got the lawyers. and we're ready to fight! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: it's interesting to note that jerry brown actually got the moniker governor moonbeam back in the 1970s when he suggested california send a satellite in the sky to look at the environment and the changing landscape in california. todayest proud about that saying it might be time to bring it back for the fight that he is ready to take off. back to you guys. >> thank you. get ready for thursday soaker. a wet and windy storm is moving in on the bay area. the rain already causing problems in the north bay where a big rig delivering coca-cola skidded off the road and flipped over. it happened on river road just south of guerneville just after 4:00 this afternoon. it spilled more than 30 gallons of diesel fuel. but the driver is okay. in the east bay crews were out scrambling to clear the storm drains before that
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downpour. the bay is currently experiencing king tides. that means places like berkeley could see flooding in low-lying areas. most cities have sandbags available for people who are worried about flooding. let's get over to chief meteorologist paul deanno. you have the timing on this down? >> we do. tomorrow morning it will be pouring in the north bay and this storm has a long way to travel because it's just beginning to rain steadily tonight in eureka. there is the storm. there are still some showers out there now. kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar showing the steadiest showers toward the nut tree, vacaville, fairfield, yountville and still low based rain showers in santa rosa, south to petaluma so where is that line of the heavy rain the stuff we have been talking about for the past couple of days? there it is. 7:00 tomorrow morning, mid- morning commute, it's there in marin county, napa and sonoma county that will work its way south a very wet and windy day talking rainfall totals and
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when the rain will make it all the way to the south bay coming up in a few minutes. see you then. new at 6:00, some bay area nuns are running into trouble trying to feed the hungry. they have plans to open a new soup kitchen in san francisco. but kpix 5's jessica flores says the new neighbors aren't feeling very charitable. >> as the line broke outside -- >> very blessed. >> reporter: sister marie benedict prepares for another of feeding the hungry. for the past several years, the sisters of the fraternity of notre dame from france have run their soup kitchen from san francisco's tenderloin district. >> thank you, sister. >> have a nice day. >> we try to love them and we try to make the soup kitchen like a family. >> reporter: but the rent is driving them out. and after multimillionaire tony robbins stepped in to buy them this new spot, a $750,000 condo in the mission, the sisters thought their prayers were answered. >> everybody say, when are you
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coming? everybody waiting for us. >> reporter: residents at 1930 mission are trying to block the nuns from relocating their soup kitchen to the building. the lawyer for the homeowners association wouldn't comment for this report. but he filed a letter with the city planning department. it says, feeding the homeless is a wonderful thing. but that the mission condo is not the appropriate location. the letter also says lines for a soup kitchen could hurt future development. still, the building already has some issues. residents complain of drug deals going on in broad daylight. >> when the nun comes here, [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the planning commission will have a hearing on the new soup kitchen location in january. the nuns will be there hoping to change the residents' hearts and minds. >> i would like them to be compassionate. i know it's not so easy to -- to live when you have a lot of [ indiscernible ] [ heavy french accent ] >> we need to work together.
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>> reporter: in san francisco, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> tonight a man who made a vta suicide bomb threat is behind bars. around 10:00 this morning, sheriff's deputies say jonathan keim made three different phone calls and sent an email to the agency saying he would like to blow up a train or bus. shortly after all vta trains and buses were stopped and searched. deputies and bomb-detection canines searched his house. nothing was found. they are touted as being safer but they are already problems on day one. >> coming up the safety issues for self-driving uber cars in san francisco and why the state says these vehicles should not be allowed on the roads. >> plus one day after the chevy volt made its bay area debut another electric car company is jumping into the mix. the new luxury option still ahead. >> then a young northern california woman going under the knife to save someone more than 50 years her senior. were ,, ,,,,,,,,
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just hours after uber hit t gas on a new self-driving c program in san francisco - e state is p developing tonight just hours after uber hit the gas on the new self-driving car program in san francisco, the state is pulling the plug. kpix 5's susie steimle has been following the story and has some new information for us tonight. susie? >> reporter: well, allen, we're here at 777 harrison street. uber's just purchased this
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garage to keep its self-driving vehicles inside. now looks like that's where they are going to stay for the next little while. and believe it or not, this is not the only legal issue that uber is facing tonight. hours into the new automated operation of uber's self- driving cars, the dmv shut them down. before that, they had other problems. >> just hazardous situation that they need more space. i think they can afford it. >> reporter: he works for golden gate transit. uber just purchased a garage across the street to store its new automated vehicles inside. he says they keep parking in an illegal red zone. >> so it's a bit of a hazard to have them right there where the city is allowing them to park in the red zone when we're trying to [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: uber has a reputation for skirting the law. that's what caused the shutdown of the automated program today. uber thought it didn't need a test permit for automated vehicles because it had a person behind the wheel in case
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of emergencies. but again, today the company got caught redhanded running a red light. in response, uber said this incident was due to human error. this is why we believe so much in making the roads safer by building self-driving ubers. this vehicle was not part of the pilot and was not carrying customers. , the driver involved has been suspended while we continue to investigate. jim peterson says he still worries human error will interfere with automated software something he deals with daily. >> people are on their phone they step off the curb, things like that. autonomous vehicle might not be prepared for that. >> reporter: 20 other companies have already done the paperwork to have these test permits for automatic vehicles in california. it also says if uber doesn't indicate that it's shutting down its program immediately, it will face legal action. live in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix 5. new at 6:00 competition is
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getting fierce in the electric car market. just one day after chevy debuted its "bolt" in the bay area, a luxury carmaker is showing off its new electric vehicle. kpix 5's devin fehely with a first look. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: unveiled with all the theatrical flourish of apple or tesla product launch, the lucid air was debuted in the crowded all-electric car market. >> it's unlike anything else in the marketplace. and it's really about breaking away from the intern combustion kind of way of doing things. >> aerodynamics wizard has taken a vortex induction system. >> reporter: they plan to compete with tesla as well as luxury carmakers like mercedes and bmw. we got a chance to take a test drive in one of the early prototypes. >> we'll be showing you a few different features. >> reporter: it boasting a
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powerful engine and the acceleration was surprising and pardon the pun electrifying. with a a 300-mile range, the first car won't be fully autonomous. it will share the road and the market with tesla's line of cars and the chevy bolt as well as countless hybrids. and how well it navigates the bumps in the road from concept to successful company will likely determine its longevity in the electric car field. >> on our journey, we kept so quiet for so long. >> reporter: in fremont, devin fehely, kpix 5. it's happened again. yahoo revealing new details of a massive cyber attack that may be the biggest breach in history. the sunnyvale-based company now revealing that one billion accounts were exposed in a 2013 hack. the tech giant says the
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information stolen includes names, email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, this is separate from another hack back in 2014 that compromised 500 million user accounts. nfl commissioner roger goodell indicated today the league would like to avoid having the raiders leave oakland. he called relocation something they would like to avoid and today nfl owners gathered for their meeting in texas. one of the topics, oakland's $1.3 billion stadium plan. it would be funded in part by an investment group headed by ronnie lott. goodell told reporters today that as of now, there is no acceptable stadium solution in oakland but the league is not giving up on oakland just yet. >> there's something we have to continue to work with those communities. we will. we are committed to continue to work with those communities and finding those solutions and we'll do that. >> raiders owner mark davis has already made something of a commitment to move his team to
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a new stadium in vegas. goodell says davis will be able to apply for relocation after the season. the raiders would need 24 of 32 nfl owners to approve the move. a selfless gift prompts a pay it forward movement. [chuckling] >> a 20-year-old sacramento woman's attempt to save her cousin's life saved the lives of others. she called it her share your spare journey. she wasn't a match for her cousin who needed a kidney she gave it to a stranger. her kindness started a chain reaction ushering in other donors to the operating room. >> briana to have such a big heart, she is thinking about other people. it's amazing. >> three other people heard the story and decided to donate saving the lives of a 72-year- old and a 56-year-old man. incredible. >> generous. >> yeah. >> good story. >> hm. >> paul deanno bringing the rain again. >> we got the rain coming, yes. >> all right. >> and the wind.
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really the first storm of the season. this is going to be a bona fide storm. it going to be wet and windy. and it's going to be some of the more intense rainfall that we have seen since about last march. it's been coming up for a while. it's been raining for much of the day in mendocino and sonoma county. 1.5" of rain in venado already. santa rosa more than a half inch today. still a few scattered showers in land show county and napa county. the front moves in overnight. it needs to get here quickly. it's up in eureka but will be here this time tomorrow. ahead of it warm and humid. oakland 63. san jose 63. san rafael 59 degrees. here comes the storm. we need the low pressure area to get closer. that transition
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happens tomorrow. so walking through things we are going to get to the timing coming up in a second. light rain moves in overnight tonight. it will be a wet and windy day tomorrow with things clearing out by friday. what you want to know is when is it going to pour in my house? very generalized but i could spend a half-hour if you want to go by tiny region by tiny region so we'll do big regions instead. north bay 7 to 11 a.m. tomorrow. that's your window for heavy rain. the rain tapers off before lunch time. central bay including san francisco, oakland, south to fremont, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. then the front works its way south, san jose, this is you, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. tomorrow. so it's going to be heavy rain for three or four hours. and in that time you will get a lot of rain in a short amount of time. no widespread flooding but we'll see small stream and urban flooding tomorrow so wet, windy then done. not a drop of rain for the next week after that. chilly and sunny. one day with rain that's
6:22 pm
tomorrow. >> not too bad. >> thank you. they play a crucial role in tracking flights. inside the nasa testing ground for air traffic control technology. >> the upgrades designed to make your travel experience better. that's next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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safer. kpix 5's kiet do goes inside operation, designed to impre your fligh nasa is exploring the world of virtual reality to make air traffic safer. kpix 5's keit do goes inside the operation designed to improve your flight experience. >> reporter: deep in the bowels of nasa ames in mountain view is one of the most important research labs you have never heard of. >> so the simulation really starts as you walk up the tower. >> reporter: welcome to nasa's new testing for technology. 12 hi-def projectors create the illusion of working inside a charlotte, north carolina
6:25 pm
tower. a pilot directs the planes as they taxi, take off and land, you can dial in any weather conditions. >> you want them to forget a simulation. you want them to do things like real life. >> reporter: cities are not building more airports but with 87,000 flights in the u.s. every day and growing, nasa says airports have to get more efficient. for example, some airports still track flights by arranging pieces of paper by hand. >> so this shows the expected time of the arrival aircraft. >> reporter: so nasa is developing new technology like this tracking software to accurately predict when flights will arrive when they should start taxiing toward the runway and when they should take off. >> better predictive information we can see where the bottlenecks and entanglements might lie and then employ algorithms to detangle that traffic. >> reporter: they say working it out before field testing is critical. >> you can't just give this tool to an operational
6:26 pm
controller without them having tried it, tested it, in an environment where they can see what it does how well it does things. >> reporter: this former astronaut and pilot says future flight means less time on the tarmac, less fuel and less stress for the controllers. >> this is all going to make everybody's lives better. we have the automation available. a lot of smart people. the computing power is huge now. and it's time. >> reporter: in mountain view, kiet do, kpix 5. silicon valley heads to trump tower. coming up in the next half-hour hour president-elect donald trump and bay area tech titans plan to work together. >> then it's one of the most anticipated movies this holiday season. an exclusive look at the story of the boston marathon bombing, called patriots day.
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he's here to help them do w. today- several of the worl' most influenti donald trump is telling silicon valley leaders he is here to help them do well. today several of the world's most influential tech titans gathered at trump tower to meet with the future president. executives from the most elite tech companies were there including larry cook and
6:30 pm
google's larry page and tim cook. >> reporter: the meeting was at trump tower. there were leaders like elon messing, sheryl sandberg and jeff bezos. all their meetings with donald trump. elon musk and sheryl sandberg and jeff bezos. they talked about job, innovation and china. the meeting was behind closed doors. in opening remarks, everyone seemed cordial. >> we are going to be there for you and you'll call my people, you'll call me. it doesn't make any difference. we have no formal chain of command. >> super excited about the possibility for innovations. >> reporter: this despite the fact that nearly every silicon valley leader supported hillary clinton. some quite vocally. whether they still have reservations about trump is unclear. >> don't allow your meeting to be a smoke screen. >> reporter: michael is the executive director of the sierra club and he has a message for the leaders who were at today's meeting. >> don't be a sucker and allow for your presence in front of donald trump to be used as an indication of where donald
6:31 pm
trump is going. >> reporter: after all, trump met with al gore and then appointed scott pruitt an outspoken critic of the environmental protection agency to head that agency. now, the tech leaders may have been skeptical because they wouldn't be interviewed by the press either coming or going from the meeting. but their employees are not being quiet about a trump administration. nearly 700 engineers and other employees of tech companies have publicly signed a pledge saying they will not create databases based on religion or national origin and they will not turn over private data unless they legally have to. one ceo who was not invited to the meeting jack dorsey from twitter. now, there are conflicting reports about why he wasn't there. for example, trump adviser sean spicer said that the conference table didn't have enough seats. but politico reports that trump is angry with twitter for refusing to create a crooked hillary [ indiscernible ] during the campaign. in any event, the group of tech leaders that did attend have
6:32 pm
reportedly agreed to meet every three months. >> trump loves twitter. >> he might tweet about why he didn't invite twitter. >> because of an emoji. >> thank you. it the federal reserve is raising its key interest rates for just the second time in 10 years. the central bank increasing its benchmark rate by a quarter point to .75%. the move will mean higher rates on credit card, home equity loans, adjustable rate mortgages. the fed also hinted more interest rate increases are on tap for 2017. wall street didn't take the news well. here's a look at the closing numbers: well, earlier we told you how the state is putting the brakes on uber's self-driving vehicles on day one here in san francisco. tonight we're asking you if having these self-driving vehicles on the road makes you nervous, yes or no, why or why not, send my' twilight now
6:33 pm
veronica de la cruz is the place. we'll have poll results as well as some of the best tweets tonight. at #veronicadlcruz. tweet me. oin us on nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. the highly anticipated film patriots day will debut. it's the telling of the 2013 boston marathon bombings and the aftermath. as jessica moore the whole world watched that manhunt in the days after the explosions. >> reporter: mark wahlberg plays boston police officer tommy saunders. >> that's him right there, come on. >> i always thought that i have tough but there's a new meaning of tough. there's a new meaning of -- of cool. there's a new meaning of hero for me. >> reporter: patriots day tells the story of the boston marathon bombing and its terrifying aftermath. as a boston native, wahlberg knew he carried a lot on his shoulders. >> you will be held accountable if you don't get it ride. but i just knew what our intentions were and i was just
6:34 pm
so proud at how the people of boston react and responded to this event. and i wanted to share that with the world. >> action. >> reporter: as the film based on actual events in recent history, director peter berg knew there was a heightened sensitive for those living in boston and especially for the victims of the terrorist act. >> didn't make any sense to turn this movie into a hyped up piece of fixtion. that would be insulting to everyone so we approached it from almost a docu-drama perspective. >> reporter: kevin bacon plays the fbi agent heading up the manhunt he said could you feel the horror of the experience on the set. >> i didn't really know the -- the -- what had gone into those -- that four or five days where they were looking for these guys and to be a part of that search to me was a really kind of fascinating telling of something. >> reporter: the terror of those days is palpable in the film. but all involved also say it's
6:35 pm
very much a story of why this town is known as boston strong. >> this community proved that love beats hatred and the way this community got back on its feet and took care of each other was extremely inspirational and that -- that's the big takeaway for me. >> now, patriots day will be released in limited theaters in l.a., boston, of course, new york, that will be on december 21. it will be in theaters nationwide january 13. you can watch the full trailer for the movie on our facebook page. just search "kpix." you're heading up to tahoe and wondering will there be fresh snow absolutely! up to 3 feet of new snow by friday. winter storm warning in effect there. how much rain in your backyard? that's coming up. ,, ♪
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is. from cancer walks to the fbi police academy and east bay
6:38 pm
woman helps so many different community groups. her family and friends find it hard to keep up with her. >> sharon chin introduces to us this week's jefferson award winner. >> i couldn't keep up with her, either. jenny chea-vaing serves out of a heart of gratitude. she is determined to give her best because she survived some of the worst conditions imaginable. >> ready? we're doing deck the halls. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: jenny chea-vaing volunteers to deck the halls of the senior living facility with song. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: and gifts. >> you give people happiness. you put a smile on their face. and you feel good. [ singing ] >> reporter: jenny has given the gift of service for the last 16 years through her charity jcv "artz and kraftz."
6:39 pm
she donated thousands of dollars from selling scarves, blankets and hats she crocheted or admitted herself and mobilized volunteers to serve with her in some two dozen causes from aids and breast cancer walks to disaster drills and homeless programs. >> there you go. >> reporter: recently she helped coordinate to organize a community open house for the oakland police eastmont substation. >> she is our little energizer bunny that always goes and goes and goes. >> reporter: she says she gives in different areas of the community because she is grateful for her life in america. >> every time when i go through obstacle and stuff like that, there's always somebody there to help me so i figure if i cannot help all, at least i can make a difference in one person's life. >> reporter: as a child, jenny suffered the atrocities of the khmer rouge in cambodia. her mother was executed. jenny escaped with her older sister, hiding from soldiers under dead bodies and scrounging for food. >> she would pick up leaf and eat it first to make sure that
6:40 pm
-- that it's okay. and then she'll then she will, um, give it to me. >> reporter: her family's immigration to the u.s. in 1984 gave her a second chance at life. >> joy to the world the lord is come ♪ >> reporter: today jenny is an insurance broker, wife and mother of three. >> i made that! >> reporter: she lives to give as volunteer tom explains. >> i think she recognizes how important it is to be here in america and to pass on her joy of being free giving back to the community. >> reporter: she inspires volunteers like annette. >> you're never going to meet another person as giving as what jenny is. >> you're going to do one more song. ♪[ music ] >> joy to the world ♪ >> reporter: so for generously giving her time and talents to her community, this week's
6:41 pm
jefferson award in the bay area goes to jenny chea-vaing. >> a stranger in a cowboy hat scooped her over his shoulder and got her over a bridge. she was afraid to go by herself because she would be eaten by crocodiles. >> we know there are more people like that out there. if you know someone who gives to others like jenny, nominate that person for a jefferson award online at ♪[ music ] i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, let the race across the sea begin. >> they say you're crazy. [ laughter ] >> heck, even the nfl commissioner is on board. >> we all understand exactly where he is. >> but not everybody is sailing in the same direction as roger goodell. >> you know, they make this huge stance about player safety. then you put the players in tremendous danger. >> welcome aboard. we'll set sail in five minutes. ,,
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6:45 pm
some of the heaviest rain since march on the way to the bay area. gets here about 12 hours from now. really will be pouring in the north bay. i know you're watching us in santa rosa saying it's been raining all day. that's light rainfall that's accumulated over 12 or 18 hours. the heavy rain for you and all the bay area gets here tomorrow. take a peek at the kpix 5 hi- def doppler radar. up in northwestern california, crescent city, eureka, not even fort bragg. it's working in our direction. flood watch continues to our north and west at lake, mendocino and humboldt counties. up to half a foot of total rainfall there and flash flood watch in effect for the soberanes burn area. everybody getting gusty wins up to 45 miles per hour. the strongest potentially damaging winds will be the bay area coastline right along the beach, the diablo range in the east bay and the coastal mountains. we are looking at wind gusts there 40 to 50 miles per hour. so not only wet tomorrow it will also be windy. it is mild outside tonight.
6:46 pm
58 include in san francisco. showers around santa rosa. 56. concord and oakland 58 degrees. overnight tonight, it's going to cool down all of two or three degrees. 55 in oakland. 57 for san jose. 53 in napa. we have a subtropical jet stream that's racing into southern oregon and far northwestern california. it's good for the big reservoirs but we want some of that here. that area of low pressure will sent it to our direction in the form of a cold front. it will be chilly behind the front but we want the rain. it's coming tonight and tomorrow. scattered showers continue until about 5k 6, 7:00 tomorrow morning. there it is. it is not going to be light lane are santa rosa. it's going to be pouring. that heavy rain moves south. after lunch hour it is pouring in san francisco east to lafayette south to san jose. all clear tomorrow night at 11 p.m. friday morning a whole different air mass. no rain, a chilly breeze.
6:47 pm
rainfall totals? one day, up to three inches of rain in the north bay. inch and a half in the east bay and the city and peninsula. one inch for the south bay. not a huge storm but a lot of rain in three or four hours depending where you are. so when is that three or four hours? if you are watching us in the north bay tomorrow morning 7 to 11 a.m., heavy rain gusty winds. central bay 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. so past the noon hour and the south bay 3 to 6:00. that's when the heaviest rain will hit you. highs tomorrow right around the 60-degree mark. livermore 62. santa rosa 58. mountain view 62 degrees. very wet and windy and then, we're done with the rain for at least a week. it will be chilly. not hitting 60 from friday through next wednesday. mainly sunny skies, cold nights and chilly afternoons. over to allen. all right, paul. thanks very much. time for our "food for bay area families" food drive. davis lawrence from morgan stanley joins us an juan joins us from the alameda county food
6:48 pm
bank. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> dave, start with you, check comes from the morgan stanley foundation. tell us about that. >> the foundation for over 50 years has been a proud supporter of healthy starts for children and also a solid education. this partnership with the alameda county food bank is an extension with that effort. >> it's a sizable check. $50,000 coming from the foundation. and it's -- thank you very much. that's very generous [ applause ] >> our pleasure. >> it's for a specific cause. it's for children. tell us why. >> yes, sir. so right now one in six children face some type of food insecurity and so for morgan stanley and the foundation our passion is for the children and certainly partnering with feeding america and the food bank all across the country is a way for us to help fight hunger. >> certainly appreciated, juan. i know you can tell us how this is going to be put to use. >> this is incredible. probably provide over 100,000 meals with $50,000. thank you to david and morgan stanley. we serve 16,000 children and families every month. so thank you very much. >> reporter: tell us about the
6:49 pm
need this year in particular. do you see things getting worse? what's happening? >> the cost of living is high in the bay area, right? and so anything we find that we're serving more and more children we're serving -- we serve about 20% of people in alameda county. that's over 200,000 people annually. so this goes a long way. with supporters like morgan stanley, i think i we can do something about it. >> very generous. we appreciate it very much. donate at your local whole foods market or go online at dennis coming up with sports next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
sail..sail, not tie at anchor.sail..not drift." . today, bay area sailor matt brown, to reach a port we must set sail, sail, not tie anchor, sail. not drift. today bay area sailor matt brown who along with three others set sail to attempt to navigate the atlantic ocean in world record time. >> when you tell them about what you're about to do, what do they say? >> ha, they say you're crazy. [ laughter ] >> we set out to challenge. [ indiscernible ] >> 3,000 nautical miles from a spanish island off the coast of morocco. this is video released by race organizers in preparation and the launch earlier today. 12 teams carrying their own
6:53 pm
food rowing day and night are making their -- and making their own water. they hope to complete the race in a record 35 days. look live at the racetracker right now. team latitude 35, the red boat, is out to an early lead. at their current pace they would finish the race and reach antigua in the caribbean in 31 days and i am hoping our news director will send me to antigua upon their arrival. fat chance. las vegas appears to be the front runner to land the raiders while oakland plays catch-up. what about los angeles? today nfl owners unanimously approved the final tenant lease contract between the chargers and the rams to share that new stadium in l.a. the chargers have until january 15 to say yes or no. if they say no, the raiders are going to have another option to consider. it might be the raiders final game in san diego. sunday kickoff for 1:25 on the big five and the "5th quarter"
6:54 pm
will follow nfl football. the big break for the raiders who will face san diego likely without their star running back melvin gordon. gordon had a hip strain in carolina last week. he was three yards shy of 1,000 yards for the year. what a boost it would be if aldon smith came back. he was suspended for substance abuse. i'm guessing matt brown will cross the atlantaer before roger goodell ever makes a decision on aldon. >> we're going through all the information to make sure we have it all. absolutely accurate. that we all understand exactly where he is in the process of trying to get himself in a position where he got his life in order enough to resume an nfl career and it was good for me to hear from him personally. >> filibuster [ indiscernible ] paul ryan. last week the raiders lost in kansas city on thursday night. this created a short week for
6:55 pm
the raiders which is a disadvantage when you're traveling and trying to recover from the week before. the seahawks and rams play tomorrow night. seattle cornerback richard sherman wants to flush the games right down the toilet. >> poop fest. terrible. you know? you play of the day play, get home 1:00 in the morning something like that on monday and then you have to play a game. i mean, congratulations, nfl. did you it again. they have been doing it all season i guess we're the last ones to get the middle finger. it's hypocritical as i stated before. now, they make this huge stance about player safety. then you put the placer in tremendous danger. nhl three canadian cities and four nights for the sharks who are probably sick and tired of washing down their pew teen with labatt. fans net get tired of that stuff. i never tried it. you allen? >> never. >> it's amazing. >> is it?
6:56 pm
>> i love it. >> greasy french fries? amazing! >> patty marleau sharks take the lead, right? wrong! early in the play burns couldn't keep the puck on sides. that's a no goal. sharks and senators -- can i have a live update, please? okay. 3-3. that game is 3-3. >> okay. >> 49ers receiver torrey smith had a forgettable year but at least his 2-year-old tj is pretty cute, his latest dance video. >> he goes. >> he is busting some news with bruce ellington. he is out for the year. but i been following tj's dance moves for about -- ever since he join the 49ers. and quite a talented kid. >> that's great. i like the kicks. >> good stuff. >> to the pew-teen. >> i grew up in toronto so yes. i love it. >> french fries and gravy and -- captions by: caption colorado
6:57 pm
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can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? how you folks? i appreciate that. thank you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and, boy, we got a good one for you today. finally, returning for their fifth and final day with a total 22,610 bucks, from netawaka, kansas, it's the champs, the childs family. [cheering and applause] and from milwaukee, wisconsin, it's the trimble family. [cheering and applause]
7:00 pm
everybody's here trying to win their self some cash, and today, if the childs family wins the game, they're going to drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] let's get it on. give me kai. give me bree. uh, ladies, here we go. we got the top 8 answers on the board. if a stripper called himself santa claus, name something he might use in his act. kai: a hat. steve: a hat. kai: santa claus hat. steve: pass or play? kai: play? play. steve: they're going to play. queen. theartrice: yes. steve: if a stripper called himself santa claus, name something he might use in his act. theartrice: i'm going say his beard. steve: his b


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