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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  KPIX  December 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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the bay bridge? the possible toll hike next.
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brink of disaster. some bay area rivers and creeks threatened to overflow. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. and ev right at the brink as some bay area rivers and creeks threaten to overflow, tonight flood warnings and evacuations. >> also tonight giant rocks and boulders came crashing down during the storm making a mess in the santa cruz plants. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. we have team coverage tonight. first kpix5 meteorologist paul deanno. the wettest day in nine months is wrapping up and we're seeing the radar not completely clear of rainfall. we have the front that moved through about three hours ago, so all the heavy steady rainfall is out. left in its wake still some heavy showers, livermore, redwood city, los altos getting rain now. where the rain has completely and finally finished is the
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north bay. that's where we need it to, napa, marin and sonoma county. also ben loman4 inches of rain and a lot of rain, especially in the north bay. san jose not as much, about 1/3 of 1 inch, but just up the road in redwood city 1 1/2 itch, almost 2 inches in okay -- inch, almost 2 inches in oakland, nearly flee in fairfield, 1 inch in con -- 3 in fairfield, 1 inch in concord. we're seeing scattered showers, but the heavy rain has thankfully moved out. we'll talk about a big pattern change and how long that will last coming up. now joe vazquez in marin county where a tree just came crashing down in san anselmo and there is a possible gas leak tonight. >> reporter: they just moved us back from the screen. you can still see a lot of
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activity behind -- scene. you can still see a lot of activity behind me with police and pg&e and firefighters as this large tree toppled onto a rooftop at magnolia and cedar. the tree first fell on some electrical wires. we actually heard the very loud pops and electrical explosion which lit up the night sky. neighbors on all sides of this property are asked to shelter in place because the situation may still be dangerous. >> it has fallen onto a garage and collapsed the garage onto cars inside. there play be a gas leak as well, so we're all staged waiting till confirmation comes from pg&e that there are no live wires and no gas leaks so it's safe to enter. >> reporter: nobody is hurt. they're trying to keep it that way. it has been a long day for these first responders which included a major flooding threat. >> it was a supreme torrential
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downpour. >> reporter: in forest knoll folks are talking about the storm that very nearly forced geronimo creek out of its banks. >> it was up to the brink of the bridge. >> reporter: high water washed through this part of the county causing scenes like these, a car under water, some neighborhood streets impassable. >> mother nature was hey, like take this water, dude, like hey, you know, like you need it. >> reporter: late this afternoon a flood siren pierced the air warning the san anselmo creek was also just inches from flood stage. town leader decided to evacuate. police blocked off san anselmo's main downtown streets. >> we're going into shops and telling people to leave. so, you know, we don't want people down here when the fast moving waters come, if they do. >> reporter: but they didn't. as you can see from this time lapse video from marin public works, the creek rose but stayed barely within its banks,
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then receded. marin county prepared for the worst and somehow narrowly avoided it. that's one threat averted, but we still have a tense situation here. sheltering in place is the order and that means everyone in all the adjacent buildings, mostly homes in this neighborhood, are being asked to stay inside till they get the all clear. joe vazquez, kpix5. tonight a stretch of highway 1 in west marin is closed because it's completely under water. this is north of bear valley road. elsewhere in sonoma county a lake popped up where highway 121 meets highway 12. the water has since receded, but lanes are still closed both direction. this is on green valley road where the big pickup trucks were no match for the flooding. you can see one guy reverse and drivers away. you've heard -- drives away. you've heard the advice before, turn around don't drown.
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here is betty yu tonighted with the latest were. >> reporter: it really -- tonight with the latest here. >> reporter: it really let up here in the south bay. the rain hit the santa cruz mountains and highway 17 the hardest this evening. with every hour the rain seemed to get heavier and the roads sloppier and more dangerous. the storm sent giant rocks and boulders crashing down the mountain onto highland way in santa cruz county. creating the slushy muddy mess. we were there as county workers cleared the narrow winding road. this brand-new bmw ran into some trouble driving over debris. the rain fell steadily and hard all evening nearly masking the landscape of trees in the santa cruz mountains where a few months ago the loma fire burned close to 4,500 acres. officials warned the ground in that area is unstable and runoff from the wildfire could
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increase the threat of mudslides and erosion. the storm also forced trees to fall onto power lines like this one on skyland road. >> the conditions on 17 were a little grueling coming up. i came from los altos tonight and got lit with bus spray. >> reporter: this -- hit with bus spray. >> reporter: this east bay firefighter on his way home to carmel offered a few trips. >> don't travel if you don't need to. store some food and water and take things really, really slowly. >> reporter: pg&e is prepared to work throughout the night. right now they're dealing with about 400 power outages in santa cruz county down from 1,000 earlier today and right in you here in santa clara there are no reports of widespread power outages. live in san jose betty yu, kpix5. our hours. that's where kpix 5 s andria taking a live look at sfo now where at least 100 flights were canceled due to the storm. delays are running up to four
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hours. that's where kpix5's andria borba is right now. >> reporter: i'm at international terminal at sfo where it's decorated for christmas, but it probably resembles paul deanno's radar screen today leaving travelers both in the sky and on the roads stranded. pounding rain in san francisco turned gutters into creeks. pacific heights could have been reflamed puddle heights thanks to street flooding. in the inner richmond high winds sent branches tumbling to the ground. along san francisco's western edge the great highway remains an extension of the pacific ocean and remains closed to traffic. this tree blocked the westboro off ramp from 280 south was so large fire department chainsaws were not big enough and caltrans had to be brought in.
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at sfo signs wiggled wildly from high winds while passengers waited for the chance to get out of the airport, though the board was littered with cancellations and delays. this family is trying to get back to sydney, australia. >> to be honest, i didn't think the weather was that bad at all. i've flown through snowstorms before, so i was rather taken aback when we arrived here and there was so many cancellations and delays. >> reporter: but it wasn't all just airport and traffic misery. inside golden gate park the driving rain provided a rare chance to skim board and wipe out on not so dry land. >> we saw an opportunity here. there's some nice grass here that's a little bit of flood. so we brought out the skim boards and some nice rides out here. >> reporter: at least someone was having fun out here. the lines inside sfo remain long this hour, people trying
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to rebook flights, but many of those people will stay in hotels to hotel -- tonight and not making it home. snow part of the bay escape. let's go to the east bay and time lapse video from jack london square. that picnic table is not usually surrounded by water. it was today and check out this waterfall in the middle of berkeley. this is looking more like white water rapids. kpix5's da lin was in berkeley where slick roads caused a mess for commuters. >> reporter: it started out slowly in the east bay. by around 12:30 that's when the rain started coming down at a steady pace, a lot of street flooding and a lot of accidents, especially on the local freeways here. complex out this accident. the force of the impact spun this suv around, a good visual reminder to slow down especially driving in this kind of conditions. chp officers pretty much busy
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all afternoon responding from one accident to the next. in berkeley i'm da lin. right now the roads leading in and out of yosemite valley are shut down. the national weather service issued a winter storm warning and flash flood watch for the area. yosemite officials will determine tomorrow when to reopen the road. lots of rain and snow in the sierra. we have the story from truckee tonight. >> reporter: it started snowing a few hours ago, but most of the snow has turned to sleet from all the rain. this area is expected to get an additional 3 to 6 inches of snow through tomorrow and the flood warning near truckee is still in effect. locals we spoke early withier tonight say they aren't so worried. heavy rain swept across roadways and caused major swelling in the yuba and truckee river. the truckee river is expected to rise above flood stage of 4 1/2 feet. >> this is really nothing yet. >> reporter: jane mill holland
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and her husband bill live right across the truckee river almost 40 years. >> it comes that far below it, never gets any higher. >> we've normally seen it gets more snow than at this time of year. this year it's been really wet, a lot of rain but not a whole lot of snow. >> reporter: the heavy rain caused several spinouts in the sierra thursday. the roadways quickly went from being slick to covered with snow prompting chain controls along highway 89 and interstate 80. the big word tomorrow is as temperatures drop making a stretch treacherous -- treacherous drive for those heading up to the mountains this weekend. let's take another look at radar because it's so pretty and we'll check back with paul in a few minutes. soon you might have to pay more to cross almost all bay area bridges. tonight we'll tell you how
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much. >> retaliation against russia, tonight president obama promises there will be consequences for meddling in the u.s. elections. >> these cartoon chickens suddenly popped up on some bay area buildings. where did they come from? tonight the mystery is solved.
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driving cars.. until it gets a permit from the state. ed lee says he's concerned about public safety.. the san francisco mayor is telling uber to stop self- driving cars until it gets a permit from the state. the cars hit the streets of san francisco yesterday. the state has threatened legal action if uber doesn't hit the brakes. state regulators met with uber today. they will resume meetings tomorrow, so far no resolution. >> it falls in line with uber's m.o. this is what they've done with
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a lot of products they've launched including their initial launch in san francisco in 2010. they got cease and desist letters from the state. >> the dmv says this kind of behavior is unprecedented, especially considering how easy it is to get a permit. 20 other companies have already gotten a permit. uber says its cars are exempt because they have a backup driver. christin a i don't have to tell you the bridge tolls add up if you commute every day. the cost is significant. tonight there is talk of a $9 toll. christin ayers crunches the numbers. >> commuters won't be happy about this one. bay area transit officials are talking about a toll hook -- hike up to $3 on the state run bay area bridges. that's every bridge except golden gate. the topic came up yesterday at a commission meeting. a $1 toll increase would raise about $127 million a year.
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double that to $2 and the state would raise $254 million a year. a $3 increase would bring in roughly $381 million annually. what will the money go towards? future projects. the legislature would have to agree to put the money on the 2018 ballot and a simple majority of voters would have to approve it. a tagger left their mark all over downtown san rafael, chickens. tonight the suspect is in custody. over the past three months this spray painted character popped up on city and private buildings. 11 cases have been reported. police took a 41-year-old suspect into custody. they say he had a can of spray paint in his hand at the time of the arrest. tonight in an interview with npr president obama promised to retaliate against
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russia for interfering in the u.s. election. >> i think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. >> mr. obama said he spoke directly to russian president vladimir putin about the hack, but kpix5's political reporter melissa caen says the kremlin denies having anything to do with it. they say hackers could not have penetrated democratic servers without the blessing of president vladimir putin. president-elect donald trump denies these claims, but last july seem to encourage russia to hack into hillary clinton's e-mails. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to fine the 30,000 e-mail -- find the 30,000 e-mails that are
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missing. today donald trump tweeted why did the white house wait so long to act? >> the president has gone to great lengths to protect the intelligence community. >> reporter: tonight the president-elect traveled to hershey, pennsylvania to, thank supporters. >> i will never forget you and i will never ever stop fighting for you. i will never ever let you down. >> reporter: a new cbs poll shows americans still deal deep -- deeply divided over the incoming trump administration. 39% feel his business interests are going to affect how he does as president. >> if people feel like they're getting jobs, everything works. if they don't, nothing does. >> reporter: the poll also show 34% feel mr. trump will be a very good or good president while 26% say he'll be a poor president. >> 60% of americans say mr. trump tweets too much. tonight facebook wants to make sure that you don't get faked out by fake news.
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the social network isest iting out some new -- network is testing out some new features to expose when a post is a hoax. when you any a story is fake, you can click on the upper right-hand corner of the post and choose a reason why. facebook will send flagged stories to third party fact checking groups and mark them disputed if they don't add up. facebook will alert you when you share a story that's been disputed. two pups are lucky to be alive after they were spotted wandering on an east bay freeway. drivers call police to say they spotted these guys walking lawn highway 4 in con -- along highway 4 in contra costa county. somehow they managed to dodge cars before chp could get them off the road. here they are smiling after their rescue, very lucky. all cars stopped on the freeway during the rescue in the rain and there were no accidents. >> i don't know, paul. that little dude on the right looks like a mean one.
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>> a little shaken out. >> rough day highway 4. speaking of it's a coincidence that's where some of the rainfall is right now. let's take you to highway 4. was raining cats and dogs earlier. antioch getting some rainfall right now, brentwood, pittsburg. concord and walnut creek are drying out. sunnyvale, cupertino, redwood city, stanford, palo alto and hayward getting some showers. notice we're finally dry in san francisco. just in 1 1/3 inches of rainfall in san francisco making today the wettest day in the city in over two years. have to go back to december 11 of 2014 and yeah, it was windy, nearly 60 mile-per-hour wind gusts top of mount diablo, mount tam 51 miles per hour and at sfo36 miles per hour. still snowing in the sierra. the snow level is currently
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dropping from 7,000 feet down to 4,000 feet tonight and above 8,000 feet in elevation total snowfall will likely be merled -- measured as high as 3 feet. in the north bay santa rosa 39 tonight, could be in the 20s starting tomorrow night for three nights, fremont 47, redwood city 45. we finally got that front from northern california into the bay area, stayed a little longer than we first thought. now it's moving out and the low pressure system area will take most of the cloud cover with it. we'll have a lot of sunshine tomorrow. futurecast looks a lot different than the past couple weeks. it's been very cloudy. most of the day will be spent in the 40s. it won't be warm. it will be breezy. here's the good news. crunched some numbers this evening. for the water year san francisco is now 25% above average. the north bay is now 85% above average and inland communities are 44% above what is normal for this time of year. we are doing great locally when
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it comes to waters. highs tomorrow not that warm, san bernardino rafael 53, fremont 53, redwood city 53, san jose 54 degrees. once we get chilly we will stay chilly which lasts a week, highs only in the 50s and it's tomorrow night, saturday night and sunday night we likely will see a widespread freeze event away from the water. so the rain is gone, but a little chillier around here beginning tomorrow night. tonight for 14 children around the country the golden state warriors are truly a dream come true. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. golden state warriors made some dreams come true today. >> 14 people from around the country got to meet steph curry and the entire staff for the shoot around and participated in a shooting competition. it's all part of the make a wish program. tonight the kids also got to attend the game against the new york knicks at oracle arena,
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great program. >> pretty cool. >> curry is always in a good mood. he's going to be in a better mood these days when you consider what he's going to make next season. wait till you hear those numbers and for the game did the knicks even get a chance minus carmelo and derrick rose? tip-off next. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. stefan curry is arguably the face of the nba. he's about to get paid like it. the two time mvp currently makes 12 million. he could reportedly triple that to 36 million next season. stay tuned. steph wearing shoes tonight to honor the victims of the ghost ship warehouse fire. a throw to a wide open klay thompson for the dunk, golden state up 22-33. 69-58 in the 3rd. draymond to mcgee, 13 point game, mcgee with 17. warriors assisted on 41 of their 45 made shots, good numbers. good passing. 24 point lead. golden state wins 103-90. now before the game the
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warriors/knicks and oracle arena crowd had a home of joy to honor long time tnt reporter craig sager who passed away thursday after a two year plus battle with leukemia. he was 65 years old. known for those outlandish suits, sager worked at tnt nearly 26 years alongside head coach steve kerr. >> a lot of fun games, fun nights on the roads, although with sage you only saw him 15 minutes on the road because he had to move on to the next bar or next group of people. i literally knew so many people he had to move around, fun guy and a spirit and energy of very few people i've met possessed. jeff fischer fired monday, 4th quarter against seattle, jared goff clocked by richard sherman. the former cal quarterback left to be checked out for a concussion. seahawks won the game 24-3 and
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clinch the nfc west. it was interesting how that happened because goff wanted to stay in and they have somebody up in the booth who says you got to check him out and they took him in for a concussion protocol. 49ers play the rams next week. 49 earn fans were hoping to see jared -- 49er fans were hoping to see jared goff. >> he doesn't need to be in there getting beat up. >> 49ers and the ram next week. >> be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30.
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michel will have al the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: oh great it starts with an outbreak, zika and har am bay. back up a campaign, thought it was jeff turn, hot heat, cnn, fox ailes, bitter off the twitter, ben as batman. representing climate change. the government is wired with the new alt-right, bernie sweant sleeping in a hurry, reporters trump, poke monday game, can falls, all alone. tax he vision. pu


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