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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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effects of the biggest storm of the season still to be felt all across the bay area this morning. so let's get a quick look at what we are facing this friday. happy friday, ladies. >> happy friday. >> barely made it. >> made it, yes. >> we can do this! [ laughter ] >> you know, after i left here yesterday, i went to the dentist and i just laid down and i was out! i was so out! >> you are a hard worker. >> you know there's a problem when you want to go to the dentist to relax! >> the dentist is actually talking -- shh, shh. stop it. [ laughter ] >> just drill and that's about it. what a day yesterday. we were talking earlier and i was saying usually when we have something that produces less than an inch of rain i don't like to call it a storm. i call it an area of low pressure or a system. this storm was so big yesterday, i wanted to name it. i wanted to name this one like you do hurricanes. >> yes. >> boy, what a day we had yesterday. good morning, everybody. we're still recovering. my hair will be done in a few minutes. let's go ahead and take a look
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at our live hi-def doppler radar. i never, ever thought i'd be so happy to see the lack of green on the screen! seriously. we just have a few pop-up showers around the santa cruz mountains. would you believe in the past 24 hours, portions of the santa cruz mountains saw up to 7 inches of rain? for the most part all of that is out of here and we're going to see a dry weather pattern. this is our live weather camera looking at the dry pavement of the golden gate bridge. skies are clearing. temperatures are currently in the 40s and 50s. it is now 51 degrees apiece oakland into the south in san jose. but the winds have been a little problematic especially in some of the highest elevations of our mountain ranges and also around our local bridges. as you begin your commute in oakland, over the bay bridge heading due west towards san francisco, 16 to 19-mile-per- hour sustained winds at this time. sfo after major delays over 3 hours yesterday, right now everything is okay. it's calm. but the winds are breezy up to 17. nine in san jose.
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seven in livermore. 14 in vallejo. so a bit breezy around the carquinez strait and back through the delta at 20 in concord, clayton and walnut creek. light winds currently in the santa rosa area. this is the deal. this is our satellite-radar. did you see it? that area of low pressure pushing out of the bay area leaving in its wake some clouds. these clouds are going to clear out though as high pressure builds in. now, it is a big getaway friday and many of you are up early this morning just getting ready to head on into the high sierra where you do need your chains this morning. the winter storm warning is still in effect. we do anticipate up to two feet of snow above 8,000 feet. we'll continue to see the snow fall early this morning. locally the sun was shining. our temperatures will respond slightly. remember, it was a cold front that moved into the area and in its wake now some cool temperatures barely above 56 degrees. your full forecast is still straight ahead but let's send it to roqui. >> i was watching our 6 p.m. news last night and i felt like everybody was a weather and
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traffic reporter at that point. it was a lot going on. okay, let's get to your roads this morning. it is 4:32. starting here with the golden gate bridge, if you are heading from marin into san francisco, you're looking pretty good right now. 580 to the golden gate bridge will take you about 14 minutes. and then a high wind advisory across the span of the bay bridge from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze that will take you 18 minutes. no delays through the toll. those metering lights should turn on around 5:30 this morning. and across the span of the san mateo bridge, another high wind advisory snow will be a trend all morning long, i presume, 880 to 101, 13 minutes. also in the south bay here we have the santa cruz mountains, santa cruz mountains bear creek road at ralston ridge is closed due to the rain so avoid the area. new video overnight out of san mateo county. crews arrived around 1:30 this morning to find a huge branch had fallen off a tree crashing through the roof of this house. one person inside had to find another place to sleep and the
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structure has been red-tagged until building inspectors can clear it. no injuries were reported. and crews kept watch on a possible gas leak in marin county overnight in san anselmo. a tree crashed on a rooftop and hit some electrical wires. neighbors were told to keep a "shelter in place" while they checked it all out. >> it has fallen onto a structure, we believe it's just a garage. it's collapsed the garage on the cars inside. there may be a gas leak, as well. so we're all staged waiting for confirmation from pg&e that there are no live wires and no gas leaks so it's safe to enter. >> we are checking with crews to see if there's an update on the possible gas leak and we'll keep you updated. there is a lot of clean-up in other parts of marin county. kpix 5's joe vazquez shows us the mess the storm left behind. >> it was a supreme torrential downpour. >> reporter: in fort knowles, folks are talking about the
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storm that very nearly forced geronimo creek out of its banks. it was close. >> right up to the brink of the bridge right there. >> reporter: high water washed through this part of the county causing scenes like these, a car under water, some neighborhood streets impassable. >> mother nature was take this water, dude, like, you know, like you need it. >> reporter: a flood siren pierced the air warning that the san anselmo creek was also just for instance flood stage. town leaders decided to evacuate. police blocked off the main downtown streets in san anselmo. >> we are going into shops and telling people to leave, so, um, you know, we don't want people down here when the fast- moving waters come if they do. >> reporter: but they didn't. as you can see from this time lapse video from marin public works, the creek rose but stayed just barely within its banks, then receded as the rain subsided. marin county showed it was prepared for the worst and somehow narrowly avoided it. joe vazquez, kpix 5. meanwhile, in the south
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bay, slick roads were only the start of dangerous conditions. kpix 5's betty yu shows us where tumbling boulders and downed trees were a major concern for crews. >> reporter: with every hour the rain seemed to get heavier and the roads sloppier and more dangerous. the storm sent giant rocks and boulders crashing down the mountain on to highland way in santa cruz county creating the slushy muddy mess. we were there as county workers cleared the narrow winding road. this brand-new bmw ran into some trouble driving over debris. the rain fell steadily and hard all evening, nearly masking the landscape of trees in the santa cruz mountains where a few months ago the "loma fire" burned close to 4500 acres. officials warned that the ground in that area is unstable and runoff from the wildfire could increase the threat of mudslides and erosion. the storm also forced trees to fall onto power lines like this
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one on skyland road. >> the conditions on 17 were a little grueling coming up. you know, i came from los altos tonight, and, um, got hit with bus spray. >> reporter: this firefighter on the way home to carmel offered a few tips. >> don't travel if you don't need to. you know, store some food and water and take things really, really slowly. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. if you were heading to the airport today, you might want to give yourself some extra time. the storm caused a lot of problems at sfo yesterday. and there could be more flights impacted today. here's what it looked like yesterday. at least 130 flights canceled. delays were running up to 4 hours. we talked to one family who was trying to fly back home to australia. >> to be honest with you, i didn't think the weather was that bad at all. i have flown through storms before. so i was rather taken aback when we arrived here and there
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were so many cancellations and delays. >> if you are heading to the airport today check your status. get to the airport at least two hours early. right now the roads leading in and out of yosemite valley are off limits. the national weather service has issued a winter storm warning and flash flood watch for the region. yosemite officials will determine sometime today when to re-open the roads. the high country getting pounded, as well. a lot of rain and snow in the sierra, and more is expected today. reporter angela [ non-english name ] reports. >> reporter: heavy rain swept across roads and caused major swelling in the yuba and truckee rivers. the truckee river is expected to rise above its flood stage of 4.5 feet. >> really nothing. >> reporter: jane and her husband bill have been living in this home right across from the truckee river for almost 40 years. >> we have a deck in our backyard, you know, and it comes like that far below it and never gets any higher. >> we normally seem to get more snow than -- than at this time
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of year. this year has been really wet a lot of rain but not a whole loll of snow. >> reporter: this chp officer says the heavy rain caused several spinouts in the sierra thursday. the roadways quickly went from being slick to being covered with snow prompting chain controls along highway 89 and interstate 80. as temperatures continue to drop making for a treacherous drive for everyone heading up to the sierra this weekend, both caltrans and chp warning drivers to take it slow because it can get ugly. reporting near boreal, i'm angela musalam, for kpix 5. and this is a live look at the bay bridge where some 270,000 drivers who take this route every day may soon be paying far more at the toll. kpix 5's christin ayers explains why some transportation officials are pushing for commuters to pay $9 every time they pass. >> reporter: commuters are not going to be happy about this one. bay area transit officials are talking about a toll hike up to $3 on the bay area 7 state-run
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bridges, that's every bridge except for the golden gate. the topic came up at a metropolitan transportation commission meeting according to the marin independent journal. the mtc crunched the numbers and say a $1 toll increase would raise about $127 million a year. double that to $2, and the state would raise $254 million a year. a $3 increase would bring in roughly $381 million annually. so what will the money go towards? future transit projects throughout the bay area, although it's not clear exactly which projects. the legislature would have to agree to put the measure on the 2018 ballot. a simple majority of voters would have to approve it. in the newsroom, christin ayers, kpix 5. the cooperative rapport between donald trump and president obama is being tested. the white house now taking a firm stance on hacking by russia during the presidential campaign. reed binion has the story. >> reporter: president obama is vowing to take action against russia over its election- related hacking. >> i think there is no doubt
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that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections, that we need to take action. >> reporter: obama's statement coming after an intelligence assessment suggested that vladimir putin himself was involved in the hack. according to a source familiar with the matter. the intelligence community's assessment is that the hackers used tools on par with those used by the nsa, a level of sophistication that would have required a high level of russian government authorities. donald trump calls it sour grapes tweeting thursday in part, why did the white house wait so long to act?! why did they only complain after hillary lost? in fact, the obama administration raised concerns about this in early october, a point highlighted thursday by white house press secretary josh earnest. >> the republican nominee for president was encouraging russia to hack his opponent. >> reporter: trump never one to shy away from conflict lashed out at ernest at a rally in
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pennsylvania. >> although this foolish guy josh earnest, i don't know if he is talking to president obama -- >> boo! >> he is so bad the way he delivers a message. >> reporter: hillary clinton also weighing in on the russian hack pointing the finger at putin saying the hack was pay back for her criticism of russia's 2011 parliamentary elections. i'm reed binion reporting. time now 4:42. the weather isn't great here but to our north, it's way worse. where people are abandoning their cars because it's just too icy to drive. ,,
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conditions.. drivers are facing in oregon. we told you about how land was hit with se new video shows the tough conditions drivers are facing in oregon. we told you about how portland was hit with several inches of snow? that snow started melting and creating icy conditions. it's been so bad, some people have just abandoned their cars on the streets and highways. >> my wheels just kept spinning and i couldn't move forward anymore. >> it was mayhem up here. we couldn't see what was happening until we got up here. >> tow truck drivers spent hours trying to get hundreds of
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abandoned cars out of the roads yesterday. it could be another mess today, with temperatures expected to dip below freezing. and parts of the east coast are dealing with the same types of conditions. take a look at this time lapse video from the coast of new york. you can see a lot of gusty winds and the snow. you can barely see anything else but the snow. yesterday was supposed to be the worst of the storm. forecasters say the wind chills will be better today but will still feel in the negative degrees. if you want the gifts you buy online to reach their destinations before christmas, your timeline is shorter this year because the holiday falls on a sunday and there's an increase in online sales. many retailers have moved up the deadline to ensure delivery by christmas when using standard shipping. for example, the cutoff date for amazon target is monday. but that's not stopping the major companies from delivering packages all around the country.
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some distribution centers staffing is beefed up and workers have extra hours to handle the record number of shipments this year. u.p.s. is expected to break its record of more than 700 million packages delivered. >> we have been preparing all year for this ever since last peak. we have 50,000 additional seasonal workers on board and meteorologists watching the weather worldwide around the clock and we're really geared up here. >> the increase in online shopping will drive the volume of packages this holiday season with u.p.s. handling 14% more packages than last year, fedex expected to increase by 10%. as dozens of states across the u.s. face below freezing temperatures this week, a zoo in texas is seeing a huge drop in visitors. and for this austin wildlife center, that means dwindling funds to keep its animals warm and fed. since the austin zoo is a nonprofit, it doesn't get any state or local money. while peak times of the year can spell 2300 visitors a day,
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winter weather can mean as few as 15 people a day. with little money coming in from admissions, the zoo is making an online push for blankets, heaters and more. some people donating say these rescue animals are especially deserving. >> they need that extra love because a lot of them came from an unloving environment. >> besides blankets, the zoo hopes for monetary donations to spend on extra food because some of the animals eat an additional two to three pounds of meat per day during the winter. big responsibility to keep those animals safe and fed. >> i have quite an appetite when the weather changes. >> right? >> don't you just want to hunker down with a big bowl of soup and a big loaf of bread? even the bread as a bowl. >> last night i made grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. that was my dinner. i don't care about carbs. >> today heading to the tahoe area with snow in the forecast it's migraine weather.
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>> oh. >> yeah. because of the instability of the atmosphere. the colder temperatures. it's going to be more beneficial, you won't have so much of a headache. so i just had a headache driving home from work yesterday. that's all. that was my migraine weather, right. >> were you very busy with that storm -- you were very busy with that storm coverage. >> it was pretty cool. you don't want doom and gloom but it was interesting seeing all elements come together with this area of low pressure out of the gulf of alaska colliding with all that subtropical moisture providing all that rain across the bay area. >> then we haven't even started talking about the winds. still breezy out the door this morning. look at this, live hi-def doppler radar, just picking up some pop-up showers around the santa cruz mountains where we saw 7 inches of rain yesterday. oh, roqui they are changing the lanes, look at that! our live weather camera over the golden gate bridge. yup, they are out there. that's hector. he is out there bright and early every morning. hi, everybody! temperatures right now into the 40s and 50s. grab a jacket, but go ahead and stash that umbrella. you're not going to need it for
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several days. breezy conditions, 19-mile-per- hour winds in san francisco, 13 mountain view. san francisco in pleasanton. boy, i heard that wind rattle all night long. 14 in the vallejo area but check out novato with nearly 3 inches of rain in the past 24 hours. we have a westerly at 24. 13 towards fairfield back through rio vista. forecast winds today will pretty much be up to about 20 miles per hour out of the west so breezy day in the offing. plus, it's going to be a cooler day with the passage of this cold front. so the area of low pressure for the most part the core still offshore, but the front is out of here! this, however, could produce a pop-up shower mainly to the south of us. i wanted to check in with our water table and look at where we are after yesterday's rainfall. approaching nearly 200%, boy, of average there in the north bay. hefty totals. and now is a good time to dry out. we need these days for the ground to absorb the water. today we do have periods of rain very, very low but that's translating over very quickly
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to snow in the greater lake tahoe area. full-on sunshine if you are traveling there on saturday. but we still do have winter storm warning in effect through these morning hours, 8 -- about 8,000 feet in elevation, 2 to 3 feet of snow anticipated. locally 50s and 60 everywhere with the abundance of sunshine. we have cooler air filtering into the bay area with the passage of that cold front, temperatures each day into the 50s. first day of winter on wednesday. here's roqui with traffic. thank you, roberta. you're naming the lane changer guy just like you named our spider, huh? [ laughter ] >> let's head to the richmond/san rafael bridge. this morning, i think the trend is high winds. so expect a high wind advisory across the span. richmond/san rafael bridge span of the richmond/san rafael bridge. high wind advisory across the span of the golden gate bridge and hector is changing the lanes there. another high wind advisory across the bay bridge toll
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plaza. we have some cash lane backup but otherwise you're looking good if you have your fastrak to go through the toll plaza from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will take you 19 minutes. and those metering lights should turn on around 5:30 this morning. moving over now to san francisco, southbound 280, alemany boulevard off-ramp is closed right now due to a vehicle gas leak. chp and fire is on scene trying to clear the vehicle out of the roadway but otherwise, not causing many delays in the area because there aren't that many cars on the road so far. another high wind advisory across the span from the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city a quick 14 minutes drive. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. a healdsburg couple was indoors when a mountain lion decided to visit their property. surveillance video from the house shows a deer was in the worst spot when the animal arrived. the couple was sleeping when they heard loud noises right outside their bedroom window. they turned on the light and spotted a mountain lion dragging a dead deer right down their porch. now one of the residents says
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he is going to tread a bit more cautiously. >> does that spook you at all that it came this close to you? >> no, i don't want him messing with our dogs or the kids in the neighborhood. so i think we'll be a little more cautious in at least the near future. >> the couple thinks the deer was eating some roses in their garden when that puma pounced. time is 4:52. ♪[ music ] >> for kids battling cancer, losing hair is traumatic. one story about a little girl whose story about awig made her feel more like herself. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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classes next month. but "jerry-anna" worried she'd be teased for having no hair. reporter marlie hall shows us how one celebrity stylist stepped up, to make sure this little girl's debut - goes a 6-year-old patient has the strength to start classes next month. reporter marlie hall shows us how one celebrity stylist to make sure this little girl's
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debut with a wig goes smoothly. >> keep pushing me, mommy! >> reporter: the 6-year-old girl is undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with leukemia last summer. and she is worried about going back to school. >> i do not want to go to school bald. i'm scared what people might say. >> reporter: her mother searched for a wig that would match her daughter's dark brown curly hair but couldn't find a good fit. the family couldn't afford to spend $700 to make one custom. >> how did you discover that need? >> the requests kept coming. >> reporter: this celebrity hairstylist specializes in making custom wigs for girls with curly hair. every year she donates one to a child in need. >> for me it's the real celebrities are the little girls that are in my chair now going through some sort of hair crisis. >> look at that face! how are you? >> reporter: this year, she chose geriana. >> let's see. let's see what's going to happen here.
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>> reporter: she met with the woman and her team at a style studio for a consultation. then they went to work to make the wig look as natural as possible. how excited are you to get your hair today? >> very excited. >> reporter: she came back for one last fitting. >> drum is rolling! >> reporter: she trimmed the wig to frame the face and made final adjustments. and then it was done. >> feel comes? >> reporter: although she is still getting chemotherapy, the child is now looking forward going back to school in january to show off a gift that will help her fit in. >> love it. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: marlie hall, cbs news, new york. >> you know, she is beautiful with or without that wig. the celebrity stylist says working with the children inspired her to create a line of wigs for little girls who lost their hair. facebook is looking to curb the effect of so-called fake
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news. the social network testing out new features to label such stories as hoaxes so users who think the story is fake can click on the right corner of the post and choose the reason why. facebook will send flagged stories to fact checking groups and mark them as disputed if they turn out to be false. they will also alert users who share stories that have been disputed. the wait is over for fans anxious to see the latest "star wars" movie. they gathered in new york and los angeles where the film premiered last night. "rogue one: a star wars story" opens nationwide today. it can be seen on imax screens in several bay area theaters. ♪[ music ] it's 4:57. a cliff rescue overnight after a man is forced off the beach because of those high tides. new video just in. >> reporter: plus a clash over driverless cars. i'm sandra osborne live in san francisco this morning. coming up i'll tell you why uber is at odds with the dmv. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. from ris good morning, everyone. it is friday, december 16. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. from rise in creeks to mudslides, to the wind and rain knocking down trees, we have a full wrap of the damage left behind after a massive storm slams the bay area. a lot different this morning. let's take a look out at the bay bridge where you can see some clear skies and the reason why i know they're clear is because you can see that little dot at the top of your screen. i think that's a star, is it not? >> i think so! >> yeah. so that's a good sign. >> make a quick wish on it! >> let's do that. >> friday goes by quick. [ laughter ] >> you're not supposed to say your wish, michelle. >> i forgot about that! >> oh, let's all get ready for a long day. >> oh, boy. >> sorry! [ laughter ] >> it's going to feel a little easier than yesterday. you ladies were very busy on the


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