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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the 30s to the low 40s. so very, very chilly. remember to protect your plants, your pets, maybe wrap some of those pipes and certainly your people. our overnight lows are going to be chilly. 28 in santa rosa. the coolest that we're looking at at the moment. low 30s inland. 33 in fairfield. 30 in concord. in the south bay not quite as cold. 35 degrees. and then the warmest we'll see which i hesitate to even use the word warm is going to be 39 degrees in oakland. 42 in san francisco. so most of those areas around the water are going to be not quite as cold. i can tell you just how cold we're going to be tomorrow during the day in just a little bit. >> thank you. it's all about the clean-up today after heavy rains and winds walloped the bay area. one of the hardest-hit areas is also one of the most vulnerable to flooding. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in san anselmo where they had a close call with the town's
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creek. jackie. >> reporter: liz, the town manager said they were prepared for the storm that hit yesterday and that was evident by the lack of clean-up we saw in downtown san anselmo today. still, not everyone escaped this storm unscathed. more than 12 hours after this tree fell on a house on magnolia, crews were still removing it. >> one of the tall ones fell. it's a huge sense of -- oh, man. it's irreplaceable. >> reporter: the department of public works was here well into the night thursday and back out here first thing this morning trying to clean up this mess. neighbors said they heard the commotion when it fell and weren't all that surprised, given where they live in the middle of giant trees. 102 homes lost power because of this making for a chilly night. >> much colder in my unit right now than it is out here. that's why i'm out here getting relief from the cold. >> we were pretty lucky. >> reporter: the san anselmo creek is something town manager debbie is tender about every time a major storm rolls
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through and even after it passes. >> there's still runoff coming through the streets and the thales will continue to make the creek rise even after it stops raining. >> reporter: the creek gauge reached 12 feet a foot under flooding level and localized flooding meant businesses had the sandbags and need gates out -- flood grades out and some closed. >> most of the leaves were still on trees. this was the first is significant storm so the leaves blocked storm drains. >> reporter: the creek is running at a good clip but it's not at a dangerously high level. but the town manager wanted me to remind the people who live in san anselmo that when they hear that flood horn sound, that is serious. they want people to get to higher ground as soon as possible. in san anselmo, jackie ward, kpix 5. an east palo alto man will have to find a new ride after a tree fell on cars late last night. no one was hurt. and lucky for him, he has
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insurance. a few hours later this tree buckled and crashed on top of a home in pour lola valley. the -- portola valley. the home is red-tagged until a building inspector can clear it. no injuries there. parts of the santa cruz are a mess from the heavy rain last night. people who live near the bear creek road say mudslides are pretty tippal that area. they are hoping for a long-term fix. a developing story in san francisco. 10 people were hurt when an out- of-control car slammed into a chinatown muni stop. nearly six hours later stockton street is still shut down between sacramento and clay and now, we are getting a better idea of how it happened. kpix 5's melissa caen is at the scene with some new surveillance video of the crash. melissa. >> reporter: the crash happened at a little before 1 p.m. but as you can see behind me they are just now removing that bus shelter that was slammed into by a driver. police say they still don't know why the driver did this and most of the area as you
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said has been shut down. but we did find one store that was open that gave us some surveillance video. surveillance video shows the car hurtling into the bus shelter, horrifying afternoon shoppers. >> i was walking along the sidewalk and heard a noise and jumped to the corner along the street. >> reporter: he came to chinatown for lunch but narrowly avoided being hit by the car. >> when i looked back after one or two seconds, i saw this car just rush to the sidewalk and it hit about i think five or six people. >> reporter: he says that people nearby sprang into action. >> many people that's coming by helped the people and then some of them are bleeding. >> reporter: ten people were injured, five taken to san francisco general where two have life-threatening injuries. acting fire chief paul crawford described the wounds. >> a lot of broken legs, open
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fractures, broken legs, head injuries, two criticals head and back injuries. >> reporter: a driver hit a parked car, another car and then the bus stop. supervisor aaron peskin represents the chinatown neighborhood and happened to be nearby. >> those on the ground many of them bleed, um, there's blood all over the sidewalk. um, kind of pretty horrific scene. >> reporter: police say that this area, this 800 block of stockton street will be closed for another hour. live in san francisco, melissa caen, kpix 5. uber says that it will keep carrying passengers in self- driving cars in san francisco despite demands from state regulators and the mayor to stop doing it. uber started the service three days go. both the dmv and mayor lee say the company must get a permit just like others testing autonomous vehicles. but uber says that's wrong. the retrofitted volvo suvs are
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not autonomous. an uber vice president says they are similar to tesla's with autopilot. >> this type of technology is common place on thousands of cars driving the bay area today without any dmv permit at all. >> uber say that its self- driving technology requires, quote, active physical control or monitoring by a human operator. but kpix 5 legal analyst ladoris cordell says the law is not on uber's side. based on her reading of statutes and regulations. >> i for the life of me cannot see where their vehicles don't apply here. they have a person in the car who is not actively controlling the car and the car is using its technology to drive with the person in the car capable of taking over. >> the dmv has threatened to take uber to court. uber has already been running a self-driving car service in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, for the past three months.
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new at 6:00 an emotional discussion stemming from this month's deadly warehouse fire in oakland. people who have similar living spaces worry they could be evicted. as kpix 5's wilson walker shows us, today they learned about their rights. >> that we as an alternative living space community -- we are the heart and soul of the city. we are the artists. we're what makes oakland what it is! and what makes people want to move here to begin with. >> reporter: a team of tenants rights attorneys. >> actually a very specific legal process they have to go through. >> reporter: at issue, the battle over the future of oakland's industrial space- turned-artist housing. >> want to make sure people aren't arbitrarily evicted. >> reporter: the discussion organized by a civil rights attorney was meant to give warehouse residents an idea of what options they have if faced with eviction. >> what kind of protection do we have that lets us stay? >> reporter: that became the thief artists with no intention
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of moving. >> we want what we have to be made safe and to be able to stay in the places that we already have. >> asking the person to move is not the answer. the answer is forcing the landlord to bring it up to code. >> reporter: that's exactly where the discussion is going. can landlords be forced to cover the potentially very high cost of getting warehouses up to residential code? for tenants who want to be locked in at their current rent? >> i think each scenario is going to be individual depending on the building and what is the makeup of the building. >> reporter: what about the artists who say the city itself should cover these costs? is the city ready to subsidize the upgrade of this housing? >> well, i think that the city what we do control is the level of taxes. we can work with you on that. we are in an emergency situation. >> reporter: it's a debate with high costs and higher stakes. if today's meeting was any indication, finding a consensus won't be easy. >> that's the bottom line is it can be a we and they and we have to work together.
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>> reporter: in oakland, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> because of the recent fire, the city of oakland is conducting a review of its own housing policies. a report is expected to come out next month. and the man who was the lead tenant at the warehouse that burned has hired a prominent defense attorney. derick ion almena has been accused of ignoring safety issues at the ghost ship before the fire killed 36 people. now he hired tony serra and two colleagues. serra has defended lots of high- profile clients including raymond "shrimp boy" chow in a recent racketeering case. san jose's police chief turning to a new tool tonight to try to build up the public's confidence in his department. kpix 5's len ramirez on how the chief is using social media to make a big pr push. >> i'm not going to tell you at this point -- it was good old- fashioned police chief. >> reporter: the san jose police chief is no stranger to the media's microphones. >> hi. i'm eddie garcia. >> reporter: now he is using
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his own platform to talk about the work his officers do that often goes unnoticed. >> we have a story to tell. the social media really allows to us do that in a way that, you know, that we can put out this great information of what the officers are doing that wouldn't necessarily get out. >> from time to time, i want to tell you about some of the extraordinary cases. >> reporter: last week he started recording short videos from his office and putting them on twitter. in one he highlighted how his officers de-escalated a situation where a despondent man was threatening them with a knife. >> these officers practiced restraint. >> reporter: in another he praised an officer's bravery for arresting several armed suspects on a midnight car stop. >> officer dunn is alone with a carful of potentially dangerous people. >> reporter: it's part praise for the unsung heroes, part critique of the mainstream media. >> i know that that story would only be aired to the media if in fact we had to use significant force or if we had to use our firearms. >> reporter: the other reason for doing it the chief says is to engage more directly with
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the public. the chief says it's not a way around answering tough questions from the media. >> using it in more controversial situations? >> well, yeah. we'll see. there's a content that you can control the narrative and we are not trying to control the narrative but we can get our story out. >> reporter: he is adding a commercial for the department at the end of the videos heaping to harness the power of social media to recruit new officers. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. major break in a san jose murder case tonight. an arrest has been made 800 miles away. 32-year-old miguel rodriguez is accused of killing a man near capital park last month. police and the u.s. marshal service tracked him down last week in provo, utah. the south bay and the peninsula are seeing a surge in jobs. but similar gains are not happening throughout the bay area. back in november, santa clara county added nearly 3,000 jobs. and in the san francisco and
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san mateo areas, there was a gain of more than 1,000. but at the same time, the east bay lost 3500. and because of the mixed picture, the bay area netted a gain of just 400 jobs. ♪[ music ] a hail of bullets near the bay bridge. our own reporter there when the shots rang out. you will hear from a driver who had to duck in the middle of that gun battle. >> thieves caught redhanded with cars full of stolen packages. how bay area police are getting more aggressive protecting your holiday gifts. >> and choking black smoke over the east bay. hundreds of cars burn up. the challenge getting this massive junkyard fire under control. ,,
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gunfire errupts at a busy s francisco intersection. the shots hitting cars... [ sound of gunfire ] that's the sound of gunfire erupting at a busy san francisco intersection today. the gunshots hitting cars and littering the street with shell casings around noon today at the 5th street off-ramp from interstate 80. kpix 5 reporter susie steimle's camera was rolling when she first heard those shots. susie? >> well, ken, police are still actively search for for two shooters who fled the scene. they have eyewitnesses who say they saw at least one man standing in the middle of the street firing shots at oncoming traffic. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: our cameras were
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rolling when the gunshots erupted. we were covering a story about homelessness when two gunmen opened fire on the off-ramp of i-80 westbound near 5th and harrison streets. [ gunfire ] >> all hell broke loose. there was multiple gunshots. and i heard my car get hit with a bullet so i immediately got down. >> reporter: hal was in the middle of the shootout. his car is one of three struck by stray bullets. all he could think was -- >> that i was in the middle of a war zone. >> reporter: looking at the other two vehicles, it's lucky no bystanders were hurt. police don't know if the shooters were injured as both took off. witnesses report hearing at least 20 shots fired and two separate shootings within minutes of each other. >> it's onset i heard about 6 gunshots and then in the big gun battle there was at least 24 if not more gunshots. >> reporter: he was one of dozens forced to duck behind steering wheels for fear of being hit. >> don't expect it. i think the guys that did it are idiots for initiating something like that in the
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place that they did. >> reporter: for that reason it's lucky that no one was injured. myself included. this is as we have mentioned an incredibly busy intersection that was packed with traffic coming into the city across from the bay bridge at that time. >> you handle yourself wonderfully. >> lucky no one was hurt. >> good job, susie. a busy time of year not just for gift buying but for gift thieving grinches. kpix 5's keit do looks at one successful police crackdown. >> reporter: in this final stretch before christmas thieves are more active than ever in the south bay. watch this surveillance video from earlier this week as a woman steals packages in cupertino. the driver doesn't wait for her to close the door before hitting the gas. it turns out their license plate was also captured on video. investigators tracked them down and arrested them.
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deputies say this man 34-year- old james broke into a temporary u.p.s. storage unit and filled a stolen suv with stolen packages. a good samaritan called 911 and he was caught. investigators returned the merchandise a table full of electronics like xbox, watches, clothes and valuables back to u.p.s. who does that during christmas? >> crimes of opportunity. >> reporter: this year some law enforcement agencies are going on the offensive. in campbell, police have placed bait packages all overtown embedded with gps tracking devices hidden inside. in santa clara county deputies are patrolling neighborhoods in unmarked cars looking for unusual behavior. >> they see how the person is driving through the neighborhood whether they are drying to, like, you know, driving with purposes to a destination or looking at homes driving slowly. the behavior actually sticks out. >> reporter: now a few tips. in general, cases with surveillance video get higher priority. try to schedule deliveries for
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when you or neighbor are home. or have special instructions to drop off the package in the backyard or somewhere out of view. >> in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. the bay area as latest storm may have led to two boats sinking in san francisco bay. the coast guard set up a helicopter today to look for any victims in the off chance that they were aboard. it happened in the waters off sausalito and berkeley. turns out both boat were empty. it was wet and windy as crews rescued a man who fell about 100 feet down the cliff in san francisco. he was clinging to a rock in the seacliff area early this morning. the rescue took an hour. the man has minor injuries. and firefighters had to deal with a busted fire hydrant and pretty slick roads at this accident scene in san francisco. several cars crashed just outside golden gate park at lincoln and 20th. two people had to be taken to the hospital. meanwhile, the sierra looks like a postcard right now. that's beautiful. this is time lapse video of
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"sierra at tahoe" resort one of the areas with snow. two feet of snow came to the northern california mountains. >> those ski resort operators wahoo! >> the week before christmas to get a storm like this is perfect. >> i was at lunch today with folks headed to tahoe. so they have quite a lot of powder. and that rain that we saw yesterday which is also part of that storm, that is out of the way and it's going to be nice and sunny and absolutely beautiful for the weekend. so it will be perfect. let's take a look outside right now at our overnight low temperatures and what we can expect going into the evening hours. 28 degrees in santa rosa. southland 35. inland low 30s. 30 concord. not quite as cold around the bay and along the coastal
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areas. warm 32 degrees in san francisco. it's perfect for christmas card pictures if that's what you're after. downtown ice in san jose 51 degrees so you can actually need that scarf as well as looking good in your pictures. clear and chilly in san jose. it all has to do with this low pressure system. that's what brought that wet weather in yesterday and is now slowly making its way to the east of us. behind it, all of those breezy temperatures, that windy weather that we felt today and then this high pressure system is going to slowly build in behind it. it's going to dry us out over the weekend leave us pretty chilly but sunny skies behind it. our high temperatures tomorrow chilly. 53 degrees in santa rosa. coast 49 in pacifica. 51 san jose. same thing out in fairfield. in the east bay. a little warmer oakland 53 degrees. our seven-day outlook is chilly tomorrow. 50s to the low -- low 50s to the high 40s in the bay area
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and sunny. if this is your weekend to go outside enjoy it but bundle up. end of the week temperatures start to dip down with a few clouds here and there and then the weekend possibly sunny again. it's perfect for those folks who want to enjoy the brisk weather. the stanford marching band will have some time -- they have been silenced. the quirky student group suspended through spring and it got worse. the big opportunity now going to some high schoolers. >> and not handled with care. a bay area homeowner shocked to see this video of a delivery worker dumping her packages in the rain. >> closed cap tioning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces furniture" ,, ,,,, ♪
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stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto®. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto® with an ace inhibitor or or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto®. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto®. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. bunch of high- schoolers. nats cheering this is the "horizon high school scorpion marching ba" from el paso.
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the stanford band is being replaced by high schoolers. this is the horizon high school scorpion marching band from el paso sitting in for the cardinal counter parts when stanford takes on north carolina at the sun bowl this month. they even reportedly are learning the stanford fight song. the stanford band is suspended for breaking alcohol rules. expecting a delivery? hope you don't get this u.p.s. driver. take a look. she is caught on camera. after trying to open a gate she gives up and tosses the packages over a wall. now, the homeowner was confused when she found her items strewn in the yard so she checked her home security video. >> i was in shock! i was absolutely appalled. i was like this is not what i'm
6:26 pm
paying for. it was very upsetting the fact that i'm spending all this money for my stuff to be delivered and it gets delivered like that. >> heather says that u.p.s. told her that the driver was a newly hired 18-year-old. u.p.s. says it emphasizes delivery care to all its drivers and seasonal helpers. and more bad news for u.p.s. this time a major mix-up. a long island family was horrified to discover that instead of a toy plane it ordered, u.p.s. accidentally delivered this, a semi-automatic rifle [chuckling] scope stand and ammo clip. also in the case was a copy of a man's driver's license and a concealed weapons permit. u.p.s. issued a statement calling the mix-up highly unusual. coming up in our next half- hour, a health scare as a bay area junkyard goes up in flames. hundreds of old cars burned. the spectacle as fire crews
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fought back with a whole lot of foam. >> and president obama vows to strike back at russia over its alleged cyberattacks against the united states. why he also told republicans that ronald reagan would roll over in his grave. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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trying to figure driver lost control.. hitting two cars before slag our top stories at 6:30. police in san francisco are trying to figure out why a driver lost control hitting two cars before slamming into a crowded chinatown muni stop. ten people were hurt in the crash at stockton and sacramento including the driver who caused it. [ gunfire ] a barrage of bullets in broad daylight. two gunmen exchanging fire. this is at 5th and harrison at the i-80 off-ramp in san francisco. police discovered upwards of 20 shell casings on the ground. one tourist heard the commotion and discovered a bullet hole in his car. no arrests made. a junkyard in the east bay burns hundreds of cars. the plumes of black smoke could be seen for miles and prompted a "shelter in place" order. it happened this morning in
6:31 pm
richmond on west geneva avenue right next to the richmond parkway. kpix 5's keit do was on scene. [ pause ] >> reporter: roughly 250 junk cars at an auto wrecking yard went up in flames. the thick, black smoke could be seen for miles away. closer to the scene, multiple large explosions likely caused by the burning tires. >> i woke up to a big boom. >> reporter: massive response from firefighters. by the time they arrived around 7:30 this morning, flames were already burning out of control. >> very scary. very scary. praying the whole time. the first thing i did was pull my car out the garage though and got ready to go. >> reporter: instead of water, firefighters sprayed foam to keep the flames from spreading. >> the foam supporters this the fire separating the fuel from the oxygen so it doesn't ignite. >> reporter: unlike house fires, this fire smelled like
6:32 pm
burning rubber making it hard for people to breathe. >> smells like toxic. >> air getting thick. i'm gonna get out of here. >> reporter: the wrecking yard is next to hundreds of homes. the snow was so intense, firefighters ordered nearby schools and neighbors to shelter in place for a few hours since the smoke was so intense. >> i have my inhaler with me but i need to get home. >> you feel it in your chest and eyes. it's very scary. >> my eyes are watering. >> reporter: it took firefighters a few hours to put it out. they say it started inside a juke car. they are investigating how -- junk car. they are investigating how. they believe it's accidental. in richmond, i'm da lin, kpix 5. epa inspectors were on scene to monitor air quality. they say there was no major health hazard. firefighters lifted the "shelter in place" order just before 11 a.m. president obama holding his final news conference today
6:33 pm
promising to punish russia for hacking into u.s. computer systems. cbs reporter michelle [ non- english name ] says his words came as u.s. intelligence chiefs agree russia interfered with last month's election. >> reporter: president obama wasted little time in claiming russia a threat to american interests. >> the relationship between us and russia has deteriorated sadly significantly over the last several years. >> reporter: the president first confronted russian president vladimir putin about russia's u.s. election hacking during the g20 summit this past september and promised to strike back. >> our goal continues to be to send a clear message to russia or others not to do this to us because we can do "stuff" to you. >> reporter: president obama says he will not reveal what actions the u.s. will take against russia. >> part of why the russians have been effective on this is because they don't go around announcing what they're doing. >> reporter: the president blamed republicans for not
6:34 pm
speaking out against president- elect donald trump's praise of putin because they were more concerned about winning an election. >> over a third of republican voters -- [ pause ] -- approve of vladimir putin. ronald reagan would roll over in his grave. >> reporter: and he said america will be vulnerable to further attacks as long as people put partisan politics ahead of american "values." cbs news, the white house. the president's news conference was briefly interrupted when a woman in the briefing room fainted. >> i'm sorry, what's going on? somebody is not feeling good? all right. we can get our doctors back there to help out. >> the woman was revived after a few minutes and removed from the briefing room for medical evaluation. in just the past hour president-elect donald trump making the final thank you america tour stop speaking in orlando. mr. trump is still talking
6:35 pm
about his unexpected victory. >> whatever happened to the deploreables? they are not so deplorable! [ applause and cheers ] >> they're not so deplorable anymore. in fact, the other side is trying to figure out in four years how do we get some of these deploreables to our side? >> he had two fundraisers before the rally. the help wanted sign is out in the city of concord. the city council is looking for someone to fill a seat that's about to be vacant. the opening exists because last month councilman tim grayson was elected to the state assembly. only residents of concord can apply. applicants must be registered voters and 18 or older. the deadline is january 13 with interviews following on the 24th. apply online or get a paper application at the city clerk's office. coming up, one of our students rising above blazing a
6:36 pm
trail. how he overcame a troubled childhood to be the first from his high school to hold elected office. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rising above. stevon cook, s-r-a scholar from the clas 2003 will be sworn in as a membe the san francisco board of education. january will be a big month for students rising above. a sra scholar from 2003 will be important in as a member of the san francisco board of education. tonight our sherry hu says that he is especially proud that he will be the first from his bayview-hunters point high school to ever hold elected office. ♪[ music ] >> good morning. >> reporter: after he lost the first election, he was on the fence about running again for the san francisco board of education. >> thank you. >> reporter: until met up with a class of seventh graders. >> nice to meet you. >> yeah, yeah, you, too.
6:39 pm
i axed them if you run a city election and lose what do you think i should do? this little girl on the side said do you it again. >> second time running for office. >> reporter: he took her advice. devon ran again. >> definitely a growing process. >> reporter: and this time he had the votes he needed. [ inaudible ] >> whoo! >> i am the first person that came out of thurgood marshall to ever be elected to any office in san francisco. that's -- i won't be the last. >> reporter: he grow up in bayview-hunters point and when to live with his grandparents in the fifth grade. he understands what it's like to have your family destroyed by drugs and making bad decisions. >> going outside and, you know, all the drug dealers knowing your name because your mom is their -- you know, their best customer. >> no, i never expected it. not when he was 13 or 14. >> reporter: that he would go
6:40 pm
to college? >> no. i didn't. >> the lord said -- >> reporter: with support from his high school teachers, he made a major turnaround in his life and in school. in 2003, he became a students rising above scholar. his troubled childhood was in the past. he went on to williams college and urged a degree. >> if i met me now when i was age when i was younger what would i think? i love the man that i have become. i'm really proud of the growth that i have had the mistakes that i have made and how it's turned out. >> reporter: how will the next chapter in his life turn out? he has the next four years to write it. >> i have always been a dreamer, hopefully with my work and my expect inspires is that i can help cultivate and support somebody that not only gets where i have gotten but to go way beyond where i will ever
6:41 pm
go. >> our sra stories feature alums like him and brand-new scholars. to meet them or to support sra, just go to our happy holidays. i'm sherry hu for students rising students rising above. straight ahead, the raiders! win and they're in. memories of this bone-chilling play. >> i don't remember anything. >> and a calfresh man baller in full attack mode. after a generous check donation you won't believe with liz cook. ,,,,,,,,,,
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west contra costa unified school district holds our environmental and sustainability goals as one of our top priorities. i definitely rely on pg&e to be an energy advisor. anything from rebates, to how can we be more efficient? pg&e has a number of programs, to help schools save on energy. when i see a program that fits them, then i bring it to them. with the help of pg&e we've been able to save a tremendous amount of energy and a tremendous amount of money. we're able to take those savings and invest it right back into the classroom. together, we're building a better california.
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(((weather))) good evening, i'm emily turner in tonight for paul deanno with your weather. it is a beautiful evening. not a cloud in the sky and it's pretty much going to be that way through the weekend although it's going to be cold. a live look at the transamerica tower where you can how beautiful that skyline is.
6:45 pm
it is chilly though. concord 49 degrees. in san francisco, 49, as well. chillier even in the inland areas. 44 in livermore, santa rosa 47. north bay 28 overnight in santa rosa. the low 30s in the inland areas. along the coastal areas around the bay, not quite as cold but still pretty chilly p overall. here's our satellite-radar. this low pressure system is what brought all of that wet weather and those storms in yesterday. behind it breezy windy weather that we felt today. behind it a high is going to build in. it will dry us out and leave us with lots of sunshine and cooler temperatures. our futurecast starting at 7:00 is clear. going through the evening overnight into tomorrow morning nothing is happening. same thing for tomorrow. i'm showing you this because those clouds are what normally keep those temperatures relatively warm this time of
6:46 pm
year but they are not here. that's why we're having those cold temperatures. a cold night, evening breezes which are going to start to die off into the evening. it's going to stay chilly this weekend and it will remain dry at least for now. our temperatures for the most part about 5 to 7 degrees lower than average this time of the year. our high temperatures for tomorrow 52 degrees in los gatos. 51 in morgan hill. 49 in pacifica. in the far east bay. in the north bay 50 in brentwood. 51 in vallejo. then around the bay not quite as cool although along the coast those temperatures will be in the high 40s moving to the north bay where we see our coolest temperatures 48 degrees in lakeport. very chilly. yourself day involves quite a bit of sunshine.
6:47 pm
cloudy tuesday and thirst. then thursday. next weekend cold. here's liz cook. >> absolutely. time now for our "food for bay area families" drive. joining us today pg&e and paul ash from the sf marin food bank. such an important time to remember those in need and families less for the national this holiday season and you have made quite a contribution. >> we are honored and privileged to award $75,000 to the sf marin food bank. >> whoo [ applause ] >> in this time of the year, this season, all throughout the year hunger is real in our communities and at pg&e, we do believe we are better together. and the partnership with paul and his team at sf marin food bank has been incredible. >> $75,000 that's huge. how did you raise that? >> we have a foundation at pacific gas & electric and year-
6:48 pm
over-year, we give locally in our communities. together we believe in building a better california. we believe in volunteers. so it's not only the money but it's also the hours that really make a difference. >> paul what kind of impact can this donation make for the bay area families in need? >> it will make a huge impact. it's over $200,000. our friends at pg&e started helping us when they gave us the land we built our building on. and they bring volunteers, year after year, week after week, so it's been a great partnership and it ends up helping a lot of individuals who without our help and support wouldn't have enough to eat. >> it's not too late to contribute. donate at your local whole foods market or go online at we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:49 pm
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6:51 pm
(((cheers))) sunday's ch 5 game at the chargers...stands in the wa the ra nfl up top. and the raiders!!
6:52 pm
knocking at play-off's door. [ knocking ] >> just win, baby! >> sunday channel 5 game at the chargers. stands in the way of the raiders clinching his first play-off spot in 14 years. three-point favorite to win in san diego. they do that, they're in. what a difference two years makes. quarterback derek carr then a rookie remembers. >> starting 0-10 is not fun. it makes these moments so awesome. it makes these moments really cool to, you know, already have 10 wins. our sole focus is beating the chargers. if we don't, we're still sitting there hoping and wishing. 49er business. you want to see somebody go out with a thud? check torrey smith here. boom! unconscious for moments here against the jets last week. you can hear a pin drop when it
6:53 pm
happened. concussion keeps him out of the atlanta game sunday. that was one moment no one will forget -- well, almost no one. >> when is the first time your memory that you can remember something from sunday? >> in the car on the way back. it was pretty scary but things are better. >> you were pretty emotional when you went off the field. >> i have no clue. >> your wife told that you? >> i was crying. i was crying in here about -- i don't remember anything. this is wideout julio jones. the falcons near 2 touchdown favorites will be without him for the second week because of a toe injury. fantasy footballers you will have to start somebody else. he leaves the nfl with over 1200 receiving yards. san jose's valley christian in blue against madison. state double-a championship game division ii.
6:54 pm
late 3rd quarter eric boo can not scored. 21-17, this one just gone final. to the ice we go. o canada ♪ sharks in montreal. and on the attack in the first! timo put it between the pipes to increase the lead to 3-0. his first career goal. right now in the third if you are scoring at home sharks ahead 4-1. not to get all charlton heston and the ten commandments on ya, but it is written ... book of isaiah, chapter 11, verse 6, and a little child shall lead them. it seems to be happening at cal with a story of freshman charlie moore. >> you saw it felt it and then boom. >> ran to it, saw it and shot it like this. >> reporter: charlie moore of cal, dissecting his latest feat a near half court buzzer beater versus uc-davis. [ buzzer ]
6:55 pm
>> why not! why not! >> oh, my goodness! why not, who else but charlie moore. >> were you surprised? >> um, it looked good when it left my hands. so -- >> reporter: ten games into the guard's college career, and the freshman leads the team in scoring in electrifying fashion. following sound advice. >> stay on attack mode. my dad always told me whatever i'm playing stay on attack mode whether i'm going to school or looking for the open man stay aggressive and good things will happen. >> reporter: like his mid- november38-point night against uc-irvine. he set a single game freshman record. >> allen iverson. >> you go back that far? >> yes. >> why is that? >> the moves he did. >> reporter: he keeps sending crowds away shaking their
6:56 pm
heads. >> he looks like he is 15, a kid. how does that hit you when people react like that? >> it doesn't hit me as hard. i'm used to people telling me that i'm so young but when i come on the court they feel like an older because of the way i play and i'm mature on the court. i'm used to it. >> only took him three shots. it took me 20 to bang one off the rim. [ laughter ] >> and my 12-year-old son nicholas looks older than he does. >> can he dunk? >> yes: he can do it all. and the show continues tomorrow night against cal-poly. captions by: caption colorado ,,
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! steve: how y'all? how y'all doing? i appreciate it. thank you very much. i appreciate y'all. i appreciate it. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of 20,750 bucks, from milwaukee, wisconsin, it's the champs, it's the trimble family. [cheering] and from phoenix, arizona, it's the saretsky family! [cheering]
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everybody's here trying to win some cash, and somebody wants to drive out of here in a brand-new car. let's get it on. give me kai, give me vade. top 5 answers on the board. here we go. name something the pool boy brings with him when he cleans a hot housewife's pool. kai: the clea--the stick that cleans the pool. steve: the stick that cleans the pool. vade: speedo! steve: speedo! pass or play? vade: we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. all right, randi. let's go. name something the pool boy brings with him when he cleans a hot housewife's pool. randi: how about some nice shades? some nice shades.


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