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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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after many years of drought, it is finally looking a lot like normal in the reservoirs of the santa clara valley. >> our reservoirs right now are at about 96% of their 20 year average. we are pretty happy with that. >> reporter: information for reservoir and creek gauges is still streaming in but it hasn't looks this good this early in the season for years. >> we are just basically into what we call our normal range in groundwater storage. >> reporter: and here is a big reason why. last friday's downpour was the latest in a series of drenching storms to hit the bay area. >> this is a pacific vortex but we need the rain. >> reporter: but they have been paste out well enough to not cause serious flooding. you can see the difference they've made. these are snapshots of santa clara reservoir levels over the last 30 days. those huge spikes are like money in the bank.
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the water district says it was an increase of 4000 acre-feet, enough to provide 8000 households with water for a year. all from just one storm. water officials are still cautious hoping to not jinx the rest of the season. >> we are encouraging people to keep up those good habits that they developed during the drought because we don't know what's around the corner. if it's another dry winter, we might find ourselves in another serious drought. >> reporter: at this point, no one has declared drought over seven -- over central parts of california are better than others. around here, it is looking average. there is still a 20% mandatory restriction here in santa clara county but people have been saving above that, about 27% and that is one of the reasons why our water picture is looking good. live at lexington reservoir, len ramirez kpix 5. a live look outside. bundle up around the bay area. the first winter sturdier day.
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two winter alerts for tomorrow and wednesday. that means no wood-burning fires. brian herr he has more on what we will call the december chill. >> we are going to get cold tonight. not as cold us last night. we are going to get down to 30 degrees. still below freezing in santa rosa and livermore 31 degrees at that's a whole lot better than the 26 degrees they bottomed out at last night. we have lifted the frost around the bay area. the next couple of days, we're going to gain a couple of degrees a day and tell -- warm doesn't mean -- warmer doesn't mean warm. by the end of the week, it's looks like something will be coming down. new at 6:00, a five-year- old girl rushed to the hospital after flames broke out at a concord apartment complex. cell phone footage captured flames of smoke on laguna
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street around 2:00 this afternoon. two people were rescued from a balcony after the fire escape. it took about 30 minutes to put out the flames. that five-year-old is being treated for smoke inhalation and is expected to be okay. the fire damaged eight units. 22 people will be displaced. one of san francisco's biggest property owners has agreed to a record settlement with the city. the deal ends a better legal fight with art university. >> reporter: you know that old saying, do and then ask for forgiveness? that was what the academy of art was doing. it's time for the forgiveness to come around and it's costing them a bundle. >> this is a case where the academy, a privately held for profit company amassed a real estate empire while thumbing its nose for a decade and planning and building department and code requirements. took that requirement includes for the building throughout the building. among them, retail and
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industrial space, hotels illegally converted into dormitories and many, the subject of a kpix 5 investigation. the settlement calls for the school to build and turned over to the city 160 units of low- cost senior housing at this dormitory site at [null] hill. >> this is housing that san franciscans desperate we needed in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. >> reporter: the academy also agreed to pay $20 million in fines and fees. in return, the buildings they own will be brought to code. attorney jim brosnahan conceded mistakes had been made. >> there was a rapid expansion of the school. it was too rapid, probably. >> reporter: but said the lawsuit never needed to be filed. >> we would have settled on these terms without the city attorney. >> reporter: supervisor aaron peskin, who was brought in by
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both sides to help broker the deal said someone had to take action. >> the academy of art made a lot of friends in politics. they made it lot of friends amongst elect officials, through their charitable giving, with the police officers association, and others. they had inordinate power and they flooded the law. >> reporter: but did city planning say? >> there were a lot of delays because they were not willing to work with us. >> the you ever feel pressure not to enforce? >> absolutely not. it was just a question of getting to the table. we have been trying for years to enforce it. >> reporter: if we drill down on this deal, and take a look at the housing, that is estimated to make the city about $40 million over the 66 lifetime span of the deal. and in the $20 million in fines and fees and you've got a $60 million package. that is quite a chunk of change. in san francisco, fill material kpix 5. >> the academy of art university has 800 students and more than 2000 employees. lawyers were a kid -- for a
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key figure in the oakland fire say he is not to blame. he was the main tenant up the go sure. it's where 36 people died earlier this month. some have accused him of ignoring safety issues. today, the three attorneys now representing him said in a statement "our investigation shows that derick almena conducted no conduct amounting to criminal negligence. he should not be made a scapegoat. rockrod they claim a fire department had a musical event of its own up the ghost up and argue the alameda county da's office, which is doing a criminal investigation has a conflict of interest because the city of oakland could be defendants in civil suits. the lawyers claim there is an incentive to try and shift blame. the statement says "it is our fear that improper charges could be brought against derek and others by alameda county in order to divert attention away from their own irresponsible agencies. no response yet from city and
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county leaders. a verdict of sorts for a bay area judge who handed down what some said was a lenient sentence for a stanford student accused of sexual assault. a state judicial board rolled judge aaron persky did nothing wrong. devin fehely says the judge is still under five. >> reporter: the report found no clear and convincing evidence of bias, abuse of authority, or misconduct when judge persky sentenced brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting a woman who had passed out drunk at a campus party. >> this is the california judiciary final statement about the conduct of judge persky in the sentencing of brock turner. >> reporter: but kpix 5 legal analyst judge cordell says the court ruling is unlikely to quiet critics, who accused him of racial and gender bias and have launched a recall campaign aimed at removing him from the bench. >> we believe he does not treat these crimes with the seriousness they deserve.
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we believe that is wrong and we believe that the voters will agree with us when they have the opportunity to weigh in. >> i believe that with this recall, the independence of the california judiciary is at stake. >> reporter: persky has faced scrutiny ever since the statement read by the victim went viral, igniting a national debate about campus sexual assault and what should be the appropriate punishment for offenders. judge persky has been transferred from kim wendel to civil court as the controversy continues to swirl around him. >> when a judge is biased, as we believe he is in cases against -- of the violence against women, that violence causes people to lose faith and confidence in the entire judicial system. >> reporter: devin fehely, kpix 5. >> the campaign says it has enough money to collect the roughly 80,000 signatures it needs to have the judge recalled and will begin collecting the signatures in april. president-elect trump won the electoral college vote today, ensuring he will become
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the next president. there were just two defectors, both in texas. in california, five electors cast their votes in sacramento and all supported hillary clinton who won the state popular vote last month. hundreds of protesters were outside the state house. they pleaded with the electors in other states not to vote for trump. melissa ken is live at the state house with one elector who doesn't like the way the current system works. melissa?>> reporter: veronica, earlier today this entire area behind me was filled with demonstrators, hundreds of people protesting the current state of the electoral college. on the inside of the capital, california's electors were voting for hillary clinton but that included one elector who is suing california because he said he should be the one to decide how to cast his vote. california's electors voted unanimously today.
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>> we are tallying the votes for president of the united states. for hillary clinton. a democrat. >> reporter: even though all of the electors are democrats, not everyone is happy with the system. >> it is not a great day for democracy. >> reporter: vinh scholer as an elector who is suing the state because he says the requirement that electors vote the same as the popular vote is unconstitutional. >> what we did today is forced electors by tying the hands. that is not okay because what that results in is a rubberstamping of a situation that i think the majority of the voters are not comfortable with. >> reporter: leaders of the democratic party made sure he would cast his vote for clinton. >> they were new -- they were nervous but they knew my beef was not with the party. >> reporter: he says he will also continue to pursue his lawsuit against the state.
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to be clear, he is a diehard clinton fan. he says he would just like it to be his choice about whether to vote for her. when he came out to be interviewed by us, he was greeted by a rock star by some of the people who were here protesting the electoral college. there does seem to be some fight to get rid of the electoral college. melissa ken, kpix 5. traffic jams on both sides of the bay. a possible road rage shooting during the afternoon rush. a tree comes down blocking a busy tunnel. our own staffer captures a close call. he made the most of living on the streets. he built a custom shack for his xbox and flat screen. the shock over a -- the killing of a well-known area resident. and answers after what appears to be another deadly terror attack. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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call today. comcast business. built for business. freeway shooting that put the brakes on the east bay commute. eastbound 580 shutdown at fruitvale just before three o'clock... road rage is suspected for an incident that shut down 580 at fruitvale just before 3:00. chp officers checked the pavement for evidence. a driver reported being shot at but was not hit. that left drivers fuming for creative ways to get out of the back off -- back up. some even went over the curbs to get out of the mess. a massive eucalyptus tree
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came crashing into a thoroughfare. a kpix 5 employee was a car length back when it all happened. this is on that stretch of highway 1 right before the macarthur tunnel. you can see the tree clip the front of the truck. chopper 5 overhead as chp raced to cut off the tree branches that were blocking lanes. southbound lanes were at a standstill, which meant a major backup all the way to the golden gate bridge. those lanes have since reopened. san francisco police are investigating a deadly double shooting that left a man and a woman dead. it happened last night near 15th and valencia streets. friends tell us one of the victims was a homeless man named tennessee. he was interviewed by mike sugerman in february when he showed us is makeshift home powered by a generator. wilson walker hope to his friends who say they will remember him for his ingenuity and his ability to make the best of his situation. >> last night, some gun violence. a senseless killing.
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we was right there on the fence talking. police pull up. like 12 cars. we didn't hear nothing. >> reporter: even the people living at 16th didn't hear the gunfire but when it was over, a woman was dead and a man mortally wounded. while police hadn't officially named the victims, word quickly spread that one was well known to just about everyone here. >> his character was intact man. that's my dude. tennessee was the kind of dude you want as a dude. >> reporter: you might know the man who called himself tennessee. we introduced you to him in february. >> a 32 inch flat screen. you might as well be homeless and style. i got a xbox 360. without the 32 inch flatscreen, i can play the xbox. >> reporter: while the generator powered mobile shed became a sensation, neighbors were quick to tell us that the resourceful character you saw on tv was
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very much the real thing. >> you got to imagine somebody who knows all that stuff, were to get that stuff, he made rough times out here not be so bad. >> reporter: the home tennessee built with his bare hands was hauled off right after the shooting. city crews cleaned up what was left on the sidewalk this morning. the tv was saved by his friend, still trying to make sense of what happened. >> he didn't do none of these slimeball stuff. that's why i don't understand how he ended up like this. >> reporter: a reconfigured homeless strategy as life on the sidewalks is changing. but the day today risks certainly have not. >> he was one of the good guys. why my dude? why my dude? >> reporter: in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> police have not identified
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any suspects or a motive. last night's shooting brings san francisco's homicide count to 57 this year. a woman was shot in the head after a burst of gunfire in antioch. part of that neighborhood became a crime scene at noon on 18th and cavallo road. neighbors heard several shots fired in police found upwards of 18 shell casings at the scene. the woman who was shot in the head was sitting in a car. it is unclear if she was just driving through the area at the time. a man was also shot in the torso. no updates on the conditions but police are questioning suspects. a woman posing -- pushing a shopping cart was killed while crossing a red light on the lawrence expressway in santa clara. food and clothing were strewn across the road. the driver who hit the woman stopped and is cooperating. officials have now listed -- lifted a warning for smoke at the shell refinery.
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they advise people with respiratory conditions to avoid the area. the warning lifted about 90 minutes ago. shell says the band was necessary. frosty plants this morning in san jose thinks to near freezing temperatures. the chp warning drivers to take it easy and watch for black ice. people taking a stroll around parts of the sierra probably noticed a question -- a crunching sound because of needle lace. the crystal like ice literally grows out of the ground. that is a close-up shot. it forms in moist soil when the temperatures drop below freezing. who knew? >> the conditions of winter. winter is upon us. winter is no longer coming this year. winter solstice early monday morning. shortest day of the year coming up. that means by the end of the week, the days will be getting longer by a second or two. it adds up. as we head outside, look at this gorgeous
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shot of san francisco. all beautifully lit up for the season. here are the numbers. concord at 48 degrees, oakland 49 degrees. livermore 45 degrees. san francisco at 51 degrees. we get cold again tonight. not as cold as last night because we get warmer days and former nights. we will be close to 60 degrees inland tomorrow and nighttime numbers will only be near freezing tonight. it looks like it's going to get wet on friday but all this cold air, very stable. not a lot of mixing in the atmosphere so the pollutants we generate during the day hang around all day long. that's why we have a spare the other day for the second day in a row for tomorrow. no wood-burning. we are looking at pulled again but just not as cold. slight warming on wednesday with a chance of showers working its way to the bay area by the end of the week. overnight lows tonight at 30 degrees in santa rosa, san jose down to 35 degrees.
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tomorrow, sunrise at 7:21 am. daytime highs close to average, and in some places warmer than average. san jose hits 61 degrees tomorrow. 51 degrees at milpitas. pacifica 90 -- 50 degrees. they -2 two lifting overhead. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. pretty much the same could be said for cloverdale and windsor. study forecast within skies the next few days. temperatures warm slightly and by friday it looks wet. christmas is a question mark in terms of the weather but one model says yes and one model says no. >> not a white christmas but a wet christmas.. a last-minute rush to get those packages out in time for christmas. >> reporter: 'tis the season to get your packages out on time. just take a look at all of
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these. the you have your packages out? there is a deadline. i will let you know coming up. still in christmas presents meant for a four-year-old girl. a bay area families message to the thieves caught on camera. ,,,,,,,,
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which is bad news for those who have put off mailing out holiday packages. lines have been wrapped around the block at many a post office in the bay area today. christmas of course is only a few days away but it's bad news for those of you who have put off mailing holiday packages. the lines wrapped around the block at many a post office. >> juliette goodrich brave one of those lines and she joins us now.>> reporter: i find this location where i am thoroughly fascinating. this is a national distribution center in richmond. this is where your packages arrive to then be sorted and then delivered to your doorstep. you can see these packages going to someone's home. they are going to be delivered in northern california. they will be on someone's doorstep by tomorrow. you can see this conveyor belt, we are looking for good little christmas gifts. this conveyor belt will take it to a loading dock and then to a
6:25 pm
milk truck. that is what is happening here but first you have to get to the post office. all of these packages you see will be sorted and delivered by tomorrow throughout northern california. this distribution centers one of the busiest locations nationwide. >> they are expected to handle at least 325,000 packages on our busiest day, wednesday. >> reporter: but before any of this can happen, you need to get your package in the mail and soon. we tried it today. >> cozy, warm socks. a nonstick pan. some coasters because my aunt was elephants. >> reporter: my packages headed to denver. news people can be procrastinators without a deadline. today, i had a deadline to get this story done and the deadline to mail this package. my package is ready and it's time to stand in line at the
6:26 pm
albany post office. the weight, about 30 minutes. not too bad. >> everybody seems to be ready with their stuff. >> it's moving pretty smooth. >> reporter: if you still need to mail a package and have it arrived by december 25, you can send it tomorrow by first-class mail. december 21, priority mail. december 23, priority mail express. but that will cost you a lot. >> i already mailed two day. $17. >> reporter: but it would have cost double had i waited until the very last mailing day to head to the post office. >> until somebody figures out how to email a package, we will be here year in and year out. >> reporter: we call that job security. here is the national distribution site. they are going to be sorting these packages and then it will land on someone's doorstep, maybe yours allen, or yours veronica tomorrow.
6:27 pm
it is pretty interesting, i must say. international packages had to be mailed out today so if you haven't done it, you are out of luck.>> [ laughter ] >> i know how hard you lobbied to do this story so you could kill two birds with one stone.>> i did. i actually had to mail those today. it was on my to do list. >> i've worked with you for 12 years. i know your style. >> last-minute. >> that brings us to our night the question. consumer reports say 30% of americans have yet to even start buying gifts. we are asking you where you are in the process. have you finished your holiday shopping? send me a tweet @veronica de la cruz. also, some interesting tweets tonight on bay area night beat at 10:00 on our sister station kbcw 44 cable 12. coming up next, holiday
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horror overseas. number of dead is rising after a truck pleasantry christmas market in berlin. why intelligence officials say this has all the markings of a terror attack. in turkey, the ambassador of russia assassinated in public. haunting images from the attack. our kpix 5 security analyst is in istanbul and weighs in on what makes this act of terror so alarming. new tonight, an oprah winfrey special event. >> upper and michelle on the road. >> the last interview with first lady michelle obama. >> people think that you are going to run for office.>> that's a good question. no one knows what the president of the united states knows.
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agreed to pay the city of san francisco 60- million dollars.. to end a zoning lawsuit. you are watching kpix 5 news. >> our top stories at 6:30 pm, the academy of art has agreed to pay san francisco $6 million to end a lawsuit. the academy of art owns about 40 buildings in the city, some that were illegally converted to classrooms and storms. the settlement calls about 160 units of affordable housing. judge aaron persky, who came under fire for his role in amy brock turner case was just rolled of all wrongdoing. the judge is still facing a recall effort that could wind up on the ballot next year. and the death toll is rising in the berlin market attack. 12 people dead and dozens injured after the truck plowed
6:32 pm
into a crowd near and landmark church in the city center. it attracts thousands of people. kim cito is following the latest developments. >> reporter: as you just said, 12 people confirmed dead. 48 injured. some of them very seriously. german authorities are refusing to call it an attack but say it definitely was no accident.>> i saw somebody get crushed. people dropping everything. >> reporter: the popular holiday market jammed with tourists. an 18 miller jumped a curb and plowed directly into the crowd. vendor stalls flattened and dozens of people voted down. >> it hit the barriers and then carried on past us. >> reporter: as emergency crews attended to the injured, police scoured the area for the suspect. a suspect is now in custody. a passenger in the truck was
6:33 pm
found dead in the cab. >> i saw people with their heads on the -- in their hands and a lot of people on the ground. >> i saw one guy being dragged away with blood on his face. they wanted to pull two other people out. >> reporter: police were quick to call the carnage intentional but refused to call it a terror attack. u.s. intelligence says it has all the hallmarks of a terror attack, similar to one last july in nice, france when a tunisian born man drove his 19 ton truck onto a sidewalk, killing 86 people. berlin authorities are not ready to say this is the same thing. >> there were fears during christmas time here in germany and specifically fears of an attack on a christmas market. that might very well be exactly what happened here. >> reporter: this all comes just weeks after the usa department issued -- issued a travel warning about a
6:34 pm
heightened risk of terror attacks related to christmas events. russia's ambassador to syria was assassinated to the horror of bystanders was cameras rolled. we want to warn you, the video is graphic. andrei karlov was speaking at a photo exhibition in on kara. shots rang out and he crumpled to the floor. the gunman then unleashed a tirade about syria. the gunman was shot and killed by police, later identified as a turkish police officer. kpix 5 security analysts are watching events from inside turkey tonight. >> reporter: it has been a long time. many, many years since something like this happened, an actual assassination to an ambassador at the diplomatic establishments. this is something very serious. i am sure the russians will take a strong response to this. track in zérich, a gunman
6:35 pm
entered a mosque frequented by somalian immigrants and shot three people. authorities are not calling it a terrorist attack just yet but are looking as to whether there is a link to the christmas attack in berlin. president-elect trump is reacting to his formal victory in the electoral college. "we did it. thank you to all my supporters. we just officially won the election despite all the distorted and inaccurate media." members of the electoral college met across the country today. it was their votes that may last month's election official. mr. trump finished with 304 votes well below the 270 needed to clinch the white house. there were two defectors who went against the will of the voters and both were in texas. critics of the electoral college included protesters today. they say the system is outdated, pointing out that hillary clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3,000,000. >> it's a big accomplishment just to generate this conversation.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: the joint session will certify mr. trump is the 45th president of the united states on january 6. he takes office two weeks after that. holiday packages were strewn over an east bay freeway after a deadly crash. a big rig carrying parcels for the u.s. postal service hit a van on the shoulder and then overturned in danville. the truck driver was killed and southbound lanes were down for hours while crews cleaned up the mess. martinez police hope somebody will recognize a couple of christmas grinches they say swiped an armful of packages off a family's porch. home surveillance captured the dark car pulling into the driveway. the family who lives at the home says a couple got out of the car and took four packages from the porch. they were gifts for the four- year-old daughter, leila. her mom posted this message on the door for the thieves.>> i used the term which pirates, telling them to beware. think twice about stealing from the sports. you were caught on camera
6:37 pm
yesterday. >> reporter: the family says the thieves will not ruin the christmas but they hope somebody recognizes the pair to keep it from happening again. uber not backing down over self driving cars. they are defying a new threat from california's attorney general. and shaking up the travel market. how airbnb wants to help you book your next flight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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uber is isn't backing down.. warning from california's attorney general. the company says it will continue to test its 11 self treets closed captioning is sponsored by living spaces furniture. uber is not backing down over self driving cars, even after a new warning from california's attorney general. the company says it will continue to test its cars on the streets of san francisco after the dmv ordered them to seize and desist. [ overlapping speakers ] says they didn't need a permit. they argue that if someone is behind the wheel, they are not doing anything wrong and that hundreds of cars already use
6:40 pm
the tesla autopilot technology on streets every day. the attorney general is threatening to take uber to court. some more tech news. airbnb is taking to the air. the company just announced that is building a flight booking tool. airbnb wants to compete with priceline and expedia. so far, staying pretty tightlipped. employees only saying the new plan, simply known as flight. airbnb helps the new program will be up by the time it is released to the public. it is estimated to be worth about $30 million and that will go up if flight gets off the ground. some holiday cheer from scott brown 5.>> it's going to be it pretty sight. we have a chilly night in the bay area and we will have something besides temperatures coming in by the weekend. the forecast is coming up. california's drought is officially over. one guy, not going to the
6:41 pm
playoffs. is he a quarter or a smart businessman? holidays that you down? don't run and hide. you just need a little helping hand.
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crowds have been dazzled by this elaborate christmas light display in vallejo. e scott dunn 5 back in the year. crowds have been dazzled by this elaborate christmas light display in vallejo. the taylor family spending three months to set this up. it has many inflatable decorations, a ferris wheel and nightly visits from santa. visitors are encouraged to bring toys, which the family will bring for a -- to a toys for tots drive. kaiser got temperatures that are poised to fall like a set of car keys all the way down to below freezing in parts of the bay area, napa will be down to 35 degrees, below freezing in santa rosa, and chilly but not as bad as last night flow of 26 degrees. san jose will hit 35 degrees
6:45 pm
for an overnight low. afternoon highs near 60 degrees in much of the bay area with fair skies and a few high clouds. look at that full view of high atop sutro. for the bay bridge, there is city hall right there. we are cooling-off now. 48 degrees in concord, san francisco 51 degrees. san jose 50 degrees. santa rosa 46 degrees. we do have the second in a row spare the air day for tomorrow. unhealthy levels of pollutants in the atmosphere minot wood- burning. as we look high atop the west coast, far enough offshore that we will get some high clouds moving into the bay area. we will have fair skies. kind of like if your kid does fair on a toast, it's not great but not bad. high clouds filtered against sunshine and prospects for a fairly nice day. numbers will come up a little
6:46 pm
bit because of the cause of high clouds. that will trap some of the heat during the day. this is a time lapse of how things should look tomorrow. they should look fair. let's sum it up. we begin tonight. just not as cold as it has been. we will get a little warming through thursday -- wednesday. lows in the 60s tomorrow in the south bay and then a chance of showers comes into the bay area by friday. doesn't look like a big rainmaker but it does look like it's going to get wet. travel forecast, high clouds in the northern third of the state. the numbers not that different from the bay area. temperatures in the 50s. 50s does it for the most part. the numbers are close to average. warmer than average in the south bay. san jose will be a nice and 161 degrees. and that beautiful cupertino, 62 degrees. 50 degrees for hayward and 59 degrees at union city. on the east bay, numbers near 60 degrees with sunshine around after a chilly night tonight.
6:47 pm
north bay looks pretty good as well. will be in the upper 50s. petaluma 55 degrees. 59 degrees for petaluma -- santa clara. ukiah mid-50s tomorrow. a little chilly on the outside but not bad. for the rest of the week through friday, we will be having temperatures near 60 degrees for highest. a little chilly air by the coastline. could get wet on friday. saturday we get a break. business day is a question mark. on sunday, we will see whether we get showers as soon as the models agree on whether it will happen or not. allen martin has some good news for us. >> i do. it's great. it's time for our food for bay area family drive. at huber from clerks, thanks for coming in. and also laura hamilton from the community food bank. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: i want to start with you because you have done a check presentation or two. tell me about the commitment to
6:48 pm
the food bank. >> we have been and alameda county and in oakland. we just celebrated our 103rd birthday with almost 4000 employees and alameda county. this has been a good chance for us to give back. >> reporter: boy are you giving back. the check is for $90,000. that is a tremendous donation. >> it is a lot of hard work by our associates. >> this comes from the company. i said earmarked for a particular cause? >> we believe in giving back can we trust the fine folks like laura to do what is right with the money. >> and we know you well. tell us how this money will be used. >> this will go directly to the community providing fresh produce, fresh fruits and vegetables, and serving one in five alameda county residents.
6:49 pm
this grant in particular is going to purchase just over 200,000 meals in the community. >> that is tremendous. we want to thank you both for being here. >> happy holidays. >> you can donate to your local food market at we will be right back.
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fifty, nickelback had the top kpix 5 news is sponsored by your local nissan dealers. the last time the raiders were in the playoffs, nickelback had the top song ncsi was the highest rated show on tv. okay, csi is still one of the top-rated shows on tv but 14 years is a long time coming. >> i can only imagine what that flight is going to be. >> it's going to be a great 45 minute flight. great. >> we did it, baby. yes, sir.>> [ applause ] >> we are going to the playoffs. >> they are indeed. it was the defense that saved the day against the chargers. reggie nelson picked off philip rivers to end the game. mostly raider fans at qualcomm stadium. the crowd quickly got under
6:53 pm
philip rivers's skin. >> it was a road game. >> have you ever been in an environment like that? in oakland? >> yeah. >> raider nation showed up. it was pretty awesome to see. it had to be 60 or 70%. a lot of blackshirts out there. >> you really get the feeling the chargers are headed to los angeles hearing from philip rivers. better for one of the raiders yesterday, benefiting from the kansas city loss. the playoffs began -- if the playoffs begin today, they would start with a first-round bye week. and lost a few more in the trainer's room. the san francisco máaásáh unit is getting larger by the day. linebacker nick blower placed on injury reserves. quinton patton also expected to
6:54 pm
end up there. there should be north of 15 players done for the season and at one and 13, what else does chip kelly have left to discuss in his press conference.>> when you can only dress 46 guys on the roster. when you 16 injuries, you are going to have to get players from your practice squad. >> there are 41 ball games this year. cbs gets to show one, the snow -- snowball. stanford wellspace -- will play my game. unfortunately, chris mccaffrey told sun bowl organizers to stick it where it doesn't shine instead of risking injury in a fairly meaningless game. he announced on twitter today, he will not show up against north carolina in el paso. that gives on december 30.
6:55 pm
he is projected to be a first- round pick in the nfl draft and will train while his teammates play in the symbol. we have been tracking the bay area lower. latitude 35, mack brown hopes to roll the atlantic in about a month. after five days, the crew in the red boat has dropped to second place. there are about five nautical miles behind -- they are about five nautical miles behind first-place. odell beckham jr., the king of the one-handed grab, had another one yesterday to ice the giants win against the lions. 51-year-old bernard hopkins had his last fight in no way, got knocked out of the ring by joe smith. hopkins began fighting a year before joe smith was born. cowboys rookie running back ezekiel elliott got into the holiday spirit by jumping into the salvation army. the result about a 60% increase
6:56 pm
in donations and that jump. how do you keep your beer from freezing? you put it in the fire. that's what the vikings had to do yesterday. division 2 national championship, eastern washington to youngstown. kevin rader making the winning touchdown grab as time expires. that folks is concentration. san francisco state is 11-0 this season. they beat humboldt state yesterday. a monster reverse jam. the gators had to the holiday break and the players couldn't be happier. >> i just got out of my hardest semester of finals. i will workout but i'm relaxing. >> good for san francisco state . the swamp means a full -- a few gators in there. gator nation, where are you? support your undefeated basketball. >> show up like raider nation. >> otherwise the gators will move.
6:57 pm
new throughout the evening, get the latest at >> join us for night beat at 10:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: ...everybody. thank you all. appreciate you. thank you all. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] we got a good one for you today. returning for their fourth day with a total of 21,685 bucks, from milwaukee, wisconsin, it's the champs. it's the trimble family. and from denver, colorado, it's the stephenson family. everybody's here trying to win a lot of cash, and somebody could
7:00 pm
drive out of here in a brand-new car. let's go meet the stephenson family. adam, how you feeling, man? adam: i'm doing great, steve. how you doing? steve: pleasure. man, i'm--you know, i'm--i'm pretty good, man. what do you do for a living, adam? adam: i am a engineer for a technology company. steve: ok, that's pretty good, man. adam: yeah. oh, yeah, oh, yeah, so-- steve: so, uh, is there something here that i need to know about? megan: steve, can you keep a secret? steve: i can keep a secret. megan: so i'm gonna tell you something my family here doesn't even know. steve: tell it. megan: ok. adam and i are expecting our first baby in december. adam: yeah! [cheering and applause] yeah! yeah! steve: yeah. heh! that's good, man. that's good, man. adam: ah. steve: do--do you know what you're having? megan: it's a baby, steve.


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