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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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but if you have not gotten your mail you might want to head out and get it. that is what dozens wish they had done last night. >> we always get our mail. we didn't get it last night, this morning it was all gone. >>reporter: michelle didn't need to open her mailbox today, it was opened for her. and then she discovered all the mailboxes were open down the hill. in the middle of the night someone swiped her mail and close to 40 other neighbors. >> christmas is here, there were tons of gift cards and presence that everybody lost. >>reporter: they are lined up at the post office, that instead of mailing packages they are here to pick them up. a recent rash of thefts have compromised more than 300 peoples deliveries this year. mail theft is a federal crime and the post office is law enforcement has launched
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several investigations. >> i hope these people get caught. >>reporter: what if i told you anytime a stranger opens her mailbox a picture is taken and an alert is sent directly to your phone? i can tell you there is software that will be lodged in the new year to actually catch a crook in action. this company is working behind closed doors. they will give you a sneak peek coming up about what deep signal is doing. it also involves launching a drone as part of the intervention. an update on a story we told you about yesterday, police have nabbed a grinch suspected of swiping christmas gifts off of a family sports. they say kyle turner is the man seen pulling up to this home minutes after any -- and amazon
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truck dropped off gifts. you can see the suspect and i want to get out of the car and grab several packages. release track down turner after locating the car and the video. it is not clear if the family got their gifts back. the san francisco department has a new chief. bill scott was the highest ranking african-american in the los angeles police department. emily turner is at city hall with more. >>reporter: what a big job it is. not because san francisco is a big city, it also has to do with the fact that the department has been dealt with some pretty big problems. >> we found a candidate the both the commissioner and i fell in body what our city and our police department needs in william bill scott, the deputy chief of the los angeles police department. [ applause ] >>reporter: it is applause now, the veteran has a tough road ahead. he has taken the helm against
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major reform with a laundry list of overhaul like building community trust. it is a crucial time when the department looks to turn the corner from past scandal and public discontent. >> what you will find in me, i hope, is the same person i have been all my life your mac a person that will listen, take action, the fair and consistent. >>reporter: those reforms came in the wake of a slew of officer involves -- involved shootings and a report that ssd does not adequately investigate. >> areas a lot of work to be done, a lot of reforms on the agenda. >>reporter: the doj says african-americans were searched disproportionately more than other groups. the search to that into account and looked nationwide.
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ultimately, how are jordan says he chose the field the position with new blood for a fresh start. >> he sought to find someone that was not going to be beholding to the rank and file in the organization. someone from the outside who will probably be able to carry out his wishes.>>reporter: be police chief -- the police chief took to quitter today to wish him well saying "congratulations, your leadership and dedication for the south la community has been invaluable. >> we understand the new chief had his heart set on staff if -- sat on san francisco for a while? >>reporter: it is a cute story that he told today. when he and his wife got married some 29 years ago they were deciding where they wanted to live the rest of their lives. his first choice was san francisco.
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he obviously did not win, but he now gives to spend the rest of his life here in the city of his choosing.>> our best to the new chief. meanwhile, crews are battling a big brush fire in simi valley. it was reported a couple of hours ago. edl shows the smoke blanketing the community with a line of fire burning pretty close to the neighborhood. so far it has brought about 50 acres. a chopper pilot at our sister station describe the same. >> it is white fumes moving very quickly. we have 20 mile-per-hour wind pushing this. >> they are knocking it down little by little. no evacuations have been ordered mac a developing story, 26 killed after an explosion ripped through a fireworks market. as many as 70 have been injured. this idiot was taken by someone
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driving by. you can see the thick gray and black smoke. the fire and explosion spread through the open air market, crowded with people purchasing fireworks. video shows people running from the fire, others rushing to help. about 3 miles around the area has been blocked off while the rest of the fireworks burn off. several new developments, isis is now claiming responsibility for the carnage caused when a truck plowed into a crowded holiday square. it now appears the driver is still on the loose. >>reporter: german chancellor -- the german chancellor visited the site where the truck crashed into a busy market. the death toll is up to at least 12 with nearly 50 injured. investigators are treating this as an act of terrorism. he signed a book of condolences
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after saying she was shocked and saddened. police released a man because of insufficient evidence. authority say they cannot rule out the possibility that a suspect was on the loose. >> we have to close the shops quickly. so quickly, i could not. >>reporter: a polish driver was supposed to be using the truck to deliver steel beams. that man was found dead inside the. after the truck attack police are taking new precaution. for the next three months the roadway around buckingham palace will be closed. amber land along with the fear is morning. -- mourning. a topol christmas tree marks the spot where a truck became a
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deadly weapon. >> the berlin attack is prompting stepped-up security and some us cities. members up the police counterterrorism unit are patrolling their. and extra patrols have been added in philadelphia's christmas village. authority say there is no credible threat, but attacks like the one in germany are becoming increasingly random. russian investigators are in turkey joining the inquiry into the assassination of the russian ambassador. he was shot to death as he spoke at a photo expedition. the shooter was an off-duty turkish police officer who shouted about aleppo and syria before being killed by police. donald trump met with several business executives at mara lago today following a wave of deadly attacks across
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the world in turkey, switzerland, and berlin. the team spokesman says the president-elect is in regular contact with his national security team about the attack. he issued a statement saying "tran9 and other terrorist continually slaughter christians. these terrorists and their regional and worldwide network must be eradicated from the face of the earth." mike pence is meeting with the national security team in washington as the administration prepares to take on the duties of protecting the nation. president obama expected to impose a permanent ban on offshore drilling. it is a joy action with canada to protect the arctic from drilling because of its unique ecosystem and a risk of damage from an oil spill. this would solidify obama's environmental legacy and groups hope the band will make it difficult for president-elect
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trump to reverse. and live look towards for cisco. we are in store for another chilly night. brian is in for paul this evening. >> we have plenty of time to generate cold temperatures. it will be the longest night of the year when we are on the eve of winter solstice. overnight lows above freezing for a change in most places. air quality continues to suffer, there is no burning tonight. tomorrow is a spare the air day as well. i will have your complete forecast in a few minutes. families of the victims of the polls nightclub massacre -- pulse nightclub are going after
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-- yesterday, three families file a lawsuit against google, twitter, and facebook. they accuse the company of allowing isis to use the networks to raise money and lure recruits. >> it is our belief these companies provide an instrument the isis can use to conduct terrorist activities mac if they put one small fraction of -- on developing algorithms towards preventing others from using their instrument i think we would not be having this problem. >> twitter has already ramped up efforts to shut down accounts promoting terrorism. they spoke and google have announced plans to track and remove any terror related post. a tragic discovery for a woman who grew worried when her husband didn't come home. a day after reporting a missing
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she use the time my phone app to discover he had died in a car accident. chp says the 29-year-old went over the barrier at the connector friday night and crashed 30 feet down in a field. police say the field or has body was found is not accessible to the public, so it would have been difficult to locate his body if his wife had not use the app. -- used the app. it may be winter break... but that didn't stop one man from visiting a bay area high school... coming up, what police say one >> investigators are trying to figure out what led up to the crash. it may be winter break, but that didn't stop one guy from visiting a bay area high school. what police say one man did at the campus. plus, was sickened people
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at a thanksgiving dinner. and apple under fire. why some say the new wireless airpods are bad for the environment. ,,,,,,
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worth of damage at this high school. when deputies arrived at rdinal newman high police in santa rosa have arrested a man for allegedly causing more than $100,000 worth of damage at this high school. when deputies arrived last night they say they found andrew faulkner throwing objects inside of the building. he was booked for felony vandalism and being under a controlled substance. his bail has been set at $125,000 mac new details about a deadly thanksgiving dinner. the cdc says they have isolated
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what killed three and second dozens of others who ate an antioch veterans hall. investigators say all of the people ingested a specific foodborne bacteria. they said they were unable to identify the exact food, but all the people who were sick a turkey and thanksgiving. the family of a teenager is filing a wrongful death suit against the city of oakland. jack lewis died when a large tree branch fell on him outside children's fairyland. his family and their attorney claimed the city knew the tree was dead and dangerous and had market for removal. they talk about their son at the spot where he died. >> he jumped 1st in everything he did in life is not he was just being himself when this tragedy occurred. >> he was a wonderful person. he loved life.
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he always saw the bright side of everything. >> the city attorney's office is refusing to comment. three people remained hospitalized following a crash at a bus stop in chinatown. among them a 73-year-old woman in serious condition. the crash happened friday, a gray sedan hit two cars near sacramento, then barreled into people waiting at a bus shelter. volkswagen has reached a partial settlement with the government and 83,000 car owners in the omissions cheating scandal. a judge in san francisco says the deal will include the option of buybacks for at least 20,000 vehicles as well as financial compensation for owners. the scandal started last year after epa officials accused volkswagen of fitting if cars with software to fool california emission testing. the epa says the settlement does not address any potential criminal issues. uber is doing damage
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control after billing a customer more than $28,000 for a ride and overcharging a handful of others. they blame a computer glitch. the woman with the bills as she originally got an email saying her financial information was hacked. uber has since told her that was wrong and that engineers are working to fix the problem. the reviews are out on apples tangle free airpods. they cause more than $150, but you may need more than one pair to put in each of your stocking stuffers. critics say they are bad news for the environment. the wireless headphones have glued in tiny lithium batteries that are tough to separate from the rest of the device. that is according to the chief executive of the company ifixit. >> if you run them through a shredder they will ignite and
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cause a fire. if they are not recyclable and you can't throw them in the trash what are you supposed to do with them? >> they do have markings specify they should not be thrown in the trash. apple also trying to help those last-minute shoppers. the company is activating its free next day delivery service. the tech giant posted the announcement online saying it will offer the service were in stock items ordered through its online store this friday. even duvets are going high- tech, take a look. this duvet can make your bed for you using your smart phone. it works through inflatable tubes that are connected to an air pump. it is not really for lazy people, it was created to help people with limited mobility. right now it is on kick starter . with six days to go it have already made its financial goal. it is chilly outside but
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the air quality management district is asking residents to not start any fires. a wood-burning band was issued for today and tomorrow. officials say the weather traps smoke near the ground and in the wintertime fireplaces are the number one source of air pollution. and of course that is happening on the longest night of the year. we have also mentioned rain, we will talk about christmas days forecast as well as we look live from oakland airport. your forecast is coming up. newest 6:00, a bay area city home to three of the top 10 most dangerous schools. that is when it comes to traffic accidents what they have in common that is putting kids at risk. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, i am just checking the temperature in chicago where it is 27 degrees right now.
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in the great lakes they are getting a mix of snow and ice. on the west coast eyes will be mere 60 degrees out west. tomorrow we are going to be looking at low 60s for the bay. a minor warming trend between now and thursday. and then we will have the wet trend i friday. right now it is 59 degrees in concord. 55 in concord. we do have our own problems to deal with tomorrow. rip currents as well. if you are headed sure shy -- sure side, have a care. it will be sunny and mild tomorrow for this time of year. you can see high clouds
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floating in overnight and in the bay area. by the time the sun comes up at 7:22 am we have a mere nine hours 22 minutes of sunshine. that will be the shortest day of the year in the bay area. on thursday we gain one second of sunlight. daylight hours will be getting longer beginning on thursday. the winter solstice at 2:44 am. sunny and cool, rain and wind will return on friday. it looks like a few lingering showers on saturday. we will be looking at readings mostly in the 50s in the northern two thirds of the state. overnight lows will be warmer by about 4-5 degrees. and daytime highs tomorrow a little warmer than they usually are at this time of the year. oakland hits 60, 63 tomorrow and 58 and the extended
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forecast we will be looking for a nice day tomorrow and a nice day on thursday. we could use the rang, it will be coming down on friday with winds picking up. saturday we get a lingering shower or two. christmas day looks sunny and dry, but monday we might get showers. that is the weather, bundle up, we will be back after the break. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is expanding a bit ... the rock 'n roll hall of
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fame announcing its class of 2017. the definition of rock is expanding. take a look.[ clip playing ] and the bay area' s "journey... >> besides dance like yes and elo, pearl jam and journey and the late rapper tupac sikora. the induction ceremony takes place april 7. sacred heart is giving back and helping those in the. the nonprofit is holding its holiday food box distribution. volunteers are handing the boxes out to over 3200 low income families. organizers say it will help put the food on the table for one week. the organization is also collecting toys. cbs evening news is next.
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we will see you at 6 o'clock. t.aptioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: breaking news tonight. many are dead after a thunderous disaster at a fireworks market in one of the world's biggest cities. also tonight, the christmas market killer is on the loose. isis claims responsibility. and there's a warning for americans. >> we are all viable terrorist owrgets today. >> pelley: the tower sends a passenger jet straight toward a mountain. >> pelley: and... ♪ yes, they're going to the rock 'n' roll hall of fame.


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