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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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francisco right now... after being harassed on board a jetblue flight. developing news. >> reporter: that ivanka trump is end reout to san francisco right now -- en route to san francisco after being harassed on board a jetblue flight.
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good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec. ivanka trump left jfk airport with her husband and children on a jetblue flight this morning. a couple of her fellow passengers were outraged that she was on board and they weren't afraid to show it and a new york man matthew lasseter tweeted that jetblue staff kicked him and his husband off the flight after overhearing his husband's berating remarks about president-elect trump. earlier he and "his husband" said he was chasing the couple down in the terminal quote to harass them. laster in has since deleted his twitter account. a spokesman for the trump family declined comment. but didn't dispute the account. jetblue says it works to reaccommodate the men on the next available flight. the airline issued a statement saying the decision to remove a customer from a flight is not taken lightly. if the customer is causing conflict, the customer is deplaned especially in the crew feels the situation runs the
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risk of escalation during the flight. we'll follow it and bring you updates on and later at 5:00. new at noon, san francisco's police union is firing back. just one day after the police commission unanimously approved a new "use of force" policy. lisa chan reports. >> reporter: last night the san francisco police commission gave final approval to an updated "use of force" policy. however, the san francisco police union isn't happy about it. they are taking legal action to stop it. unanimously the san francisco police commission approved an updated "use of force" policy despite union resistance. this is the first update in 21 years. it bans the use of carotid restraints. this is the type of hold that stops blood flow to the brain. some say it can lead to death or injury if not done properly. >> it's an antiquated police practice that i believe needs to be eliminated. the question is of timing. do we eliminate it now or later
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and give ourselves time to evaluate other intermediate options? >> reporter: the hold needs to be an intermediate option especially for smaller options. >> if it's a less lethal use of force, by removing that and not putting in an alternative less lethal use of force such as tasers, you are now forcing the officers into a situation where he may have to use a higher little of force including lethal force. the poa doesn't want that. >> reporter: the policy also bans shooting at moving vehicles, the san francisco police union argued they need the flexibility to do this in extreme cases such as a terrorist attack. >> behind closed doors, and when you speak to the commission and you speak to dhr behind closed doors, they agree, we should be able to fire at a suspect in situations such as nice or berlin. they just don't want it in writing. >> reporter: in anticipation of the vote the san francisco police officers association filed a lawsuit on tuesday to stop the new "use of force" policy saying it violates the
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san francisco charter and state labor laws. >> there's many violations of the meet and confer process. that's why we filed that lawsuit for procedural violations. >> reporter: tomorrow the san francisco police union is filing a temporary restraining order. they want to stop this updated "use of force" policy from being put in place until they can get back to the negotiations. live in san francisco, lisa chan, kpix 5. drama on a san francisco rooftop this morning. police arrested a man in the sunset district after he climbed on a roof around refused to come down blocks from ocean beach. a man says this guy fell through his skylight while officers were looking for him. his roommate saw it happen. i heard them run downstairs calling the cops. apparently they were seen breaking into the house. then the cops were here in three minutes. >> the man climbed back on the roof eventually officers were
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able to get him down. it's not clear why they were looking for him initially but it may be connected to an abandoned vehicle in the area. new rent control laws are set to take effect in mountain view tomorrow. but landlords are hoping to stop them before they start. voters approved measure v that would limit annual rent increases to consumer price index percentages. it would also prohibit evictions without just cause and for multi-family rental units built before february of 1995. but the california apartment association has now filed a lawsuit saying that the measure is too vague. and it says that it would give owners an unfair rate of return for their properties. city leaders will vote on the challenge in a closed session. 12:05. a live look outside now clear and cool. pretty nice day. but the skies are about to change. >> that's right. it's the calm before the storm. in fact, take a look at futurecast. clear skies today. watch what happens overnight as
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the front rolls in pausing at 4 a.m. just before what would be a normal morning commute. heavy rain the highest winds rolling through with the front and lingering behind it will time out more of that rain coming up. but if you are hitting the road tomorrow, maybe heading to see family, a winter storm warning in effect for the foothills and the sierra. gusty winds delays likely snow down around 3,000 feet so do be mindful of that. more on the weather coming in just a bit. president-elect donald trump is breaking protocol in weighing in on a major foreign policy decision before he takes the oath of office. craig boswell reports trump wants the u.s. to veto a united nations vote on israel that was supposed to happen today. >> reporter: the united nations has delayed a vote which could have exposed a rift between the obama administration and the incoming trump administration. >> against israel. >> reporter: egypt introduced a resolution to condemn the presence of jewish settlements
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in the west bank and eastern jerusalem. thursday morning, president- elect trump demanded the obama administration veto the resolution with a statement saying it would hurt chances of peace between israel and the palestinians. mr. trump's statement came hours after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu tweeted that he wants a u.s. veto. >> one thing i can say about prime minister netanyahu is that he has always been candid with us. >> reporter: president obama and mr. netanyahu have not always seen eye to eye and the administration has not yet said how the u.s. plans to vote. president-elect trump also announced he will bring a trusted aide with him when he comes to the white house namely kellyanne conway as a senior adviser. >> going to the west wing to continue my service to president-elect donald trump. >> reporter: she will help shape the message of trump's administration. thursday morning she defended his call for tighter immigration policies. >> donald trump has made clear we need better policies from these countries that train, harbor and ex-support
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terrorism. >> reporter: mr. trump said the terror attacks overseas prove his call for stricter immigration policy is the right approach. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. developing news in syria where that country's military says aleppo is now back under government control. that ends a four-year rebel hold over parts of the city. in berlin, the christmas market where 12 people were killed this week is reopened. and the search for the man who was driving the truck continues. 24-year-old tunisia native anis amri is considered armed and dangerous. he entered germany seeking asylum and was rejected. he was known to authorities as a possible terror threat. he had been under surveillance until three months before the attack. new details in the massive explosion at a fireworks market in mexico. the country's federal attorney general just opened an investigation into the cause. authorities say that there were six separate blasts at the market on tuesday. at least 33 people died. crews are still at the scene
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today looking for any survivors. still ahead, avoiding the malls and shopping online instead. time is running out [chuckling]. how you can still get your gifts ordered and delivered on time. >> 'tis the season for giving. how a community effort is making christmas wishes come true for thousands of bay area children. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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holiday sales this season. some websites say they can still get shipments to you b online shopping is expected to account for $117 billion of holiday sales this season. some websites say that they can still get shipments to you by christmas if you order today. but don dahler reports that that is shifting a big burden to delivery companies. >> reporter: if you have avoided the crowded malls this holiday season by ordering online, you haven't really
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prevented a headache. you have just transferred it to the folks whose job it is to get your packages delivered by christmas day. >> it's stressful. but it's very energetic. we have been preparing all year for this ever since last peak. >> reporter: fedex is expecting to break records this shipping season. a 10% increase over last year. and to ensure the blizzard of packages arrives on time, fedex has its eyes on the skies. >> we have 15 meteorologists, 24/7 around the clock, watching the weather, worldwide. and now we are really geared up here. we have contingency plans for everything. >> reporter: u.p.s. is also expecting record shipments. up 1% for more than 700 million packages and to make sure santa gets the job done, experts say it takes a lot of extra elves. >> u.p.s. has hired about 95,000 people for the holidays. fedex has hired about 50,000. >> reporter: many retailers are promising last-minute delivery options.
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if you order online today, amazon prime, target, best buy and walmart all say they can get your package under the tree by the 25th. with some even promising next day delivery on the 24th. but if weather conditions get bad not even rudolph can save the day. >> don't wait until the day before even if they guarantee next day delivery. >> reporter: don dahler, cbs news, new york. >> the u.s. postal service is testing a way to track your packages using a special ornament. it lights up different colors to let you know when your gifts have been shipped, delivered and even when the box is opened. it uses cellular technology and a sensor. it's doing only a limited trial this year, not available yet. it is the time of year for giving and one way you can help your neighbors are "food for bay area families" food drive. companies are helping out. so joining us today is the
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senior vt and general manager for the new market and service group at applied materials and donna with second harvest food bank. thanks for being with us today. your company has decided to make a huge donation today, ali. why? >> our employees are passionate at applied materials, making great technologies part of the future. our employees are equally passionate about giving to the communities where we work and live. as an example of that for the past 25 years, our employees in silicon valley have been driving -- have driven a food drive that contributes the second harvest food bank. this year, thanks to the generosity of our employees and their families, we have set a new record in donations. so i'm very pleased to be here to present a check. >> reporter: we are very pleased to accept your check! and especially because it's huge! we can't put it any other way. let's have a drum roll, please. [ drum roll ]
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>> reveal the amount of that applied technologies. flip it over! a million dollars!! >> whoo!! >> this is the hugest so far in our food drive. we are thrilled! i want to talk to you donna. how huge is this? what is this going to mean? >> this is huge. we are so grateful to applied materials for the long-standing partnership and support through the years and the fight against local hunger and it allows us to serve over a quarter of a million people every month. thank you, ali, for your amazing inspiring leadership this holiday. this donate alone will provide 2 million meals for our local hungry community. >> thank you so much. and thank you to applied materials. we appreciate it. you can donate online at any whole foods market or online at anne, thank you. christmas came early for
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thousands of low-income families in the south bay. moms and dads shopped for holiday gifts that otherwise wouldn't be under the tree. kpix 5's maria medina reports from sacred heart where the gift-giving is going on all day. >> like this one. >> reporter: she can't contain her excitement and happiness as she chooses christmas gifts for her five children. >> i think that one is perfect. >> reporter: because normally, the holiday season is a struggle. >> it's really sad. you cannot [ indiscernible ] [ heavy accent ] >> reporter: her husband works and the wife stays home to care for their children. thousands line up at sacred heart for gifts they can't afford. >> a lot of parents are struggling to pay for rent. it's a holiday tradition. >> reporter: for the next two days christmas gifts will be handed out for 6200 santa clara county children but there's still a need. >> this morning we are short about 2,000 toys. >> reporter: the toy store
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sacred heart sets up every year is full of donations, gifts flora knows come from the heart. she is also a volunteer here. >> this one is for my oldest. >> reporter: for a day they can fore et the struggle. >> i got -- for a day they can forget the struck. >> i got this one. i'm so happy. >> reporter: and simply celebrate the holiday. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas! >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. we have big changes in the forecast. >> today beautiful but cooler to start off. take a look outside over san francisco. plenty of sunshine. clear skies. off to a chilly start this morning. temperatures below freezing for portions of the north bay now to the mid-50s for santa rosa, san francisco. san jose 58. concord 59. air quality forecast still unhealthy for the north bay today. one more day with a "spare the air" day in effect for the
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north bay, moderate elsewhere. so satellite perspective shows what's going on. we have lost that area of high pressure and this area of low pressure is dominating the forecast sending a front our way tomorrow. here we pause futurecast at 4a high winds associated with the front. ahead of the front and just behind it. but once it passes, we'll continue to see showers throughout the day on friday likely gusty winds as well and low snow levels. a winter storm warning in effect. showers will die down by saturday morning. maybe a couple of lingering showers. but saturday not much of a rain day certainly dry overnight when santa makes his deliveries saturday into sunday morning. and christmas does look dry, as well. how much rain will we see between friday and saturday? we are looking at anywhere from half inch to an inch in the north bay. three-quarters inch to 1.5" in the mountains and a quarter inch to three-quarters in the east bay. so not bad. not going to be a huge soaker but certainly we'll get some
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totals in the rain bucket. dry for today, a little cooler and then rain and wind the story for friday. lingering showers a little chilly on sunday on christmas. now, sunset tonight at 4:55. sunrise tomorrow morning 7:23. and a look at your highs around the bay today, on the cool side in the upper 50s to low 60s areawide. extended forecast, one more dry day, rain wind snow friday, dry saturday, dry christmas, more showers monday. we'll be right back. ,, - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare] lois prices from grocery outlet. - hi, it's... the rest of us! - hey there. - hi! - hey. loifor over 60 years now,
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but an east bay woman and her volunteers work to make th the hoss can be lonely for veterans -- the holidays can be lonely for veterans in the hospital. sharon chin has this week's jefferson award winner. reporter: >> reporter: these volunteers are called women of steel but they have hearts of gold. they are union members and their families. raylynn mcintire leads the charge in this donation drive called the veterans project. her volunteers pack gifts for the va martinez clinic and community center. they range from blankets, toiletries, et cetera. >> they will give us an escort over. >> books and movies in here for ya. >> reporter: the veterans are
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appreciative. someone remembers them. >> somebody knows us. >> excellent. a lot of these guys have been living on the streets, they don't get anything. and then they get a gift for the first time in who knows how long. >> reporter: raylynn started the veterans project six years ago after a conversation with her daughter then a pharmacy intern at the va hospital. raylynn learned veterans in the hospital pay for their own toothpaste, toothbrush and other basic necessities. >> i just think that's wrong, just wrong. why? because these guys gave their lives for the military. so cart number 2 there. >> reporter: so raylynn launched an annual donation drive and enlisted about 100 volunteers, many of them fellow oil refinery workers from the united steelworkers local 5 district 12 in martinez. >> yes. >> reporter: like susi. >> she just gives it her all in everything that she does. and i'm very grateful to have her as a leader.
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>> reporter: the veterans project raised more than $25,000 and gave away more than 200 gift bags this holiday season. volunteer mike hall credits raylynn, the daughter and mother of military veterans. >> this would not be the project it is today without her. >> it means a lot. we have always, you know, helped. >> i want to thank you for your service. >> reporter: for making sure veterans are not forgotten during the holidays, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to raylynn mcintire. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> you can nominate your own local hero at we'll be right back. ,,
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that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. for the latest news and weather, always on
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♪ [ insects chirping ] >> ridge: it looks good on you. >> brooke: it's beautiful, ridge. stephanie's ring. means so much. >> ridge: she'd be thrilled and proud. >> brooke: we're finally here, exactly where we're meant to be. >> ridge: and this time it's forever. >> liam: best christmas gift i ever got.


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