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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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stolen car when she was shot and killed by a sergeant with the san francisco police back in may. almost immediately, police chief greg suhr resigned. >> i think that's one of the first things that the acting chief was going to do is prohibit the shooting into vehicles. >> reporter: the san francisco police union agreed up to a point. martin halloran is the union president. >> we agreed on about 99% of the policy including very restrictive prohibitions on firing at suspects in moving vehicles. but we also agreed that there should be exceptional and extreme circumstances in there where an officer can deviate from the policy in those circumstances. >> reporter: according to the union, the mayor and police commission can't just change the policy. they have to negotiate with the officers who are impacted by it. >> we have collective bargaining and we were meeting with ghr and with the police commission since july. >> reporter: joe marshall is a member of the police commission. he says they have done enough
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negotiating. >> we bargained in good faith in a long process. >> reporter: the union objects to the policy of not filing in moving vehicles. so they sued. >> have a judge order them back to the table. if they refuse to come back to the table i'm willing to let a superior court judge decide this or i'm willing to let an arbitrator decide this. >> reporter: the "use of force" policy is the final piece of mayor lee's plan to implement 272 recommendations issued by the department of justice this year. on a brighter note, the union and the commission agreed on everything else. >> to get to the point where we agreed on 99% was wonderful. >> reporter: the tragedy in berlin has some members of the union more convinced than ever that officers need to be able to fire on moving vehicles even when the driver doesn't have a gun and in what might also be a historical moment [chuckling] tomorrow the union says they are going to go to supreme court -- i'm sorry, superior
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court here and file for restraining orders to prevent that "use of force" policy from taking effect while the parties negotiate on until a judge or arbitrator finally decides. live in san francisco, melissa caen, kpix 5. the city attorney's office is pushing back against the union in a statement late today saying, setting policy on use of force is a fundamental managerial decision that's not subject to the decision's obligation to bargain. new at 6:00 we are getting a better idea of the violations found inside this richmond warehouse that houses musicians and artists. city inspectors red-tagged the place shortly after the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. kpix 5's da lin on what it's going to take to get that building up to code. >> reporter: city inspectors found about 50 violations at this richmond warehouse known as burnt robin. they describe it as a nuisance, substandard and dangerous. >> i wouldn't describe these as -- as easy to do. um, but again, i don't think
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it's insurmountable to get it done. >> reporter: the violations go from run extension cords to power the building to as major as constructing units inside without permits. some of the notable violations include, no electricity, blocked windows, noncompliant stairways for fire escape. the city red-tagged the building last week and today, some musicians packed up their belongings. >> i don't think there's really anything worthy of condemning the place. >> reporter: the owner says fixing the violations would cost 50 thousand dollars. the music lives at the building with five other people. they also host punk rock concerts. >> i would argue that living on the street is 100 times less safe than it is living in a building like my warehouse. >> reporter: why should we treat artists special? >> first of all i would like to say we are not asking for special treatment at all. we can do -- we don't need special treatment. we can come up to the codes. >> reporter: the city manager
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says richmond's three-person fire inspection team wrapped up inspections following the ghost ship tragedy. they believe this is the only warehouse in richmond that's similar to the ghost ship. but tenants say they are not operating a business. >> have you ever had a party at your house and had 20 or 30 friends come over? maybe you put some music on? i don't look at it as any different from that. this is a private residence. >> reporter: the city gave the owner a month to decide whether to repair or demolish the building. he plans to repair it and says, there will be no more concerts. in richmond, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> planning department says the the owner has 7 months to complete the repairs. governor brown celebrating a key milestone an 80,000-page environmental report make the final case for his plan to build two 35-mile-long tunnels through the delta. the governor calls it key -- it is key to fixing our water woes. environmentalists say it could
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be disastrous for the delta and the bay. what this means for the project. >> reporter: water on the delta is calm but the release of the final environmental impact report on the governor's water fix is creating some waves. ted smith is a historian and author and has lived on the delta over 40 years. he says many of the local farmers are against it, worried that it will negatively impact their livelihoods. >> certainly, water is "the" issue, the issue here, not just because of the tunnels and all of that, but water has always been the issue in clarksburg. >> reporter: the california department of water resources and the u.s. bureau of reclamation released the report today. those who support water fix see this as an important step. we spoke to robin swanson with californians for water security via skpe. >> this is a [ indiscernible ] study called the grand
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compromise because there have been more than 600 public meetings, more than 40,000 comments, and more than 10 years of public study and review. >> reporter: governor jerry brown released this statement. quote, this project has been subjected to 10 years of detailed analysis and more environmental review than any other project in the history of the world." it is absolutely essential if california is to maintain a reliable water supply." the $15 billion proposed project would take water from the sacramento river as it enters the north delta and then divert it through two tunnels under the delta to government pumping plants. the report looks at the impact of the process. although the document is 80,000 pages long, those defending the delta vow to dig through it all, engage in the process, and prepare for litigation if need be. ted smith agrees. the ebb and flow of lawsuits could take a while. >> i would assume even if they
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get the approvals they need, you know, you're looking at court cases for long after my time. >> reporter: in clarksburg, kpix 5. >> coming up at 6:40 a third generation farmer explains how he has seen the delta damaged over the last several decades. why he fears the governor's plan will make it even worse. a new snag in the planned opening of the bart extension in south fremont. the warm springs station and the five-mile section of rail leading to it were supposed to open two years ago. but that keeps getting pushed back. construction started back in 2009. there was talk of a station opening in 2015. then in the summer of 2016. now bart says it will be sometime this winter. crews will work through christmas to try to stay on track. get ready to shell out more if you are caught illegally parking at bart. starting january 2, people who park in daily spots without paying will be fined $55
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instead of the current $35. fines for parking illegally in somebody's permitted spot will go up from $40 to $75. bart says it's a response to the growing number of people who purposely park illegally to save on paying a bridge toll and parking in san francisco. uber is ditching california and taking its driverless cars to arizona. kpix 5's liz cook is here to explain. >> reporter: veronica, the move comes less than a day of after uber shut down its self-driving pilot program here in san francisco. now 16 autonomous volvos are on the way to arizona by way of flatbed trucks. uber released these photos of the car in soma earlier. uber started using the cars to pink passengers in san francisco last week. but it refused to get the permit. so yesterday after days of negotiations, the dmv revoked the cars' registrations. the governor of arizona took to
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social media first to lure uber and then to celebrate. he tweeted this is what overregulation looks like. california may not want to but arizona does. and then arizona welcomed uber's self-driving cars with open arms and wide open roads. uber said for now it has no plans to apply for a permit in california. veronica? >> all right, liz. thank you. benicia is dodging an expensive lawsuit over oil trains. valero wanted to bring crude by rail to its refinery in benicia but the city rejected the permit over health and environmental concerns. they call it illegal but the "sacramento bee" reports that the company has now decided not to sue because it want to maintain good relations with the city. and a live look over san francisco tonight. clear and cool for now. but a new storm is on the way. and along with that, rain in the bay area. it will be a winter storm watch on as well in the sierra.
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gorgeous sunset tonight. brian hackney has a first look at the forecast. brian. >> all righty, kenny. we have fog filtering in over the city at this hour, the first sign that things are changing tonight. they are going to change big time by sunrise tomorrow. the kpix 5 hi-def doppler nothing on it now. that's going to change by just after midnight. futurecast gives us an idea. look at this. wham! right about midnight up around northern sonoma county, into the central bay area, by 4:00 in the morning, a long band of very intense showers will be moving through. messing up the morning commute. as we mentioned, winter weather in the mountains means storm warnings already posted for tomorrow. the snow level will be all the way down to 3,000 feet with up to 10." it wouldn't be a surprise by the time all is said and done by saturday midday christmas eve, we could have a dusting of snow on our own mountains. we'll see. veronica? >> thanks, brian. it is a symbol of sacrifice so how did a purple hartened up on the floor of a bay area airport? the plea to help find a fallen
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soldier's family. >> and a fight over christmas at the state capital. there hasn't been a nativity scene there in decades. so why are there now two? >> and a man kicked off a plane for harassing ivanka trump on a flight to the bay area. we talked to the passengers who saw this confrontation in coach. ,, (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. the military medal was discovered at a bay area airport... and as kpix five's jon ramos
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shows us: the se new at 6:00 a purple heart without a home. the military medal was discovered at a bay area airport and as kpix 5's john ramos shows us, the search is on now for the rightful owner. >> reporter: even at a small airport it's hectic so employees often check to make sure no one left anything important behind. that's what one of the guys was doing last week. >> it founding on the baggage carousel. >> reporter: to say it was important would be an understatement. lying on the carousel was a purple heart medal pinned to a photo of names on a war memorial. staff posted it on social media and expected someone to call immediately. >> it's not something you don't know the notice you lost and we haven't heard from anyone. it has thousands of views and shares. we're still searching. yeah. >> reporter: the name on the back of the tattered decoration is that of miguel angel perez [
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non-english language ] airport staff did some research and found he was a 22-year-old private who died fighting in north korea on august 8, 1952. that means this medal wasn't given for being wounded. the private earned can it with his life. charles who got two purple hearts in vietnam says miguel's sacrifice makes the medals sacred. >> no one is working for a purple heart. you might want a bronze star or any of the other decorations that are left. but no one wants a purple heart and so when you get it, um, it's something that we honor as purple heart recipients because we know what they went through. >> reporter: they believe the person was on an alaska airlines flight wednesday or thursday of last week. and just this morning, a group called purple hearts reunited said they have located a family friend in puerto rico and are looking for miguel's sister, who may still be living in texas. everyone here is hoping this is
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one mystery that will soon be solved. >> i look forward to the day. i want it to find its home. >> reporter: in santa rosa, john ramos, kpix 5. >> airport staff is asking anyone with information to call them. the sign says cancer research foundation for children. but napa police say it's a scam! they say the guy who collected $150 outside a safeway got arrested for it. joshua bag is his name and if you gave him any money, you can contact napa police to death it back. a football player at an east bay high school now faces charges of sexual assault. the contra costa county d.a. has filed charges against the 15-year-old at least from de la salle high school. he is accused of assaulting a teenaged girl after a football game on campus. the suspect had been arrested in mid-november and then released. at that time prosecutors decided not to file charges and had asked investigators for more information. a mug i turned deadly in
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san leandro -- a mugging turned deadly in san leandro when the victim fought back after walking home from work near heath park and a man pulled a night demanding his wallet. they started wrestling and each stabbed the other. the suspect died. the victim, who investigators say acted in self-defense, in serious but stable condition. four teenagers on the run after they crashed a jaguar into a thrift store in san leandro. this happened about 1:30 this morning. police believe that car was stolen. investigators believe an arsonist started three small fires this afternoon in san francisco's golden gate park. crews sprayed water on the cluster of fires in a wooded area along john f. kennedy drive. they had a report that a suspicious person was in the area around the time the fires started. both police and an arson investigation team are on the case. he climbed on the roof and he wouldn't get down. and now this suspected thief is under arrest. he led u.s. park police to a home near ocean beach in san
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francisco early this morning. at one point a neighbor says the guy fell through his skylight. then he climbed back up on the roof. he eventually came down and was taken into custody. a little battle over christmas going on at the state capital tonight. reporter macy jenkins shows us the nativity scene that's turning heads. >> great. something for everybody. >> i'm offended by it because i'm a christian. but if this person believes that strongly in that, what can i say? >> i have no comment. >> reporter: it's hard not to stop when you see it for the first time of right there on the steps. >> different strokes for different folks. >> reporter: a nativity scene without your typical cast of characters. >> religious symbols don't belong on government property. >> reporter: instead of the three wise men, this scene has ben franklin, thomas jefferson and george washington. and on the bed of hay, not baby jesus but the bill of rights. >> there's a growing number of house are not [ indiscernible ] we need to be represented equally. >> reporter: the scene was created by the freedom from religion foundation and put up
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in response to the traditional nativity scene on the north steps. a conservative religious freedom group called the thomas more scott brought the scene back to the capital this week after being gone for 40 years. >> we feel there should be a strong separation between church and state. you should absolutely believe in whatever you believe in. that's what makes our country great. >> reporter: john lucas is on the organization's local board of directors. owe says the ideal situation is a capital free from depictions of any kind. >> we probably have a little bit more freedom to have a discussion than maybe some other states. >> glad to see it was talking about the bill of rights. i mean, that's part of our heritage, too,. >> reporter: but as a christian, rory kaufman says the reimagined nativity scene isn't something he is comfortable with especially during the christmas season. >> you still have to be inclusive. you don't have like it. and i don't like it. >> reporter: macy jenkins, kpix 5, sacramento. >> just can't belease everyone. you know?
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[ indiscernible ] >> you will like tomorrow. >> it's going to be wet. it's easy to get lulled into a false sense of security. it's going to rain in the early- morning hours. we'll begin by showing you the bay bridge. it's all beautifully lit up on this thursday night. on the eve of a pretty good rainmaker today's highs got all the way up into the 60s in the bay area. 67 in concord. 66 for oakland. 63 degrees in san francisco. but it will be a thing of the past. rain and wind on the way. the big wheelhouse steering moisture toward northern california and after midnight it's going to get wet. tomorrow the temperatures don't much better than mid-50s as we show you the time lapse for san francisco from time to time we are just going to be getting showers rolling through the area. it's going to be just in time for the morning commute which will mess up things at sfo. tomorrow will be wet and windy. delays likely high only 52 degrees at old mill field
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overnight low 47 degrees. new york nice and cold 45 degrees. chicago snow at o'hare. that could throw a wrench into the works. houston a few showers and 77 degrees. the raiders by the way are going to be playing on christmas eve 1:05 p.m. and partly cloudy and cold at game time. the game will be shown on kpix 5. rain overnight, at sunrise in the central bay and a blustery rainy day on friday before things clear out saturday morning. so it will be a cool one. after today's 60s it will be like a slap in the face. then as this christmas weekend happens, we are going to be looking at temperatures in the 50s. sunday dry. monday dry. after the rain event tomorrow, half an inch to 1.5", we are going to be dry through next week. >> if you are a duck you'll like tomorrow's forecast. [ laughter ] >> brian, thank you. [ laughter ] >> you like that? you'll love this.
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one minute he is riding a bus. the next sparks are flying out of his pants! what did he say? tonight two shocking moments where ecigarettes spontaneously explode on camera. >> it started as a cold. now doctors are struggling to figure out what killed a bay area high school football, a medical mystery. ,,,,,,,,
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their 14-year old son? the east palo alto high fren thought he was getting a co now our kiet do reports: doctors are struggling to fe t a medical myster a bay area family is searching for answers. the freshman thought he was getting a cold. kiet do reports the doctors are struggling to figure out a medical mystery. >> reporter: it was tuesday evening at lucille packard children's hospital. five days before christmas, when isaiah was taken off life support. his mother wrote on facebook, i will never forget the moment your heart stopped and my heart kept beating. his brother said good-bye. >> i laid on his chest and i
6:25 pm
held on to his jersey and i said, no one will ever replace you, just know that. >> reporter: two weeks ago, isaiah had just finished his first football season with the menlo-atherton bears maintaining a 3.8 gpa. he felt like he was coming down with a cold and collapsed december 12. after a week, his condition worsened. surgeons tried to reduce the fluid that was building up pressure on his brain. but after the surgery, isaiah never regained consciousness and could not even breathe on his own. the hospital says meningitis has been ruled out. health officials are investigating what looks to be a mysterious rare infection. the brother says if a cure is ever developed they will name it after his middle name bojack. >> i know he is going to be smiling down at us, don't cry, stay strong, i'm always going to be here for you guys. >> reporter: at 14 years old, 6 feet tall and more than 200 pounds, they called him the gentle giant. he was quick to help pick up
6:26 pm
groceries and prayer. in the past few days 700 people donated more than $70,000 to his medical fund. >> all the thoughts and prayers that they are sending him, just made us feel like we had like that we had a family to fall back on and, um, that, um, he is really not gone, still with us. >> reporter: his cousin paul said it well. sunsets are proof endings can be beautiful, too. rest easy. kiet do, kpix 5. >> the county health department tells us the death does not involve a communicable disease and there is no threat to the public. coming up in the next half- hour ivanka trump flies coach and then learns the skies are not so friendly. the president-elect's daughter harassed on a bay area-bound flight. the verbal tirade that got a passenger kicked off. >> and president-elect trump signaling a major shift in foreign policy. his call to ramp up our arsenal of nuclear weapons. ,,,,,,
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suing the city to block the use of force policy. the union doesn't like the top stories at 6:30, san francisco's police union suing the city to block the new "use of force" policy. the union doesn't like the new rule that officers cannot fire at a moving vehicle.
6:30 pm
>> uber has shifted self- driving cars from san francisco to arizona. the arizona governor says uber can continue testing the cars there without a special permit. the california dmv ordered the cars off the roads yesterday because uber refused to request what california says are the needed permits. ivanka trump and her family were her harassed on a jetblue flight today. they got off that flight and boarded a private jet to hawaii. kpix 5's emily turner is at sfo. more on the harassment that got a passenger thrown off the flight. emily. >> reporter: ivanka trump told jetblue employees she didn't want to make a big deal out of it. when your at president-elect's daughter on flying coach on a commercial flight with folks who with liberals, this is what happens [ censored ] donald
6:31 pm
trump. >> reporter: at least one other passenger on this flight from new york to sfo felt the same way. but he and his husband and their son got kicked off before the plane ever departed. >> some guy went up to her and started giving her a hard time. and told her that her father is ruining the country. so -- >> reporter: that guy is new york attorney dan goldstein according to the "new york post." and moments before boarding the article says his husband tweeted that goldstein was chasing down trump in the terminal to harass her! he made his thoughts known when he boarded after her. >> he walked on as soon as he saw her he started shaking. he was visibly shaking. he was agitated. you know, if i was security i wouldn't take a chance either. >> reporter: that's when jetblue, not trump security, decided to take goldstein off the plane and put his family on another flight. the rest of the trip went smoothly until sfo where at least one of those passengers became even more so. >> she was on the plane it was annoying, she can fly on her own private plane. we all had to wait for 20 minutes while they boarded her off and then we got to leave.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: the family was taken off the plane on the tarmac and loaded into suvs. ivanka trump and her family boarded a private jet. a flight plan listed the destination as kona on the big island where donald trump has a home. that jet took off about 3:30 this afternoon leaving an impression in its wake. >> because it's jetblue and they are a commercial flight i wouldn't think the president- elect's daughter we fly on jetblue but i think it's cool. >> in coach. >> in coach. >> reporter: i think it's also interesting to note that jetblue names all their planes. this plane is called never a dull moment. live at sfo, emily turner, kpix 5. >> ivanka's father had his own issues last time he visited the bay area while in burlingame in april he had to pull over on 101 [chuckling] and exit on foot to avoid
6:33 pm
protestors at the california republican party convention. remember? trump joked in his speech that it was like crossing the border. today the president-elect called for a nuclear boost in the u.s. he tweeted, the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capabilities until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. his transition website says he will modernize the nuclear arsenal so it will remain an effective deterrent ... the tweet came hours after russian president vladimir putin gave his defense chief a similar message about building up nuclear capabilities. in the meantime, president- elect trump continues to build his white house team. today, he named sean spicer has press secretary. spicer is the former communications director for the republican national committee. and kellyanne conway was named a special adviser to the president-elect. she was his third campaign manager and is credited with helping him win the white house. dramatic protests today against russia's role in the
6:34 pm
crisis in syria. demonstrators covered themselves in fake blood and lay on the ground at the russian consulate in san francisco. they called it a die-in. members of the palestinian youth movement and syrian youth say that russia's president is to blame for the violence in aleppo. >> that protest came the same day that syria's government regained full control of the city of aleppo in four years. the change is a major turning point in the country's civil war. the city had been a stronghold in the rebellion against president bashar al-assad. video shows a truck in berlin moments before it crashed into a christmas market. the large silhouette moves from the left side of the screen. this is dashcam video that came out today. the attack on monday killed 12 people and injured more than 50. german investigators say fingerprints found inside the cab of the truck belong to a tunisian man. he is still at large and there is a global manhunt to find
6:35 pm
him. a bit of a scare on board a bus in fresno after a passenger's ecigarette exploded in his pocket. a surveillance camera captured the scene. take a look. [ screaming ] >> 53-year-old guy was left with burns to his hand and leg. the investigators believe the ecigarette's battery is likely the source of the explosion. the fire department in england shared video of a similar incident this time an ecigarette sent sparks flying near a baby stroller. the man was the only one hurt. he suffered minor burns. delta farmers sounding the alarm about the governor's plan for massive twin tunnels. why one-third generation farmer worries taking water could have devastating consequences. >> and a chance to pick out gifts that otherwise wouldn't be under the tree. the community effort to help parents make christmas wishes come true. can actually hold your business back?
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governor brown's plan for t
6:38 pm
giant water tunnels. they would divert water froe sacramento river to central southern california. a new environmental impact report supports governor brown's plan for two water continues to diverted water from the sacramento river to central and southern california. but as kpix 5's don ford shows us, some long-time farmers in the delta are worried about the potential impact. >> i'm third generation californian and third generation of the delta. >> reporter: chris's grandfather first farmed the dealt in a 1870. today he owns a harbor. he and his family have seen big changes over the years. >> pretty easy laid back. we didn't have all the politics today. now we are trying to survive whether a farmer or marine operator, you're just trying to survive. >> reporter: it always is about water. freshwater flowing into the delta pushing back saltwater from the bay. he says diverting more freshwater from reaching the
6:39 pm
delta is a serious problem. >> we have a lot of third generation 4th and 5th generation farmers that work hard at what they do growing their crops. this is a food basket for the entire world as the delta. >> reporter: many crops are grown in the delta, asparagus, corn, sugar beets all sensitive to saltwater. there's more than agriculture and recreation. there's a way of of life. folks here value that more than anything else. >> this is a delta. there is no other place in the world like this. >> reporter: while no one expects the delta to return the way it was 40 years ago, the idea that changing yet again potentially in a big way has some long-term residents quite concerned. >> in the delta, don ford, kpix 5. >> backers of the proposed tunnel say they would help modernize the state's water network and would actually provide a more reliable source of water for rural and urban areas. new data shows the gap
6:40 pm
between the have and have nots is widening. the top 1% average $1.3 million a year. the bottom 50% average $16,000. and as wages stall millennials have only a 50% chance of ever making more than mom and dad. tonight we're asking you, do you still believe in the american dream? yes or no, why or why not? you can send me a tweet, veronica de la cruz is the place. we'll have poll results as well as some of the best tweets. oin us for bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. and now for something completely different. after a beautiful day today, we have rain on the way and plenty of it. rain, wind, snow, you name it, we'll show it to you after we look at the bay bridge and take a break. ♪[ music ] >> coming up in sports, the warriors are missing their general. we'll tell you why draymond green is missing in action and
6:41 pm
we'll have the latest on saturday's game against the 49ers. >> and a former giant hangs up his glove for a completely new career. >> they think they know exactly what goes on and i'm sorry, they don't. >> it's all in a few minutes. ,, ♪
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today moms and dads in san hit the yearly "toy store" sacred heart... to find free gifts for their kids. from stuffed animals to art supplies. and everything in between. today moms and dads in san jose hit the yearly toy store at sacred heart to find free gifts for their children. guests will be handed out for 6200 kids in santa clara county over the next two days. and there is still a need especially for gifts for teens. you can donate new toys to sacred heart until tomorrow. all righty, veronica. we have a storm and the way which you wouldn't know by seeing today. looks just beautiful. but tomorrow things completely different. right now, the kpix 5 hi-def doppler, there's not much out there. but there will be by midnight tonight. you can see some of the fog filtering in through the skyscrapers of san francisco looking down towards city hall in the bottom left hand corner of screen. and the numbers now a mild day today, we are in the mid-60s and the numbers now mostly in
6:45 pm
the low to mid-50s. santa rosa cooling off eye little faster. overnight lows with rain developing after midnight beginning in sonoma county and sweeping south through the rest of the bay area in the mid-40s. sun-up tomorrow at 7:23. the view from atop the west coast that low pressure is going to pinwheel moisture and hit us pretty good-bye 4 a.m. in the north bay and spreading south during the morning commute tomorrow. you can see it on the futurecast. here's how we look now nice and clear. but wham, 4:00 in the morning wide band of energetic showers moving over the central bay getting everything nice and wet for the drive in tomorrow morning. after the front pushes through we'll have heavy rain in the bay area so a cloudy blustery friday winds up, as well. snow in the mountains. saturday afternoon clears up. the futurecast shows in terms of amounts, it's a fast mover but when it rains, it will pour tomorrow. total amounts from a half inch or inch and a half in the santa
6:46 pm
cruz mountains so we'll all get wet in this one. weather in the mountains, plenty of snow above 7,000 feet as much as 3 feet of snow. and, in fact, it will be all the way down to lake level with as much as 16 inches even above 3,000 feet which is about the snow level. could get snow on bay area hills by saturday morning. so cloudy night tonight. with a rain developing in the north. it all turns rainy and windy tomorrow distinctly colder tomorrow. it will feel a lot like the second day of winter. high temperatures tomorrow in the low 50s after today's high 60s. that will hold true for the south bay. it will be wet and how tomorrow for the south bay and the east bay, which manages highs only in the low 50s. tomorrow in san rafael 52 degrees. it will get wet by 2 a.m. in santa rosa. and for lake county earlier midnight tonight at lakeport tomorrow only 45 degrees. a blustery friday, wintry weather on tap for not only the
6:47 pm
bay area but the mountains on friday. we'll just have lingering showers saturday. christmas day looks partly cloudy and chilly. and next week looks high and dry. but a dose of rain is certainly good news and kenny, so is what you're going to tell us. >> yeah, thanks, brian. actually the best time of the day for me. it's time for our "food for bay area families" drive. joining us is kristin and napor from 100 plus women who care contra costa county. larly sly is here from the food bank. ladies, you brought amazing news today. tell me first about your group and where gou the this money. >> we're a nonprofit organization that just earlier this year out of contra costa county and it's a decision behind the group is bringing 100 ibm together once a quarter and we vote on nonprofits in our community and everyone writes a check directly to the organization for $100. so when we're at 100 women we're not quite there yet but
6:48 pm
when we are we'll be donating $40,000 directly to the community. >> you women know who to contact. what an amazing gesture by this group. this represents people just getting together regular people to do something good. >> exactly. this is going to enabling us to get more than 5,000 meals out to people in need. it's the community that makes this happen. so they are setting a great example for others to join. >> how many women do you need to go to get 100? >> about 60 more. so find us on facebook. hunter plus women who cares contra costa county. >> fantastic. thank you both for coming and thank you so much for the generosity from your group. and you can donate at your local whole foods market or go online to we'll be right back.
6:49 pm
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6:51 pm
brooklyn... and draymond grn is not there. that's because.... draymo the warriors begin their christmas road trip tonight in brooklyn and draymond green is not there because he flew back to the bay area was night for the birth of his son draymond jamal green, jr. congratulations. he post the photos with his child. his status for tomorrow's game in detroit and the christmas game in cleveland is to be
6:52 pm
determined. former stanford star brook lopez got them out to aileen but kevin durant changed the momentum out of the halftime with this jam over lopez. they outscored brooklyn by 20 in the third, they win 117-101. in football rams quarterback jared goff made it through the concussion protocol and will play saturday against the 49ers in l.a. they haven't faced each other at the coliseum since 1979. >> he caught it! touchdown! >> yeah. channel 7's mike shumann made the last coliseum touchdown grab against the rams called by vince scully. saturday's game won't do much to rekindle the rivalry with these two teams only combining for five wins on the season. the rams interim head coach did do his best to give the team a history lesson. >> how much time did you spend in looking into all that?
6:53 pm
>> um, 30 minutes. i enlisted the help of our special teams. you guys have to help dig up some facts so we had fun. meanwhile the northern california version of the coliseum will host the raiders and the colts saturday afternoon right here on kpix 5. raiders safety reggie nelson will hope to intercept andrew luck a couple times. he is a pro bowl-er. he is glad to be back with jack del rio who drafted him in jacksonville. >> i think we all mature. i think we we got back together coach, a lot of those things you're saying were right on the money and i'm actually ready to do 'em now, so -- [ laughter ] >> this is an out tweet today from tiger woods who posted this shirtless picture of himself wear a bleached goatee and raiders hatted. it's a max daddy santa. it's atradition his kids love.
6:54 pm
speechless. giants fans might remember second baseman kevin france. he made a mark in the orange and black but now he is back and this time he is stepping up to the mic and not the plate. here's dennis o'donnell. >> i'm 34 years old. i have already had my dream job. >> reporter: when kevin fransen didn't get an invitation to spring training last year, he realized the baseball dream was over. fortunately for him, a new one has already begun. >> so you're going to tell you you're going to take derek carr over tom brady? >> he traded for drive time on the new knbr1050 show called the audible. >> i think he personifies, you know, a little bit of what the team is about right now. >> i just enjoy talking sports. and bringing my side which is the players' side which i feel like gets out a lot. everyone has all these opinions about media members they think they know exactly what goes on and i'm sorry, they don't. >> reporter: known simply as frannie from 6 to 9 a.m., he is
6:55 pm
paired with a local comedian and a radio veteran. >> when i first heard his name i wanted to start ripping him for -- because i watched him at the river cats watching him bobble ground balls at second. >> reporter: a decade ago he was on the fast track through the giants farm system. he was immediately embraced by fans because of his local roots. >> it was like this is not real. >> reporter: but a torn achilles tendon prior to the 2008 season derailed what he hoped would be a long career in orange and black. in 2010, he was traded and watched the giants win the world series. >> i lost the edge of being a san francisco giant because i wanted to be like "the" san francisco giants. >> reporter: part of his passion for the giants came from his brother david who lost a battle with cancer. >> i miss talking to him after big games just being able to see willie mays and being able to call dj afterwards, dude, you have no idea i met willy.
6:56 pm
willie knows who i am. >> reporter: it's say to say the dj would have had the dial set to 1050 today. >> he would be pissed at me that i had this john and he didn't. >> edward encarnacion signed with the indians. the a's didn't want to offer him more than 2 years so the indians offered him three and he is going there. but give that radio show a listen. it's good. kevin fransen is a baseball player but he knows more. >> he was always a great interview. i interviewed him a couple of times. you probably did. but he would always answer your questions and spend time with you. >> there's some athletes who know the sport he plays but he can talk about basketball, football. it's really fun. >> and he is a bay area guy. >> always good to see the local guys succeed. >> for news throughout the evening the latest is alw ays on our website, >> don't forget to join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on kbcw 44/cable 12 and you can see us right back here tonight at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: how y'all? how y'all doing? thank y'all. i appreciate you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering] and we got a good one for you today, everybody. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000 from topeka, kansas, it's the champs, it's the roberts family! [cheering and applause] and from houston, texas, it's the sowells family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and somebody possibly drive out of
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here in a brand-new car. [cheering] let's go. give me trinisha. give me branson. all right. let's go, guys. we got top 7 answers on the board. if a stripper was dorothy from "the wizard of oz," what would she discard during her act? branson: toto. steve: tot--heh heh. throw the damn dog out there. toto. ha ha! trinisha: red shoes. the red shoes. steve: the red shoes. trinisha: whoo! we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. wow. hey, robert. if a stripper was dorothy from "the wizard of oz," what would she discard during her act? robert: she'd probably get rid of the tin man, st


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