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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> our daughter will never come home. there's not a day that goes by that we don't mess her miss her. she was a good kid her and alex loved each other, they wanted to have a good time and never came home. >> reporter: still grief- stricken today david and kimberly gregory are suing. >> we have today filed two lawsuit arising out of the ghost ship fire in oakland. >> reporter: mary alexander represents the gregory family and the parents of another victim griffin madden. the lawsuits filed today are against the owners of the building, the party promoters and the master tenant, derick ion almena. she says they all knew that the warehouse was a death trap. >> they allowed people to live there and to come -- young people to come to an event where there was no fire alarms, no sprinklers, no good egress,
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no way to exit to get out. >> reporter: mike kelly is an expert in suing in these types of cases. he has been contacted by several people who have also lost loved ones in the fire. he says recovering money in a case like this is really difficult. >> going to trial and getting a verdict for $10 million against a person or a business that doesn't have $10 million is not particularly helpful or useful. >> reporter: alexander says they will investigate to see what assets the defendants have. but according to gregory, this isn't just about recovering money. >> we just want justice. we just want justice. >> reporter: the families are also suing the city of oakland and the county of alameda. the chances of recovering from them is zero since state and local governments have immunity from liability in lawsuits like
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this. >> what can think expect to recover in terms of damages? >> reporter: they wouldn't say. but in cases like this kelly says wrongful death cases in california, juries typically award from $5 million to $10 million to the surviving families. >> thank you, melissa caen in oakland. by the way, fire broke out in another warehouse in oakland today. this was in the 800 block of the 81st avenue, home to california leather creations. some pallets and debris caught fire but the fire department says a sprinkler system quickly put it out. an oakland family is forced to leave home for the holidays after a fire in their garage. it started last night on alhambra lane in the montclair area. a family member was parking her car when she saw smoked and yelled for everyone to get out. no word on the cause. an early christmas gift for the family of a south san
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francisco police officer beaten unconscious last month. doctors allowed him to go home today. officer robby chon was attacked. he was chasing a suspect when the suspect hit him over the head with a skateboard. officer chon will have extensive rehabilitation but doctors are optimistic. the suspect faces attempted murder charges. stepped up security in holiday shopping areas including union square. kpix 5's jackie ward is in the middle of that last-minute hustle and bustle. reporter: i didn't have to do any shopping today. i have gotten my done. but it's crowded here. not uncomfortablely so because of the rain probably and there's a bigger police presence than normal on a
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friday night because of all the last-minute shoppers. [ sirens ] >> we're constantly looking at different risks all throughout the city. >> reporter: following the attack in berlin where a driver plowed into a crowded christmas market, killing 12 and injuring dozens more, the san francisco police department has double- checked their security plan and made the necessary adjustments. additional patrols are in other parts of the area including union square. >> officers in uniform an plainclothes. >> reporter: are you scared to be walking around a big tourist area? >> no, don't think about it. >> no. no. we have to be positive, 100% and not let, you know, terrorism not intimidate us. >> i think there's a lot more, um, fear mongering around the holiday season but i feel safe in the city. >> reporter: police are reminding people to be aware of
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their surroundings and that means staying off your smartphone. in union square in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. a record number of people will be traveling this holiday weekend. bay area airports have been packed. things were busy at the oakland airport with long lines to check your bags but security lines not too bad. travelers at l.a.x. kept an eye on flight boards after storms delayed more than 130 flights there this morning. that caused a ripple effect of problems across the country. the weather has caused some problems all around the bay area. just look at where this car landed. the driver hydroplaned on interstate 680 in fremont. then he says he rolled over four or five times nearly landing in somebody's backyard. he is okay, but his dog ran away after the crash. >> that's my girl right there
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and my daughter's girl and she is our first dog. >> he grabbed his other dog before penny ran away the 10- year-old dachshund-spaniel mix. in san leandro the storm knocked over this big tree on lorraine boulevard. the roof ripped up part of the sidewalk. work crews spent several hours cleaning it up. take a look at the high surf near half moon bay today. this seagull didn't seem to mind the conditions. [chuckling] according to the national weather service we can expect to see waves up to 20 feet at bay area beaches today into tomorrow. rain was lighting up hi-def doppler earlier today but now brian hackney is tracking some cold temperatures moving in and brian, we might see snow? >> it's not outside the realm
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of possibility with first things first. we had good rain and showers around the bay area and this kind of sets the tone for the rest of the night. scattered showers in the south bay heading out of the area. a little bit off the north coast, and so from time to time tonight we could get a shower heavy at times but the rain is all turning into snow in the mountains. if you are heading for the hills, give yourself extra time. the gusty winds and delays likely with as much as three feet of snow at 7,000 feet and above. but the headline with this is the low snow levels that could affect us in the bay area. so to sum it all up, we have some showers tonight. and then the snow level over the weekend with the cold air coming in lowers the snow level to about 2,000 feet clearing, cold, dry for christmas. but a 2,000-foot snow level means it's possible we get a dusting of snow up in the mountains of the bay area. so stay tuned on that. and speaking of white christmas, veronica? >> yeah. brian, thank you for that. it's going to be a white christmas in the mountains. there's an avalanche warning in some parts of the sierra
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tonight. reporter kelly ryan is on interstate 80. >> reporter: this snow is expected to stop tomorrow but caltrans officials say drivers need to be aware of the dangerous conditions that won't go away when the snow does. snow began falling lightly this morning up 80 just before nyack. this tesla driver isn't worrying about chaining up because of front-wheel drive but you have to help your friends driving behind. a busy morning as travelers headed up to the sierra and beyond. looks like this woman knows what she is doing. her travel mates watched impressed and a little embarrassed. >> she has more experience in the snow than i do. >> reporter: on a road trip from berkeley to boise the trip began with a difference of opinions over chains. >> i said we don't need chains. >> i said we should check caltrans and get some chains, yeah. >> here we are. >> good thing we picked them up there because they are much cheaper. up here they charge you $100 or something. >> reporter: have chains ready or pay more up here.
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crews are making sure driving conditions are clear as the snow picks up. >> people need to know what they are getting into. these aren't some little mountains in the middle of nowhere. these are the sierras and we get a lot of snow and traffic. >> reporter: caltrans stopped someone going over 75 miles an hour in a chain area recently which leads to impound, fine and time in jail. in miac, kelly ryan, kpix 5. with the cold weather, there is a bigger need for homeless shelters. you can imagine san jose shelters are offering more beds this week after temperatures dropped. that as the santa clara county medical examiner says the number of homeless deaths has doubled from just last year. >> when people are chronically homeless they generally have compromised health and they are certainly not taking care of themselves so when you add on that extra trauma of weather, often times their systems are just not built up enough to resist and so people will die because of exposure. >> well, starting tonight, san
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jose's overnight warming centers will be open from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. through monday. two men suspected in a shooting death of a vallejo pawn shop owner are still on the loose. kpix 5's emily turner has more from fairfax where the victim was an active member of the community. >> if i lost someone as close to christmas, i think i would be on my back and i don't think i could do a thing. completely overwhelming. >> reporter: the crime itself is horrible but the timing makes it even worse. just five days before christmas, tim polk was shot and killed when his vallejo pawn shop was robbed. his friend and an employee was severely injured. >> he was just a nice person. he is very approachable, and easy to talk to about whatever was on your mind. >> reporter: ann mulligan went to church with them. they were parishioners at st. rita's catholic church in fairfax near where they lived known and loved among the congregation and community. their shooters are still on the loose. >> the only description that we
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have are two males wearing dark colored hooded sweatshirts and again one of them was armed with a handgun. actually they don't even know the motive. >> reporter: leaving many unanswered questions and immense grief just days before the christmas. it will be a holiday for prayers rather than celebration, the community says. >> just to find some kind of clarity and peace around why, how, and how to move forward. >> reporter: st. rita's has several masses planned over the holiday weekend. and you can imagine they will be on the hearts and minds of those in church. in fairfax, emily turner, kpix 5. the new year is almost here but campaign 2016 rages on. coming up the new recount going on in san jose. will it change the outcome of a hotly contested race? >> a driver severely beaten on a bay area street his attack caught on camera. >> plus, california didn't want
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them but tonight arizona's governor is rolling out red carpet for the self-driving cars of uber.
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surveillance cameras show a pedestrian tryng to cross at 10th and harrison tuesday night... as you can see, the turning cars do not man is able a vicious beating, a pedestrian trying to cross at tenth and harrison tuesday night. as you can see, the turning
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cars do not yield. finally the man crossed but a driver jumps out and runs through traffic to attack him. police say the victim's leg was broken in three places. his arm was broken, as well. if you have any information call police. a town is candidate who lost in san jose is still crying foul. even after a recount. kpix 5's kiet do reports, he claims legitimate ballots were left out. >> reporter: it's been 6.5 weeks since the election and jimmy nguyen with airing his frustration with the department. >> it is very frustrating that in this case, these people could make me the winner of this race but the registrar of voters won't count the votes. >> reporter: it was a tight race but out of the more than 34,000 ballots cast and an automatic recount, the
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registrar declared sylvia arenas the winner by 87 votes. these are the actual 200-plus ballots that have been invalidated because the signature on the envelope does not match the signature on the voter registration card. nguyen wants them counted. what has this done to your faith in the system. i still have faith in the system. i hope our elected officials hear your news report and then figure out what we can do to help these voters. >> the law doesn't allow knee do what jimmy is asking. >> reporter: the registrar says the signature comparison process is rigorous but flexible. for example, these three signatures would not be considered a match because of the different style. but take a look at the second and fourth ones. even though it's not exact, there are similarities and so it will be accepted. those 200 invalidated ballots did not pass muster and by law they can't even be opened let alone counted. as for accusations that they are disenfranchising voters -- > we are open to any changes that the legislature makes to the
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elections code and we'll follow whatever law is decided and given to us. >> reporter: david nguyen casted one of those invalidated ballots. he and jimmy have known each other for years. he learned the signature didn't match the one on final only after a jimmy nguyen volunteer came to his house and told him. >> had the volunteer not come i would have gone on the rest of my life filling out this ballot by mail and just assuming my votes were going to counted. >> reporter: sylvia arenas' spokesman patrick mcgarrity didn't mince words. >> these are desperate theatrics of a campaign that's loves twice. >> reporter: if jimmy wants a second recount, he will have to pay for it. it will cost about $1,600 a day. he says that campaign donations are coming in to help cover some of that cost. and he says he is considering legal action. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. a huge victory for arizona's governor. today in phoenix he welcomed uber's fleet of self-driving cars. uber rolled out the fleet in san francisco last week but it
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refused to get the permits so the dmv revoked the cars' registrations. reporter dennis welch from kpho in phoenix tells us while arizona's governor laid out the red carpet for uber not everyone is excited. >> i want to welcome uber to arizona. >> reporter: governor ducey today hailing the arrival of uber's self-driving cars. >> california may not want you. we want to you know that arizona does want uber. >> reporter: not everyone was celebrating this new technology. >> i'm frustrated. i need to be making money right now but i'm down here just looking at my replacement. >> here we go. >> reporter: pete baldwin drives for uber. for him they mean less money and no be. >> what they are going to do is slowly phase us out. they have already -- it's already having a hard enough time earning money because they flooded the valley with uber drivers and so my income has dropped over 60%. >> reporter: representatives declined to comment about the
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potential of drivers losing their jobs to automation but ducey who campaigned on creating jobs says technology is nothing to fear. >> it's the same mentality of the buggy whip manufacturers. the automotive technology has employed -- the industry -- i think the world's changing. i think there will be jobs available. we're always going to have the service economy with us and thank goodness we are. >> reporter: little comfort for this uber driver who worries technology will leave him behind. >> how's that going to help me this week, next month, when these cars are pouring in? brian hackney in for chief meteorologist paul deanno. it woke me up last night middle of the night raining hard at my place. first thing i thought of was, damn, that hackney was right again. >> brian's always right. >> damn it! [ laughter ] >> like the good old days when we used to blow these things. actually we'll have a few scattered showers tonight and a
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dusting of snow potentially. you will see that on kpix 5 hi- def doppler but not immediately. first looking over the city of san francisco right now. beautifully lit up city hall and right now concord 49. livermore 48. san francisco 50. san jose 49. chilly in santa rosa and it will be the watchword of the weekend. we are getting a few scattered showers and then it will be clearing and cold over the weekend. christmas day does look dry but we have to dispense with this low and this moisture coming out of the north eventually the entire flow shifts around to the northwest which is a drier but colder direction and that's what's on tap for tomorrow afternoon. you can see mostly okay days with saturday. clouds and cooler. showers in the morning and temperatures tomorrow only in the low 50s for the bay area. kpix 5 hi-def doppler a little bit there. over the peninsula and
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offshore. this is the road to mount hamilton at lick observe above san jose. this could be some of the precipitation falling as snow and that's why we might wake up to a dusting tomorrow of snow on the mountaintops. that would be fun. game forecast tomorrow and a game broadcast on channel 5, 52 degrees when oakland takes the field just after 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. and merry christmas to all and it will be a nice day on sunday with temperatures ranging from 50 to 56 degrees. a distinctly cool weekend for the bay area. it will be cool tonight, too, with santa rosa down to 32. 40 in san jose. and 44 degrees in san francisco. we do no better than between 50 and 56 degrees tomorrow. in the extended forecast, after a chance of lingering showers tomorrow morning, the headline beginning saturday afternoon and through next week will be cold. overnight lows will be cold but it looks like after tonight, tomorrow morning, it will be dry. heading to the mountains, though, take extra time. >> it's been cold. that's been the headline. >> we promise not to wake kenny
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up anytime soon. [ laughter ] >> thank you, brian. there's a battle brewing in your grocery store over who can use the term milk. what's at stake coming up. >> and a peaceful ending to what could have been a major disaster. the hijacking of a passenger jet. ,,,, did you know slow internet
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dairy aisle. the dairy industry, and so a fight over what can be called milk could change the way products are labeled in the dairy aisle. the dairy industry and some members of congress say the labels should say milk is from a cow. they want the governor to take action. but as we report, many plant- base alternatives and almond and soy are called milk, too. >> reporter: tennis star venus williams and hip-hop producer appear in these new up tempo ads for almond and soy milk
6:25 pm
part of an industry of plant- based products described as milk substitutes. they generated $1.4 billion this year. and they grew 54% over the last five years in the u.s. >> real milk has eight times more protein than almond milk. >> reporter: milk sales are down 11% over the last year. now they are fighting back. >> we have seen a drop-off in, um, consumption of dairy products. and also, we have seen a significant price drop. >> reporter: patty leonard's family has been farming in northern virginia for almost a century. she milks her cows twice daily and says nondairy milk products are successful because they're misleading. >> they are using the good name and the good qualities and the standard of milk to share their products. what makes it all the more important that we have a clear definition and a clear standard
6:26 pm
so that our consumers have a clear understanding of what they are purchasing and there's no confusion. >> reporter: 32 congressmen from dairy producing states agree penning this letter urging the fda to enforce its existing definition of milk which states, it is obtained by the complete milking of one or more cows. but how much confusion is there between cow milk and its substitutes? >> i don't think they are the same as milk and i think that confuses people. >> i think it should continue to be called milk. it's used like milk. >> worldwide, this is the same terminology that has been used for years. >> reporter: for nancy chapman of the soy foods association the hope is the fda widens its definition. >> when you drink soy milk, it's equal in its ability to support growth and development as is a dairy cow's milk. >> reporter: chris works for the milk producers federation. >> would you be all right with a looser definition? >> i have never milked a
6:27 pm
soybean. i don't so you crack one open you would find much milk or any liquid there. all we want is for the government to enforce the regulations on the books that says you don't got milk if it comes from a nut or seed. >> reporter: historically the fda kept out of this battle. but this time, it says it will respond directly to the congressman who wrote to them. now, we heard back from the almond industry and they tell us their product is fortified with vitamins and calcium and it's you want to consumer to decide. cbs news, washington. "star wars" legend actress carrie fisher rushed to an l.a. hospital. >> coming up in our next half- hour, the latest on what happened to fisher on a flight to california from london. >> then russian president vladimir putin making public comments on president-elect donald trump and both nations hinting at a nuclear "arms race." ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,
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the first lawsuits have been filed in the wake of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. the families of michela gregory and griffen madden have named a lo list of partie our top stories at 6:30, the first lawsuits in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. a long list of parties are being sued including the owner, tenant, promoter and performer
6:31 pm
of the show the night of the fire. 36 people died. the cause is unknown. in san francisco's union square, police out in full force as holiday shoppers pick up some last-minute gifts after what happened in berlin. police are stepping up their patrols in some of the city's busiest areas. president-elect donald trump and russian president vladimir putin are talking about modernization of the nuclear arsenals. putin wants to meet with trump to improve relations. craig boswell is at the white house with more details. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin and president- elect donald trump both spoke out again on the issue of their country's nuclear capabilities. at hind of the year press conference, president putin wants to modernize his weapons
6:32 pm
and president-elect trump told msnbc let it be an arms race. we'll outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all. >> other countries need to understand if they expand their nuclear capabilities, this president is not going to sit back. he is going to act. >> reporter: foreign policy experts say america's decades old nuclear weapons systems need to be modernized. >> everybody knows and realized have to go back and be replaced. >> reporter: putin also sent mr. trump a christmas letter saying he hopes russia and america will be able to bring their relationship to hey new level when mr. trump takes office. the president-elect responded with a statement saying, it was a very nice letter and putin's thoughts are correct. also friday, the u.n. security council unanimously passed a resolution condemning israeli settlements in the west bank and parts of jerusalem. the u.s. abstained despite a statement from president-elect donald trump demanding america veto the resolution. afterwards, mr. trump tweeted, as to the u.n., things will be different after january 20th
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craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. a man suspected of ramming a tractor-trailer into a crowd at a christmas market in berlin is dead. anis amri was killed in a shootout with police in italy. officers stopped him at a train station in milan not knowing he was the berlin attacker. when they asked for his identification, he pulled out a gun and shot an officer in the shoulder. another shot and killed him. isis claimed responsibility for monday's attack that killed 12 people. terrifying moments midair when two men hijacked a libyan flight but after hours of negotiations, the tense standoff ended peacefully. the plane was en route to the libyan capital ofly. it was forced to land on malta when the hijackers threatened to blow it up. 120 people on board were released after a dramatic standoff lasting four hours. soldiers stormed the plane as the hijackers waved a green flag. officials say they were seeking political asylum in malta.
6:34 pm
news out of los angeles, actress carrie fisher is in the hospital in stable condition after a medical emergency on a flight from london. reporter christy fajardo talked to passengers on the flight. >> we have coordinated medical personnel for the gate. we have some passengers, nurses assisting the passenger. we have an unresponsive passenger. >> reporter: that transmission went out, passengers say inside the cab bin, the flight crew was scrambling to help. this traveler tweeted, i'm in complete shock. we sat in front of carrie fisher. she was just taken off the plane by emts. a fellow passenger says 20 minutes before landing, the crew suddenly asked if any medical professionals were on board. >> they rushed from the back because i think [ indiscernible ] [ heavy accent ] >> running toward the front. >> reporter: she rose to fame
6:35 pm
in "star wars." she reprised the role last year in "the force awakens." another passenger said don't know how else to process this but carrie fisher stopped breathing on the flight home. hope she is gonna be okay. this man saw someone performing cpr. >> i saw somebody who -- in the front of the plane and was at the time making [ indiscernible ] for the patient. >> reporter: fisher was in first class according to other passengers. but even from coach they could tell it was serious. >> i think they are still attending to whoever it was pretty much close to landing because [ indiscernible ] the flight crew -- go back to their seats right before we hit the ground. >> reporter: the 60-year-old author and actress has been open about her drug addiction. well wishes are pour in from around the globe.
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holiday cheer tonight. they're throwing a holiday dinner for foster kids who have .. a oakland police officers are spreading holiday cheer tonight. they are throwing a holiday dinner for some foster kids who have aged out of the system and would otherwise be on their own. kpix 5's da lin reports the officers wanted to do something special for them. >> it's hard, you know, being with your kids and being in that situation. >> reporter: the woman is thankful to finally have a roof over her head especially for her two young kids. earlier this year, they were homeless. >> it's a blessing for me and my kids to have their own space where they can run and play.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: the 22 went into foster care when she was 2. it was difficult after she aged out of the support system. many foster care youth age out at 18 leaving them with no money little support and no job skills right out of high school. >> that family, um, the constant moving, you know, picking up. >> reporter: the government reports on any given day there are roughly 415,000 children in foster care in the u.s., close to:,000 of them in the bay area. -- close to 7,000 of them in the bay area. >> quite frankly a lost population. once they get out of the resources. >> reporter: a program called beyond emancipation is providing transitional housing in east oakland for six young adults who were in foster care. they are providing the christmas tree and a special dinner tonight. >> young man going this is the first christmas tree that he got in six years. that was more of a gift to me
6:40 pm
than anything i probably will receive this christmas. >> i'm thankful for you guys for doing this for me and my kids. >> reporter: the young people spent about two years here. the goal is to find them a job and permanent housing by the time they are ready to leave. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. this year's travel season is breaking records. with more than 100 million people doing some sort of travel to get to their christmas destination, tonight we're asking you how are you getting there, by air, car, are you staying home? send me a tweet #veronicadlcruz is the place. we're going to have your poll results on some of the best tweets tonight. come join us on nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. i'll just be driving to work and when i do i'm going to be talking to you low pressure that's heading out of the area and big changes this weekend. it is going to be downright cold. maybe even snow in the bay area. we'll talk about that as we look live at coit tower. it's all coming up after a break. ♪[ music ] >> coming up in sports, an
6:41 pm
early christmas present as draymond green returns to face the pistons. and the two-year turnaround in the raiders. plus the two-year collapse in the 49ers. >> i'm pissed off. >> it's all coming up in just a few minutes.
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time for our food for bay area families drive.. well, a little light rain out at livermore at this hour but that's about all she wrote for this system. we'll have some lingering showers overnight and then things turn cold. as temperatures just drop lie a set of car keys this weekend. down to the upper 40s and low 50s. as for daytime highs, that slow now heading south out of the bay area carrying rain, wind and snow into the sierra. for us just a few showers on the landscape on the peninsula also a bit in the south bay now heading out and it's cold enough so we could get a few snow showers up at the peaks of mount diablo and mount hamilton. we'll see. in the meantime, past 24 hours picked up about eight tenths of an inch in oakland. .87" in san francisco. redwood city about a half inch.
6:45 pm
it was fairly distributed through the area. higher elevations around kentfield about an inch. santa rosa .86." the rain turning to snow in the mountains where they have winter storm warns posted for tomorrow morning. snow level down to 7,000 feet for 12 to 36" but the snowflakes will begin falling about 3,000 feet and there five to ten inches possible with gusty winds and so if you head to the hills you can get a few delays. on the futurecast, you can see as the night winds down the showers wind down as well and this is saturday tomorrow morning about 9 a.m. you can see most of the shower activity has been driven offshore by then. we'll still have some clouds around the bay area but mixed in with a little bit of clearing and sun, as well. so tomorrow blustery, it will definitely be chilly but drying out tonight. not much left in terms of showers but it will be -- i keep emphasizing this. it will be cold. days ago it was mid-60s. this weekend in the low 50s. cold enough though the snow level down to about 2,000 feet.
6:46 pm
and that means if there's enough residual moisture a dusting of snow on the bay area peaks to greet us this christmas weekend. wouldn't that be something? clearing and cold then as we head toward sunday. raiders are playing tomorrow at the coliseum in a game that's going to be broadcast on kpix 5 just after 1 p.m. 52 degrees at game time. christmas on sunday, partly cloudy and cool, temperatures for highs only in the low 50s. it will be dry. and i hate to leave you without at least show you what it's like right now. 49 degrees at concord. 48 at livermore. 49 in san jose. 45 in santa rosa. overnight lows tonight chilly 32 in santa rosa. 35 livermore. 40 san jose. daytime highs well shy of average highs for this time of the year. everybody will be between about 50 and 56 degrees tomorrow. so increasing sunshine, showers begin to dry out. walnut creek hits 53 degrees. in danville it will be 52. and elsewhere in the east bay a
6:47 pm
few clouds from time to time. but increasing sunshine should be a beautiful day with crackling clear visibility. that will be nice. cooler in the north bay low 50s. and chilly up at ukiah and for lakeport and clear lake temperatures will only manage 40s tomorrow. standard forecast a lingering shower or two on saturday morning, christmas day dawns with sunshine a few clouds and temperatures topping out in the low to mid-50s. as we head into next week there's no more rain in sight so santa will be able to dry off even as temperatures warm to near 60 degrees when we get to wednesday, thursday and friday. but in the meantime, bundle up. and have a great christmas weekend. be safe whatever you're doing. want to leave with you good news. "food for bay area families," yes, kenny? >> yeah, thanks, brian. and as brian said it's time for our "food for bay area families" drive. and joining us tonight is a real special guy. this is 6-year-old alex ybarra and he is down here with michael from the alameda county community food bank.
6:48 pm
and alex, how old are you? >> 6. >> reporter: 6. where do you go to school? [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: okay. so i heard the story is that you were wondering why they were collecting money for people who need it for food and some of your classmates some of the kids at school were kind of needy? >> yes. >> reporter: so what did you do? >> help the food bank get more food for those people. >> reporter: that's pretty cool. so you did some fundraising and you were able to raise, michael, let's see the check here, $800! you raised $800 on your own. >> yes. [ applause and cheers ] >> and that's great. the other part of the story is amazing is you're kind of foregoing your own christmas presents and you donated that money, as well? >> yes. >> reporter: well, that's pretty special. that's pretty special, michael. we don't see this every day. it kind of just really speaks to the power of one individual, right? >> it's amazing. you know, alameda county
6:49 pm
community food bank serving one in five county residents the biggest group we are serving is children just like alex. the fact that he was able to recognize this and channel his passions into something so meaningful, i mean, it's heartwarming. the food bank is a huge fan of alex and it's just -- it goes to show you just what one person can do just to make a huge difference in so many lives. >> well, now, you started this last year. so this is your second year of doing it? >> yes. >> reporter: how did it go last year? >> good, too,. >> reporter: okay. and so i think really you're going to get the sort of spirit of christmas, you know, whether you have presents or not. don't you? >> yes. >> reporter: yeah. and being able to help your classmates and help other children in the bay area, that's worth it? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: alex, put her there, pal. alex ibarra. you can donate at your local whole foods market. go online to we'll be right back.
6:50 pm
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just the day after... he cuts his paternity leave short to rejoin the team in his hom proud papa draymond green didn't take too much time off after the birth of his son. he rejoined the team in detroit in his home state. golden state trailing by one in
6:53 pm
the 3rd quarter. kevin durant is fouled and he hits the jumper. warriors by two. later good ball movement to find mcgee for the dunk. warriors up by 5. and under 4 minutes left to go. tied at 104. it is the one and only steph curry who buries the go-ahead three making it 107-104. golden state right now leads the game 110-108 with two minutes to go. the raiders activated defensive end mario edwards junior for tomorrow's game against the colts. edwards has missed the first 14 games with a hip injury. he will replace linebacker calhoun on the roster who is on ir today. the raiders are already headed to the play-offs for the first time in 14 years. now oakland controls their destiny to win the afc west and get a first round bye. in less than two years coach jack del rio took them from 3- 13 to the post-season.
6:54 pm
he was asked this week what he saw in the team when he took the job to make him think this turnaround was possible. >> it wasn't anything that i saw. it wasn't anything that i saw. we had a lot of work to do. it's a belief that anything is possible when you get a group to believe in each other, buy in and work hard. we have done that. just a reminder see the colts and the raiders right here on kpix 5 tomorrow at 1:05, not sunday. following the game tune in for the "5th quarter." vern will be at the coliseum. dennis o'donnell will be in the studio. it might dismal at the coliseum down south as two of the worst offense in the league play in l.a. the 49ers hope to snap their 13
6:55 pm
game losing streak tomorrow against the rams team they won in game one the only team they won all year. >> i be pissed off. so, and, um, sometimes puts me in a bad mood. so i play [ indiscernible ] to keep my mind off it. i have to get my mind off it. it's hard, though. >> in other 49ers news they officially placed wide receiver torrey smith on injured reserve with concussion ending his season. he had the injury two weeks ago against the jets. he is the 17th player the 49ers have put on injured reserve this season. san francisco will face the rams rookie quarterback jared goff tomorrow in l.a. he will try to get his first career win against a team he grew up rooting for. it's not the first time he has been through a tough losing
6:56 pm
streak. in goff's freshman season he was part of a 1-11 cal team that lost its final ten games. >> i think about it all the time. just as far as what we are going through and what i been through in the past. it correlates. it's all different. we are in a different situation. i think our team right now much better than my freshman team at cal was. i think we have a good chance to turn it around. i think it's going to be just fine. >> finally tonight, yesterday tiger woods made waves on social immediate why with the shirtless picture and the goatee. today he played golf with president-elect donald trump at the course in florida. woods has now played golf with four of the last five u.s. presidents and we have an update on the warriors game it's 114-110 with 40 seconds left warriors. >> all right. so jack del rio coach of the year nfl? >> he has a good chance. what he has been able to do. but it's the gm that really
6:57 pm
picked carr and picked amari cooper. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are y'all? how y'all doing? i appreciate y'all. thank y'all. thank you very much. i appreciate you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day, with a total of 20,680 bucks, from topeka, kansas, it's the champs, it's the roberts family. [cheering and applause] and from fort lauderdale, florida, it's the richardson family. [cheering and applause]
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everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash, and somebody could probably drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] let's go meet the richardson family. [cheering and applause] hey, shanice. shanice: hi, steve. steve: how you doing, darling? shanice: i'm great, and you? steve: i'm good. where y'all from? shanice: fort lauderdale, florida. [cheering and applause] steve: and what do you do, darling? shanice: steve, first and foremost, i would like to say, we are the richardsons... all: dab. shanice: and can i tell you a story? steve: yeah, yeah, yeah. shanice: and... all: ♪ this is a story all about how the richardsons came on "family feud" and we'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, we'll tell you how we're gonna be thousandaires ♪ [cheering and applause] steve: ♪ yo-yodel-eh-de-hoo [laughter and applause] [indistinct] we mixing.


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