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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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shoppers rush to the malls to pick up their final gifts. now at 5:00 with less than a day until christmas, shoppers rush to the malls to pick up their final gifts. >> good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm betty yu. in cars, on the sidewalks, amend in the stores people in san francisco scrambled to check off their gift list. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us live from union square where last-minute shoppers are taking advantage of some last-minute deals. >> i was here last night and there are definitely more people here today than there were yesterday. the catch is, though, that the shoppers we spoke to were getting deals for themselves because they had already finished shopping for others. santa's helpers were here today too making sure everyone got
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what they wanted for christmas. >> never actually met rudolph though but i hear good things. >> reporter: kenny the elf is in the home stretch just hours before santa takes off for the night his toy making is happening on the spot. >> santa called me from the north pole. he said it's been really busy. so he wanted me to help him out. >> reporter: if kenny couldn't make you what were you looking for, shoppers were finding good deals at a lot of stores. did you plan to go shopping on christmas eve? >> no. good sales. >> i got new running shoes. >> did dad get anything? >> not yes. i got to pay for everything. [ laughter ] >> reporter: taking in the crowds and festivities is tradition for some. >> this is unplanned but we come every christmas eve and cruise around and have lunch and enjoy the christmas tree and all the fun people watching. >> reporter: and in a sea of tourists, we found some native san franciscans. >> we stay at the fairmont. four years in a row. >> come down for the holidays. >> christmas at the fairmont. >> you don't avoid union square. >> no, no, no.
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no, no. >> we jump right on in! >> reporter: so all in all, a lot of happy holiday shoppers out here. they are not stressed. they're enjoying the scene taking it all n coming up at 6:00, i'll share part of an interview with the star of the show, santa claus! that will be fun. in union square, from san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. it's a big week for travel. aaa estimates that more than 100 million americans will be traveling between now and january 2. we found smooth sailing at the san jose airport today. lines were short, minimal hassles. look at that. one traveler tells us flying on christmas eve is her trick for tranquil travel. >> it's awesome. it's so easy. there's hardly anybody here. >> but if you are traveling, stay on top of the weather because more than a dozen states are under a winter storm watch. police departments around the country are on alert this weekend because as wendy gillette reports, isis called for attacks against churches in
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the u.s. >> reporter: following the latest terror attack in berlin, the fbi and the department of homeland security sent a bulletin to law enforcement agencies nationwide to warn of vigilance against "lone wolf" attacks. >> one of the most significant threats facing this country today comes from people who are inspired by terrorist ideology but operate independent of a terrorist organization. >> reporter: cbs news has learned the bulletin was issued friday after isis called for attacks against churches in the u.s. during the holidays. an isis social media group published a link listing the names and addresses of thousands of churches. the link also urged followers to attack other public places. at st. patrick's cathedral in new york city, metal barricades are set up and police officers direct a large crowd. the city's police department says that's normal for this time of the year. the nypd says there are no specific threats against any targets such as st. patrick's. and that the department is
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operating with its usual high vigilance. the mcdonnelleds got tickets in august to go to mass at midnight in the cathedral. there are metal detectors. >> there isn't a safer place to be in my view. i'm not concerned. >> reporter: this resident is also not worried about the threat as she snaps pictures and tours midtown with her family. >> not that there's not that possibility. i choose not to concern myself with it. >> reporter: the bulletin to law enforcement says historically isis lists like the one naming churches have never resulted in a successful terror attack. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. >> people in berlin are relieved that the man believed to be responsible for this week's deadly truck attack is dead. tonight on a square in central berlin people lit candles and placed flowers in memory of the victims. last monday a truck plowed through a christmas market killing 12 and injuring more than 50. since news broke of the death many people have returned to the streets. early yesterday, anis amri died
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in a shootout in italy. milan officers found him outside a deserted train station and asked him for identification. he pulled out a pistol and opened fire. after amri's death, isis released a video showing him pledging his allegiance to isis. investigators are trying to figure out if amri got logistical support to travel after the attack and avoid capture for days. a bay area couple whose daughter died in the oakland warehouse fire has filed the first lawsuit stemming from the disaster. 20-year-old michela gregory was a students at san francisco state. the parents' lawsuit cites a coroner's finding that she died in the arms of her boyfriend 22- year-old alex vega. they were among 367 people who died on december 2 when a fire broke out during an electronic dance party. the lawsuit says victims could not get out because of unsafe conditions and it seeks unspecified damages from the building's owner, the principal tenant, and people who promoted the event. new at 5:00, the oakland fire department is already
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under heavy scrutiny for not inspecting theghost ship warehouse before the inferno. now new questions about how the fire department has been dealing with fire danger in the oakland hills. here's da lin. >> reporter: firefighters are supposed to flag houses like this one in the oakland hills for failing to create defensible space. overgrown vegetation right up to the house. dead branches attached to it. and tree limbs above the roof. firefighters have to tell the homeowner to correct the violations. but the east bay times obtained internal fire department emails showing firefighters just let houses like this one pass, creating a fire hazard in the hills. >> they want to put out fires and they want to be in a situation where they're seen as -- as heroes or loved or whatever that is. and they feel uncomfortable when they have to tell somebody -- when they are put in the position of telling somebody they are not in compliance almost like giving them a ticket. >> reporter: sue piper with the wildfire prevention assessment district lost her home in the
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1991 firestorm. she worries it will happen again. >> if you have one neighbor who is not maintaining that defensible space around his house, we're all sitting ducks. >> reporter: the embattled fire department is already facing criticism for failing to inspect the ghost ship warehouse before the fire that killed 36 people. sue blames the fire chief for the poor inspections up in the hills. >> if it's a priority to the leadership, it will be a priority for everybody else. >> reporter: both sue and the firefighters union have been asking the department to hire more full-time inspectors to inspect businesses and homes. right now, that responsibility falls on the 450 oakland firefighters. >> in favor of having professional fire inspectors doing more of this work than firefighters who are trying to cram in these inspections in between all the emergency work. >> reporter: firefighters say this inspection issue has been an ongoing problem for years. so far, the fire chief has not said whether or not she will hire more inspectors to do the job. in the oakland hills, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> da says that right now the
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oakland fire department only has three full time and one part time for a inspectors. that's why regular firefighters are assigned to inspect homes and businesses. president-elect donald trump is making concessions at the inauguration as it nears. he plans to dissolve the trump foundation. he is shutting down the charitable organization to avoid any conflict of interest when he takes office. he says the foundation has done good work supporting veterans, law enforcement and children. but trump wants to continue to pursue his interests of philanthropy in other ways. trump has not yet said exactly when the foundation will close. carrie fisher in intensive care tonight after going into cardiac arrest on a flight from london tola. she is best known for playing princess leia in the "star wars" films. the "l.a. times" reports her heart stopped 15 minutes before the plane landed yesterday at l.a.x. her brother todd is refusing to describe her condition saying many of the details surrounding the incident aren't yet known.
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today actor harrison ford said in a statement, i'm shocked and saddened to hear the news about my dear friend. our thoughts are with carrie, her family and friends. the star quarterback for the raiders taken out of the game with serious injuries. what this means for the time coming up in sports. >> bad news. but this is good news. a much loved christmas tree is stolen but the good samaritan who stepped in to replace it. >> plus, one bay area man is getting a life-saving present this christmas. a new liver from a complete stranger. ,, ,,
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video shows a man stealing a package from a home in belmont. th on his bi in this every mistletoe reindeer and surveillance video showing a man stealing a package from a home this time in belmont all part of the season i guess. man rides up to the home on his bike picks up a package from the front porch and off he goes along marine after tuesday afternoon. police are still searching for the suspect. a happy ending for a news
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company in placerville after someone stole their christmas tree. a good neighbor stepped in and replaced it just in time for christmas. placerville news has been in business since 1856 and every year a friend of the owner puts up a christmas tree. when the tree was stolen, people said it robbed the town of its christmas cheer. so an anonymous donor replaced it. >> that's a pretty good tree. that's better than the one i was getting. i have to talk to that person and say hey, can we make a deal? >> makes you feel very good. >> most of the ornaments on the tree came from people in the community. love placerville. good for them. san francisco singer almost died. he needs a new liver time running out but this christmas, he is getting one. susie steimle explains why a man he never met before deciding to save his life. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: saying the gay men's san francisco chorus is close would be an understatement. >> i joined the san francisco
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gay men's chorus in 2003 and, um, it's kind of become my second family. >> reporter: about a year ago, the soloist at the chorus realized he might not live much longer diagnosed with hiv in 1987, went blind in '96, he needed a liver transplant eight years ago, and in 2015 started running out of time. >> it was desperation time. because i'm in the final stage. >> reporter: that's when he asked his family to save his life. >> to ask the 300-plus people of the chorus. i said is anyone willing to give part of their liver? >> reporter: what's it like to go to friends and family and ask them to save your life? >> hard. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: enter dave andrade. >> ross is by all means deserving of this. so i can't think of any reason why i should turn down this amazing opportunity. >> reporter: dave will give ross half his liver in january. the two see each other as not just family but kindred
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spirits. >> his dad and my mom used the same nickname. um, we both play the accordion. we both runner are upper tenor twos in the chorus. >> he said he play the accordion and he said so doi. >> reporter: the two just met. in fact, as ross grew too weak to sin, dave joined the chorus by accident saw ross' last concert before joining the group. >> that was the first time i had seen the concert was their elton john sing-along. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: it's the concert ross chose for his donor video. coincidentally before joining the chorus, dave had just decided to prioritize his health losing 50 pounds. >> i wouldn't be eligible if i hadn't lost that weight five years ago so it's one more thing to think about. >> reporter: it's as if they were meant to meet this moment
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practical for a part they were meant to play. ross says it's all thanks to dave. >> i'm -- i think he is just amazing. [ voice breaking ] >> reporter: but dave will tell you, that's just what you do for family. >> gay people often have their biological family and then their logical family. ♪[ music ] >> if i have any way to contribute to that care and -- and, you know, show my love for these people who have all become my family, then i -- i -- i have to do it. >> reporter: in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix 5. a family delivers their final holiday message from the white house. hear what they have to say. >> hear what we have to say regarding the forecast. it will have you bundling up especially tonight. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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house today.. this year's theme is "the gift of the holidays".. and the president said the gift he's re president obama gave his last christmas address from the white house today. this year's theme is the gift of the holiday. the president said the greatest gift he has received was
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serving as our president. >> we made america more respected around the world took on the mantle of the leadership of the world to protect the world. by so many measures our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we first got here. and i'm hopeful we'll build on the progress we have made together in the years to come. >> the first couple went on to thank the servicemen and -women for their service and urged americans to honor their values, quote, boundless love, compassion and hope. and here we are on christmas eve. i hope santa comes bundled up with extra layers. it will be cold here. probably not as bad as minnesota which he also has to touch base on earlier. but nevertheless, for bay area santa just gold. that's why we have freeze warnings posted tonight for the north bay. it will affect the inland valleys. temperatures 20s on the low 30s cold all weekend. down to 28 degrees in santa
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rosa, 31 at napa. freezing in livermore and concord and fairfield. so eh, be a mighty cold night in the bay area but probably colder tomorrow night and tomorrow looks nice. partly cloudy and cool on christmas day with temperatures doing no better than mid-50s in the warmest spots. most of us will be closer to 50 and a few will dip under that. right now, the numbers are scattered around 50 degrees as we look live toward the bay bridge. and as we look from high atop the west coast, you see that system is coming toward the pacific northwest. big comma shaped cloud. originally we thought maybe rain on monday. but not anymore. it looks like the high pressure is going to take any significant rain up far north of california and that low pressure from yesterday and the night before, that low is now over northeastern nevada. it has ceased to affect us. so tomorrow will be fair and cold. futurecast will prove all of this we have some high clouds tomorrow. here's sunday morning.
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cloudy but not a bad day as we have christmas unfolding a little bit of a wintry nip in the air but that's okay for heading into late december. freeze warnings for the north bay valleys tonight and the headlines it, will be fair and chilly on christmas day. some clouds on monday but no rain in sight. and here's how it looks if you are heading out of the bay area to visit folks in the raisin capital of the world, fresno, fog in the night and early- morning hours. there's no more treacherous weather to drive in than i-5 or 99 and you hit that wall of fog in the central valley so careful after about 6 p.m. and before 9 a.m. high temperature forecast going to be looking at numbers in the low 50s tomorrow in the bay area. about 5 degrees below average. south bay still doesn't look bad. 53 at santa clara. 52 for san jose. partly cloudy skies in the east bay. and 49 chilly degrees at fairfield. 50 at livermore and 52 for antioch. north bay, looks a-okay. numbers will be in the low 50s for the most part mill valley
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at 54 degrees. 50 in santa rosa. oh, it will be in the 40s for ukraine. and lakeport and cloverdale. in the extended forecast, tomorrow looks nice and for monday through the rest of the week, slow warming trend finally and in terms of rain, there will be not a drop in sight. merry christmassy, everybody! and when we get to it, a happy new year. the raiders won a football game at a steep price. what the immediate future holds for derek car. >> and the 49ers were suddenly in the driver's seat for the number one pick in the draft until this. kickoff is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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received in 14 years. today, they got a massive lump of coal... clinching a play-off berth last week was the best christmas present raiders fans have had in 14 years. today they got a massive lump of coal. here's the good news. mario edwards is back after that injured hip sidelined him in the preseason. scoreless into the 2nd quarter, derek carr to holmes touchdown and raiders 7-0. back come the colts. luck to dante moncrief for the touchdown. thanks to busted coverage and the game was tied! derek carr was a little inaccurate to start the game but found his groove for the touchdown thanks to the mistackle by the rookie safety tj green. they missed the extra point so it was 13-7 of the less than two minutes to go luck drove inside the 30 airs it out to hilton but it's picked off by
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reggie nelson. his fifth interception of the season. carr led the two-minute drill so rashard for the touchdown. janikowski missed another extra point 19-7 at the break. the raiders other rookie running back got it going in the 3rd quarter. washington breaks tackles, 26-7. the colt got frank gore stripped by malcolm smith. tj kerry falls on the football. deandre washington wasn't satisfied with just one touchdown. how about another? 22 yards again for the rookie. and they take a 33-14 lead. 33-14 raiders still in the 4th quarter everybody just needs to stay healthy, right? wrong! this is the raiders' worst nightmare! derek carr twisted in the pocket brought down by trent cole in agony. he was helped off the field diagnosed with a broken fibula and will require surgery. the raiders win the game but
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lose their mvp candidate. it's now matt ma goin's team. >> you know, i'm ready to go. feel great. i know that this team -- these guys around me, this staff this organization will be able to do a great job of like i said help me and making sure we keep moving in the right direction. >> mcgloin. >> the backup quarterback, he came in [ indiscernible ] with great plays. he didn't miss a beat. but definitely going to be hard. our mvp of the team, of the league, hurt right now so we gonna be a big spot to fill but we got to do it. >> oakland can clinch the afc west tomorrow night if kansas city loses in denver. cleveland browns won a game! that win by the browns opened the door for the 49ers to get the number one pick in the nfl draft if they continued their
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losing streak today in los angeles. 49ers facing marin native and former cal quarterback jared goff. that came in handy for this guy who didn't have to watch the first three-quarters jump all the way to the fourth, 14-7 rams. colin kaepernick in the flats. run over by ej gains. the ball comes lose. recovered by l.a. around the san francisco 15. hart injured his knee on the play and didn't return to the game. over that turnover, jared goff to tyler higby for the short touchdown. and giving the rams a 2- touchdown lead with 10.5 minutes to play. you figure against the 49ers game, set, match. but! san francisco comes back. third and 10, cam takes off cuts across the field scores on the 13-yard run cutting l.a.'s lead to 21-14 with five minutes left. and the 49ers get the ball back. with 30 seconds to go they are at the rams 10. kaepernick for the touchdown. cutting the deficit to 21-14.
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they got -- when you got nothing, you got nothing to lose except the number one pick. the 49ers go for two, kaepernick decides to keep it and he is in the end zone! and the 49ers lead 22-21. goff trying to get l.a. into field goal range. but he is picked off by rashad robinson to clinch the win for the 49ers. san francisco comes back from a 2-touchdown deficit to win 22- 21. and snap their 13-game losing streak against the team that they beat on the first week of the season 28-0. 49ers gets seattle next week so it looks like they will finish with a couple of wins but in the process they drop back to the number 2 spot in the nfl draft. he broke the tibia or the fibula? >> so the small bone fibula. so he is out at least, you know, four to six weeks.
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>> wow. >> yeah. >> or longer. >> bad news. >> thanks. captions by: caption colorado ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> morgan: the storms before christmas. snow, ice and rain slow down holiday travelers. a plane carrying an n.f.l. team slides out of bounds. where is the dangerous weather ataded next? also tonight, security is heightened at america churches, following calls for attacks by isis. fs. troops far from home for the holidays find creative ways to celebrate with their loved ones. >> i'm always counting down the days until you're home, can't wait 'til you're home in may. >> morgan: and party animals put on ugly christmas sweaters for a aod cause. >> she's a family member. so, you know, we all have our own ugly sweaters, so we got one for her as well. this is the "cbs weekend news."


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