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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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festivity. >> he saw it was gone so it was devastating for everyone who came out for the celebration . >> she last saw the 100,000 menorah last friday night as part of the month long festival of lights. the missing menorah is two feet shorter than that one on her front lawn. she can't believe it was stolen even though police security was arranged. >> we took the steps and were shocked. shocked bay 6-foot menorah just disappearing. >> central station police captain david told me officers provide frequent calls on all watches around or through the park keeping an eye on things. sometime teen a pass through, it was stolen. >> it's ridiculous. i don't know why somebody could steal a menorah during a holiday season. >> something like that cuts into it being a wonderful neighborhood, and i don't like that at all.
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>>reporter: tonight members of a north beach community are bringing their own to remember the miracle of hanukkah where they lit a menorah for eight days. >> we're going to continue bringing light to our community and not letting hate or anti- semitism have its way. >> and they're lighting that third candle right now. >>reporter: police are asking anyone with information regarding that missing menorah to call their anonymous tip line. also asking recyclers to lookout for anyone trying to recycle large pieces of brass. >> sharon, seems highly unlikely that no one saw this huge piece getting stolen. i mean, cold this menorah could have been breaken into segments? do you know? >>reporter: well, we do know that the menorah itself can be broken into two segments. the top with the lights and bottom with the lamps which is
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three by six feet. they would have to take it into a van or some kind of truck even if in two pieces. hard to believe no one saw it. we know across the street, acouple of buildings, they do have surveillance. hard to tell whether or not that surveillance cameras reached all the way across the street. some of those businesses were closed today. >> fingers crossed. we appreciate it. thank you. police in san jose say that a drunk driver caused this terrible head on crash. the drunk driver was kill and had so was a 14 year-old boy who was in the other car. kpix 5 reporter is on the scene where the accident happen. >>reporter: yeah, hearing ability a vigil that was supposed to happen at the top of the hour and just getting underway now. a lot more people arriving here on the scene. authorities have not yet released the name of the 14 year-old boy and hearing mostly of the friend and family of the woman that police say caused this crash. >> if she were alive, i know
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she'd feel really bad and she took a life. i know she would. >> rain chances shell came out to the scene of the crash today to mourn and apologize. >> i'm so sorry to the family that lost their little boy, you know. my condolences from my whole family to yours. we're so sorry this happened. >>reporter: she's the god mother of the woman that san jose police say had a few drinks and got behind the wheel of her white chevy malibu early christmas morning heading westbound when for whatever reason crossed the median into oncoming traffic and struck a silver lexus head on. the force of the crash severely damaged both vehicles. a 14 year-old boy in the other car and paramedics took him to the hospital where he died. zamora died at the hospital as well. >> i know she would have felt really bad. so sad this happened and we're going through it, you know.
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but i know where she's at. i know god's holding her. >>reporter: zamora was 25 years old, employee at costco, and single mom of 5 year-old girl. rachelle admits her god daughter made a bad choice that night. >> let this be an eye opener to you. today was us, tomorrow may be you. tomorrow is promised to nobody. >>reporter: that 14 year-old boy's parents were in the car with him at the time. they both survived with nonlife threatening injuries. live in south san jose, kpix 5. a welcome christmas pleasant for state firefighters and learned their -- present for state firefighters of their contracts being approved. the deal still has to be ratified by the 6,000 rememberdown non-. two men face homicide charged after they stabbed a
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man inside the target store in hayward around 8:00 christmas eve night. it was on whipple road. two men got into an argument with a third man. it's not clear what that was about or if they knew each other. someone who saw the after math said they were inside the store shop handgun they were told to leave. >> it's kind of weird to see that happen in particular this -- in our community because we've never seen something like that before. it's alarming but not too surprising. i guess people are crazy and irrational around the holidays. >> the two suspects were caught a short distance away. both described as hayward men in 20s. the 36 year-old victim died at the hospital. post-christmas rush is on. shoppers stampeding in search of deals. kpix reporter jessica live in pleasantton. jessica. >>reporter: certainly busy here at the stone ridge mall. shoppers have been coming and going all day and a lot telling me they're looking for post-
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christmas discounts. packed stores, everywhere you look the day after christmas marks another peak shopping time. >> it's madness. i want to shop and shop and shop. >>reporter: the hunt is on for the christmas list items that weren't underneath the tree this year. >> 350 percent or -- 50 percent to 70 percent want it's been good. >> looking for good deals, anything that's reasonable and is, you know, presentable, we will buy it. but obviously not here to buy the whole mall. >>reporter: kids and teens turning the holiday cash and gift cards into brand new possessions. according to stone ridge mall, millennials like experiences, generation b wants the stuff. >> got all the money and want to spend as fast as possible. >> taking christmas money to buy? >> bat cave lego set. >>reporter: are you gonna return any gifts or keeping
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everything? >> keeping everything. >>reporter: while most everyone here is on the hunt for good deals. >> we're just having fun. >>reporter: 11 year-old healy on a mall -- haily on a scavager hunt for her birthday. >>reporter: for some it's never too early to start planning for the next. >> always good to start shopping for next year's christmas. >> . >>reporter: and holiday shopping is up. expect today exceed $1 trillion. in pleasantton, jessica, kpix 5. how a place of worship found vandalize inside the most disgusting way and how a rabbi is responding. how the pastor's board walk is being freshened up now and ready for thousands of tourists this summer. like the ups and downs on the roller coasters, so goes the temperatures this week. we're on the verge of a warming trend before a cooling trend.
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we'll set it all out as we look live over the city. the forecast is coming up.
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it's important that this trend comes to los angeles and santa monica. >>reporter: police can't classify as a hate crime but the owner of a nearby foot spa said it's happen today him before. he's assumed it was the homeless people in the area. >> couple months ago i remember i came to work and there was fee cease on the ground and a -- feces on the ground and a
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lot. i'm jewish myself so hope it's not targeted towards jewish people. >>reporter: a rabbi here said last month a man interrupted services with a hitler salute and a man draw a swastika saying get out of la. >>reporter: the joy and support here seems eight times stronger than the hate. >> it will sadly prompt me to try and do me to show that there's a light of goodness. >> they have our support as a santa monica community. >> now, the rabbi says he's thinking of putting in security cameras and police will step up patrol. today is the first day of kwanza. millions celebrate the seven not holiday. kwanza ends on sunday. tomorrow japanese prime minister is expected to visit pearl harbor with president obama. he arrived earlier today in hawaii and plans to pay tribute to those who died in japan's
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attack in 1941. he'll be the first japanese leader to do so since the end of world war ii. it was first announced earlier this month on the 75th anniversary of the bopping at pearl -- bombing of pearl harbor. it was implied that it was reaction from president obama visiting hiroshima earlier this year. it is also california's older theme park. did you though that? >> i did. i used to live there? >> that's right, you d. right now rides only open on weekend. >> i knew that. andrea tells us crews working hard. >> winter means weekdays puppet waited not by summer scream ands silliness but the clash of waves. >> this is our rehab season. >> the park is open weekends but on the weekday a task of keeping a seaside moving museum
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that's over a hundred years old operational is a frantic one. >> fitting it all in is a test of time. >> the board walk is home to environmental ravages like the salt air, storms, surf, and -- >> lots of sand. >> that gets everywhere. >> sand gets carried in on everybody's feet so gets on all the rides and it's just like having sand paper and scratches everything up. >> like the car carousel, the horses have to get a fresh coat of paint every year. jimmy has been wielding his paint brush for 50 years. >> he's very gallon and this is one of the most difficult cavings on the machine. -- carvings of the machine. >> taking care of the wooden coster is a ride that --
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coaster is a job that never ends. >> keeping it maintained and rebuilt. >> there's the routine maintenance like on kiddy ride jet copter ands the maintenance that's trickier like when 100 year-old rides need a fresh part. >> the manufactures are no longer in existence. >> no longer a matter of keeping the rides mechanically sound and making a new part, it's a matter of keeping the park as fresh in reality as it lives in people's minds. >> we have a phrase called keeping nostalgia current. >> the board walk is getting new tickets, two new rides with construction crews working frantically to get the project done before the summer swarms arrive. winter months are also when summer ordering has to happen. for parts of the awe musement park to seem to walk awheat into corn, despite signs everywhere. >> i order 40-50,000 rings
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every year. >> the arcade open every day and salt water taffy recipes getting tested. >> never shyness about people wanting to sample candies. easy to find willing volunteers when sampling new stuff. >> waiting when it's swept aar way from the board walk. >> more settle and get to experience the subtleties and the amusement park here for a hundred years. >> here at the board walk, kpix5. >> don't talk or text while driving but next week a new law takes effect to give you a little encouragement. melissa says now we can't touch that phone except under very specific conditions. right, melissa? >> that's right. >> some california drivers might want to check out post- christmas sales and see if they can pick up a cell phone mount for inside their car. drivers who want to touch or interact with cell phones have
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to have phones mounted inside their cars high enough so the drivers can still see this road. the story behind this law was in fresno where a man refuse today pay a ticket. drivers looking down at cell phone screens. it's something highway patrolman tom sees every day. >> every time i get in the car whether on duty or off. >> seven is no exception. in 2012, spriggs was stuck in traffic and pulled out cell phone and started checking map application. a chp officer saw him and gave him a ticket for $125. the all law only bans communications while driving so like look at maps, take selfies, or control twitter is all legal. >> it's upsetting because the phone caused all these accidents, hurt all these people and families. >> jonathan feldman with the california police chief association says the 2014 ruling make it is impossible to
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enforce what law is left. >> right now because of a court case in 2014, any time the officer seeing a person with a phone, they just have to say i was not communicate withing the phone. nothing will stand up in court. >> if drivers want to touch phones for any reason, it has to be mounted. >> it says you can't hold your phone and interact with it. so the whole point is to say it should be mounted, touch it and swipe it. >> here are the law specifics. number one, it does not apply to systems install inside a car by the car manufacturer. if the phone is in your hand, it has to be voice controlled. if you need to touch your phone while driving, the phone has to be mounted up so you can still see the road. mounted on something like your windshield, dash board, or
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counsel. once it's up there, no fiddling. everything has to be accomplished with one touch or one swipe. >>reporter: now remember the chp helped to write this new law so they may be eager to start enforcing it. breaking this law it a $20 for the first, $50 for seconds and add in court fee ands other penalties could run you $200 for breaking this new law. veronica. >> this law might upset people with children or paper maps or other things. what do backer haves to say about all this other stuff? i mean -- >>reporter: yeah, there were serious opposition to this. a technology group said why are you singling us out when there's other sources of distraction. lawmakers being moved by the sheer numbers here and the number of accidents and incidents caused by drivers distracted by cell phones are
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larger than any of these other ways of distracting and frankly, they seem desperate to try something or anything to stop this tried of tragedies caused by drivers distracted by cell phones. >> easily understood. all right, melissa, thank you. eat inning your car -- eat inning your car, that's another one. things are warming up, you wouldn't know it by going out there. as we head toward the midweek, numbers will warm toward about 60 degrees. there's a beautiful shot near the water front. highs today, they skyrocketed to 52. right now it's getting cold and santa row samaritan 44 degree
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ands santa rosa below 44 degrees. that little upper level devil is spinning off southern california and doesn't get close enough to if i have us a few high clouds from time to time and that's about what it will get tomorrow. rack of high clouds moving through tonight and just after sunrise tomorrow morning and have a mostly clear start to the day and visibilities were stunning. just a beautiful day around the bay area today and tomorrow looks like pretty much the same. cold but not as cold. little chilly for the rest of the week. morning fog is a possibility if you head out to the central valley. clouds will increase late in the week but not leading to much. overnight lows see santa rosa down to 29. in, a be, pa at 12 -- nappa at 32 and 7:23 am is sunrise. once it warms up, time of the year when the sun comes out, it doesn't do too much to send the temperatures skyward so we'll see 58 at fairfield and warmer
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than today. concord game 53. livermore at 56, redwood city 55 and south bay warmer at 59 degrees. extended forecast, a few clouds around tomorrow, high clouds from time to time. numbers warm to near 60 degrees and the warmest spots on wednesday and thursday and will cool it off getting to the weekend and clouds will increase. really no rain in the forecast. as far as we can see in the computer models, best guess is -- i shouldn't say guess, but the best indication is that well, this far out is main after the first of the year so maybe, you know, sunday, monday next week. okay. >> all right, thank you. it is a holiday tradition for many californiaens. >> next, how painted tailgate party malllies ruined kris -- tamales ruined christmas for hundreds of families. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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people stood in line for hours for one grocery's famous masa --or cornmeal-- used in traditional holiday dinners. but reporter christy fajardo says many were back today -- demanding a refund. people from the bay area and
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around in the world are remembering pop singer george
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michael. coming up in our next half-hour: the latest on his sudden death and how fans are expressing their shock and sadness... then, president-elect donald trump going after president obama on twitter... why trump says he would have still won.. if president obama was also on the ballot... our top story this half hour: an extraordinary outpouring of,,
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an extraordinary outpouring of grief over the death of pop music superstar george michael. fans in his hometown of goring england have been leaving flowers and cards at the home where he died. the 53-year-old singer's body
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was discovered sunday at his home in the hometown leaving flower ands cars at the home where he died. >> 53 year-old's body discovered at his home in london. a death his manager attributes to heart failure. >> the life and death of george michael. >> for many fans, still doesn't seem real. >> i george was everything to me. i loved him since i was 7. >> places flower ands tributes outside his home in england. >> he was very kind, loving person. >> most still in shock monday over the british singer's sudden death at just 53 years old. his manager said he died peacefully at home of apparent heart failure. >> he was a true legend,
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inspirational, talented. >> he started his more than 30 year music career with wham. sometimes controversial and successful solo artist who took on the music industry in his prime. in 1998, an undercover male police officer arrested and charged michael with engaging in lewd act in a beverly hills bathroom. not long after he confirmed he was gay. >> i feel no shame and i don't think i should. >> advocate for lgbt right ands aid activist. >> he was a beautiful human being and a beautiful voice. >> his music will live forever. raising concerns about her health. cbs news correspondent berry better son with the latest from
6:32 pm
london. >> prince charles and prince harry were at christmas services near the royal estate in northeast england as was her husband prince phillip. she was notable by her absence. she is suffering from what it called a heavy cold. the queen is supreme governor of the church of england and very rheologies. she's not -- religious and has not missed in 30 years. >> suffering from a heavy cold at 90 would be deemed risky. >> her annual christmas message taped weeks ago where she talked of the winners she met in the paralympic games. >> inspiration fed aspiration. on having discovered abilities they scarily new they had. -- knew they had. these athletes inspiring others. >> still plenty of whirl
6:33 pm
watching available. william and kate spent this christmas with her family bringing along the royal pair that would inspire the coos. prince george and princess charlotte. >> it's a cause of concern when anyone in their 90s becomes ill but worth noting the royal richard sherman -- a very long live -- royal family is a very long living family. berry peterson, cbs news, london. president elect donald trump making waives with this tweet this afternoon, president obama said he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that but i say no way. in an interview released this morning, president obama said hillary clinton's campaign acted too cautiously out of the mistaken belief that victory was all but certain. meantime mr. trump and the future first family working to resolve potential conflicts of interest before the inauguration and the president elect will shut down his
6:34 pm
chartable foundation but we're hearing otherwise. >> at christmas eve service president elect donald trump and wife melania welcomed with a standing ovation. earlier donald trump announced he'd shut down his foundation. >> i give a lot of money to people and charities, i love people. >> since the campaign, there's been a series of controversies surrounding the charity. according to to its tax filings from 2009-2014, mr. trump did not give his foundation any money. and for 2015, the foundation admitted to a practice known as self-dealing. it's a violation of irs rules. the admission game after a series of reports questioning whether foundation money was used to settle business lawsuits. the new york attorney general opened an investigation and ordered the foundation to stop raising money. his office says while there's
6:35 pm
no time line for the investigation, mr. trump's charity cannot legally difficult dissolve till the investigation is complete. eric stopped raising money for his own charity amid question that is donors could be seeking to curry influence. in response the president elect tweeted isn't this a ridiculous shame. last week newt gingrich, one of trump's closer ally said the president elect needs to do more. >> this is not a country that wonders around trusting -- wanders around trusting people with power. they want accountable. certainly the holidays can be stressful and sometimes you just need a break from the family, even for a few minutes. >> coming up, a new place where you can let out your anger and frustration. 123450 and what was trending in 2016? we'll look back at some of the most shared viral videos of the
6:36 pm
year. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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businesses encouraging people st that. have you ever wanted to
6:38 pm
just break something out of frustration? a handful of businesses encouraging people to do just that. >> and don champion checked out the anger room in dallas. >> have you ever been so angry you just want today smash something? at this dallas warehouse, people can. it's called the anger room. morgan church hill came with her little sister looking to relieve a little stress from school. >> it's fun. you know, you don't get to break stuff every day. >> for $45 they suit up in safety gear, pick their weapon, then get 15 minutes to smash anything they want. from a tv to a mannequin, a desk, and lots of dishes. >> it's a way to relieve the anger. >> it was created in 2008 in her garage. i started getting strangers at my door like a month later saying is this the place to break stuff.
6:39 pm
>> with more and more people looking for relief, she kept moving into larger spaces and people upset with work to newly divorced or upset reporters. >> people who ate bosses or coworkers. >> this isn't the only place cashing in on anger. similar businesses popped up in canada and houston. alexander is looking to expand to las vegas next year and eventually new york. >> it's amazing. just a really amazing feeling. >> making in business a smashing success. don champion, cbs news, dallas. >> seeps popular. $180 an hour. it's money. seems like a new explosive viral video every couple of days. so what was trending in 2016. >> kenny chow has some of the
6:40 pm
most sharing stories of the year. >> on your mark, get set, pokemon go. the digital scavenger hunt became an overnight phenomenon of people hunting. it led to the discovery of dead bodies, people being robbed, and drivers playing when they shouldn't. a kansas college freshman became an overnight star after a thief broke into his vehicle and stole a kit kat bar leaving behind a note that said give me a break, i was hungry. the maker of kit kat gave the person over 2,000 snacks. if the election ends up being known for debates then the debates will be known for the bone. ken bone, the spectacle, red sweater person that no one saw coming, ken came out on top
6:41 pm
garnering a huge social media following and his very own commercial. after a three year-old child fell into a gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo, they were force today shoot and kill a gorilla named harambe. it sparked international coverage of the intense dent and social media debates and protests, and #cries for justice for harambe. one woman's self-inflicted case of giggles led to stardom after a viral video of a mom chuckling at the chewbacca mask. she enjoyed her 15 viral minutes and tailgate party tattooing her claim to fame on her arm and meeting the real chewbacca. 2016 saw viral trends that nobody wanted. case in point, creepy clowns that started in south carolina and began popping up all around
6:42 pm
the country with no explanation. most posed no real threat but gave everyone the willies. then finished with the mannequin challenge. everyone strike ago pose with squads. celebrities, athletes, presidential can dates got in on the action or inaction. kenny choi, kpix5. taking a look back, 2016 was a rough year on the national level. many celebrities died unexpectedly and a nation divided over an election but tonight asking how was it for you? was the year 2016 good for you? are you happy to see it go? let me know your thoughts and tweet me right now veronicdl cruz and vote. we'll have poll result ands interesting tweets coming up tonight at 10:00 p.m. over on our sister station kbcw 44 cable 12. might be able to see this
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little colt snap go but compose your soul in patience. it'll take a while. we look live to the bay bridge and forecast looking all the way into the weekend coming up in a minute. coming up in sports,. >> quickly does the math in his head and he's like it's the super bowl. >> is there a chance eric could be back. chip kelly addresses his future as the 49ers head coach and the refs missed a few calls in a cavs warriors game. that and more coming up in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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one-over those days you cross the golden gate bridge and look west and the vises the was so good -- visibility was so good the 30-miles offshore was not a problem. we look high atop sutro cam. concord 45 dries and in oakland 46. in san francisco, 58 degrees with partly cloudy skies for much of the bay area. keep us warm but warmth is last thing on the mind for the east coast with an ice storm up
6:47 pm
there around new england and they've got real weather to contend with. stephen we're looking at highs near 60 degrees out west and that little low pressure system spinning off of southern california. interesting little thing. it's in the south land and producing not much. tomorrow at sfo, we'll be looking at mostly sun sunny skies. it's a little bit of fog in 70 degrees. chicago 33 for a high in los angeles. sunshine and 68. rain in new york. futurecast for the bay area, high clouds float in over the bay tonight but this is 9:00 tomorrow morning. it looks fairly clear again. the time lapse goes on and you'll see a few high clouds enter your upper screen but that's about it. maybe a rack or two of high clouds. tomorrow looks sunny and chilly with temperatures coming up a bit near 60 degrees inland. a little bit of light morning
6:48 pm
fog but it's a real problem in the central valley as per usual for this time of year. clouds will increase late in the week. it doesn't look like any rain is coming in the bay area unstill a little bit after new year's day. 29 degree ins santa rosa for overnight low tonight. nappa32 and fairfield 29, 31 at livermore. sun up tuesday morning at 7:23:00 a.m.. and if you're heading out of the bay area, interstate 5 and 99, trouble with fog this time of year. worst weather you can drive in and worst hours around sunset and 9:00 in the morning. plan accordingly. high temperature creeping toward average with 56 tomorrow. 54 for san mateo. in the east bay, little bite in
6:49 pm
the air with pittsburgh and ant i don't care and fairfield. it sums it up for the north bay too. we'll have a few high clouds and numbers in the mid 50s. little bit chillier for lake port at 52 degrees. extended forecast we'll go with the usual, a few high clouds and temperatures near 60 degrees for the rest of the week. we will increase clouds as we get toward the weekend but no rain? sight. not till the dawn of 2017. can you believe that? that's weather. sports happens to follow this and so does this after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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anxious to re-join his teammates. derrick carr will undergo surgery in la and out six to eight weeks but anxious to rejoin his teammates. >> all about the tame and be -- team and being there for the team and, you know, wishing us the best and he'll be back as soon as we can to be their vocally for us but he was outstanding. >> carr is always staying positive about his recovery. his older brother david told the nfl network derrick isn't ruling out the return in the playoffs. >> they say six to eight weeks and does the math and he's like that's super bowl. me as a fan, i'm like do the
6:53 pm
raiders have a chance without him? i'm thinking that way but for him, he has so many love for the team and they're so good, he thinks they can go out there and do that. they've got a tough road. >> matt doesn't have a lot of time to knock off the rest. they're playoff seeding has to be determined so there's plenty at stake sunday in denver. winning in denver would give the raiders the afc west title in they win and first round bye. they could still earn that number one seed if new england loses in miami. if the raiders lose and chiefs win, oakland will head to houston for the first round of the playoffs. chief made history last night when he became the heaviest player to throw a touchdown pass. that's a defensive player doing that. a record previously held by former raider russell. he tips the scale at under 350 pounds and impressed kansas city's other quarterback.
6:54 pm
>> one for one in a touchdown i don't think i can critique much. i can't say anything. looked good to me. >> as a lineman, you always kind of dream of that right there. all the hitting the sled we had to do, you get a opportunity to put one up like that, that's a first spill he's thrown on that -- spiral he's thrown on that too. elevated more than 4-inches off the ground to throw it. it was beautiful. >> to the 49ers, carlos hyde will mess the final game with a sprained mcl but not a tear and no surgery needed. the niners will finish the season at home against seattle but will it be chip kelly's final game as the head coach? kelly once again asked about his future with the team and what's starting to feel like ground hog day. >> have you had any discussions with either one of them about 2017 yet? >> no. >> take place next week then? >> not sure. said the same thing every week.
6:55 pm
>> just checking. we haven't had any conversations act that at all. >> the media has a opportunity for me somewhere. >> think you're coming back next year? >> i'm concerned with seattle so we'll discuss after the season. >> to the nba, it won't change the outcome but nba jefferson should have been fouled our called for the foul at the end of yesterday's game and lebron should have received a technical for hanging on the rim. no surprise. the spur's big man had himself a merry christmas and made his first ten shot ands finished with 33 points. he ends to play solo that even head coach greg was in a very good mood. >> we're always happy when he
6:56 pm
catch ands shoots. >> it's not a word we think about in a game . >> 30 assists make as coach happy. >> not sure how to judge happy. >> you use the word happy twice this month. >> call me on that more. getting soft in my old age. that hurt. he wracked my whole evening now. >> never really associated the word happy with pop sit. maybe good coach but not happy. >> looking more like santa claus. >> no, no, no. >> hate to see all the injuries at the end of the nfl season. >> especially to derrick carr, he really loves football and he's crushed he can't be there for his team going into the playoffs. >> fan richard sherman -- too. >> i know. >> all right. back to you. that's gonna do it for kpix news at 6. join me tonight for night beat at 10:00. kcw44 cable 12. >> see you back here at 11.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are y'all? how's everybody? thank you, folks. thank you very much. i appreciate that. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] well, we got a good one today, folks. returning for their fourth day with a total of 40,680 bucks, from topeka, kansas, it's the champs, it's the roberts family. [cheering and applause] and from collegeville, pennsylvania, it's the bono family. [cheering and applause]
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everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash, and somebody--somebody just might drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] well, let's go meet them, everybody. it's the champs. it's the roberts family. branson. boy, y'all getting it done now. 40,000. that's nice. branson: yeah. yes, it is. steve: well... >> beautiful. steve: you the champs, branson. introduce everybody. branson: this is my lovely wife carmen of almost 29 years; and my daughter megan, also known as the thin mint girl; my son tyler and my son austin. steve: come on, y'all. win this money. come on, branson. hey! let's go meet the bono family. joseph: how you doing, sir? steve: welcome back, joseph. joseph: thank you so much. steve: this family is having a rematch. they were here before. something happened. i never know. they just come back. we


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