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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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is that the city actually supports these officers living in these r vs and not throwing them out in the cold. when the big bright red signs went up in this parking lot warning all the san jose police officers living in rvs to get out by the 26th or risk getting towed the police union phone started ringing. >> the circus is coming to town. >> reporter: cirque du soleil is coming back to san jose as they have been doing for the past decade. problem is, the city-owned parking lot the circus always used had become an rv park for exhausted overworked police officers. back in august kpix 5 was the first to break the story about a dozen officers who worked 17- hour shifts but lived as far away as tracy and stockton so instead of driving home they lived in the rvs during the workweek. now the lot is mostly empty. at first it seemed like they were getting kicked to the curb but not so fast. >> the nice thing is our office
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realized we have put them somewhere else to get sleep so they did. >> reporter: we spotted work crews installing lights at the new parking lot. a few are already here which has a temporary fence around it for now. >> it seems like the city really committed to this whole rv solution. >> reporter: i'm sure the chief isn't thrilled with it. i'm sure the police don't want to sleep in rvs. but they are committed to allow them to get sleep and be safe. >> reporter: and a quick update on the police staffing levels. the good news, there are 30 brand-new recruits in the police academy right now. bad news, just as many officers are retiring or leaving to other departments next month. live in downtown san jose kiet do, kpix 5. a bay area versace store is at the center of a shocking lawsuit that claims black customers were racially profiled every time they entered a livermore store. kpix 5's cate caugiran on the special code the manager allegedly used for one
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particular group of customers. cate. >> reporter: well, veronica, that's right. that is what it all comes down to. this special code that the lawsuit alleges versace had tore certain customers african- american customers. according to court documents, 23-year-old christopher sam peer row is suing versace. he claims when he started working at the out less store in livermore a manager told him about a special code they used in the store. whenever an employee saw a black customer walk in the suit alleges the employee was supposed to say d410. the code they use to classify black colored clothing and that code was supposed to give all employees a heads up that a black person was in the store. the court documents say sampeer relet his manager know he was a quarter block and that manager then started treating him definitely. >> the fact that there's an allegation that it's going to look bad for the company if it is true i think that's definitely bad for anyone who has worked with the brand or it just -- it just is a bad look
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overall. they should overhaul it and improve their diversity. >> reporter: sampeerrow claims he was fired two weeks after and he was told he didn't, quote, understand luxury. in a statement, versace denies: cate, what more did you find out...were you able to speak to >> reporter: versace did add that they strongly believe in equal opportunity as an employer. we know that the case is moving through the system. and there will be a meeting next year in march. reporting live in livermore, back to you. >> cate what more did you find out? did you speak to any employees inside the store? >> reporter: veronica, when i was inside the store, no employees would speak to me. we were kicked off the property. >> thank you. new at 6:00 a san francisco
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police department's new "use of force" policy is now the subject of a lawsuit. kpix 5 reporter melissa caen in the san francisco courtroom today as both sides made their respective cases. >> reporter: today here a judge ruled that san francisco police officers are going to have to abide by a new "use of force" policy passed by the police commission and this is even though the union disagrees with the policy and says it puts officers in harm's way. >> okay. [ overlapping speakers ] >> reporter: things got testy at times between the superior court judge and greg adam the lawyer for the police union. >> i disagree, your honor. >> reporter: at issue, whether the police commission can enact a new "use of force" policy without the union's buy-in. the commission was represented by katie porter it. >> the "use of force" policy is a core management right. >> reporter: the union says parts of that policy must be
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negotiated because officers' safety is at stake. union attorney adam explained it like this. a policy that police can't shoot at a car as it drives away from the officer, that's a management decision. but -- >> when an officer has a vika reasoning at them for the employer to say you're not allow to shoot, even in self- defense, that impact safety. >> reporter: they said they listened to the union and negotiated with them for months. >> at the end of the day the poa wants more flexibility and more force options than the commission decided to include in the policy and ultimately that's a commission decision. >> reporter: this case is not over. today the judge simply ruled that the "use of force" policy can take effect while the union and city fight about the union's right to bargain over parts of it. police union president martin halloran: >> we will definitely pursue any and all legal means at our availability. >> reporter: until there's a final ruling on this, will the police follow the new "use of
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force" policy? >> they will adhere to it. >> reporter: now, the union says that they have two issues with the new policy. first, they feel that they should retain the right to fire onto moving vehicles if necessary. they also say that they want to retain the right to use ray carotid restraint, a nonlethal way of restraining a violent person. they need all the nonlethal alternatives otherwise it escalates to lethal first and they don't want to do that. live in san francisco, melissa caen, kpix 5. tonight, movie fans are mourning the death of actress carrie fisher. she died earlier today in los angeles three days after going into cardiac arrest on a flight from london. kpix 5's emily turner is at the lucasfilm facility at the presidio where people have been paying tribute. emily. >> reporter: veronica, this found tan with i don't da on it is -- this fountain with yoda on it is a makeshift memorial for carrie fisher. >> it's the main movie when you
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think of famous movies or any sci-fi movies. >> reporter: the leading lady was carrie fisher. she will be forever remembered as princess leia in a series of films that transcended generations. >> i saw all of them 12 times. took my baby brother to see the first one three times the first day it came out and been hooked ever since. >> reporter: but fisher's life in the spotlight began before that when she was born in hollywood couple debbie reynolds and eddie fisher. her relationship about her mother was troublesome and meryl streep plays her. she struggled with addiction and bipolar disorder and wrote with it in a book. they shen revealed an affair she had with harrison ford during the filming of "star wars." [ whispering to each other ] >> reporter: in a statement released today ford says:
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>> reporter: she was only 60 when she died. she was in the icu at ucla medical center after going into cardiac arrest on her plane back from london. >> they rushed from the back with a defibrillator running towards the front. >> reporter: today her co-star mark hamill and brother on film tweeted, quote, no words hashtag #devastated. >> incredibly brave what you did. >> reporter: she had already shot her part in episode 8 set to premier next december so carrie fisher will never make another film. bay area fans say princess leia will always be king in the hearts of "star wars" fans everywhere. >> she was, you know, the other potential jedi knight and could have taken over if luke didn't, you know, step up or if he doesn't step up. so, you know, the force is in
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there, you know? >> reporter: back out here live you can see people are still showing up here at this makeshift memorial. there's a card right there on the base of the fountain where people can sign and leave their well wishes and condolences for carrie fisher. live in the presidio, emily turner, kpix 5. thank you. "star wars" creator george lucas said carrie and i have been friends most of our adult lives. she was extremely smart, a talented actress, writer and comedienne with a very colorful personality that everyone loved. in "star wars" she was our great and powerful princess. she will be missed by all. coming up at 6:30 we'll have more on fisher's life on and off screen and see how she is being remembered in hollywood. a home invader caught on camera. >> coming up, the search for a thief who stole christmas gifts from a bay area home while the family was inside sleeping. >> plus, a bay area dad
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shopping with his children murdered. tonight the children's mother is speaking out only on "5". >> then how a bay area teenager who saved his dad's life is being honored on a national stage. >> we have a little rain back in the forecast. we'll detail when, where, how much and that sort of thing and another chilly night in the bay area as we look live over the city. the forecast is coming up. after a break.
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this theif who stole all the presents from under one family's christmas tree... whil eep upstairs. police in gilroy are searching for this thief who stole all the presents from under one family's christmas tree while that family was asleep upstairs. in this home security video you see him snooping around the house there. it happened 1 a.m. christmas morning. after he ripped off the presents, he ripped down the security camera but the video of him was already uploaded to the cloud. police posted it to facebook hoping somebody recognize that is thief and we have the entire video posted at you can take a closer look and anyone who recognizes the thief is asked to call gilroy police. new at 6:00 the marine vet back in the bay area to care for his father was shot and killed in east oakland last night on the 2600 block of humboldt avenue. jessica flores talked with his friend, who believes it was a random shooting. >> reporter: briana eden says is holding on to all she has
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left of 23-year-old christopher killian. his military dog tags, his slippers, the memories. >> we almost got married if he hadn't been in the marines. >> reporter: the marine veteran was walking down humboldt avenue in east oakland around 7:30 last night when he was shot and killed. police are now looking for the shooter, who they believe drove away. >> i think he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. [ crying ] >> for those thinking that this could be gang involved or he was involved in anything, he wasn't. he was not that type. never involved in anything like that not even fighting besides fighting for his country. >> reporter: christopher served in the marines after graduating from hayward high school. beranna says he was her high school sweetheart. [ crying ] >> reporter: although they broke up, they remained friends. she says he came back home to care for his sick father. >> he cared about everyone. >> reporter: police say christopher was visiting friends in the east oakland neighborhood when he was
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killed. investigators have not released a motive. someone seen a car someone seen a face, someone seen something, can someone please help and get some information? something -- [ crying ] >> reporter: for the city, christopher's death marks the 83rd homicide this year. in oakland, jessica flores, kpix 5. >> we are learning more about the man stabbed to death in front of his son inside a target store on christmas eve. kpix 5 reporter juliette goodrich on what started with some last-minute gift buying. juliette. >> hm. >> allen, that's right. there was one more gift he wanted to get. so the father went in with his two children inside this target. he asked some other customers who are now suspects at the time to turn down some music. they brought out the knives. >> to take action like that in front of a child. who does that? >> reporter: tyrone griffin was inside target last-minute shopping with the couple's two children.
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it was his favorite time of year. >> he would decorate the tree and he would get the biggest lights. like you know, the neighbors, we gonna outshine the neighbors this year. i'm like not too many lights. >> reporter: the excitement turned tragic when he was stabbed by two suspects inside the store and later died at the hospital. >> it was just that last minute gift. it was that last minute gift. that cost my husband his life. his last-minute gift. he felt like jade had more gives than josh. i got get josh one more thing! >> reporter: the family said tyrone was always doing what was best for his children and family. >> he was a happy person. he was a happy man. he was a man of god. he was very respectful. >> reporter: a witness says tyrone asked the suspects to turn down some inappropriate music they were playing on their cell phones in the toy section. >> and it was somebody playing some provocative music and he just asked them, can you turn it down? my son is right here. you know? and the guy didn't take it too well. i'm not sure exactly what was said but they rushed him.
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>> reporter: the family is still trying to process what happened. the hardest part for nicole telling her children daddy isn't coming back. >> and they say, daddy will be back in 100 days. no, baby it, don't work like that. it don't work like that. i can't bring him back. [ crying ] >> but i know he is in a better place smiling down. >> reporter: the two suspects were arrested a short time later. they are in their 20s from hayward. tonight they are behind bars. they will appear in court this week facing murder charges. in hayward, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. pleasant hill police are investigating a shooting at a shopping center. it happened last night at the crossroads shopping center outside the starbucks. investigators think it started as a fight and then someone opened fire shattering storefront windows. no bystanders were hurt but witnesses say a bleeding man who appeared to have been shot ran toward the coffee shop and got into a car. police are looking for the victim and gunman. a north bay teenager and
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his father are getting ready to travel to pasadena to be in the rose parade. they will be on a special float honoring loved ones. >> reporter: it's the float with a heart and on january 2 riding atop this entry from the american heart association in union bank will be 15-year-old lewis griffith and his father steve from forestville. >> it's going to be awesome. yeah. i have never been to the rose bowl parade. >> reporter: the float called keep the beat alive features young heroes who administered cpr and the adults they saved. two years ago he was watching it at home when his father collapsed after doing carpentry work outside on a hot summer day. >> i saw him on the ground lifeless. >> my heart had stopped. i had a full cardiac arrest. >> reporter: his mother got
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instructions from 911. >> he said, does someone there know how to do cpr? >> the heroic phrase for the ages, for my life, was my son saying, i can do that. s. >> reporter: his parents had no idea he learned it. >> in 7th grade when i went to forestville academy there was a mandatory class. >> lewis was beside himself with his dad for i would say five to six minutes doing cpr. i was stunned. >> reporter: but so greatful. >> i love you and thank you, um, and looking forward to lots more life. >> reporter: in the last few years, steve and lewis have become spokesmen for cpr awareness. they helped lobby for a new california law requiring high school students learn cpr before graduating. >> cpr is a really important thing to learn because you never know when it can really
6:20 pm
help. >> reporter: that's the message the griffith family will continue to convey from the bottom of their hearts. in forestville, sharon chin, kpix 5. >> you know that, law that lewis and his dad helped pass requires high schools teach cpr in health class starting in the 2018 academic year although many schools already do that. brian, so we're looking forward to a slight warmup. >> we had a bite in the air today and same tomorrow. get a little warmer heading into midweek. warmest day will be thursday before we stand a chance of a few showers in the bay area. we'll show you all that. first we are going to show you san francisco. beautifully lit up tonight. morgan hill got almost to 60 degrees. half moon bay hit 58. san jose at 57 degrees. and in san rafael 53. san francisco up to 56. we'll all be in the 50s for daytime highs tomorrow with a few places nudging 60. overnight lows tonight not quite as cool as last night but
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cold enough. santa rosa 30. a31 livermore. 31 fairfield in napa. we hit 35 degrees. all right. let's have a look at what's happening out in the pacific. weird. high pressure is not so weird. but this low pressure that's down here this spinning cutoff low that's off of baja, it's going to come back toward the shoreline and when it does, it's just going to mess with the forecast by friday we might get a few showers especially in the southern half of the district. in the meantime, the ridge will be in place until we get a few degrees of warming and so tomorrow looks like a good travel day. wednesday clear skies and a chilly start. high will be 57 degrees overnight low 43. heading to houston it's going to be flat-out warm with 80 degrees and the slightest chance of a few thunderstorms, sunshine in new york and 65 degrees at atlanta. chicago partly cloudy and 43 degrees. forecast highs for tomorrow will be in the upper 50s but santa rosa a little warmer at 62. 60 degrees at napa. in the extended forecast, we have a couple of sunny days ahead of us before a little bit of a chance of showers in the
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southern end of the district from that upper level devil that low off the southland and then saturday and sunday look a- okay. how about 2017? >> oh? >> might get a sprinkle or two. none of these look like big rainmakers. they are just things that keep us up at night. will it or won't it? >> you use the word weird in your forecast. i don't often hear you say that. >> it's a little odd. in the summertime okay. but in this time of the year would you just please come out of the gulf and keep it basic? >> always entertaining. brian, thank you. a possible medical breakthrough for women. >> coming up, details on a new treatment for patients suffering from breast cancer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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got an extraordinary new treatment for breast cancer. and tells us... tonight a northern california would be diagnosed with terminal cancer got an extraordinary new treatment for breast cancer. as reporter kristine lazar tells us, this cancer patient now feels very lucky. >> reporter: 69-year-old susan young was told she had run out of options. seven different types of chemotherapy had failed to stop the spread of her breast cancer
6:25 pm
to her bones and skin. >> it's really hard to be told it's terminal. you don't know. >> reporter: before she was placed on his specialist her doctors in northern california where she lives with her husband referred her here to city of hope in duarte for an experimental treatment. a combination of that p-53 cancer vaccine and an antibody drug. the results are remarkable. >> luck doesn't usually hit me and now it has. >> reporter: when young came here more than half of her body was covered in angry itchy lesions. six weeks into treatment, they were gone. there is now no sign of cancer or her skin and internally, some of her tumors appear to be shrinking according to her oncologist. >> internally in the lung area those small lesions also starting to fade. >> reporter: the researcher who developed the vaccine says combined with the drug called [ non-english name ] it activated
6:26 pm
young's immune system causing it to attack her cancer. >> her quality of life has improved. but time will tell whether the durability, how long it lasts, and we hope it lasts for years. >> reporter: he also hopes young's incredible response to the treatment could be the key to a cure. >> what we would like to believe is that the activation of the immune system will be so profound that it could lead to a cure. >> reporter: and that has young for the first time in years filled with hope and looking toward her future. >> maybe i'll have like another 10 years. that would be great. i could see my grandchildren grow up. >> reporter: there are five other patients receiving the same combination of drugs. but so far, young's response has been the most dramatic. at city of hope, i'm kristine lazar, cbs news. amazing. "star wars" fans in mourning tonight. coming up in the next half-hour how fans an celebrities expressing their grief this
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she died this morning just days after going into cardiac arrest t from london to l our top story at 6:30, tributes are pouring in for actress carrie fisher. she died this morning just days after going into cardiac arrest on a flight from london to l.a. while she of course is best known for her role as princess leia in "star wars" her accomplishments extend beyond the big screen. we take a look back at her life. >> i should have expected to find you holding the leash. >> reporter: carrie fisher won the hearts of generations as princess leia and arguably the beloved movie franchise ever "star wars." ♪[ music ] >> reporter: princess on screen, royalty off it. she was born in beverly hills mother actress debbie reynolds, father singer eddie fisher. >> i was primarily brought up by my mother but i saw my father. >> reporter: she deftly wove her experiences as a show biz kid who struggled with
6:31 pm
addiction into a novel postcards from the edge. >> i was writing different takes on obsession. so i think of that as sort of the edge and i thought of it in the car one day driving back from palm springs with the music up loud. >> reporter: she turned her book in a movie starring meryl streep as a recovering addict embroiled in constant often funny mother-daughter drama. >> remember my 17th birthday party when you lifted your skirt up in front of all those people? >> i did not lift my skirt up. it twirled up! >> reporter: fisher poked fun at the absurdities of show biz life and all manner of self- medication including pills to control her emotions. >> any mood stabilizer is a weight gainer so whether you feel better but then you're fat so what you gain is a loss. its just -- it's not a good situation. >> reporter: fisher spoke about being by polar and often turned pain into humor writing two other books. there seemed no lack of
6:32 pm
material. after all, elizabeth taylor became her stepmother when eddie fisher remarried. she was briefly married to paul simon in the 1980s. years later she had a baby girl from a relationship with an agent. she debuted in the acclaimed film shampoo. in between the "star wars" movies, fisher landed a mishmash of movie roles, some stinkers, under the rainbow, hollywood vice squad, received praise for soap dish. >> i think we have found our waiter. >> reporter: and played a friend in "when harry met sally." >> someone is staring at you in personal growth. >> reporter: nothing could, would or perhaps should loom larger on screen than fisher in "star wars." >> transported you. it was extraordinary film making. >> do you like the princess? >> she is a little bitchy, now. >> reporter: nearly 40 years after making "star wars" she
6:33 pm
wrote a book based on her diaries and for the first time revealed an intense affair with the real hans solo, harrison ford. it was han and leia during the week and carrie and harrison during the weekend. ford has no comment. fisher spent a lifetime trying to separate the princess from the person. one wisecrack at a time. >> i always felt like i was restricted because i was bigger than life and twice as unpleasant. >> many of fisher's fans are devastated. reporter christy fajardo continues our team coverage or her death, from hollywood. >> reporter: in the shadow of the chinese theater fans posed for pictures with the footprints of legends and on this stage find one legend is missing. >> i wanted to come here to hollywood boulevard to pay respects to her. >> reporter: wayne jumped on the metro from downtown to look for carrie fisher's star. he found c3po 0 and r2d2's
6:34 pm
footprints but she was never given that honor. >> it's going to happen. it's going to happen. you know that. >> you think it's overdue? >> yes. kind of a surprise. kind of a shock and surprise that i thought for sure she would have had one years ago. >> the footprint thing i guess we are going to lose but at least we can get a star. >> reporter: fisher is nowhere to be found on hollywood boulevard so fans are remembering the icon by lining up to pose with characters from the "star wars" film. >> when i wanted to grow up i wanted to be princess leia. >> she lived the life and a tough life for a little while but she cleaned everything up and seemed like everything was going in a great direction for her, mentally, physical learns spiritually, just very sad. >> reporter: life and can rather known worldwide and on this stage where the latest "star wars" saga is played, storm troopers are shedding tears. wookkyswookies left with heavy
6:35 pm
hearts. >> god bless, rest in peace, carrie. >> reporter: grief-stricken fans feel like they lost a piece of their childhood now that they know she doesn't have a star many are paying tribute at the stars of her parents eddie fisher and debbie reynolds. on the hollywood walk of fame, christie fajardo, kpix 5. emotions are high at pearl harbor tonight in hawaii after a historic meeting with president obama and the prime minister of japan. shinzo abe is now the first japanese leader to visit the memorial alongside a u.s. president. cbs news correspondent craig boswell on words of regret but no apologies. >> reporter: japan's prime minister shinzo abe stood alongside president obama in silent reflection at a wall bearing the names of those killed? the japanese attack on -- in the japanese attack on pearl harbor the tribute above the sunken wreckage of the u system s arizona was 75 years in the
6:36 pm
making. >> i offer my sincere and everlasting condolences to the souls of those loves their lives here. >> thank you for your presence here today. a historic gesture that speaks to the power of reconciliation. >> reporter: japan launched a sneak attack on pearl harbor on december 7, 1941 pounding the u.s. fleet moored there with bombs dropped from more than 300 warplanes. the assault killed more than 2400 people more than 1,000 of them sailors on the u.s.s. arizona most are still entombed there. >> our alliance has never been stronger. in good times and in bad, we are there for each other. >> reporter: abe did not apologize for japan's attack on pearl harbor. a world war ii navy veteran didn't expect it. >> the action is better than the words. >> reporter: abe's visit comes weeks after he met with president-elect donald trump following the election. after that meeting, abe said he
6:37 pm
is confident the two nations would maintain a relationship of trust. raig boswell, cbs news, washington. violence erupts in malls across the country. >> coming up, what may be behind the series of nationwide disturbances. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
u-s consumer confidence jumped to its highest level in more it dipped a litt those are good numbers. americans are feeling good about the economy. u.s. consumer confidence jumped to its highest level in more than 15 years. down a little in november but the conference board said its consumer confidence index rose in december to 113.7, the highest since august of 2001. post-christmas fights at shopping malls around the u.s. are under investigation tonight. many of them caught on camera. violent brawls were reported in more than a dozen cities on one of the busiest days of the
6:40 pm
year. jericka duncan has the frightening video. >> reporter: dozens of police officers rushed in to respond to this fight at the mall outside of chicago. confused and panicked shoppers scramble for the exits. police say nearly 1,000 teens gathered at the mall before the brawl started at 6:30 last night. the mall closed for over an hour. at a shopping center in elizabeth, new jersey, officers armed with rifles and riot shields searched the food court. someone apparently shouted, gun, after a chair slams. hundreds ran to the exits. video shows corridors choked as shoppers tried to get out. at least eight people were injured. in fort worth, texas, officers responded to reports of an active shooter, although it turned out there was no gunman. >> anytime we're hearing a mall shooting and it's the day after christmas, you have tons of people, you know, holiday shopping, of course, the response is going to be just like that. we are going to get in here as
6:41 pm
fast as we can. [ screaming ] >> reporter: police are still unsure about why nearly a dozen brawls happened around the country. in at least one situation, authorities say social media played a role. >> running, screaming, i seen a girl get trampled over. it was really scary for real. >> reporter: at this mall in ohio the mall was placed on lockdown and officers used pepper spray to disperse a large crowd after a fight. [ screaming and cursing ] >> we didn't know what was going on but at that point we had just told everyone into the shop to make sure they were safe and make sure we contain it a little bit. >> reporter: jericka duncan cbs news, new york. >> and switching gears. the national retail federation reports 10% of holiday presents are gonna be returned and that number jumps to 30% if that gift is purchased online. january 5 has been named national returns day. so tonight we're asking you [chuckling] are you returning any of your holiday presents? yes or no, if so why?
6:42 pm
tweet me at #veronicadlcruz. we are going to have poll results and some of the best tweets. come join us tonight at bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. we have some of the best weather in the nation coming up in the next couple of days. and then things change a little bit as we head toward the weekend. we'll have the forecast as we look live towards san francisco. it's coming up as well as sports. coming up in sports, an update on derek carr after his surgery this morning. >> i know he is not gonna take time off. >> for the warriors? >> i think it's [ censored ] they should get rid of it. >> we'll tell you what has kevin durant so fired up and the pink slips are already being handed out in the nfl as a coach is sent packing all coming up in a few minutes. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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figured out a simple way around the 'fingerprint i-d lock on smartphones. it's called: waiting until your parents fall asleep. a 6-year-old girl from arkansas got around the id lock on a smartphone. it's called waiting until your parents fall asleep. the girl's mom taking a snooze on the couch last week. got tired of course. without waking mom up, the daughter took her mom's thumb
6:46 pm
and pressed it to the phone to unlock it. the little girl says she did it so she could play "pokemon go" but while playing, the daughter racked up $250 worth of charges. of course that was without mom's permission. mom tried to dispute it only about a quarter of them were refunded. and she is now sending out a little lighthearted warning you might want to start wearing gloves when sleeping. wonder why i never had kids? [ laughter ] >> brian. >> protect the smartphone. you're right. partly cloudy skies around the bay area right now looking from high atop the city and out toward the bay bridge it's looking pretty nice with the city beautifully lit up for the holiday season. right now concord has 48 degrees. oakland 52. oakland is going to be cooling down into the 40s tonight. livermore down to 45 already. san francisco 51. and here's your overnight lows. oakland down to an even 40 degrees. sun-up tomorrow morning at 7:24
6:47 pm
a.m. redwood city tonight will be chilly 38. 37 for san jose. here's how it looks now from the satellite up the west coast. high pressure is well offshore and that's going to keep us sunny and fairly dry for the next couple of days. we'll have a few high clouds coming over the top of the high floating into the bay area which is what we had today. later though, this unusually placed low is going to creep back toward california skirted the shoreline over the weekend went south now it's going to change its mind come back up north and by the end of the week there's at least the potential for some showers in as you would imagine the southern part of the bay area and not at the north bay. that could happen toward the end of the week. we'll show you in the extended forecast. now it looks high and dry and a look at the futurecast for the city of san francisco tomorrow will top out at 57. right there. and then sunset comes along and by 5:00 tomorrow night we'll be at 54 degrees. so clear skies, and cold overnight. sunny a little bit warmer tomorrow. nothing earth-shattering but we'll get a degree or two warmer for much of the bay
6:48 pm
area. thursday unsettled as that low begins to set its sights on southern california. high temperatures tomorrow will be a little bit warmer than average for the last week of december. 58 degrees in san francisco. concord the same. san jose tomorrow 60 degrees and oakland 59. in the south bay we are going to be looking at a few high clouds from time to time and then union city comes in at 57 degrees. in milpitas we'll be near 60. then for morgan hill and san jose all near 60. redwood city 59. and pacifica 57 degrees. over in the east bay numbers look nice and mild with 56 degrees at brentwood. 57 at fairfield. 58 degrees in pleasant hill. vallejo the same. north bay tomorrow sunshine, a few high clouds up there and 57 degrees for san rafael. 61 for petaluma and santa rosa at 62. bodega bay comes in at 57 degrees. and then finally we'll look at numbers up around lakeport and clearlake and ukiah at near 60. in the extended forecast, we'll get sunshine for the next couple of days with
6:49 pm
temperatures topping out in the warmest spots, the warmest day thursday with readings approaching mid-60s. that's a heat spell compared to most of the rest of the nation. friday there's a chance of a few showers in the south bay. wouldn't amount to too much. over the weekend partly cloudy skies. numbers begin to cool. inn and another chance of a few showers coming in for 2017. that's weather. andrea nakano has just stepped into the studio. she has a lot to talk about in sports after a break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:52 pm
practice field tomorrow... and while derek carr won't be on the field... his teammates wouldn't be surprised to see him at the facility a day after the surgery. ### the raiders return to the practice field tomorrow. derek carr's teammates wouldn't be surprised to see him at the facility a day after the surgery. >> i know he is not going to take time off be away from this building if he doesn't have to. that's the kind of guy he is. >> carr tweeted an update earlier today saying, surgery couldn't have gone better. great news already started the recovery process. thank you for all your prayers as i heal up! while he begins his recovery matt mcgloin is preparing for his first start since 2013 with a chance to clinch the division and a first round bye sunday in denver. the raiders expect mcgloin to
6:53 pm
pick up where carr left off. >> we expect our guys to step in and play and play well and we expect to win. >> him and derek are always conversing with each other on and off the field. now he is going to be making the plays and they will have the same relationship. i think that will be positive. to the warriors. they are back home following their christmas day loss in cleveland. the "dubs" will play nine of the next ten games at oracle starting with the raptors tomorrow night. steve kerr and kevin durant didn't take consolation in the league admitting durant was fouled on the final play of the game sunday. instead kevin durant thinks the nba should get rid of the last two-minute report that highlight missed calls by the refs. >> you can't fine us for when we go out there and criticize them but throw them under the bus for a two-minute report, what about the first and 2nd quarter 3rd quarter? i think it [bleeps]. they believed should get rid of
6:54 pm
it. the refs don't deserve it. they try to get the playwright. you look at it in slo-mo, i think it's [ censored ] that they do that it's [ censored ] to throw the refs under the bus like that after the game. the game is over. we moving on. it doesn't matter. back to the nfl. the buffalo bills are the latest team in the market for a new head coach this off season. >> it's been 15 years since the bills made the play-off. we are going. >> but not with rex ryan. buffalo fired ryan and his assistant defensive coordinator his brother rob ryan. rex ryan went two seasons with the bills. they haven't made the play-offs since 1999. the steelers are headed to the play-offs for the 7th time in 11 years under mike tomlin but that doesn't impress terry bradshaw. the former steeler told fox sports, quote, he is a nice coach. he is a really great
6:55 pm
cheerleader guy. i don't know what he does. i don't think he is a great coach. his name never pops in my mind when we think about great coaches in the nfl. >> terms like cheerleader guy to me maybe fall outside the bounds of critique or criticism. they probably fall more into toward the area of disrespect and unprofessional. but what do i know? you know, i grew up a dallas fan. you know? particularly a hollywood henderson fan. [ laughter ] >> and henderson is the former cowboys linebacker who once famously said, bradshaw couldn't spell cat if you spotted him a c and the a. well. in college hoops san francisco state is ranked 15th in the latest coaches poll. the gators are off to an 11-0 the best start in school history. the kings beat the 76ers last night for the fourth straight win. philly big man missed a three
6:56 pm
as time expired but did plenty to impress cousins in their first meeting but cousins isn't ready to pass the torch anytime soon. >> what are you thoughts? >> i don't give a lot of people props but i like that kid a lot, man of the i think he get a great chance of being big in the league after i retire. [ laughter ] >> well done. i can laugh with that, too. >> classic. houston's [ non-english name ] made a name for himself in his nba debut last night. he shot his free three underhanded. rick barry would be very proud. he is shooting a high percentage. that works for him. >> to this day rick barry will tell you that's what they all should be doing. >> that's all, yeah. >> i don't think could you ever get steph curry to do that. no way. >> no way. >> thank you for watching. oin us for nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12.
6:57 pm
back here at 11, good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: all right. how y'all? thank you so much. thank you very much. i appreciate that. thank y'all. thank you very much. i appreciate it, folks. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, we got a good one for you today. returning for their fifth and final day with a total of 41,345 bucks, from topeka, kansas, it's the champs, it's the roberts family! [cheering and applause] and from oakland, california--
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that's the oaktown--it's the washington family. everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and if the roberts family wins today's game, folks, they driving out of here in that brand-new car right there. [cheering] let's play "feud." give me anette, give me branson. top 8 answers on the board. name something a bitter ex-wife pours on her ex-husband's belongings. anette: gasoline. steve: you've done this before. gasoline. anette: yeah! steve: pass or play? anette: we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. anette: ha ha ha! steve: anthony, name something a bitter ex-wifeou


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