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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 28, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 at -- news. the further jot dish me -- for saatchi using -- they are using a code any time that minorities would enter the store. >> reporter: it comes down to this they use a specific code to identify one gruba shoppers, african americans. d4 10, it's a code that they used to identify black close and black shoppers. >> i cannot believe that employees there would be okay with that.>> reporter: a former employee says that he wasn't
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okay with it. he is suing the company. according to the lawsuit, the 23-year-old said that the manager told employees to say the code to alert other workers that all-black customer entered the store. >> is bigotry out there. >> it doesn't matter what color you are. the coda stupid. >> reporter: according to the documents, he is a quarter black and he claims he was fired two weeks later and and there is no code for luxury. >> i wouldn't shop there. >> if that's true, they should definitely have overall, in the company think about diversity. >> reporter: they denied the allegations and said we do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, national origin or any other characteristic
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protected by her civil rights laws. they believe in equal opportunity as a are and the case is moving through the system and there is a meeting scheduled for next march. kpix news, cate cauguiran. let's go outside, it is a chilly night and some parts of the bay area will dip below the freezing mark. >> another cold one for the bay and temperatures like you said getting into the freezing territory. we are not there yet. but is getting there. 30 degrees. 35 degrees in livermore, 34 degrees santa rosa. fairfield below freezing and san francisco not doing too bad, 43 degrees. then there will be a change in the weather coming in. there is the low pressure that you can see at the center of your screen that will affect the bay area.
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we will cover that in a few minutes. a san jose state university teacher bidden the beaten to death with a baseball bat. the prime suspect is her son. the motive for the homicide is under investigation. tonight scott tributes -- tonight, tributes are piling up. she is known as the great talent on and off screen. >> reporter: carrie fisher's one woman play, in 2008 and 2009, she then headed to broadway. carrie fisher, the most famous movie wanted her obituary to read. in galaxy not so far away,
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fisher was remembered. born into hollywood royalty, the daughter of debbie reynolds and stepdaughter of elizabeth taylor she became princess leia. while she could not escape the hairdo or gold bikini, the actress struck out into comity. >> someone is staring at you. >> reporter: postcards from the edge, wishful drinking, and shopaholic. she admitted her own struggles with bipolar disorder and the addiction that came with it. >> when i was a kid, i thought, i wish i could sit in the chair for a while and turn
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it off. that's what i did with drugs, i called it taming the beast. >> reporter: it was from a flight from london to los angeles, she was trying to separate land from herself, she then had a heart attack. it happened late last week. passengers on the flight performed cpr and she was rushed to los angeles hospital. in the end the woman who help take down darth vader and the empire. >> her costar, no words, devastated. from billy dee williams, i am deeply saddened of the news. the forces dark today. i thought i had gotten what i wanted under my tree but i didn't. so many thoughts and prayers for so many. i'm very sad. tonight, the sheriffs say that they busted a chop shop. they recovered the stolen car parts on a 40 acre property.
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they found some vehicles completely stripped. sheriff's deputies and other deputies arrested four men. the subject of a lawsuit, kpix, the police officers union is trying to bring them to a halt before they begin. >> the police union was in court today trying to get a temporary restraint order. the request came at a and of a tumultuous year. >> reporter: the police shooting amaro was happened last december. but a lot has happened the last 12 months. demonstrators marched around city hall demanding reform. they wanted the mayor to replace the police chief. and then the mayor announced a new use of force policy. today, the police union
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challenge the new policy in court. they insisted that for safety reasons, officers need the latitude to shoot at moving cars or to use chokehold on all carotid artery is suspect. but the judge told the union, no. >> is a core management right. >> reporter: they said that they will follow the new policy but will likely appeal the judge's decision. >> we will definitely pursue any and all legal means that is that our availability.>> reporter: we reached out to one of the san francisco 500 strikers, he is in steny rock north dakota protesting the biplane. -- pipeline. >> we should be demanding that police officers de-escalate every situation. we need to make sure they're held accountable. our district county -- our district attorney hasn't
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prosecuted any police officer in san francisco. >> it doesn't, officers who delay to get someone into custody will not be found neglected to duty they will have fulfillment. love, light, returns to washington square park. a new menorah is flying in from the east coast that is replacing the one that was stolen over the weekend. it was set up next to the christmas tree but by sunday it was gone. last night, people brought their own menorahs for the lighting but by tomorrow, the emergency menorah sent from massachusetts will be a place for the fifth night of the festival for lights. tonight, police are searching for the stolen menorah. new information tonight about the suspects, with the homicide and haworth. two brothers stabbed a man inside a target store. they believe it was a dispute over music led to his death.>>
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doing it for the mother, for the family. give them the love that only you can. >> christmas will never be the same. >> reporter: tyrone griffith was inside target last night shopping with the couples two children. it was his favorite time of year. >> he would decorate the tree. he would get the biggest lights. he says we will outshine the neighbors this year. >> reporter: that excitement turned tragic when he was stabbed by two suspects inside the store. he later died at the hospital. >> it was that last-minute gift. the last-minute gift cause my husband his life. >> you said, i have to get josh one more thing. >> reporter: he was doing what was best for his children and family. witness said that tyrone as the suspect to town -- to turn down inappropriate music that they
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were playing on their cell phones in the toy section. >> it was about summons music. >> he just asked him to turn it down. the guy did not take it to well. i'm not sure exactly what was said. but they rushed him. >> reporter: the family still trying to process what happened. they say you cannot make sense of it. that it was senseless. >> taking action like that in front of a child? >> who does that? >> reporter: the two suspects were arrested a short time later. the hardest part for nicole is telling her children that daddy is not coming back. >> i cannot bring him back. i know he is in a better place and i know he is smiling down. >> reporter: the two stabbing suspects were arrested they are in their 20s and from hayward in they are behind bars and they will face court sometime this week facing murder charges. the former u.s. marine turning to the bay area
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to care for his sick father. the circus is coming to town, only on 5, why some they area police want them to move out. this teenager saved his father's life.
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the gunman who shot and killed a former marine.. 23-year-old kristopher killian served in the marines after graduating from hayward high school... friends tonight, please szilagyi for the gunman who shot and killed a former marine. he served in the marines after graduating from hayward high school and friends said that he returned home to care for his sick father. he was killed in oakland last night. >> it could be gang involved. he wasn't involved in anything. >> he was not that type. he was never involved in anything like that. he was only involved with fighting, fighting for his
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country. >> he died at the scene and so far, there are no arrests and no clear motive. the police officers living in the rvs, they are now being forced to move. they found out is because the circus is coming to town. >> the circus will be here in san jose in six weeks. they will clear out the rvs and the spark along the for this one, the last man standing, it was the old rv parking lot here at san jose police. the broader story is that they support the officers using these rvs and not throwing them out into the cold. when the big right -- big red sign went up, get out by december 26 are risk getting towed, but the phone started to ring. things started to change the circus is coming to town. >> cirque du soleil is coming back to san jose. the parking lot that the city
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has used it has become an rv park for exhausted and overworked police officer's. a dozen officers who worked 17 our ships but lived as far as way as tracy and stockton. so they lived in the rvs during the work week. right now, the lot is virtually empty. >> the nice thing is is that our chief's office decided to put them somewhere else. that's what they did. that is a good thing. >> reporter: we saw the cruise installing the new lights. there is a temporary fence run it for right now. >> it seems like the city is really committed. i'm sure they're not thrilled to see much parking with the rvs here. they are committed, i think, to allow them to get some sleep and be safe. >> reporter: a quick update on the police staffing levels here
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in san jose, the good news, there are 30 brand-new recruits in the police academy. the bad news, just as many officers plan to retire or leave for other departments next month and downtown san jose, kiet do. the city has been awarded $75 million a grant money for the project. it will be used to to make the transition. the project will cost a quarter of $1 billion, and be completed by 2020. if you are looking for a new job for the new year, you might want to check out the city of san jose website. there are hundreds of job openings in the city is hoping to start 2017 with the hiring blitz. they are getting ready for one of the biggest parades in the nation. is the rose parade. january 2, a northbay teenager and instead are getting ready to travel to pasadena to ride on a special float.
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showing us that is to honor young heroes. >> reporter: it is the float with the heart, and on january 2, it will be 15-year-old and his father steve who will be on the flow. >> it will be awesome. i've never been to the rose bowl play -- parade. >> featuring young heroes who administer cpr and the adult lives they say. >> reporter: two years ago, he was watching tv at home on a hot summer day when his father collapsed he was doing carpentry work outside. >> i saw him lying on the ground. he was lifeless. >> i my heart has stopped. i had full cardiac arrest. >> reporter: he followed instructions from 911. >> you said, does someone there know how to do cpr? >> the heroic phrase, my son
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saying, i can do this. >> reporter: his parents had no idea that his parents knew that he knew cpr. >> it was a mandatory class.>> reporter: he was by himself with his father. for 5 to 6 minutes. he was doing cpr. i was stunned. >> reporter: but so grateful. >> i love you and thank you. i am looking forward to lots more life. >> reporter: they have become spokespeople for cpr awareness. there is a new california law that high school students learn cpr before they graduate. >> cpr is an important thing to learn. it can help. >> reporter: from the bottom of their hearts they will remember.
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>> the law that helped pass requiring to teach cpr in health classes in the academic year. looking forward to, there is a chance of rain coming in late in the week. and it will be chilly tonight. it doesn't look like much but it looks weird. concord 34 degrees. oakland 34. san jose 43. santa rosa 34 degrees. here is how it looks, here is a double bull's-eye, high- pressure strong, over the top of that, we will pick up a high clouds and it will be clear and then this low. it will come back towards the shoreline, parallel to the coast for the weekend came out here, to the east pacific and sitting here for a couple days and it will get picked up and brought back to southern
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california. on the top side of that low we could get some showers later in the week. we will see what happens. that's on friday. in the meantime, tomorrow looks good. mostly clear skies waking up to brilliant sunshine and keeping it that way for much of the day. at sfo clear skies, high 57, the overnight low of 33. 80 degrees in houston. and there could be afternoon thunderstorms. we will be looking for clear skies, colder overnight tonight, sunny, a little bit warmer tomorrow then unsettled weather after there is a. santa rosa is 30 degrees. sunup tomorrow morning just after 7:20 am. 37 four and overnight low in san jose. is chilly but not as chilly as it was over the weekend. daytime highs, clustered around the upper 50s, to low 60s for much of the bay area. then it will be a little bit warmer, 60 campbell, and these
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make plenty of sunshine, and temperatures top out and upper 50s, northbay, temperatures in the midshipman to upper 50s as well. up and lake county, lots of sunshine, 60 degrees. clear lake, and extended forecast, such an overly over the place. wednesday than increasing clouds on thursday. there will be a few showers for the self-pay then clearing it up as we usher in 2017. ? where did the year go? -- >> where did the year go? tonight, the indication that got way out of hand. that story coming up. the late show, here ar,,,,,
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mexico celebrated her 15th birthday. >> her parents invited everyone to come to the party. but who did they know that all these people would show up. it happened in mexico. 30,000 people attended. her parents posted this online inviting everyone to come. then the invitation went viral. more than 1 million people rsvped to say that they would be showing up. fortunately conscious 30,000 and not 1 million. coming up in sports, the sharks are back in action.,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix 5. we have not talked hockey in a while. >> i know. the sharks are playing well. they will probably go back to the postseason. we will see what happens. >> before christmas break they took over. the winners of six of their last winning games. they are taking on the ducks for the first time this season. second-period, passing it. and then somehow, the sharks take a lead but this goes into overtime. and the overtime, he passes it to burns for the game-winner. and the sharks with their second straight when 3-2. -- their second straight andria
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borba to -- their second straight death to -- when -- the win. >> great news already starting the recovery process. >> thank you for all your prayers as i held up. for the nba, they did not take any consolation, with the final fall of the game on sunday, durant, thinking that the nba should get rid of the last two minutes reports that was highlighted by the rest. >> you shouldn't throw him under the bus for a two minute report. our referees do not deserve that. but you look at a players move
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in say it's wrong. it's wrong that they do that? it's wrong that they throw us under the but -- it is bad that they throw us under the bus like that. even when the game is over. >> the lack of calls that the worriers say, seeing stuff kuri, get in the around the court and no whistles.
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it is going to warm up just a little bit? >> it is a little warmer. >> we will feel the next couple of days. the late show is coming up next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30 am. bright and early. >> did you say that houston was going to be 80 ? >> yes. have a good night. ,,,,,,,,,
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