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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> i'm julie watts in for michelle griego this morning. time now is 4:29. and we are here with roqui androphore a check of the weather. >> roqui and "ro." >> we got back from sacramento last night and it seemed like everyone on the bay area was on that road. [ overlapping speakers ] >> make sure you count every car today. >> a lot of people. >> i think we're going to expand out our counties there in the bay area to the sacramento area with the weather today where it's been stellar, as well. this is a phenomenal view this morning from sutro tower looking north at the golden gate bridge. and currently, around the bay area, it's another frosty starts to our day in the low 30s in santa rosa, are we done with this cold? it's been prolonged. today on the other side of 60 degrees in santa rosa. fairfield 60.
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mid-50s across the bay. we'll tell you about the forecast and when to expect rain coming up. >> i'm asking the same question, when is the cold going away? so the traffic we were talking about we already have a traffic alert issued by chp and it's 4:30 in the morning. southbound 280 in san jose before bird avenue it's a two- car crash involving an overturned car. so a major injury crash here. the four left lanes are blocked. the far right lane is open. but as you can see, it is causing some slowdowns. traffic is moving at just about 40 miles per hour. chp is on scene so we'll let you know when that's cleared out. san mateo bridge, live look from hayward to foster city 13 minutes. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. a series of strong earthquakes is raising concerns in nevada this morning. the first quake a magnitude 5.7 struck near hawthorne at 12:18 this morning. about 130 miles southeast of lake tahoe. another quake of the same size struck 2 minutes later followed by a 5.6 about an hour after
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that. the quakes were felt as far as tahoe and fresno. time now 4:31. a bay area versace store is being accused of racial profiling. a lawsuit claims employees were encouraged to use a code when black customers entered. kpix 5's cate caugiran shows us why a former employee blew the whistle. >> reporter: it all comes down to this. the lawsuit alleges that versace uses a specific code to identify one group of shoppers, african-americans. d410, it's a code one lawsuit claims versace uses to identify black clothes and black shoppers. >> and i can't believe that employees there would actually be okay with that. >> reporter: one former versace employee at the san francisco premium outlets in livermore said he wasn't okay with it and is now suing the company. according to the lawsuit, 23- year-old christopher sampino says a manager told employees to say the code d410 to alert
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other workers that a black customer entered the store. >> it's sad. >> reporter: he told his manager that he is a quarter black and that management treated him different after. he claims he was fired two weeks later and told he did not, quote, understand luxury. >> i wouldn't want to shop here. >> they need to improve. >> reporter: in a statement. versace added that they believe an equal opportunity as an employer. we know the case is moving through the system and there is a meeting scheduled for next march. in livermore, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the manager's name isn't
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mentioned in the lawsuit filed last month. in san jose, many overworked police officers have been living in rvs just to get some sleep and now we have learned they are being kicked off a city lot because cirque du soleil is setting up shop on the very lot these rvs call home. the city is now telling cops to clear out. in august, kpix 5 broke the story about officers resorting to r vs after pulling 17-hour shifts. now they will have to park in a different city lot. >> i'm sure the chief's office isn't thrilled to see rvs in the parking lot and police officers sleeping in them and i'm sure they don't want to but they are committed, i think, to allow them to get some sleep and be safe. >> fortunately there are now 30 new recruits in the police academy but by next month 30 current officers will be leaving. we now know the names of the brothers accused in a christmas eve stabbing in
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hayward. police say 22-year-old frankie artaletta and 25-year-old brother stabbed a man inside a target store. juliette goodrich spoke to the victim's family who says they believe a dispute over music killed him. >> they are doing this holiday for these children for this mother for this family. give them the love that only you can. >> christmas will never be the same for me and my children. >> reporter: tyrone griffin was inside target last-minute shopping with the couple's two children. it was last-minute shopping. >> he would get the biggest trees. we are gonna out shine the neighbors this year. >> reporter: that excitement turned tragic when he was stabbed by two suspects inside the store and later died at the hospital. >> it was just that last-minute gift. it was that last-minute gift that cost my husband his life. he felt like jade had more gifts than josh. i got to get josh one more
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thing! >> reporter: the family says tyrone was always doing what was best for his children and family. a witness says tyrone asked the suspects to turn down some inappropriate music they were playing on their cell phones in the toy section. >> and it was somebody playing some provocative music and he just asked them, can you turn it down? my son is right here you know? the guy didn't take it too well. i'm not sure exactly what was said but they rushed him. >> reporter: the family is still trying to process what happened. they say you can't make sense of it. it was senseless. >> they out of they mind to actually take action like that. >> in front of a child. >> yeah. >> my son was there. >> like who does that? >> reporter: the two suspects were arrested a short time later. the hardest part for nicole telling her children daddy isn't coming back. >> i can't bring him back. [ crying ] >> i can't bring him back. but i know he is in a better place and i know he is smiling down. >> reporter: in hayward,
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juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> frankie and jesse archuleta from hayward will be arraigned today the heart of hanukkah returns to washington square today. a new menorah will replace the one that was stolen from the park recently. a 6-foot brass menorah was set up next to a christmas tree on christmas eve but it disappeared by sunday. on monday night people brought their own to keep on with the celebration and tonight a replacement will arrive from massachusetts for the fifth night of hanukkah. police are searching for the original and the person who stole it. time now to get a check of weather and traffic. we are starting off with roberta. cold. >> can we remember the last time we have had so many days of cold temperatures in the very first part of winter? >> i really can't. >> no. it's been a very long time. i keep bringing the plants in at night and putting them back out during the day. >> i thought you gave up. >> i did with one poinsettia but it's not giving up so i have to keep nurturing it. it's another day, another morning where we have
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subfreezing temperatures. good morning, out the door clear skies. the winds are nonexistent and temperatures below freezing in santa rosa. it is now near freezing in livermore. it is in the mid-30s in redwood city back through belmont livermore again in the mid-30s throughout the tri-valley into pleasanton and dublin. san jose you're waking up to 38 degrees. it is now in the 40s around the rim of the bay. where you see the blue highlighted areas that's where it's picking up wind gusts at the coast. when you see a northeast wind that means the winds are coming from our inland areas and transporting out toward the coast where we have dry air north winds at 5 in napa. winds will increase to 15 later today. temperatures are going up. we are going to be on the other side of 60 in many locations not so much at the seashore but still these numbers are up to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday 58 half moon bay, 60 morgan hill, east bay numbers 58 in throughout the tri-valley. same in concord, clayton and walnut creek. 56 in stinson beach. great visibility. but! clouds do increase. we'll tell you when to expect
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that but first here's roqui. >> thank you, roberta. okay, it is 4:38. and we already have a traffic alert in san jose. so let's take a look at those details here. it's southbound 280 before bird avenue. it's a two-car crash involving an overturned car there. so it's a major injury crash has the four left lanes blocked and the far right lane open. chp is on scene trying to clear it out but as you can see it's difficult and traffic is moving at just 7 miles per hour. so very slow conditions here. if this is part of your morning commute i suggest you avoid the area for now. moving over to the san mateo bridge, if you are heading into the peninsula from hayward to foster city, that's 880 to 101, that will take you about 14 minutes and then across the way of the bay bridge toll plaza that's a quick drive those metering lights will turn on around 5:30 this morning. so on 80 westbound from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze, that will take you about 18 minutes. moving over to mass transit now, bart, ace trains one and caltrain all on time but muni express buses most of them will not be running this week due to the holiday schedule so make sure you're checking those holiday schedules for mass
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transit and also larkspur ferry will be on a reduced schedule but the sausalito ferry will be on a regular schedule. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. "star wars" fans around the world are morning the loss of actress carrie fisher. kpix 5's andria borba tells us fisher had just one request for her obituary. >> reporter: carrie fisher's one-woman play wishful drinking played here at the berkeley rep in 2008 and 2009 before heading to broadway. it can be felt all over the world. carrie fisher ground in moonlight strangle by her own draw. that's how the most famous movie princess of all wanted her obit to read. >> i should have expected to find you holding the leash. >> reporter: in a galaxy not so far away lucasarts complex in the presidio to be exact fisher was remembered near a statue of yoda her on screen co-star in the "star wars" franchise this
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afternoon. born into hollywood royalty the daughter of debty ren million dollars and eddie fisher and stepdaughter of elizabeth taylor she became princess leia, and later general leai in "star wars." and while she couldn't escape the hairdo or bikini the images preserved in our memory, the actress struck out into comedy. >> someone is staring at you in personal growth. >> reporter: and books including the best-sellers postcards from the edge wishful drinking and shockaholic. she also gave a voice to those with mental health illness admitting her struggles with bipolar disease and the addiction that came with it. >> when i was a kid i used to think god i would just love to be able to sit in a chair for a while and turn it off and that's what did i with drugs was try to just take this away. >> override it. >> i just want -- i called it taming the beast. >> reporter: it was during the flight from london to los angeles promoting her latest book, the princess diarist,
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about trying to separate leia from herself that she had a heart attack last week. passengers on the flight performed cpr and she was rushed to a los angeles hospital. in the end, the woman had helped take down darth vader at empire succumbed, the most human of endings. andria borba, kpix 5. >> celebrities are paying tribute to fisher this morning including her "star wars" co- stars: time is 4: there's a change in ho am view pot... and that change is impacting teenagers. the new ♪[ music ] time now 4:42. there's a change in how americans view pot and that change is impacting teenagers. the new study by local researchers next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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smoke it? it's highly possible... at least according to a new u-c davis study.
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anser hassan has the story. there is a change in h nd that legalizing recreational marijuana cause more teens to smoke it? it's possible according to a new uc-davis study. an sar hasan has the story. >> reporter: there's a change in how americans view pot and affecting teenagers. >> just even passing the law was sending a message that pot was not harmful, um, and that that could change adolescent attitudes around pot. >> reporter: this professor is a co-author of a new study that looks at teens' use and abuse of pot 250,000 students in 8th, 10th and 12th grade surveyed in 47 states. the views on marijuana were compared to students of the same age in washington and colorado where pot is legalized in 2012. what they found is in washington state, there was up to a 16% drop in negative views of pot among 8th and 10th grader and a 4% increase in pot use. the study suggests that significantly higher compared
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with students in states where marijuana is illegal. >> that seems like a particular concern when -- if you are seeing adolescents increasing use following legalization. >> they said it was okay enough to be legal they feel like it's okay for them to do it as with alcohol. >> reporter: the doctor says parents have the right to be concerned and although the data is preliminary and just based on two states, she says states like california can learn a lot. the study finds pot use in early adolescents can lead to addiction. that puts them at a greater risk for developing mental health problems like depression and puts them at a greater risk for social and economic problems, as well. the doctor says the state should be looking to invest in prevention and treatment. >> if there is an increase in use, then we also need to pay for public health prevention programs to prevent that early initiation of use. time now 4:46. san francisco's van ness avenue finally has the funds it needs to help with congestion. the city just got $75 million in federal grant money to cover
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the van ness improvement project. it will allow crews to overhaul the streets from lombard to mission and build the city's first lanes designed specifically for muni routes. the whole project will cost nearly $250,000. set to be finished in 2020 and we might get to work on time. [ laughter ] >> sounds good, yeah. >> how about that. something that just opened up in october was the brand-new airport controller tower. have you seen it? i know you're out and about quite often. >> in live shots. [ laughter ] >> me, too. i saw it yesterday, yeah. it was looking good. >> i was at sfo just recently and it's just amazing. i love the design. it's 221 feet tall and it's able to see over the air so they have more optimal view of the entire airfield. >> there's a yoga room there, too. >> that's what i was telling you yesterday. it's connected between terminal 1 and2. there's a secure and not secure area and that's where people transport from one terminal to the other, yoga room. >> how cool. >> i think a lot of the air
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traffic controller are in there now!! at this particular time, it's our live weather camera looking out at that beautiful brand-new tower replacing the old one that was built in the '50s. it was due time. and look just how stunning that is. you can see the planes, the people working this morning and so far no reports of any airport delays. temperatures right now below freezing in santa rosa it is just above freezing in the tri- valley. back through berms. north wind to 7 at sfo. 5 at napa. sunny and cool today. mild today and tomorrow then cooler friday through the weekend with daily chances of rain. high pressure is building in for now so keeps with us with dry weather pattern offshore condition. if it feels dry on your skin, it is. the humidity is lower with high pressure expanding. 50s throughout the central valley today. 46 degrees and the high sierra we are talking about spring- like skiing. 7:24 sunrise.
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the skies will be clear. sunny skies, blue skies today. visibilities unlimited temperatures in the 50s and now on the other side of 60 degrees. the extended forecast calls for one more day -- would you believe santa rosa tomorrow 67 degrees? increasing clouds on friday leading to that potential of light rain showers on saturday through the weekend. more than likely we'll have a sprinkle here or there. rain is likely on monday. want to feature your fireworks forecast along the embarcadero on saturday night partly cloudy conditions temperatures in the upper 40s at 8 p.m. mid-40s by midnight. roqui, where will you be watching the fireworks? >> oh!! that is a good question. i have been trying to figure it out. i think i'm going to go to a party which is weird for me. i always stay home but i think it's time to live a little this year. what do you think? >> there you go! [ applause ] it is 4:49. a traffic alert in san jose. southbound 280 before bird avenue, it's a two-car crash involving an overturned car here so a major injury involved and four left lanes are blocked and the far right lane is open.
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now, as you can see, traffic is moving at just 10 miles per hour. so you will want to avoid this area if you can. our suggestion is take meridien on exit meridien avenue northbound on meridien to san carlos and then san carlos to bird and then southbound 280. that's how you avoid this major backup here. if you are taking the altamont pass this morning off 205 moving well at 58 miles per hour. then once you hit north flynn road you're at 36 miles per hour. so north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will take you 18 minutes along 580 westbound. now, livermore looking good. but into the dublin interchange where that traffic slows down a bit altamont pass to 680 will take you 14 minutes. okay. if you are traveling into the peninsula, here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. from hayward to foster city, that's 880 to 101, that will take you 13 minutes and then a live look at the nimitz freeway looking good in both directions. 238 northbound to the maze will just take you 15 minutes. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. several million americans suffer from a movement disorder
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that can significantly affect quality of life. reporter marlie hall on how a new innovative treatment is giving them a steady hand. >> reporter: alexandra says it takes an unsteady hand to appreciate a steady one. >> this is the new and improved and perfect hand. >> reporter: the 52-year-old wall street businesswoman suffers from essential tremor a neurological disorder that causes involuntary shaking. she says it's affected every aspect of her life including her work. >> taking a glass of wine or sparkling water from a tray at a party, being able to take a picture with my iphone, just so many basic, basic things. >> reporter: alexandra was one of the first patients to receive a new fda-approved treatment for essential tremor. dr. michael caplick from weill cornell medical college says a noninvasive ultrasound device carts the part of the brain -- targets the part of brain causing the shaking. >> it allows us to send ultrasound waves to specific
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spots in the brain and actually change the way the brain functions. >> reporter: patients have reported a nearly 50% improvement in their tremors. the procedure can only be done on one side of the brain so alexandra chose the right side of her brain because she is left-handed. >> this is now after the procedure. it's unbelievable. >> good boy! >> reporter: she hopes modern medicine finds a way to eliminate the tremors but saying having one steady hand has changed her life. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. time now 4:52. a north bay teen who survived -- who saved his father will be honored as a hero. next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and this year, a north bay father and son will be on a special float.. honoring young welcome back. time now 4:54. we are days away from one of the biggest parades of the year of the rose parade. this year north bay father and son will be on a special float honoring young heroes. kpix 5's sharon chin shows us why. >> reporter: it's the float with the heart and on january 2, riding atop this entry from the american heart association and union bank will be 15-year- old lewis griffith and his father steve from forestville. >> it's going to be awesome, yeah. i have never been to the rose bowl parade and now i'm going to be in the rose bowl parade. >> reporter: the float called keep the beat alive features young heroes who administered cpr and the adults whose lives they saved. >> so that's pretty exciting. >> reporter: two years ago, lewis was watching tv at home on a hot summer day when his father collapsed after doing carpentry work outside. >> and then i saw him lying on the ground kind of lifeless.
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>> my heart had stopped. i had a full cardiac arrest. >> reporter: lewis' mother got instructions from 911. >> and then he said, does someone there know how to do cpr? >> and the heroic phrase for the ages for my life was my son saying, i can do that. >> reporter: his parents had no idea lewis knew cpr. >> in 7th grade when i went to forestville academy, there was a mandatory class. >> lewis was by himself with his dad for i would say 5 to 6 minutes doing cpr. i was -- i was stunned. >> reporter: but so grateful. >> i love you, and thank you. and looking forward to lots more life. >> reporter: in the last two years, steve and lewis have become spokesmen for cpr awareness. they helped lobby for a new california law requiring high school students learn cpr
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before graduating. >> cpr is a really important thing to learn because you never know when it can really help. >> reporter: that's the message the griffith family will continue to convey from the bottom of their hearts. in forestville, sharon chin, kpix 5. >> now, that law that lewis and his dad lobbied for would require high schools to teach cpr in health classes starting in the 2018 academic year. it was a very happy holiday for amazon. the online website says it had its best shopping season ever. more than a billion items were [chuckling] shipped. its smart speakers echo and the dot were the best selling items in the season and it sold enough tvs to reach the top of mount everest nine times. ♪[ music ] time now 4:57. a former u.s. marine gunned down on a street in oakland! the search for the gunman this morning. >> reporter: overworked and exhausted, san jose police officers sleeping in rvs near
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the department. why they were told to get out or risk being towed. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm julie watts in for michelle griego. good morning. it is wednesday, december 28. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm julie watts in for michelle griego. starting off with a live look outside this morning. this is from vista point at -- oh, isn't that a beautiful shot? >> hm. >> at the golden gate. just a couple of cars on the road. i'm sure roqui will tell us it is "holiday light" out there. but what a beautiful view. >> we are so used to looking at that shot from above but i like this angle. new perspective. new day, right? >> i like it. >> all right. >> new you, new me, right? >> the first thing i noticed there's no fog out there. i'm always looking at that time from a different perspective view there. we have been noticing more commuters from east bay than the north bay. the people in the north bay get the opportunity to sleep in a little longer i think. >> lucky them. >> yeah. >> sounds like that's the place to go. >> the real estate is a little bit higher there, too,. >> we have


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