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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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a diplomat or regular employee. >> they are really operating under the fsb or here as some sort of diplomatic manner or clerk. >> reporter: still the consulate included a picture of a feast perhaps prepared by that chef for good measure. they ended with, we will remain human. according to the consulate these 11 people are going to drive down to los angeles and then from l.a.x. take a flight to moscow russia. veronica? >> melissa, what happens if these russian consulate employees don't leave the u.s. by this deadline? >> reporter: well, essentially what happens at the deadline is their credentials are revoked. they would no longer have diplomatic immunity, nor would they be in the united states legally. they wouldn't be deported, it would be very, very difficult for them to remain in the u.s. >> melissa caen we appreciate it. thank you. the russian evictions are already in motion. convoys could be seen leaving russian compounds in maryland
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and new york today. but in a surprise, putin is not retaliating by expelling u.s. diplomats. instead he says he will wait to see donald trump's administration policies. president-elect trump praised putin's decision. a few hours ago he tweeted: great move on delay by vladimir putin. i always knew he was very smart. stanford is taking criticism for how it handled an allegation of rape involving a football player. kpix 5 reporter kiet do on the process that kept the student enrolled at the university as well as on its football team. kiet. >> reporter: yeah. stanford yet again in the national spotlight. this time courtesy of the "new york times." the whole ordeal has left victim fearful and anxious she might run into that football player again on campus and so she has since left the university. as the stanford football players took the field at the sun bowl today they did so knowing one of their own had a
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cloud hanging over his head. an investigation by the "new york times" detailed an alleged rape between a football player and a sophomore. the young woman met the football player at a frat party one saturday night. they went back to her room where she said he raped her. the football player said it was consensual. instead of reporting it to campus police, she went here to the title ix office and the office of sexual assault. in june 2015, a panel of five people convened to decide whether or not that football player had committed a sexual assault. three out of five of them said yes. but the university policy at the time said a surmajority, 4 out of those five panelists, had to agree. and so nothing happened to that football player. several months later, another panel of five different people convened again and again, three out of five of those panelists determined that some sort of sexual assault did occur on campus. two didn't. because of the supermajority rule, no action was taken against the football player.
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that puts the university in a tough spot. the majority of two separate panels found something happened here on campus and yet that football player walked free. it begs the question, has the bar been set too high? stanford fired back with a lengthy response of its own saying the report had several errors. they defended their policy saying it was similar to the standard in civil court with a lower standard of preponderance of evidence applying. >> because these universities and colleges are just kind of twisting themselves in all kind of shapes trying to figure out how to handle these, they shouldn't be doing this at all. >> reporter: kpix 5 legal analyst judge ladoris cordell who used to be stanford's title ix coordinator says universities should allow law enforcement to handle all sexual assault cases and not handle it internally. >> i think it's arrogant for colleges and universities to think that they can handle in- house these very serious allegations of sexual assault. and i don't believe they are equipped to do it no matter how well trained they may be. the people who are trained to
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do this are in my view law enforcement. >> reporter: and earlier this year, stanford changed their policy yet again there time is ringing that five opinion hearn panel down to three people. but for them to take any kind of action on a student, the vote has to be unanimous. live in stanford university, kiet do, kpix 5. prosecutors are dropping a case against the man who was in a struggle with bart police. a struggle some said was a case of excessive force. a bystander's video shows the confrontation last july at the embarcadero station in san francisco. officers appear to punch michael smith in the head as he was pinned on his back with his girlfriend handcuffed nearby. bart police said smith bit, kicked and spat on them. this month, smith was acquitted on four counts of battery. but jurors could not decide on several other charges leaving prosecutors the option to retry him. today they said they will not. san francisco's public defender issued a statement saying michael was falsely accused of a crime. that accusation and the
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excessive force used against him by responding bart officers changed his life and the life of his pregnant partner forever. we now know how much warriors star steph curry raised by donating two pairs of shoes. $26,000 will now go to victims of oakland's ghost ship fire. the pair on the right says oakland strong. those went for $17,000. on the left, ghost ship which sold for $9,300. the initials of all 36 victims on both sets. that brings the grand total contributed to the oakland fire relief by curry and the warriors to over $100,000. other bay area headlines, san francisco police are looking for a teenager who shot a woman in the face. he knocked on the door of a home on northridge road about 1 a.m. when that woman answered, he opened fire. we are told the woman will survive. motive is unclear. in palo alto, an early- morning house fire under investigation. flames were first spotted about 5 a.m. now, at first firefighters got word of somebody trapped in the home but everyone got out
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safely. in richmond at least one elected official is calling for deal auto ricking to be closed -- wrecking to be closed the site of a junkyard fire this month. the business is cited for numerous violations for things like not labeling or reporting hazardous and toxic materials. measure l richmond's new rent control law is now in effect. landlords will now be able to raise rents once a year and they must serve a 30-day notice in writing before they can increase prices. landlords will also have to prove they have a just cause tore any evictions. the law passed in november and is meant to stop eviction for profit schemes. some chilly temperatures in the forecast. now santa clara county is expanding the number of beds at its overnight shelters. starting tomorrow through next wednesday, the gilroy armory winter shelter will have 180 beds instead of 130. in san jose, the boccardo reception center will increase its capacity to 350. at the same time, the county is
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taking donations to help people who are seeking shelter. the items needed include blankets, towels and warm socks. a live look at the embarcadero right now. thousands of people are expected to be tomorrow night for new year's eve. also the fireworks show. brian hackney has the forecast. will we see the fireworks? >> the thinking is yes. [ laughter ] >> that's the -- you know, you look at the sky conditions now and go, oh, low clouds. they should be out of here by tomorrow night. hi-def doppler not showing anything yet but there's a series of lows that will be plunging into the bay area. the first one is going to give us a chance of a few showers on saturday morning. tomorrow morning, so new year's eve we are going to freeze this the this is the futurecast, and stop right here at about 9 a.m. so you see a few pop-up cells over the bay area. this is 9 a.m. tomorrow. now watch what happens. northerly wind just whisks it all out and it should be clear by fireworks time. but next week, this is the second time in two weeks we
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have talked about the potential for snow on bay area peaks. could happen early next week because things are getting cold. we'll have complete details in the forecast. >> thank you. almost 900 new laws set to go into effect in california come january 1. and that's including huge changes involving drivers and cell phones you will no longer be able to have one in your hand while driving. the only way is if you have some type of mount. officers will be able to pull you over if you are caught with a phone in your hands. and that fine is expected to be around 50 bucks. another new law allows motorcycle riders to split lanes safely. that means riders can drive between cars at reasonable speeds. the new law orders the highway patrol to create new education safety guidelines for lane splitting. minimum wage workers will get a pay raise although parts of the bay area are already higher. the statewide rate goes from $10 to $10.50 an hour applying to all businesses with more than 26 workers.
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the minimum wage goes to $15 an hour by 2022. get ready for changes to the bathrooms in businesses and public places. all single toilet restrooms will be nongender specific. signs must be posted by march 1. coming up tonight at 6:00 we'll take a closer look at some of the controversial new laws going into effect including one surrounding gun control. thousands of people have already made their way into new york city for the new year's eve ball drop in times square [chuckling]! you can see lots of people on the ground and crews getting prepared for 2 million partiers. cbs news correspondent marlie hall shows us the extreme security measures and the thousands of extra officers on patrol. >> 3, 2, 1! happy new year! >> reporter: final preparations are under way high above times square. in less than 36 hours, this waterford crystal ball will
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count down the final seconds of 2016. revelers will jam an area a mile long and two blocks wide. about 7,000 new york city police officers will be patrolling the crowd. >> at this time we have no direct concerns related to terrorism to times square specifically or new year's eve in general. >> reporter: in the wake of truck attacks in nice, france, and berlin, the nypd is placing 65 sand trucks weighing 40 tons each in strategic locations around times square. they are also doubling the number of blocker vehicles. >> it creates a hardened perimeter so it won't allow a vehicle to get there like -- and replicase the nice attacks -- replicate the nice attacks. >> reporter: new york city is about to draw 2 million people from the world. nicole and her family are visiting from pennsylvania. she says the extra security makes her feel safer. >> all the presence and port authority and just the cameras and yeah, it does. >> if we let the terrorists win and stop us from enjoying
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anything -- any great event that we have here in our country, then they win. >> reporter: the first partiers won't show up until early saturday morning. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. >> and despite the tons of confetti and garbage left behind by this massive party, times square will be all cleaned up for traffic very early sunday morning [chuckling] >> reporter: hundreds of volunteers in pasadena putting the finishing touches on floats for monday's rose parade. each float decorated with 800,000 blooms. each flower is put in place by hand. the parade this year is on monday. and that's because of a never on sunday rule that dates back to the 19th century. at the time, there was a concern the parade would spook horses tied up outside churches. new year's eve is the busiest time of the year for uber. the company in fact predicts that on saturday night and sunday morning, it will provide
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more than 15 million rides worldwide. and prices will spike but uber suggests sharing rides, checking fares up front and using the service before midnight or after 3 a.m. coming up two bay area agencies teaming up to pinpoint the smell of sulfur. >> plus a bay area heartthrob on the cover of romance novels. we sit down with the man some call the new fabio. >> and bobcats in the bay. where mama and her cubs were spotted. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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wafted over richmond and san francisco this week. residents called various air quality officials trying to nail down the sort source of a sulfur smell in san francisco this week. residents complained about it. today the bay area air quality management district said that it's going to team up with contra costa health services. inspectors will fan outlook for
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potential sources including the chevron refinery, a composting facility, ships and a sewage treatment center. new at 5:00, slow sales at appear reconcile forcing the company to cut production of its -- at:le is force, the company to cut production of its iphone. it's not selling as well as expected for apple forcing them to cut production by 10% during the first three months of the new year. the news sent shares down 1% in trading today. a mother is dead her two daughters hurt after they fell from a chair lift at a ski resort in colorado. investigators are trying to determine how it happened at ski grande ranch. the 40-year-old woman who died was from san antonio. her daughters are 12 and 9 years old. they were taken to a hospital. the deadly fall from a chair lift was the first in the u.s. in more than two decades. >> it very rare that you find a chair lift incident at a ski resort. the 13 million people who go
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skiing every year, it's very rare. >> a new license for the lift went into effect just a couple of weeks ago. but some riders say the lift called the quick draw express often stopped suddenly causing the chairs to bounce and sway. northern new england is digging out from a big snowstorm. demarco morgan says it's not over yet. >> reporter: heavy fast falling snow blanketed the northeast overnight. at times, dropping 6 inches per hour in the new hampshire border. the slick slippery roads left drivers stranded and sent cars careening off highways. emergency crews worked through the night after more than 80 wrecks were reported. >> right wheels got off the edge of the tire and folded back on and the front came on all right but the back end caught on it and just brought
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it right around sideways. >> reporter: through bitter winds and piling snow, plow after plow worked to clear roads across new england as some areas were pummeled with nearly two feet of snow. more than 40,000 people were without power in maine. in new york and vermont, people shoveled sidewalks and storefronts. one ski resort in new england said they got more snow this year than they did all of last season. the snow is expected to taper off sometime later today. demarco morgan, cbs news, new hampshire. >> more than 100,000 homes and businesses in maine were without electricity at the storm's peak. and residents are warned it could take days to restore. hollywood icon zsa zsa gabor was laid to rest today. ♪[ music ] [ amazing grace ] >> mourners gathered in beverly hills remembering the hungarian actress. she is most known for movie roles, nine marriages and
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humor. she would have been 100 this february. police in london say they still don't know george michael's cause of death. the singer died christmas day. so far investigators have called his death unexplained but not suspicious. they say there was no evidence of foul play. george michael was 53. all right. move over, fabio. there's a new king of paperback romance stealing hearts on book covers. he is here in the bay area. he just hit a major milestone. more from kpix 5's emily turner. emily. >> reporter: that's right, veronica. fabio, move over. forget the flowing locks and the foreign accent. this guy is a local. we got the chance to catch up with him between shoots to see what all the buzz is about. you might recognize his face or abs. meet jason the new reigning king of romance novel covers. >> they might end in a hotel
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room together alone. >> reporter: the swoon-worthy saratoga native has supplanted fabio at the top. >> he is a household name. one of a kind. >> any butter commercials in your future? >> no, but maybe smart balance will call my management soon. >> reporter: in the meantime jason baca will revel in holding the title for gracing the most romance novel controversy of all time. he hit 499 and counting. >> looking macho and rugged and, you know, you got to have that look in your eyes that says, you know, i'm going to come get that girl. i'm gonna come get it. whatever it takes, i'm gonna find her and get her and bring her in my arms. >> reporter: in real life, his arms are already full. sorry, ladies. he is a happily married man with a life that's very different from the ones his cover characters lead. >> if i was to do that and i came home and i did that deep dip with her and everything, she would definitely say, you know, you're -- you're not doing it for me today. the kind of things that gets her excited, i'll tell you one
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thing, if she came home and i was home and i was sweeping the floors or i was washing the dishes, that would get her excited. >> by day, he is an 8 to 5'er for the santa clara county housing authority but by night he is the perfect prince, a hostage to love and her only hope. he has read a few of the books cover to cover but the self- proclaimed romantic only needs a few paragraphs to sink into character and apparently is so successful he is dangerous. >> trying to show off this whole back side of me, this is the main pose try to get that lens to be all interested in you. >> oh, that's amazing there. the warning on the back of this book. officer not responsible for locked and loaded hunks chasing your dreams by force. oman. you have been in the dreams of so many women who have read cyber shock. >> serious stuff. [ laughter ] >> some serious stuff it is. [ laughter ] >> so why does note do this full time? well, this is california. and we all know the cost of
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living. so the county of santa clara pays the bills between shoots and his coworkers get some eye candy in the cubicle next door. you know? i'm sure his next-door neighbor is not too unhappy that that's what's sitting next to him. >> what about about the teasing from the other side of the aisle? >> but you know what? he is the one with the last laugh. >> all the way to the bank. >> how do you get a job as a cover of a romance novel? >> he started modeling after he was freddie prince junior's double and he got into modeling. >> tough assignment, emily. wow. we have overcast skies in parts of the bay area as you can see looking toward the city. what if this happens tomorrow night? a prospect for that and a cold forecast coming up. >> coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, new calls to push back a law that would limit where dog owners can let their animals go off leash. it's been a years long debate in the bay area. now how some lawmakers are lending their voices to the
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cause. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a chance of wet and cold next week. we get battered by three lows in the pacific. each in their turn will be affecting our weather right now. enjoy the warmth while you can. cooler over the week. san jose 58 right now. overnight lows tonight, don't look too bad because we have a number of clouds around the bay area. that's a little bit of an atmospheric blanket that we pull over the bay area and that will keep us milder at least than we have seen the past couple of nights. sun-up tomorrow at 7:25 a.m. livermore down to 40 degrees before sunrise. as we look out at the pacific, it's nothing but lows with one up in oregon, another one still spinning off baja which is giving los angeles and san diego some rain. then a third one that you see out here in the eastern pacific. one two three. the first one is going to give us a chance of showers tomorrow morning. that's borne out in the futurecast. this frozen mid-morning tomorrow. you can see that this at least
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suggests there's potential for showers around the bay area in the early going on new year's eve. so tomorrow starts out with variable clouds and the potential for a few showers around the bay area but away they go later in the day. a few patches of low cloudiness and that's always troubling because low clouds will not completely quash fireworks displays. but they certainly don't help. and there's at least the possibility that there might be a little bit around at fireworks time. the preponderance of the evidence, your honor, we should be cleared out by midnight. not as cold clouds tonight, rain chance early saturday. and more rain chances coming in monday and tuesday. it will be cold. tomorrow will look like a heat spell by comparison with numbers in the low to mid-50s. cooler than today. new year's eve forecast is calling for clouds around 8:00 and then clear skies by midnight. in the extended forecast, expect a chance of showers tomorrow morning and more
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coming in monday and tuesday. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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about a mother bobcat making herself at home in a backyard in the mission hills neighborhood. and right behind in fremont police got a call this morning about a mother bobcat making sheffer at home in a backyard in the mission hills neighborhood and behind her, five of her kittens. they ran around the home as the homeowners took pictures and off they went. >> that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. "cbs evening news" is next.
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we'll see you here at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: holding fire. as the first suspected russian spies prepare to ship out, vladimir putin says he won't retaliate right away. donald trump calls it a great move. also tonight, millions of minimum wage workers are getting a raise in the new year, but who bill foot the bill? with drones filling the skies... >> you kind of have to stay on your toes. d ninan: ...few are bothering to register them. and steve hartman tells us how a little angel changed the life of a cranky old man. >> she fell asleep holding a picture of him. i-- what? this is the "cbs evening news"


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