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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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man as left the consulate and that's the most anyone would say today outside the building. but facebook was a different story. there, the consulate said, it's so difficult to remain diplomatic. but we will. admitting they feel very undiplomatic right now and it is bizarre and ridiculous to think the people who are being expelled are intelligence operatives. it says one of the people being asked to leave is the chef at the consulate. former fbi agent and now kpix 5 security analyst jeff harp says consulate workers could be secret agents! >> if a russian official comes here and they are really working for the fsb, the russian version of the fbi, but they are here under another capacity. >> reporter: they could pose as a diplomat or a regular consulate employee. >> they are really operating under the fsb but they are saying they are here as some sort of clerk or, you know, some sort of diplomatic, some sort of a diplomat.
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>> reporter: the consulate included a picture of a feast prepared by that chef. and it ended with, we will remain human. now, according to the consulate, the plan is for 11 people to drive to los angeles and then go back to russia by plane. melissa caen, kpix 5. meantime, on the east coast, convoys were seen leaving two russian compounds one on long island another in maryland. but moscow says they won't be retaliating. instead, vladimir putin says he will wait to see donald trump's administration policy. that brought this response from president-elect donald trump. he tweeted, great move on delay by vladimir putin. i always knew he was very smart. by the way, the expelled diplomats are in for a change of scenery. while we have mild temperatures about 51 in san francisco right now, in moscow it is 5 a.m. now and a chilly 31 degrees. new at 6:00 a group of bay area wants to send a message
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after donald trump takes office next month. the hat they are going to be wearing at a protest. da lin report. >> one sits here and there. >> reporter: with ears. >> pink and stands out. >> reporter: made of yarn. >> it's comfy and delightful. >> reporter: it's got a powerful message! >> called a [ censored ] hat. >> reporter: many women are reclaiming the word that can be used in a derogatory way. >> grab them by the p [ censored ] >> reporter: do anything. >> show your pink [ censored ] power. >> reporter: tens of thousands of women plan to wear the pink hat for a march in washington, dc on january 21. the day after donald trump's inauguration. women in the bay area are knitting hats to send to washington so every protestor will have one. >> i get excited. it's the notion of the statement that it's going to make. >> reporter: she is hosting a party next week to teach her
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friends how to knit the hat. she is planning to knit 30. the two owners of the yard store are also making a bunch [chuckling] and they are running out of pink yarn to sell. >> it's a rectangle and with the addition of the curve of your head, it makes a little ear pop out. >> reporter: the owners accessorize their hats with the word, nasty. such a nasty woman. >> we're going to stay nasty and demand our "rights" and stand up for ourselves. we're not going away quietly. >> reporter: the owners are hosting a free workshop here at piedmont yarn next sunday to teach people to knit the hat. they say it's not hard. takes a few hours. in piedmont, i'm da lin, kpix 5. although the women were choosing to use the name of their hats and what they called an empowering way, we [ bleep ]'ed it because some people would still find that word offensive. the new year means hundreds of new laws in california. some of them controversial. emily turner is here with a
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closer look for us. >> reporter: two new laws deal with sex crimes and were inspired by some high-profile cases. one of them is in response to the sexual assault accusations around bill cosby. the law eliminates the statute of limitations for rape cases. and some other sex crimes. that means victims can report them to authorities at any time in the future. cosby's accusers wanted to file charges against him but couldn't because of the time limit. another law would make prison time mandatory for sexual assault convicts. that's in response to former stanford swimmer brock turner who got six months in jail for assaulting a woman. you can no longer buy an ar-15 or any semiautomatic weapon with a bullet button. that allows you to quickly remove magazines. and people buying ammunition will need a background check now. and there's also a new rule on
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falsely reporting stolen or lost guns. anyone who does could face a 10- year ban on buying firearms. and some changes to watch out for on the roads. children under 2 will have to sit in a rear-facing car seat. before, the law only impacted babies younger than 1. and also, people who get convicted of drunk driving will have to pay to install a breathalyzer device in their car. they will have to test each time before they start driving. and also keep in mind another law says you can only use your phone while driving if it's mounted. tonight a new bill at the state capital is dealing with the marijuana version of the open container law. it's illegal to have an open container of alcohol in your car, of course, but current laws don't define what exactly an open container of weed is. the new bill aims to make the
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wording much more specific. there will be wording that bans pot use while driving dog owners who take their pets along the san francisco waterfront say new rules are too onerous. they want the feds to hold off on putting leash rules into effect. kpix 5's jackie ward is at crissy field tonight. one of the places affected in the golden gate national recreation area. right, jackie? >> reporter: right. this could be an area that would see some of the biggest changes. yet dog owners are hopeful that access here will stay the same now that legislators are throwing their weight into the issue. it doesn't matter if it's december. if the sun is out at crissy field it's swimming weather to some. this professional dog walker loves dogs but understands limiting where dogs can go. >> people with dogs need to realize that this is a privilege we have. this isn't a right. and they should treat it that way. >> reporter: under proposed plans for crissy field set by the golden gate national recreation area, the blue marks
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places where dogs would have to be leashed. yellow is the voice and sight control area. but dog advocate groups say ocean beach would be hit hardest and 80% of where dogs can currently run free would be taken away forcing these dogs to find another place to play. >> less than 1% of the golden gate national recreation area is open to off leash dog walking and i think that i am one of many people who are disappointed in the new plan. >> drastically reduce pet access here is just tough on locals here and one of the great things about being a resident in san francisco is having the beach and being able to bring your dog. >> reporter: the superintendent of the ggnra and department of the interior, nancy pelosi, jackie speier and jared huffman are sticking up for dog owners requesting more time for people to review its latest plan. as it stands now, the park service plans to sign the agency's final position on january 10. some lawmakers want it pushed back to february 9. >> issue has been going on long, long time and, you know,
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i think everyone has had good point and it's -- the thing is we live in a crowded place where we need a little compromise on all sides. >> reporter: the ggnra says this has been a 14-year process. and they are just trying to make the parks in marin, san francisco and san mateo counties enjoyable for everyone. so when will these rules take effect? could be january 10 or february 9. if these state legislators get their way once they take effect, though, a lot of signs will be put up in areas just like this one. live from crissy field, jackie ward, kpix 5.. measure l the new rent control law is in effect. landlords will be able to raise rent once a year and serve 30- day notice in writing before they can increase rent costs. they have to prove just cause for evictions. the law passed in november in richmond and will stop eviction-for-profit schemes.
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santa clara county is increasing overnight shelter beds. one center will have 180 beds through next wednesday. another will increase its capacity to 350 beds. brian hackney the chilly weather forecast. >> it's going to be getting cold. so far not wet. kpix 5 hi-def doppler shows we're dry for now but tomorrow morning we have a cold system that's moving in. it won't drop much in the way of rain. but this series of lows is going to knock the breath out of any high pressure that's over the state. so the pressures come down, the temperatures follow suit. tomorrow morning, the futurecast shows us what we should expect as the day dawns on new year's eve. see all those green blobs popping up? unstable air, widely scattered showers. so a little more overcast. and then we get more showers next week. new year's eve looks okay towards midnight. but next week looks colder. cold enough moist enough so that we could get snow on bay area peaks next week. we'll talk about that weather in a few minutes. >> thank you. some homeowners in fremont
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had a wild encounter right in their own backyard. check it out. police got a call this morning about a mother bobcat spotted in the mission hills neighborhood. here's how they knew it was a mom because right behind her 5 of her kittens! the cats romped around the garden as the homeowner snapped photos. still ahead, stanford university is under fire. >> the issue how it handled allegations of rape against a football player. >> parts of california slammed with rain. it's causing trouble on the roads and the storm is also toppling trees. >> are you planning to take uber on new year's eve? you'll have plenty of company for that. wait until you hear how much you could be paying. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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negative attention... over w it handled an allegation ofe against a football player. kiet do is on campus... to us through the process that to no disciplinary action... against a stud serious crime. stanford is drawing negative intention about how it handled an allegation of rape against a campus football player. kiet do reports. >> reporter: stanford in the national spotlight yet again for another sexual assault case. this time courtesy of the "new york times." this whole ordeal left the victim fearful and anxious so she left the university. as the stanford football player took the field at the sun bowl today they did so knowing one of their own had a cloud hanging over his head. an investigation by the "new
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york times" detailed an alleged rape between a football player and a sophomore. the young woman met the football player at a frat party one saturday night. she took him back to her room and claimed he raped her. the football player said it was consensual. instead of reporting it to campus police she went to the title ix office and the office of sexual assault. in june 2015, a panel of five people convened to decide whether or not that football player committed a sexual assault. three out of five of them said yes. two said no. but the university policy at the time said a supermajority, four out of five, had to agree. and so nothing happened to that football player. several months later another panel of five different people convened and again only 3 out of 5 determined that some sort of sexual assault did occur on campus. but again, because of that supermajority rule, no action.
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stanford had a lengthy response saying the report had errors and said it was similar to the standard in civil court with a lower standard of preponderance of evidence. stanford changed its policy again this year reducing the five person panel down to three but requiring a unanimous vote. >> the fact that they are fumbling around still trying to figure out says to me it's just not appropriate to be handled in this fashion. >> reporter: kpix 5 legal analyst judge ladoris cordell who used to be stanford's title ix coordinator says universities should allow law enforcement to handle all sexual assault cases and not handle it internally. >> i think it's a bit arrogant for colleges to think that they can handle in-house these very serious allegations of sexual assault. and i don't believe they are equipped to do it no matter how well trained they may be. the people who are trained do this are in my view law
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enforcement. >> reporter: the university says theirs is an administrative process not a criminal process. and that they definitely support law enforcement in this case. as far as judge ladoris cordell and her view, she says that anytime the university gets a sexual assault case like this, they should immediately forward it on to law enforcement. we're live at stanford university. kiet do, kpix 5. prosecutors will not retry a man who was in a confrontation with bart police. it was an incident some said was a case of excessive force. it happened last july at the embarcadero station in san francisco. officers appeared to punch michael smith in the head as he was pinned on his back with his girlfriend handcuffed nearby. but bart police said that happened after smith bit, kicked and spat on them. this month smith was acquitted on four counts of battery but jurors couldn't decide on several other charges leaving prosecutors the option to retry him and today they said they will not. san jose police say three homicide suspects are now behind bars. police say these three were
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involved in a botched robbery that turned deadly on dove hill park in october. officers say old-fashioned police work and follow-up interviews led to the arrests. in palo alto firefighters thought someone was trapped in a burning house at 5 a.m. crews immediately went into search-and-rescue mode. they found no one inside. crews were able to keep those flames from spreading to neighboring homes. a santa rosa taxi company closed for good tomorrow. ac transportation with 30 drivers is paying a $200,000 fine to settle for lack of workers court. they said the company didn't offer it for three years and classified workers as independent contractors instead of employees. new year's eve expected to be busy for rideshare companies especially for uber. that company predicts tomorrow night and sunday morning it will provide more than 15
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million rides across the world. prices will spike. uber suggests ways to get around that including shares rides, checking fares up front and ewing the service before midnight or after 3 a.m. and if you don't want to take uber tomorrow many agencies are offering free train and bus rides starting at 8 p.m. caltrain, vta, muni, samtrans and ac transit offer free rides. some will keep going until 5 a.m. two big draws are the midnight fireworks of course on san francisco's embarcadero. and all the bars and restaurants that will be showing the college football play-offs. california is getting hit with some rain today. the wet weather being blamed on several freeway accidents including this overturned vehicle. the storm was enough to bring down this tree near the ucla campus blocking a road for some time. >> emergency calls to come in so we can remove some trees that be falling over with this rain. >> it was a busy day for tree service companies an tow trucks. brian hackney is in for paul deanno. >> not going to have any of that around here. >> not like that.
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>> is that coming up this way though? >> it's not -- that particular low is not going to do anything for joust all right. >> except make us go -- >> southern california is getting it. >> we have some clouds coming in close to the golden gate but otherwise a clear night tonight and it's going to be cool, not quite as cool as last night but not a lot of traffic on the golden gate bridge. that's probably good news. 64 in oakland right now. 61 san rafael. san francisco 60. overnight lows tonight not quite as cool as last night with 44 degrees in oakland. then in the north bay. 40 in san rafael. 37 in santa rosa. in san jose tonight it will be 44 degrees. and here's how it looks. this is the low that we have been calling it all week the upper level devil. they understand that now in the southland just creating problems down there. not getting north to us. this low will affect us tomorrow morning as we have a chance of a few showers in the
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early going on new year's eve. tomorrow night at midnight dry and cold. 30s and 40s. the 9ers are playing the seahawks. it will be mostly sunny and chilly by sunday first day of 2017. can you believe it? 1:25 p.m., 52 degrees game time. for us tomorrow though we'll have clouds in the morning, maybe a few sprinkles in san rafael clocking in at 53 degrees. in oakland 56. san francisco 54. and in san jose, 55 degrees. and here's how the extended forecast looks. cloudy tomorrow morning a few showers possible. and then new year's eve looks okay around fireworks time. could be some low clouds around the bay. sunny and chilly sunday. monday and tuesday here come two more shots at showers. and it will be cool. temperatures in the low 50s. >> but today was nice. >> today was nice but -- >> warm. >> you will be -- now that i have gotten to know you over the last two weeks you will be complaining to paul deanno on
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monday. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> better him than you. >> that's right! >> brian, thanks. steph curry just netted some cash at auction. they sold for a combined $26,000 to benefit the ghost ship warehouse fire victims. that brings the amount to $100,000 for curry and the warriors donations. they took action. how an uber driver saved a teenager from sex trafficking. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for a pair of hamburglars ct on camera. this is at popson's burgers d street. one thief san francisco police looking for a pair of hamburg lars caught on camera. this is at boston burgers on townsend street. one thief wearing an orange hoodie the other a white one. they stole a safe, computers and the staff tip money. a sacramento uber driver is being called a hero after rescuing a 16-year-old
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passenger from sex trafficking. reporter [ non-english name ] spoke to the driver whose quick thinking led to the arrest of three suspects. >> started planning it out like what i was going to do. that's when my stomach started turning. >> reporter: it's perhaps the worst nightmare for any parent. their teenaged runaway daughter ending up in the wrong hands and forced into prostitution. elk grove police say that's what happened to a 16-year-old girl who was reported missing out of sacramento county. uber driver keith avila said he picked up these two women and the girl from sacramento and brought them to this holiday inn in elk grove. police say the suspects met with this man at the hotel and he then had sex with the teen. why did you even bother to get involved? >> um, i didn't think about it. it was like they had said what they said. and it's one of those things where [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: police arrested all three suspects. one person for charges including sex with a minor and
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the other two women destiny and maria for various charges relating to pimping and pandering. police commend avila for getting involved and not ignoring what he saw. >> he could have said nothing and could have just gone on his way collected his fare and then that 16-year-old girl could have been victimized again by who knows how many different people. >> police say the 16-year-old victim is back with her family. today hollywood said good- bye to zsa zsa gabor. the woman was known for her movie roles and, of course, many marriages. a photo of her with the caption, farewell my love, stood over her casket. she would have been 100 in february. more sad news to report. first dog of california sutter brown has died. jerry brown says his corgi's health was failing after emergency surgery in october. this is sutter accompanying the governor to the polls last
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year. sutter was a familiar face around the capital. brown announced sutter's death on twitter calling it a sad parting. coming up, in our next half- hour tight security ahead of 2017. in the wake of recent terrorism, how big cities around the world are protecting millions of people who will be out to ring in the new year. >> they bees in between cars to get by -- squeeze in between cars to get by. now new laws for motorcyclists splitting lanes. ,,
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for 11 russian diplomats in bay area. they were served an eviction notice from president obama, gations that it's packing day for 11 russian diplomats in the bay area. president obama expelled them. so far moscow will not retaliate. stanford university is taking criticism for how it handled a rape case. last year, three out of five people on a panel in the school's title ix office decided a football player did not commit sexual assault. but that was less than a supermajority of four votes required. the accused student was allowed to remain enrolled and on the football team. some dog owners are upset about new rules that restrict
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where pets can run free in the golden gate national recreation area. they are set to go into effect on january 10. but now three bay area lawmakers want the feds to hold off for about a month so people have more time to review those regulations. times square in new york city quickly filling up with partiers ahead of the world famous new year's eve ball drop. 2million people are expected there this year. marlie hall explains the extreme measures in place to keep everyone safe. >> reporter: time preparations are under way high above times square. in less than 36 hours, this waterford crystal ball will count down the final seconds of 2016. revelers will jam an area just a mile long and two blocks wide. about 7,000 new york city police officers will be patrolling the crowd. >> at this time we have no direct concerns related to terrorism, to times square specifically or new year's eve in general.
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>> reporter: in the wake of truck attacks in france and germany, the nypd is placing 65 sand trucks weighing 40 tons each in strategic locations around times square. they are also doubling the number of blocker vehicles. >> it creates a hartened perimeter so it -- a hardened perimeter so it won't allow a vehicle to get in there and replicates the nice attack. >> reporter: new york's biggest party of the year is expected to draw about 2 million people from around the world. >> i feel good about it. >> reporter: nicole and her family are visiting from pennsylvania. she says the extra security makes her feel safer. >> with all the presence of the port authority and just around with all the cameras, yeah, it does. >> if we let the terrorists win, stop us from enjoying any great events we have here in our country, then they win. >> reporter: the first partiers won't show up until early saturday morning. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. >> cities across europe are stepping up their security to protect against potential new year's eve terror attacks, as
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well. following the attack at a berlin christmas market con crew barriers are part of the preparations at the brandenburg gate. thousands are expected there. police are highly visible in cities across germany including hamburg where large crowds are expected to ring in the new year. more armed officers will be joining london's usually gun- free patrols and for the first time armed officers will be keeping watch on underground trains and platforms. the city's also installing concrete barriers in high traffic areas. in paris, the interior and defense ministers joined a military patrol unit outside the louvre today for a show of strength and reassure tourists about their safety. president obama has been in hawaii. president-elect donald trump in florida. members of congress are home at their districts. but the period of holiday calm in washington is about to come to a screeching halt. carry caifa looks at what to expect in the busy first few weeks of 2017. in the early weeks of 2017 republicans will assume control
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of the white house and capitol hill. the quartet is the same, ryan, mcconnell, pelosi and now after harry reid chuck schumer. in tandem with the trump administration, a massive overhaul of the nation's tax code, movement on a trump nominated supreme court justice and their top goal, repealing and replacing obama. on friday january 6 electoral votes will be counted leading up to friday january 20. donald trump's inauguration as the 45th president of the united states. preparations are already under way for the pomp and procession and also the protests. the emotions of the 2016 election still raw. at some point before inauguration day we expect a farewell address by president obama and after inauguration
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day, he and his family will be in a home about two miles from the white house so younger daughter sasha can finish school in d.c. that will make president obama the first president to stay in the nation's capital after his term is over since woodrow wilson. a new federal investigation finds hundreds of senate cafeteria workers were wrongfully denied more than $1 million in wages. the u.s. labor department says the company restaurant associates and a subcontractor had stiffed 674 employees by classifying them in lower wage categories. the company also required them to work before the scheduled start time without proper pay or overtime. the labor department is considering barring the companies from future federal government contracts. the new year means new guidelines for motorcyclists in california. for the practice commonly known as lane splitting. reporter macy jenkins reports. >> concerned because a lot of times you don't look. they come on the side of you.
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>> my husband has a motorcycle so i don't have a problem with it. >> reporter: the balance the is brewing. when motorcyclists drive between two lanes of vehicles. >> try not to alienate drivers when i do it. most people move. >> reporter: until now whether or not it's legal has been in a gray area. >> the lane splitting travel through a lane is not necessarily a hazard. it becomes hazardous when people start going faster than the speed limit or they start doing it recklessly. >> reporter: starting january 1, new law means chp can make suggestions on what they think is best for motorcycles when it comes to sharing a lane with a car. one, they say motorcycles shouldn't drive more than 10 miles per hour faster than the slow of traffic and not split lanes going faster than 30 miles per hour. three, don't split lanes at merge points. and four, keep an eye out for cars in the distance. are those things you already do? >> for the most part, yeah. >> reporter: will chp start writing tickets for breaking these "suggestions"? this officer says they won't but it's a different story for
6:36 pm
cars on the road that try to stop a motorcycle from sharing the lane. >> moving your vehicle in order to impede a motorcycle is a violation. and you can be cited for that. >> reporter: next up those chp safety guidelines will go into the dmv's guidebook for motorcycles. but officer ashby says it's up to lawmakers to write specific restrictions on what lane splitting drivers can and cannot do. >> so it's up to the motorcyclist to make the prudent choice when and when not to split lanes. >> the chp says officers will still issue tickets if a motorcyclist is driving fast enough to create unsafe conditions for other drivers. still ahead, apple scaling back despite global popularity. why there may be fewer iphones in rotation next year. >> plus, from big money scandals to megamergers and a huge gadget recall,le biggest news from 2016. are ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for the markets. the dow finished the year * about it was a third day of losses on wall street. but overall, 2016 was a
6:39 pm
positive year for the market. the dow finished the year up about 13%! and that is its best performance in three years. the nasdaq also closed 2016 up about 7.5%. s&p 500 was up 9.5% for the year. the business world spent much of the year on peninsula and needles waiting for the results of the presidential election. along the way there were scandals and mergers and a global love affair with some, um, animated monsters. [chuckling] cbs reporter jill wagner takes a look back at the biggest business stories of 2016. >> reporter: wall street welcomed president-elect donald trump with a stock market rally. in november, the dow hit 19,000 for the first time. the unemployment rate ended the year at 4.6%. the lowest level in nearly a decade. job gains cleared the way for the first rate hike in a year. the federal reserve boosted its key interest rate by .25%. >> i am fully accountable for
6:40 pm
all unethical sales practices. >> reporter: the ceo of wells fargo stepped down after a scandal over unethical banking practices. employees under pressure to meet ambitious sales goals opened as many as 2 million unauthorized accounts in customers' names. >> fraud is fraud. theft is theft. >> reporter: samsung's galaxy note 7 went from a flagship to failure after some phones caught fire. the company recalled millions of them and eventually discontinued the model. >> you'll fly back to their mansions. >> reporter: angry lawmakers confronted the pharmaceutical company that makes epipens. >> the actual juice that's in here costs about a dollar. >> reporter: the ceo promised to offer a cheaper generic version of the allergy shot after hiking the price by 500%. >> our net sales will absolutely go down. our net per pen. >> reporter: at&t and time warner agreed to an $85 billion
6:41 pm
merger. microsoft announced a deal to buy the networking site linkedin for $26 billion. yahoo's sales to verizon was in danger after the tech giant revealed account information was stolen from more than a billion users. "pokemon go" became a global sensation. >> just want to fulfill my childhood dream. >> reporter: the momentum app shattered download records and sent crowds on the hunt for pikachu. that's your eye on business. jill wagner, cbs news, new york. apple is cutting production of the new iphone because of slower-than-expected sales. an article claims the iphone 7 hasn't been selling like executives expected. so in response, apple is expected to cut production by 10% with during the first three months of the new year. shares of the tech giant dropped by 1% after that report surfaced. apple reportedly preparing to launch the iphone 8 next fall. 40% of americans will make
6:42 pm
a new year's resolution even though only 8% are kept. tonight, do you have any resolutions for 2017? and if so, what? tweet me right now. veronica de la cruz is where you can find me. we'll have poll results. tweet mere at #veronicadlcruz. join me on nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. a new year's greeting on the skies what it took for a pilot to spell out his 2017 message on flight radar. >> that looks good. our radar is not picking up anything in the way of showers not yet. that's going to change by tomorrow morning. we'll have the forecast for new year's eve day and new year's eve night and the week beyond. in a minute. >> coming up in sports, the cardinal play in the sun bowl without their biggest weapon. the league makes a ruling on aldon smith's reinstatement. and some interesting insight from within the 49ers locker room as they hand out yearly awards coming up in a few
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went to great lengths to spl out his new year's message.e went for a spin in his small plane... to spell out "happy n-y" on "f . an appear amateur pilot
6:46 pm
from england went to great lengths to spell out his new year's message. he went for a spin in his small plane to spell out happy ny on flight radar 24. it's a website that tracks flights all around the world. the trip took him two hours and 23 minutes and covered 215 miles. well down. by now we have all seen the mannequin challenge. but have you seen it done in space? >> you're about to. five crew on the international space station decided to have some fun so they did it in zero gravity. check it out. the cameraman walks below one of the crew members there. french astronaut tweeted the result with the caption we got the whole crew together. it took the mannequin challenge to new heights. >> well done. the weather department, it's going to get darn cold tonight and even colder over the weekend. a few showers are in the offing as well as we look toward the bay bridge. concord at 54 degrees right
6:47 pm
now. livermore 49. and in san francisco, it's 52 degrees. that will be our high on monday. so it's going to be getting chilly next week. overnight lows tonight will also take a bite out of you. 37 degrees in santa rosa. 44 for oakland. 40 in livermore. numbers tonight mostly in the 40s. not as cold as they have been. that will change over the weekend as we have a triple barrel blow. one in northern california, one in southern that's been causing snow over the grapevine and nothing but chaos down there. and then that low pressure spinning off in the eastern pacific. high pressure has been swallowed up by all of those lows and tomorrow morning, we will have variable clouds and the potential for a few showers. could get a little bit wet tomorrow morning. but the day goes on. now, here's saturday night. midnight as we usher in new year's. there could be a few patches of low clouds. but aside from that it looks mostly clear by tomorrow night when all the festivities for 2017 come in. sunday the first day of 2017 looks good. monday though, widely scattered mostly light showers over the
6:48 pm
bay area and cold. cold enough for the snow level to get down to 2500 feet, bay area peaks could have a mantle of snow by the time all is said and done tuesday night. not as cold tonight, cloudy, rain chance early tomorrow morning. and then sun should come out. then more shower chances monday and tuesday. not big rainmakers but it will definitely be chilly as the first week of 2017 comes in. for tomorrow transition day not as warm as today we'll be mostly in the mid-50s for palo alto and mountain view. santa clara and san jose. in the east bay, we'll start out with some low clouds around, patchy low clouds and temperatures will be in the low 50s for highs. so that's certainly on the chill side. same for marin county. we'll be looking at numbers mostly in the 50s. same for solano county and over on the east bayshore line 56 for oakland and 55 for san leandro. and then ukiah, lakeport and clearlake numbers will be in
6:49 pm
the 50s. how about new year's eve? doesn't look bad. 8:00 a few clouds. most of those should dissipate by the time we get toward midnight and 45 degrees so bundle up to welcome in the new year and then, sunday, nice day. looks like the sun comes up but not for long. showers and clouds increase for monday and tuesday, numbers only in the low to mid-50s. the potential for snow on bay area peaks is real. it's going to be a chilly couple of days to start things off. and then we'll get a chance for the sun to come out. so the sun won't come tomorrow but it will the day after tomorrow. andrea nakano has sports next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
of the pac 12 title hunt. b they ended the year on a 5 win streak... to get an inve to the sun bowl. a bowl game th three losses in a row took stanford out of the title hunt but they ended on a five-year win streak but they got an invite to the sun bowl playing without christian mccaffrey who skipped the game to get ready for the nfl. david shaw and stanford looking to take down north carolina in el paso. in the first, the cardinal also lose quarterback chris to what looks like a serious knee injury. he he didn't return to the game. so in comes ryan burns who started off the season of the late first half of this one the tar heel quarterback runs into
6:53 pm
the ref and fumbles the ball. the cardinal recovering and a field goal off the turnover 13- 7. now 16-10 late in the third, unc's jordan brown scores to give north carolina a 17-16 lead. and same score in the fourth. interception for a pick six. lloyd's second interception of the game, cardinal 22-17. after a failed two-point conversion. final minute 25-17, the cardinal drive down to the stanford, howard for the touchdown. cutting the deficit to 2 with 25 seconds to go. so carolina needs the two-point conversion to tie but it's no good. the stanford defense comes up big in the game. thomas was named the game's mvp and stanford wins 25-23 to finish the year 10-3. their sixth time in seven years the
6:54 pm
cardinal have reached double- digit wins. >> what's it like to show guys what you're made of? >> it's a testaments to the character of our team. we never stopped fighting. we love two games in a row, and it just shows we never stopped fighting. that we have our dream. [ indiscernible ] to hops, tara vandaveer and stanford opening up pac-12 play at arizona state. 4th quarter cardinal by 6. smith with the steal. coast to coast, cardinal win. stanford is 11-2. derek carr's return for this year is a long shot. we know the odds of aldon smith returning to the silver and black this season. zero. the nfl commissioner put his reinstatement on hold. the league announced today that they will not revisit smith's suspension until march 15. smith was suspended in november
6:55 pm
for violating the league's substance abuse policy. he was eligible to return november 17 but the nfl is clearly not ready to reinstate him something that didn't go over very well with the raider head coach jack del rio. >> everything i gathered, he has done his duty to take care of things, i have seen some of the guys allowed back and my question is, what's the difference? it's always a question mark. i don't really agree with what's gone down but it's not my job. so we'll move on as a team. that's what we have to do. i'm a little disappointed. on to the 49ers. the only thing on the line for the 49ers on sunday is the seahawks draft position. but still chip kelly has no plan to sit healthy starters in favorite backups. [ pause ]
6:56 pm
[ no audio ] >> they have to earn that though. this is isn't christmas and we give out gifts. i don't think that's fair to the guys that have worked and done everything and say you're not going to play this week because we other guy that we know is not better than you we're going to throw them in the game and see what they can do. we see them every day in practice. to say i know this kid is awful in practice, let's chuck him on the field, it doesn't work that way. >> excuse us, i think we have our video back. today colin kaepernick was voted the winner of an award given to a play who best exemplifies inspirational and courageous play throughout the season. he "took a knee" for the national anthem and was selected by his teammates for the award. it was a fractured locker room. but it doesn't appear so. >> for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather, always on ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank y'all. i appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day from honolulu, hawaii--it's the champs-- it's the schaefer family. [cheering and applause] and from houston, texas-- that's h-town--it's the jones family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody could drive out of
7:00 pm
here in a brand-new car. let's to meet the jones family. steve: hey, ashley. ashley: hello, steve. steve: all right. how you doing? ashley: how are you? i'm good, and yourself? steve: well, you know, i'm--i'm the same all the time. i'm always in a good mood... ashley: you are. steve: so that's it, all right? ashley, introduce everybody. ashley: this is my wonderful dad big al--you saw him--my little sister ariel, my beautiful mother paulette, and my beautiful older sister quiana. steve: yeah. hey, come on, houston. win yourself some money. let's go. hey, y'all ready to play "feud"? let's get it on. give me renee. give me ashley. ha ha ha! top 6 answers on the board. name something a short man does to make himself look taller. ashley: buy taller shoes. steve: buy taller shoes.


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