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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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shots ring out in a busy night club in turkey. dozens killed in a new year's eve terror attack, next.
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>. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. es fill the streets... in a >. tonight chaos outside a busy night club in turkey. police and plans filled -- ambulances fill the streets after dozens are killed in a new year's eve terror attack. >> and here tight security along san francisco's water front. police working to protect the people about to ring in the new year. >> people are getting ready to say good bye to 2016 and usher in 2017. here's a live look, and we have a reporter in the middle of the action. >> reporter: in less than an hour the bay area skies will be lit up with fireworks as we bid good bye to 2016 and say hello to the new year with a bang. >> we'll go up in the parking lot t top floor -- the top
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floor and watch the fireworks. >> reporter: it's important to have a game plan. what are you excited about for the new year? >> a new whole life. >> reporter: a new life and a new year that will start off bright courtesy of pyro spectaculars testimony company producing tonight's fireworks show. >> just fast placed. a lot of action, a lot of noise, colors, excitement. >> reporter: the 15 minute show will be timed to music that will be played along the strip. >> i love just looking at the all the colors and we have a party with a big group of people. >> reporter: as hundreds of sands ng out by the fence and barricaded water front. are you ready to have fun tonight? >> heck yeah! everybody is! >> reporter: but at the same time want to be safe. with this many people showing up, the san francisco has their own game plan. >> we'll get updates around the city every hour on the hour. >> in the past there's been almost a million people here, and when you have a little one
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like this he's all over the place, so we appreciate the safety here. >> happy new year! >> reporter: san francisco police say they have more officers out on the streets just like they do every single year, and they'll be conducting dui check points. kpix 5. no charge on most bay area transit lines right now for new year's eve. many of them have been running free service since 8:00. some of them keep running through 5:00 a.m. bart is charging. it's offering extended service through san francisco until 3:00 a.m. though. well, it's going to be a chilly night again tonight with overnight lows near freezing in santa rosa and in san francisco 45, livermore tonight down to 38 degrees, and in san jose 41 and all ready in advance of another system working its way into the bay area. winter weather advisories posted for the sierra tomorrow
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night when a weak but cold front moves in. and there's the temperature ranging tonight. 34 in the chilliest spots to about 47. as many as 2 million people squeezed into new york's times square to watch the ball drop and welcome in 2017. attacks overseas... [ cheering ] the n-y-p-d re- inforced its security measures. about 7- thousand officers patroled the str >> in light of the recenter error attacks overseas, you can imagine the nypd reinforced the security procedures. about 7,000 officers patrolled the streets. >> >. police everywhere, and security seems like it's all together well taken care of, so i feel great. >> reporter: heavy trucks filled with sand were also set up along the perimeter to protect the area from potential attackers. and here's a live look now at times square where crews are cleaning up thousands of pounds of confetti. at nd to developing news overseas, now a deadly start to
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2017 in istanbul, turkey. at least 39 people were shot and killed at a busy night club. turkish officials are calling it terrorism, and still looking for the gunman. it started when a police officer was shot at the door. it was just after 1amâ and hundreds were celebrating the new year at one of the city's best known and most upscale venues. (sot) "these cra oot at everything. >> reporter: dozens of injured rushed to hospitals after at least one gunman opened fire in an istanbul night club. it start when a police officer was shot at the door. it was just after 1:00 a.m. and hundreds were celebrating at one of city's best known and upscale venn views. >> i don't know what happened i saw one person shooting. >> reporter: the club overlooks the river, and turkish media reported many party goers leapt into the water to escape. the city's governor called it a terror attack, just three weeks ago 44 were killed in twin blasts outside on istanbul
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soccer match. early sunday morning police corded off a large section of the city of 14 million, even before the attack, authorities deployed throes 17,000 -- at least 17,000 police officers amid security concerns. cbs news new york. the attack in turkey comes after an attack at a christmas market in berlin earlier this month, and there they had heightened security for the celebrations, but the midnight fireworks went off without a hitch. concerns over cyber security continue to grow after malware linked to russian hackers was detected at a vermont company. burlington electric discovered the breach after the department of homeland security issued a cyber alert to utility companies thursday night. the company says the malware was detected on a single lap top that wasn't connected to its grid. it comes as dozens of russian officials were forced to leave
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the us after cyber attacks on the us election. andrea borba has the latest opt diplomats kicked out. >> reporter: while a group of russians rang in the new year in style here in san francisco, others were forced out of the country and on to a plane this afternoon. the chill of the dawn of the new year continues to match the chill of the relationship between the united states and russia. on their facebook page with a picturing of a plane taking off from what appears to be lax they announced all 11 of our colleagues and friends are aboard the aircraft heading back to russia. kpix 5's security analyst jeff harp says once they were ordered to leave, that was taken very seriously. >> they can hold you at the airport, make life a little more miserable for you, so they want to meet the deadline. >> reporter: at this new year's eve ball held at the russian center of san francisco, guests
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took the expulsions in stride. >> i feel like as my russian friends say, it's just politics. >> >. american people like american people. >> reporter: four mens of san francisco -- members of the san francisco consulate staff were among the 35 booted from the us, including one man who was working as the consulate's chef. harp says despite the protestation ons facebook yesterday, he believes the chef cooked up sources and intelligence on the us and not just food. >> it's a cover story, and if it's chef it's chef, but maybe this person had access to something that was very interesting to him and cooking was just a hobby. >> reporter: harp says our intelligence officers do the same thing abroad. >> if we have an intelligence officer sent to moscow do you think we'll label him as an intelligence officer? no. >> reporter: this is not the first time russian diplomats
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have been thrown out of the country for spying. the last time was in 2001 n. san francisco, andrea borba, kpix 5. or that russian hacking. new reaction from president- elect donald trump tonight on president obama's punishment for that russian hacking. mr. trump spoke to reporters at his annual new year's eve party at his resort in florida and says he still has major doubts that russia was even involved in the us election. >> i think it's unfair if they don't know, and i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a very hard thing to prove, so it could be somebody else, and i also know things that other people don't know, so they can not be sure of the situation. including to my many enemies and thos >> as for his new years message, president-elect trump tweeted earlier today quote happy new year to all including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. love. end quote.
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in the wake of the oakland warehouse fire artist that is want to make their studios and living spaces safe are planning a work shortstop to avoid a similar -- workshop to avoid a similar disaster. they'll get fire extinguishes along withful smoke detectors. >> >. many don't know how to store flammable materials, so i thought let's bring the fire department until. >> it will be held at the theater in the mission district tuesday night, and they hope it's just the first in a series of workshops. >> >. the golden state warriors were hoping to bring cheer to a family that lost a loved one this holiday season. nicole simmons and her family sat on the court. they're the family of a man
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stabbed to death at a hayward target shore. police have arrested two men on suspicionover murder. a -- suspicion of murder. a terrifying ride share for two california women. the driver crashed the car and was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving. the driver made an illegal left turn into on come terrific and caused the crash. the driver was banned from driving for lyft. >> i thought i was going to die in the car. >> i'll never be able to get into another ride share vehicle and be comfortable again. >> lyft says they have a strict zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy the safety of passengers is the top priority. and a texas couple is blaming apple for the death of their daughter. the 5-year-old died in a crash caused by a driver that was allegedly using the face time app behind the wheel. in a lawsuit filed this month
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the parents accuse apple of not the lock out feature that automatically disabled face time when users are driving. three long time restaurants in san francisco's union square are closing up shop. sushi boat and laurie's diner will be shut down after losing leases. laurie's has been a staple for locals and tourists for 32 years. the manager says the building was bought about a year and a half ago and the owner wants to enrate is it, but says there's -- renovate it, but says there's something special about the original spot. >> it's smaller and cozy and we've made a lot of friendships here because we can talk to the people too as well as serve the meals. >> the owner is looking for a new space. he hopes to be up and running some time next year. still ahead, talk that the
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49ers organization could look very different after their final game tomorrow. >> who could be packing their bags after a very rough season. new rules on the roads and in the workplace. california laws that take effect tell stroke of midnight. >> and new years celebrations around the world. the unique way some cities are ringing not guilty 2017 -- ring not guilty 2017. ,,,,,,,,,,
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more than a- million people filled australia's sydney harbor to ring in the new year. around the world dazzling fireworks displays helped usher in 2017.
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more than a million people filled sydney's harbor to usher in the new year, and star fireworks paid tribute to david bowie and purple fireworks paid tribute to prince. in downtown dubai they had a fireworks show around the world's tallest building. in tokyo thousands of white balloons were sent into the night sky to celebrate the new year. in pairs are a -- paris a special counterdown on a monument, and in rio fireworks filled the sky at midnight as thousands of people dressed in white gathered along the famous beach. >> in hawaii it's already 2017, and in sacramento if you go by the new years fire display, organizers there but on the display based on east coast time so the fireworks started at 9:00. other people didn't seem to
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mind the earlier celebration. >> it gets crazier after new years, so it's good to do it earlier and get out of here and go home and celebrate at home! . >> i kind of do that anyway. they used to put on two fireworks show but found that people attended the early one so they just made the change. >> 4, 3, 2, 1! [ cheering ] families did just that... at the children's >> and how about celebrating the new year at noon? hundreds of families did just that at the children's discovery museum in san jose. organizers say it was a chance for the kids to celebrate their own new year's eve at a reasonable hour. well at the stroke of midnight people in california had hundreds of new laws to fire and here's a few that will effect your work, money, and your drive. han their male colleagues, based on prior salary... ((nats of cash register and guy: "sixty five sixty three" @ 01-03 -- source: 6p_outlet shopping_v 11_kpix55ko)) speaking of money, the minim rom 10-bucks t >> reporter: hello 2017 and a
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long list of laws, one employees won't be able to pay women less than men maced -- based on previous salary. and minimum wage is going up at company windshield 26 or more employees. and the law for texting and driving is expanding. you can't hold your phone at all when behind the wheel. fed up with bay area home prices? there's a new law meant to help with the housing crisis. california home ordinary reasons are now -- homeowners are now allowed to bring in small units on their properties to bring in extra income. and here's now laws that made headlines last year. you'll now be able to take a selfie with your completed ballot. and you can now break into a car without going to jail if you're rescuing a pet in a hot or cold car as long as you call the cops first. and remember the swimmer convicted of sexual assault who
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served half of his six month jail sentence? because of the outrage, prison time is now mandatory for anyone convicted of assaulting an unconscious or intoxicated victim. those are just some of the new laws taking effect for all of us in california in 2017. in san francisco, kpix 5. a big push today to get the last minute donations in for a 2016 tax receipt. people dropped off gently used items at the good will truck yard on mission street . there was live entertainment and food and the goal was to fill at least 75 trucks. a lot of people around the bay area are opting out of traditional new year's eve celebrations in favor of staying in. earlier today we found people stocking up on champagne and food for a fun night at home. they're avoiding the big crowds. our very own da lin plans on doing the same. >> we're skipping the expensive clubs and restaurants,
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definitely avoiding the crowds, instead we're having fondu for dinner and then popping in a dvd. >> and of course if you're braving the crowd get home safe. good advice betty yu. we're going to be looking at snow in the grapevine as we head north out of los angeles on interstate 5. the a lot of snow there from the little low i'll show you in a minute on the satellite map. it wasn't exactly a white christmas down there, but it will be a white new years. things are clear and chilly tonight. nice night for fireworks looking life at the crowds gathered out there. the clock now approaching midnight, and you can see quite a few folks out there. sorry i'm just looking at that myself for a minute. here's another view of the city over the live pictures right now. in san francisco we have got 50
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degrees, santa rosa 45 and san jose 43. winter weather advisories up for tomorrow night with snow and gusty winds. 480 around the summit. 5 to 12 inches at passes by tomorrow night, and then three days of wintry weather in the mountains, so travel delays a good bet. that's the low pressure causing the snow over the grapevine. it will be chilly for us as well. showers develop as the mid- afternoon approaches for the north bay tomorrow, and then you'll see it on the futurecast. colder next week and with moisture on the way from the gulf wouldn't be surprised to see snow at the top of the bay area mountain peaks by tuesday night. futurecast, well, by 1:00 in the afternoon tomorrow you can see we have mostly clear skies, but at the top of the your seen you can see what's approaching and that's scattered showers popping up all over much of the bay area by sunday evening and tomorrow night, so scattered showers around and colder air.
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the numbers coming down. rain not coming down on the 49ers game tomorrow, game time temperature 52 under partly sunny skies. so to sum it up it's a cold start to 2017, but nothing anywhere close to record lows. patchy low clouds, and then showers spread from the north tomorrow afternoon. first for the north bay, and it won't amount to much but a few showers scattered here and there. tomorrow partly cloudy, winds out of the northwest at about 178, and high -- 18, and high of 52. new york sunny but chilly, and los angeles 61. partly cloudy skies. as we ring in the new year we have temperatures ranging from the mid-30s to 40s and overnight lows tonight near freezing up in santa rosa. 33 there in the city. everybody in the low to mid-50s tomorrow, and the extended forecast. chance of showers tomorrow afternoon in the north. monday, tuesday, wednesday, wet and chilly, kind of wednesday,
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and then thursday and friday a break and wet area back by saturday. here's the sports with andrea borba. >> we'll have the details on the 49ers reportedly cleaning house at season's end, and the sharks head south to take on the kings. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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according to espn. when you go 2 and 13 on the
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season, everybody's job seems to be in jeopardy, and the 49ers are expected to let go of both their gm and head coach at the season's end. it's a subject chip kelly had to address all week long. >> reporter: do you have assurances that you'll be here next year? >> no, we've had no conversations about that at all. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] >> unless the media has an opportunity for me somewhere. >> reporter: do you think you're coming back next year? >> i'm concerned with seattle. that's really not a discussion. >> and now espn was the first to tweet the story, adding meetings are expected to happen after the game tomorrow or by the latest on monday to discuss their future with the franchise. to the ice, the sharks wrapping up the 2016 in la. san jose trailing 2-0 after two periods, but just 12 seconds into the third, burns scores on the last shot cutting the deficit to one, but less than four minutes later the kings
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carter scores to give los angeles the two-goal lead. the kings hang on to win snapping the sharks four-game win streak, and we'll be right back with more sports after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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washington against the top >> >. the peach bowl pitted waive and give up of college football -- one of college football's top offenses against the top defense in alabama. jake browning and crew trying to break through the tide's d, but nick saban is headed back to a national championship once again.
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washington entered the game nearly a two-touchdown underdog, but in the first jake browning get it is score, and the huskies go up 7-0. later in the first half, now 10-7 bama. browning tries to throw the ball away, but it's intercepted by ryan anderson when, a game changing play as the tide goes into the half with a 17-7 lead. same score in the 4th, and alabama rolls over a couple of defenders and takes off for a game-clinching 68-yard touchdown. scarboro ran for 128 yards and two touchdowns, and the tide won 24-7 advancing to the national championship where they'll play for a second straight title. in the other semifinal game, watson and clemson facing ohio state. second quarter watson finds fuller who make it is diving catch for just his second touchdown of the year. the 30-yard to you gives college ton -- touchdown gives
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college ton the 17-0 lead. then watson runs it in again, it's 24-0, and the tigers blank the buck eyes and they'll face alabama for the second straight year. college basketball, number 19, st. mary's hosting san diego tonight. eight minutes to play. the gales up, and krebs came off the bench to score for st. mary's, and the gales win, they're 12 and 1 on the season. and and the girls making their big new year's eve plans. broncos up by 6, fagan led the bronco windshield 22. -- broncos with 22. santa clara wins, and we'll be right back after this. ,,,,,,
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