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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  January 1, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: the new year begins with terror overseas. >> who was the gunman behind the deadly attack in a turkish nightclub. we're at the scene in istanbul. also tonight security is heightened for the annual rose parade in pasadena. new years celebrations around the world from spectacular fireworks to technical deficits. -- deficits. >> 2017 is off to an unfore gettable start. and new year, new law, the holly-weed sign says it all. >> this is this is the "cbs weekend news."
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>> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. this is our western edition. an international manhunt is under way for the gunman who opened fire inside a crowded nightclub in istanbul, turkey. it happened shortly after hundreds rang in the new year at club reina. at least 39 were killed, 70 others wounded, some critically. so far no americans are among the dead. at least one american was injured. several wnba players were next door when it happened. they were not hurt. officials are calling it a terror attack but no group has claimed responsibility. jonathan vigliotti is in istanbul. >> surveillance video captured the shootout between the attacker and turkish police am you can see the bullets ricochet off the top of a car. after several moments the gunman carrying an assault rifle vanishes into club rein-- rei reina where he tanned continued his rampage. >> he people said he shot anything in his path. >> crazy people. i don't know, i saw one hiding.
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>> club reina is one of istanbul swankiest ven ewes possible lar with local celebrities and tourists. >> cell phone video from earlier in the night showed the crowd of about 600 ringing in the new year. the attacker struck shotly-- shortly after 1:00. in the chaos some people jumped into the neighboring bosphorus refer with. we spoke with wadi salhi as he awaited word on his friend's condition. >> they are. there they are okay. they could speak. and this is the moses important. >> they're fortunate they made it out alive. >> yeah. >> salhi was planning to go to the club last night and stayed home in part because of recent government warnings of a possible terror attack in the country. there were three separate attacks in december alone. 17,000 police officers were patrolling the city last night. turkey's interior minister believes the gunman was acting loan and possibly changed
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outfits to escape. he was reportedly wearing a hat inside the club. tonight he remains at large as a massive manhunt for him continues. >> the manager here at club reina says they even increased their own security after u.s. intelligence warned of a possible attack ten days ago. even so they were no match. elaine, a police officer outside that front door was the first victim. >> jonathan vigliotti in istanbul. jonathan, thank you. elsewhere new year's celebrations around the world were mostly peaceful, even if everything didn't go exactly as planned. here's meg old vir-- oliver. >> reporter: the world rang in 2017 in colorful fashion. fantastic fireworks exploded from every corner of the globe from las vegas and london to dubai. in seattle the space needle briefly caught fire after the fireworks show. the flames were put out a few
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minutes later it was also a night of unprecedented security. from san francisco to new york cities deployed heavily on police teams, snipers and helicopters. about a million people krammed into time square in new york to watch the crystal ball drop. what they didn't see was mariah carey sing. instead of belting out the lyrics to her song emotions, carey paced the stage and told the audience to finish the song. blaming technical difficulties. it was also a night of odd objects dropping from the sky from the race car in indianapolis, to a burnt orange acorn that dangled above the city of oaks in raleigh, north carolina to a moon pie falling in mobile. there were cheers on the grid iron as well. millions watched clemson destroy ohio state 31-0 setting up a blockbuster sequel with alabama versus clemson for the national title. at the world woke up to a new year, pope francis celebrated with a solemn mass in st. peters
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basilica. the possible tiff-- pontiff called for less virtual and more contact to combat loneliness. lowly, was not a problem for these brave folks bonding with the icy plunge in scok lat's river forth. and back on u.s. soil meet america's newest baby born in guam kiley ray. here in time square it is hard to believe they dropped a ton of confetti last night it gets cleaned up fast thanks to 200 worker, 26 mechanical booms, 235 truck-- 25 trucks and 38 leave blowers. elaine. >> quijano: meg oliver in time square, thank you. security is heightened for the annual rose parade in pasadena, california. it's traditionally held on new year's day but a never on sunday ordinance moved it to monday. mer a a villarreal is there. >> the stands are set and the final touches are being put on floats for monday's rose parade. police presence will be at a
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all-time high. >> you have 700,000 people expected to hook here, that has to come with security concerns. >> absolutely. incidents looic berlin, nice, france, serve as stark reminders as the importance of security, the reason why we have remain vigilant. >> pasadena police lieutenant says these barriers will be set up overnight and roads will be closed along the five and a half mile parade route. >> we will have heavy trucks. we'll have water barricades and some of these minor cross streets to prevent vehicle incursions rtd after 127 pa i had ras lieutenant gourdikian say this has to be the new norm. >> we're used to holding events like this. and security is our number one priority and goal. it's just one more added layer of security that we implemented. but it's something that we're accustomed to doing. >> the rose parade recently received one of the highest security des ig nations in the country putting it at the same level as the super bowl. with new threats to consider, more than 1500 federal agents and officers will be patrolling this parade route starting
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sunday night and throughout mofnltd. >> mireya veel veel-- villarreal, cbs news, pasadena, california. >> quijano: the newier brings a new in the and a slew of new law, tony dokoupil looks at the changes to come in 2017. >> at the dawn of 2017, the os in the hollywood sign were vandalized to spell holly-weed. an that's just one sign of our changing times. a new congress convenes january 3rd including dozens of new faces. among them the first latina senator, catherine cortez masto of nevada and of course a new president follows on january 20th. donald trump will be the first commander in chief with no prior experience in any elected office. but it's not just washington that is changing. california is one of four states where the stroke of midnight brought the first toaks of legal recreational marijuana. nevada, maine and massachusetts also voted to end pot probig in the year ahead bringing the national total to eight states.
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millions of workers are making more money this month as 19 states and the district of columbia bump up their minimum wages. members of the military will also see slightly fatter checks thanks to a 2.1% increase in basic pay. fewer than one in five people thought the country got better last year, according to a new poll by the associated press. most americans, 55% said they believe things will be better, at least for them personally in 2017. and commuters are happily rolling with the changes. the long-awaited 2nd avenue subway is now open for r50euders. today is the first day of new train service here in new york. already there have been complaints about delays, but nationally more big infrastructure projects like this one have been promised by president-elect trump. and voters of all parties tend to support them. elaine? >> quijano: tony, thanks. president-elect donald trump said last night he's still not convinced russian hackers tried to med el with the november
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election. kris van cleave has the latest from washington. >> reporter: a plane carrying russian diplomats expelled by the obama administration took off from dulles airport outside washington early new year's morning. hours earlier president-elect donald trump continued expressing doubt about the intelligence linking russia to cyberattacks aimed at interfering with the u.s. election. >> i just want them to be sure. because it say pretty serious charge, hacking is a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. >> reporter: trump eluded to having insider information about the hacking. >> i also know things that other people don't know. you'll find out on tuesday or wednesday. >> reporter: if he is going to have any credibility as president, he needs to stop talking this way. >> reporter: adam schiff is the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee. >> quickly all of the members of the intelligence committees in congress, democrats, republicans, none of us have any question about. this the only one who does, apparently is donald trump. >> reporter: this comes at burlington electric announced malware linked to russian hackers was found on one of its
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computers. still trump promised improved relations. >> hopefully we will have great relations with many countries, and that includes russia and it includes china. >> reporter: president-elect trump has pent the holidays at his mar a lago retreat in florida. he will return to new york tonight. >> quijano: kris van cleave in washington. thanks. severe weather caused major problems in california this weekend. at least two people were killed in a massive pileup on a foggy stretch of interstate five near bakersfield north of los angeles snow forced interstate five to close in both directions on new year's eve. in mckinney, texas, near dallas, three people were killed saturday when two small planes collided in mid air. officials say the pilots were flying under so called visual flight rules and were not in contact with air-traffic control when they crashed. >> a prosession in chicago saturday as hundreds marched carrying for each person killed there in 2016. it was one of 9 bloodiest years ever in chicago.
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762 homicides and more than 3500 shootings. tonight on "60 minutes" bill whitaker reports as gun violence spiked in chicago this year, police activity drof dropped. >> we lost another beloved actor william chris tofer best known as father mulcahy in the tv series mash. >> the whole thing is francis john patrick mulcahy. >> quijano: christopher appeared in more than 200 episodes of mash which aired here on cbs. he died of cancer yesterday at his home in pasadena. william christopher was 84. coming up next, america's first off-shore wind farm is up and running. we'll take you there.
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>> quijano: change is in the wind for people who live on block island which is off the coast of rhode island. that is where the nation's first off-shore wind farm is now up and running. jericka duncan paid a visit.
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>> it's awesome, isn't it. it's just spectacular. it is the first of its kind in the u.s >> 15 miles off the coast of rhodes island the tur biens stand anchored in 90 feet of at look water. they're expected to generate enough energy to power 17,000 homes. jeff grybowski is the c.e.o. of deepwater wind which built the wind farm. >> the offshore wind is producing a lot of energy for the united states. particularly here on the east coast and northeast because wind is really strong. >> reporter: these tur biens will most benefit block island. because of its location, 45 minutes by boat from the mainland, it currently gets its oil & gas shipped in. residents pay a premium at peak times, nearly 60 cents per kill o watt. the wind farm is expected to cut that cost to about 24 cents. that's great news for 68 year old steve draper. his family runs one of the oldest businesses on the island.
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the 1661 inn. >> our bill last year was somewhere around $200,000. you try every night to cut your cost but it's a major factor in doing business here. >> reporter: while countries like denmark have been using off-shore wind farm since the early '90s, u.s.-based projects have been stalled due to court fights over environmental fears and protests over the tur bien's blocking beachfront views. >> it took a long time to get here. >> how long? >> took us eight years to build this project. >> reporter: other projects are in the works. potentially bringing 200 more wind tur biens to the area within the next ten years. steve draper expects people will get used to the new scenery. >> we all got used to telephone polls and telephone wires in our views, and they're not beautiful. >> a view of the future, powering the future. jericka duncan, cbs news, off the coast of block island. >> quijano: up next, it's a happy new year for a man who beat a rare form of cancer. his story when we come back.
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>> quijano: a man from arizona has special reason to celebrate this new year. he was diagnosed with a rare cancer last year and told his chances of survival were less than five percent. marlie hall has more on his remarkable recovery. >> hecker camacho was not sure he would be around to celebrate the holidays with his family this year. the 55 year old retired new york city police sergeant has been battling a rare cancer that had spread to his lungs. >> i started coughing, really feeling bad, a lot of pain,
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couldn't sleep at night, the pain was brutal. brutal. >> last year hector was diagnosed with cancer of the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder. >> the majority of men with this type of cancer don't live longer than a year. >> dr. arjun balar recommended chem therpy but camacho wanted another option. doctors came up with a treatment plan that included radiation and immune therapy. the family didn't know for more than a year if it would work. >> there was just this total sense of loss. like what can we do? ment we didn't know what to do. >> three months ago they got the news. he is cancer free. >> it is a miracle, it is. >> i bet are you feeling pretty lucky. >> very lucky. >> his remarkable recovery is now helping doctors treat other patients. >> his experience is actually leading us to design new clinical trials and other approaches for patients with this type of cancer. >> we're his kids so of course we think he's like a super hero
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but even more so now. >> camacho credits his doctors, his faith and his family. >> i love my kids. >> we love you too. >> marlie hall, cbs news, college point, new york. >> quijano: wonderful. still ahead, the little known story of several unsung space heroes.
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>> quijano: they are hidden figures no more. the new movie hidden figures highlights at chiefments of several unsung heroes of the u.s. space program, african-american women without worked at nasa. jamie yuccas has the story. >> you think you can find me a different-- for this data. >> yes, sir. i prefer it over. >> hidden figures tells the true story of the black female math maticians at nasa who helped launch john glenn into orbit. >> that's john glenn. >> what do you do for nasa. >> calculate your launching card
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nights. >> engineer. >> the women katherine g johnson, dorothy vaughn and mary jackson were part of nasa's group of human computers. oscar winner octavia spencer was the first to sign on. >> when i learned that these women did exist and did make these contributions, i felt compelled to be a part of the telling of their story. >> you have identification. >> we are just on our way to work at nasa, sir. >> i had no idea they hired. >> quite a few women working in the space program. >> as women and as african-americans they faced and broke down many barriers. >> of course it was unfair. but that's the way it was. what you going to do. >> the important message in this story is that throughout those obstacles, throughout segregation and jim crow, through the discrimination, sexism, these women did not allow that to stief el them. >> you did the math. >> yes, sir. >> of the three women, only katherine g johnson is still living. in 2015 president obama awarded
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her the presidential medal of freedom. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. >> quijano: when we return, cheese thieves we ware, seth doane is on the case with italy's parmesan patrol. bank bank
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>> quijano: we close tontd in italy where thieves have been targeting precious parmesan cheese. we're talking serious cheddar, millions of dollars woatd wort, seth doane is on the case. >> 9:30 p.m., eight officers keep watch from a convoy of three police cars. >> these patrols happen every night. >> every night, yeah. >> reporter: in 30 years on the force, all sand o-- alessandro vic ari has never seen a wave of robberies like this. police blame organized crime, no surprise there. but the target-- this cheese can be quite valuable. >> yes.
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>> reporter: yes, cheese. these are the streets of reggio emilia italy, home to parmesan. >> there have been so many theftds vic ari explained,-- vicari explained cheese say bit like gold, the price is so high. exhibit a, a single wheel of cheese can sell for over $500. the staple of spaghetti dinners everywhere is the economic backbone of these small italian towns. parmesan is so valuable that it is used as collateral for loans. believe it or not, this is a bank. its vault filled with more than $120 million worth of cheese. >> to be certified parm begano reggiano it must age for a year that means cheese a lot of it is stacked up in warehouses on small, rural unprotected farms. lorenzo pinetti showed us how
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thieves made off with $100,000 of his cheese in minutes. >> they make an assembly line and steel this piece. and then this piece. >> italy's parmesan consortium figures about $7 million worth has been stolen in the last two years. there is a robust black market. so stepped up patrols and new security systems are now in place. but surely this will not be the last time thieves come to visit us pinetti said. small independent farmers are what makes this cheese so good. and such a delicious target. sefort doane cbs news, reggio emilia, italy. >> quijano: who knew. that is the cbs weekend news for this sunday. later on cbs, "60 minutes." i'm elaine quijano for all of us at cbs, happy new year and good night.
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raiders head toward the playoffs down another quarterback.. while the san francisco 49ers stay behind to clean house. good evening, i it is a tale of two nfl cities tonight. raiders heading towards the playoffs down another quarterback. while the 49ers stay behind to clean house. good evening. tonight, the niners are shopping for a new general manager after handing theirs their walking papers. coach chip kelly could be next on the chopping block. >> it is not a surprise after a season like that. >> it is not. 2-14 season every job is on the line. no formal announcement has been made it appears the coach is done after one season with the 49ers. kelly told the media he had a conversation with the owner last night and was expected to
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have another meeting after the game. kelly was combarded with reporter questions about his future with the franchise. >> i don't really have a reaction to that. i will deal with my conversation. that is the most important thing. >> stuff does not both arer me. i don't control what goes out there or not goes out there. i am a face-to-face guy -- bother me. i don't control what goes out there or not goes out there. i am a face-to-face guy. >> we may have seen the last of kaepernick in this uniform. likely he will not be back next season. >> all right, we will chat with you later. thank you. let head out to jessica flores at levi stadium where the 49er's season comes to a merciful end, jessica? >> reporter: fans are disappointed but


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