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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 2, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it's monday, january 2nd. . >> the 49ers are starting the new year with a full house cleaning of team leadership. the head coach and gm were fired over the weekend. we're live at the stadium where the 9ers ceo york will later this morning discuss what's next. . >> reporter: that's right the organization once again hitting that reset button and not allowing chip kelly to redeem himself after this season. this was his second time as a head coach in the nfl. he had a sort stint with the eagles from 2013 to 2015. after a 2 and 14 season this year the ceo has seen enough of kelly and fired him last night. it also comes with the firing of the general manager. at a new conference after the game and just before a meeting with the team owner kelly was asked if he was going to try to convince them to keep his job. >> i don't think i'm going to the people's court. i mean, he
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wants to have a conversation so i'll have a conversation with him. >> reporter: no other team in the nfl has fired their head coach in back to back seasons except the 49ers. they did this back in 1976-'77. some think the wrong guy got fired here. >> i think he's a great coach. >> it's not like anything that happened this season is kelly's fault. i think the problem lays with york. >> we'll be hearing from him later on this morning at 10. let's get a look at we . >> yeah, it was that kind of season for the 49ers. all right. get ready for a cold and wet week to start the year. >> well, you could tell it is a holiday today because look at how many cars are out there on the road not many. i guess it's good because in some areas it's raining. >> we didn't expect that did we? >> no. >> we thought people were going back to work today but the rose
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bowl parade is on today and we have holiday lights because we have pretty heavy rain showers pushing through the area but the heavier rain will be for tomorrow morning's commute. it's beginning to settle down somewhat. it's scattered. all this activity is pushing iny bay area. moderate rain here. you've pron cordelia the rain drops on the rooftops. look what's out due west pretty heavier rain showers. and we have some pretty light to moderate rain around right now the bridge, you can see it on our map. very difficult to tell at this very early morning until it brightens up how heavy the rain is but we're picking up the rainfall at
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this hour. temperatures into the 40s except santa rosa. high temperatures across the bay today. these are highs. the winds will add injury to in. heavier rain tuesday and wednesday. i don't think you're even allowed to say highs when you're talking about 40 degrees. let's take a look at our roads but let's start with mass transit which is our major story of the morning. the roads are -- or the traffic is light right now. daly city bart is recovering from earlier electrical problem so expect a 20 minutes delay now in the dublin directions and a 10-minute delay to dalyy city to sfo. good thing you're watching us and getting ready for your day. ace train no service today, muni sunday schedule.
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now, moving over to your roads which are holiday like. also if you're heading san francisco enforced parking meters and areas marked for 7-day street sweeping. don't get a ticket. 880 to 101 will take you about 15 minutes. and a lot of rain here so very wet roads cars driving slowly as they should and tonight in oakland denver nuggets versus golden state warriors so expect delays in that area. isis has claimed responsibility for the new year's attack in turkey that left at least 39 people dead and 70 injured including an american businessman. overnight turkish authorities said police have detained 8 people with the attack.
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the international manhunt continues for the man who targeted a club less than 2 weeks after u.s. intelligence warned of an attack. . >> crazy people came shooting everything. >> jake of pennsylvania was shot once. the bullet went off his cell phone and struck his leg. >> killed one person. they're shooting i'm hiding. >> chris rock says his older brother will come home soon >> it's pretty sad with the rest of the world with what's going on. prey for their families. >> the family says he played dead after he was shot in hopes that he'd survive. >> i'm happy that he's okay, safe, come home. >> a manhunt has enveloped europe. video shows people running for cover then the gunman enters and another camera records the chaos inside. >> a saw a -- people coming
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outside. >> the club is one of the biggest venues popular with local celebrities and tourists. about 600 people were inside when the gunman opened fire. . >> the club's manager said it has increased security after u.s. intelligence warned of an attack less than 2 weeks ago. outside next to police barricades red flowers are laid out to remember the victims. two- thirds of them were from countries other than turkey... all of the r . >> authorities said they have identified all but one of the victims nearly 2-3rd of them were from countries other than turkey. all the russian diplomats have now left the country. the ones based on the east coast were on a special flight near washington yesterday. the 4 russians based in san francisco drove to la where they flew out. the president ordered them out
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of the country as punishment for russia's interference with the november election. officials will brief president elect donald trump this weekend. trump says he's -- he still is not convinced that russia is responsible for the attacks and share some sort of insider information in the next few days. >> the top democrat in the intelligence community says the link is very clear. >> it's a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. and i know things that other people don't know. >> all of the members of the intelligence committees none of us have any question about this. the only one who does apparently is donald trump. >> members of congress from both parties have vowed to hit russia with broader economic sanctions. over the weekend president obama ordered his team to modernize the white house. the rose bowl parade kicks off as thousands attend.
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security will be tight. barriers will be setup overnight. police say after 127 parades this has become the new norm. >> we're used to holding events like this and security is our number one priority and goal. just one more added layer of security that we've implemented but something that we're accustomed to doing. >> drones are prohibited at both the parade and the game. umbrellas are also banned inside the stadium. and this year's parade will be especially memorial for a north bay teenager and his father. >> that's because the 15-year old and his father will be special guests on the american heart association and union bank float. the float is called keep the beat alive to honor young heroes and the people that they save. lewis and his dad helped get it ready for the parade today. they were selected to ride on this float because when
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steve went into cardiac arrest 2 years ago lewis jumped in and performed cpr to save his father's life. >> into heart had stopped. a fu. >> 7th grade there was a mandatory class. >> well, after that the pair became spokes people for cpr awareness and helped lobby for a new california law that requires high schools to teach cpr starting next year. time now 6:09 a bazaar and dangerous protest overshadows the regular season ending for the vikings. >> and who is carey blaming for that performance on new year's eve. >> not only do we have rain but we have snow in them there mountains. >> let's take a look at the bridge right behind me. traffic is slowing down not because of heavy traffic but because of heavy rain. we'll take a look at how that's affecting your
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roadways when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive
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save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. forecast in just a few minutes. dozens of flights in china were canceled or delayed today.. not because of weather.. but buckle up we're driving around. this morning as we drive through the old pony express trail we're not seeing too much snow as of yesterday but we've had plenty this morning up to 2 feet of snow expected above 7,000 feet. at that tickle invasion that we're looking at right now anywhere between 5 and 6 inches. we're going to talk weather and traffic in less than 4 minutes. well, dozens of flights in china were cancelled or delayed today not because of weather but because of this small of smog. this time lapse video shows poll pollution blanketing the city.
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officials say people in the area should expect heavy pollution for 3 more days. happening today the search for a missing small plane near cleveland ohio will resume. the plane with 6 people including a family of 4 went missing thursday night. police are investigating the contents of a bag recovered as part of the search. crews are received multiple reports of debris watching ashore east of the airport. opponents of the dakota access pipeline [audio difficulty]. "u-s bank stadium - divest - hashtag no-d-a-p-l" the message was meant to encourage u-s bank to stop investing into a com 2 protesters climbed up, then lowered a banner. standing rock. ium - a media the message was meant to encourage u.s. bank to stop investing into a company backing the access pipeline in standing
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rock. outside of the stadium a media rep explained why they were targeting the bank. >> they have $175 million invested in energy transfer parents the parent company to the pipeline. this is a great place to stage a very public demonstration urging the bank to divest from the pipeline. >> it is not clear how the protesters climbed the rafters or got their equipment inside without being stopped by security. mariah carey is blaming producers for her awkward performance to close out the new year. ♪ . >> we're missing some of this but it is what it is. >> all right. they were technical issues yeah, you could see that during the performance in times square. she talked her way through the song. her manager claims the show's producers knew about the potential for problems before
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the show and the producers say that's absurd. the performance lit up twitter one saying this performance is a hundred percent my 2016 experience summed up. here's what i think. we all know she can sing or least -- you know. yeah, so we know that she doesn't necessarily need to lip sync all the time but wow what a way to get busted. >> we were also reading through things. she's quite the diva and shows up late for rehearsals. maybe they were a little out of sync there. >> a little? have you seen her reality show? >> yeah. a bit of it. >> i've seen a little bit too. it's -- . >> i'll be tuning in now to see what she says. >> yeah, right. it was a ratings thing. she did it to
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people would tune in. . >> no one can top millie vanil vanilli. all right. let's go to traffic now. >> mass transit major story bart has recovered fully from that long major delay and so you're good no delays there. ace train though no service today muni is on a sunday schedule but providing early morning subway service from 5 to 8 a.m. and then let's take a look here. ac transit busses sunday schedule, goaden gate transit busses holiday schedule. ferries holiday schedule and bta bus and light rail sunday schedule. make sure you're checking the website
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for the info. let's take a look at roads. no delay in through san francisco. between 880 and 101 the roadways are wet. look at that. >> they are wet. i want to divert your attention to your tv screen. take a look at this and what do you see? it looks like a blurry golf ball. this is our mount ham cam. i wanted to share this with us because that's some snow on the camera lens there this morning. want can't wait until it starts to brighten up so we can get a good view of the snow that's been falling for the past several hours. when you see the shades of white and purple the white is the snow purple is the sleet and we've had plenty of green on the screen today which signify that is we've had light rainfall in addition to some
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more moderate rain. you see a cluster of cells of that been rolling through the eastern portion of our bay area. meanwhile a little bit of light snow falling in the howell mountain area. and some light rain showers pushing into san francisco off the west coast. now, our live weather cameras looking where it's awfully wet this morning. 046 degrees in oakland. today rain and snow, a combination of both numerous showers west winds 10 to 20. tuesday and wednesday i have slated the heaviest rain and heaviest snow fall in our local mountains, up to 2 or 3 inches could accumulate. extended forecast a little bit of a break in the activity thursday and friday but more rain for -- slated for weekend. this is what we all have been hoping for. it is now happening.
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we're talking about at least a f rain each day for the first 7 days of 2017. >> spotty showers throughout the lung hour and this is tomorrow morning's commute. it going to be wet from the north bay to the mountains. wednesday heavy rain, thursday begins to taper off and then easily approaching 2 inches of rain. winter weather advisory in effect for the high sierra today expecting 5 to 10 inches of snow lake level. 2 feet of snow by tuesday at noon and the highest elevations 20 for daytime highs 30s on tuesday. our official sun up at 7:25. sun set 5:303. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. those are the high temperatures today. okay. a bit of a break by thursday afn
6:21 am
into our friday. it clears early on thursday we could see early morning temperatures into the 20s but right now not seeing that and then the rain and the snow mix returns over weekend. that's a look at your very wet weather pattern. have yourself an extra cup of joe. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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british premier league soccer... arsenal taking on crystal palace... the 49ers officially cleaned house and an hour and a half after the game head coach chip kelly was shown the door as well. during his only season with the 49ers the team lost a franchise record 13 straight games leaving with chip is balke who was let go after 6 seasons as the team seas gm. and with sunday's game kaepernick's final
6:25 am
time in a 49ers uniform. wilson goes deep for a 42-yard gain to the 1 yard line. it sets up a go ahead touchdown. the 49ers finish the year 2 and 14. the raiders in denver mcgloin got knocked out of the game. denver wins 24-6. also yesterday the chiefs won meaning kansas city he is wins the afc west. oakland will play at houston next week in the wild card round. and we get warriors basketball back today. they'll be in action at 7:30 hosting the nuggets. all right. the play of the day british premier league soccer. take a look at the striker highlighted in red. the -- let's get to the highlights, all right. the
6:26 am
freshman -- he pulled off an incredible goal and that was your play of the day. time now is 6:25. . >> well you did a good explanation. no idea there that's good. all right. the hollywood sign gets a fresh look for the new year and now police are looking for the person responsible. >> by now 49ers fans know not to get too attached to their head coach. we'll hear from some of the fans about the latest firing of chip kelly next.
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make multiple arrests in connection with the attack. it's a cold and rainy start to the first week isis has claimed responsibility for the deadly nightclub shooting in turkey as
6:30 am
police make multiple arrests in connection with the attack. >> a cold and rainy start to the week. we have days of wet weather in your forecast. i'll tell you which day it will rain the hardest. >> and here's a live look at the bridge looking good right now as with the rest of your roads throughout the area but we'll take a look. good morning. it is monday january 2nd. >> time now is 6:30. it's a new year and a complete reset for the 49ers who this weekend fired their head coach and general manager. we're live at the stadium where 49ers ceo york will talk about his decisions this morning. >> reporter: yeah, unfortunately the 49ers and its fans has been here before. kelly is the third coach in 3 seasons to be fired. the dismall -- less than stellar is what i'm trying to say 2 and 14
6:31 am
record is the main reason he says he had to make these changes. he also fired the team's general manager. in a statement he said he feels the change is absolutely necessary and the performance of the team has not lived up to his expectations. here's what the fans have to say about the latest shake up. >> looks like time for a new general manager and head coach and a little bit throw back to the old years to the championship 49ers. . >> reporter: some experts are blaming the losing season on a roster that needs serious help. the ceo will speak to the media at a press conference later at 10 this morning. more beds for people in need. the gilroy armory shelter is bringing in another 50. the with a week of cold wet weather shelters in the south bay are rushing to add more beds for people in need. the gilroy shelter is bringing in another
6:32 am
50. well, still some people shrugged off the conditions to go for a skate but others bundled up for a new year's walk. perhaps the brave east put on some swim caps and flocked to the water for exercise. >> nearly 100 people participated in the polar bar swim. the outdoor event has ushered in the new year ever since the 1930s. and it may not sound too bad just a mile and a half but the water was 50 degrees when the event got underway at 9 yesterday morning. one says the swim is a refreshing wake up call after a couple of drinks on new year's. >> originally they used to just use it as a hang over cure i think when they used to jump off a boat and swim back. now, it's more of a, you know, well-planned event. >> the event is organized by the south bend rowing club and the
6:33 am
dolphin club. >> only way i'd do that if i had a wet suit. >> you've done this before. >> yeah, it's not advised. it's even difficult in a wet suo swim that kind of distance. what was it over a mile and a half? >> that usually takes me about 45 minutes. >> okay. so that is -- >> a long time without a wet suit in the water. no thank you. >> never. >> especially after a few drinks the night before. >> sounds like a good idea at midnight. hey let's go or a swim. >> not a good idea. hi, everybody. good morning. we have rain in e forecast, even had snow in our local mountains. this is our live radar we're picking up pretty heavy rain showers right there do you see the shade of
6:34 am
yellow and orange that's making treks towards american canyon. the rain showers on highway 12 lifting out of the area a little bit of light rain showers and a vigorous line of showers from union city. light snow has been falling at mountain hamilton all morning long. all right just our live weather camera looking out towards the bridge where it is wet this morning. 35 in santa rosa. oakland is at 46 degrees. today our high temperatures okah temperatures 49 degrees in santa rosa. 50s around the bay into oakland. west wind 10 to 20 adding injury to insult. we're going to talk about how much more rain to expect today.
6:35 am
the heaviest rain days come up and more snow in the forecast. you've got your work cut out for you. let's take a look at the pass ft . you're driving at 65 miles per hour throughout there. once you hit northland road you see it go down to 53. the dublin interchange is looking good as well. 680 will just take you 14 minutes. 880 to 101 again will take you about 15 minutes. traveling across the span of the bay bridge into downtown san francisco that should be a quick drive as well. crash in san jose is doing no favors for a man accused of . that will take you 19 minutes. back to traffic, i'll send it to you. some evidence found near the site of a nasty crash in san
6:36 am
jose is doing no favors for a man accused of drunk driving. a beer can was spotted feet away from the car. the driver slammed into a concrete wall early yesterday morning before his car burst into flames. a good samaritan helped pull him from the wreck. the driver was later arrested. another driver was arrested around the same time after you plowed into a homeless camp in oakland. the car flipped onto a couple of tents, 2 people were hurt. no word on their conditions. right now san francisco police are investigating a pair of deadly shootings around 2 yesterday morning a man was shot near 26th and shotwell. and just before noon yesterday another man was killed in the bay view. police do not believe the 2 were related. the hollywood sign is back to normal this morning after the new year brought a new look to the la landmark. a few tarps were hung on the sign early
6:37 am
yesterday morning to make it read hollywood. on new year's day in 1976 around art student did the same thing after california had relaxed marijuana laws. and yesterday's prank lit up social media. not everyone found it funny. >> it's not funny. it's promoting drugs. isis is now claiming responsibility for the deadly new year's shooting rampage in turkey. and a massive manhunt is . >> the person responsible is facing a misdemeanor trespassing charge if caught. isis is claiming responsibility for the deadly new year's shooting rampage in turkey. a massive manhunt is underway for the attack caught on camera. the air tax began an hour after midnight at a nightclub. the gunman shot and killed a police officer guarding the gate and went inside and open fire. some club goers jumped into an icy river outside to escape. by the time it was
6:38 am
over 39 people dead, 79 others injured. turkish authorities said . >> coming in with speeds, surprise, maximum violence, shooting the police at the door, tells me this is a guess, that somebody has fought in syria or iraq. >> the attacker managed to slip away amid all the chaos. authorities said today all but one victim has been identified. 11 were from turkey. there were also victims from 13 other countries. now, in response to the attack turkey and russia have launched air strikes at more than 100 isis targets today and authorities said that 147 people have been detained in the last week after they were allegedly in contact with isis militants. time is 6:38. a major announcement from china could go a long way in ending the mass killing of elephants. and a
6:39 am
popular hang out is shutting its door after 3 decades. ,,
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good morning and happy new year. we have our first snow fall of the year happening right now. can you see right there on state route 130 leading out of [audio difficulty] the snow falling at mount hamilton. meanwhile radar picking up heavy rain showers in the eastern portions of our bay area. some pretty heavy rain lifting up and we have some light rain showers that will continue throughout the day today with the snow. we'll have many more days of rain on tap. we'll talk about that coming up in less than 4 minutes. one of the world's largest
6:43 am
ivory consumers promises to stop trading. >> and which celebrity do americans most want to live next door to? >> u.s. markets are closed monday. on friday markets ended the final day of the trading year lower. the dow lost 57 points but still finished up for the year. the nasdaq fell 48. oil prices slipped slightly but still posted their biggest yearly gain since 2009. and china says it will end its ivory trade in 2017. the government says selling and processing of ivory will end in march as it phases out its legal trade. it comes as a way to help end the poaching and mass killing of african elephants. owned the obamas are the family americans would most
6:44 am
likely want living next door to them. the rock johnson ranked as the second most potential neighbor. and that's your money watch. s going up i for some workers in the bay area the new year will mean a bigger paycheck because the minimum wage is going up in san jose and oakland. the hourly range from 1050 an hour to 1286, the boost applies to full-time, part-time and temporary workers. the statewide minimum wage will also see a bump. the wage in san francisco will also go up later this year. meanwhile across california the new year has brought a new year to the road. a hands free driving law is in effect requiring people mount their phones on the inside of their car if they want to use them.
6:45 am
the penalty for the first time caught will be $20 and $50 for the second time. it's not all of the charges today. you'll have to pay more if you're caught illegally parking at bart. you'll now be find $55 instead of 35. toll and parking in san francisco. right bart says it's a response to the growing number of people purposely parking illegally to save money on paying a bridge total and parking in san francisco. a live look now at the sierra right now where a fresh dusting of snow is falling this morning. this is in el dorado county. tomorrow state water managers will issue new official snow pack measurements. get out to snow blow. >> look like big heavy flakes. all right. let's get a check on the roads. >> yes, thank you. let's talk about -- interstate 80, chains are required.
6:46 am
if you're headed on # 0 or highway 50 into the sierra so chains are required. so keep that in mind. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delay as you travel across the span into downtown san francisco. now, once in san francisco today this is what is in for us on the holiday parking meters in areas marked for 7-day street sweeping, what's not in force are residential parking permits. moving over to the freeway looking good in both directions on 880 northbound from 238 to the maze that will take you 16 minutes and down southbound that will take about 15 minutes. but take a look here at the roads. the roadways are wet make sure you're driving safely and giving yourself enough room. in oakland tonight 7:30 game time warriors against
6:47 am
the nuggets so expect delays on the freeway. and mass transit has been our mainly story of the morning. major delays on part. ace trains no service today munn a sunday schedule. that is your traffic. >> that golf ball, what is that. >> you were talking about the warrior game. added security for the parking lot. i saw him on wheel of fortune last week and i won a trip to the about a ham malls. i just updated this picture at 6:44 a live web cam. and that shows snow on the camera lens. let's verify that with our live look at our high definition doppler radar. there you have it when we see that shade of purple and gray let me
6:48 am
point that out for you along state route highway 130. that's where we have the light snow falling. we anticipate 2 to 3 inches. we have rainfall in other parts of the bay area right there. 580, 680 corridor lots of rain. pretty moderate rainfall on the rooftop at this very early hour. all this continues to lift towards the downtown. we've had heavy rainfall you could still see right here a little bit of rain falling. otherwise we're in the mid-40s across the area. winds will be picking up today out of the west 10 to 20. rain and snow scattered throughout the day today yes, snow in our local mountains down to about 2,500 feet. i've seen a few flurries nothing sticking. heaviest snow tuesday and on wednesday tapering off thursday and friday thursday afternoon through friday.
6:49 am
you know what, this is what we've been hoping for for the past 4 years. we are in a rainy weather pattern for the next 7 days. future cast clearly illustrates by this afternoon hit or miss scattered rain showers. then there you have it tomorrow morning's commute heavy rain. all points in between pretty wet. the system that comes in tuesday or wednesday is a warmer system so temperatures will go up a bit and we'll begin to clear out later on thursday. between now and wednesday night we're expecting up to about 2 inches of rain throughout many of our local areas. look at the mountain nearly 2 and a quarter inches and over an inch and a half out towards the he tell at that. winter weather advisory in effect until tomorrow at high noon up to 2 feet of snow expected above 7,000 feet, 5 to
6:50 am
10 elevations 4 to 6,500 feet. 20s today in the sierra and 30s tomorrow. 40s and 50s those are our highs today. wind up to 20. pancakes, in the middle of the night! because the original "lori's diner" is one of three long-time restau . >> make it a great day. all right. in san francisco it's getting tougher to order a plan of hot pancakes in the middle of the need [audio difficulty] "lori's diner" is a 24-hour restaurant... and a favorite among shutting down in union square. the original diner will be closed boot end of the day after losing their leases. lorrie's is a 24-hour restaurant and a favorite by locals. my first in san francisco. the manager says the building changed hands a year and a half ago and the new owner has a complete renovation in mind but nothing beats the charm of the original space. >> it's smaller, it's more personal it's cozy.
6:51 am
we get to know the people more d we met a lot of friends this year because we're able to talk to the people too. >> the diner may get a new lease on life since the owner is on the hunt for a new location. prompting some drastic action in response. reporter ad libs time now 6:51 clouds of thick smog are developing entire cities in china and prompting drastic action in response. >> the 49ers organization is cleaning house. they got rid of the gm and the head coach so this morning we'll hear from fans. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. shot in the chest with a flare gun. this all happened just before three o'clock yesterday afternoon.... near bridgeway and easterby street. this weekend it got heated in a laundromat.
6:55 am
a 50-year old was arrested for assault. his bail has been set at $50,000. the victim told police the 2 got into a fight because of an earlier disagreement he's expected to be okay. 5 things to know at the 55. isis has claimed responsibilities for the shooting rampage that left 39 dead. the shooter was not among them. authorities say that they've now identified all but one of the victims about 2-3rds were not from turkey. expect a heavy security presence at today's rose parade. it's held on new year's day except when the holiday falls on a sunday. police setup barriers and closed roads along the route. self hundred thousand people are expected to attend. dozens of flights in china are cancelled or delayed today because of all the smog there. this video shows pole pollution
6:56 am
blanketing the city. visibility was so bad some highways also had to shut down. >> police are still trying to find the gunman in a deadly new year's eve shooting. a 56-year old man was killed during a celebration saturday night at the delta pines apartment complex. a 20 years old was also hit but will survive. fines are going up for illegal parking at part station lots. sot: chip kelly / former 49ers coach naw, i don't think i m going to the people' fines for parking illegally in permitted spots are going from $40 to 75. and the 49ers organization is once again shaking things up in a major way. this time firing both the head coach and general manager after a 2 and 14 season the ceo has seen enough of kelly and fired him last night and the general manager. at a news conference kelly was asked if he was going to try to
6:57 am
convince the organization to let him stay. >> i don't think i'm going to the people's court. i mean, i think -- yeah. i mean, he wants to have a conversation so i'll have a conversation with him. >> some fans think the wrong guy got fired here and are supporting chip kelly. >> i think he's a great guy. >> it's not like anything that happened this season is remotely chip kelly's fault. >> the ceo will directly be talking to the media later on this morning at a press conference here at the stadium at 10. new year's weekend turned two weather!! let take a look at your roadways, it is 6:57. we finally have a situation to tell you about northbound 101. this is on -- it's a car fire and the car is engulfed in flames. crews are on scene and cph is running traffic. it is causing
6:58 am
some slow-downs in the area. we'll keep an eye on that. here's a look at 880 to foster city. it will take you about 15 minutes. as you can see the roadways are wet so make sure you're driving slowly out there. and mass transit bart all trains are delayed due to wet weather. ace train no service. i'll send it to you. snow falling at mount hamilton for the past 4 hours. meanwhile some moderate rain showers falling. 680 corridor you know what i'm talking about light rainfall there. and we do have some rain showers in throughout the mountains where we could pick up a few flurries. here's what you need to know [audio difficulty] up to one hour on some arriving flights due to the low ceiling and the wet weather.
6:59 am
temperatures are in the 30s and 40s and these are your highs for today only in the 40s and low 50s west winds 10 to 20 adding injury to insult. it's going to be wet tomorrow and wednesday with heavier rain bit a of a break thursday, friday. e went to the hospital for a simple checkup, to be told: these guys are ready to go, tonight! except, james and matthew were t . >> the sweet twin boys surprised their parents on new year eve. the couple went to the hospital for a check up only to be told that the guys were ready to go tonight except they were too cool to come out on the same day. one was born on 2016 the other the first day of 2017. >> this is james he's older and wiser. . >> yeah, their dad says he's pretty confident they'll both be tall. . >> look at this you better hold
7:00 am
on out there. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, january 2nd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." isis claims responsibility for the new year's eve terror attack on an istanbul nightclub. a massive manhunt is under way for the gunman who killed 39 and injured 70, including one american. president-elect donald trump claims he has inside information on the u.s. election hack that casts doubt on russia's involvement. he promises to reveal details that other people don't know. plus dick clark productions is pushing back after mariah carey's manager claims they set her up to fail on new year's eve for bigger ratings. >> we begin with today's eye


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